Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Trouble at the Tunnel - full transcript

A battle breaks out at the Holland Tunnel to stop the onslaught of the Jersey Devil's minions.

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(upbeat music)

- Hello one and all!

and welcome to another exciting
episode of Dimension 20

The Unsleeping City, season two.

I'm your humble dungeon
master Brennan Lee Mulligan

and with me as always our Intrepid Heroes,

say hi Intrepid Heroes.

- Hi Intrepid Heroes.

- Oh boy oh boy.

Gang it's the middle of November,

a crisp New York city evening here

in the Unsleeping City as thunder rumbles

in the distance and a threat arrives

from the far Western
shores of the Hudson River.

For indeed the patron devil
of our knight of darkness

Cody Walsh, AKA the night angel Bazathrax,

bound by Pete the Vox Phantasma

into a sick-ass chest
piece that says redemption.

Bazathrax reached out
thinking that his dark master

or dark employee I guess is the better,

the better term would dig a
bunch of devils running around

and causing chaos in New York City.

And even though Cody got on it right away,

apparently those RSVPs got
a little too far afield

and the Jersey Devil discovered
that it was open season

on the Island of Manhattan
and they are on their way.

Oh no.

Numerous other things
are also in the works

and it's been discussed
last time we ended,

Kingston was hot on the tail of some

horrifying real estate shenanigans going

on in the waking world.

While Sofia and Esther
were covering their tracks

from the other side of things

looking into the nature of Nod.

Iga Lisowski was exploring
the mythic castle

within the ancient chest, kept
in her bedroom in Greenpoint

while Ricky was keeping
an eye on the new kid,

Cody to make sure he didn't
get up to too much trouble

looks like it didn't
quite work out that way.


- Didn't work, didn't work at all.

- Well, we reeled it in a
little bit because the devils

have always been, have been
coming since I said it was fine

at the hospital.

So if anything--

- True.

- That's right we had a
little bit of down time.

And Pete used the two weeks of down time

to get settled in Astoria

and take care of himself,
which we love to see.

- I go on runs now it's a
really nice temperature.

Nice evening runs.

- Oh, Pete you should get a bike.

- You're right.

- Oh get a nice bike and bike around.

- I mean, it needs to
be an only okay bike.

I don't want it to get stolen.

- Yeah.

- I like to have a shitty
looking bike that works amazing.

That's the dream bike.
- Yeah.

- So yeah you, we also met some new cadets

of the Gramercy Occult Society.

We met JJ short for Joe Jacobs,

who is a a new apprentice wizard

at the Gramercy Occult Society.

We also met a returning member

of the Order of the
Concrete Fist, Tony Siemos

a former First Fist of the Order

and dealt with the
aftermath of the appearance

of raw Umbra itself in the waking world.

All of that covering our bases

lightening sort of crackles.

And in the middle of their conversation

you see, Sofia you're at
the New York Public Library

talking with Esther.

You see, JJ is making polite conversation

as you guys have a snack, just going like,

you know, oh man yeah, it was great.

Well, no, I got the full ride to Columbia,

which was crazy and--

- Wow.

- Yeah so my both of my
brothers are back on the res,

I'm here living in New
York, sort of studying math.

And now I get, the alarms go off,

Esther leaps into action yells out

and goes, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.

Ana and Amelia, both teleport here

in a blast of sort of bats and smoke.

- Very cool, Cody would have loved that.

Esther rushes over to a series of books,

sweeps across it as runes leap off of them

to show an illuminated map of Manhattan.

Red dots blinking much
like the highway hex map

in the Clinton Hill Chantry,

show many approaching figures
coming from New Jersey.

Towards the Holland Tunnel.

- Okay bottleneck the Holland Tunnel.

- Esther looks around and goes, Oh God.

And you see that there is an
image showing the strength

of the Umbral engine and it's flashing.

Go ahead and make an
arcana check for me Sofia.

Call it a DC15 arcana.

- I got a nine

- Nine, you, it looks like it's flashing,

Esther cocks her head
looking super confused

she goes, we're at 150% capacity

on the Umbral engine.

And you see that the
flashing is not a like red

of like a low battery.

But actually this is like
bright green going into gold

of like the Umbral engine looking over,

like over juiced.

She goes, okay.

She looks at you Sofia and says,

there are wards at the Holland Tunnel

and the major bridges
to stop other things.

How the hell did they get here?

This doesn't make any sense.

How are their devils in Jersey City?

- Do I have any insight that this is Cody?

- I think immediately
Sofia knows that it's Cody.

- Yeah I think I know
who's responsible for this.

I don't really want to,

I don't really want to
call them out though.

- You see Esther steps back
for a second, calms herself

and goes, okay.

The Umbral engine is overloaded.

I don't understand this.

You see, she turns to you Sofia and says

the Umbral arcana only
extends for the five boroughs

of New York without any Umbral Arcana,

devils shouldn't be able to openly travel

through Jersey City.

I don't know how they got there.

This is, this is crazy
that this is happening.

The membrane that makes
magic of the Unsleeping City

has to do with the sleep
deficit of New Yorkers.

So I don't understand how or
why devils are openly out.

There should be wards.

She zooms in on the Jersey
entrance of the Holland Tunnel

and puts a hand over her mouth.

And she's like, the wards are all down.

She looks at the other
wizards here says, okay,

I have to stay here to
fix the Umbral engine

with what's going on.

I know how to do it.

She goes Ana and Amelia,
can you guys go to the wards

on the tunnel?

You see Ana and Amelia
both sort of put hands

over their mouth and
they say, I'm so sorry.

We're vampires, we can't
go into the Hudson River.

It's running water.

And she goes shit okay okay, JJ,

she points at JJ.

He goes, I'm very new, I'm very, very new.

- Me and everyone else
can do it, we got it.

We got it.

- She looks at you does
the quick math in her head.

Ana and Amelia can't go into the water.

She casts water breathing on herself.

She says, she goes, I'm
going to head into the river

to fix the actual runes along the tunnel.

You've got to hold them off.

She looks at, she says Ana and Amelia--

- Jersey side?

- Jersey side.

You see, she looks and says,
she says on Ana and Amelia

you're going to have to tackle
the Umbral engine yourselves,

JJ doesn't know.

She looks at JJ and says,

JJ, this is a crash course.

I'm very, very sorry.

You're in extremely good hands.

You're going to go.

There's going to be a sequence
of runes on the Jersey side

of the Holland Tunnel.

Sofia and her friends are going to take

very good care of you.

She looks at Sofia--

- Oh no, JJ.

Your freaking life is in our hands.


Okay, JJ, I'm gonna, I'm
gonna make sure you get back

to Columbia to go to intro
to physics or whatever.

- Okay the what is exactly?

It's just, it's?

You see Esther goes minor apparition,

you'll be fine.

It's just shield spells.

And we went over those already.

You're just powering up the shield spells.

I'm going to tap you into the main line

cause I'll be underwater on the tunnel.

Sofia, we got to hustle.

- All right I shoot
out a text to everyone.

and I say, meet me, meet
me on the New York side

of the Holland Tunnel so that we can

all go through together.

Or if you can get straight
to the Jersey side,

just do that.

- Kingston and Iga

you guys are in an apartment up

in Washington Heights right
now with one Lowell Masters

who's finally gotten the time.

You see you're in there,
You see he looks around.

It's nighttime now.

It's pretty late it's a
Friday night, but he goes

thanks so much for stopping by.

I'm glad that you all
could, could come by.

Kingston, great to see you.

How are you doing, how's Liz?

- She's great.

You know, busy with work right now,

the big old Rico case

but hey part of the job.

Anastasia, this is Lowell.

Lowell's an archeologist,

a scavenger in the positive sense

just a all around good guy.

- You see Lowell looks over to you.

His house is very filled
with wonderful objects,

but also immaculate.

There are like a lot of
aroma candles lighted.

There's some like incense, air purifier

as like lived in as it feels,

it feels very clean in here.

He, he walks over to you
and says, Madam Anastasia

it's a pleasure to meet
you, my name is Lowell.

You see, he specifically
looks like by practice

he doesn't go for a handshake

but just sort of nods his head.

And he goes, so I understand

that Kingston has kind
of explained the deal

to you a little bit.

I assume people talk and you know.

- Yes, no, I understand the deal

and I have made my peace with it.

- Yeah I just want you
to know that obviously,

you know there's a certain
level of absurdity here

to how I'm able to perform this magic.

No one cares about these
artifacts more than me.

We're going to take all
the proper protections.

Nothing lasting is going
to happen to your artifact.

There's not going to be, you know, I just,

you know I've, I've worked with hundreds

and hundreds of artifacts and the process

is as streamlined and lubricated

if you'll forgive the pun as it could be.

- Okay, I can make it very small.

So it goes, it will be very easy for you.

- Without, without alarming you,

I will say size actually is not a factor.

- No, that, that, that
there's actually no way

for you to say that
that does not alarm me.

- Yeah Lowell we can just,
we can skip you know.

- All right I know, I just didn't know,

look because of people
like Kingston in my life

I've developed a sense of
comfort with what it is

that I do and what it
is that brings me joy.

And I get my love for these artifacts

is very academic as well.

And I have a lot of love for the people

that choose to bring them in.

So I understand I'm just
trying to ease a process

that for some people--

- So like a 24 hours, 48 hours?

- It depends on how complex
the identification is.

We will know the major broad strokes

within the first 24 hours.

If it's a deeper identify might go 48.

However, your arcane contact with it

should not be limited or harmed

in any way while I'm casting the spell.

There, truly the process
involves zero abjuration.

There won't be any walls or wards up,

it's pure divinatory magic--

- Just skin to box.

- Yes yes.


- Let's begin.

- You guys both get texts
on your phone from Sofia.

- Oh, I need to go handle this.

Anastasia you, we would of
course love to have you.

If you'd like to come.

- Look I,

the people coming in from Jersey

I will come and take them out.

I do not need those Jersey people--

- That's something we
can all get onboard with.

- Bridge and tunnel no
thank you, you know?

- Great, are you okay leaving
the box here with Lowell,

for him to do his business?

- Sure I'm sort of psychically
connected to the box.

I kind of know what's happening,

unfortunately, I kind of will know

what is happening with it.

- Lowell steeples his fingers
and nods knowingly, just.

- But it does mean, I know

if you do any shenanigans
with it, I will know.

I will know where it is at all times

a little bit too
intimately, but I will know.

- Sure.

It's going to be a, you know,

it'll be moving around
over the next 48 hours

just sort of throughout the neighborhood.

Just, you know, as I go about my business

but you see that he puts
a little plastic tag

on it with the number 71.

Hands you the other
half of the tag, rips it

off so that you have sort
of like a dry cleaning.

Like this is your tag for the item.

- I wipe it a little bit on my sleeve

before I put it in my pocket.

- He looks at it, he's like, it's fine.

He says, again, everything
here is incredibly sanitary.

You'll have your item back in a moment.

Is this the size that we're
going to be working with here?

- No, I can shrink it down a lot smaller.

- He goes, well, he
says this, this might be

this might be a 12 hour job in that case.

So yeah, no worries.

All right.

So you shrink the box
down as small as you can,

hand it to him.

And he says, all right, he says

I'll be taking extremely
good care of this.

Madam Anastasia.

- I guess it's nice the
man has found his passion.

I mean, who knows what other
tricks people might have

if they just stuck things up their butt.

- Exactly you know, Lowell is a pioneer.

- Be casting spells they
don't even know about it

because they don't want to do butt stuff

I don't know.

- I don't know either.

Either way we should
probably get out of here.

We've got some fucking
Jersey trash to fucking sweep

back over the river.


- Incredible.

Pete, you grabbed that text as well.

I assume Pete's probably just
like either out in Astoria

or like grabbing dinner with Lugash,

or something like that.

- Yeah, exactly.

Yeah I'll head over there right away.

- Hell yeah.

Cody and Ricky.

- Fuck dude, do you think
we're going to get in trouble?

Do you think people are gonna
be fucking pissed at us?

- Cody I feel as though
I let you down today

and although you know,
definitely not a good thing

that this happened, we just both

will impress upon the rest of the crew

that we have learned from this mistake.

