Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 19 - Planet of the Daleks: Episode Five - full transcript

The Doctor and his friends ambush two Daleks as part of their planet to get back into the city but the Daleks are on the verge of unleashing their virus.

Take him to the Daleks.

They've got Vaber.

And the bombs!

We must get them.

What sort of creatures are they?

I've no idea. But whatever they are,
they're moving in closer.

I'll try a shot at them.

They've gone. It scared them off.

Yes, but they don't stay
scared for long, do they?

Let them get in closer.

That's the last of my charges!

And I've only two left.

-Help me into this.
-All right.

Let's see if we can get in there.

Now listen, I'll try to get
close to one of the others.

Be ready to move in when I jump in.

-Right. Good luck.

That's it.

Well, if they come in ones and twos,
we might manage to beat them off.

And if they rush us?

I'm going to try something.

Don't just stand around there,
get yourselves torches.

They're frightened of flame.

But, Doctor, there won't be
enough wood for the fire.

We'll just have to hope that
supply lasts till morning.

We've got to keep that fire going
at all costs!


If you can work your way
through to Vaber

and get close to him, then I'll...

Come on.

-You nearly got yourself killed!
-I thought it was you.

Get into this.

Now, stay close to me.

We've got to near the one
carrying the bombs.

When I jump him,
grab the bombs and make off quickly.

Make as much noise as you can.
They'll follow you.

I'll try and free Vaber.

Oh, I'll... I'll try and head back
for the Doctor.

-If all goes well, I'll meet you there.
-All right.

Penny for them?

Oh, I was just thinking about Vaber.

What on earth possessed him
to go rushing off like that?

Once we'd worked out the plan,
he wanted to attack straightaway.

Plan? What plan?

To blow up the refrigeration unit.

What? But that's the worse thing
he could possibly do.

But Codal said if we destroyed
the refrigeration unit,

we'd be destroying the Daleks.

On the contrary,
you'd be bringing their army to life.

-How, Doctor?
-Oh, I get it.

The Daleks you saw in the arsenal
were in sort of suspended animation.

No ageing process, no degeneration.

An army of Daleks in cold storage
until they're needed.

So that's why they built
the refrigeration unit.

And you mean, they need a constant,
controllable low temperature

-because the volcano's too unstable?
-Yes, that's about it.

And the moment that temperature rises,

the Dalek army's going to
be on the move.

Now, we've got to find the others
and warn them.

Ah, Jo!

A Spiridon!
Doctor, no!

That's Wester,
he's the Spiridon that helped me.

-You sure?

Well, please accept my thanks,
Mr Wester.

-I owe you a very great deal.
-Jo, I have news from inside the city.

Well, what is it?

The Daleks have prepared
a bacteria bomb.

It will destroy every living thing
on this planet.

Except, presumably, the Daleks?

Yes, they have a way
of immunising themselves.

They are preparing
to release the bomb now.

-Well, what should we do?
-I shall go back into the city.

Perhaps I can find some way
of delaying them.

Well, thank you for warning us.
We'll do all that we can to help you.

-Goodbye, Jo.
-Goodbye, Wester.

I must go now.

Wester! Take care.

What shall we do about Taron and Codal?

Well, we'll wait till it's full light.

If they're not back by then,
we move out without them.

Very well.

Doctor, what shall we do?

Well, first of all we've got to stop
the Daleks releasing their bacteria.

Second, we've got to make sure
that their army stays inactive

and third, we've got to generally
put an end to their chances

of invasion of other planets.

Well, how are we going to do all that?

I haven't the faintest idea.


What is this?

We have captured
one of the aliens.

We will question him.

Where are the others hiding?


If you want them...

If you want them, you find them!

Answer or we will exterminate you!

I haven't seen them.

The others are near the Plain of Stones.
You will lead us to them.

-You will lead us to them!

No. No, don't fire.

I'll take you there. Whatever you say.

We will start immediately.

It's... It's back this way.

Pursue! Pursue!


The antidote is prepared
and ready to be administered.


Synthesised anti-bacteria
elements are released

in immediate vicinity of subject.

The elements provide
immunity on contact.

We are now protected
against the bacteria.

Approved. I will order all Dalek units
and Spiridon slave workers

assembled here for treatment shortly.

Is the bacteria ready for release?

All is prepared.

The final phase of the
operation is to commence immediately.

Removal of the container top
is all that is required

to allow bacteria to enter
the atmosphere.

Transmit a general call to all units.

They are to report here immediately

for protective treatment
prior to release of bacteria.

I obey.


Where on earth
did you get those?

We persuaded a couple of Spiridons
to part with them.

-Well done. Have you got the bombs?

Where's Vaber?
-He's dead.

I'll tell you about that later.

We've got to move away from here.
There's a Dalek patrol right behind us.

Now, wait!
We can't go on running forever.

It's time for a change of tactics.

We can't risk
a straightforward confrontation.

No, I agree. So let's stop for a moment
and use our intelligence, shall we?

