Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 1, Episode 2 - Amnesia - full transcript

Mark is eager take some vacation; his son, Steve, isn't holding his breath to go fishing together as promised long since, sets off by himself and has a hellish time alone. For a change, Norman makes an awful fuss about security for mob-threatened senate transport committee, Chairman Basset, who is getting an operation in Community General. However, a woman in league with another assassin gets past the security by staging getting major amnesia and forgetting her identity after being hit by a car. When nurse Sue Marlowe recognizes 'Jane Doe,' she is given a fatal push down a staircase by 'Jane Doe' who then pretends to have found Sue's corpse. Amanda is suspicious of 'Jane Doe,' Mark finds the car hit probably was staged, while Jack is rather charmed. The Briggs-FBI security system proves cumbersome, but not for Jane's accomplice who smuggles in a detachable gun inside crutches. Mark sees the accomplice coming through security and notices he is not really limping but the accomplice escapes, returning later to pass the armed crutch to Jane. Mark looks into Jane Doe's identity and Nurse Marlowe's suspicious fall, gets to the mob link but is recognized and captured, while Jack realizes Jane only kissed him to get his security badge...




Who do you want me to kill?



What did I tell you
about smoking, huh?

I need a cold piece.

Harvey's working on it.

You know, a hit in a hospital

won't be easy.

It's there,

or nowhere.

You'll get your money's
worth, Mr. Gelson.


Will I? Yeah.

Right on time. Let's go.

Steve, wait a minute.

Our fishing trip
is still on, isn't it?

Oh, absolutely.

Then why aren't you
getting in the truck?

Look, why don't you go on up?

I'll meet you at
the cabin for dinner.

Oh... I brought your
favorite music tapes.

your favorite sandwiches, I...

I know, and my favorite
son, but I have a patient.

Well, I thought Dr. Baylor was
supposed to take your patients.

Well, he is but...
But then let him.

Dad, you're always telling your
patients to take their vacations

and you haven't had
one yourself in five years.

No kidding. Has
it been that long?

And you know it.

Look, Dad, I'm just as
involved in my work as you are,

but I didn't stop by the station
this morning and... and check to see

if the drug dealer I busted
last night was still locked up.

Did the dealer have a
tracheotomy tube in his throat?


Well, Mr. Morris has,

and I can't leave, Steve, unless
I see he's properly medicated.

Look, go ahead. I'll
be right behind you.

Okay, but, please,
don't hang me up.

Would I do that to you?


AMY: Oh, come on.

Just do it! D-Don't tell me that.

I don't want to
hear that. Just do it.

It's open! Come in.

You know what? I'm
gonna have to call you back.


So, you notice anything?

You got a haircut.

Come on, this is serious.

Okay, you sprained your
ankle, you're on crutches,

you're going to fall on
your face in a minute.

Is it a piece?


Four cc's monocaine.

Where have you been? Hi,
Norman. What's the matter?

Is somebody over budget again?

This is serious.

Senator Bassett is having
bypass surgery here in this hospital.

Yes. I understand David
Foster is doing that procedure.

When he's off sabbatical, I'd like
him to come and lecture to my students.

This is serious, amigo.

Aren't you aware

that the Senator has been
receiving death threats?

I didn't know that.

Well, if you'd come to my
security briefing this morning,

you'd realize that since the Senator
took over the transportation committee,

he's had threats
from underworld types.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm putting this
hospital on a Code 314.

So, how's the family, Dr. Sloan?

What's a 314?

Full security alert.

I'll be coordinating with the
federal security people, of course.

I want you to organize
all students and residents.

That's very important
for the hospital...

He's on vacation.

That's true, Norman.

NORMAN: I need
your support on this.

Look, Jack can help you
with anything you need.

Why wasn't I informed
that you were leaving?

If you'd come to our
vacation briefings,

you would have been, sir.

We're on a 314, you know.

She came out of nowhere.

It wasn't your fault. She wasn't
watching where she was going.

I'm a doctor. You've
been in an accident.

Just lie still.

Call an ambulance.


Community General
is just down the street.

Now, you're gonna be fine.

What's your name?


I don't know.


I don't know.

How was the fishin'?

Where's my souvenir catfish?

