Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Collaborators - full transcript

Pete confronts a mysterious threat. The gang takes a trip to Staten Island.

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(upbeat music)

(hands tapping)

- Hello, one and all,

and welcome back to
another exciting episode

of Dimension 20, the
Unsleeping City Season Two.

I'm your humble Dungeon
Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan.

With me as always, are
our intrepid heroes,

say, hi, intrepid heroes.

- [All Participants] Hi, intrepid heroes.

- The left and the
right and the upper cut.

Gang, it's fitting that we're boxing,

because we are mid combat.

JJ, apprentice wizard of
the Gramercy Occult Society,

is busy putting up a
brand new set of runes,

given that the other ones
were mysteriously erased.

JJ has got one last shot.

He's got advantage on the roll,

but at the end of this round,

he needs to hit that 17 or higher

to hit the DC 25 Arcana check.

Oh, God, JJ's got to do it.

- We each still have like a
round before him though, right?

That's where we ended it.

- Yes, you have a round before him.

And again, it's possible
this is just like,

JJ, won't lose the spell,

he'll have to start over from scratch.

So, that's the situation
you guys are in right now.

We begin at the top of the
order with Kingston Brown.

- Okay, here's my question
to you Brennan the DM.

(Emily laughing)

(Lou humming)

I don't like any of these options.

So, remote access lasts for 10 minutes.

So I have control of this
Tesla for 10 minutes.

What am I using to
interact with the Tesla?

Is it my full action?

Is it something less than?

- Let me see what this
spell says real quick.

- Is it his full action
or something less than?

- You can use an electronic
device within range

as if it were in your hands.

This is not telekinesis.

Rather the spell allows
you to simulate a device

as mechanical functions electronically,

you are able to access only functions

that a person using the device

manually would be able to access.

You can use remote access with
only one device at a time,

is what the spell says.

- Seems like free object
interaction to me.

- [Emily] Yeah, right?

- I am actually going to say,

listen, this thing does have limits to it.

The limits are as if
it were in your hands,

that's the limitation.

So, it requires as much
energy and concentration

for Kingston to control this Tesla

as it would for him to
drive it with his hands,

which makes it a free object interaction.

- Okay.

(Emily laughing)

- Incredible.

- Okay, if it's a free
- I love it.

- object interaction...

Okay, this is again, when you
tell me I could do anything,

it's honestly worse.

Like I would have
preferred you told me, no,

'cause then it would have
been clearer what I should do.

Okay, because Cody needs help.

Cody is 110 feet away from me.

There are three devils around me.

Oh, but it's okay.

Oh, okay.

- You could hold your action.

- If it's gonna screw
over JJ, I don't know.

- I don't think...

JJ is invisible, but I
think we can make this work.

Hold on.

Can we do this?

You tell me, Brennan,
if this gets too crazy.

I'd like to have the Tesla

again do the thing where it's
scrapes against the wall.

I then like to disengage,
to run and hop in the Tesla.

I'd then like to be
driving the Tesla closer

to Ricky et al and cast
a bonus action spell.

Can I do all those things?

- You may do all those things.

- Fantastic.

(Emily Laughing)

- Yes, we descend back
into the Manhattan entrance

of the Holland tunnel,
where the apprentice

wizard JJ is currently invisible.

I believe he has invisible death warded

- enhanced ability,
- Still passed without trace.

- Pass without traced and--

(Emily laughing)

- Protected from evil
and good and sanctuary.

- Protection from evil,
good, and sanctuary

all on this dude.

- Wow.

- Buzzing with some of the most
powerful magic in New York.

As the rest of the heroes of New York

do their best to keep JJ alive

and safe long enough
to complete this spell.

Cody has just decapitated a siege devil

with the Questing Blade that
has chosen him as most worthy.

(Brennan laughs)

Ricky just healed himself in
the back of a Tesla with Ox.

Sofia is just crushing
the Jersey Devils jaw

with elbows increasingly
soaked through with blood.

Bam, bam.

As Pete the tips of his
fingers covered in frost

from absolutely obliterating an entire

swath of devils a moment before.

As Iga flies over the railing

engaged with the swarm devils up above.

Kingston, you whistle,
the car swerves around,

the siege devil on a natural four,

misses with his attack of opportunity

on the Tesla, peeling away.

(imitates car moving fast).

The car swings around, the
driver's side door opens up,

next to you as the car heeds your command.

- Great, I hop in.

Yeah, I use a disengage.

- So that's your action.

You have movement and bonus left.

- Great.

I'll use whatever Kingston's movement,

plus the Tesla is, (laughs)

(Emily laughs) to drive like path back.

He's already used this reaction hopefully

on the first opportunity attack.

Drive past the siege devil

within 60 feet of Cody and cast

a fourth level healing word.

- You roll for that healing word.

I'm going to roll 3D 20
for the athletics checks

for the swarm devils
to grab onto the Tesla,

thinking that you're trying to get away.

- Great.

- They need 14's or higher.

Let's see what they get.

Two of them successfully grab on.

(participants laughing)

So you see, as you just jump
in to close the driver's side,

two of them have latched onto the roof,

Kingston grabs the wheel, hits the gas

and the Tesla zooms forward.

And as it is about halfway
between Pete and Cody.

- Great.

And how much was the healing word?

- Oh, hate to, only 15.

I'm sorry.

I wish I could have done more.
- Okay, thank you.

Appreciate it.

- No worries.

Okay, that's going to be...

So that is now Pete Conlan.

Go for it, Pete.

- I am going to use my movements, 30.

Might take an opportunity
attack from this guy,

to my right.

But then I am going to...

Hands are still cold, might as well,

just keep casting cone of cold,

but I am going to turn
around and cast it behind me

and try to catch everyone who's there.

- Ooh, hell yeah.

- [Ally] I'm only going back this way,

so JJ doesn't get attacked.

- [Brennan] Gosh.

- [Ally] I could probably hit more people,

if I was facing forward towards you guys.

- No, you're doing the exact job

that you guys came here to do.

Go ahead and give me a DC
15 arcana check real quick.

- Oh, yeah, 26.

- I'm going to say that,

because the Tesla has a
strange geography to it,

it's a moving car, you can run up

and hit both swarm devils on the Tesla

without harming the Tesla.

- Incredible.

Yes, I would love to do that.

- You can hit literally every single devil

in between you and the
entrance to the tunnel

with that cone of cold.

Even the one up over the railing,

like you go ahead and
roll damage, my dude.

- All right, That's 8D8.

- [Brennan] Ooh.

- One.

(all participants laugh)

- 25.
- 25 cold damage, hell yeah.

Okay, we're going to
roll for these devils.

Bada boom.

Hold on.

And these guys need plus...

Whoa, all four swarm devils toast.

- [Brian] Nice.
- Yes.

- Incredible.

- Incredible.

All four swarm devils are gone.

Blasted by cold.

We're gonna roll for our big boy.

Big boy makes the con save.

Still takes 10 halved to five.

He has resistance.

- Oh, is it 15?

I mean, 25.

- Oh, it's 25.

Yes, yes, yes.


Yeah, the big boys have
resistance to cold.

So that's going to be for him.

Yeah, 12.

That guy is looking hurt.


Bada boom.

That is Pete's turn.

Ricky, that's you, baby.

- Okay, Ricky is going to
take out his peasant sword

(Emily laughing)

and look at the siege
devil in front of him.

And reluctantly, take a swing.

Try to take a deep breath
and actually swing.

- [Brennan] Go for it.

- Natural 20.

(participants cheer)

- A fucking yeah.

- That is rolls.

- I don't know.

Should I show you?

- No.
- I believe you.

- That's incredible, you're
golden, we believe you.

- I wonder if you put
it next to your face.

- [Brennan] Bam.

Boom, boom, I love it.

Oh my God.

- I'm just going to do a level one smite,

just 'cause that it
seems like he's so hurt.

- That's going to be with the damage

from the sword normally, 8D8 plus...

Yeah, that's going to be 8D8 plus six.

- 45.
- Ooh.

- Yeah.

- What happens to this
towering siege devil,

who has not yet managed to hit you?

- Take a deep breath.

Come on, Ricky, it's
not that big of a deal.

And as I take sort of
a baseball swing back

with a sword, a thing
I'm not used to using,

I'm used to using an ax.

I look up and just past the siege devil,

I see Cody in the distance.

(participants laughing)

And get a little mad

(sword whooshes)

and take the swing and
cut the thing in half.

(participants laughing)

- His huge torso severs
in a flash of light.

That siege devil is gone babies.

- That's just my first attack though, too.

(Emily screams)
- Hell, yeah.

- And then I'm going to use Ox's movement,

which is 120 feet.

- [Brennan] Dope.

- And I'm going to run all the
way up to the Jersey devil.

- [Brennan] Hell, yeah.

- I was hoping you would,
you'll get advantage on attacks.

- And then I'll take my second attack,

and I get an advantage?

- You get advantage.

He's stunned.
- [Emily] He's stunned.

- Does an 18 hit?

- [Emily] I think it does.

- Yeah, he doesn't have shield,
18 is his exact armor class.

- Oh, yeah.


- Incredible.

- So, I used a first-level smite earlier.

I'm going to use a second
level smite on this guy.

- [Brennan] Awesome.

- All right, great.

So, how many D8 would
that be for this guy?

- For this guy, it's going
to be on a second level,

it's going to be five D8.

- [Zac] Five D8.

- 'Cause a first level
smite would be three, D8,

second level's, four D8, and
then five D8 with the damages.

So, five D8 plus six.

- Okay, and I don't get any additional,

because he's evil or a devil?

- That's factored in there,

from the smite.
- Okay, fine.

Okay, that's 10, seven, six.

23 plus six, 29 damage.
- [Emily] Nice.

- Oh, baby!

This guy's looking hurt.

You run up with Ox.

Sofia, you've got them on the ropes,

bam, bam, bam!

Ricky, you run up and boom!

Through the chest with the sword,

shattering the window
of the cab behind him.

(imitates shattering)


- Questing blade who?

(participants laugh)

- Iga.

- It's a really good sword.

It's true.

It's a really good sword.

(participants laugh)

- Awesome combo, Ricky.

That was fucking awesome.

(participants laughing)

- You just see the back of Ricky's head.

(participants laughing)

- Tense a little bit.

- His shoulders.

(participants laughing)

- Iga, that's gonna be you.

- So, I have this disguise self running.

Can I change what the disguise looks like?

Would that take an action?

The spell,
- I think you have to cast--

- There's nothing in the spell that
says I can or can't.

I have to cast it again.

- You have to cast it again, yeah.

- Okay, then I'm just
going to fly up into...

If I'm above these guys,

do I get advantage on
attack rolls against them?

- Sure, if you're up flying above them

once you get advantage on them, yeah.

- Great, So I'll fly up
30 feet so I can shoot

at the Jersey devil.

Jersey devil's looking
pretty fucked up, right?

- He's even hurt.
- You don't even need

to fly to get advantage on him.

- Oh wait, he's already--

- He's big hit points sinks.

So he might not be close,
but he's definitely hurt.

- Okay, in which case I will

take out the two guys next to Cody.

- [Lou] Cool.

- [Brian] That'd be wonderful.

- So the first guy, it's 18 to hit.

Does 18 hit?

- 18 hits, yes.

- Great, so that's 15.

(gun blazing)

- Gone.

- Yes.

- And then the next one is, and that's 20.

(participants applauding)

- So that's just simply so much.

12, 17, 21.

- 21, destroyed.

(missile launched)

Two eldritch blasts from a woman.

It looks like she's
hanging from theater wires.

As she kind of floats through the air.

(Emily laughs)

(imitates bombings)

- To be fair, a traffic cop
that looks like she's saying,

(participants chattering)

(Emily laughs)

- There it is.

- There you go.

- But wait, are you a poorly
disguised to traffic cop?

- No, I am a beautifully
disguised traffic cop.

(Emily laughing)

- Amazing.

- The disguises are great,

the magic is purposefully bad looking.

- You look like a character from the 90s.

(participants laughing)

- Cody, that's going to be you baby.

- Sweet, Cody is going to

(dramatic music)

take the moped through these guys.

They don't get an opportunity to attack

from moving through them,

it's only if they're on top
of me to start with, right?

- If you move out of
their threatened area,

then yes, they get attacks.

- So can I move like...

Are you saying this?

Can I move like this and not get attacked?

- Yes, if you go past.

Let me show you the square
Murph that I'm thinking of.

This is the square that
you can safely go to.

This one, they get swipes on you.

- Got it.


I just want to go around them

to get behind the Jersey devil.

'Cause I think that's the
only slot I can fit in.

- Cool, so on that case,

only one of them is going
to get a swipe on you.

- Okay, I think there's no avoiding that.

- Okay.

In a roll here,

just barely misses you.

- Okay, so I go up behind the devil.

I look at Ricky, I look
at Sofie and I nod.

I take the thirsting blade,
sword art, combo thirst.

(participants laughing)

I take a swing (laughs).

(participants laughing)

- Combo.

(participants laughing)

- I just want you to know
that I rolled a trigger roll,

every time you do something with a weapon

that my husband gave that
I thought was going to--

(people chattering)

(participants laughing)

- Oh that's good, that's smart of you.

(people chattering)

(participants laughing)

- Incredible.

Incredible, Cody has no
idea, how could Cody know.

- Okay, bonus action.

Thunderous smites, call the lightning.

Then I am going to...

I'll take a swing

and see if I hit, I roll
with advantage, right?

- Yep.

- Sword art.

- God dammit.

(participants laughing)

- Combo.
- You're simply to

(people chattering)

good at this.

(participants laughing)

- I just really thought Dale meant,

(people chattering)

Ricky to have it, just really good.

- 20 to hit.

- Yeah, That's going to do it.

Okay. Great.

Roll your second attack
first, if I can ask because...

Just roll your second attack to see

if you hit on the second one.

- Okay, another 20 to hit.

- Both hit.

So I want you to figure
out how much damage

you're doing this round
if that makes sense.

- Okay, so I'm going to do another.

Okay, so I've just cast,
I've done thunderous smite.