And it'll be good going forward.

Yeah, it'll be fine.

- Cool it's fucking airtight, dude.

We should just get there
and try to like handle this

before they even get there.

And then we don't even
have to tell on ourselves

if we don't want to.

- The texts show up on
both of your guys' phones.

- Fuck.
- Okay everybody knows.

- Yeah let's go.

They don't know who did it though.

So if it doesn't come
up, we don't have to lie.

- Who could have done it?

Who could have possibly done this?

- We gotta go, dude.

Cody's fine steed,

Cody's fine steed is a shitty moped

and he sprints over to a moped

and it has literal warhorse stats.

So it has one horsepower.

So he takes his one horsepower moped

and just fucking tears off.


- I ride up with Ox.

- You might as well walk.

- Fuck!

- Your knees are around your ears.

- Incredible yeah Ricky,

Ricky and Ox are literally just keeping

up side by side with you.

Truly incredible.

- Hey Cody look, and I do the Naruto arms

and like I just started watching it.

- Holy shit.

- I understand your references.

- How far did you get?

- Oh I got two episodes in.

- Nice.

First episode's a tear-jerker right?

- Yeah pretty sad stuff.

Not for sure understanding the references

that you mention yet but we'll get there.


- You guys take off and meet at the mouth

of the Holland Tunnel.

On the New York side
of the Holland Tunnel.

All of you guys, all you guys meet up.

- I introduce everyone to JJ and I say

this nice young grad
student is going to be

doing something that they're perhaps

out of their depth doing.

And so we got to look
out for them, I believe.

- So that's basically what Esther told me.

Hi, I'm JJ, by the way,
you can call me JJ.

Joe's also good, but both.

But I was, I sort of found out

sort of right after Halloween
that magic was real.

Esther said it's basically
like a minor shield,

I just have to power up
the runes over on that side

while she's, she's under
the Hudson River right now

rigging up the tunnel for
the spell to come through.

Because normally there are wards that keep

these kind of renegade devils, like

like magical creatures in
other parts of the world

can't just travel here on foot

either because there
are actual external sort

of waking world wards up.

But those wards are,
are down and we're not

we're not even really super sure why

but they should be waiting
for us there another side

and we're going to get them back up.

What, what are we fighting?

Cause I don't actually,

I've actually never for
real been in a fight before.

- I'm so distracted
because all I'm thinking

about is how I could have sold him Xanax.


- Wow that would have been a huge sale.


- JJ there's nothing to worry about.

I think we're going to
be fighting some devils.

- Yeah.

- But I don't think you're
going to be fighting devils.

You don't have to worry about fighting,

you're not fighting today.

- Okay let me know if I should.

I don't have any spells that hurt people

but I will punch someone?

I don't know.

- No, no, no.

- I think focus on what
Esther tasked you with.

And the rest of us will do the punching

or whatever our version of that is.

- Incredible.

Sofia, you look at Ricky ahead of you.

Who's standing here once
again totally unarmed

and feel the weight of the questing blade

in your back pocket.

- Oh, that's what he gave me?

- Oh the silver nunchucks
that Dale gave you

are the questing blade.

He returned it to you.

- Oh!

- Because that was the way he was getting

out of heaven over and over again.

- I didn't know that okay.


Hey Ricky.

- Hey, what's up?

- Hey, before.

Hey, so sorry.

I know it was like
really, really important

and stuff like that.

Dale sent you a little present,

and I give him the nunchucks.

- Sofia, as you produce the nunchucks

they float above your hand.

Wreathed in light,
right in front of Ricky,

the nunchucks move.

The questing blade has
always taken the shape

of its wielder.

It became a Fireman's ax in Ricky's hand

the questing blade booms out

over the New York entrance
of the Holland Tunnel

or rather the exit of the Holland Tunnel.

And it goes, whosoever be most worthy

of the questing blade
shall wield the power

of a true champion.

It erupts into a twisted and barbed

double handed great sword

and shoots into Cody's hands.

- Cody's hands?


- Yes!
- What?

- Yes!

- What?

- Yes!

- Wait how many swords
does Cody have right now?

- Cody as you swing this
sword, it full on makes

like distorted heavy
metal lightsaber sounds

as you swing it, like.

(lightsaber sounds)

- Cody's just making his own sounds.

This is fucking awesome,
this fucking rules.

- Ricky I'm so sorry, I
thought that was for you.

I'm so sorry, Dale doesn't even know Cody

it makes no sense.

- Ricky do you want my,

I so I was actually going to use

I have a replica sword of Frostmourne

from Warcraft 3 that I was going to use

that I got at BlizzCon that
I bought off a cosplayer.

So I was gonna use that,

or I have that other
umbrella sword, if you want.

Cause like this one kind of chose me.

- Yeah, no, I know.

- Just like, do you need--
- First off,

I'm so happy for you.

I'm so happy that the
quest, the questing blade

found you.

And I'm glad that you have it.

And, and I'm just wanting
to be clear about that

because that's true and that's how I feel.

- I feel it also.

- Sure I'll take that umbrella sword.

I'll just hold on to that.

You know, I would be lying if I said

I thought this was how
it was going to go down.


Give me that, give me that
little guy and we'll get started.

- I hand the peasants sword to, to Ricky.

- It's called the peasant's sword?

- Isn't that what it's called?

- Yeah.

I actually, I renamed it.

I was going to call it Frostmourne

but then I realized that I
had an actual Frostmourne

so I just like kept it in my backpack.

- Great well, thank you so
much for this and you know

a cool thing about that, that sword

that you have is you can also talk to that

and it'll talk back

just to throw that out there.
- Really?

- Yeah it has a voice and has--

- It's like a real life Frostmourne.

That's fucking awesome, dude.

- I don't know what that is.

But yeah I think it sounds like that.

I know you just told me, but I'm,

I'm feeling a lot of
things firing in my brain

at the same time.

I would love it if you,

you know maybe we could stop
swinging it so much right here

it's much larger than
the last sword you had.

- I just feel like the sword
likes whatever I'm doing.

- It probably does.

It probably does.


- Cool cool.

- Oh this is so painful.

- I'm going to go over here
and stretch for a little bit.

- Sofia, thank you so fucking much.

This is like the coolest,
like I bought swords on Etsy.

I've tried to make my own swords

but like my parents
wouldn't let me like mess

with like fire and shit.

So I couldn't do like blacksmithing stuff.

And then I tried to take a real class

but then I just, like,
I got fucking bored.

So I just started like
buying them and stuff.

And like, this is the first
time I got one for fucking,

for free, except the other
time I got the umbrella sword,

but this one's--

- And that it okay.

- You're welcome.

- No the umbrella sword's
fucking awesome, thank you.

- Yeah, absolutely.

- I said thank you.

- Whoa.

- We're all just awkwardly quiet.

- Yeah.

- Cody, just know this, you know,

it's a really special,

very impossibly special
weapon that has meant

something very powerful
to a lot of people.

And I hope that it brings
out the best in you.


- This is the coolest sword I've had

since my Buster sword was confiscated,

unless I can get another Buster sword

which that thing was custom made on Etsy.

That took me a like
eight months to get so.

- So that would outrank
this sword you think?

- It depends.

- I think Ricky just shatters
a statue next to him.

- I was going to say, Sofia watches this,

this little piece of
shit wielding the weapon

that her husband used to come find her

and she just goes and punches a wall.

- Sorry I was stretching and I had to,

dynamic stretching.

- Ricky are you okay?

- Yeah I'm fine--

- Okay so should we go
stop these devils guys?

(all talking)

- Before we go in, can
I cast my once a day

freedom of movement?

- Yes you absolutely--

- Oh I'll cast jump as well.

- Are we like seconds away from a battle?

Do we know that?

- Yeah you're like seconds
away from a battle right now.

- Okay.

- You guys I think, yeah.

It's very easy to see
Sofia punching a wall

like through frustration is one thing,

like Ricky, I don't know if,

I don't think like for Kingston and Pete

and the people that know Ricky,

I don't think you guys have
ever seen anything like this.

- Can we make an insight check on Ricky?

- Yes give me an insight check.

- Can I make an insight check?

I have a minus two but.

- Yeah go ahead Cody,
give me an insight check.

- Cause I realized like
everyone's not super pumped for me

which is like a little weird to me.

- Yeah, for sure.

- I got a 28 insight on Ricky.

- I got a four.

- Cody this sword is so fucking sick.

Zac, what is what is Kingston seeing

when he looks at Ricky?

- You're seeing the first real challenge

Ricky has ever faced.


This is, obviously there are
ups and downs in his life.

Mostly ups.

This is the, and not that,

he doesn't know what to do right now.

And he is surprised by his own,

he's very much trying to
put the work in with Cody

but he is feeling challenged.


- I think Kingston comes
up alongside Ricky and like

doesn't like get in his space

but it's just like, hey
let's get through this.

And then let's grab a
cup of coffee, just talk.

- Yeah yeah.

I mean, I would love, I'd
love to have a coffee.

- I pass by and I'm like,
that guy was made in a lab

to get under your skin Ricky.

We all see you and let's get through this.

- He's a great guy.

He is a great guy.

- Oh that's a hard T,
you're really enunciating.

- I pop in and I say Ricky,
he's a little piece of shit

and he doesn't deserve your sword.

- Meanwhile--

- He totally locks up.

- You guys make it to the other side

of the Holland Tunnel with JJ.

- Are we just like walking through cars?

Like, is that what's the vibe
inside the Holland Tunnel?

- I would say the vibe
inside of the Holland Tunnel

right now is you guys
walking along the sort

of catwalk there's sort of
tiled railing walk on the side.

- Got it.

- Umbral Arcana is sort of protecting you

as you guys emerge from the
tunnel on the other side,

and you're hoofing it, you see Jersey.

Kingston you can tell due to
the laws of the Port Authority

as long as you don't exit this strip

of road or go pass the toll booths

you will still be within
the bounds of New York City

but you feel this is the,

you are close to the borders
of your city right now.

Like you can see the toll booths where

the Port Authority ends.

And even now you're not,
you're also in New Jersey.

You're just in a liminal space.

You're standing on the
threshold where New York

and New Jersey intermingle.

And it's an intense feeling.

JJ looks out, Pete, as you look out

you see covering Jersey City
and roiling towards the south

along the coast of New Jersey,

you can see actually Sofia and Pete

give me perception or arcana checks.

- Yeah, that's a 23.

- Cool.

- Nat 20!

- Hell yeah.

Sofia, you immediately
solve the riddle of how

the devils got here.

You're both seeing, it's
in the nighttime sky

so it's almost impossible to notice.

There is a raw throbbing vein

miles across stretching
south of raw Umbra.

like Umbral, raw Umbra is
pulsating and connecting

New York City down to
the south with like the,

probably the Pine Barons where you know

the Jersey Devil actually
like dwells and lives.

There are other pockets of
magic all throughout the world

but there are kind of these
dead zones of no magic,

it's not always easy for
them to get to each other.

But you see like
pulsating Umbra connecting

and forming basically like a land bridge

as you hear in the distance
rumbling thunder and.

(pulsing sound)

- Is this anything like
we've ever seen before

this like vein?

- Yeah.

- No, this is fucking weird man.

This is like dream shit
getting pushed out here.

But I think for Pete with
that high arcana check,

so Sofia on that nat 20 you also can tell

so many devils are coming.

There are hundreds and hundreds of devils

- But they are all going to
have to take the Holland Tunnel.

They can't swim across?

- Correct they are not gonna
be able to swim the Hudson.

They have to take the Holland Tunnel.

You also see that through that vein you,

on a nat 20 perception, feel something.

And you see up on a billboard,

there's like a billboard that has like

an anti-smoking message on it.

And it has a sort of like blue background.

There's a gray silhouette of
an individual wearing a suit

on the billboard.

And it doesn't make sense
in the graphic design.

It's human size so it's like tiny.

You couldn't see it from the road

but you just see that there's like a patch

of gray on this billboard in the,

in the silhouette of a,

just sort of short haired
individual in a suit.

Pete, you look out and see,

raw Umbra is something
you mostly don't deal

with in Nod because Nod is
so like vibrant and alive

like raw Umbra is just like, you know

it's like fucking, the space
between interesting things.

