Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 12 - Ore Hunt - full transcript

Garby accidentally leads D-Structs and D-Stroy to the base, but the Trux find a way to fight back by keeping a special ore away from the D-Bros.

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And Ton-Ton and Skya will proceed
with an ore drop here.

While Dozer and I throw
a few boulders over here

and lure D-Structs and D-Stroy
to the far side of the crater.

Letting us Tools make repairs
on damaged Trux with Garby

and our Part Kart on the near side.

Got to say, it's a good plan.

No. It's an awesome plan!

Awesome's better than good, dude.

Good, awesome--I'm just glad
I got the "throwing boulders" part.

Oh, this is so exciting!

I love being a renegade with you Trux.

Sneaking around, strategizing.

I'm even working on some new gas attacks.

Thanks, Garby.

With your help, I'm sure we'll find a way

to get rid of the D-Brothers
once and for all.

Oh, before you do that, I, uh--

I got to lighten my load a little bit.

Stand back!

Good to go!

Did anyone see that?

- See what, Click-Clack?
- That brick. I-it just moved.

I think your eyes are playing tricks
on you... again.

Better my eyes than someone else.

Okay, even I saw it that time.

- Nope. No, you didn't.
- You didn't see anything.

Okay, maybe you saw that.


Get him!

Oh, right, I should probably be
running now!

Don't let him get away!

He'll tell D-Structs and D-Stroy
where our base is!

That's the plan!

The terrifying, claustrophobic,
and incredibly smelly plan.

You're gonna have to be faster than that
to catch me, Craneosau--

Yeah, more like him!

Coming your way, Ty!

Don't let him get
into the supply tunnels!

Did somebody say "supply tunnels"?

Don't mind if I do!


Tools, follow me.

We must not let him make it
out the other side.

And, Trux, we got to cut him off
if he does.

Don't let him make it back to D-Structs
and D-Stroy!

Wow, am I on my game today!

You'll never catch me,


Hey! That's cheating!

Make that really on my game!

Ty! I can see the Flatirons up ahead,
and there's no sign of--

Boulders are falling from the sky?

It's the end of the world!

Oh. Well, that makes more sense.

Don't tell me.

Trying to stop the Scraptool
from reaching us?

Smart plan.

Smarter than yours!

Even if you slow us down,
you'll never stop the Tools!

I know where their base is!

You were saying, Ty?

Can't wait to see
that super-secret base of yours.

See it turned to rubble!


Dudes, this feels
like an even bigger bummer

than the end of the world!

Come on!

Let them go.

They have nowhere to hide anymore.

Ha ha! Thanks to yours truly!

Admit it. I did good, didn't I?
Come on, real good.

Oh, you got to give me this one, D-Stroy.

Can't hold back that "nice job"
any longer!

I don't have to give you anything.

I'll take it!

Don't worry.
You don't have to say anything.

I can see the pride in your eyes.

And feel it in your tail!

What are we waiting for?
Let's end this once and for all.

Their base is
in the Hidden Forest!

It's pretty camouflaged,
but I can show you where it is.

At least I... I think I can.

I think I think I can.

No need, Scraptool.

We'll just turn the entire forest to dust.

Wake up!

You have a job to do.

The Hidden Forest--flatten it

It wants purple ore.

Go get it, Scraptool.

Don't we have someone to do that for us?

Purple ore, coming right up.

Uh, uh, must be jammed.

What's taking so long, Skrap-It?


Okay, so, uh, funny story.


...are all out of purple ore!

So go get more.

It's not gonna be that easy.

I-I've looked everywhere and, uh...

...can't find any more.

You careless--

No, it's true!

It's not like that thing
watches what it eats,

and it didn't help
to have little Dreaddy here!

I'm sorry,
but there's no purple ore anywhere!


Using a Dreadtrux was your idea, D-Stroy,

which means this is your fault!


We may have lost the battle, Tools,
but perhaps not the war.

Come on.

I've had good days and bad days,

and this is a real bad day!