I'm also going to do a
second level divine smite

on the first attack.

And then I'm also going
to do another first level

smite on the second attack.

- Okay, so from the divine smites alone,

we're talking three D8 and four D8.

So that's seven D8 from
just the divine smites.

Plus the thunderous smite you're doing,

how much extra damage is that?

- That's two D6

Or is it more damaged from smite?

'Cause the second level would be three D8

but it would be four D8
because it's a devil, right?

- Exactly.

So that's where seven D8 is coming from.

'Cause you're doing
- Oh, seven D8. Got it.

- A first-level smite and...

Yeah, so seven D8 for smite all told

plus two D6 from thunderous
smite plus four D6.

So it's seven D8, plus six D6 plus 18.

- Amazing.

- I'm going to time you--

- There's only one...

Oh wait, you're right, you're right.

Sorry, my bad.

- Yeah, so it's seven
D8 and before you roll,

I'm going to tell you something.

This creature has 47 hit points left.

I want you to roll damage now.

- Okay, so you said 7D8, plus 6D6, plus 18,

plus nine.
- Plus 18.

- Correct.

(upbeat music)

- Okay, please.

- Yes, nice.

(participants laughing)

Pretty nice.

(participants laughing)

- Nice.

Whoa, nice.

(participants laughing)

- Real dumb.

(participants laughing)

So dumb.

- Omni slash, meteor strike, sword art.

(imitates sword swooshing)

- And somehow you Cody in the game know

that you the player got 69.

(participants laughing)

- Sofia and Ricky,
- I am the Jersey devil,

- You watched Cody
decapitate the Jersey devil.

- Who he summoned.

- And he does such an insane dance routine

of Omni slash video game moves,

a good 60% of which don't hit,

because it's mostly about
the moves at that point.

(sword swooshes)

The Jersey devil is no more.

Cody, you hear Bazathrax go,

"Dude, dude, open your
shirt, open your shirt,

open your shirt, open your shirt."

(Brian imitates shirt opening)

Ricky and Sofia, you watch flame erupt

from the neck of the Jersey devil

and begin to pour into
Cody's open chest tattoo.

- God.

- You get a very real
sense that Cody Walsh

maybe be becoming the Jersey devil.

(participants laughing)

- So fucking sick.

You dream about it every day

and that just devils are real

and fucking you can just absorb them.

(participants laughing)

- Great man.

- Ricky is just bright red.

(participants laughing)

- Shit's bright red.

- Like you know when someone's lifting

like they're squatting
500 pounds, just face,

just look like that.

(Brian laughing)

- Oh my God.


Okay, as that has happened,

(imitates blowing sound)

from within the core of
the Jersey devil's chest,

you just hear like bro, bro,
bro, bro, bro, bro, bro, bro.

And it's just fire and then
eventually just Juul mist

just vape mist,

(imitates mist pouring)

pouring out of the open throat.

You see more swarm devils,

because of the difficult
terrain from erupting earth.

Only four of these guys are
gonna be able to attack.

Four of them are coming for Sofia.

- Oh, actually because he
died, I do get four hit points.

- Hell yeah.

Sofia, you take seven points of slashing

and four points of poison damage.

One is going to come for Ricky.

That's going to be a hit

for five slashing and
four poison to Ricky.

And then one's coming for
Cody, two misses on Cody.

Cody's infernal power.

- I am your dark lord now.

(participants laughing)

- Siege devil comes thundering forward,

is going to take a charging

and she's going to move
here and it's going

to take a charge at Sofia,
plus 10, nine or higher.

It's bad.

We'll roll in the box of doom.

(dramatic music)

Natural two, Sofia avoids the charge.

(Emily laughing)


- I was going to let it happen
if it did, I have shields.

(Emily laughing)

I was going to let it happen if it did.

- To get the damage?

- Yes.
- Just to get the damage.

Sofia, that's your turn.

- Okay, I am out of everything I can do.

So I am just going to...

Oh, what do I even do here?

I think I just...

What were you gonna say?

- I feel like we should at least...

So not necessarily you,

but I'm worried about leaving JJ so alone.

Throwing that out there.

- Oh, but there are no devils
headed that way yet, right?

- Right.

I mean, not that we know.

- I think I'm going to go
after these two wieners,

since I don't hit for much.

- Cool.

- So I'm going to go up to the first one.

Does an 18 hit?

- Yes it does.

- Okay.

So that's 13.

- Not down.

- Okay.

Gonna try and hit him again.

Does a 23 hit?

Yes it does.
- Yes, it does.

- That's going to be another 13.

- Gone.

- Okay, and then I'm going
to use my bonus action

just to do an unarmed
strike against the next one.

It misses.
- Cool.


Pum pum pwah.

Kill one of the swarm devils.

Sofia, it is no longer your turn.

JJ, at the end of that--

- Let's go JJ.

- Good luck JJ.

- He's got the enhanced ability.

He's rolling with advantage.

He needs to hit 25, he's got plus eight.

Is anyone else doing any
kind of shenanigans here?

Any luck points or other
fucking crazy shit like that?


- I'm thinking about it, I can afford

to do a luck.
- Can we give a luck

point to him?

- Yeah, if you want to
do bend luck you can.

It's a roll of D4 for me.

- Okay, okay.
- Two.

- Two.

Okay, it is a 15 or
higher, JJ needs to hit.

- Let's go, JJ.

- Come on JJ, come on JJ.

- Come on JJ.

- Come on JJ.

(participants cheering)

- Brutal.

- Brutal.

- Absolutely brutal.

Unless, I will say, luck feat,

if anyone has a luck point left,

because luck interacts with advantage.

Meaning you can have
double or triple advantage,

because re-rolls do work with--

- Yeah, I'll spend a luck point.

- Yes.

- Rock and roll.

- Okay.

- Please.

- One of those dice is going
to get re rolled 15 or higher.

- Another 10.

- Oh.

- And I will spend my
last god damn luck point.

I'll spend it.

(participants laughing)

- Okay.

- We'll allow it this time.

- Come on, JJ!

(participants laughing)

- Oh, God dammit!

(participants laughing)

- What, JJ?
- My last luck point.

- Yeah, he wants just the last one.

(people chattering) all of them.

Here's the last one.

These are some powerfully mediocre roles.

Here comes the last one
in front of the board.

We have two 10s and 11 and a 12.

That's a five baby.

- God dammit.

- JJ.

- Oh no.

- JJ.

- JJ.

- At this point what
more can we do for him.

(participants laughing)

- Brutal.

- This is true.

This is true.

- We gave you everything JJ.

This is the worst day of Ricky's life.

(upbeat music)

(participants laughing)

- You watch the complex ending

of the spell fritz out.

JJ, yells back, "I got it.

"I know what I did wrong.

"I made a mistake earlier.

"I can go back and fix it again."

- Just fine JJ, just do it.

Don't tell us, just do it.

- However, I will say this,

of the two sort of
solutions to this combat,

Cody finishes absorbing the
might of the Jersey devil.

I will need an intimidate
check with advantage here

from Cody, if you would be so kind.

- Sweet, I have.


- Hell, yeah.

- 26.

(participants laughing)

- Cody, you finish ingesting the power

of the Jersey devil and you
gleam within infernal light.

The questing blade rippling
with black and orange flames.

You turn and the Jersey
devils here beholds you.

Even though you're living
in Queens these days,

you were born in Jersey city.

They look at you.

What do you say to the
devils here assembled?

(upbeat music)

- What's up, guys?

(participants laughing)

I am the new dark Lord of New Jersey.

I am Cody, the Jersey devil.

I have defeated your master
and I am the new dark Lord.

I will call upon you one day

and we will take back
the Queen Center Mall.

But that is not today.

You guys need to fuck off
for now and fucking relax

and go back to your own
malls in New Jersey,

which has a shit ton of malls.

(participants laughing)

- The devils here all...

Look, you guys see an army of
devils extending all the way

off to the New Jersey turnpike.

And the giant siege
devil looming over Cody,

gets to one knee and bows
and the swarm devils bow

and the entire highway of
devils bows to Cody Walsh.

- Oh my God.

- There are many parking lots
of many different strip malls

and regular malls that need you.


- One of the great siege devil--

- Take shopping carts

and ram them into curbs,
while your friends are inside.

- One of them goes like, "Hell yeah, dude,

"we're going to do the old school,

"'Jackass' style, baby, CKY."

- Fucking hilarious.

- You see one of the jersey devils goes up

and bellows out and says, "Devils of New Jersey,

"you heard the word of the
one who destroyed our master.

"Let's go to fucking AC, anyway
bro, New York fucking sucks.

"We'll go into Atlantic
city, baby, woo, get wet."

And you see the devils--

- Why do they keep saying that?

- We need to ask Cody after
this, what that means?

- You see that as they
begin to leave a bunch

of swarm devils, come
over and go, "Yeah. Yeah.

"My lord, fuck, yeah.

"Do you think I can borrow like $20,

"just for the fucking craps at AC?"

- I am your dark lord,
get the fuck out of here!

- Don't fuck up then.

You see that the siege
devil who bellowed out

to the other devil kinds
to heed your warning,

looks at you from the toll booth,

looks at New York City behind
you, gives you a very solemn

the shocker and then

(participants laughing)

walks off into New Jersey.

What's going on with our--

- This is such a side note,
but there was a car that parks

in my neighborhood that it's
only sticker is the shocker.

And I cannot figure them out, sorry.

- I think until this moment,

everything was complete
fantasy for Cody of all this.

When that devil threw up, the shocker,

Cody is shook, because he's realizing

he's on the same side as these bros.

(participants laughing)

- Yes, yes.

- The fuck am I becoming?

(participants laughing)

- What's going on with our other heroes

of New York that watched this unfold?

- I mean, I go pat Cody on the
back, like, "Great job, man.

"You did such a freaking good job.

"It was great."

- I gotta be honest.

I couldn't have done it
without Sofie saving my ass.

But then also fucking Ricky,

you like took that hit for me.

So that was fucking cool.

And Kingston healed me.

That was cool.

And then--

- Do you think that was what happened?

(Emily laughing)

Cody, Cody, no, don't worry.

- No Cody, we were all there.

Yeah, we saw it.

- Cool, cool.

So just ,yeah.

Go team.

- Yeah, definitely man.

- Sofia, can we sidebar, real fast, Sofia?

- Yeah, absolutely.

Absolutely, I will be right back.

(Emily laughing)

- So, I'm kind of going
through something a little bit

unnatural for me right now.

(participants laughing)

Whereas I really...

I could never have
expected that to happen.

- I know, I know.

- And to continue to happen.

And I appreciate you bringing
the questing blade back,

'cause I kinda missed it to be honest

and I was glad that Dale had it.

- I thought it was for you, I
really thought it was for you.

- Yeah, I just had to say that
to somebody, 'cause it's--

- You wanna just like...

I don't mind...

Do you want to just scream really loud?

'Cause I can cast silence.

- Can you go ahead and cast silence on me?

- I cast silence.

(participants laughing)

- Okay, dispell it.

(participants laughing)

- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Yeah, of course.

- I think that helps a lot.

- It helps me sometimes.

I thought it might help you.

- Oh my God.

- Thank you.

(Emily laughing)
Are you okay by the way?

- I'm fine.

I'm in a better place than you are.

I think the fact that he admitted a couple

of things at the end is soothing to me.

I'm still mad that you didn't
get the questing blade,

but I'm hopeful about the young pup.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, me too.

He seems like a good guy.

(participants laughing)

- I cast silence again and then we both...

(participants laughing)

- Incredible.

Amazing, you guys leave from here

having rented this place.

In the minute or two that you guys

are kind of putting things back together,

Kingston leaves that note on the Tesla.

JJ finishes getting the
spell work up here now.

I mean like getting it up in three rounds,

is literally getting it
up in like 18 seconds.

You know what I mean?

So he like having a minute to do it.

The runes go up, he turns around

and says, "Okay, I think that's done."

And you see something connect and boom.

The ruins start pulsating.

And a moment later,
completely soaking wet,

sort of coughing and sputtering,

Esther flies in with
her silver baseball bat.



We're good.

We are all good.

We are taken care of.

- I pull a pair of warm socks
out of my large woven bag

and hand them to Esther.

- Oh my God, madam.

- It just was important
to have a little pair

of extra dry socks in New York City,

because this city sometimes
you need a pair of dry socks.

You know what I mean?

- I appreciate that so, so much.

Truly thank you.

- I used destroy water on Esther.

(imitates water splashing)

- She's dried off, she goes.

Hun, thank you so much.

- You got it.

- That also works.

- She looks at you--

- Sorry, she can use the socks, dude.

- She does put the socks on,

but she looks up at you, Ricky, and goes,

"Yeah, thank you so much for that, hun."

And absent mindedly looks at your forehead

and touches a vein on your forehead.

- It's like that.

- Yeah, like pum, pum, pum.

She's like, "Hey, hun, everything good?"

- Yeah, things are great.

The questing blade came
back and funny enough,

our new friend ,Cody, it went to him.

It went to Cody.

I just had a very similar
conversation to this,

but you should know about this.

Cody is over there and it looks different.

It looks different than the ax that I had.

(sword swooshes)

He's swinging it.

He's kinda cutting those cars over there.

(participants laughing)

- I think I'm over there
minor illusioning like apples

and oranges for you to slice,
we're just bro-ing out, like.

(Ally imitates sword swooshing)

(Brian imitates sword swooshing)

- Yeah, you see Esther,
it looks over and says,

"Thank you stop.

"Thank you stop.

"Thank you, stop that.

"Yeah, for sure, stop."

(Brian imitates sword swooshing)

You see two bats fly in
out of the nighttime sky.

(imitates bat flying)

Ana and Amelia arrive as well,

as he looks over JJ is standing...

You guys can see actually in the roll 20,

the incredible elaborate
ward that JJ has put up.

Esther goes over and says,
"Incredible, incredible,

"incredible, wonderful."

JJ goes, "Woo!

"Would certainly have been
killed many times over,

"if these guys had not stopped
the onslaught of devils."