It's, it's shadow, it's haze.

It's like nothing, you know, like.

And to see it like roiling out here means

something is pushing this
through from the other side

All of you hear

(thunder crashing)

as JJ looks at the wall and goes

there are supposed to be,

there are supposed to be runes here.

There are supposed to be runes,

and is casting some cantrips
to try to illuminate them.

You see that instead of a spell book

he's got all his spells
loaded up on a laptop

that goes to a like battery
pocket in his back pocket.

And he's like drawing
runes from his screen

and throwing them up onto the walls.

And is going, I'm not, I'm
not really like super seeing

the runes up here.

I know what they're, what
they're supposed to look like.

- I will cast Divine Sense?

Is that the, to see if
I can find anything?

And I'm also gonna put Protection
from Evil and Good on him

if I can do both of those.

- Yeah.

- I'd also like to cast Death Ward on JJ.

- JJ looks around as you guys come over,

put hands on his back and he goes

thanks that feels, that feels great.

Yeah, I can do it.

He looks, and he goes,

something's like erased the runes.

- I whisper to myself, Bazathrax,

did you, did you fucking do this?

- Do you think I, no this shit,

the shit that used to be
here was anti Infernal

I couldn't fucking touch it.

You guys hear the
approaching noise of music,

screeching cars, people
pulling donuts in gas stations.

Like you see that JJ goes
like, the runes are just gone.

They're just gone.

Look, I know how to do this.

I can do this the hard way.

I can, I can reroute it.

And he goes into his computer.

He's like, I got it.

I'm going to start now getting,

getting something back up in place okay?

- Great, JJ.

- Cool you guys have those spells on JJ,

JJ for the record is a first level wizard.

- I'm also going to put Sanctuary on JJ.

Because that's not concentration.

- Cool so he's got Sanctuary, Death Ward,

and Shield of Faith on him right now?

- No Protection from Evil and Good not--

- Oh Protection from Evil
and Good, incredible.

- Can I clarify one thing?

With my nat 20, that gray silhouette

that I saw on a billboard,
is it like in the picture

or does it feel like a
person is standing there?

- You have to walk a little bit to see

if it's part of the billboard
or a person standing there.

You walk a little bit and the image,

it doesn't click right.

It's flat, but it's not
moving like it's flat.

It's hard to describe the physics of it.

And as it does so you see
the head of the figure

turns for a moment to
look at you and is gone.

- I tell everyone, except
for Cody, what I saw.


I'm just kidding.

- Everyone's divine sense goes off.

Someone roll a 1D6 for me.

- Ally?

- I'm not place to roll.

- I got it.

I got this.

Guaranteed six, is that good?

- You guys have six rounds

before whatever's coming gets here.

(all yelling)

- Because some of your durations
are only like a minute.

So that could be bad potentially.

But so any, remember six
rounds is 36 seconds.

Guys traffic is coming
in and out of the tunnel

and you know these devils are approaching.

There's like dumpsters around,

let's actually go ahead and go,

let's go over to Roll20

and get you guys in here to
take a look at what's going on.

Cause you have six rounds to
set up before enemies are here.

Let's go take a look at the map gang.

- Okay so these cars, which side is what?

- Just like the Holland
Tunnel in real life

to the north of you is the
exit of the Holland Tunnel.

This is the entrance
of the Holland Tunnel.

So both lanes are heading
into this tunnel here.

There are these six toll booths.

Or sorry, yeah, there's a
couple of toll booths up here,

but all of the traffic is heading into it.

You also have all these dumpsters around

and and sort of everything else like that.

But the traffic is coming
in to this place here.

JJ is going to post up

like on this little railing.

- So we're on the Jersey side right now

and that's to New York is--

- Yes that's going east under
the Hudson River to New York.

- Okay.

- How about this?

I have, I can cast Disguise Self at will.

So what if I disguise
myself as a traffic cop?

- Ooh, very cool.

I can dig that.

Yeah, for sure.

- And maybe we can,

I can have you guys set up barricades.

- I was going to say that because of this,

this size I can cast darkness

which means which no one can see through.

I can cast it right before JJ.

So there could be an area

that anyone who entered would be blinded

but I can see in the dark
so I could attack them.

- Hell yeah.

Sofia, go ahead and give me double,

give me doubled up,

give me advantage arcana DC15.

- Okay.

I got it, I got it exactly at 15.

I have plus one and I got a 14.

- This is the exact one
that as the head warrior

of the monastery you would know

devils have devils sight so they--

- Ah, thank you.

- Yeah, no worries.

- Nevermind, ignore that.

- So Iga, you disguise
yourself as a traffic cop,

as a traffic cop what
is it you want to do?

- I got my, my gloves on and I'm just

like stepping out boldly
in front of this traffic.

I'm waving, I'm like whistling and waving

and just stopping the cars.

- Okay so a bunch of--

- Right that's what we,

we want to stop the traffic right?

- I think we want to
block it up with traffic

is what I think.

- Right, yeah.

- So if we could, I think
if we could block cars

in the most narrow portion
of it, that would be--

- Sure like kind of where Cody is.

- Yeah.

- I can also cast Pass without Trace on us

if we want that, just for this experience.

We might be able to get
like a stealth round

on whoever the first person
who comes through is?

- That sounds good.

- I mean, I would love to go
look for that figure with you.

- You want to do that?

- If we're really stealthy,

I think that would be pretty interesting.

- All right I'll Pass
without Trace on everyone.

Which means like Sofia Pass without Trace

is just like, no one can see us now.

And then I cast that.

- Maybe you should, oh that's only if

you're trying to be stealthy though right?

Like if I'm a traffic cop I
don't want people to not see me.

- Yeah I can not pass it on you.

- Cool Pete and Sofia are
going to use their six rounds

to jump over to this
billboard and investigate.

Awesome, Pass without Trace

shadows wrap around everybody.

Iga you're going to go direct traffic.

Sounds like Ricky saying
let's use these cars.

So are you going to commandeer
vehicles from people?

- No I just, I'm going to stop them

and maybe move some of these traffic cones

in a line in front of the traffic

and be like there's an
accident down the tunnel.

- I actually have an awesome,

I have a great move I can do here.

Cody is going to use,

I'm going to channel divinity
dreadful aspect as an action,

each creature of your choice,
you can see within 30 feet

must make a wisdom saving throw.

On a failure, the target
is frightened of you

for one minute.

If it moves more than 30 feet from you

it can attempt another saving throw.

So I think Cody, how the
hell would he do this?

I think he's just going to,

is this cool with everybody?

We're trying to start
a traffic jam, right?

- Yeah.

- It's just getting people to run away

because presumably they're
just going to be people

and they'll have low wisdom saves.

- I'm wondering if these,

New Jersey devils have cars, right?

- Oh, so you want me to wait?

- No, I don't really
have a specific thought.

Other than like maybe cars
will be barreling through.

- Cool, this is all happening super fast.

So I'm going to say to everyone

there's not too much
coordination that can happen.

People kind of just got a wile out

and do what they're going to do.

Iga, you go full traffic cop

Cody, you shout at people?

- Yeah Cody, Cody's just gonna go around

and do wheelies on his moped.

And he just has, I guess if he could do

any kind of magical Paladin thing

of like lighting his sword on fire

and just screaming and doing,
just omni slashing the air.

- Cool, Iga, toll booth
operators from up at the front

talk to you, go like,
they're like officer,

are we, are we shut down?

- No, there's just, there's
an accident down the tunnel,

we're we're cleaning it up.

Shouldn't be too long, but yeah.

Yeah shut it down.

- Go ahead and give me a deception check.

- Can I give Iga the help action?

- Yes you can.

- Thank you.

I got a 24.

Is that high enough?

- Yes it is.

- Great.

- So we have some stopped
traffic up along that area.

- I'd love to take the car
that's right next to Iga

and get to the driver and be like,

listen, I'm a former firefighter.

I need to take over your car
and commandeer their vehicle.

- DC20 persuasion.

- I'll give him the help action.

- What did I get?

Persuasion, 12, I got a 12.

- I'll use dreadful,
I'll use Dreadful Aspect.

Get the fuck out of the car.

- The person screams,
crawls out of their window

without opening the door.

All the drivers of these cars have fled.

And now there's a crunch
of traffic around you.

I'm going to say that Cody

Ricky and Iga have done
everything they can do,

Kingston, anything else from you?

- Let me go talk to JJ.

- Yes.

- I think along with Death Ward

which is not concentration,

I'm going to enhance abilities on JJ

and give him advantage
on intelligence checks

with Fox's Cunning.

- Hell yes.

You walk over, JJ is shaking there

as he's getting the spell
ready to start going.

Okay okay here we go.

- Hey JJ?

- Yes?

- You know everything you need to know.

You are prepared for this.

You are about to help a
lot of people right now.

And I just touch his shoulder.

- For a moment, the hands
of millions of other

people counting on this one young wizard

touch his shoulder as
well with reassurance.

He goes, got it, got it.

This is just applied mathematics,

that's all, let's get to work, here we go.

Amazing, last bit of the puzzle

Pete and Sofia you're
over on that billboard?

- Yes, we're stealthing over there.

- Being as like stealthy as possible,

really looking over our shoulder.

- Dope, go ahead each of
you give me either an arcana

or a perception check.

- Okay.

- Ooh baby that's a 27.

- Hell yes.

- I got a 17, perception.

- Seventeen, Sofia this place
is clean as a fucking bone.

If you didn't know better,

you'd be like there was nothing here.

Nothing has been here.

Totally, totally fine.

- Trick of the eye?

- Pete, twenty seven arcana.

You've been sleeping
well the past two weeks,

you haven't heard from Nod in weeks.

You haven't heard from the
Gray Orphan themselves.

You have not heard from
the Monarch of Dreaming.

And for a moment you see their face

in your mind's eye looking up at you,

and moving away like something
being taken out by the tide

into the deep ocean.

- Okay.

Can I cast detect thoughts
and see if we pick up

anyone's presence like
around us that we can't see?

The same feeling that
Ricky and Cody got looking

into the mist. normally
detect thoughts comes back

with yes there are thoughts here

or no, there are not thoughts here.

It comes back with N/A.

You don't get a response from the spell.

Something like static.

- Pete I there's one thing
I didn't tell you yet

because I just haven't had a chance.

In the books they talk about
Nod being a Monarch of,

you know the Gray Orphan
being a Monarch of Nod

but they don't say The Monarch.

They just say A Monarch.

- Oh.

- Thunder crashes, and you
see the red light coming

from the Jersey turnpike
heading right down

to the Holland Tunnel, lights,

you hear the smashing
of Smirnoff Ice bottles

and a horde of devils descends
on the Holland Tunnel.

- Can I move closer to JJ?

- Yeah this is your last,

this is your last chance to
get in position real quick.

- Okay where is the,

where is the billboard
in relation to this?

- The billboard is off
the map a little bit

but you and Pete have time to run back.

And I would say,

I would say start on the
edge of the map somewhere.

- These devils.

- On the edge, on the other side,

on the devils' side?

On the edge.

- So that devil that we're
seeing in front of us right now

that is a siege devil on Roll20,

salmon board shorts.

Those guys are 16 feet tall.

They are giants.

These swarm devils in the cargo shorts

are only about two feet tall.

They're holding mini like airplane bottles

of vodka and Smirnoff Ice and screaming

and chatting to each other like


- God this is so triggering.

- Yeah.

- And then you see, the
Jersey Devil himself.

A camel headed fanged
horned winged monstrosity

with multicolor shades,
a backwards pink hat

a sort of like fluorescent,

a fluorescent,

it's got a tank saying, let's get weird

and a Juul.

You see that he approaches the toll booth.

Everyone that listened to Cody,

so Cody has successfully
got all human beings,

you did the main thing to do,

which was remove human
beings from the fray.

So, so the, even the toll
booth operators have fled.

the Jersey Devil strides up
and Cody your chest burns.

Bazathrax from within your
chest speaks in a voice

that everyone can hear going like,

hey, hey dude, good to see you buddy.

You hear the Jersey Devil

(breathes heavily)

And a cloud of noxious vape
mist comes out of his mouth.