It's still in the water.

I just witnessed an accident

a couple of blocks from here.

Young lady jogged
right in front of a car.


Oh, sorry. Is she, uh...
Is she seriously hurt?

No, she's lucky. She's
got no internal injuries,

no fractures, Oh, good.

But she has total amnesia.

She doesn't know who she
is, where she came from,

where she's going. Really?

You know, I've never
seen a patient with amnesia.

Well, now is your chance.

All right.

Hello. Hi.

Remember me? I'm Dr. Sloan.

Yeah, I remember you.

I just don't remember me.

How you feeling?

Oh, like I was hit by a car.



Do I know you?

No, you don't. I'm Jack Stewart.

Dr. Jack Stewart.

Hello, Jack.

What's wrong with me, Doctor?

Well, all the tests we've done
so far show no broken bones,

no initial signs of concussion.

Physically, I think you're
in pretty good shape.

But I think we'll probably run
some more tests just to make sure.

Well, this isn't going
to be permanent, is it?

Oh, no. I wouldn't
worry about it at all.

A lot of amnesia is
caused by trauma.

The trauma, in your
case, being hit by a car.


Your memory will probably
come back in a couple of days.

You know, I could, uh,
maybe hurry it along.

Do you mind if I...
Oh, yeah, sure. Sure.

Jane Doe?

It's not very imaginative.

I'll tell you what.

Till your memory comes back,
you can be whoever you want.

Oh, yeah?

What's your girlfriend's name?

I'll let you know.


MARK: This is all
there was on you.

Hello. AMY: Hi.

I'm Dr. Bentley. Amanda.

A woman doctor.
Hmm, that's nice.

I like to think so.

Now, Doc, picture
this, a son waiting,

fishing pole in one hand,
bucket of worms in the other.

Where's Daddy?

I know. I know. Yeah.

Look, I'm gonna go
set up these tests.

See you later. Bye, Doctor.

Much later, in fact, because
Dr. Sloan is going on vacation.

Dr. Stewart...

Yeah, I'll be looking after you.

AMY: Oh, yeah?

Hmm. I think I can handle that.

AMANDA: Yes, I'm sure you can.


She was flirting with Jack.

I noticed that, and
it was mutual, too.

Let me ask you a question.

Patients with amnesia,

let's say, facing
tests for head trauma,

are they usually
relaxed enough to flirt?

Well, it could be a
defense mechanism. Oh.

You don't like her, do you?


Let's just call it
pathologist's intuition.

Hey, this girl
great or what, huh?

What a sense of humor.

And so pretty, you know.

Did you find any ID?

No, not so much as a
house key or a car key.

Just a pack of cigarettes.

A jogger that smokes?

Hey, maybe she's trying to quit.

There's got to be some way
we can figure out who she is.

What if we have a look around
where she was jogging in the park?

Good idea.

Hello, dear.

I'm your nurse, Mrs. Marlowe.

Dr. Sloan wants me to
check your vital signs.


Are you asleep?


Excuse me. I forgot
your medication.

Wait, wait, wait. Wait a minute.

Wait a... Wait a
minute. Wait a minute.

You're the nurse Tony Gelson
hired when his father was dying.

We met at Tony's house.

You know who I am,
don't you? No. No, I don't.

No? You know what I
do. You were gonna tell.

No, I swear! Yes, you were.

No! Well, now why
don't I believe you, huh?



Help! Somebody, come quickly!

Someone's fallen
down the stairs! Where?

A nurse fell down the stairs!

Quickly, come!

MAN: Let's go. Watch your step.


This can't be happening.

I had breakfast with
Sue this morning.

Did you call the family?

No family to call.
Sue's a widow.

No kids.

I called my pastor, and
he's praying. Me, too.


Delores, I'm sorry.

We did everything we could.

know. I know you did.

Um, I... I'll start making
the arrangements.

Thank you, Mark.

Mark, were Delores
and Sue close?

Mmm. They were in
nursing school together.

Let's have a look
at those stairs.

Uh, yeah, I'll meet up
with you guys later, okay?

I don't get it.

These railings, they're,
like, tight as a drum,

and the... and
the stairs are fine.

I checked her
shoes for loose heels.