Ana and Amelia begin to cast mending

on all the cars that
got damaged or ruined.

Kingston, I think remote access probably

helps like drive some

of these cars back from where they got--

- Put everything back in place, yeah.

- You guys do your own
sleeping city cleanup crew.

As you hear the approach

of like sirens and other
people coming to see why

the Holland tunnel got shut down.

Esther looks over at Kingston and Pete

and she looks at you, Ricky and says,

"Yeah, I got you, hun."


"Hey, hey, you see that?"

She takes her face and her
hands and goes, "I love you.

"That's bullshit.

"I don't know why that's going on,

"but I'm saying that as a wizard,

"I think something fucked
up happened, okay?"

- Okay.

Well, I love you too.

And between you and me,

I'm having a bit of a moment I would say.

(participants laughing)

- Yeah, I hear you.

It's okay.
- And I don't know.

I might run home.

- Do you want to just...

We might have a little
like debriefing here,

but if you want to just run
home, that's totally fine.

Why don't we do a
debriefing tomorrow morning?

It's late.

People have been busy.

If you want to take a run home,

go ahead and take a run home, sweetie.

- I don't want to miss anything,

but I definitely want to run home.

(participants laughing)

- Honestly, we're going to
be another few minutes here.

Do you want to just run to
the Gramercy Occult Society

and we'll meet you there?

- Yeah, yeah, that sounds great.

I love you.

Thank you for...

I mean, I want to hear about
the water part later, but yeah.

(participants laughing)

- Ricky takes off,
Esther comes with Amelia

and checks on you, Sofia.

Comes and puts a hand on your arm

sort of like squeezes
your bicep and goes like,

"Hey, how's Ricky doing?

"He looks like he's not
doing great right now."

- Yeah, no, he's not.

I feel like it's my fault,

because Dale gave the questing blade back

and I pulled it out of my
pocket saying, "Hey, Ricky,

"I think Dale wanted you to have this."

Then it made this really big arcane show

about choosing Cody instead of Ricky.

(participants laughing)

And then to add insult to injury,

Cody named it, the thirsting blade,

because it thirst for blood,

then absorbed the power of a devil,

took the final strike on the big bad guy,

absorbed its power,
became the Jersey devil.

So the questing blade,
which Ricky once loved,

is now in the hands of the
newly anointed Jersey devil,

who's calling it the thirsting blade.

- Esther, her hands shake in front of her.

And she's like, "Oh, oh, no.

"I literally was never able to imagine

"what could get under Ricky's skin.

"And it's like going from
thinking that a thing

"was impossible to knowing
what would perfectly,

"completely shatter my darling love."

Okay, this is so...

The questing blade came back,

how are you, Sofia?

Are you doing okay?

- Maybe now's not the time.

- Okay, yeah, I hear you.

- I'm fine.

Let's focus on Ricky.

- Gotcha.

You guys finished the cleanup crew here

and people go home for the night.

You guys are taking care of it.

You've saved the city yet again.

JJ is looking at Ana
and Amelia being like,

"Can you the fucking army of devils?

"This is fucking nuts!

"This is crazy!"

JJ comes over to you, Cody, and it's like,

"Dude, those combo moves
were out of control man."

- Thanks, thanks.

Yeah, I've been actually
studying sword fighting

for a while, but it took until...

I would really recommend
selling your soul to a devil,

just kind of any devil.

'Cause my devil's not
even particularly good,

but gave me a lot of powers.

And then that combined with sort of

just years of practice in my backyard,

(participants laughing)

just like freaking out on
soda bottles and stuff.

And yeah, that's kinda where I'm at.

- You see, JJ--
- Your math stuff was awesome.

That was like.

- Dude ,I know I'm not at your level yet,

but I'm working on it.

It's all very theoretical

and learning where the intersections

of science and magic and mathematics,

all sort of interplay
is a fucking trip man,

but it's super cool.

- No, that's, dude,

parties need wizards and
then they need warriors.

So you might not be able to
do what I can fucking do,

but I can't do what you can fucking do,

if you know what I mean.

- Holy, shit, man.

I super appreciate that.

Do you have your switch on you?

- I actually kind of feel like...

Okay, I'm sort of a PS4 guy.

(Brennan laughs)

And also a PC guy.

- You guys dive fully into that.

You see that, bum, bum, bum.


Texts go out as people go home that night,

texts go out to people
basically being like,

"Hey, we should debrief about last night,

"but also sort of talk over next steps,

"what's going on."

Esther texts you Sofia
and is basically like,

better for us to meet and
talk at the monastery,

or better for us to do
Gramercy Occult Society.

- Can I do some kind of
perception check of what I think?

I'm worried about Tony,
but I'm also worried about

taking books out of the monastery.

So can I do a perception check about,

which I feel is a bigger threat?

- I ask for insight actually.

- Okay, so 10.

- I think Sofia is as
conflicted as you right now.

I think that it's just like...

Because obviously taking the sacred texts

out of the monastery feels
a little sacrilegious, but--

- Yeah.

I think Tony is an easier
thing to keep an eye on,

than worrying about removing
texts from the monastery.

So I'm going to say,
"Yeah, let's do monastery."

- Hell, yeah.

The next day--

- Oh, that means everyone's
going to come to Staten Island.

- Oh my God.

- Oh boy.

- Oh my gosh.

I go around, I'm picking up trash

trying to make it look
as nice as possible.

I do like Belle in the
Beauty and the Beast

for Staten Island.

- A maid just throughout
all the Staten Island

getting everything
perfectly ready for people.

When Sofia approaches Esther saying,

"Hey, we probably do the monastery."

Esther says, "Got it makes perfect sense.

"We can approach the monastery.

"We'll put out a formal invitation."

And Esther hits up a...

Esther turns her head to
Ricky next to her on the sofa

and is like you good for a
meeting in two days, sweetie?

Can you get that time
off of helping hands?

Is that okay?

- Yeah, let me double check.

I think I should be okay.

- Cool, she looks at you and says,

"Cool, good, good, good."

She also texts Madam Anastasia

or rather she sends a formal
invite to Madam Anastasia

and underneath it puts, "This
will also serve as a time

"for the return of your chest to you,

"to make the most use of
your time and convenience."

- I bribed to go to the Staten Island.


(Emily laughing)

it had to happen sometime, I guess.

- You've never been to
Staten Island in your life?

- I have been on the ferry,
you have family visits,

you take the ferry, it's free.

You see the island, you see Ellis Island,

you turn around, you get
back on the next ferry back.

You do the exact same trip.

That what Staten Island does to you.

That then was enough.

- Incredible.

- I'm just going around Staten Island.

I'm going into every single store,

telling them to put on their best show.

I mean, there's visitors coming.

There's visitors coming.

Put out the welcome mats.

(Brennan laughs)

- So, two days later and you see...

So, Madam Anastasia,
you get that invitation.

Ricky, you're going to make
time to go be there and do that.

Sofia, you're obviously like hosting

and getting Staten Island
as ready as possible.

And Kingston and Pete, you get
specific formal invitations,

accompanied by texts from Esther,

being like, "LOL about
the formal invitation.

"There's magical reasons
for us doing that.

"You're both Voxes.

"We want to make the magical
laws of the city happy.

"Hope you can both make it, love, Esther."

But you do get these formal magical things

that get dropped off by pigeons
like big signed parchment,

things being like, "A council
of the Gramercy Occult Society

"to be held at the monastery
of the midnight sun.

"Staten Island, altitude 2.500 feet,

"above Spaghetti's Bakery."

And Esther asks you and says,

"Hey, this is going to
be kind of a real deal

"meeting of the minds.

"Anyone from the city you
guys think should come,

"feel free to go ahead and invite."

And I think Sofie gets
one of those as well,

of like if there's
anyone outside your order

that you think should come,

feel free to go ahead and invite them.

- Yeah, I mean, obviously I send

a group text to everyone here to come.

Yeah, do you guys have anyone
else that you want to invite?

It's a big island, we
can host a lot of people.

And I know a lot of the business
owners are really excited.

(Brennan laughs)

- Peter Willy.

- I like Willy.

Willy is our neighbor.

- Great.

- I would love to get a
hold of Nod at some point

and be able to talk, but.

- I mean, that would be my ideal.

- Cool, who do you guys
specifically reach out to

and how before the meeting?

- How do I contact Nod?

How was I getting in contact with them?

- You just are normally
able to reach out to them

and speak pretty easily actually.

- I'd like to do that and
invite them to this thing.

- Go ahead and give me an Arcana check.

- Okay.

Oh, that's only an 11.

(dramatic music)

- It's not working.

Sometimes Nod is busy
or other shit comes up.

You could always try going
to a more dreamlike place.

It also occurs to Pete in this moment,

that you haven't needed to contact Nod

for awhile for anything, you've been kind

of just doing your Vox
Phantasma thing of brain

dreams life in the city.

Probably also occurs to Pete,

that his consciousness
was already pretty altered

during the times that
he was contacting Nod

the most frequently.

- Yeah.



(Emily laughing)

(Brennan laughing)

I think I'm gonna meditate.

I'm gonna try to meditate.

- Cool.

- I've been trying to meditate.

- Give me like a religion check.

- Let me see here.

(dramatic music)

(Ally whistling)

(dramatic music)

That's only a nine.

(dramatic music)

This damn chimes keeps going off.

I can't meditate.

- Your like in your mind,

you are not in Nod physically right now.

That's a bigger deal to go to Nod

in person to like ride the L
all the way to the Nod station.

But you're in Nod just in your
mind and your liminal space,

because you travel there every
night in your real dreams.

(dramatic music)

There's something there at the edge,

that you feel like you could come back

to when you're actually asleep.

But you see something, you think
you might see where Nod is.

- Okay.


- That night when you go
to sleep, you're in Nod,

again you're not here physically,

you're here just in your dream state.

You're dreaming.

You're here in the world of dreams.

Your body is asleep somewhere
in the waking world.

Bright sparkling lights,
you see that there are all

of these ghostly leaves,

made almost of like incense smoke

that blow through Nod during
the autumn swirling up,

all the stars overhead.

Of course, New York with
starlight, never happens

in the waking world,

but here in the dreaming
sky is rich with stars.

Go ahead and give me a perception check.

(dramatic music)

- Okay.

That is a nine.

- You can't tell why, but it's
not as bright here right now.

You're looking around the buildings.

And normally the buildings
are alive with lights.

But you know that the
lights are on in places

where people are dreaming
and you're looking around

and just seeing that there aren't a lot

of dreaming people in the city.

I mean, there's plenty.

There's lots, right?

You're looking around and
see us millions of people,

But God, do you think these
buildings used to be brighter?

And you're seeing rooms

and apartments here in Nod that are dark.

(dramatic music)

You know, there are dark
apartments in Nod all the time.

People are out of town,
people aren't home.

They're awake during the night.

So they're not at home dreaming.

Nod is always sort of purpley and misty

and swirling in Indigo.

(dramatic music)

You feel arising in your stomach almost

in that way of like a car going

over a bump in the road
or something like that.

And you feel a wash of something
around you of raw umbra.

- Fuck.

- One or two little
lights go out, not big,

just one or two twinkle out.

You look behind you, behind
you is Times Square in Nod.

Which is bright,
colorful, even more bright

and colorful in the dream
world than it is anywhere else.

You haven't fucked around
with Times Square in a while.

Because Times Square is where everything

fucking went down three years ago.

And you know that the Paragon
doorway is closed and sealed.

It's safe.

You've taken care of that.

You've been doing your
thing, but there is...

You sense something out
there in Times Square.

- Can I try something?

- Yeah.

- So this umbra around me, right?

- Yeah.

- That I've been seeing.

Do I recognize it from like other places?

Like this is what I've just been seeing.

- Yeah, it's hard.

You realize it's always there.

It's like how you can't really
see humidity in the air.

Unless someone shows you a picture,

of like, "Here's on a
clear day and here's on..."

And you go, "Oh shit,
there is a big difference."

- But you'd never would look for it.

That's sort of what Umbra is here.


- Can I just start saying
out loud things like,

"Fuck all the people here.

Honestly, fuck the
party, these New Yorkers.

Kingston needs to leave,
he's never seen Europe.

What fucking dumb guy."

(Brennan laughs)

Can I just start talking shit on New York?

- Give me a deception roll.

- Okay, oh, I have good deception
roll I was a drug dealer.

That's 20 not nat.

- Cool, you start saying
that you begin to see

a thread of umbra going
towards Times Square

kind of in that weird bridgie way.

Vein is the wrong word,

it's more like how currents
exist in the ocean.

There's a current of umbra,

(imitates current)

moving towards Times Square.

And you feel somewhat invisible.

Here's the thing.

And I'm going to ask Pete

for this lie to work
like a lot of good lies.

Part of you has to believe it.

Is Pete willing to let
himself get to a point

of feeling a little bit of
isolation in this moment

to make the lie convincing.

- I mean, he's definitely
saying all of this stuff

knowing he doesn't believe it.

But I do believe he is pretty isolated.

- If Pete feels a twang of isolation,

then the lie will work,

but you have to feel the
real feeling of loneliness.

- Yeah, I think he does.

I think he definitely has
access to that feeling.

- Okay, cool.

That is a trigger for Pete.

- Four.

- Cool. Great.

- Yes.

- You move forward, as
you say that you feel

that real thing of you're like,

"I'm living in a fucking
attic in Astoria."

You know that Priya didn't
treat you correctly.

And you know, the kindness
that Sofia and Kingston

and Ricky and everybody
has extended to you.

You know that kindness is incredibly real.

And the realness of that
kindness makes it hurt even more.

That these people are
not going to lie down

in bed with you to keep you warm at night

for the rest of your life.

They're not going to be there
by your side at every moment

they are going to have their
own needs and their own lives.

And for as awful as Priya was to you

as much as things were never going to work

out with Rowan, you weren't alone.

(somber music)

And that when you feel isolated
and you feel this feeling

of like so sad, so alone, cold.

And cold is a measurement
of distance almost.

You're further away.

The more farther away
things move from each other,

the colder they get,

down to the level of electrons, right?

