Departures (2008–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Greenland - full transcript

The guys arrive in the arctic destination at the beginning of winter. With only six hours of sunlight a day, they experience an entirely different type of adventure. Arriving by helicopter into the town of Ittoqqortoormiit, they t...

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(film rolling)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

- We're heading to Greenland,

a vast, barren, almost
uninhabited country.

Its brutal and constantly changing weather

makes life extremely challenging.

- To really understand the Arctic

and to understand how

these people live,

I think you really need
to detach yourself.

(bright upbeat music playing)

- There's a lot of things
to worry about here.

There's a lot of things
to be prepared for,

but that's what we're here for,

to learn and to experience.

(bright music playing)

- Every step of this world trip

has taken us further away

from home to places we
never expected to see.

(bright music playing)

- Two years ago,

I would never have understood how much

this journey would change me.

(bright music continues)

- This is why we travel.

This is the reason

that we're out here.

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

- We decided to visit

the North Eastern part of Greenland.

One of the most remote inhabited places

in the Western world.

In order to get there,

we've got to fly through Iceland

to Constable point.

(bright upbeat music playing)

Take a helicopter from there

to Ittoqqortoormiit,

and that's where our real adventure

is gonna start.

(upbeat music playing)

- [Justin] We always say we're
in the middle of nowhere.

Can I at least say it one last time?

Officially in the middle

of nowhere, again.

- [Scott] It's gonna be a
very different adventure here

and arguably more
challenging mentally for us

than it will physically.

- [Andre] I'm not gonna say I'm nervous,

but I'm reluctant.

I don't know what to expect here.

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(upbeat music playing)

(calm music playing)

(calm music playing)

(calm music playing)

(calm music playing)

- [Justin] These group of puppies here

will probably eventually work together

and one day pull a sled,

and people who live here,

it gives them the means of transportation

and to go hunting

and stuff like that.

So these dogs are very, very valuable.

(calm music playing)

- Good to see you.


We're dancing.

(calm music playing)


They smell like seals.

Well, you do, you do.

(gentle music playing)


(laughing heartily)

You're in trouble for that.

(slow classical music playing)

- [Scott] we're watching the sun go down.

It's about 20 to five.

It's only gonna get worse,

three and a half weeks,

and that sun will set for good.

The people in the very Northern tip

of Greenland have already lost it,

- But everyone once in a while,

you can hear like weird noises,

this tapping.

I'm always kinda looking over my back.

There are these wandering polar bears,

that could do some serious damaging.

As you can tell,

we've got no guns on us.

- [Scott] This eerie, calm to the weather

has me a bit worried.

Can't be sunny

with no wind for very long.

(slow country music playing)

(bright upbeat music playing)

- [Andre] It's a pretty
delicate balance here.

And you can't rely on the outside world.

And that's why this is
still Hunter society,

because you have to go out there

and get your own meat.

(bright upbeat music continues)

Seal hunting always is a bit

of a delicate subject.

They're going after harp
seals, Greenland seals,

and they're doing it,

I think in the most humane way possible.

(bright upbeat music continues)

- [Scott] We're gonna go out with Scoresby

and get on his boat.

We've got maybe one of the last chances

at getting some seal by boat.

Is that right?

- [Scoresby] Mh.

- How much longer until

the ice freezes right
over pretty soon maybe?

- Yeah.

- What kind of seal

are you going for?

- All of them.

(light chuckling)

(ice cracking)

- [Scott] We are just pushing right

through the ice right now.

You can hear it.

(ice cracking)
(water splashing)

- You want to get out and push?

- No
(all laughing)

(boat engine revving)

(cool music playing)

- We just pulled up onto

a pretty sizeable ice flow.

Scoresby you figure this

is maybe a good spot?

- Maybe
- Maybe

- [Andre] You never know?

- No.

(ice scratching)

- I have a base layer,

then I have a little sweater.

A pure loft layer,

then a down layer,

then a soft shell.

And then there's this suit.

That's just my chest.