He goes, yeah dude, fucking
heard there was a good time

happening in New York this weekend my guy.

Who's your fucking friends?

These guys look like herbs huh?

What's going on?

- Why don't you smoke a real cigarette?

You fucking piece of shit.

Let me tell you something, asshole.

I grew up in Jersey City

and there's a new Jersey Devil.

- Yo let's stomp this motherfucker,

dude you're fucking dead, guy.

- You're fucking dead, dude.

- Roll initiative!

Everybody roll initiative.

- God already my favorite
fight of all time.


- Oh I rolled really poorly.

- What'd you get?
- Nat 20.

Nat 20.

- Okay there we go.

- I don't know that's that great for this?

Where we're waiting on people to attack.

- Okay.

- Brennan I have a question.

When you said on the edge of the map,

do you mean on the right
edge or the left edge?

- You and Pete are going to start

either below that yellow dumpster

or you should start up above those trees

that are forming that little median strip.

- Okay I'll go behind the yellow,

uh yeah, no, I'll go from the trees.

- Yeah, me too.

- Can I use luck points for initiative?

- Yeah you can use luck
points for initiative.

I think right?

Cause they're just an ability check.

- Attack roll, ability
check, or a saving throw

or when an attack roll
is made against you.

- Initiative is an ability check.

- Great.

- There we go.

- Brennan can I start a little closer?

I would--

- Yeah go for it, dude.

- Sweet thank you.

- Hell yeah.

- Just remembering how this all started.

- It was, we did talk
about it behind the scenes

that Cody grew up in New Jersey.

And I wasn't sure if it
was going to come up or not

but I feel like there needs to be some,

I was going to say good
Jersey representation,

but Cody is not good
Jersey representation but

better than this dude maybe?

- Incredible.

Real quick okay so Sofia,
what's your initiative?

- Eight.

- Iga?
- Nineteen.

- Cody?
- Also nineteen.

- Pete.
- Twenty one.

- Ricky.

- Oh, also twenty one
because I nat 20 plus.

- Kingston
- Twenty two.

- Hell yes.

- You guys are all hanging out

and then I'm down at eight.

- I shouldn't have used
my luck point at all.

Everything got such good initiative.

- Amazing.

- I was like 19 I'm in, I'm in the mix.

- JJ goes at the end of the round

as he's getting ready to
start casting his spell.

First in the initiative is
going to be Kingston Brown.

Kingston that is you.

- I mean, I look at JJ and be like,

hey I'm never going to be far.

If you need help, you yell.

And I'm gonna run 30 feet ahead

which is about right there.

And then I'm gonna cast a
Guiding Bolt on the Jersey Devil.

Yeah let's just do it

and we'll make it, it'll be
a second level guiding bolt

on the Jersey Devil.

- Hell yeah, what's the range on that?

- 120 feet, he's 115 feet away from me.

- Hell yes, go for it.

Let me know what you
roll on your attack roll.

- Great.

That's a nat one.

So, get the feeling doesn't hit.

- Your magic goes out

and gets a little bit too close to Jersey

and fizzles out.

- Oh, I go okay yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's why I don't go to that state.

That's why I don't go there.

- Any bonus actions from Kingston?

- No, not this turn.

- Cool, Pete that is you.

- All right I am going to,

I don't have to move so from where I'm at

I am just going to cast Erupting Earth.

I'm going to cast it as a fourth level

and I'm going to cast it over here

so that I can get as
many people as possible.

- Cool and what's the
radius on Erupting Earth?

- 20, 20 baby.

- Hell yes so that's a
20 foot radius circle.

- But that's 20--

- Cubed.
- Yeah.

- Sorry where are you casting
this on again, show me?

- 20 foot cube and I want it
to be at these turnstiles.

I'm going to try to hit both
of the second largest guys.

- The siege devils yeah, yeah, yeah.

- And then everyone behind
them for a 20 foot cube.

They're 20 feet apart from each other

so 20 feet back should be one, two

three, four, five, six, eight, eight guys.

Plus them too.

- That should work just fine.

Yeah you should be able to hit eight

of the swarm devils and
two of the siege devils.

- Incredible.


And so I am going to roll

4D12 and then they can save for half.

- That is correct.

- Does it make it difficult
terrain too or something?

- Yeah it does.

- At least one minute to clear by hand

each five foot portion of the area

takes at least one minute.

- Sweet.

- Okay.

Meant to do that.

29 damage

- 29 damage, hell yes.

- And that's with rolling a one.

- And what type of damage is that?

- Let's see dex throw, bludgeoning.

- Hell yeah.

- And now it's difficult terrain.

Each five foot is--

- Oh shit.

We're we are now going
to roll for our little

swarm devil's behind them.

The two enormous siege devils go

Bro fucking take it easy,
what's your problem.


Three of them,

it's going to be

five of them behind the toll booths

erupt in asphalt and are crushed as you

shatter them with erupting earth.

The three underneath the
toll booth managed to jump

into the toll booth and hide
but are badly injured as well.

You, by the way, see again,
this is the vanguard.

All of the rows stretching behind them

is hundreds and hundreds more devils.

Just like these ones in an
ever, never ending onslaught.

That is Pete's turn, Ricky that's you.

- Gosh there's hundreds behind them?

- Uh huh, you see giant
hulking siege devils.

These swarming devils
that starts to scream

with wicked infernal
glee as they approach.

- I don't want to be too far away from JJ,

but Kingston do you feel
like you have him for now?

- Hell yeah Ricky go get'em.

- Okay Ricky's going to use Ox's movement

and get forward to near,

near his best friend Cody.

Gosh, actually, you know what?

I might delay my turn just
because looking at this.

Cause I don't know if I can,

if I get there in time

then I'll just be killed
by 30 devils I feel like.

- Do you have any way to lower somebody's

like saving throw thing?

Like curse them in any way?

- I don't think I do.

- Okay.

- I'm just going to actually hold my turn

cause I'm not sure what I could do yet.

- Okay cool you hold,

you're just like holding the line.

Iga that's you.

- Fantastic I'm going
to use as a bonus action

I'm going to activate my
elemental gift so that I can fly.

And I'm just going to fly
up to this cab right here.

- Dope.

- And then I am going
to cast Synaptic Static

which is a 20 foot radius
so a 40 foot diameter

which I think gets everyone,
all of these devils.

- Synaptic static, hell yes.

- It's a 20 foot radius sphere.

So it might miss these two outlying guys

but I think it gets everybody else.

- Whoa.

- Where Pete just did his
thing, cool, right there yeah.

- So that like it's 20 feet

in this direction and 20
feet in this direction.

- But you want to,

you want to catch the Jersey
Devil in that as well?

- Yes I absolutely want
to catch the Jersey Devil.

- Okay, amazing.

What's the save for Synaptic Static?

- It is an intelligence saving
throw and I have a DC17.

- Hell yeah.

And it's a save for half, correct?

- It's the save for half and if they,

if they fail a target has
muddled thoughts for one minute.

During this time it rolls a D6

and subtracts that number rolled for all

of its attack rolls and
ability checks as well

as its constitution saving
throws to maintain concentration.

And then it can make a save at the end

of each of its turns to end the effect.

- The three that survived
Pete's Erupting Earth,

the swarm devils are utterly destroyed

and go ahead and roll
damage for the larger ones

and the Jersey Devil.

- Twenty one, twenty seven damage each.

- Twenty seven damage each, Jesus Christ.

What does that spell look
like as Iga's casting it?

- I think it looks like almost like

nineties science fiction
effects lightning.

So it's all like green
like buzzy weird lightning

that's frizzy around the edges.

- Incredible, and you
said 27 damage right?

- Yes 27 damage and then if
they fail, they take that.

- You see that the northern most one,

the one sort of behind the
taxi cab near the toll booths

is affected and gets, it
does get that minus six.

- Great.

- And then the Jersey Devil
has to make the save of course.

Amazing, let's see here,
Jersey Devil is strong.

Nat 20 on the save for the Jersey Devil.

- Dang.

- Terrible.

But that is still,

that is still not
inconsiderable amount of damage.

It becomes 13 damage to the Jersey Devil.

That moves from Iga's turn
and is now going to be Cody.

- Hell yeah.

I take the moped, drive up
45 feet to the Jersey Devil,

give the Jersey Devil the
finger, fuck you dude,

and shoved my finger like into his face.

And I'm going to cast Bestow Curse.

- With a middle finger.

- With a middle finger.

You touch a creature that
creature must succeed

on a wisdom saving throw or become cursed

for the duration of the spell.

I get to choose the nature of the curse,

I'm choosing while cursed
the target must make

a wisdom saving throw at the
start of each of its turns.

If it fails it wastes its action,

in that turn it does nothing.

So this is a big wisdom saving throw.

I hope it fails, DC16.

- The DC is 16?

The Jersey, the Jersey Devil needs a nine

or higher and rolls with advantage.

So we're going to roll twice.

I'm going to roll,

I'm going to roll box of doom style

because this is pretty huge.

So you need, you need
an eight or lower twice.

Here comes 2D20.

- Fuck.

- My heart races when you do this.

- Terrible.

- Cause it's not even Brennan's reaction

we get like straight.

- Cool, very cool stuff.

Cody just goes fuck.

And I guess is going to keep driving

so that he's not right in
front of the Jersey Devil.

And so people have to move to get to him.

So Cody is then going to
take, actually fuck it.

He's going to the,

the moped has warhorse stats.

So can I do a trampling charge at it

and try to run it over with my moped?

- Yeah, go for it.

- Great.

- Go ahead and make an attack roll.

- If the, if the moped moves
at least 20 feet straight

toward a creature and then hits
it with its hooves' attack,

its tire attack.

That's a fucking nine.

I'm just going to drive away.

- You have a, Cody does
have a questing blade.

- Would have been fucking
cool if my spell worked.

And I guess I'll take the attack

of opportunity if I have
to, to move back again.

Cause what did I take?

45 feet of movement.

I'll move another 15 feet away.

- Go ahead and give me a
constitution saving throw.

- No.

- Please age 20 years,
please age 20 years.

- No, no more.

Yeah, sure.

You got it.

It's fine.

This is all good.

- What are we looking at Cody?

- This is fine.

That's a 23.

- Oh, okay.

- You, so you go, you moped up,

flip the Jersey Devil off
and turn to go, to turn back.

As the Jersey Devil is like
pulls the Juul off his lip

and you take 10 points of poison damage

and then 17 points of slashing,
sorry of bludgeoning damage

as the Jersey Devil punches
you with a poison fist

in the back of the head
as you try to moped away.

Fuck you, watch out for the
sucker punch motherfucker.

- Fuck you.

- Got your ass.

- Cody what are you at?
- Fifty six.

- But you do moped away.


- It doesn't mean, I don't know.

I literally have all the
same stuff as you guys.

I don't know why,

I dunno why I suck so much ass.

- Oh my God.

And is that, is that where
you're ending your turn Cody?

- Yeah I only have 15 more feet.

- Your little fucking Dutch bike.

- It's a fucking moped.

- My man's steed.

- I think I call it a moped and it's just

like a bike with a motor on it.

- Those ones that just
give you a little help

when you're going uphill?

- Yeah it just gives you
help when you're going up.

- Incredible.

- You don't even have to
pedal when you're going up,

it's only when you're going up super high

that you have to pedal.

If you're on like flat
you can just let that--

- You just never peddle that thing.

- Okay.

You don't have anything
bumping your AC do you Cody?

- No.

- Okay.

Poor Cody.

- Get the fuck out of here.

- Cody You take three poison
damage and 11 slashing damage.

As the Jersey Devil says, bros, bros

get this fucking guy.

He tried to fucking flip me off.

And you see this one goes

You got it boss!

Little cargo shorts, and leap up onto you

and begin to slash and
attack you from all sides.


After that, these siege
devils are going to go.

- No.


- Can I, can I go now?

- Oh but if you want to,

yeah you see the siege
devils point at Cody.

Ricky, you may absolutely go now.

- Okay I want to drive.

I mean, not drive, ride Ox up to this cab.

The one that's like here.

So Ox is going to get there.

And then this is just an
abandoned cab that's on?

- Yep yep yep.