They're brand-new.

Well, maybe she tripped.

Yeah? On what?

I don't know.

Who found her?

Uh, that would be
your friend, Jane Doe.

What was she doing
out of her room?

She said she was restless.

As a matter of fact,
when you were operating,

I saw her talking
to the OR nurse.

She wanted to know if
Sue Marlowe said anything

before she went into surgery.

Why would she wanna know that?

Good question.

You know, for a woman
who suffered a terrible trauma,

she certainly gets around
this hospital well, doesn't she?

Just... It's amazing.

You got a problem
with my patient?

I don't like her.

Yeah? Well, I do.

I'll see you later.

Well, none of this
makes any sense at all.

I know.

What time is it?

Uh, too late to drive
up to the cabin tonight.


Hey. Hmm?

How would you like
to go for a nice walk

in the park in the morning?

Where Jane Doe
went jogging? Exactly.

I'd be delighted.

MARK: Jane Doe's brand.

And there's a clear view of
the street in both directions.

She stood here smoking, threw the
cigarette aside and ran out in the street.

Where she got hit by the car.

It's almost like she
wanted to be hit. Yeah.

Like she stood here, waiting
for a car to come along.

It's absolutely crazy, isn't it?

Well, the guy who hit her said
she just appeared out of nowhere.

How you feeling?

Oh, Dr. Sloan says
my tests are all normal.

Well, he's not lying. They are.

You got nothing to worry
about. You're gonna be fine.

Trying to make me feel better?

Yeah, something like that.


You know, when I walked in,

I saw you standing here and, uh,

I don't know, you looked,
um... You looked sad.

I know this can't
be easy for you.

Yeah, well...

You know, I keep wondering
if I have family somewhere,

or friends or...

You got friends.

And how do you know?

About out there, I don't.

But in here, you
definitely got friends.

Yeah? That's nice.

You're a very sweet guy.

That's what my mother says.

Are you married?

No. I'm not.

I'm a resident, and, uh,

we don't get much
time for personal life.

Well, that's too bad.

That's the way it goes.

Mmm. You have time
for friends, though.

For friends, I make time.

Yeah? I tell you what.

Seeing as you're
my new friend, hmm,

you're my only friend.

You're my best friend.

I'm gonna hold
you to that, all right?



Ah! Gotta go.

Yeah. Sorry.

Me, too.

Come back later?

Fortunately, that's my job.

Thank you. I feel better.


I thought you went on vacation.

Well, I'm working on it, Norman.

Well, while you're here...

Well, while you're here,
you're a green badge.

What does that mean?

It's a little plan I devised to
assist Senator Bassett's security.

Color me cautious, Sloan,
but I think this will work.

Green is for staff
physicians such as yourself.

Yellow is for nurses.

And purple, no, violet,
that's for administration.

I'm thinking of making this a permanent
part of our own security system.

What do you think?

Well, I think it's great, Norman,
as long as the intruder is colorblind.


WOMAN ON P.A. SYSTEM: Dr. Thomas, call the
pharmacy. Dr. Thomas, call the pharmacy.


Uh, empty your pockets, please.

Right, right.


Oh, excuse me.


What's, uh...

Well, maybe it's my belt buckle.

Yeah, that's probably it.





It's for...

little... A little thing I do

for the, uh, kids at pediatrics.

Oh, sorry.


Maybe you got a
plate in your head.

Not yet.






It's probably... Oh,
my son's calling me.

Excuse me just a
moment. I'm real sorry.

Dr. Rosen, please dial 8-8-4,

Dr. Rosen, please dial 8-8-4.

STEVE: Hello? Steve?

Dad, where are you?

Well, I... Some things came up.

An emergency, actually. I'll... I'll
try to get there as soon as I can.

Uh, how's the fishing?

Who knows? It started
pouring the minute I got up here.

It's coming down in sheets.

Dad, are you coming
up here or not?

Well, I'll get there
as soon as I can.

Listen, are you all right?

You keep dry. You know how
susceptible you are to colds. You'll...

Don't give me that
"susceptible to colds," Dad...


No, I'll try... I'll try to get
there in the morning, Steve.

Dad, hello? Are you there?

Dad? Dad, are you there?