And it's still kinda cold.

(smooth music playing)

- [Andre] Obviously like any kind

Of hunting it's a hurry up and wait.

You want to get out
there as soon as you can.

And then once you're there,

it's just a matter of waiting.

Matter of patience.

You gotta keep a keen eye,

keep your awareness up

and wait for the opportunity.

(smooth music playing)

(smooth music continues)

- [Justin] Scoresby's
been hunting since he

was very young.

And so obviously it's a
natural process to start

to hand that off onto his son.

(speaking in foreign language)


(speaking in foreign language)

(gun cocking)

- Come out. We need seal.

- Yeah.
(light chuckling)

- Scoresby, how many would
you like to get today?

- Thousand.
(laughing heartily)

- We'll have to start quickly then.

We'll have to get another quickly.

(ice scratching)
(water splashing)

- [Justin] We really need to get

something right away,

or that's it for today.

And it might be for good,

because the water's gonna freeze over.

(bright upbeat music)

- There's one right there.

(gunshots firing)

- [Scott] It's taking the
better part of the day,

but he got himself one.

- Big.
- Very big.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- There's no need to kill any more

if you catch a big one right?

Right there, right there.

(gunshots firing)


I gotta stop spotting them.

- So just like that two

in a row.

Very quick.
- [Scoresby] Yeah.

(knives grinding)

- When you've got 16, 17, dogs

It's not just a matter

of feeding a couple of pets.

These dogs are a lifeline.

- [Justin] It's pretty gruesome,

it's pretty hard to watch.

- [Andre] You have to
really detach yourself

from it being a personal thing

and realize it's just the way it

is out here.

(bright upbeat music)

- One seal's cut up.

This is all meat for the dogs.

That's a lot of meat.

(footsteps tapping)

(gunshot firing)

- That last seal,

I saw him but didn't say anything.

Then he spotted him any way.

It was just like(shrieking).

So that's three seals.

- Good day.

- A very good day.

- Yeah. I'm happy.

I don't want to stay all night here.

(bright upbeat music)

- [Andre] There's
something about being here

that makes you understand why they do it.

Some hunting I feel is wasteful,

but in this case,

the dogs aren't picky,

they will eat every last scrap

of that animal.

And so it's successful.

And it's been part

of the culture here for a long, long time.

(bright upbeat music)

- Come on. Come on.

(dogs howling and barking)

(barking and howling continues)

- That one seal fed 19 dogs.

(dogs barking and howling)

How often do you have

to feed them like this?

- Every day

- Every day they need this much.

- yeah
- Wow.

I'm happy that you had
some luck today.(chuckling)

- I'm happy too.

- Okay.

(both chuckling)

(bright music playing)

(dogs howling)

(bright music continues)

- [Andre] Because of
the extreme climate here

and the severity

of what can happen in that climate,

our goal is to learn some
basic Arctic survival skills

from the people here so that we can apply

that for our trek out

to the abandoned out post

of Cape hope.

(bright upbeat music continues)

- [Gary] Hello.
- [Scott] Gary. Hey. Scott.

- How do you do Scott?
- How are you?

- Justin. Nice to meet you.
- Come on in.

(smooth music playing)

- These kids were playing

and this was running

into town last year.

You don't want to be that close.

They're huge.

- [Justin] So you've been to Cape hope.

- I have. Yeah.

It is a very austere place.

And I've been there

and said nothing to friends

that I've taken over there.

And I said to them,

what do you think?

And they said,

this place gives me the creeps

- Is most of the walk,

is it just along the shore?

- Yeah, don't go near any sea ice at all.

I tell you now.

You see a lot of these dogs

that are on the wall.
- Yeah.

- These dogs are dead.

I was 400 miles into a journey

and I was on some ice

and everything gave way.

So there was 12 dogs,

there was me

and I was a long way from anywhere.

My dogs were dying

and they were coming back towards me.

I took my mitts off because I wanted

to save my dogs

and they were just, they were,

I just couldn't do it.