- I want to hop in it and reverse over

the little demons next to Cody.

- Incredible.

Go ahead, so object interaction
to get into the cab.

I'm going to say make a,

make a dexterity based attack roll

for the first swarm demon.

You, if you miss by more than five,

something bad happens.

- Oh my god.

Nineteen, I rolled a 19 plus one so 20

if that's just my dex.

- Go ahead and roll 4D6 plus five damage.

- Okay.

Ooh, good rolls.

I got 20 on the, the D6 plus five?

- 20 on the D6, so 25?

- Yes.
- Amazing.

Go ahead and make another attack roll

if you'd be so kind.

- Okay dex based attack roll?

- Dex based attack roll.

- Ooh that is a nat one and
I'm gonna use a luck point.

- Burning through our luck points okay.

- That would only be a 10.

- A 10, okay.

A 10 is not going to get the job done

so you don't get both, but Ricky

you back the cab up and
crush the swarm devil

on the other side of, the
one directly above Cody.

You'd like throw it into reverse,

Ox is in the passenger seat.

Ox uses his mouth to buckle
himself in safety first.

- Thanks Ox.

- Fucking hell yeah dude.

We're like the Rock and Vin Diesel.

- I just don't respond.

- Yeah you back up and crush,

crush that first one.

Boom gone.


However, now these two siege
devils are going to go.

This one gets the minus six to everything.

Boom, boom, boom.

Up here has 10 feet of reach.

This dude going through here.

10 feet of reach.

- That's good to know that
they have 10 feet of reach.

- Yeah this is going to suck.

- You suck then.

Oh, this looks awful.

- I know, I know.

- Ricky, I'm going to need you to make,

god what am I going to
need you to make here?

I'm going to need you to make
a dexterity savings throw.

Trying to beat a DC 18

- Natural 20.

- Hell yes.

- Yes.

- Okay so that's only going to be.

- Hold on.

- It's so hard to share it.

- Ricky you are going to take

4D12 plus also make, you're
gonna need a dex save for Ox,

no actually on a nat 20
Ox is going to be okay.

You see, but that's going to be

eight 15, 18, 28, 34, 38,

43 damage halved to

43 halved to 21 points

of damage to Ricky and 21 points,

and I'm going to say on that
20 no damage to Ox here.

The siege devil goes


and picks up the cab and hurls
the cab 40 feet in the air

because Ox is buckled he's okay

but you take 21 points of damage.

- I can't believe I didn't buckle up.

- Hey, you were too busy
trying to save a friend.

- What direction am I hurled?

- You are going to be hurled,

you're hurled all the way over here.

So let me, I'll show you where you land.

You're there in a smashed cab.

Boom, whips you away.

And that one is still gonna take

some more swings after that.

Ooh, terrible, misses Cody horrendously,

and doesn't have reach
with the next attack.

So it's done.
- Great.

- This dude over here is going
to take a swing at Cody once.

That's going to be a hit
and that's a hit as well.

Both of those fists, that's going to be,

Cody you take 12 points
of bludgeoning damage

and then 16 points of bludgeoning damage

with two mighty fist, boom, boom.

- Jesus, Cody's hurt.

- Okay more devils coming through.

These devils all rolled
very similar initiatives,

which is not ideal but
what are you gonna do?

Okay let's see.

- Cody you're at 14?

- Yes.

- These guys here are--

- Oh man.

- Oh fuck.

- This guy's going to take
his full movement to close,

and this guy is going to
make it here to close as well

or not to close with it, Cody--

- Were these happening
roughly at the same time

or am I out of range at this point?

- These guys, these are
all happening roughly

around the same time.

- Could I use my reaction
to take the 16 points

with Aura of Guardian from Cody?

Cause I can, I can take,
Aura of Guardian is when

a creature within 10
feet of you takes damage

you can use your reaction and magically

take the damage instead.

- Go for it, I will let you
take that damage, absolutely.

- Well, it doesn't say per attack though.

When a creature within 10
feet of you takes damage

you can use your reaction to
magically take that damage.

Could I just take both of those hits?

You can take both of those hits from Cody

if you would like to.

- How much was that?

- Sixteen and twelve I think.
- Twenty eight.

- Wow.

- I'm so mad.

- You sure you want to do that?

You don't have to,

you don't have to do that.

- It's fine I wanted to do that.

I like to help people, that's my thing.

My thing is to help people.

- Ricky what are you at?

- I'm at 55

- Jesus you have so much HP.

- I'm going to need a con save from,

from Cody.

- Eleven.

- Okay.

Oh no, oh no.

Cody, you see the Jersey
Devil looks right at you.

Eight, three is 11.

Another eight is 19.

29 plus 30 is 59 points
of necrotic damage.

- Super down.

- This is a Finger of Death spell.

You send negative energy
coursing through a creature

that you see within range
causing searing pain,

a humanoid killed by the
spell rises at the start

of your next turn as a
zombie that is permanently

under your command, following your orders

to the best of its ability.

- Fuck.

- Shit.

- Oh, okay wait it rises--

- Wait I wasn't killed through right?

- Huh?

- I wasn't killed, I was knocked out.

- You were knocked out.

A humanoid killed, I'm trying to see,

yeah let me, let me double
check the wording of the spell.

- I'm pretty sure I'm still alive.

- Wouldn't killed be being knocked out?

- Well, it didn't,

it didn't do more than double your, no.

- No I was at like negative 15.

- What did it roll for that attack?

- It didn't roll anything.

This is just a save.

So you see, as you
speed away on your moped

you can feel Ricky taking the damage.

The Jersey Devil goes, dude
you could have fucking come

and partied with us.

Instead you gotta be a
fucking asshole about it?

I see how it is bro.

And mist pours out of his
mouth from his infernal Juul.

You cough splutter and
you see Bazathrax goes

dude I'm so fucking sorry
this guy's very powerful

and you drop to zero.

That's the Jersey Devil.

This guy is going to go.

This dude is going to start charging.

Yeah, this dude charges the truck

and boom, boom boom is going
to knock it out of the way

and attempt to crush Ricky with it.

- Jesus.

- Gonna make an attack roll here,

his dex is not as good as his strength.

He's gotta roll, a 12
or higher to hit Ricky,

either way he's moving the
truck out of the fucking way.

We'll do box of Doom,
see if he gets Ricky.

Natural two, the truck sails past you

and lands in between Ricky
and Sofia, still in hiding.

But these siege devils
are going to clear the way

for their swarm devil buddies.

Incredible, Sofia that's your turn.

- Okay, okay.

Should, I'm wondering if
I should go retrieve Cody?

Cause I don't want him
taking any more hits.

I think that I'm going to move
a little bit forward here.

So move basically 15 feet
so that then I can teleport

to right on this truck
right here and attack.

And then I think if I
wanted to carry Ricky

and run away would that be like an action?

Oh, sorry if I wanted to carry Cody,

if I wanted to pick up Cody

would that be an object
interaction or would I need--

- It is an object
interaction at the moment.

- So I can use my attack action.

Then hop down, pick up
Cody and then just take

a bunch of opportunity
attacks as I run away?

- Basically yeah, absolutely.

- Okay so I'm going to, from here

I'm going to attack this
siege devil right here.

- You leap to the top and
you're at perfect eye level

with this hulking giant
on top of the truck.

- That is a 16 to hit.

- 16 does not hit.

- Okay I'm just going to
try to attack him again.

Does a dirty 20 hit?

- Dirty 20 hits.

- Okay so I only hit him for six

but I will try to stunning strike him.

- Hell yes.

- Guy's got a beefy con save, but

does make the con save there.

- Okay he does make the con save okay

well I did six damage to
him and then I'm going to--

- Can, can I bend luck on that

and take away from his con save?

- What do you roll, what
do you roll on bend luck?

- A D4.

- Cool, this dude, you have to get a three

or higher on the D4 to do bend luck here.

- Box of Doom?

- Box of Doom?

Yeah, go ahead and roll it on Roll20.

- On no.

- Still makes the save.

- But I'm still going to,
since I have jump cast on me

I am going to jump over all these guys.

So hopefully the sheer
leap would mean that I

wouldn't take any opportunity
attacks until I shoulder Cody.

And then I think I would have
20 feet of movement left.

- Because they're a 10 foot reach anyway

so you wouldn't take
an opportunity attack.

- Until you leave exactly, cool.

You rush with Cody on out of there.

- Okay so yeah, I grab
Cody and I move over here.

- Cool Cody's moped is left behind.

- Fuck.

- You're going to get,

you're actually only going to get a swing

from that one siege devil.

An eight let's, I don't
think that'll even do it.

Four plus 10 is 14.


- All right we traded misses.

- After Sofia this last siege devil down

at the bottom is going to start going,

charge here to this car.

Boom, boom, boom,

and flings this car over the side

spinning it wildly out of control.

After that siege devil.

- So we need these cars to like stay

where they are don't we?

- I mean ideally, but it just feels like

they just tossed them like, you know,

like they weigh nothing.

- Yeah like we need to stop them.

- Yeah if we could stop the
siege devils, it could be good.

- All of the remaining active swarm devils

take a double move and
move 80 feet forward.

- Fuck.

- Nightmarish.

- Incredible and at the end of that round

JJ is going to make an intelligence check.

He gets a plus eight to this role--

- And advantage.

- And advantage because of Fox's Cunning.

Making an arcana check first round.

He only needs to hit a 15.

He's gonna roll 2D20.

We'll roll it in front of the board.

So for this one he, all
he's going to need is

plus eight is just gonna
need a seven or higher

on one of these two roles.



You guys look over at the
mouth of the Holland Tunnel

and watch as the watch a runic circle

of glowing golden light.

Kingston you see, he is like harnessing,

like waking world magic going like

as this rune appears
glowing in front of you--

- Atta boy JJ, atta boy,
let's keep it moving!

- We are back to the top
of the initiative order

with Kingston Brown.

- I yell over to Ricky,

Ricky, can you help Cody?

Great that's a pretty good answer,

I'm going to move.

I'm gonna move 10 feet up

or I'll move like a full 15 up.

Fifteen feet up and that
should put me within 60 feet of

yep 50 feet away from Cody

and I'll cast healing
word at a third level.

Yeah let's do it.


Oh, it's gonna be four,

three, one.

So eight plus, eight plus five,

13 hit points back up for Cody.

- Thank you.

- And then can I also cast a cantrip?

- Yes you can cast an action
cantrip if you need to.

- Great and then I'll throw
a Sacred Flame at the,

the little, the little demon next to

Madam Anastasia.

- Hell yeah.

And does that, he's making a save right?

A dexterity saving throw, 17.

- He fails.

- Yee haw, okay.

He takes, that's going to
be 15 points of damage.

You obliterate him with
a street lamp light

from the City of New York.

You incinerate that swarm devil.

No more baby.

- Great and then I'll honestly,

I'm gonna move back 15 feet,

so that I'm never, not
so far away from JJ.

- Cool.

- Cool that's my turn.

- Hell yeah.

By the way, I'm going to need some,

some concentration checks from Ricky

for those concentration
spells that you took.

- Okay you're right I'm sorry.

I don't remember what I--

- Second one's going to be
a DC 16 I'm pretty sure.

And the first one, the first
one I think is just a DC 10.

- 15 and then a 22.

- Okay so that second one was the DC 16.

You pass both you hold,
you maintain concentration.

Awesome Pete, that is you.

- Okay I am going to try
to get these three demons

in front of me.

- Cool.

- And maybe one more?

I don't know they're
all looking like they're

about 30-35 feet away from each other.

Can I try in a big circle
to get two on the outside?

- Yeah what spell are you casting?

- Oh, I'm going to be
casting a Fireball spell

but burning a sorcery
point to make it careful

and make sure I don't hit
Iga or what's his name.

- Misiek.

Give me, give me a DC 15
Arcana check real quick.

- Oh right fire.

- Yep.

- Okay all right thank you.

- No worries.

- Thank you, okay I'm going to take

a full dash action to JJ.

I can get there I believe, does that work?

- Yeah you're just going
to take a double move?

- Going to take a double move

and then I'm going to burn
two sorcery points actually

for Quicken spell.

- For Quicken spell, hell yeah.