The air is moving less.

Things are less agitated
when they're further apart

and colder and more distant.

And as you hear that, something's wrong

with the colorful signs.

You're in Times Square

and you look and see
through the colorful signs

and all of these things
are billboards of signs

and products that don't exist,

all the signs in Times Square Nod are

for companies that people in
the city dream of starting.

So there's all these dreams of people

that are trying to make it in music.

And haven't made it yet and
trying to sell their movie

and be an action star and
this person, that person.

So it's an incredible neon thing
of all the dreams and ideas

and innovations of people
and what they want to do

with their lives.

There is an area as you look,

and at first you think
something's wrong with your eyes

because you're looking
at some of the signs

and they are absent of color.

And then you realize that

you are seeing the absence of color

(dramatic music)

in the silhouette of a
figure wearing a suit.

(dramatic music)

- It's a person.

- The way I would describe
it is picture if...

Like, you know when someone is invisible

you're able to see through them.

Picture if someone was invisible

and you could see through them

but everything that you were seeing

through them to see was
robbed of its color.

So there's no features to this thing.

There's no outline.

It's just the shape of
something human like

with the things behind
it, robbed of color.

(dramatic music)

- Can I cast detect thoughts on it?

- Static?

(dramatic music)

You see the figure turn to you.

Here's the thing, it doesn't look...

You can't tell how far away this thing is

because it isn't a figure.

It's just things in the distance

not having the color they
would normally have, right?

So it's like, where is this
thing in relation to me..

But in terms of the size of something

it would make sense if
something was not close

but not far away, maybe something like...

Like if a person was in the
middle distance between you

and sign behind it turns,
you hear a voice coming

out of the speaker function of your phone.

Like your phone is on speaker mode

a voice of a guy that you
went to high school with

speaks to you out of the phone and goes,

"Wow, look at all these dreams."

The head of the figure turns
and again, there's no face

but the head turns in
such a way that you know

it is oriented towards you and just goes,

(dramatic music)

"Most of these will never come true.

(dramatic music)

I suppose hope is kind
of painful that way."

Two of the signs blink out.

- Was that the invisible person
that said the second part,

most of these will never come true.

- The invisible person--

- Hasn't spoken, it was just--

- Hasn't spoken, it's a voice
coming out of your phone

but you're not sure.

There is no person there.

And so maybe this person doesn't talk

from a place because it is nowhere.

- Okay, do I get the sense that...

Like when I was trying
to be really negative

or when I was embracing
the isolation that I feel

do I get the sense that the
umbra could take me over

or that I was feeding
some sort of loop with it?

- Yes, It felt like that
feeling of emptiness

that isolation more powerfully
attached you to the umbra.

- Okay, I just sprint
towards the invisible person.

- Cool, you sprint towards them.

Make a wisdom savings right for me, DC 21.

- Nat 20.

- Yes.

- Nat 20.

- Yes.

- Oh my God.

- Fuck you.

(participants laughing)

Fuck you.

- Yes. Yes.
- Oh my God.

(participants chattering)

- I cast banishment on them.

- Here's the thing, you
cast banishment on them.

Pete, on a nat 20, it fucking works.

Something you reach out
and immediately know.

Ally, I'm going to be real with you.

If you had rolled a 19,
you'd be fucking dead.

When you reach out to banish this thing

it flinches in the way that
a great white shark flinches

when punched in the nose,
you just did the brave...

Pete realizes.

I just said the bravest
thing I've ever done

this thing is so vast.

The size of it, it is bigger than Nod

bigger than New York,
bigger than anything.

It's form is formless.

It's mass is massless.

It extends from here

into the deep dark depths
of the dreaming forever.

And you running to it would
have put you into its center

and you would have joined
your friends, Josefina Gatsby

and Hans in the far reaches the dreaming

and your last memories would be gone

from that museum baby.

That's it.

On a nat 20, like punching
a shark in the nose,

like doing something that fucking crazy.

This thing vanishes from Nod, voom.

And you hear a scream cry out

from the top of the Empire State Building.

(dramatic music)

- I look, can I see anything?

- Yeah, you can fly in the dream realm,

no problem.
- Yeah. Right.

Again, the equivalent of banishing.

(participants laughing)

- Did I just ruin your whole game?

- Oh, for everyone at home,

this is the last episode we're shooting

before I have a five day break.

Which is the only reason I'm ruining

my whole campaign right now.

(participants laughing)


Yeah, you have that...

I don't know.

It's the thing of like,
"Oh, I did a skate trick.

Oh God, I didn't realize I was doing it

from one skyscraper to another."

Yes, that was an ollie.

But I didn't realize,

(Ally laughing)

what the stakes were in that moment, right?

You boom.

And you think maybe partially,

because of the ill advisedness
whatever this entity is

there is some calculation
on it's part of like...

You know like, I so believed
that was going to work

that perhaps whatever the fuck...

Even entity is to humanizing of a word

for what that thing was.

And it's gone for the
moment, it's gone from Nod.

You've done your job as the Vox Phantasma.

And as you fly to the top
of the Empire State Building

you see withered, emaciated

and hurt is the gray orphan is Nod.

Looks up, something has been feeding

on Nod and you think you know what it was.

- I grab Nod.

- You grab them, they look up and go,

"I keep saying it, but I knew
I choose right, right, right."

And they collapsed and start breathing.

And your presence begins to fill them

with a multi-colored
phantasmagoria of healing light.

The reason you haven't heard

from Nod is it was being devoured.

It being the place and
them being the person,

were both being devoured
by whatever that thing was.

You look back down at Times Square,

and for a moment you're holding Nod.

You can tell that they're healing.

You're holding them in your arms.

They are smiling and weeping
these jet black tears,

like you saw them weep on the
very first day you saw them.

You look down Times Square,

the signs that were
turned off, turned back on

but they don't turn on with color again.

Gladiator coming to a campus near you.

You wake up.

Fucking wild.

(participants laughing)

Woo baby.

- Wow

- Okay, I'm going to say
that's what Pete's mind is on.

But it's the day of the meeting.

So fade, you did your job, you found Nod.

But of course Nod can't come
to the waking world anyway,

but you're awake on
the day of the meeting.

For everybody else, I know it's crazy.

But after all--

(participants laughing)

- Truly.

- Oh my fucking God.

Kingston, do you reach out
to anyone to come to...

Does Kingston, Sofia, Ricky, Cody, or Iga

reach out to anybody to
invite them to the meeting?

- I don't think, I actually
know Willy that well

to invite them to this meeting.

But that was the only
person I could think of

that was outside of an ally
that we've talked about.

- Happy to do it, unless people...

It's crazy
- Maybe it's unnecessary.

- Yeah. I mean, I'll
invite Willy, is it...

I'm not going to invite...

I just had the thought
and I'll just say it

in the group chat and
everyone could just thumbs up

or thumbs down.

Will Santa Claus be
helpful in this situation?

Or are we leaving him out of this?

You mean Wally?

- Oh, Santa Claus is gone.

- Wally is Santa Claus now.
- Wally is Santa Claus.

- Wally is Santa Claus.

- I think that may be, if you feel excited

about having Santa Claus, AKA Wally there

that absolutely I'm on board.

There is something

about him that I want to
just keep him innocent.

- Did he date your mom or did he not?

- Did he date my mom?

- I think we fully red lined that

because it was a joke at
the end of the finale.

And then we all thought about it

for a day and went that's
so disturbing and upsetting.

Let's not have that happen.

- Great, we'll leave Wally innocent.

And I'll text Willy and
see if he wants to come.

I'll forward him the same
invitation that was sent to me.

And if he'd like to attend,
he's more than welcomed.

- Yeah, Willy gets back in touch with you

and is like, "I would love to attend.

What are we going to see
you at the poker game?

You get back together with Liz and I."

- All right, I'm making a
conscious choice to spend time

with a woman I find to be near perfection.

(Emily laughing)

So I think, if I have
a choice between poker

and perfection, I'll pick
perfection 10 out of 10 times.

- He goes, "Oh, of course."

He says, "I say these
things because I miss you."

- Well, she's working a lot right now.

So who knows maybe I'll be able

to sneak over one Thursday night.

We'll see. We'll see.

- Wonderful.

Cool, so Willy is on
his way there as well.

And Sofia, anyone from you?

- I actually want to use the time

to maybe ask Tony something.

- Sure. Yeah.

So it's the morning of the meeting.


- Yeah. I think I want to...

I'll go in on my phone,
pretending I'm finishing

up a conversation, just
be talking really glowing

about Pete.

Just being like, "Oh yeah, yeah."

"Then he casts haste on a Dalmatian,"

"and then cone of cold
on a bunch of devils."

"What a kid that."

"Oh, sorry, I'm going
into a meeting, bye."

Sorry, I was talking about Pete.


- Yeah, you all right?

Yeah, no worries.

- Yeah, no, sorry.

That's rude of me.

I showed put my phone away sooner.

Anyways, I just had a real
quick question for you.

- Yeah, yeah, shoot.

What is it?

What do you need help with?

- I just wanted to know a little more

about what happened in San Francisco.

Obviously nothing that
you don't want to tell

but I was curious if
you all had a Vox Populi

or Vox Phantasma there?

I don't know enough
about this kind of stuff,

to know if that will be normal.

- He shakes his head and says,

"No, there's an unseen world

within San Francisco.

As there is within most
cities, but no, it's...

Yeah, magic's different
depending on where you go,

New York is unique,
unique New York, right?"

- Yeah.

That rolled off the tongue for you.

Are you a theater kid?

- Nah, you know, surprisingly,

I didn't get into much theater.

I mostly was getting my ass kicked.

But I'll tell you what the...

No, San Francisco's got a magic all it's own.

And I have family out there

so I wanted to see them.

And I also wanted the order that...

You know, there was a period of time

in American history where
they were going to have...

They got the Statue of
Liberty out here in New York.

And in San Francisco

they wanted to build a
complimentary statute to it

called the Statue of Responsibility.

It's a interesting piece of history.

You can look it up.

I think people forget that sometimes.

And I wonder what the country would be

like if we had had both
statutes kind of watching

out for us on either coast.

Because it's not always
about what you want to do,

sometimes it's about
your responsibilities.

- Yeah, I see.

Oh, you know, as a fellow,
a monk of the order

dealing with the material world

and really ingrained
in that kind of stuff.

I totally agree.

Responsibility is really important.

It's really important.

- Yeah, you know that's the mantra, right?

It is what it is and--

- Yeah, it is what it is.

Absolutely, I think that's a great mantra.

- (laughs) You see, Tony
looks at you and says,

"In any case, no there's no Vox Populi,

Vox Phantasma there."

New, New York is a special in terms

of its relationship to the
cycle of waking and dreaming.

It has a unique relationship to sleep,

to the world of dreaming.

But there's plenty of other
realms to be attached to,

plenty of other sources of magic out there

and other places."

- Okay, I was just curious.

'Cause I know that we have a
real reciprocal relationship

with magic and the material.

We have a good relationship between,

maybe Liberty and responsibility here.

And so I was curious.

- Yeah, it's not really magic what we do.

- No, it's not.

- The power of your strength,
your ki, your soul.

Ki is literally life force.

It's not supernatural, it's
the most natural, right?

And even people that cast spells

with the best of intentions
can sometimes be meddling

in forces that they
don't fully understand.

You know what I mean?

And I'm not gonna lie to you Sofia,

look, I think, you know
that I'm an old school guy.

I feel old school kind
of way about things.

The last thing I want
to do is be an old dog

trying to learn new tricks.

And I don't want to be that
asshole that comes back home

and tries to tell people the
way to do things or whatever.

Look, hey, you crack the riddle, right?

Turns out Dale was right,

the chosen one was a real thing, right?

So I'm not going to
tell you your business.

What I will say is that
it's a slippery slope.

It's a slippery slope,

because of course haste
is going to be useful.

Of course, it's going to
be useful for someone to

summon some kind of
spirit, do something quick.

So you let it slide, right?

And that's a little more,

it's a creature from the dream realm

is something crossing over,

is something else.

Eventually the line gets drawn somewhere.

And if it doesn't well, what
the hell happens then, right?

- Yeah, I definitely agree that it's

a delicate situation and that
responsibility is important.

I do hope that you will keep an open mind

because I do believe an old
dog can learn new tricks.

- Hey, I'll do my best, I'm pretty old.

- Okay, yeah. All right.

Cool, and I think that I feel okay

with that conversation,

kind of feel like I suss
him out a little more.

I was considering spying on him.

Obviously, I don't say this out loud

but I think I'm going
to just keep it as is.

- Cool, the meeting comes.

So Esther arrives with JJ in tow

because Ana and Amelia are asleep.

It's the daytime.

So she arrives looking great.

She's there with Ricky.

Iga you get there.

You guys all meet up at the ferry.

You see Willy walking up, come, come.

Give me a perception check.

- You got it.

That's going to be 18.

- Willy is moving a little
bit slower than normal.

- Can I tell why or is there...

Can I tell why without asking?

- Give me a medicine check.

- I'd love too.

- That's going to be a 28.

- Willy is a Golem.

He is animated by a divine
force and it looks like,

that maybe his connection

to that divine force
is a little bit weaker.

A little bit lessened.

It looks like he's straining
more to move his own bulk

but he looks up at you and
you can tell he's masking it.

He just goes, "Kingston Brown from uptown,

there's my buddy."

- A big old hug.

Hey, thank you so much for coming out.

This should be good to get off the Island

go see what Staten Island's all about.

I agree.

(Emily laughing)

- You guys, so it's Willy,
Lowell Masters who shows up.

Who's also moving slowly.

(Emily laughing)

Esther and JJ, JJ can see Willy and his...

He's like, "Holy, shnike's dude, this guy.

Look at this dude.

This is wild man."

And you guys all get on
the Staten Island ferry,

Pete this is the morning you woke up.

So you get there right as the
ferry is about to take off.

So you see a Madame Anastasia ,

Ricky, Esther, JJ, Willy, Kingston

and Cody all here with Lowell Masters.

Pete, what do you say as you approach?

- Yeah, I think I just
tell everyone everything.

