Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 25 - The Green Death: Episode Five - full transcript

The Doctor manages to escape from BOSS with help from Yates and discovers Cliff has been infected by a giant maggot.


Yes. I've been onto the RAF.

They'll be flying a low-level strike
with HE grenades in just seven minutes.

In ten minutes' time,
there'll be nothing left alive in the area.

(BOSS) How kind of you to drop in, DoctorI

I've been looking forward
to having a little chat with you.

Who are you?

Where are you?


I should have thought you'd have guessed.

I am the Boss.

I'm all around you.


I am the computer.


- Hello. Come to see our maggots?
- I'm looking for Jo Grant.

- You just missed her.
- She's in there?

- No, I wouldn't let her through.
- Thank God for that.

She went to find the Doctor, I think.

Hey, you two!

Don't you obey orders any more?

Well, Doctor, have you nothing to say?

- Why should I want to talk to a machine?
- Really, DoctorI

As far as I can gather
from your computer record at UNIT,

the difficult thing is to stop you talking.

- No, you won't provoke me so easily.
- You're still a machine.

And you?

And your human friends?

Aren't you machines?
Inefficient and organic machines?

- No.
- No?

Then yes.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

- We are more than machines.
- Ah, thank you.

- In that case, so am I.
- What are you, then?

I am the first Biomorphic
Organisational Systems Supervisor.


- The Boss!
- Precisely.

My designers also found it amusing.

I find it suitable.

You're still nothing but a gigantic adding machine.

No, no. I am the only computer
ever to be linked to a human brain.

- Stevens?
- Yes, Stevens.

I learnt from him
that the secret of human creativity

is inefficiency.

The human brain
is a very poor computer indeed.

It makes illogical guesses
which turn out to be more logical than logic itself.

Yes, infuriating, isn't it?

I programmed Stevens
to programme me to be inefficient.

I am now self-controlling.

I am self-sufficient.

I am the greatest being
this planet has ever seen.

- I am the Boss.
- Today Llanfairfach, tomorrow the world, eh?

How well you understand me, Doctor.

A machine.

A megalomaniac machine, but still a machine.

And as such, uniquely fitted
to carry out my prime directive.

- And that is?
- Efficiency, productivity and profit

for Global Chemicals, of course.

Nothing and nobody can be allowed
to stand in the way of that.

Not even you, Doctor.

- What the hell are you up to?
- Getting a playmate for you.

- I nearly had a fit when I saw you.
- I was worried too.

If anything happened to you, I'd...
Let's get out of here.

That will be all, Stevens, thank you.

- (MAN) Greyhound One, this is Eagle.
- It's the helicopter, sir.

This is Greyhound One.
Receiving you loud and clear. Over.

Eagle standing by. Over.

There she is, sir.

Go ahead, Eagle. The area is clear. Over.

Thank you, Greyhound.
Commencing first run. Over.

Over there!

Hello, Brigadier. This is Jo.
Greyhound One, come in, please.

This is Jo. Greyhound One, come in, please!


What's that?

- The bombing has started.
- What bombing?

The air force will soon
have obliterated those creatures.

- The Brigadier's in charge.
- The fool.

What did he bring them in for?
The bombing will never stop those maggots.

Stevens arranged it
on my instructions, you see.

The facts offer it as the only logical solution.

- Well, it won't work.
- You are mistaken.

I can't be wrong. I am infallible.


Then try this one.

If I were to tell you
that the next thing I say will be true...

..but that the last thing I said was a lie,
would you believe me?


- The matter is not relevant.
- Check!

However, it can be worked out.

- Yes. Um...
- (DOCTOR) Gone!

Your... Your statements do not correlate.

They are incompatible.
It is not a valid query. Give me time.

I shall work it out.

I shall work it out.


It cannot be answered.

But I will work it out. I shall work it out.

- I mustI
- Check and mate.

You're nothing but a machine after all.

I shall answer it.

