Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 26 - The Green Death: Episode Six - full transcript

The Doctor attempts to destroy the giant maggots and cure Cliff but the real threat is BOSS, who is poised to take over all the world's computers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

(YATES) Just concentrate
on the blue crystal, Mr James.

As you look, you'll see it glow.

Watch carefully.

Mr James?

Your mind's clear now.

You have to tell me what's going to happen.


By the Boss.

At four o'clock this afternoon,
the computer is going to...


Just can't depend on anyone...

..can you, Mr Yates?

This the sort of thing you mean?

Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
Well done, Brigadier. Now I can really get on.

- Well, I must get a bite to eat.
- Nancy's gone to make some sandwiches.

- More of that fungus stuff?
- Yes. Don't you like it?

I'd prefer a slice of beef. What are you doing?

Carrying on where Professor Jones left off.
I'm looking for a specific antibiotic reaction.

- Could be a long job.
- Yes, it could be.

- I wish I knew what he meant by ''serendipity''.
- Serendipity?

Yes, it means making a marvellous discovery
by mistake.

- Maybe he was on the point of a breakthrough.
- Well, you've got his notes there.

Yes, I have, but it doesn't say a thing.
Take a look.

Might as well be in Sanskrit for all it means to me!

It's beef. It is beef!

It's the fungus you had last night.
It's just cooked differently.

I thought you'd be here. It's a maggot.

- It was on the edge of the danger area.
- Is it dead?

Not exactly, sir.

(DOCTOR) It's a chrysalis.
They're beginning to change.


Like the metamorphosis
of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

- Change into what?
- I wish I knew.

Might they be able to fly?

- Yes.
- Then we can't stop them.

- They'll be all over the countryside.
- It's horribly possible.

- They're our priority now.
- And the cure for Professor Jones?

That will have to wait.

(NANCY) Agh! Doctor, come quickly!

What is it?

It must be the one which escaped from the lab.

It's dead. It's not a husk like the other one,
but a complete dead maggot.

- I find the live ones more worrying!
- Yes, but what killed it?

- Could it have been something it ate?
- That's it. The fungus!

Yes. This could be exactly what we need.
How much of this fungus have you got?

- A pile of it in the outhouse.
- Show me quickly.


(BOSS) Stevens.


How did Captain Yates manage
to break Mr James's processing?

I don't know.
Some specialised hypnotic technique, perhaps.

He also resisted our conditioning programme,
didn't he?

He is dangerous.

- He should be eliminated.
- No. He will make an interesting experiment.

Total processing comes next.

He shall be the first of the new slave elite.
See to it.

Right away.

Come on, lads. Keep 'em moving.

- Good luck, Doctor.
- Thank you, Brigadier.

Right, Benton.


All right, Sergeant. Start scattering.

A pleasure, Doctor.

They're taking the bait, Doctor.

(DOCTOR) There's some down here.

- Right alongside the car.
- Got 'em!

That's it.

Hello, Doctor. It's working!


Doctor, it's working. They're dying like...
Well, like maggots. We've licked them!

Not quite, Brigadier.

Remember that empty skin?

I haven't seen any more about,
but you never know.


Nancy, he's getting worse.
Isn't there anything we can do?

Just keep him as comfortable as possible,
I suppose.

- The Doctor will be back soon.
- Even he doesn't know what to do.

- Shh. It's all right.


Well, young man.

You have escaped us once. Believe me,
it won't happen again. Bring him along.

Sector four. Report. Over.

(BENTON) Now approaching last group
of creatures. All others destroyed. Over.

Kitty, kitty, kitty.
Come and get your lovely din-dins.

- Come on.
- Sergeant Benton!


That seems to be the last of them.
Let's get back to the Brigadier.

Good grief!

Doctor, look out above you!

Doctor, get down!

Doctor, it's attacking again!

Keep down, Sergeant!

What IS he trying to do?


Careful, Sergeant!

(DOCTOR) What a beautiful creature.