Dad, hello, are you there?

Steve, I'm gonna
have to call you back.



Excuse me. Excuse me.

This is a restricted area. Can
you tell me who you're here to see?



GUARD: Hold it right there.

Oh, hello, gentlemen.

You'll never guess what
just happened. I'm Dr. Sloan.

Put your hands...
I can't wait to hear.

So this guy goes through
the metal detector on crutches.

I knew something was wrong because he
put all of his weight on his injured foot.


Well, if it had
really been injured,

he would have cried out in pain,

but he kept right on going.

Then when I confronted
him, he hit me in the stomach

and kept going.

Now, I don't know what's
going on around here.

And we're grateful to you
for sharing that with us,

but we're trying to run a
professional security operation here.

Dr. Sloan fancies himself
some sort of sleuth.

No kidding?

Now, you'll have to tell me
about your cases some day.

I'm telling you what I saw now.

He's overworked.

He's supposed to be on vacation.

Dr. Sloan, we take any potential
threat to the Senator very seriously.

We will look into
this, I promise you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

I'm free to go? Uh, certainly.

Uh, next time, we'll
handle the hot pursuit.


Mark, please,

you're not hired here
to play, um, detective.

Norman, something is
going on around this hospital.

I'm going to find
out what it is.

to radiology. Dr. Cohen to radiology.

I'll see you later, Senator.
BASSETT: Thank you.

Hey, David. Oh, hi. Hi.

Listen, I've been trying to reach
you. You haven't answered my calls.

I'm sorry, Mark.

I've been busy preparing
for Senator Bassett's surgery.

I understand. Listen, I would like
you to, when you have a chance,

come and lecture my medical
students on your procedure.

Oh, sorry, I can't.

As soon as this is over,
I'm going back on sabbatical.

Are you all right, David?

Never better. I'll... I... I gotta
run. I'll... I'll catch you later.

Yeah, sure.


Well, you're feeling better.


Whoever I am, Doctor, I
just... I don't like lying around.


I feel terrible about
the nurse who died.

Mmm. We all do.

Sue Marlowe was a wonderful
nurse and a wonderful woman.


How did you happen
to witness that accident?

Well, I... I didn't, really.
I... I was taking a walk.

I heard a scream
from the stairwell.

I ran in and there she was.

Did you happen to see
anybody else in that stairwell?

No. Nobody.

You're sure?

Yeah. Why?

Well, I had a look
at those stairs.

I don't think she
fell by accident.

I think she was pushed.

Oh, my God.

Well, let's see. If
somebody pushed her,

I guess they could've run up to
the other level before I got there.

It's possible, isn't it?


I'm afraid I'll have
to confiscate these.

Rules of the hospital.
I really am sorry.

What's this?

The Lindsey Hotel. Ring a bell?

No. Should it?

Well, could be you stayed there.

Someone at the hotel
might remember you.

Even know your name.


I tell you, the assistant
manager's a good friend of mine.

It will be easy to check.

That's, uh, that's amazing.

I never would have
thought of that, Dr. Sloan.

Oh, and I checked
with the police.

There were no abandoned cars
found near where you were jogging.

So you either live near there,

or somebody drove
you, do you think?

Oh, I just... I just
wish I could remember.

I wish you could, too.

It's me.

Get my stuff out
of the hotel fast.

There's a guy coming over there.

I'll handle it. Anything else?

The operation's in
less than two hours.

Tell Harvey to get that
piece over here and fast,

and tell him not
to blow it this time.

He'll be there.

Be in the lobby in an hour.

Anything else?

Yeah, cigarettes.

Here we are.

The key.

Thank you. Thank you.

Amanda, the desk clerk
remembers a woman checking in

who resembles her.

She checked in as
Carrie Wilson from Toledo.

I know it's probably a phony
name, but check it out anyway.


I have to go.

Who are you?

I am the butler, sir.


Only on this floor, of course.

Special services for
the executive suites.

Uh, you're not
checking in, are you, sir?


Spot of tea, sir?

Press your tie?

No, I was just leaving.

Missed a spot.

Oh, fine.

Jack! What's wrong?

Thank God you're here.
Come in my room, quick.

I have a problem. What?