I shall answer it.

I shall. I shall.

I shall answer it. I shall, I shall.

I shall answer itI

Brigadier. Greyhound One, come in. Brigadier.


Jo, look out!

(MAN) This is Eagle to Greyhound One.
Mission accomplished. Over.

Thank you, Eagle. Thank you. Out.

Right. Let's have a look.

That seems to have done the trick.

I'm afraid not, sir. Look over there.

That means we're in trouble, doesn't it, sir?


(BOSS) It is no use begging for mercy, Doctor.


Oh, I'm not. I'm merely working out
a few sums to keep myself from getting bored.

Let's see... Pi.


(BOSS) Power increasing, Doctor.



Cliff, we can go now. It's stopped.




The subject is not responding to therapy.

(DOCTOR) Therapy? What a pretty euphemism!

- Are you telling me this is all for my own good?
- It is.

- And that it hurts you more than it hurts me?
- It does.

- You didn't mean it to, though!
- I will not be angered.

I will eradicate anger. It affects efficiency.

Nonsense. Sometimes it helps, you know.

Stevens, take over.


Believe me, we wish you no harm.

Don't worry, my dear fellow.
I'm having a whale of a time.

In the end, we all want the same thing -

an ordered society, with everyone happy.

- Well-fed...
- Global Chemicals taking all the profits...

What's best for Global Chemicals
is best for the world and for you.

- Such as a little touch of brainwashing?
- Freedom from fear.

- Freedom from pain.
- Freedom from freedom.

EnoughI Stevens, destroy him.

- Guards.
- Now, wait, Boss!

Now you're being illogical.

If you destroy me,
you'll destroy your bargaining power.

I'd make a good hostage, wouldn't I?

(BOSS) Hm.

He is right.

We shall not kill him now.

We shall postpone that pleasure.

Pleasure? Well, well, well.

Perhaps I was wrong about you after all.
That last remark was worthy of a human being.

Cliff, please wake up. They're getting closer. Cliff!

- Captain Yates! I'm terribly sorry.
- Think nothing of it!

Yates, get up. Don't mess around, lad.
Come on. Get up.

There's no time for horseplay.

- How did you know I was here?
- I saw you on one of the monitors.

There's more going on here than I thought.

- You mean in the mine?
- I mean all over the world. Come on.

- That'll be for us.

Through here.

(ROBOTIC VOICE) Phase four alert
in central security area.

- Two intruders in main block.
- Hold it!



Brigadier. Greyhound One.
Greyhound Four. Do you read me? Over.


Hello. Brigadier, this is Jo. Do you read me?

Hello! Hello!

That'll be all, Betts, thank you.


At least the creatures
seem to be staying around the slag heap.

I expect they want to stay
near their breeding ground.

We can't count on it.

If they decided to move, we'd be in real trouble.

Ah, the Doctor!

Well, Doctor, the bombing didn't work.

No. I didn't expect it to.


Station calling Greyhound One.
You're very faint. Please repeat. Over.

Hello... Is that you, Sergeant?

It's Jo.

I'm up on the slag heap with the professor.

He's hurt and we're surrounded by maggots.
Please hurry.

- I thought they were in the lab.
- They came here but I sent them back.

- Jump in, Sergeant.
- I'll alert Wholeweal.

All right, Sergeant.
Call up Jo and ask if she can see us.

Hello, Jo? Do you read? Can you see us? Over.

(JO ) Yes, I can see you.

Keep coming straight ahead.
We're in a small cave.

I heard that.

- There's the cave up there. Dead ahead.
- Yes. I can see it.

Tell Jo to stand by.

Jo. Stand by.
Stand by, Jo. We're nearly with you. Over.

Right. Standing by.

Wait, Sergeant. Wait.

- Steady on, doc!

Right. Off you go, now.

- Jo, are you OK? Give me a hand.
- Right.


Come on. Hurry.

Get him into the car. Quick.