(BENTON) Ah, yes, Doctor. Beautiful.

(DOCTOR) You say he was delirious?
(NANCY) For a while.

Then he seemed to go into a coma.

Can you remember what he said?

No, it was just nonsense.

It didn't make any sense.

Jo, think hard. You were with him in the lab.

Did he seem on the track of a cure?

No, not at all.

It's very curious.

Well, I shall just have to hope
for some serendipity of my own.

What is serendipity?

A happy accident.

I had an accident with Cliff.

I spilt some brown powder all over his slides.

He wasn't very happy about it.

Jo, that's it!

Do you remember which powder?

- Yes, I think so.
- Come and show me.

- You're positive this is the one?
- Positive.

It's the same fungus that killed that maggot.

- You mean that's the cure?
- It must be!

(BRIGADIER) Right, Benton,

the National Coal Board
has to open up that emergency shaft.

We have to make certain
that it's all clear of those creatures -

down the mine
and all the ways up to the surface.

The computer, sir! The computer!

- What's the computer going to do?
- I don't know.

- It's happening at four o'clock.
- I'll get up there when I've done this.

- What are you making?
- An aqueous extract

- of the amino fraction of this fungus.
- For an injection?

- I can do it. I'm not just a mum.
- Thank you.

Jo, make up a paste from that fungus powder
and apply it to Cliff's neck.

Where's the Brigadier?

He's gone to confront Stevens
and get him to talk.

(BOSS) Stevens...

You are inefficient but you are also a fool.

As Oscar Wilde so nearly said, to lose
one prisoner may be accounted a misfortune,

to lose two smacks of carelessness.

I'm very sorry.


Well, they can't harm us now,
my little superman. It's too late.

- We're going ahead, then?
- Naturally. Report.

The medical staff
have completed all implantations.

All slave units are ready to be activated.


Establish links
with the seven international computers.

The countdown to phase one can begin.

Well, get on with itI

It's no good, sir.

- For heaven's sake. Don't you know who I am?
- Makes no difference.

- Wretched fellow won't let me in.
- Good.

- I shall go in alone.
- Doctor...

If I'm not out by three minutes to four,
you and your friends can come in...

- And rescue you?
- No. If I'm not out by then, I shall be dead.

You must go in and destroy that computer.
Let's synchronise our watches.

It's no good. I've already told the Brigadier.


Phase one countdown completed.

We're falling behind time.

You know, we should have arranged
for a symphony orchestra to herald my triumph.

To take over the world,

to sweep into power
on the crest of a wave of Wagnerian soundI

- You like that idea, of courseI
- Please!

No? The ''1812'', perhaps,
or would we dare ''The Glorious Ninth''?

We must go ahead!

Oh, Stevens, you're a dull fool too.

Very well.

Activate the total processing of the slave elite.


I'm sorry, sir. I must ask you both
to move away from this area.

If you take one step into...


Come on. Get it up.


♪ Tan-tan-ta-raI ♪

We've no time to lose.

Until final link-up takes place and
the slave units respond, we are defenceless.


Please listen to me!

Oh, not even a little fanfare?
You're unkind, Stevens.

Links by landline are complete.
Radio links are being established.

- It is only a matter of minutes...
- Minutes...

before the moment of truth
sails towards us on time's winged chariot.


I love a really juicy mixed metaphor, Stevens.

Very well. Phase two.


Discontinue primary function.



♪ Connect, connect, connect, zim-bomI ♪



(NANCY) I think it's going to work.

Hello, Nancy.

Oh, Jo!

Oh, Jo!

Only six minutes left, sir.

Come on, Doctor!


Stevens, listen to me.
I've got to talk to you. You've got to stop this.

Stevens no longer exists, Doctor.
Say what you have to say to me.

Of course you still exist.
Don't listen to this machine. Fight it!

Too late, Doctor.

In five minutes, my power will be extended
to seven complexes throughout the world.