Yeah, especially Kingston,

I'm just talking about how it was

taking dreams away.

It seemed to be a lot of...

Like it was just subtracting
something from the city

or something from the people

and that it's only banished.

- Oh, well that doesn't sound good at all.

- Did you tell us the Gladiator part?

- No. Yeah, yeah.

I'll tell you that part too.

And about finding Nod.

Wait, sorry.

The Gladiator part was at the
end, right before I woke up.

- The two signs in Times
Square that had been shut off

which literally you understand.

You understand in waking what that means

because Times Square and Nod is made up

of everybody's dreams and ambitions

and desires for the future.

When signs disappear like
that, it means somebody

in the waking world fully
gave up on that dream.

It died in them.

- So then I saw a Gladiator come back on.

- Yep.

- Got it. Yeah.

I let everyone know that.

Especially Cody.
- This is all adding up.

I'm like, yeah.

- This is super adding up.

- Wait, I want to ask JJ
something for a second.

- Yeah. Go for it.

- JJ, I remember you and Esther talking.

You are at Columbia and you
found a particle in science.

That was literally magic.

- Yes, it was pretty wild man.

So it has to do with the
physics of space time.

And basically,

there is a particle

within the understanding of science.

You see JJ looks at Ricky already like...

He's like, "Okay, so
basically it's this," right?

Nothing can move faster than
the speed of light, right?

Speed of light is the
fastest thing in the world.

And as long as this thing is like,

theoretically you could time travel

and like go back to the past.

But in order to do that

you'd have to move faster
than the speed of light

and nothing can move fast
in the speed of light."

There's whole bunch of
relative reasons for that.

But it's this weird thing where,

if you ever heard that light
moves both like a particle

and a wave.

It behaves sort of like
both in weird ways.

- Have I heard that?

(participants laughing)

Well, yeah, sure.

- So there is an element in terms of time

there are elements of time that exist

in kind of measurable
space that we can quantify

and kind of understand.

But in terms of relativity

they change in certain instances, right?

But when you get into
studying quantum mechanics,

the whole thing with quantum mechanics

is a thing can break rules.

It can be in two places at the
same time, the rules of kind

of macro physics and the rules
of quantum physics differ.

So we don't have a united
theory of physics, right?

So I'm sorry.

I feel like I'm messing up.

- It seems like you're
talking about stuff that...

Well, generally my question.

Did anyone find your research?

- Oh yeah.

Well, I sent it in

because I applied for an
internship at Gladiator.

So I sent it in to them, but is that...

What's up?

Why is everyone's sighing?

- I played "Soul Caliber" with you, dude.

(participants laughing)

- Dude, they just pay super well.

I got the cool thing of Columbia.

I wasn't gonna work there forever,

but like it's a huge thing on your resume.

If you can...

I didn't mean to fuck up.

You see he says, look, there's a...

Esther stands up for JJ
and says, "JJ didn't know

the magical world was real
three or four days ago.

So we're gonna let JJ off
the hook on this one."

You see, JJ goes, "Yeah."

Look basically the particle

is this interesting thing, right?

Because it exists where...

I was studying it in Florida
and I couldn't find it.

It wasn't there basically, right?

But when I came to New
York and started studying at Columbia

we were able to find traces

of this thing that were
fractal images of a moment

of time where instances
of time that were longer

were actually repeating at
impossible speeds, right?

So there are segments of time

within New York that seemingly,
now that I understand

within the "Unsleeping City",
the beginning, I was like

why are we only finding traces
of this in New York City?

And now I know about
the "Unsleeping City",

but basically if you take
like a year in New York,

that year exists as a standard year,

but also has a fractal quantum.

- Is it like New York minute.

- Yes.

He's pointing at you and
says, "Yes, exactly."

There are minutes of time that exists

in fractal quantum
entanglement with themselves,

where if you can isolate a
60 second span in New York,

it consolidates to a particle faster

than the speed of light.

There are these minutes floating around

in space time here that
are literally faster

than the speed of light.

There is nothing faster
than a New York minute.

- Everything could change.

- Yeah. It's pretty fucking wild.

It's cool

- In a New York minute, ooh you.

Do you guys know this song, nevermind.

(participants laughing)

Can't wait for that to be in a super cut.

- You make it to Staten
Island, exit this ferry,

Emily what's waiting for
them as they exit the ferry

in Staten Island?

- I have a secret flash mob.

That's just people having a lovely day,

but in a sort of choreographed way,

(Emily laughing)

(dramatic music)

- Like la, la, land, but Staten Island.

- Exactly.

(Emily laughing)

- Oh my gosh.

- Staten island.

- So it'll be like a
kid loses their balloon

and then a nice man catches it for them.

But then falls over a grocer,
who's putting out stuff.

But then it's caught by someone

who's putting a mattress out on the side.

(Emily laughing)

- Wow really nice people.

- Catching people.

(people chattering)

I don't know why it's a bad wrap.

I mean, this been wonderful.

- Fucking incredible.

- Three, two, one, and now
they all erupt into song

(Emily laughing)

(participants laughing)

- This and take it from me.

I know 'em when I know 'em is not real.

(participants laughing)

- All of you ascend the
sky bound fire escape that

moves all the way up to the
monastery of the midnight sun.

You arrive to find a
small welcoming committee

made up of Sofia, Cindy, who's the abbess

and Solomon out here.

Cindy and Solomon both
look over at you Kingston.

Cindy goes, "Oh, Kingston Brown,

I remember when you
were here all the time."

Gives you a big hug.

- Oh, we're a long way
away from Jackson's days.

But I mean, Sofia holds it down.

- You came out for Jackson?

- What?

- You came out of Staten
Island for Jackson.

(Emily laughing)

- I mean, there was a lot more going...

I mean, you are so competent that

Jackson couldn't handle
it the way you could.

(participants jeering)

- I scarf a cannoli. Yeah.

(participants laughing)

- I brought you at box of Peter
Pan Donuts, from Greenpoint.

- Oh thank you so much.

I put them out.

- Incredible there is Peter Pan Donuts.

Cannolis from Staten Island, a true spread.

(Emily laughing)

- So sweet.

- You guys get inside.

Solomon says hello to
Kingston and Iga as well.

Solomon goes, "Hey Kingston.

Good to see you back in the monastery."

- Hey, nice to see you Solomon.

I wasn't around here like that much.

(participants laughing)

I just I'm familiar with these people.

I wasn't like I was out
here every weekend back

(Emily laughing)

in Jackson's day, just to be clear.

(Emily laughing)

- And you guys, as you go in.

Kingston you see a guy
that you haven't met yet

because you were not Vox Populi,

before this guy had already left

and moved out to San Francisco.

But Tony Simos comes over to you Kingston.

And he goes, "Do I speak
now to the Vox Populi,

of New York city."

- You can just call me Kingston Brown.

Nice to meet you, what's your name?

- My name is Tony Simos

I'm former first fist of the monastery.

Your reputation precedes you Mr. Brown,

is a pleasure to have in the monastery.

- Hey, nice to meet you Tony. Yeah.

Yeah, that's all.

Just shake his hand.

- Yeah, shake his hand and move on.

Sofia, give me an insight check.

- Okay.

Ooh, bad.

That is a nine.

- Nine. Cool.

You see Tony walk over
to Ricky, Esther, and JJ.

Tony looks over and he goes,

"Hey, I want to talk Ms. Sinclair."

"Alejandro was an incredible man.

And I want to come over and
say, sorry for your loss.

He was one of a kind

and an asset to the city

that is truly, truly amazing."

And Tony looks at you, Ricky and says,

"And this is Mr. March off
the Fireman's calendar."

"How you doing pal?"

- Former Mr. March, how you doing?

- It's all right.
- My name is Rick.

You can call me Ricky.

- Ricky, that's all right man.

I got a lot of firefighters
in the family, man.

How you doing?

- I'm good.

We're working on a new calendar.

(Emily laughing)

Esther, I'm I suppose to talk about that.

(Emily laughing)

- Esther goes, "You're fine.

You're fine, Ricky."

As the meeting begins to get started...

Yeah. I guess Sofia--

- Before I let Tony be in this meeting

can I just do an insight on him

or on Cindy to make sure?

'Cause like I trusted him because of Cindy

but can I do an insight to see if he's

bewitching Cindy in any way.

- Give an insight check.

- Okay. I have bad insight.

Let's see.

Okay. 19

- Cindy is not bewitched,
but she loves Tony.

She and him came up around the same time.

- Okay, so it seems

she trusts him.

- She trusts him implicitly, you see that.

You see that Tony has genuine
affection for Cindy on a 19.

No doubt about it.

He's very playful, gregarious,
kind of a funny guy.

- I didn't want to text
the group text and be like

this is the guy I was talking about.

- You do see pointedly on a 19.

Tony does not introduce himself to Cody,

does not introduce himself to
Iga and does not look at Pete.

- Well he's not looking at
cash true strike on him.

(participants laughing)

Okay, this is like--

- Can I use my ghostly gaze?

Can I use my ghostly gaze
to go through Tony's wallet?

- I'm gonna roll a D 20
Tony's tight bike shorts

and workout tank tops reveal
no wallet of any kind to you.

- He doesn't have any info
on him at all, interesting.

- He's got a watch.

- Apple watch.

- Is it an Apple watch?

- Mostly gaze into his email.

- No, it's not an Apple watch.

- I don't think there's
going to be anything

inside a watch that
ghostly gaze lets me see

through solid objects.

So I don't think me seeing through a watch

will give me any useful
information on him.

Does it look like an expensive watch?

- Did it looked like an expensive watch?

Yeah, I guess it looks...

Yeah, it looks nice.

Looks like a nice watch.

- Okay, I'm just going to text Pete

and be like, "Do you want
me to ask this guy to leave,

'Cause he's being really
disrespectful to you."

- I would text back.

I cast true strike.

- Pete likes it, all right.

- I said, I'll take him
down if he makes a move.

- Okay. I've got my eyes on him.

You got your eyes on him.

We all know this guy is possibly
an absolute piece of shit.

- I'm standing up so
straight, almost on my toes.

- Yeah, I think Cody
is also seeing this as

a chance to bond by being...

It looks like he's standing
near Pete smoking a cigarette.

- And I love it honestly.

- What do you think

(people chattering)

deal is.

- I don't fucking know.

I don't fucking know.

But he's about to get it handed to him.

(people chattering)

(participants laughing)

- Cody, you can't smoke in here.

You can't smoke in here.

- I'm so fucking sorry.

(participants laughing)
I'm so fucking sorry.

- It's incredible.

Yeah. You see the Astoria boys over

in the corner talking to each other.

You guys got pad Thai last night.

You're feeling great.

You're back at the spot
enjoying yourselves.

Life is good.

- I feel like I need to kick him out.

But also, I don't want
to disrespect Cindy.

- I think Sofia knows that
there's no way to kick him out

without it being a huge cluster fuck.

The meeting begins.

Esther stands up and goes,
"Assembled inhabitants, Denizens

and protectors of the "Unsleeping City".

Good afternoon.

My name is Esther Sinclair.

I'm the chairwoman and head of
the Gramercy Occult Society,

which has long worked hand
in hand with the order

of the concrete fist to
safeguard the city of New York

and the "Unsleeping City".

We also have the honor today

of being joined by both the
Vox Populi and Vox Phantasma.

And for the first time in the history of--

(participants clapping)

- Let's get a bid round of applause going.

- Look at Tony.

- Look at Tony.

(Emily laughing)

- Tony does not clap, but makes one

of those faces of like sort
of nods along the clapping.

(Emily laughing)

- Mother fucker.

- That's so specific and
that's so blood boiling.

(participants laughing)

- You see that--

- I'm going to hex
blade curse him quietly.

- Quietly.

Cool, incredible.

- Wait, what'd you say? sorry.

I just put a little hexblade curse on him

just in case shit goes down.

(Emily laughing)

- We start leveling on
him like we did on JJ.

(participants laughing)

- So you see that Esther
looks out and says,

"For the first time in the
history of the city of New York,

we not only have the
ability to protect the city

from threats external,

but to also understand our externalities.

And in fact, everything
that we've come to learn

and understand about the sixth borough."

You see Tony winces at this,
the sixth borough is not a term

that the order would have used back

in the day to refer to Nod.

They would have just called it Nod.

So she says, "Is indeed that the
denizens of Nod are for lack

of a better word, New Yorkers
and deserve the extent

of our protection and our understanding.

Over the past two weeks,
we have seen an influx

of raw umbra into the environs

of the waking world of New York,
both in the washing ashore.

So to speak of anti
Populi, aboard a northbound

a train on Halloween evening,

but also in connections to
other nodes of magic nearby.

We saw not only the arrival

of the Jersey devil followed
by his prompt defeat.

Thanks to champion of darkness."

(Brian clapping)
- I nudge you.

(Ally Clapping)

- You see Tony leans over
and whispers to Cindy

and say, "This guy just
fucking start his own clap.

Did he start his--"

(participants laughing)

- Ricky just nods.

(participants laughing)

- You devilish.

- I started a bunch of
claps, just all the claps.

So relax.
- You see,

Esther looks and says, "Not
to mention the appearance

of an infernal codex
itself in a hot topic."

You see that JJ speaks up and says,

"Honestly, I feel I've
seen infernal codexes

in hot topics before."

And Esther goes, "Right in this case,

a real one, which is noteworthy."

She says, "Additionally,
we have Lowell Masters here

who should be here in a minute or two.

He's in the bathroom at the moment."

- My mother, what she would say to me.

(participants laughing)

- Incredible, you see
Lowell Masters walks in.

Iga, it looks like honestly,

some incredible restoration
work has happened on this chest.

It looks to me incredible shape.

Lowell has really taken care of it.

You see that it's

on a small trolley table
with some flowers around it.

Some incense burning, brings it in.

He goes, "Hello everyone.

So we did a deep 48 hour
scan on the chest here.

Sort of understood the
major things about it

sort of right away."
- Need to say deep.

(Emily laughing)

- Again for everybody here.