- Are you all right?
- OK, Doctor.

But how did it happen?

The blast from the explosion.
He tried to save me from the maggots.

Don't worry. I expect it's only concussion.

He hasn't broken any bones.

- He'll be all right.
- Please God he is. It was all my fault...

- Any change?
- No, none.

I can't understand it.
He should have come to by now.


Cliff, please wake up. For my sake?




What did he say?



He'll be all right, love.

- What is it?
- His neck!

Is there anything you can do?

The broad spectrum antibiotic I gave him
should slow the infection down.

We mustn't allow those maggots to pupate.

Imagine thousands of flying insects
spreading infection throughout the world!

(BRIGADIER) I'd rather not, thank you!



What did he mean by serendipity?

Mike! I am so glad to see you!

- How did you get away?
- They let me go.

But why?

To kill you.

You do see that I have to kill you, don't you?

Gently, Mike. Fight it.

It is...necessary to kill you.

It is not necessary. Your orders are false.
Do you understand me? False.

- (YATES) Stay back!
- Captain Yates!

- Stay there. I have my instructions.
- Instructions? Who from?

Keep quiet and keep still!

Mike, listen to me.

It is necessary for me to show you something.

- Necessary?
- Yes. For increased efficiency.

Now...I am going to take something
from my pocket.

Now, it won't harm you.

It won't harm you.

Watch it, Mike.

Watch it carefully, Mike.

Strange stones, these Metebelis sapphires.

Watch it. Look deep into the blue light.

Soon your mind will be locked
onto the crystalline pattern.

The neural paths of your brain
will be swept clean...

..and you will be free!

So, you see, Brigadier, my trip
to Metebelis Three wasn't wasted after all.

Good grief!

Wake up, Lethbridge Stewart. Wake up!

Mr James...

Do you hear me, Mr James?

I hear you.


How have you been programmed?

- To obey the Boss.
- At all times?

- At all times.
- Good.

Now, then, we must go to work.

There is very little time left.

Here are your instructions.

(BRIGADIER) He's a soldier.
He's been taught to withstand that sort of thing.

If he hadn't tried so hard,
he'd have come in shooting. I'd be dead by now.

You too, probably.

- Where am I?
- (DOCTOR) In the Nuthutch.

Professor Jones's house.

- That blue light...
- You'll be all right now.

- You're well out of Global Chemicals!
- I'm afraid he's not.

I want you to go back. Do you feel up to it?

Right as rain, Doctor.

I'm sorry, but there's some information
that I must have. Here's what I want you to do.

New York, 7-2-0-3 slave units prepared.

(BOSS) Now reading 7-5-8-0.

- Zurich, 1-5-8-4.
- In preparation.

Slave unit assessment to follow.

Moscow. 10-00-3.

Prepared. 1-1-0-0-9-8.


- Permission?
- Of course.

Come in.


The dead.


Shouldn't we get him to hospital?

You know what happened to the others.
Ordinary treatment won't work.

He won't die, will he?

- He means a lot to you, doesn't he?
- Yes.

Well, then, trust me, Jo.

I'm sure these injections
are doing him some good.

- It's all right.

At least it will give us time to find the real cure.

- And the girl?
- (YATES) No need to worry.

She is too concerned about the professor
to make trouble.

All the same, I think it might be advisable
to dispose of her too.

I don't think that would be necessary.

Don't you, now?

How very interesting.


Ask Mr James to come in, will you?

To dispose of the girl would not be efficient.
The time will come.

Thank you for your most valuable advice,
Mr Yates.

You sent for me?


Wait here with Mr Yates.

What are you doing?


Just concentrate on the blue crystal, Mr James.

As you look, you'll see it glow.

Watch carefully.

Mr James?

Your mind's clear now.

You have to tell me what's going to happen.


By the Boss.

At four o'clock this afternoon,
the computer is going to...


Just can't depend on anyone...

..can you, Mr Yates?