I had to make a decision

to get out of that water.

My two fingers were frozen solid.

Do you know what they sounded like?

(wood pieces hitting)

All my fingers turned black.

I never knew what the future

was gonna hold.

Whether I was gonna keep my fingers.

And not only that,

but I'd lost my dogs.

Life goes on, you know.

And you have to,

you have to keep going.

Life is just like that.

It's not about being macho or bravado

is just cause I,

this is to me,

this is like Nirvana being here.

You can see on the map where we are

and about how far South it is

to the next community,

over 500 miles.

You know that's why I wanna teach you

some good things.

It's about preparation.

And it's about getting yourself to a level

where you can really enjoy things

that are around you.

(dogs howling)

(bright upbeat music)

- [Andre] I came up this morning

and the ice that had started yesterday

that we were blasting through,

it's probably well more

than three inches now.

And it's too much of a risk

to go out on.

That ice will be in for the rest

of the winter.

(bright upbeat music)

- [Scott] We just come into the main store

and Gary's helping us
through what he believes,

we're gonna need for a few days out

in the wild.

And he's done this a million times.

So he's probably got a lot

of good suggestions for us of
what kind of foods to bring.

- I'm going to put four
in there, like that.

- [Scott] Beef and chicken?

- Duck flavor here.
- Duck?

- We've got seal flavor somewhere.

- These are the fresh bananas,

but they're also almost 50 CHRO,

nearly $10.

- Oh, here's the lettuce, looks fresh.

- Got a sweet tooth.

My record is 16 bars of
chocolate in one hit.

So you wouldn't want to try

and beat that one because I hadn't eaten

for quite a while

apart from dog food,

goes on the end of a trip when I

was resorting to eating dog food.

- What's it taste like?

- Do you want to try some?
- No.

- Oh I think we should.(laughing)

(bright music playing)

- [Justin] I think today is probably one

of the most crucial days for us

because the biggest concern that we have

is if you come across a bear.

That's why we have the gun.

And right now we're gonna pick these guns

and learn how to shoot them properly.

(bright music continues)

- [Scott] Everywhere I've
been a gun is optional.

Here it's necessary.

(bright music continues)

People walk around in town with shotguns

in case a bear or
something comes up to them,

they're prepared.

- [Andre] Guns at home are weapons.

Guns here are tools.

(gun cocking)

- That's good.

- [Scott] We've got the
rundown now about how to load

and unload a rifle safely.

So Gary's gonna move on now.

- Okay. Let's say here
we have a situation.

You have a bag.

I would go down.

You'll take aim.

And you'll fire.

(gunshots firing)

- One, two, three, four, five.

So that was all five hits yeah?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- Great.

- Good enough.

- There you go.

- Set the bar pretty high for me.

(dramatic music playing)

- You know there's no,

no round in the,

in the breech there?

- Can I have my pack on and everything?

Like how we would normally do it.

- Mhm.

- We were walking

and then all of a sudden a bear came up.

(gun cocking)

- [Gary] Yeah.

- Thought that's bloated.

Just put that in the chambers.
- Just slow things down.

Keep your finger away from that trigger.

Keep it away from that trigger.

You're dead now again.

Just hold on.

You're getting in a bit

of a pickle here.

I'm gonna tell you outright,

you know here's the situation

and Scott was with me.

Oh, Scott's taken a shot.

He's calm. Okay?
- Yeah.

- And you, you can be exactly the same,

- But we're not trying
to put ourselves into

- Hold on. Just watch him, he's calm

and he's taking his time.

- I'm just trying

to put myself in this scenario,

which how things would happen.

- I know you can do this.
- Okay.

- But you want to do it your way.

- No no.
- Try.

- It's fine.

(dramatic music continues)

(gun shots firing)

- Good, slow it down.

That's good, excellent.

(gunshot firing)

Let's go and see one, two, three.

Okay. How do you feel?

- First time I attempted it, you know,

came up the gun's like

having a problem with it.
- Yeah.