Think of thatI You have failed
in your poor little attempt to halt our progress

toward maximum efficiency and productivity.

Stevens, listen to me.
You've seen where this efficiency leads.

Wholesale pollution. Devilish creatures spawned
by filthy by-products of your technology.

Men walking around like brainless vegetables.

Death. Disease. Destruction.

Teething problems.
They will be dealt with in due course.

- In the usual efficient way. Elimination!
- Four minutes.


I want you to look at this crystal.

Look at this sapphire.

Look deep into its blue light.

- Concentrate on the task in hand, Stevens.
- (DOCTOR) Don't listen to this machine!

You're the one in control!

Fight it! Look at this crystal.

Look at it.

Look deep into the blue light. Look at it.

Look at it.

Look at it.

Look at it, Stevens.

Look deep into the blue light.

Look at it.

(DISTORTED VOICE) Doctor, I'm... Help me...

(BOSS) NoI I am the one who speaks.

Think of our great plan. Our dream.

(DISTORTED VOICE) I'm...sorry...

I shall...speak!

(DOCTOR) That's it. Fight it.
You're a human being!

Isn't there another answer?

(BOSS) No, no. You and I are one.

But the disease!

The deaths!

Sad necessities.


There must be another way.

- Get out. Quickly.
- Come with me.

No... No.

I'm cross-feeding the generator circuitry.

In two minutes,

the whole place will go up.

Warn the others.

Get out!

You have two minutes.

(BOSS) Reverse pulse.

♪ Tan-tan-ta-raI ♪

Loss of control.


Integrate booster function. Please... Please...

We've been such good friends...
Stevens, please...

AghI It hurts.

Please. My circuits are on fire.


Who would have thought it would come to this?


Stevens, my friend...

My sentimental friend.

(BOSS WAILS) My friend...


Get down, everyone! Take cover!

- Take cover, everyone!
- Come on!

That fungus soup is delicious. Is there any more?

No, the UNIT troops have scoffed the lot.

- Including the Brigadier?
- Yes!

- You're feeling better, all right!
- Aye.

We'd better get back to UNIT HQ
and make a report.


I don't think I'll be going back just yet.

Are you thinking of staying here?

Cliff is going on an expedition
to look for this fungus.

- Where?
- The upper reaches of the Amazon.

And he's asked me to go with him.

- And you want to go?
- More than anything else in the world.

I see. When?

Very soon. We stop off in Cardiff,
pick up our supplies, get married...

- Married?
- Aye.


Will you excuse me?
I'm going to be wanted on the telephone.

- You didn't mention getting married.
- Didn't I? Sorry, love.

You will, of course?

Yes, of course I will!


Yee-ha! God, life's good, isn't it?

What's going on?

- Tell 'em.
- Cliff and I are getting married.

That's marvellous.
Congratulations, Professor Jones.

- I'm sure he'll make you very happy.
- Thank you.

Here's a wedding present.

A telex from Geneva
granting this place official status

as a United Nations Priority One
Research Complex!

Do you know what that means?
It means unlimited financial help.

Work for the valleys. Food for all the world!

Never mind, Mike. Let's have a drink.

You got onto your uncle
at the United Nations, didn't you?

It's only the second time
I've asked him for anything.

Look where the first time got you.

- You don't mind, do you?
- Mind?

He might even be able
to turn you into a scientist.

Don't go too far away, will you?
If you do, come back and see us sometimes.


- Save me a piece of wedding cake.
- Right.

Ooh, I nearly forgot.

Your wedding present.

It's beautiful.

Thank you, Doctor.

Hey, Jo, come and drink a toast
to the happy couple.

- But that's us!
- Aye. So it is.

Don't worry, Doctor, I'll look after her.

(BRIGADIER) Quiet, everyone.

Now... Well, here's to you both.

(ALL) Hear! Hear! Congratulations.

(ALL) # For he's a jolly good fellow

♪ For THEY are jolly good fellows

♪ For they are jolly good fellows
And so say all of us! ♪