Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 20 - Planet of the Daleks: Episode Six - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends prepare to refreeze the Dalek army but the Dalek Supreme has arrived on the planet determined to destroy them all.

Let's try and get to the lower levels.

All right, Rebec.


Spiridon slave workers are to
report to level four immediately.


Wait, you are not Spiridons!

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!

Do not move!

-The cloak, come on, over it!
-Alarm! Alarm!

-I cannot see! Vision impaired!
Come on!

Get it out! Come on!

Pursue! Pursue!

This way!

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Aliens at liberty in city.

Instigate condition of maximum security.

Alert! Alert! Alert!

Come on! Come on!
They're right behind you!


This way! This way!

Pursue! Pursue! Alarm! Pursue!


Aliens have descended to level eight.

Seal off all levels above them.

They must be driven down
to the deepest levels.

I obey.

Out, quick!

Well, Rebec, it seems you stopped
being a Dalek just in time.

Come on, in you get.
Come on, Taron, quick.

-How deep are we going?
-Down to the arsenal.

And what then?
One bomb against an army of Daleks?

He's right, you know.
One bomb won't destroy them all.

The most we can hope for is
to stop that army getting into action.

Okay, come on.

Look, see what you can find in
the cooling chamber, act as a barricade.

Block off that corridor as best you can.

-I know we can't stop them

but it might hold them up for a bit.


There you are, Rebec.

The greatest Dalek invasion force
ever assembled.

And with the Spiridon's power
to become invisible,

nothing can stop them.

That's about it.

Right. Let's go and help the others
with the barricade.


Message from command spacecraft.

The Dalek Supreme will touch down
on Spiridon shortly.

He will assume total command
of all operations on this planet.


Dalek command has identified
the leading alien,

the one who is not a Thal.

Who is he?

He is the one known as the Doctor,
the greatest enemy of the Daleks.

He has much knowledge
that would be of value to us.

He must be captured alive
for interrogation by the Dalek Supreme.

I've never seen
a Dalek like that before.

He's something very special.

One of the supreme council.

They certainly know
how to build spacecraft.

Latep, could you fly that thing?

With the help of the others, yes.

Well, then,
it could take you back to Skaro.

I'd thought of that.

But don't you see what that means?

Look, you thought that even if
this mission was a successful one,

that you'd be marooned here
for the rest of your lives.

With that, you've got a chance
of getting home.

But the Daleks haven't been
defeated yet, not by a long way.

I know, I know all that!
But it gives you a chance.

It gives you all something to hope for.

I wish the others were here
and then we could tell them about it.

I'm glad they're not.

But why? If they knew
there was a way to escape that...

Just knowing might mean the difference
between success and failure.

We all thought that, whatever happened,
there was no way out.

It was a suicide mission.

That's affected everything we've done.

We've faced dangers and taken risks
because there was nothing to lose, Jo.

Would you go on taking them?

I don't know.

You see, I've found a reason
to be more careful,

a reason for wanting to stay alive.

Come on, Latep.
We've still got a long way to go.

That should hold them for a while.
Rebec, stay near.

At the slightest sign of
the Daleks breaking through,

give us plenty of warning.
Come on, you two.

-Any sign of Jo and Latep?
-No, not yet.

-What are you after, Doctor?
-Oh, blast!

I was hoping there'd be a way of locking
these controls into the "on" position.

As soon as this refrigeration unit
is switched off,

those Daleks will be on the move.

The main switches are probably
in the control room.

We don't want to go back there.

No. Then we'll have to use
my other plan. Come on.

Let's us know as soon as you see
Jo and Latep.

-Doctor! They're trying to get through!

Well, it should hold them
for a little while yet.

Now, don't worry.


Aliens still at liberty.

All Dalek units are to be assigned
to their capture immediately.

Take charge of all controls.

Report on invisibility experiments.

Daleks can now achieve
total invisibility

for periods in excess of
two work cycles.


The Supreme Council has ordered
our army to be activated immediately.

The invasion of all solar planets
is to begin today.

Switch on arsenal heating.

Close down refrigeration unit.



The refrigeration unit's been shut down.
The temperature's starting to rise.

Thank you, Taron. We haven't much time.

Order space transporters to assemble
and await landing orders.

I obey.

The action of the aliens has caused

considerable disruption of operations
on this planet.

This was a matter beyond my control!

Your orders were to exterminate them!

It has not been possible!

We have been unable to use
the bacteria bomb!

The responsibility was yours!
You have failed!

The Supreme Council
does not accept failure!

This should hold.

Are you ready?

Don't worry, we'll make it.

It's not so much the climb down
that worries me.

It's what we'll find when we get there.

I'll go first.

It won't stand much more.


Take a look at this!

