Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 13 - Ty vs. D-Structs - full transcript

When Revvit gets kidnapped by the D-Brothers, Ty embarks on a dangerous mission that leads to a final showdown with D-Structs.

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Get out!

This crater is ours!

I don't like this.

So what else is new?

We got rid of their Dreadtrux.

We should be going
after D-Structs and D-Stroy.

Right after breakfast, dude.

Right after we come up with a plan.

Rev's right.

Even without a Dreadtrux,
those two are still dangerous.


Oh, no! It's D-Structs and D-Stroy!

If they were a hundred.


Feels like a lot more Trux treads
than two.

That's not making me feel any better.

Let's check it out, gang.

Neither is that!

It--it's Ty!

What's happened?

D-Structs and D-Stroy
are kicking everyone out of the crater.

Well, all you dudes can live out here
with us and be renegades.

Right, dudes? Huh?

Trouble is, there's not much ore
in the Outlands, Ton-Ton.

And almost no water.

And even if we were to share everything...

Then we're not gonna share.

But, uh, w-we always share, uh, don't we?

Of course we do!

Don't we?

We've tried sharing with D-Structs.

We've tried to be friends
and live with him and his brother,

but this is too much.

We are not going to let
innocent Trux starve

just so two bullies
can have everything they want.

It's time for us to go back.


Now you're talking!

They can't keep all of us out
without a Dreadtrux.

Who's with me?


Then let's do it!


Our task will be much harder
if the D-Brothers lift the bridge.

How hard's it gonna be with no bridge?

- I don't know.
- We can't win!

- We got to find food!
- No! Don't give up!

They got to find food, Ty.

Perhaps with the element of surprise,
a smaller, swifter force

will have a better chance
against the D-Brothers.

Maybe you're right, Rev. Come on!

Without the Dreadtrux,
they can't cover all the entrances!


Look out!

Did we make it? I can't look.

We're still alive,
if that's what you mean.

That's not good enough for me
to open my eyes yet.

- Garby!
- Whoop, sorry.

Didn't know I was loaded.

Should have a safety lock on that thing.

Dudes, that slide was my favorite build.

I thought your favorite build
was the Trux wash.

I thought your favorite build
was your super funball.

Oh, yeah. Whew. Now I feel better.

They're locking themselves in!

And everyone else out.

You thinking what I'm thinking, Rev?

The east pass is the only way left
into the crater.

Come on! Hurry!

This still looks clear.

Right behind you, Dozer dude!


Dozer! Ton-Ton!

I'm okay.

I'm okay right behind him!


We did it, brother.

The crater is ours!


And yours!

Your yours!

Come, now, D-Structs.

There's plenty of territory
for both of us to share...

even for our flunky.



Thank you!

-He's my flunky!
-That's right!

I'm his flunky.

- Be quiet!
- Being quiet!

- Now.
- Being quiet now.

Of course he is, brother.

My mistake.

You know, he's really not
such a bad fella to share the crater with.

Don't be a fool.

He will betray me as soon as he can.

The chasm, racetrack, slide,

and then on the far side of the Flatirons,

we have the canyon pass.

You must excuse the crudity of my sketch.

I was trying to save time.

Yeah, we'll have to live

without your usual subtle shading
and bold lines.

Now you are joking with me.

Just a little.

Why don't we just rebuild the bridge
or the slide?

Yeah, we did it once.

D-Structs and D-Stroy would stop any build
as soon as they saw us.

Not to mention Garby's gas clouds.

What about a tunnel...

through this mountain in the crater wall?

Yeah, they'd never see that coming.


according to my rough calculations,

that would mean digging a tunnel
through two miles of solid rock.

That'd take forever.

Not if we had help.

What kind of help?

That kind.

-I'll say it for you, Dozer.

Have you lost your mind?

-Nice job.
-Thank you.

It may not be as crazy as it sounds...

I think.

The Dreadtrux was never bad.

When we first met her,
she was just looking for her egg.

And later, D-Structs was controlling her
with purple ore.

You're not suggesting we manipulate
this gentle giant like they did, are you?

-Gentle as an earthquake.

I'm not gonna manipulate her
or trick her or hurt her.

I'm gonna make friends.

What? I can.

Hey, there!


Name's Ty.

A little while ago,
my friends and I returned your egg

and got you away from D-Structs!

Uh, maybe you don't remember...

...or just don't care.

How'd that go?

Didn't look so friendly to me.

Maybe a little tricking
wouldn't be such a bad thing, Ty.

But doesn't that make us
as bad as the bad guys?

Click-Clack's right.

We have to earn her trust.

But she's a giant scary Trux.

How are we gonna do that
without getting crushed?

Yeah, dude.
To her, you're, like, Rev-size.


Are you thinking what I am thinking?

Another meeting
between a brave little tool...

And a giant scary Trux.