Yeah you do take five
points of falling damage

cause you're leaping down
to the bottom of the tunnel

from the ridge there.

- Yeah, worth it.

Honey I'll do it.

And then I'm going to cast
Greater Invisibility on him.

- Oh my god.

- Wow.

- Is that concentration,
Greater Invisibility or no?

- It is.

- Cool and you didn't have
anything else active right?

- No the difficult terrain one doesn't

Erupting Earth doesn't,
isn't a concentration.

- Dope as hell.

Amazing JJ looks around the Vox Phantasma,

the Vox Populi, champion of New York

the chosen one of the
Order of the Concrete Fist,

everyone has active magic
on this dude right now.

And you see it as he goes invisible.

He said, good, good.

This is, this is support.

This is what support feels like.

- He has Pass without a Trace
and Greater Invisibility

and Death Ward--

- And Sanctuary.

And Protection from Evil and Good.

- Amazing, Ricky, that's your turn.

- Cody, how's Cody looking?

- I'm fucked up just don't,
Cody looks at the ground,

just don't even fucking
worry about me man.

- Okay.

- I fucked up, just fucking,

just fucking make sure they
don't fucking get in dude.

- I'm going to move to this
siege devil right here with Ox.

I'm just going to take,
pull out my peasants sword

and say well, you know, I
wasn't planning on fighting

until I felt like a weapon found me

and I guess this is that weapon.

So it's awesome and
I'll take two attacks--

- It's it's a pretty good sword, Rick.

- I don't look at Cody.


So I'll take a first attack at that guy.

Oh, you know what?

Since we were close enough,
actually Ox is gonna go first

and use his attacks just to hopefully

cause he gets pack tactics.

- Hell yeah go for it.

- Oh, I mean, I guess if it's a,

is it, it's not 20 from there to here

it's not 20 feet, he
couldn't charge him could he?

- He could run away and then run back?

- Yeah.

- Does he get, does he get
a special charge thing?

Oh yes, yes, yes, that target must,

yeah, absolutely you can
have him do a charge.

- We'll do a charge.

And I feel like this
guy's probably gonna not

be knocked down by a
Dalmatian, the siege devil--

- Be so cool if he was though.

- He succeeds on, he
does succeed on his save.

- Okay.

- David and Goli-woof?


- Oh I actually, I have to make an attack

roll on the charge.

So I'll just make that roll.

- Go for it yes, yes, yes.

- Okay that's a, what
does he add to his hit?

I rolled a 19.

- Nineteen hits.

- Yeah okay he's not knocked over.

So that was the charge.

So that's, that's his turn, nevermind.

- No he also makes a bite
attack as part of that.

So you can have him roll his bite attack.

- All right so he'll roll his bite attack.

- And he has, yeah, he has
advantage on these as well.

- Oh, then I'll roll.

Cause he's, cause of pack tactics.

- Oh right right.

Five plus four.

- Nine points of damage hell yeah.

- Did we establish that his
bites are radiant damage?

- Yes so it bypasses the,

yeah his bites are radiant damage.

So the siege devil, as the
Ox bites into his giant,

like hoof or like his giant clawed ankle

and then Ricky, that's you baby.

- Okay now it's Ricky's turn.

Ricky, I'm not an angry
person, but you know

this thing is, it's time
for it to get out of here.

First attack is only a 12 to hit.

- Twelve does not hit.

- And I will not use a luck point

because I feel like I'll need them later.

Second attack is only a 16.

- Sixteen is a miss as well.

- Okay I think Ricky is so mad
that he's just swinging wild.

- He goes hey dude look at this guy,

look at this fucking guy
trying to hit me dude.

Hey, what's your problem, man?

Nice fucking sweat pants.

You know it's Friday night, right?

- What are you wearing?

What kind of, do you even have pants on?

- Dude I got my fucking pink,

I got my salmon board shorts, dude.

It's peacocking let the ladies know.

- Okay well I really don't know

if I can have a conversation with you.

- Tell him to fuck off
Ricky, tell him to fuck off.

- I'm not going to tell him that, Cody--

- Get the fuck away from Ricky, dude.

- That's going to be Iga, that's you?

- I think I'm gonna fly up to

just this railing up here.

- Cool.

- And I'm going to just Eldritch Blast

these little wieners, yeah.

- Get those wieners.

(all speaking)

- Oh my god all the little charms on JJ.

- JJ's decked out dude.

- You can't even see him, he's just under

all these Mardi Gras beads.

- So the first one is the 25 to hit.

- 25 to hit, that is a hit for sure.

- 11 force damage and
four bludgeoning damage.

On this first guy closest to me.

- Both of that magical, correct?

- Yes.

- Oh, that's 15 damage total?

- Yes.

- Iced, blasted away
with an Eldritch Blast.

- Okay for the next
guy that's a 24 to hit.

- That hits.

- And that is also 15.

- Next one is gone, toast.

- Nice.

- Sick.

Oh, by the way, when she flies

it does look like wires
are picking her up.

She's got a full wired rig
underneath her clothes.

- I want to see whatever
bad movie she came out of.

- That's going to be okay.

- No, no.

- Whatever it is, no.

- Anytime Brennan gets quiet
it means he's being thoughtful.

Which means he's going to do bad things.

- Didn't I have the same
initiative that Siobhan did.

- You did so Cody goes now, sorry yes.

Cody, you are next up.

- Okay Cody is in over his head.

- Trying not to get killed.

- I wipe my nose of blood and
turned to Sofia embarrassed

and go fuck thanks, uh thanks.

- You owe Kingston a
little thank you as well.

- Thanks Kingston.

Thank you, Ricky, fuck.

This one has like a minus thing.

They have something
wrong with them, right?

- They have to take 1D6 away
from all of their rolls.

- Yeah.
- Nice.

Okay I know

this is killing me as a
Paladin to not just swing.

I guess first off I'll
look down at my sword

and be like, are you anything other than

just like a cool-ass sword?

Or do you like fucking do like weird shit

that could help right now?

- I can become as rad
as you wish me to be.

We must talk you and I about
what it is you wish to do.

I am the questing blade.

Whatever your journey,
I am here to aid you.

- I want to get these devils
like the fuck outta here.

Do you have like a,

like a, like a way to just
like give them the finger

and they just like fucking run?

- Not at the moment, but
you could enchant me later

to have that power.

- Fuck!

- I guess all I would say is
just like, just like value me.

Just like treasure me, you know?

- Ricky is like hearing this
conversation from behind.

- I'm going to hang you on my
wall, dude just fucking wait.

All right, fine.

I put the sword back and I'm going to cast

on the one that has the
subtraction from the rolls.

I'm going to cast Crown of
Madness to attempt to charm it

so it has to attack other creatures.

- Oh yes there we go Cody, there we go.

- And this is a wisdom--

- I am the true Jersey Devil.

- Again not about you though.

- This is a wisdom saving throw correct?

- Yes.

- Okay your DC is 16.

This guy gets a plus seven which means--

- What to wisdom?

- To wisdom, that's correct.

- This dude is throwing cars?

- But I'm going to say this,

plus seven but we're going to roll a D6.

I'll roll box of doom.

Let's see how much is subtracted.


So this is so six, so that means seven.

He's gonna need a what's that?

Oh Jesus.

He needs a 15 or higher to beat this.

Rolling in the box of doom.


Natural one baby.

- Yes!

- You see he goes, dude, you're
the fucking Jersey Devil?

The siege devil next to him says,

bro, he's not the fucking Jersey Devil.

Wake the fuck up dude.

And he says, oh don't
fucking talk to me like that.

Go fuck yourself, bro,
you want to fucking go?

And who would you like
this dude to attack?

- Yes.

- I would like him to let's see.

Does he have enough movement to get

to the guy going after Ricky?

- Yes he does.

- Let's do that.

- Incredible.

It's on his initiative, he will act

and his initiative is
coming very, very soon.

Shut the fuck up, let
me fucking think bro.

- Okay and then I also have

so my presumably my moped
works like fine steed.

So it's like magical
and can move without me?

- Yes, absolutely.

- Sweet can I hop on my moped?

And I'm going to go ahead and can I do

so it can get 60 feet.

I would like to do a trampling
charge on this guy up here.

- There we go Cody.

- Hell yeah, go ahead
and make your attack--

- You did all the way back around.

- Sweet I want to use my
movement to hop on my moped

and then try to slam into this dude.

- Cool go ahead and make
your, make your attack roll.

- Fuck, nine.

- Nine, does not hit I am afraid,

but you close with those
other devils for sure.

After you, you guys see
more devils charging

in from the turnpike are appearing.

Bam a group appears and is going to charge

immediately towards Sofia.

- That's good, I could
take a little damage.

- Are they in that difficult
terrain or do they--

- They are bypassing
that difficult terrain.

So these guys go to surround Sofia

that's going to be the siege devils.

So this dude is going to
boom, boom, boom, rush here.

Charge his buddy, I'm going to say Murph

go ahead and make these roles for me.

I'll say you're adding plus
10 to all of these roles.

Let me know what you hit.

You're gonna make,
you're gonna make three.

You're going to make actually
just making one attack.

You're just making the gore attack.

- Yeah, I think it's just the one.

I think it doesn't take it yeah.

- Yeah cool.

- Must use this action
move to make a melee attack

against I guess a creature.

- It would also be minus the D6 still.

- But I got a 17.

- You got a 17 to hit, you do not hit.

So the other guy puts his arm up and--

- Or I got his, oh sorry.

I wasn't adding his
bonus, I got a natural 17.

- Oh you got a 27.

So even with a minus six, he rushes up,

dude, these guys charging
is no fucking joke.

I'm going to need you
to roll 7D10 plus seven.

- Oh my god.

- Whoa.

- Should I just do it in
front of the table here?

- Hell yeah go for it.

- And you can add you can
add the plus seven there

to let us know what you get.

I'm going to roll a saving throw as well.

Cool he does not, no wait a minute.

Ooh 40 damage.

Not only does he do 40 damage,

he knocks this dude fully prone.

He goes, runs up and he says,

stop fucking around with me bro.

I got my magic on me.

And boom this other giant goes sprawling.

This dude is going to charge for Ricky.

This is a bit, Ricky your
armor is your armor class

is 21, correct?

- That's correct.

- This dude is going to,

but you already know
these guys get a plus 10.

This guy rolls in 11 or higher
it's bad news for Ricky.


- Bend luck, D4?

- You couldn't--
- Eleven or higher.

- Yeah, you couldn't possibly.

- Oh, right, right gotcha.

- You could use a luck point on--

- Could I use a luck point on his attack?

- Yes.

- Yeah I guess I should.

I'm going to do that.

- Let's see, and I'm
going to ask this time

or do you want to bend luck
on whatever this roll is Pete?

I want to ask you ahead of time

before I announced what the roll is.

- Oh because, oh cause I
can do it after it's rolled

but before I hear the effect
or something like that?

- Okay gotcha yes yes yes.

Yeah, no, let's do it here we go.

So using the luck point,
that is a natural five.

- Okay, good.

- So boom, boom, boom.

Ricky, you hold this peasant sword aloft

hold up a shield of light.

And this demon stops just short
of impaling you on his horn.

- Oh, I'm just lucky I guess.

- Incredible, more swarm
devils are appearing

at all times baby.

- Why is the Jersey devil
staying there, right?

- I think we got to take him out.

- I think we have to go after him right?

- I mean, these people have plus 10.

It's got, maybe it's some sort of like

he's giving them something.

Or maybe it's just natural.

- I'm like wondering if like
he's the reason that they're--

- I mean they're following his lead.

He is the Jersey Devil, you know?

I think he's like commanding them.

- Yeah that's what I'm thinking.

- Or like commanding his troops.

Not like magically come in.

- Yeah but I'm wondering
if we get him if they stop?

- Yeah I was wondering if
this is like a tower defense

like we're just trying to save JJ.

Or if this is cut off the
head of the serpent here.

- It could be a bit of both, you know.

- Two more swarms of swarm
devils show up charging forward,

yeah yeah boss, get them, get them!

And you see the Jersey Devil does look

like he's kind of enjoying
hanging back vaping.

He's like, come on, dude.