See, I met this guy, Jack, and I'm so
attracted to him. I... What are you doing?

Hey, I can't do this. Hang on.

I can't. Look...

Uh-huh. I'm a doctor,
and you're a patient.

This ain't right. Uh-huh.

I mean, as much
as I would, uh...

As much as I would love to...

Hey! I said I can't.


I gotta go.


I'm gonna regret this.


Hi. Hi.

Trespassers go to jail.

Oh, I'm... I'm Dr. Mark Sloan from
the Community General Hospital.

I'm out collecting for
our new neonatal unit.

Hmm. Yes.

Well, then you've
come to the right place.

I have? Yeah. Please.

Yes, Steve, I promise I'll tell
him the moment I see him, okay?

All right, bye-bye.

Let me ask you something.


You're a... a reasonably
normal female.

Well, thank you, Jack.

And I'll assume you meant
that in the nicest of ways.

Yes, I did. Thank you.

Now, I've heard of patients
falling for their doctors...


But in your opinion,

do I seem like the type of guy
that a woman would just, like,

jump on and kiss without
the slightest provocation?

That would depend
on the woman, I guess.

Maybe a real lonely woman.
A lonely, ugly Here we go.

Pathetic, desperate woman. A
woman who... All right, I got your point.

Thank you. Good. Okay.


You know,

as much as I hate
admitting this to you,

I think you're right
about this Jane Doe. Ooh.

I don't know. There's something...
something weird going on with her.

Can't put my finger on it.

Where's Mark? Did he
leave for vacation yet?

No, as a matter of fact, Steve
just called looking for him.

Where's your ID badge? Huh?

I don't know.

Must have dropped it in... What?

I don't believe it. What?

This girl did a job on me.

MARK: Mr. Gelson, I really hope
you'll forgive me for not calling ahead.

But to tell you the truth, I'm so
preoccupied with this new neonatal unit

and of course, you're so
well-known for your generosity,

I'm afraid I just popped in.

Neonatal. That's babies, right?

Very little babies.

You gonna give a plaque
for large donations?


How does 50 G's strike you?

Right between the eyes.

I'm a sucker for babies.


It's a... a beeper.

You'll have to excuse
my friend Steve.

That's okay.

Oh, it's the, uh,
hospital. May I...


Thank you.

That's Community General.

Dr. Sloan here.

Mark, it's Jack.

Listen, our, uh, our
Jane Doe disappeared.

Looked all over for
her. We can't find her.

Yes, well, try... try giving him
four, uh, cc's of monocaine.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm... I'm
at Tony Gelson's house right now.

You're at Gelson's house?

You mean he's out on bail?

You tell that crazy doctor to quit
fooling around with that gangster

before he ends
up his own patient.

Yes, he's a wonderful man,
all right. As a matter of fact,

right now he's writing us a
big check for our neonatal unit.

You followed...

You followed Jane Doe's
trail to Tony Gelson, right?

Excellent diagnosis, Doctor.

I hope to see you
very, very soon.

Yeah, me, too.

What? Come on.

What? What?

50 G's, Doc.

Thank you, I...

I'm speechless. I don't
know what to say, Mr. Gelson.

Look, I hate to, uh, collect
and run, so to speak,

but I have to go.

I know you.

This is the guy that fouled
things up at the hospital.

No, he isn't.

He's a butler at
Miss Westin's hotel.

What's up, Doc, huh?

TONY: Doc.


You're not being
very understanding.

Who else knows about Amy?

The police. The FBI.

As a matter of fact, they're
on their way here right now.



So where are they?

You know what I think?

I think the only people who
know that Amy is in that hospital

are right here.

What do you think, Doc?

You willing to bet on it?

Harvey, is the piece ready?


She's waiting for you.

She's gonna kill Senator
Bassett, isn't she?

I don't get it.

What connection do
you have with him?

Get rid of him.

Hey. Hey.

What are you doing?

Hmm? Are you stupid?

Take him someplace.

Now, wait a minute.
You're making a mistake.

You heard me call them on the...

They know where I am.

They'll know who did it.



All right, now what?
Do you have a plan?

Plan? Yeah.

Of course I got a plan.

Follow them.

to radiology. Dr. Cohen to radiology.