- And then you took me back

and said I keep calm.

Then go through it.

Even that just helped a little bit.

- I think you're finding
things out about yourself.

- Mhm.

- It's difficult.

You know the cold is,

it's unforgiving.

(upbeat music playing)

- [Scott] Gary's been an
absolute wealth of information.

What we're learning with Gary is survival.

How to survive the
cold, hunger, frostbite?

(upbeat music continues)

He's been incredibly patient.

Gary's a born leader.

- It's really blowing hard.

It's gonna take this from you.

We're all gonna die.

But it keeps coming back, disgusting now.

And now it's back again.

Oh is it ever going to stop.

Oh my God. It's gone.

Justin is quite there.

Oh no.

Now what?

- [Justin] It's incredible
What he's achieved

in his lifetime

and what he's overcome.

And he is so willing

to teach this to people.

- Come on, Justin.


Okay. But there's still a bit

of a breeze.

Oh yes!

(smooth music playing)

- [Scott] Today is the day.

The key thing here is to remember

as much as we've been taught from Gary.

- [Justin] Oh man.

That should be easy to take.

It's packed.

It's ridiculously heavy,

but I'm not sure what we're going to need.

So we're bringing it all.

- [Scott] We're getting
a lift from here in town

in Ittoqqortoormiit to at least

as far as the roads will take us.

And from there,

obviously it's all on foot.

We know it's gonna be
at least 16K or more,

and there's a lot of weight

to carry.

Light is thin.

so we're just going to
have to make miles today

and hopefully get

to the end goal,

which is Cape Hope.

- Is there room back here for me?

- Like two peas in a pod.


- [Justin] We're out
there for the adventure

and to see how far we can push ourselves.

- [Scott] We've got each other's backs

and we always have,

but it's really gonna be put

to the test now.

Just about everything here can be deadly.

End of the road, I guess.

Thank you.

We'll come see you in
a couple of days huh?


Thank you.

Sound of those vehicles is
already disappearing quickly

and it's an eerie silence.

Just for two seconds.

Just don't say a word.


Yeah. It's quiet.

(bright music playing)

Just out over the top of this ridge,

this little fox came down.

He just worked his way
almost directly to us.

(bright music continues)

Maybe He's just confused

to see people out here.

- If that's all the
animal encounters we have,

I'm pretty happy with that,

because I definitely don't need

a big giant polar bear

come my way.

- That's true. I mean,

any other animal aside from

that kind of animal encounter

is going to be a
potentially dangerous one.

(utensils clicking)
(dramatic music playing)

♪ Throw these stones in water ♪

♪ And that's gonna roll out
the ripples in oceans. ♪

♪ Far and reaching farther. ♪

- I wonder maybe we head down

and across to see

how shady things are straight.

- Our best bet is hit the Ridge

- To the Highland?

- To the Highland.


(dramatic music continues)

- Just tryna maintain a balance

of not sweating

and not getting too cold.

(dramatic music continues)

Okay. Drum roll, please.


What kind of drum roll is that?

- I don't know.

- All right.

I think where we're at,

is probably somewhere right in here

because you can see a couple
of these little tributaries

of the river that we've already crossed.

I think the end of that point

is probably right around here.

And then it's a short little hop, skip,

and a jump to Cape Hope ,right there.

(dramatic music continues)

(smooth piano music playing)

- We can see Cape hope.

Come on.

Doesn't want to seem

to get any closer.

(footsteps tapping)

- Getting close to this town.

The thing is because
it's an abandoned town,

there's usually polar bears,

that could be living in here.

It's kind of freaky.

It hasn't been an uncommon thing

to find a polar bear,

making a den out of an abandoned hut.

- [Justin] We're gonna throw
our packs here right now

and just kind of leave us a little bit

of our base camp until we
find our home for the night.

Start slowing down,

calming down a little bit,

don't wanna be freaking out

or, Calm down.

(soft winds blowing)

(doors opening)


(gun cocking)

Just don't get too close

to me though.