I know a fucking spot.

We're gonna head down
to the lower East Side.

There's a buddy of mine, who
fucking knows this great place.

We're going to in piss in
everything, shit everywhere.

Put fire on everything.

Kick a bunch of ass,
fucking torch the spot.

And get fucking wasted dude.

I'm going to need dexterity saving throws

from Ricky, Ox, Sofia, and Cody.

- Can I ask who's doing--

- The Jersey Devil is
casting a spell right now.

- Counter spell.

- You're within 60 feet?

- Fuck I'm not, 80 feet.

- I'm going to counter spell.

- You have counter spell?

- Yeah.
- God.

- Holy shit.

- God, I got a nat one on my save

so please fucking counter spell.

- Oath of Redemption has Counter Spell.

- Oh my god okay this
is a high level spell.

This is a sixth level spell.

So Ricky, you need to roll,

god, incredible, ten so it's a DC 16.

You're adding plus four.

You need to roll a 12 or
higher to counter this spell.

- Okay.

Natural twenty.


- We can't see it, we can't see it.

- It never works, it never works.

- Give me one second.

- Amazing, oh my fucking god.

- That was, I rolled a nat one on my save.

Just so you know, I would
have been so fucked.

- Dude a fucking--

- I rolled a nat five, I
would have been fucked.

- That was a, that was
10D8 lightening damage

coming your way.

That was a chain lightening spell.

You said he goes dudes,

why do we got these douchebags coming here

and fucking bothering us.

We're just try to have a good time, bro.

I want to take a piss in
that moped's gas tank.

Come on, man give me a break.

- You fucking try dude.

- You see Ricky, he sucks in the Juul,

summons lightening into
his hand, goes to hurl it,

what does Ricky do?

- You know what?

I'm not a mean guy by any means

but I'm going to tell you
right now, knock it off.


Cut it out.

Cut it out.

- You see the lightning,
he like swallows it

as it goes back down his gullet.

As again, your pure sense of
responsibility to the people

of this city protects the
you and your companions

from this lightening.

That is amazing.

This Jersey Devil is
powerful but he does not

have legendary actions.

You shut down an entire
turn from the Jersey Devil

Jesus Christ dude.

- I've never hit, I feel
like I don't hit nat twenties

when I need to hit nat twenties
and this season I have.

- My god.
- It feels good.

- Oath of redemption indeed.

- Okay we got some attacks incoming

from this siege devil
who stands up from prone.

And is going to go for Ricky.

Ooh baby okay.

Two of those hit, I'm going to need

a strength saving throw from Ricky.

- Eighteen?

- Eighteen okay 18 passes.

You are, you hit by this
thing and not knocked prone,

which is incredible.

But you are still going
to take some damage.

It's going to be 2D8,

4D10 plus 14,

for 11, 14, 23, 31.

Ricky takes 45 points of damage.

- Okay I am at 10 hit points.

- He goes boom boom,
fucking lay it off man.

- Sofia, that's your turn.

- Okay since I have jump on me, can I

so I'm 40 feet away from the Jersey Devil.

I'm starting to think we need to really

do something about him.

Can if I jump to him would that mean

that I only take opportunity
attacks from these four?

Who are surrounding me?

- You would only take opportunity--

- So I'm like jumping into the air

and then landing on the Jersey Devil.

So I would take it from,
I'm assuming these four

that are around me, but--

- And the one, and the one siege
devil has reach to hit you.

So you would get some swings

from the swarm devils around you.

You could bonus action disengage.

- I don't want to,

I'm going to take the opportunity attacks.

- Okay.

- She wants the damage.

She wants the damage.

- But I mean it, to a certain extent.

- Sofia from the swarm devils,

you take nine points of slashing

and eight points of poison.

And the siege devil
misses you with his swing.

- Okay, cool.

And then I land on the Jersey Devil

that's I haven't used,
that's just my action.

And I'm just going to start attacking him.

- Holy shit great.

- First attack is going to be a dirty 20.

- Dirty 20.

He throws shield up as a reaction.

Dirty 20 does not hit.

- Okay I gotta keep trying.

Second attack is going to be a 23.

- 23 exactly hits.

- Okay Awesome.

I hit him for only six

but I'm gonna do a Ki
point to Stunning Strike.

- Okay hold on one second.

This does not qualify as magic

so he does not have advantage against it.

You said six points of damage, right?

- Yes six points of damage.

And then I'm going to try
and stunning strike him.

- Okay that's a constitution.

Is that constitution I believe, yes.

- Yeah constitution.

- Constitution he does not have advantage.

And he only has a plus two.

- It's a DC15.

- Okay we're going to roll.

He needs a 13 or higher to get this done.

Nat twenty, brutal.

- Okay that's fine, I'm
gonna flurry of blows.

To try to hit him again.

Definitely hits it's a 24.

- Yep.

- I'm only going to hit him for seven

but I'm going to try and
stunning strike him again.

- Hell yes.

You're, he's looking okay.

This guy looks like he's
a big sink of hit points.

- I know.

- But the stunning will
fuck him up for sure.

Here comes his next role, 13 or higher?

- Seventeen.

- Okay that's fine.

I'm going to try to hit one more time.

Cause I have one more Flurry of Blows.

It is also going, oh that's 29.

Okay and then I'm going to hit him again

for another nine but I'm going to try

and Stunning Strike him one more time.

- You can see, you guys can
see the Ki radiating off

of Sofia just bam bam bam,

this Jersey Devil's like,
whoa dude this fucking chick,

wait dude you're from
Staten Island, right?

- Yes.

- Dude I can always tell,
people always mix us up

but you can always tell,
what are you doing later?

- No one thinks I'm from Jersey.


Never once.

- 13 or higher, third saving throw.


- As you say, as Sofia says,

no one has ever thought I'm from Jersey,

she leaps up full
corkscrew, roundhouse, boom.

And he stumbles on his
ass, holding his head

wobbling in the fucking air, incredible!

This dude goes after Sofia.

He is going to rush towards his boss,

goes, boom boom makes an attack.

Flings this semi out of the way.

- Jesus.

- Boom makes it here.

And it's going to hurl that car at Sofia.

And I'll roll this in
front of the board too,

Sofia is at 19 right
now on a nine or higher

he's going to hit with this car.


Three, Sofia goes full matrix.

You spring into the air backflip
as this red sedan sails--

- Can we say that the car comes
through and both the doors,

both the doors are open
and so I sort of dive

through the car?
- Yes!

- So sick.

- It's like Spiderman for sure.

- So fucking sick.

Bam crashes into and crushes
this truck behind it.

And that's that dude's turn.

- Can I ask a question?

- Yeah go for it.

- Do we have a sense if more
of the siege guys are coming

or if it's only swarm guys?

- It looks like there's more
siege guys way in the back.

There they're much more spread out.

It's mostly swarm devils.

Okay these swarm devils that
are already further along

this one's going to come for Iga.

These three are going to,

think they're all gonna
try to make it to Kingston

at the same time.

Yeah cause it's difficult terrain there

for them because of all these cars.

So they can't make it to
Pete in the same round.

Two of these coming for Iga.

- Does my moped get an opportunity attack?

- No, it does not.

- Iga takes four slashing
damage and nine poison damage.


- That's 13 damage?

- Yes 13 damage all together.

And Kingston is going to take boom, boom.

These guys hit Kingston.

Oh these are all cocked.

Oh my god.

Six attacks and not a
single one hits Kingston

from these Jersey devils.

- Be cool, be cool.

- Incredible that is the end of the round.

The DC now goes up to DC 20 arcana check.

Our, our boy JJ calls back.

He says, okay I'm on it.

You see he looks at you Pete and says,

okay they can't see me right now

but maybe I should stop talking.

Am I alerting them to my
presence by talking out loud?

- You're good, man.

Hey, just take a nice deep breath.

I pour him some really nice tea.

- Oh my god in the middle of a fight?

You're incredible.

- Just have have a sip.

I'm a peace boy now.

- Okay he he's rolling with advantage.

He just needs one of these
to be a 12 or higher.


- Yes.
- Hell yes.

The next layer of runes comes in.

He calls out and says, I'm almost there.

I just need to put the
last layer of runes on.

You guys are doing good, man.

The DC will go up to 25 on his next roll.

So he will need, he'll need a
17 or higher on the next one.

He wouldn't have made it this turn.

Incredible back to the top of the order.

Kingston Brown that is you.

- Okay a weird question.

Are any of these cars a Tesla?

- I'm gonna roll,

I'm gonna roll a luck check--

- A Musk check?

- A Musk check oh no.

- I'm going to say,

I'm going to say on a six or
higher there's a Tesla here.

Yeah 19 hell yeah there's a,

there's a fucking, I'm
going to say the car

right in front of you is a Tesla.

- Question okay, I have a
spell called Remote Access

where I can I can use any
electronic device within range

as if it were in your hands.

Because a Tesla is an
entirely electric car,

can I use this spell to drive
the car without being in it?

- Kingston 100% yes.

- Okay.

Okay my dreams came
true, now what do I do?

I was like is this even,

I was so ready to be shut down okay.

- It says Tesla now, that's so funny.

- Great I would like to
whip this Tesla around

and drive it toward Ricky and Ox.

- Hell yeah.

- And I would like to,

how much movement does a Tesla have?

A tremendous amount of movement.

- Can it charge the siege beast,

pick Ricky and Ox up
and drive them back here

all in one turn is that possible?

- Can it pick up the siege beast?

- Oh, excuse me can it drive over,

it doesn't need to attack the siege beast,

can it go pick up Ricky
and Ox and drive back?

- I'm going to say that,

I'm going to say that Ricky and you act

on almost the same exact initiative.

So I'm going to say that
you can effortlessly

get this to Ricky with its movement

and have it open its
doors and ready in action

to do something when they get back in.

- Great, that car drives
around toward, toward Ricky.

- Someone's brand new
Tesla gets the shit scraped

out of both of its doors,
as it goes up on the,

so Kingston you look at the
car and as you look at the car,

there was only one thing
that would have prevented you

from being able to do this.

But you check the Tesla.

It's got a set a New York
plates and that's all you need.

The emblazoned buildings
of the New York skyline

on its license plates.

The car turns on and
listens to the commands

of the Vox Populi, incredible.

Go get Mr, March oh yeah, that happens.

And then I dunno, I'll hang out.

Yeah that's the end of my turn I think.

- Hell yeah, very fucking cool.

Incredible you call a car to your aid.

Absolutely amazing.

Pete that's gonna be you.

- I'm going to take a
full dashy to right here.

Yeah then I'm gonna use a Quicken spell

and I am going to cast a Cone of Colds up

at all of these guys.

I think I can hit all of these guys.

- Oh my god, okay you can hit all of them.

I'm trying to think of,

because Ricky is there--

- Oh, I'll hold for
Ricky and the Tesla plan.

Cause I heard them shout that out

and then I will get ready
to cast Cone of Cold

immediately as they skirt away.

- So Kingston, as Kingston effortlessly

is just boxing with these swarm devils

knocking their things out of the side.

You point this Tesla, Pete,

and you see Pete make JJ vanish
and sprint after the Tesla,

the Tesla whips around to Ricky and Pete

you crouched down in between
this parked sedan and cab

with your hands at the ready,

you ready an action to cast Cone of Cold.

Ricky that is going to be your turn.

- If Ox takes a disengage, do I have to,

or I'm not sure how that works.

- No he can take a full
disengage action on your turn.

- Okay well Ox, using Ox's movement

we'll get in the car with his disengage.

- Cool.

- And then I'm just because I'm so hurt

I'm gonna give myself 30 hit
points with the Lay on Hands.

- Hell yeah.

- And then come back
up to 40 and then just

ride the Tesla back
into the middle of the,

like next to Cody and get out.

- Incredible, you, and
you're moving further

towards the entrance of the tunnel right?

- Yeah I just want to
be right next to Cody.

I mean not, I don't really,
but I want to be in that spot.

- Cool.

- Are you thinking like
a double team move here?

- Just quietly, like park
the car and get out like.

- Silent treatment?

- Yeah yeah like a double team,

like just yeah.

- And Pete, this is a 60 foot cone, right?

- Yeah.