Just want everyone to know,

the margin of error on
these identifies is, well,

we would have to be, in a
tiny fractional percentage

to not sort of have a
deeper understanding here.

So the box appears to have been changed.

And I am happy to report
that these changes

in the exterior of the box
are a reaction of the box

to a change in its environment.

Far be it from the city appearing on it...

The city and skyscrapers appearing on it.

And you see as he shows you the chest

the chest has another
complimentary set of skyscrapers.

Now showing

a woman with her hair
tied in a scarf and a man

with an enormous double-handed
sword and a long coat.

- We are put together, interesting.

(Emily laughing)

- Two side of the same coin.

(participants laughing)

- You keep on saying that.

And do not know if you know what it means.

(participants laughing)

- You see Lowell says, see he says,

"I want to be very clear
to Mrs. Lisowski here

"that the appearance of a
city skyline on this box,

"is effectively something
along the lines of

"perhaps an adaptation,
maybe more correctly put

"to be an evolution, because the forces

"that have prompted this
allergic reaction of your box,

"aren't trying to put a city on it.

"They're trying to erase it.

"And your box is fighting back."

- Okay, that's weird.

- What's trying to erase--
- I mean, certainly

my magic has not become less powerful.

So they're not winning.

- You see that the--

- Is it essentially like a rash

that's an immune response
to a greater threat.

- You see Lowell says,
"Precisely, exactly.

The force at work that has
changed the environment.

I believe the box is responding

to the presence of this
raw umbra within the city.

And the umbra is seeking out things like

the chest that belongs to Mrs. Lisowski

and objects like these fighting back

and withstanding is
actually preventing the tide

from destroying or erasing even more.

So this chest right now,
if I'm being honest...

You see that Esther stands up, she says,

"Can you tell us more about
the nature of the chest?"

And he says, "Absolutely,
incredibly powerful magic

of all eight schools of magic.

Every single one.

There are thematic
associations within this,

with legend, myth, stories,

and particularly history and time itself."

Kingston as you hear this, go ahead

and give me a perception or insight roll.

- You got it.

We'll go 23 insight.

- Kingston, you're
looking at this chest old

and full stories.

And now you see it's
covered in skyscrapers.

And it's covered in skyscrapers,

all this wild stuff all over it.

That chest feels good to you.

You are well-versed in medicine.

And what you see is a city that is sick

and you are looking at a shining vaccine.

You are looking at this.

And when Lowell says

legend, myth, history, and time,

you have this sort of vision of...

You've never associated yourself

and Pete with moments in
time before necessarily.

Like Pete's dream,
you're the waking world.

You're real, your community
thriving, heart, Pete is wild,

fantasy, chaos, but also
you kind of realize that

there is an association with
time itself with both of you.

You are a man of the present.

There are people that are alive right now

and they have needs that need to be met.

And we have to stand up for them

because they are living in this moment.

The communities whose blood flows

in time to the rhythm of the
city is what you stand for.

And Pete being next to Nod is
almost mythically associated

with the future, with
potential, with chimeric things

things that could be anything, right?

And you look at this box

and suddenly feel a third kind of magic.

And I've already used a
metaphor to compare this thing

to a vaccine, but there's
almost a comparison

to a vitamin as well, but
there is some attachment

of this thing to the past
and it is something healthy.

- Yeah, I think kind of taking that in,

I look up to Lowell and Iga.

And so Iga you were
describing the inside is kind

of being a fairy tale, right?

Like some kind of castle from
the places that you came.

- Yes. It's sort of an ideal

of a castle of the black forest.

- Is there a possibility, I mean

with everything that Lowell
is saying about the nature

of time and what this speaking to kind of

it is being a positive reaction.

I mean, is there a chance

that what the inside of
that box could be changing?

If that box in some way is tied to time

or represents the past, is
there a way that the inside

of that box could change to be reflective

of your present right now

that that inside would become the city

as that becomes the past?

I mean, is that possibly the change

that is happening in your box?

- I mean, I don't know.

It's never happened before.

I mean, look I'm the first one,

I'm living here.

My daughter's growing up
here, she's born here.

But there was no precedent for this.

There's no history for this.

This is not the history.

This is not the past.

This is something new.

- I think your box is incredibly important

to this moment to whatever is happening.

- I think Iga is in a very
uncomfortable position right now.

Her family heirloom was

in this big room full of all
these fucking magical people.

How is Iga feeling at
this moment right now?

- I'm very protective of the box

because that's sort of all that
she's been brought up to do.

Like day one, protect the box,

that's more important
almost than your life.

But also she does love the city
and she loves her life here.

And she loves that her
children love their lives here.


she just feels,

I think afraid, really afraid to step out.

She spent so much of her
childhood being warned

that stepping into the
spotlight was dangerous.

And the whole reason
that her magic looks fake

is to make people think
that her magic is fake.

So that she can hide in plain sight.

She spent her life hiding from everybody

because the important thing is family

and keeping the family safe.

And the box is a part of the family.

So putting that in danger,

even if it's a means

to ultimately save it, is scary to her.

- Iga wrestles with all of that.

There are no clear answers to her here.

And I think that Iga is
falling into a lot of loops.

A lot of loops of how much her
life is shaped by the actions

of women who came before
her, by the traditions

of this place and about
all the weight of history.

But also this weight of not exploring,

like all the weight of,

here's the thing that's going to control

the passing of your
life, don't look into it

and don't ask any fucking
questions about it.

And Iga is different than all the women

that came before her.

You moved to New York.

And I think that Iga is wrestling

with trying to keep a tradition alive.

When you already did
something that your mother

and your mother's mother

and your mother's
mother's mother never did.

As we move from that, you
see that Lowell steps away

from the box and returns it to you Iga.

Misiek, (imitates crawling)
crawls up onto it.

- I pull down my sleeves to take it.

- Yes, incredible.

You see that Esther
steps forward and says,

"So we can see that this
chest and for the time being

which I want to remind the
assembled council is the property

of Mrs. Iga Lisowski and
no degree of importance

around that chest should cancel
the fact in anyone's mind

that we would love to work
hand in hand with Mrs. Lisowski

to understand the chest,
to the best of our ability.

And how it may be protected by us,

as it in turn appears to in
some fashion, be protecting us

by holding this advancing
tide of raw umbra at bay."

- I will work with you, but I cannot,

I'm sorry let you take it.

- You see Esther--

- This two days already
very stressful for me.

- You see Esther nods and says,

"Of course I understand."

Tony speaks up for the
first time and says,

"Madam Anastasia, as I believe
your Appalachian goes here

in the "Unsleeping City", would you...

Obviously the chest needs
to remain in your custody

you're the one who understands it the most

and it's most connected to it.

Would you find it acceptable
to have more protection

in your life, either to move

to a more secure location
than your current home

or to have people posted at your home,

should anyone physically
come for the chest?"

- What'd you think I
can't take care of myself?

I've been taking care
of myself all my life.

- I know you can take care
of yourself Madam Anastasia .

I'm worried about taking
care of the chest.

- The chest will take care of itself.

The chest has taken care of
itself and will continue to

and nobody else can use the chest but me.

- You see Esther looks over
to Sofia and Pete and says,

"In addition to dealing with the chest,

we seem to have some resolution

to the infernal business
of the "Unsleeping City"

with the Night Angel's,
victory over the Jersey devil.

- Yeah, that's my guy.

(participants laughing)

- High five Pete.

- Esther puts a hand on Ricky's shoulder.

She says, "However, I believe
there's some interesting work

in terms of the dream realm
that we should dive into."

As first fist of the order.

Sofia, would you like to talk about some

of what you've discovered in
the scrolls of the monastery?

- Absolutely, I basically, in looking

through the scrolls
discovered many illusions

to dream monsters and dream
magic that seemed to exist

in a deeper part of the dreaming world.

And that was alarming to me.

And I also came across the fact

that there was one section in which it

speaks how to deal with a monarch of Nod.

And it references the great
orphan, but it does only say A.

So that is alarming to
say the least to suggest

that there may be other
monarchies in the dreaming world.

- And Nadia actually approaches
at your mentioning of this

and spreads that scroll forms
of the greater dreaming.

So this ancient, enormous
scroll of the concrete fist

is expanded.

And you see, Pete, there
is a drawing of Nod

the gray orphan, and it's
kind of an anatomical drawing.

And you see, there are like
pressure points on this drawing

of Nod as like, if you were
going to fight this thing,

here's how you'd fight it.

- Again, I've prepped everyone

that the monastery had
a different relationship

with the dream world than the current one.

- I mean,
- This isn't all of that.

- I look at Sofia, like
obviously we're good.

I know, I know.

- This is an artifact from the 1800s,

I was equally alarmed by it.

I was surprised. Yeah.

- You see Tony speaks up and
says, "I'm sorry to interrupt.

What are we alarmed by?"

- I think that when I
see a lot of this stuff,

look there are creatures
of the deep dreams that are

described that sound
absolutely horrifying.

However, I have had very
positive interactions

with the great orphan and
Nod and the world of dreams.

And so when I see an anatomical model

of pressure points to hurt or paralyze

or stun someone that I
consider a business associate

at least, that is unusual.

And it disappoints me to
think that there was a time

that the grey orphan
would be seen as a foe.

- You see--

- Can I look and see like
what Cindy thinks of that?

- Yeah, go ahead and
give me an insight check.

- 13.

Just like really trying
not to insult Cindy.

- Cindy is sort of wide-eyed

and you see she's in the past right now.

She remembers the time when
the order felt differently.

She was a part of the order
when the order felt differently.

And I think you recognize in this moment

it is because of Sofia's victory.

Sofia has everything lined
up to be taken seriously

like victorious over the American dream,

sealed a Paragon from destroying New York,

was part of this group of people

that three years ago saved
everybody and everything.

And is the chosen one

and was the wife of the
previous chosen one.

Like Dale cracked the mystery
of the Empire State Building.

You were chosen.

And I think Sofia realizes

that you wield an incredible amount

of status and have pushed
this place very far,

very quickly.

And maybe people listened to you

because of how much respect you command

but maybe it was a bigger
deal than you thought.

And they did it because
you are so incredible.

But the other side

of that coin to borrow
Cody's expression is

that they did it because they
respect and believe in you

but they didn't get here themselves.

- Okay, yeah, I'm just
trying to be really sweet

and make this a gentle

insinuation for the older
members in the room.

- Cool.

- I definitely shoot
Pete a little, I'm sorry.

Please know that I wish I
could speak more frankly.

- So you see Esther cast a
message cantrip to you Pete

and actually asks while
Sofia is talking and says,

"Do you want to share what you shared

with us on the ferry here?

Or are you feeling--"

- No, I messaged back.

Absolutely not.

- Cool.

So the meaning is sort of talking

about these deeper threats.

And so Esther says,

"So it seems likely given
everything that Sofia has said

and our experience with the raw
umbra leaking into the city,

the appearance of these
infernals, the appearance

of other things like
this, that we are dealing

with an ebb of something powerful

from deeper within the dreaming.

These tides to borrow a phrase from Sofia.

To paint a picture, think
of nod the sixth borough

like a coral reef, bright,
vibrant, full of life

but it's full of life because
it is close to dreamers.

It is symbiotic.

It exists in mutual
benefit to the waking world

of New York City and
their interplay, which is

the "Unsleeping City" brings
a vibrant arcane biodiversity.

Past the reef of Nod
is the deeper dreaming.

and some title force triggered by

we don't know what is moving therein.

And perhaps those tides

explain the runaway A train

on Halloween.

It may even explain the appearance

of Cody's infernal grimoire,

we can't be quite certain.

However, what seems clear is that

these effects are happening

because of events happening
on the other side.

And so it is possible

that an expedition should
potentially be planned

or some deeper understanding at least

of what is going on should occur.

And it is also clear

that the time has come where the resources

of the city should be shared.

We have a living Vox Phantasma

and Populi at the same moment.

We have the presence of
this magic represented

by the Lisowski heirloom.

And we have warriors
who will defend the city

and here she looks sort
of lovingly at Ricky.

(dramatic music)

She says, "So hopefully
what we would like to

propose is a research committee to look

into a possible investigation
of forces that work deeper

in the dreaming to be done safely

and responsibly with the full permission

and guidance utmost of
the Vox Phantasma himself.

But a sharing of resources
and open collaboration

between the order and the society.

Is this amenable to the
parties here in gathered."

(dramatic music)

You see Tony stands up,
looks over at Cindy.

Cindy stands up.

Cindy goes, "As abbess of the
monastery of the midnight sun,

we would be delighted to usher

in a golden age of understanding
and collaboration."

And you see Tony loudly goes, woo

(Brennan clapping and cheering)

"Let's do it.

Let's fix the problem guy, huh?"

And snacks are shared, cannoli
are bandied back and forth.

- Do I trust this?

- Does everyone--

- Can I make an insight check?

- Make an insight check.

- Yeah, I want
- I got a five insight check.

- to do an insight check on Tony.

- I want to know why Tony just--

(people chattering)

- 17 insight check on Tony.

- I'm doing an insight check,

but to see if Ricky's pissed at me.

I got a two which for me is a zero.

(Brennan laughs)

So I just punch him on the arm.

- 15.

- 15.

(participants laughing)

- I got a 20.
- I gotta turn away from it.

- 22 on Tony.

(people chattering)

- 22.

22, let's you notice two things Kingston.

You noticed that JJ had
a detect magic spell up.

JJ had detect magic up to look
at the chest specifically.

And JJ is sweating bullets right now.

- Oh no.

- But you mostly look over at Tony.

Cannoli are being shared,
you actually do your insight.

As Tony is talking to JJ,
you go over to the corner.

Tony's going like, "Hey man, listen,

you gotta have the eggheads around.

Guys, like, you they tell guys
like me on the front line.

What to lookout for

so we don't get our
fucking asses handed to us.

Oh, Kingston, have you
tried the cannolis here man,

these things are out of control.

I'm more of a baklava guy myself.

Hey, try some of this.

This is moss."

And he hands you a piece of baklava.

- I eat it.

Ooh, flaky, this is real good

- It's a filo dough

That's what I'm talking about.

- Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, so I mean, what an
exciting meeting we just had.

I just wanted to check in with you.

I mean, of course you have been
around the order for a while

and I know you all haven't always...

Your approach to the
dream is very different

than the one we're at right now.

But old school to old school

I just wanted to see, check in,

just catch a feeling.

- He looks at you and
goes, "Hey man, yeah.

I think it's bullshit.

That's not how I rolled back in my day.

Look, I'm not a great liar,

not how we would have handled things.

But you don't learn new tricks

the young pups roll you right over,

so what are you gonna do?

It's not my call to make.

And if I throw a big shit
fit right now and say,

"Hey, this is all bullshit,
we got to watch out.

Why are we questioning
the wisdom of the scrolls?

Why are we questioning
the way the orders worked

for over 100 years?

Cool. So no one trusts me.

I'm not involved.

And I can't be that voice

of reason when maybe we
do go too far, so hey."

- So you let me know that
the shit fit is coming

just not today.

- Shit fit is coming, but not today, pal.

Yeah, that's where I'm at right now.

I'll roll with it.

It is what it is.

Hey, it is what it is.

- It's what you all say.

You mind if I talked to JJ for a second?

- Sure. Yeah.

JJ, the man wants to speak to you.

JJ looks up.

- Can I pull JJ away from Tony?

- Yeah, give me a little
persuasion check here.

- Okay.


I have not rolled a single
good persuasion check today.

That is a two and a three, so a 10.

- Cool.


You pull JJ away, what
does Kingston say to JJ?

- Hey man, I just want to say
it's been over the past week.

I just want to say
you're doing a great job

and that you're doing a lot for
the people of New York City.

And we are just so proud to have somebody

like you be such an influential part

of the "Unsleeping City".

And I just want to check in

it seemed like you were having a bit

of a hard time during the meeting.

I saw you kind of sweating pretty hard

while your going over the scroll.

I just want to see that
everything was as it should be.

- Yeah, man.

Thank you.

Thank you for those kind
of words and incredible.

I don't think I even
would've gotten the runes up

in the longer time it
took me to get them up,

if you hadn't--

- Hey, I think you got them
up and that's what matters.

- Yeah. I'm okay.

It's just a lot to take in.

Give me an insight to check.

- Okay. That I do better.

That's going to be 25.

- You know that your 10 was
not good enough to stop Tony

from overhearing you.

On a 22 insight for Tony.

You know, Tony knew that
he couldn't lie to you.

So he put a very brave face on it.

You don't think he's this
fucking bubbly underneath.

He said a bunch of shit that
was true because he knew

that he wasn't going to
be able to deceive you.

And I think Kingston is
maybe a little bit...

It says something about the gravity

of this dude that he knew
not to lie to you, Tony.

Like that's something that
makes you take a little pause

of like, "Okay, this dude is not..."

I guess the lesson from Tony is,

Tony's not underestimating anybody

and he's not moving from a place of panic

and he's not moving
from a place of urgency.

The other thing with JJ is
you see what's fucking JJ up.

JJ sees some kind of
magical aura around Tony.

And he did it when he cast
detect magic on the chest.

But Kingston doesn't know what?

- I put my hand on the
back of the JJ's neck.

And I just say, "You're doing
really, really good work.

And let me give you my number.

You don't hesitate to call me anytime.

Anything I can do for you.

If you're ever up at Columbia

I'm right in the neighborhood, so"

And then I immediately text the group.

- Cool. You text the group.

Your insight is high enough that you know

on your 10 persuasion, it
didn't do the trick with JJ.

JJ is excited that magic is real

but he also knows where
your allegiances are.

So Kingston feels it not quite sink in,

JJ is too rattled, right?

As you guys head out from there

one of the last things you
see in the monastery...

Obviously, not everyone's heading out

but the people that are
heading out together

you're just heading out.

It's been a little party.

People celebrating the new...

Like you guys got your wish collaboration

the order and the society are
working together, two Voxes.

We know there's a problem in
Nod, some shit's going on.

The last thing you see
is over by the ramparts

looking out over the clouds together

a dish of baklava being
shared between them.

You see Tony talking to JJ,

is one of the last things you guys see.

They've been talking out there for a while

and JJ is laughing and smiling,

as Tony talks to him and shares.

- Is there a way for me to
pass by Tony on my way out

or I would have to go out
on edge and talk to him?

- Hold--

- I mean, you can always
use me as an excuse

and I can pretend to show you something.

- I really just want to do a
little drive by statement

and keep walking is my dream.

- Yeah, go ahead.

Give me a flat charisma
check to do a drive by.

We'll call it a DC 20 flat charisma check

to do a drive by where Tony
can't get a word in edgewise.

- I would love to intimidate
him, would be my dream.

(Emily laughing)

- Go ahead and make an intimidate roll.

- That is a 24.

- Cool. You hit a 24.

- Can I convince Cody to be by my side.

- Yes. Yes, absolutely.

- Okay. Great.

All right. Great.

So two of us we walk by.
- So we walk by,

as we get outside, I
pull out my cigarette.

- And I just want to say
something like, pass by and go,

"Hey, let that be the last
time you look at me like that.

Okay. Bye-bye."

(Ally laughs)

(Emily laughing)

- He doesn't look at you, Pete.

And he says, "I didn't
look you at all kid."

- Exactly. And then I'm
like, "Cody, go, go."

(participants laughing)

- You sprint out of there.

- Is there a place where
I can leave Misiek,

where he would be hidden?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- But listen to Tony's
conversation with JJ.

(Ally sighs)

- You're going to need
to make a stealth check

for Misiek here.

Go ahead and make whatever
Misiek stealth check would be.

- Can I cast spell
without trace on Misiek.

- Sure, you absolutely can.

- Oh sorry, I'm looking at the wrong card.

- Me and Cody are touchdown
end zone dancing, but like--

- That was awesome.

That dude is fucking hardcore.

- Yeah, he didn't look but he heard me,

cause he responded.

So we have talked.

- Right, so he was pissed off.

(Emily laughing)

You could tell he's pissed off.

- Why wouldn't he look at me though?

- That's a 28 with pass without trace.

And he has advantage on perception on

all sight hearing and spell

and smell and resistant to magic.

- Copy that.

- So I mean I guess resistance
is just magical damage.

- Sorry what is your stealth check here?

- 28.

- 28.


You passed Tony's passive
perception by one.

(participants sigh)

- His passive perceptions is 27.

- 27.

- 27, yeah.

(people chattering)

So you see him talking
and he's going like,

"Okay, Columbia is great.

You got the whole world out ahead of you."

He says, "And don't be nervous to,

all these people are good people.

They order, the society, all these people.

They're great.

And I appreciate you
stopping by to talk, man,

listen anytime I can help
put your head on straight.

You just let me know."

See JJ goes, "Yeah, absolutely.

It's been awesome.

Esther is so cool."

And he goes, "Yeah, I met
her today for the first time.

Seems like the society's
in incredible hands, man."

You see, he looks at you and says,

"So JJ I wanna ask you a
question here my friend.

Why back in the meeting
you take a look at me

and you look like you've seen a ghost."

(dramatic music)

And you see JJ goes,

"There were two distinct effects on you."

And you see Tony goes, "Ssh, it's okay.

It's okay.

Let me give you my number,
we're not going to talk here.

We'll talk later.

You take it easy JJ, huh?"

And Tony gets JJ's

phone number and walks away.

- Just so everyone knows
I really couldn't just

kick him out or anything.

Cause like Cindy's the
abbess and I just have--

- Makes sense.

to be respectful.

- No it would have been awkward.

- Enemy is closer I think,

I think you're doing
totally the right thing.

- Okay.

- What's the deal with this guy?

We like him or?

(Emily laughing)

- What? He's horrible.

- Are you not on the group text?

I'm on a group text.


That's Tony.

(Emily laughing)

- I mean he made fun of Cody's sword.

Okay, he's got to be bad.


- Right.

- That's fucked up.
- He made fun of Cody's sword.

(participants laughing)

- Cool, we're going to move

into another period of
downtime here really quick.

So we're gonna go around,
do some downtime activities.

Basically, it's not like
you guys are preparing

the expedition right now.

This is basically going
to be a two week period

where you are sort of like sizing up.

I'm trying how to put it.

It's like a two week period where you are

pooling resources to research
how feasible it would be

for an expedition to head into Nod,

to look up stuff like,
how can it be done safely

and efficiently and effectively.

And you guys get a message
as well of an old friend

that's going to be in town

and wants to get together
at a Denny's in Forest Hill.

Because Santa Claus is going to be here

for the Macy's day parade

(participants laughing and applauding)

- Santa Claus is coming to town.

- Santa Claus is coming to
town for the Macy's day parade.

So you guys are going to...

He's going to be here a month

before Christmas in the parade.

And of course, people
think it's a fake Santa

but it's the "Unsleeping City".

Of course it's real Santa.

So you guys got a message.

Dear friends in the "Unsleeping
City" it's Wally Claus.

I love you guys so much.

I live at the North pole now.

I miss you.

And I will be there in two weeks.

You guys should totally
come to the parade.

Near Central Park.

So I can wave at you from the last float.

- Incredible.

- Hell. Yeah.

- Is that a letter or is that a text or?

- That is a voice message that
appears on your group text.

- Right. Right.

(Emily laughing)

- He just intruded
on our group text.

- He says, "I can move through in

between spaces and I can go
in any group texts I want

and as I'm secret magic
Santa Wally Claus."

(participants laughing)

- Who is this?

(participants laughing)

I do not have this number.

- So Santa is real or?

- Yeah.

- Yeah, Santa is real. Yeah.

- See Cody's clearly extremely emotional.

That's fucking dumb.

(participants laughing)

- Hey man, are you crying?

- No, it's fine.

No dude, people they
fucking made fun of me

for saying Santa was real

until I was like 12 and
then I found the darkness.

So I didn't need Santa anymore, but.

- Is the darkness an absence of Santa.

- Wow.

- You might say that.

(participants laughing)

Would you say that they're
two sides of the same coin?

(participants laughing)
- I would.

- Now you're getting me Ricky.

(participants laughing)

- Yeah, I guess I am.

- I'm shooting Ricky a look that's like,

"This is too easy, stop"

- I'm a nice guy.

(Emily laughing)

- Incredible.

So we're going to go through
downtime activities here.

Does anyone know what they want

to be advancing, researching,

looking into developing during
this next period of downtime?

Can also be related to just
real-world stuff as well.

If you want to be out
making money doing something

or related to like pursuing
a relationship or whatever.

Who has an idea of what they
wanna be doing during downtime?

- I have a quick one.

- Yeah. Go for it Ricky.

- So I think Ricky is as aware

that maybe the only he can offer is

doing divine sense on the day.

But outside of that
probably can't offer much.

So I think he might see

if Esther has a second
to identify his sword

or something to see if that
reveals anything about it.

Just because he's trying
to embrace the fact

that he does not have the
questing blade anymore.

- Yes. She casts identify
on the sword and comes up

with a very sad...

You're sort of just in your
apartment playing music,

you guys are lying
together being very happy.

She is talking again about just like,

"Yeah, it just feels great.

It's like so much work it's going so,

so, so well, I can't believe all the stuff

that the order had their hands on.

They have so much more data than we have

because their monks have been
out there looking at stuff.

And you combine that data
with the society's analysis.

This is going to be a golden age of magic.

This is going to be crazy."

- Nice.

- She identifies your sword
and she looks up and says,


so the sword is connected

to sort of humility as a concept.

It's like the peasants sword.

It does have more powers

that kind of Unlock

when you are like crazy humble.

Like when you're on a mount
of humble that's too humble.

You have to be too...

It's almost not even worth it.

It's a good magic sword.

I think you should just
probably use it just to be

like a magic sword.

- Ricky's never really thought about

being humble before.

It just was like I think
innately humble prior to that

but now there is something bothering him

in general in his life that
I guess is intruding on that.

- Yeah, you feel that.

You feel the thing of
not only is it an insult

that you don't have the questing blade.

You have a sword that would be cooler

than the questing blade

if you didn't feel that you
deserved the questing blade.

But you do fucking feel that.

- Fuck.

(Emily laughing)

- Okay, I like kick some
drawings of the questing blade

(participants laughing)

under the couch.

Yeah. Well, I'm going
to go to central park

and sort of monkey bar across the trees

the whole length of the park.

(participants laughing)

- Ricky is looking even
more jacked these days.

Just running.

Cool. That's Ricky's downtime.

What is everyone else doing?

- I think Cody's talking to Pete

and trying to be like, "We
should like hang out with JJ

to try to make sure he
doesn't do fucked up stuff."

- Yeah, dude.

Yeah. I think you're totally right.

Also you have a relationship
with him, right?

You guys were already gaming and stuff.

So you got his number
can you just hit him up.

- Yeah, I guess I'll text JJ

and try to get--

- See if he wants to hang
or try to get what's up.

- Cool. Hell yeah.

So Cody you're also moving through...

Throughout the next two weeks,
various imps and devils come

and pay fealty to the dark
infernal night champion.

- Hell yeah.

- And you see that
there's this weird thing.

Bazathrax is like, "Dude
I'm swimming in power.

The Jersey devil is
like a big fucking deal.

We got all this power.

Dude we're going to soup your shit up.

You're the fucking man right now dude.

- This is awesome.

This rules, nothing can go wrong.

- But you also are feeling this
anxiety around your devotion

and attachment to the Queens Center Mall

which is still scheduled

for demolition versus this
connection now to New Jersey.

You sometimes hear the siren.

Like you look out across
the Hudson river one day

and just see sirens at the
Newport Center Mall being

like singing wistfully
because they can tell that

an infernal Jersey and
energy has been taken away

from their shores somewhere
across the vast Hudson.

- I feel like I'm having
weird conversations

with Pete where I'm like,

"Do you think we could get
a fucking cheaper apartment?

If we were in Weehawken or something?

It's just a train ride away.

(Brennan laughs)

- Yes, it was kind of
far though right man?

We're already kind of far.

- The Astoria house by the way
is fucking bumping, you guys.