I'm sorry about this, gang.

It's all my fault!

I really got to start watching what I eat.

It's okay, Garby. We couldn't expect
to keep the base hidden forever.

I'm really gonna miss this place,

almost as much as the last place
we got kicked out of.

-Where are we gonna hide now?
-Perhaps it is time to stop hiding.

D-Structs and D-Stroy--
they're all out of purple ore!

Uh, dude, I know good nutrition
is important, even for bad guys, but--

Who cares what they eat?

Without purple ore,

D-Structs and D-Stroy
will not be able to control the Dreadtrux.

Which means if we can find some first,

we can lead it away from the Flatirons.

And far, far away from here,
to where it belongs.

We may have lost
our hiding place today, Trux,

but we gained something
even more important--

a way to get rid of the D-Brothers
once and for all.

This is it, gang. Our last stand.

Pay a visit to every Trux
and Tool you know.

Call in every favor you can.

Leave no stone, boulder,
or Flatiron rock unturned.

We must find that ore

before D-Structs and D-Stroy discover
what we are doing.

- Everybody got that?
- Friends, favors, don't get found.

And don't forget fun.

Then come on. The ore hunt starts...


Bummer. Only spicy ore.


They may be able to take our crater,

but with your help,
they will never be able to take...

Our freedom!

Oh, oh, hey, uh, I forgot to mention...

...we're looking for purple ore.

Sorry, I-I got a little overexcited.

Quit your dilly-dallying.
We need purple ore now!

And don't get any ideas.

I'm in charge!

Do you really think that we'd leave
a job this important to you?

Uh, is that a trick question?

Okay, maybe they're still in charge.

But you still have to listen to me, too!

Now go check that cave!

Nothing yet, not to the west or east
or north or south.

Thanks for trying, guys!

There might be one more thing
you can help me with.

Hey, Snowblazer, and, uh, Herb, too!

Ever see any purple ore out here?


Go, go, go!

I don't get it.

We've looked everywhere.


Now we've looked everywhere.

You said it.

I've never eaten
so many different rocks in my life.

Sorry, Trux. I really wanted to make up
for getting the base discovered.

We all did our best, Garby.

I just wish I knew somewhere else to look.

Sometimes what you seek

is inside of you the whole time, friends.

George? What are you doing up there?

Ruminating on the majesty of existence,

searching for peace,
and trying to get down.

How'd you get up there in the first place?

It's a long story

involving several Scrapadactyls

and one very irritated Slamtool.

But best not to dwell
on the trauma of the past.

Total long shot, George,
but we're looking for purple ore.

Purple ore, huh?

I'm sorry, my exhausted friends.

You won't find any of that inside of you.

But I know where you will find some.


Welcome to my meditation cave.


Purple is the color
of peace and tranquility.

If I'd have known you were looking for it,
I would've brought you here sooner.

-We owe you one, George.
-It's me who owes all of you.

All the times you've saved my chassis,

really warms my engine
to return the favor.

I don't have an engine,

but this really warms me up, too!

Did I say I was really on my game today?

Make that really,
really, really on my game!

Finds our base, finds our ore.

Hate to say it, but he is on his game!

Doesn't matter.

As long as we can move the ore
before D-Structs and D-Stroy show up...

We still have the advantage.

We will build a wagon large enough
to transport all the ore in the cave.

Think we could build four of 'em?

And covered,
so we can't see what's inside?

You have a plan.

One that'll keep the D-Brothers guessing.

And, Garby, we might need
your help on this one.

Really? Let's Trux it up!

I said settle down!

You'll have what you desire soon enough.

And what if it doesn't?

Your Dreadtrux is getting restless,

and your master plan is coming apart.

Don't forget, brother, purple ore or not,

this thing doesn't like you.

So now you need a Dreadtrux to take me on?

I don't need anything
to take you on.

Just say the word and--

D-Structs, D-Stroy!

I did something good again!

It's in the cave over there!