- Okay I'm trying to
see something right now.

Jesus Christ.

- Can you see if you can--

- If the Jersey Devil is in that you can

I think he'll automatically
fail cause he's stunned.

- He is not, he is just
outside of range but--

- Could Pete move though?

- No, Pete's used all his
movement to get where he's at.

However he can hit
literally every single devil

up in this cluster here.

And most of the ones over here,

Pete, go ahead and roll damage.

- Do I need to do a dex save?

It's fine if I do.

- Thirty eight!

And are you you're trying,
cause this is not dex.

So Sofia cannot evade this.

This is constitution.

So you're, and Sofia is
also out of range anyway so.

- It would have been fine if I got hurt.

- First of all let me just show you Pete

how many, how wide the cone is number one.

Okay it's a 45 degree angle.

So you, you probably want
to favor the big chunk

with the siege devils, right?

- Yeah, yeah that's true.

- Okay so boom--

- With those three siege devils.

- Without having to make any saves

every one of these swarm devils is gone.

You stand up from between the two cars

Raw freezing cold from the
deep dreaming covers everybody.

The DC is 17 these guys have
some beefy fucking con saves

but we'll roll here.

Yeah their con is plus 13.

Both make it, then the
one that is the minus six

oh Siobhan go ahead and roll a D6 for me?

- A one.

- Okay he passes as well.

It's still half damage.

So 38 is still going to be 19 damage

to every one of these dudes incredible.

Some of these guys are
starting to look hurt.

Cool that is Pete and Ricky's turn,

that's going to move on to now be Iga.

- I think I want to, since
the Jersey Devil is stunned

cast Synaptic Static again,
but I'm worried about Sofia.

- Could you hit pretty much all of them,

but that top devil?

- I think don't, you also
don't have to worry about me

cause I'm at 67.

And if I get hurt I'll
start doing radiant damage.

So I'll be able to hurt
the stunned devil more.

- Yes but I'm just worried
about you having to

just take this D6 away.

- Iga you can set it off
to South a little bit

and just hit the Jersey Devil.

The only, the only issue
is you'll just be missing

that one swarm devil above Sofia.

You'll hit pretty much everybody else.

- Right yeah, so yeah
I guess I'll do that.

- Hell yeah.

- So it's 8D6.

- That means the swarm
devil will automatically

fail this right?

- Yes.

- Do they, would they automatically fail?

- The Jersey Devil.

- Let me look up stunned
with intelligence savings.

Do you automatically fail
saving throws while stunned?

- I don't know, I guess I just assumed.

- I think it's just dex.

- Oh automatically fails strength

and dexterity saving roles.

- Cool.

- Did not roll very well.

- No worries let me know what you got.

- Let me know what you got.

- Twenty.

- Twenty okay so we're
going to roll these five

intelligence saving throws
for our little swarmy boys.

See what they get.

They need to hit that 17 and only one does

it's for half damage, right?

- Yes.

- Okay so one of them is going to take 10

this guy right here, bada boom.

And the others, one, two, three, four,

their brains melt as Iga
hits them with the static.

This dude right here is going to roll

into this nat one on the
intelligence save for this dude.

He takes the full 20 and
now also has that minus six.

Jersey Devil is going, this is a spell

so he's going to roll this with advantage.

And he's got a beefy int
save, but you never know.

- You never know.

- Let's see here.

Yeah this dude's int save is plus seven.

So he's going to get it on a 10 or higher

and he's gonna roll with initiative

but let's see here comes 2D20.

If both of these are nine or
lower, you're in the clear.

Ah, dang.

But he does take 10
points of damage however.

- Better than nothing.

- Amazing that is Iga's turn,

Cody that's you?

- Oh boy what can Cody do here?

I feel like I got to
go do some damage here.

Cause I don't really have
anything else to buff anybody.

You say the siege guys,
the three that are gathered

near where Ricky was are
they're starting to look hurt?

- Yes.

- Okay what about this
one that's down by Sofia.

- Not looking that hurt, honestly.

- Is the one still mind controlled by you?

- One of them is.

All right I got to just do something

maybe a little stupid but I'm going to

move I'm gonna use my moped.

I'm going to go over
to the guy below Sofia

and I'm just going to go all out.

- Here we go, here we go.

- Worked one time.

- I'll let me see, just this one time,

I do at every fight.

Let me make sure okay that's 70 feet.

So I'd use a dash so I can't
use an attack with my moped

so I'm just gonna use my own stuff.

Okay so first things first

we are going to do Blinding Smite.

So I'm going to do Blinding
Smite as a bonus action.

So my sword begins
glowing and then I'm going

to make some rolls to make some attacks.

Twenty three?

- Twenty three hits.

- Okay sweet so Blinding
Smite is a third level spell.

And then I'm going to do a,
these guys are devils, right?

So they get an extra--

- They get an extra D8 from smite.

- So I'll do also a third level smite.

- Jesus.

- Okay so that's, so
it's going to be five,

so it's going to be
8D8 with Blinding Smite

and then 2D6 for my sword.

Actually you know what?

I can just do it on Roll20.


- Oh my god.

56 points of damage.

- You freaked out.

- You freaked out.

- Get the fuck out of here.

- This guy's gone from
looking not that hurt

to extremely hurt.

That's your first attack,
you have another one.

- That's my first attack.

And so I also did a Blinding Smite

so it needs to do a con save.

Probably has really good--

- If he rolls a one or two, he fails.

- Brutal, absolutely brutal.

- Sweet so I will make my second attack.

Come on.

That is only a 17 to hit?

Oh wait 18 to hit.

- Eighteen hits.

- Okay I'm going all
out just this other time

and I will do a, I only have
second level smites now.

So I'll do a second level smite.

So that will be--

- 4D8 plus 2D6.

- I literally think I would have missed

if I did not have the questing blade.

- Yeah good.

- Hey Ricky you're biting your
lip really, it's bleeding.

- Oh is it bleeding, oh.

- The questing blade is now
called the thirsting blade

because it quests for blood.

- Cody says that out loud,

the questing blade shines brighter

than either Sofia or Ricky
have ever seen it shine.

And Cody leaps like blade
his duster silhouetted

against the Manhattan
skyline and fully decapitates

this siege demon.

And does a perfect three point landing.

- This is what Dale would have wanted.

- This is, that's a good,

that is objectively good
for our situation right now.

That's awesome.

- Definitely.

- We did it, we are
the real Jersey devils.

- We?

Oh let's not, let's not.

- You could be.

- Try not to go to Jersey at all.

- Incredible the next,
that swarm is destroyed.

Let's see these siege devils over here.

- One of them has to attack its friend.

- Oh yes that's right.

And I'm trying to think here.

Yeah so go ahead Murph and
give me three attack rolls.

- Or just as the one, right?

- Yes.
- Crown of Madness?

- Oh no, give me, oh yeah
it's just Crown of Madness.

Yeah, go ahead and give me an attack roll?

- Nat 10.

- So that's going to
hit, that's going to hit.

If you would be kind enough
to roll just 2D8 plus seven.

- Nineteen.

- The one that gets the minuses
takes 19 points of damage.

These guys actually act
on the same initiative.

Holy shit how am I gonna resolve that?

Okay, you see the two siege devils,

the one you controlled and the other one

kill each other.

They literally did enough
damage to each other

on the same initiative,
they go fuck you dude!

And fully waste each other
with just that one attack.

It's crazy.

Both are gone.

The next swarms is just
going to be the two here

around Sofia are going
to take attacks on Sofia.

Zero hits.

Sofia is hit by none of them.

- Wow.

- So does the one siege
guy left go, or is he just?

- He's on a different initiative actually.

Bam, these guys appear big
old truck in their way.

but they are going to take
their turn to get over here

to close with Cody and
not be able to attack.

- Oh god damn.

Where are these fucking guys?

- They keep coming, the hits keep coming.

- The tunnel's just filled
with those guys right?

- Yeah we've got to take out this devil.

- Or we just got to
get the wards up right?

- The Jersey Devil, this is the turn

the Jersey devil loses correct?

So he comes out of stun
at the end of this one--

- The end of my turn actually.

- At the end of your turn,
Sofia he is still stunned.

And hold on one second.

This dude sees Cody behead his brother.

What's his movement like?

Can he get, can he get to Cody?

If it's, if it's within
40 he's charging Cody.

- Ooh.
- Wow.

- Just past.

- So Ricky, you watch
that and get full charged

by this siege devil.

- No!

- Again, an 11 or higher.

A nine, you are missed again.

- Oh my god.

- Just you like snapped out of watching

the questing blade glow and
Cody's hands to see this

fuck you guys!

- I mean it probably wants to be called

the thirsting blade now.

- It thirsts for blood.

- Sofia that is going to be you.

- Okay I'm going to Hexblade Curse this,

this Jersey Devil.

And because he's stunned I get advantage

on attacks against him, right?

- You absolutely do.

And he also can't use his
reaction to cast shield again.

- So close.

Well, I definitely hit
though because I got a 27.

- That's a hit on the first one.

- To hit on the first one.

Oh, I rolled eight so that's 13.

Oh plus my proficiency so 17.

- And you're rolling advantage
on all these attacks right?

- Just, oh sorry, that
was, I did 17 damage now

and I just rolled with, with advantage.

And you're adding, are you
adding any radiant to this or no?

- I'm not, no I'm not low enough.

- Cool.

- So yeah, it's just 17, but I'm going to

since I don't know if
I'll hit on my second one

I am going to use my final Ki point to try

to stunning strike him one more time.

- Hell yeah, here comes his con save.

Twelve, he needed a--

- I have 15.

- Fifteen?

He has only as a plus two
he needed a 13 or higher.

- Okay so now until
the end of my next turn

and then I'll take my second attack.

It it could have been a nat one

but it was actually a 19.

Does a 19 hit?

- Nineteen hits, his AC is 18 right now

I'll tell you straight up.

- Six plus, six plus five plus four,

15, another 15 damage.

- Another 15 good grief.

Okay that's your second attack.

- Yeah that's my second attack.

But I used my bonus action
to do Hexblade Curse

and I use my final, but he's now stunned

until the end of my next turn again.

- Okay he's looking messed up.

He is, this is Sofia has
got him up against the cab

doing that thing where a
really intense boxer is like,

you're unconscious but I'm not
going to let you fall down.

I'm going to body you
against this to just keep

thudding my fists--
- Elbows?

- Elbows, bam bam bam,

as the Jersey Devil flies
back again and again.

Incredible, these last ones here,

we go over to these swarm devils here.

Another two attacks on Iga,
both misses incredibly.

Six attacks coming for Kingston.

- From who?

- The swarm devils.

- You have three devils there?

- From who?

I don't see.

- Okay finally one hits,
dealing six points of slashing

and two points of poison
damage to Kingston.

One slashes you with a
dirty Smirnoff Ice bottle

going yeah, fuck you old man.

We're trying to get into city.

We heard we could get wet.

- He just iced Kingston.

- Get wet?

- Kingston you have to
drink the whole thing.

- We could come here and we
can fucking get wet dude.

- Get, oh you children are a nightmare.

- I'm gonna need a concentration
check from Kingston.

- What's the, what do I need?

- It's only going to be a DC 10.

- Okay well I get plus seven.

That's a 19.

- Hell yeah, you do
not lose the incredibly

important enhance ability on
JJ at the end of their turn,

we're gonna roll it's, JJ
needs a 17 or higher here

and it will potentially finish
the last layer of runes.

2D20, 17 or higher on one of them.

- Not going to do it.

- But that just means that
devils could get through.

- Three eleven, they love it.

They're just, they hear amber's
the color of your energy.

And they're going to go get wild.

- JJ is putting the spell.

He, you see him reciting magic.

He looks back seeing the
onslaught of the devils

those surrounding Kingston,
his spell falters.

Because he does not finish it

he has another chance to finish it,

but if he can't finish
it on the next round,

the spell will fail from the beginning.

He's got to wrap it up on the next round.

And that's all for this
episode, the Unsleeping City.

Tune in next time to see
the thrilling conclusion

to the Battle of the Holland Tunnel.


- This season is wild man.

- This is wild man, we're bouncing around.

(dramatic music)