Well, it looks promising.
How deep is it?

I can get my arm right inside.

Well, that's it, then.
Although it does need a bit of clearing.

It's getting warmer down here.

Yes, the temperature has risen
quite considerably.


In a minute,
they'll all be fully active.

Come on. Here.

A couple more tries and
the whole lot's coming down.

Let's get out of here.

There's no power left
to operate the door.

Come on!

That should be wide enough.

Doctor, there's no sign of Jo and Latep

and they're nearly through
the barricade.

Thank you, Taron.

Look, I've got an idea
that these catwalks

lead to some sort of loading area
on the surface.

-Check it out, will you?
-Right. Come on.

Right. Get the bomb.

The bomb! Get down!

Where is it?

Is it damaged?

The timing mechanism
isn't functioning properly.

Can you fix it?

I think so. It'll take a minute or two.

Get on with it.

Doctor? Doctor, you're right.

There is a power ramp,
it goes up to ground level.

-I think we can climb it.
-Good, good.

What are you planning to do, Doctor?

Well, this whole area is simply
honeycombed with ice tunnels.

Now, a bomb, put in the right place,

could so weaken those walls

that the pressure of the ice
would burst through the walls

and flood this entire chamber.

-Bury the lot of them?
-That's the theory.

But it won't destroy them,

just put them back into their deep
frozen state of suspended animation.

Yes, but it would take centuries
to melt them out.

-You all right?
-Yes, come on.

We've got to stop them.

Come on, let's see
if we can find the Doctor.

They're here!

They're still coming, Doctor.
-We did what we could though.

Well done, Jo.

Right. That's it.

Taron, you and the others get started.
We'll set the bomb.

Yes. Come on, you two.

-Set it to detonate in 30 seconds.

Detonator running... now!

They're coming!

-Hurry up, Doctor! Hurry up!
-Off you go.

Twenty seven, twenty eight...

It failed!

Come on, let's get out of here.

The ice volcano!

Out! Everybody, out!

Arsenal on all
lower levels inundated.

Molten ice rising through all sections.

No response from
any Dalek unit.

Total loss of contact.

Seal off all sections.

Not possible.
Controls not responding.

Total power source failure.

Sensors registering ice
now advancing through upper levels!

Advise Supreme Command

the Dalek attack force
is totally immobilised

and that we are the only survivors.

Set self-destruct on all instruments.

We are abandoning!

We are abandoning!

We are abandoning!

We are abandoning! We are abandoning!

-There it is!
-We can get home, back to Skaro!

It's a bonus I'd never expected!

Jo, I must speak with you.

Doctor? I need to look over
the controls of that ship.

-Yes, of course.

You've done a lot for me, Doctor.
Thank you.

Thank you.

Doctor, we'd never have succeeded
without all your help.

I wish there was some way
of thanking you.

As a matter of fact, there is.

Yes, Doctor?

Throughout history,
you Thals have always been known as

one of the most peace-loving
peoples in the galaxy.

I hope we always will be.

Yes. Well, that's what I mean.

When you get back to Skaro,
you'll all be national heroes.

Everybody will want to hear
about your adventures.

Of course.

So be careful how you tell
that story, will you?

Don't glamorise it.

Don't make war sound like
an exciting and thrilling game.

I understand.

Tell them about the members of
your mission that will not be returning,

like Miro and Vaber and Marat.

Tell them about the fear.

Otherwise your people
might relish the idea of war.

-We don't want that.
-You can depend on us.

Thank you, my dear.
Well, you'd better get aboard, I think.

What about them?

I'm not sure about them.

Goodbye, Rebec.

Goodbye, Doctor.


-Goodbye, Doctor.
-Good luck.

Doctor, I've asked Jo to come
back to Skaro with me.

-Would you have any objections?
-If that's what she wants, no.

Well, Jo? Is it?

No, I'm sorry, Latep.
Look, I'm very fond of you.

But, you see, I've got my own world
and my own life to go back to.

Thank you, Doctor.

Thank you, Latep.

Right, shall we go and find the TARDIS?


-Come on, run!
-Aliens! Pursue! Pursue!

Pursue! Pursue!

Wait! If those spores hit us...

They're coming!

Now, cover your face and hands
as best you can! Come on!

Jo, come on! Come on!

Have Supreme Command send rescue craft.

I obey.

Preparations will begin at once
to free our army from the ice.

We have been delayed, not defeated.

The Daleks are never defeated!

Jo, look.

That's Skaro.


Any regrets?

No, not really.

But, Jo, that's only one little world.

There's so many
hundreds of others to see.

There's only one little world
I want to see right now.

That one.

That one? But, Jo, that's Earth.

That's right, Doctor, home.

Home it is, Miss Grant.

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