You can say that,
but I'm not going anywhere.

For you.

I'm not here to hurt you.

And I'm not going away.

It's called sharing.

- Uh-oh.
- Perhaps that was too excited.

Uh, they're my friends.

And we need your help.

Ugh, what's Ty doing?

Maybe he's got a plan.

Okay, gang. Our biggest build ever!

Let's Trux it up!

- Boom!
- Did it!

Only, nobody can see it.

That's the whole idea.

Oh. Right.

Thanks, Dreadtrux. We owe you one.

Good one.

Okay, gang.

Phase two.

We go in, catch those T-Trux off guard,
and drive them out of the crater.

If we are to surprise the D-Brothers,
we will need to find where they are.

- Ooh, sounds like a job for me!
- And I'll go with her.

Does that mean I get
to stay here for once?

Yeah, your screaming might give you away.

That's what I'm always saying!

You finally understand me!

All right, we'll be back in a flash.

- Good luck.
- And be careful.

Here you go...


Fresh ore.

Although it's a little less fresh
than if you'd just eaten it

at the ore station with your brother.

It's my ore station.

That's what I meant.

If you'd eaten it at your ore station
with your bro--

Oh, I see.

It's not the ore station part
that bugs you.

It's the brother part.

Be quiet.

I'm trying to figure out
how to get rid of him.

Oh, okay.

Being quiet--Aah!


What are they--

Uh, I know you wanted quiet,

but two of Ty's Tools
are sneaking around the garage.

I mean your garage.

Hmm. Ace and Xee
should've been back by now.

- Ace, look out!
- Hurry!


The Tools!

Look who it is.

So much for a surprise attack.

Leave some for me! Yah!

And me!



- Find Ace and Xee!
- I see 'em!

Oh, no, you don't.

You really think you can stop
the three of us, scraphead?

He has help. Get 'em!

Five on two--
not exactly a fair fight, is it, Ty?


That's better.

We know how important fairness is to you.

Oh, no, you don't!

Don't know how long we can keep this up.

Might be time to retreat, gang.

Dudes, look!

Save some for us, bros!

Heard there was a party.
Nice tunnel, by the way.

Let's crack some claws!

Dumps? Gluphs?


Why are they all here?


You've been there for them.

They're here for you.

Then let's show these bullies the exit

and take our crater back.

Back off! Weaklings!

drive a wedge between them!

Dumps, take the left side!

Liftasaurs, the right!

Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo...

Uh, Skrap-It?
What do we do now?

What do we normally do?


We've almost got D-Structs cornered.

-Dozer, left!
-On it!

Ton-Ton, now!

This is your fault, brother.

My fault?

You've always been weak.

No, you don't!

Ty! We must start to drive them
toward the tunnel.


Stay where you are,
or you'll never see your bug again.

Dozer! No!

Out of my way.

Not him.

He's all yours.

Smart as you are, brother,

you've forgotten one important thing--

I don't share.

Ha! I knew he'd figure out a way to win!


I'm going after Revvit!

We can't let Ty take on D-Structs alone.

You're right, but what about D-Stroy?

Dudes, I think he's totally out-truxed.

Get that drill out of here!

Heads up! Look out!
Watch your step! Get back!




Ty! Get out of here!


-D-Structs is trying--
-I'm not gonna leave you there.

Look out!


I knew nothing would stop you
from trying to save your bug.


I am all right.

Not for long!





This is the end for you, Reptool.

I do not think so, Skrap-It!

It's time for you to go!

Not gonna happen, D-Structs!

Without your brother,
you know you can't beat us all.

But I only have to beat you.

Guess again, D-Structs!

You lose!

D-Structs! No!

So much for your friends.

D-Structs! We have to stop!


The edge is giving way!

If we keep at it, we'll both be destroyed!

I won't fight you anymore.

Then I've already won.

No, I've won...

once and for all.





Don't do it, Ty!

Dude, you know he's totally gonna do it.

He knows, Ton-Ton.

D-Structs, grab my tail.



It doesn't have to be this way, D-Structs.

This has never been
about taking over the crater.

It's about sharing it
and building a community.

You can still be a part of that community,

but you will never, ever
be able to tear it down.

I think it's all gonna be okay.

He saved you.

I mean you let him save you...

or tricked him into saving you.

So what's the plan?

Are we gonna bash these Trux?

Get another Dreadtrux?

Take the crater back from Ty? Ugh!


There are other places.

Let's find one
and rule over the Trux there.

Ah! This is the best,

best, best, best, best...

...best day ever!

Best day ever, dudes!

D-Stroy dozed up.

Crater open again.

D-Structs finally defeated.

How in the crater did you do that?

Let's just say D-Structs defeated himself.

Kind of wish he would've done that
before he broke our slide.

And the bridge.

And who knows what else?

Well, then I suppose...

There's only one thing left for us to do.

Trux it up!