It's not even annoying
Lars and Brita anymore.

You also see in that two week period.

Cody, go ahead and give
me a persuasion check

as you're talking to JJ.

- Okay, pa, pa,

persuasion 14.

- JJ seems pretty busy with
stuff going on at the society.

He games with you,

but he's not available
for an in-person meetup.

Also with a 14 persuasion
you find inadvertently,

cause you share a room with Josh.

Josh has been unemployed for a while now.

You find an application for Gladiator

in your room from Josh.

- Josh, Josh, house meeting.

- (laughs) You schedule a house meeting.

Josh is not there that
night when you find that.

But damn do you--

- Just yelling that through the house.

House meeting.

- When?

- Incredible.
- Right now.

- Okay, any other downtime
activities from people?

- I'll take the chest to
the Gramercy Occult Society.

And I think I actually
might bring Jessica as well

because I feel like
she's not reacting well

to my trying to teach her and
introduce her to this stuff.

But there's all these cool young women.

It's maybe a more interesting way

into it for her than just her mom.

- Give me a persuasion check and again

for downtime activities, we're
going to set the DC at 20

for downtime activities,
kind of across the board.

Go ahead and give me a persuasion check.

- Again, that's an 18, I'm
going to use a luck point.

- Hell yeah.

- That's cocked.

And I'm going to use another luck point.

- You got three and you're
burning through with downtime.

- Okay, there we go, that's a 20.

- Hell. Yes.

Jess dragging her feet.

She goes like, "Just
mom, I don't want to go."

- Sometimes you got to do things
that you don't want to do.

That is part of being an adult.

You ask me to treat you like an adult.

I treat you like an adult.

You got to do a thing
you don't want to do.

That's being an adult. Bam.

- You're walking down
the street by Bryant Park

rounding the corner to the public library.

Jessica looks at you and goes like

"Yeah, but it's just such
a waste of time, mom.

You always come up to the
bedroom and open up the chest

and show me the blankets and the chest."

She says that.

You've brought Jessica to the castle.

And as she says that
you look with that 20.

I'm going to include
an Arcana role in that.

As she says, you just show me blankets

and this weird old chest, you keep.

You see umbra is oozing out of her eyes.

(dramatic music)

(imitates umbra oozing)

She's really forgotten.

- What do you mean?

Okay, yeah, I think it's a very good thing

for us to be going into
this place together.

- You look around the
corner and she's like,

"Mom just stop it. It's
like magic isn't real."

(Brennan roars)

Orlando roars and she whips up to look

at this roaring lion.

Who was, "Hello Madam
Anastasia and welcome

to Gramercy Occult Society."

And you look and see reanimated Rovias.

And he says, "Hello, young
lady, my name is Orlando.

This is my boyfriend Rovias,

we guard the Gramercy Occult Society.

She says, "I thought you guys

were named Patience and Fortitude."

And he says, "Right, well,
that's what we're called as well.

I am Patience because I had to wait

for this one over here to get rebuilt.

And you see Rovias
goes, "And I'm Fortitude

because I'm back from the dead." (laughs)

- And you say magic isn't real.

Look, this is the magic of love.

- The two lions leap
over to each other nuzzle

and lick each other's manes
and go, "Love after all

is the most powerful magic."

You hear from deep inside
Gramercy Occult Society,

"No, it's not, the most powerful magic

is always sort of a bit of conjecture.

There's many different
powerful magics, all varying.

But in any case come on inside."

You see, they say, "very well. Yes.

One of us always lie..."


"Both of us always lie.

No, neither of us lie.

We always tell the truth.

You're allowed to go inside.

That's the riddle."

- Good riddle, it was good.

You fooled me and then
I got it, very clever.

- You introduce Jess, who is 12

to Anna and Amelia and Esther.

She has never met cooler
young women in her life.

She is completely obsessed.

And you watch as Esther
gives her a grand tour

of the Gramercy Occult Society
and you watch your daughter

respond to magic in this way.

You watch Esther not only figuratively

but also literally make
eye contact with you

and dispel the umbra Arcana
around your daughter.

(somber music)

Esther puts a hand on your shoulder.

As you can see Anna and Amelia
have grabbed Jess's hands

and are flying with her
through the Gramercy.

She likes, "Oh my God, it's super real."

(imitates flying movements)

And you see, Esther goes, "Happy to help.

Jess is going to be just fine."

- Thank you.

You know, we do things differently.

That doesn't mean we
can't respect each other.

- She says, "That's absolutely right.

And I owe you an apology.

We are different and I
respect you so much now.

And I should have always.

And I'm sorry if I've ever
said anything that indicated

that I did not have the utmost respect."

- No, I have been stepping back too long.

It was very dangerous

for a long time to have this
box and it gave us advantages

but also my family,

for some many generations

we had to keep it safe.

(somber music)

And maybe this is the
time, maybe this is it

that we use the power for more

than just the protection for ourselves.

- Esther nods and says,

"I relate to what you're
saying more than you can know.

(somber music)

Safety is really important

and actually the most important person

in the world loves safety
more than almost anything."

- Oh you and Mr. March, you got a thing.

- Yes, my wonderful--
- That's cute.

That's cute, you're a good couple.

That's cute.

- I think so.

See, she says, that "But you know,

I kept myself safe for a very long time.

Things that are wondrous

and magical and important safety is good.

But if all you're achieving is safety

then you're not really living.

You know, that old expression

the ships are safest in Harbor,
but they were made to sail."

- I like that.

- And Iga looks at her beautiful daughter

and feels the feelings of a thing

you've always tried to give Jess

and that hard feeling that comes

from moms when their
daughters are around 12.

Yeah, and I think Iga has been vulnerable

in this moment with Esther

and Esther's been vulnerable with her.

The two of you sit and
watch your daughter fly

and you feel all those feelings

of a mom watching her daughter's soar.

Any more downtime activities from anybody.

- Yeah. I'm gonna go honey
to narcotics anonymous.

(participants laughing)

It works, if you work
it and you're worth it.

(participants laughing)

So keeping my consistency up and yeah.

- You and Lugash grab coffees, he smiles.

You go to meetings, you share.

You're having a great time.

Go ahead.

And that means Pete is going to bump up

to a D eight Pete's doing great.

Hell yes.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, baby. Way to go Pete.

- I didn't need to roll it, but yeah.

- Pete is going to be rocking his...

I don't know what the trip
structure is necessarily,

but if there is a 90 day chip,

you're rocking it, baby.


- I'm trying to decide, because I think

that I want to be tailing
Tony, but I'm also aware

that I personally have taken
my sobriety for granted.

So I'm like, "Is it possible
that I can tail Tony,

but also take some me time?"

- No.

(participants laughing)

You can tail Tony and go to your meetings.

But you know that the he is good.

This guy was first fist of the monastery.

You know that to meaningfully tail him

you will have to make
room in your schedule.

It comes down to logistics.

It's time. It's just time.

- Okay, I think that he
is endangering a lot of

people so I'm going to tail him.

- Sofia bumps down to a D 10.

- I'm still in a good place.

A D 10 is good.

- It's good.

- Next time just so you know,

I'm very, very good at tailing people.

(Emily laughing)

- You have so much,
- I don't want to tell,

- on your shoulders now.
- Too much about my past but--

- Anastasia you were asking--

- I wanna know all about your past.

- Sofia, go ahead, give me...

I am not going to allow
pass without trace for this,

because it's happening

over a series of two weeks,
but give me a stealth check.

- Okay.

(dramatic music)

So just one?

- Just one, just one.

- Oh my fucking God.

I got a nat one.

- No, no.

- Wow, we're going to have
to cover that nat one.

I'm gonna leave you for a moment

and we're going to go to Kingston.

- Kingston what's your downtime activity.

- How long are we...

Is this possible expedition
into the dream realm?

- How long is it?

- How long or is it a multiple day thing?

- Right now you guys are

in the process of determining
things exactly like that.

Like part of the reason you're
pulling all these resources

of this committee is like,

"Okay, if we go into
the dream realm to try

and look at this shit--"

- I think I'm going to
grab Liz one of the nights,

she has the least work
around the Rico case.

- Cool.

- And let her know that maybe
gonna be gone for a bit.

- Okay, go ahead and give
me a persuasion check.

- (laughs) Okay.

Oh, there you go.

That's going to be a 22.

- She looks at you, she squeezes your arm.

She goes,

"I know who I'm with.

I know who you are.

I see you and all the work
that you do to make me feel...

Kingston these last two years have been

the happiest two years of my life."

- Okay, good. Same here.

- I know who you are.

I feel like the most special person

in the world when I'm with you.

I know what that means coming from you

and your relationship to
this place and these people,

sweetheart, love of my life.

You have my permission.

You do what you need to do, okay.

You've made sacrifices for me.

I can make them for you.

I'll be fine.

I'll take care of Bruce
and we all be okay.

- That's mostly what I needed to ask--

- You asshole, you fucking dick.


- Well he just needs to
be walked, all right.

I know you're busy right now.

- I am fucking busy.

He's lazy he needs exercise.

- To go to la la land.
- Okay, all right.

Well it's not la la land, it's
the sixth borough, all right.

- Fairy twinkle toes,
- We have to take this

more seriously.
- magic land.

- You have to understand, you know what--

- I'm trying to put away
real pixie criminals.

- Okay, all right.

(Emily laughing)

You see, you guys kiss and
lay together that night.

- (laughs) Very formal.

(participants laughing)

An incredibly formal laid killer.

- You guys fuck or not.

(participants laughing)

- You guys fucked hard.

(participants laughing)

- Pa, pa, pa.

- The joy of the DM.

(participants laughing)

At the end of any scene
Brennan can be like,

"And you guys fucked and then
we're going to move over to."

(participants laughing)

- We all be fucking.

- I meant lay together, as in
being close with one another.

But if you guys want
to fucking bone down--

- Yeah, physically.

- be my guest.

- Bone down.

(participants laughing)

- Cool.

Kingston, we'll end on two
things here real quick which is,

Kingston the next morning you

and Liz have a wonderful breakfast.

She smiles, you go downstairs
and see your beautiful mother

Victoria heading out for the day.

She's got her coat on
and is getting ready.

And she goes, "Kingston, oh, my sweet son.

Good to see you.

You've been busy these
past couple of days.

- Yeah, yeah.

You Know, since Halloween
things had kind of picked

up in the city, since then so.

- I wanted to talk to you.

Your father got a business card

from somebody asking about the building.

She hands you an Excelsior
Dynamic Homes business card

with a handwritten phone
number on the back.

Do you know anything about this?

- Yeah, this is spam
calls and some real--

- Kingston it wasn't a call,

a man came by the building.

- Yeah. I think it's some kinda...

You know, mom, if anybody comes
by from this company again

you let me know, all right.

'Cause I would like to
have words with them.

- Oh, I'll I'll make
sure to pass it along.

Have a wonderful day.

Give my love to Liz.

- I will do that.

Thank you, mama.

(Brennan speaking gibberish)

- Okay, I kiss her on both
cheeks and look over on the back.

Is there a name on the card?

- A different name from
Devon, another realtor's name.

You head out.

Sofia, you're deep in the Bronx actually.

- Really?

- Yeah, you're way up north.

(dramatic music)

You've been called on
Tony's trail for a second.

You think he's around the corner.

You're in an alley.

You look around the corner,

street seems kind of lightly packed.

What's Sofia looking for in general?

- So I came here thinking
Tony might be here.

- Yeah, you know, you followed him here.

He was walking down the street

and you just lost him a second ago

- If that's the case, I
don't think I have any...

I think I'm looking for anyone
who looks like a peer of his

anyone who looks like someone
that they would say the kind

of things he's been saying to me

but not be discrete about it.

If they were talking to each other.

- Sorry.

(dramatic music)

Give me a perception check.

- Oh boy. (Emily laughing)


- You look around the corner.

You think you see somebody that looks

like someone that might roll with Tony.

And you hear a voice right
behind you in the alley.

Go, "If you want to talk to somebody,

you can always just say you want to talk."

- Yeah, I don't disagree.

I should have been direct.

(dramatic music)

I'm just so concerned about

how inflexible you seem

and also how...

I think you're doing shit
that you're not copping to.

- You turn around and see Tony right

behind you in the alley.

Old, you didn't hear him
for a fucking second.

And he got the drop on you

in the way that people
don't get the drop on you.

He says, "You think I'm doing shit

that I'm not copping to.

- Yeah, I do.

- Okay.

You know scumbags,

fucking bad people.

Cause there's a lot of bad
people in this fucking city.

- I would agree.

- Generally speaking,

you can always tell the
fucking grift they're running

because they accuse it
of everybody else.

Someone's counterfeiting money,

they're always looking
for that counterfeit bill.

Somebody's taken a little bit off the top.

They're always looking for
people's shortchanging them.

You tell me I'm doing shit
I'm not copping to.

- I understand the hypocrisy
of me spying on you,

saying that you're not
copping to shit.

- How about this, Sofi Bikes.

I haven't broken any rules.

I haven't done anything wrong.

All I've done is tried to
be a good monk of the order

and I've supported you

in every fucking decision you've made.

So let's try this.

You fucking tail me again,

we got real problems.

We settle old school.

I am done fucking tiptoeing around.

I didn't cross you lady.

You fucking understand me?

- You know who you crossed,
you crossed Pete Conlan

and when you cross Pete
Conlan, you cross Sofia Lee.

- You are more loyal to
the fucking dream realm

than you are to the real world

and you're taking this whole
fucking order down the toilet.

- It is is what it is.

It's fucking terrible fucking theme.

It's garbage.

Do you know how it feels
to sit there in your room

and say it is what it is.

That never fukcing took someone

from fucking nowhere to somewhere better.

The order has a fucking lot to learn from.

It is what it could be.

- He nods, calms down, steps back, says,

"Okay, it is what it is.

And I got everything I need."

And he takes his phone on voice memo,

stops the recording and vanishes.

And that's all for this episode
of the "Unsleeping City".

(Emily laughing)

- Wow.

- Tune in next week.
- No.

(Emily laughing)