- Let me go upstairs.

(footsteps tapping)

(gun cocking)

- It's freezing down stairs.

- This is freaky coming in here.

Even with the gun.

I don't know how

the police do it.

There's two places upstairs.

Put two tents.

Looks like there's an area up there

where we can hang up clothes.

So to me,

this makes the most sense for now,

but I'm one person out of 3.


- [Andre] Stay here.
- Stay here. Scott?

- [Scott] Yeah. Let's do it.

(soft music playing)
(door closing)

- Just going down to the water

to get some ice.

Cause we don't have much time

before the light's gone.

(footsteps tapping)
(container dropping)

Since we're at the edge of the beach,

this is pretty sandy shitty ice.

To tell you the truth.

There is some blue ice inside here,

which should be pretty fresh.

(ax hitting)
(ice breaking)

(ambient music playing)

(ice breaking)

I say we get back before

the light's totally gone.

(footsteps tapping)

Justin, just back at the place,

setting up the tent.


- Here we go.(laughing)

How does that look on your end?

Is this tiny to fit in here?

- Just barely.

Just barely.

- We need a bigger house.

(fames blazing)

My hot chocolate is just,

hot slash pretty much sums up

how cold it is out here.


- Time for dinner.

We've got a couple pots of ice,

which will soon be hot water.

I've got a nice little packet

of beef flavored soup.

Hopefully these cookers will add

a little bit of heat

to the place.

- My mom gave me this.

It's actually a water ball.

- Very nice.

- She will be so happy
about me using this.

I told you that was gonna come in handy.

Yeah mom , I know.

Thank you, mom.

(zip closing)

Keep close to my heart.

(zip closing)

We had to pretty much
sleep off this night.

We have around 15 hours of darkness.

(smooth music playing)

It's cold.

- Time for bed.

It's now coming up

on eight o'clock.

- [All] Goodnight.

(wind blowing)

- I think the snow must have stopped

shortly after we went to bed,

but the wind is cooking.

Look how much sea ice has been blown out.

- I have a hole in the ground man.

- Oh really?

- So the whole night I was just sleeping

on the floor.

- Did I wake you up.

- Just tossing during the whole night.

- I only got woken up by you snoring.

(fabric rubbing)

(feet tapping)

- Here it comes.

Its only a way to keep warm really.

It's just a dance.

(drums beating)









(drums stop)

(drum beats resume)







- The wind doesn't seem to be letting out

but we still got to get more ice

to make water so we can eat tonight.

(door closing)

- Well, there's another house in here.

We're going to check it out

and see if it's better

than what we have.

- It's a pretty small place.

- The only benefit to that

is it's a smaller place to have

to heat up.

- Might keep this one

in mind for a move.

- Yeah, I say we explore a little bit more

and see what else

is around here.

I can take the carpet with us.

Just another layer of insulation.

(dramatic music playing)

- When people talk about

this place being spooky and haunted,

I can't imagine any spirits wanting

to stay here.(laughing)

(dramatic music continues)

- This place literally
looks like somebody just up

and ran outta here.

- That makes it a bit spooky.

- It feels kind of wrong.

It feels like I'm still just peering

into someone's life. You know.

It kinda feels like
somebody still lives here.

(dramatic music continues)

- Always scouting for bears every once

in a while I got

to stop and look around

and make sure nothing is out here.

- This is the church

or was the church of the

town of Cape Hope.

(dramatic music continues)

There's some sort

of hair all over the ground.

Church floor.

Altar is just covered
up with all this hair.

Pretty creepy.

(organ playing)


- Let's get outta here.

(smooth music playing)

- [Scott] I don't know what would happen

if, you know, all of a sudden,

six or seven day storm
came ripping through here

where the helicopter couldn't get in

and nobody could get out here.

The thing is this

isn't a game.

I mean, that's a real possibility here.

Let alone polar bears,

charging muskox whatever else.

- [Justin] Everything is just so dead.

This whole place is dead.