AMANDA: Oh, boy.

Am I doing all
right? Yeah, great.

All right, pull in front of him.

Pull in front of
him? Pull in front.

I can't believe you.

Stop the car. What do
you mean stop the car?

Just hit the brakes.

Just remember,
this is your plan.

Look at this!

You realize, of course,
that this is your fault.

MAN: What are you talking about?

You were the one that
slammed on the brakes!

Well, no kidding.

How else would you expect
me to stop the car, huh?

(MAN STUTTERING) Look at my car!

You hit my car.

Let's go, out of the car. I
want you to see the damage.

Look at this. This has never
happened to me before.

Once, twice, four or five
times tops. That's not the point.

The point is that you guys were
following me way too closely.

MAN: Me? Yeah,
yeah. I'm a fair person.

I'm a sport. I am
gonna offer you...

I'm gonna offer you guys $100 for
any scratches or inconvenience here.

Roll out, just
roll. I'll catch you.

This way, we don't tell our
insurance companies. You dig?

You talked me
into it. Good. Okay.

Here we go, Here we go.
All right, $97, $97, all right?

All right, now, you guys,
you have a nice day.

There you go. All
right? Drive safely.

What happened?

Get him off me.
All right, all right...


We tried talking to
that stiff from the FBI,

but he won't even listen to us.

This whole thing is a
plot to kill Senator Bassett.

Well, then she's the hitman.

Let's get the ropes
off him, Jack, come on.

I can't get it undone, Mark.

We haven't got time.
Put me in the car. Well...

Put me in the car!

Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!

Off-limits, Doctor.

How's the Senator?

He's in recovery.
Everything looks fine.

There are only the two
of you guarding him?

There are two more
in front of his room

and two more inside his room.

You think that's enough?

Nothing happened?

I, uh... Well... I think
we're done here.

Sorry we bothered you.

Well, if she's not here to hit
the Senator, what's she up to?

I don't know. I don't get it.

Phil. Oh, hi, Dr. Sloan.

Steve enjoying the
vacation? Oh, yeah.

You two guys are
guarding the Senator, too?

No, we're here with a witness
we've got in protective custody,

Dr. Foster, the
Senator's doctor.

David? Yeah.

What's he doing guarding David?

That's it!


Freeze! Drop the gun.

One second, guys.

Know who you are now?


Don't say, "I told you so."
I don't wanna hear that.

Now, why would I say anything
like that, Jack? Don't say it.

You all right, David?

I guess so. Who was that?

Uh, Tony Gelson's
cleaning lady, so to speak.

This was the only place
she could find you. Mmm.

You know, I thought you
were on sabbatical all that time,

and then I heard
you were hiding out

waiting to testify at Tony
Gelson's trial next week.

The DA's had me locked up in a
hotel for the last couple of months.

See, I was his father's doctor

and knew quite a bit
about the family business.

Well, more than
I wanted to know.

I can hardly wait to
testify and get out of there.

You'd be better off at home.

Mr. B, what's what?

Well, the operation
went off without a hitch.

No particular thanks to you.

Well, I'm just happy
everything went well.

What's good for Community
General is good for all of us.

I hope I'm not detecting
any sarcasm here.

Because up until now

I've been willing to overlook
your uncooperative behavior.


Just talked to Washington,

and you three are
gonna be receiving

a commendation
from the Director.

(GIGGLING) No way.

Now, I wanna say thanks

and apologize for not
taking you seriously.

Commendation? The Director?

Let me start by
taking you all to dinner.

I'd like to get your advice

on a couple of
cases we're stuck on.

to radiology. Dr. Cohen to radiology.

I'm busy.



Take my messages,
Lois. I am going fishin'.

Steve, are you all right?

Oh, I'm perfect.

That's why I'm lying
here on this gurney

with probably torn
ligaments in my ankle.

What happened?

Oh, the cabin flooded.

What, from rain?

The roof was gone.


Yeah, it went in the fire.

What fire?

When lightning hit the cabin.

Is that how you hurt your ankle?

No, no, no. I wrecked my ankle

climbing out of my
truck in your parking lot.

Steve, as your father and as your
physician, I have some advice for you.

Don't say it.

You need a vacation.

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