There was so much, there's no way the Trux
could have moved it in time.

Unless they built something to move it.

- Sure, they, uh...
- ...they could've done that.

Oh, no! We're spotted!

Split up!


Can't catch me, dude!

Uh, unless I'm towing something
really heavy.


It's fake!

Nice try, D--

D-- Which one are you anyway?

Ooh, should've known.
You're a better shot than your brother!

I appreciate the compliment.

Now give me the ore!

Didn't see that coming, did you?


D-Structs and D-Stroy? Lucky me.

Were you looking for a different color?

Enough of this! We should have known.

It's Ty. Ty has the ore!

I don't know what you're talking about.

There he is!

Ty, they know! Don't let them get you!

It's over, Ty!

"Over"? Sorry, guys,
but I'm just getting warmed up!

Aw, come on!

You're gonna have to try harder than...


Scraptors ruin your big plan, Ty?

What bad luck.



I hate to break it to you,
but the ore's long gone,

just like your Dreadtrux.

-None of them have it?
-Then who does?

Uh, not feeling so good, Revvit.

I'm real glad to be doing my part,
but I wish I hadn't eaten all this stuff

It's worse than feldspar
that's been left out in the sun too long!

Just try to keep the purple ore down
until we reach the--

There it is!

You know what to do, Garby.

Once it gets your scent,

make a trail of purple ore bricks
to lead it out of the crater.

-Got it?
-Don't worry, Rev.

I can't wait to get this stuff out of me.

That's right. Follow me, Dreaddy!

I'm a mean, green,
purple-ore-bricking machine!


This might be a good time
to make one of those bricks.

I'm trying, Revvit.

But I don't think my system can handle
this stuff after all!

-I told you--

I don't normally eat this stuff!

I'm having a little trouble bricking it!

This is distressing!

Garby, you must find a way
to get those purple-ore bricks out of you.

Or I fear the Dreadtrux
will get them out itself...

the hard way!

I'm trying, Revvit!

Look on the bright side.
At least things can't get any worse!

-It must be inside that Stegarbasaur!
-Not for long!


Remember that last thing I said?
Forget I ever said it!


-What's the holdup?
-Garby's system!

It is having a hard time
processing the purple ore into bricks!

Now he has
a hard time making bricks?

Trux, protect Garby!

It wants to eat me!

-And, Revvit...
-Try to un-jam his system.

I am on it!

Does that mean
what I think it means, Revvit?

Unfortunately, yes.

But this is the last time!

Wait, Rev-dude!
Waldo's got something for ya!

Explosive ore.
It might help to get his system going.

Wait, did he say "explosive ore"?

And he's bringing it in there?

Desperate times, Garby!

Give us the purple ore!

I feel terrible.

This was supposed to be
my moment to shine.

Forget shining!

Just make some bricks already!

Yes. "Jammed" would be a good word
to describe this.

I just ate explosive ore, go easy!

Really, you guys, too?

Ah, thanks, Tonny!

Come on, come on.


I will never do this again!

- Want to play with us?
- Not really!

Stick to the plan!
We need the purple ore first!

Who cares about the ore anymore?
I'm making my own plans now!

Leave him alone!

-Don't think so!


Revvit, look out!


I am sorry, Garby!

Your gears are jammed too tight!

No, no!

I said I was gonna make bricks,
and that's what I'm gonna do.

For the crater!

What is he doing?

Un-jamming his system!

Now, that's the hard way, dudes!


Got to love explosive ore!

Dude, it's beautiful.

At least it would be if I didn't know
where those things were coming from.

No, come back.

You belong to us!

Don't think that's true anymore, D-Stroy.

I knew those two wouldn't be so tough
without a Dreadtrux on their side.

Garby, that was amazing!
We definitely owe you one.

Well, like I said...

...eating got us into this mess,
and now eating got us out.

Eating and bricking.
Can't forget bricking.

I don't think I could forget that
if I tried.

And now it's time to take back the crater.