All right. What have you got in mind?

Well, to take any effective
and permanent action,

-we've got to get inside that city.
-How do we do that?

Well, I do have a plan.
You'll have to trust me.

What do you want us to do?

Well, first of all, we've got to
make sure that a Dalek patrol finds us.

Somebody must go out, show themselves
and then lead them back here.

-I'll go.
-Thank you, Latep.

Now try and lead them around for a bit
before you bring them back here.

We'll need a little time
to get ourselves ready.

-All right.
-Wait, Latep, I'm coming with you.

-Doctor, I'm tired of being hunted, too.

Yes, all right.


We'll keep watch.

I noticed this this morning.

-Have you seen them before?
-Yes, they're all over the place.

Molten ice pools.
A sort of natural spring.

Yes and hyper-cold.

Yes, it's an odd phenomena,
the water on this planet.

It sustains sub-zero temperatures
and yet remains semi-liquid.

I'm sorry, I don't see
the significance of all this.

We've known about these ice pools
for some time.

The Daleks are vulnerable to
extremely low temperatures

and they hardly function at all
at sub-zero levels.

Yes. Yes, I see.

Come on, let's look around.
Find a way of making it work.

Yes, it's a good feeling, isn't it?
When the hunted become the hunters.

Spiridon slave workers will proceed
to level four to await treatment.



Dalek patrol three
is proceeding towards the city

with remainder of
Spiridon slave workers.

Only patrol seven remains
unaccounted for.


Contact with patrol seven established.

They have made contact with aliens
and are in pursuit.

They request permission to continue.

Permission granted.

Advise that no prisoners
are to be taken.

They are to be exterminated.

You all right?

Bit winded.
I've never run so far in my life!

I think we've given them
enough running around now.

It's time we started back to the others.

-There they are!

-Are you ready?

Pursue! Pursue! Pursue!


-Right, you all set?
-Yes, we're ready.

-Doctor, it's Jo and Latep!

The Daleks are right behind us.

-Come on, Jo!

All right, I'll try
and draw them off that way.

Give protective fire.

Taron! Taron, get ready!

Get out of its line of fire!

Pull it!

Assist! Assist!


Surrender! Surrender
or you will be exterminated!

Surrender or you will be exterminated!

I cannot see!

Emergency! Alert! Vision impaired!

Assist! Assist! Assist! Assist! Assist!

Hold on!

Assist! Assist!

Well done. Well done, everybody!

Now, come on, Taron.
We've got work to do.

Latep, switch on your thermal liner.

Keep out of their angle of fire.
They may still be dangerous.

Right. Now lift up the top section.

-Are they dead?
-Yes, that...

The shock of the sudden cold
must have killed them straightaway.

Right, get that one up onto the bank.


We have lost contact with patrol seven.

Last reported position was
they were entering the Plain of Stones

-in pursuit of the aliens.
-No further information?

Weak signal from the automatic
distress transmitter, then silence.

We will wait no longer.

Stop! What are you doing here?

My name is Wester. I have a vital
message for the section leader.

I've made contact with the aliens,
lured them into a trap.

The section leader is occupied.

He ordered an immediate report.

You will enter the laboratory and report
when the section leader is free.

You will commence to administer
the protective treatments immediately.

I have located minor
mechanical fault in the equipment.

It will be rectified quickly.

Make all speed. I shall assist you.

Caution! Caution!

-You all right, Rebec?
-Yes, I think so.

Latep, you sure you know the way
to the ventilator shaft?

Taron marked it on the chart, Doctor.

-Can we come with you, Doctor?
-No, I'm sorry, Jo.

It must be a two-pronged attack,
it'll double our chances of success.

Have you got the bomb?

Whichever group gets there first

must detonate that bomb in one of
the tunnels near the cooling unit,

block off the Daleks completely.

Now, whatever you do,
don't damage the refrigeration unit.

It's absolutely vital that
that continues to function.

We understand.

-Here you are, Doctor.
-More gentle persuasion?

-You could put it like that.
-Right. Put it on.

-Well, Jo, do I pass?
-You'll do, in a pinch.

-Good luck, Doctor.
-And to you.

Good luck.
-All right, Rebec?

All right.

Right, off we go.

All units were ordered
to return to base.

You are late.

Report to central control immediately.

- They're in!
-We'd better get going.

-Come on.

What are they doing?

they're preparing the bacteria.


There's a Spiridon in there.

That's Wester!

Fault rectified.

Equipment now fully operational.

We are both already immune.

We will start to administer

protective treatment
to all units at once.

You must not open container!

Bacteria is released. Do not open door!

Repeat. Do not open door!

If they open that hermetically
sealed door even a fraction of an inch,

the bacteria will escape and destroy
everything, including themselves.

We cannot leave here. No one can enter.

We can never leave here.
Never, never, never!

Let's try and get to
the lower levels.

All right, Rebec.


Spiridon slave workers are to report
to level four immediately.


Wait, you are not Spiridons!

Emergency! Emergency! Emergency!