Maybe there's a reason why this

town didn't survive,

maybe there's a reason why
people left this place.

(somber music playing)

- [Scott] It's kind of
sad to see these people

who grew up here,

lived their life here, died here.

The family members will never forget them,

but it's a pretty forgotten place

in every other aspect.

If there's a spirit left here,

I hope that they're on our side tomorrow

because we're gonna need it.

(bright music playing)

(matchstick striking)

Night number two and a pack of noodles.

- That hot water bottle

that my mom gave me.

I think made world's differences.

Really glad I had that.

Thanks mom. Love you.

(smooth music playing)

I hope I sleep better.

Everything is spaced out.

- Oh yeah.

Already a big difference.

I don't know.

I honestly think if we had to spend

one more night here,

I don't think we're prepared for it.

(smooth music playing)

Andre tell me a story.

- [Andre] I can't think of one.

- Just tell us what you think

is gonna happen tonight.

- [Andre] I think we are all gonna freeze,

like last night,

- That's kind of a scary story,

but not really.

I remember hearing the same story

and it was one of the guys,

most intelligent guy of the group.

He went and got some carpet

and he put it down so he's sleeping on it.

So he should be okay. Goodnight.

(wind howling)

- [Scott] The house is shaking because

the wind is so strong right now

it's blowing the snow
completely horizontal.

It's gonna make tomorrow's
trek pretty treacherous.

I'm sure that.

If we can even leave at all,

we won't if it looks like this.

(upbeat music playing)

- It's not looking good.

Things are really bad out there.

(upbeat music playing)

- [Scott] Even this fox,

is getting blown around,

even he looks disoriented,

he's trying to seek
shelter under the cabin.

He's just walking around like,

now what?(chuckling)

This is probably what
we're gonna look like

if we head out in

this right now.

I think we're just going to have

to stay here for the night.

- If we stay here one more night,

I assume we move down to

that blue building.

There's no point packing

and trying to heat this whole place.

- Happy Halloween,
cause this is Halloween.

- [All] Happy Halloween.

(suspenseful music playing)

- [Justin] The weather
starts beating you down.

I can tolerate this,

but I can't live this.

It's a big difference.

(suspenseful music continues)

I don't want to stay here.

I really don't.

I'd rather
- You wanna go?.

- Well not now,

because we've already
made a decision as a team

that we're gonna stay

and I really don't wanna stay.

I want, I wanted to push on but

- Think Gary's behind it.

It goes like let's see

the decision-making skills.

Let's see if they work

as a team.

Will there be drama?

Will they fight

or will they focus, calm down,

entertain each other.

Keep spirits high.

That's that's what Gary would want.

- I think this is one
Halloween we won't forget.

- This is going to be a bear home though.

I'll tell you that much.

You'll see.

(smooth music playing)

Come tomorrow.

we'll be very packed and ready

to get the hell out of here.

Cause I don't want

to stick around anymore.

(wind blowing)

- Welcome to base camp two.

I'm glad I'm in here

and not out there,

but I'm also disappointed

that we're not back

in Ittoqqortoormiit,

- You want to see the rest of the place?

Well you're looking at it.

But that's the best thing is

that little smaller

is all you gotta do

is worry about heating one room.

(ambient sound playing)

- Its cold.

- [Justin] Really?

- Before I left,

Gary gave me something to give

to you guys.

Open it up,

- Dog food.

He gave us dog food?

- If it ever gets down to

and we're not there yet.

Are we there yet?

- I'll eat it.

Pull it out. Let's go.

- You want it?
- I'll eat it.

- Really?

I think there's a note.

- There's a note, oh oh.

(smooth music playing)

- Sorry Gary.

- Sorry Gary.

- Trick or treat.

- [Scott] You want some?

- Yeah.

(pellets cracking)
(all laughing)

- [Scott] What's it taste like?

- Dog food.

(laughing heartily)


I don't want any more.

- Last chance.

- No.

- Gary is probably trying

to at least send a message to say,

look things can always get worse.

(smooth music playing)

- [Justin] I have no
idea how people can live

in an environment like this

and still do things.

Like go hunting

or do other activities.

Because all I'm doing is fighting

to stay warm.

(flame blazing)

- Day three,

super noodles.

A familiar scene,

but we've got a roof over our heads.

Look at the steam.

That means warmth my friends,

but it also means dampness,

which isn't good.

(cheering and clapping)

- That's hot.


(dramatic music playing)

- You're seriously,

you're gonna wipe all the candles off,

set this place on fire.

Get this outta here.

(dramatic music playing)

- Happy Halloween.

(dramatic music continues)

Scariest way to die.

Mine is choking.

On dog food.


This seawater has made us crazy.

I think these fumes are making us crazy.

- The worst way to die,

to be left alone in some frozen,

god-forsaken abandoned town.


- We're lost here.

Lost souls of the Arctic people.

- The Arctic people of Octa land.

What's the town
- Cape

No, no the town that we've stayed in,

most of the time we've been here.

- Greenland.

- No I'm looking for the specific name

where we have stayed

for many evenings

and eaten many meals

and met many nice people.

- Arctic land.(chuckling)

- Marvel at the boy who
won't learn anything

from the remote places he goes to.


Isn't that shocking?

Isn't that horrible?



- [Justin] Stay in school.


(upbeat music playing)

- [Scott] We are getting
out of here today.

Weather looks good,

bags are packed,

we're gonna make it.

- This is the big hike home

- That's the positive thinking

that's gonna get us through.

- Hopefully we'll be back safe

in the town.

I still don't know the name of it.

- What is this guy?

- Ittoqqortoormiit,

(utensils clicking)

- We've just gotten to the edge of town.

The first time you see it.

And you kind of think,

what is this dilapidated old town,

this abandoned town.

It's ugly, frozen.

And now looking at it as the place

that gave us shelter

and helped us survive

the last three days

is a lot more inviting

than what lies ahead of us.

That looks like an oasis

compared to this.

(upbeat music playing)

- That's an obstacle.

These spirits are up.

Everybody's happy.

♪Everybody's happy ♪

♪ everybody sing ♪

♪ I'm singing ♪

- Now higher.

♪singing ♪

- Yeah, that's got it.

- You go low.

Andre's got mids.

And I got tweeters.

- So we're all speakers.

♪ I'm singing. ♪

♪ I'm singing. ♪

♪ I'm singing in the cold ♪

♪ I'm walking. ♪

(dramatic music playing)

(shuddering breath)

- [Scott] We've been
hiking for about three

and a half hours now,

officially outta water.

We knew this morning

that we were gonna have to hike further

than what we did on

the way in,

the conditions are such

that, you know, the
vehicles from town can't get

as far out as they did,

when we got dropped off,

when we started this trip.

- [Justin] This shiver
walk right now is so hard.

It just burns away your legs.

- [Scott] This is a bit tougher going.

Find it.

You get frustrated

and mad at what you're doing then,

you're gonna burn up
your energy really fast.

Justin has decided

to walk down towards the coast

in hopes to finding some
easier ground to walk on.

I'm keeping him within sight.

I'm sure he's gonna keep me within sight.

(suspenseful music playing)

(smooth classical music playing)

Justin's just about

maybe a hundred meters this way.

He's having a rest as well.

It's nice and calm here too.

There's no wind.

It's really, really quiet.

Really beautiful surrounding.

- (muttering) Oh I'm more miserable.

So thirsty. So thirsty.

- We should make water.

(smooth classical music continues)

Mother's love sees.

Um. Maybe.


Not even a drop.

- I think we've got probably,

three hours left of daylight.

- They expected us yesterday.

They probably went all the way out there.

We don't know

how far they can make it out of town.

We know that there'll be coming

to look for us.

(music intensifying)

(smooth music playing)

- Just taking a break,

just tired.

So tired.

- Move out.

Ready to do this?

- Yeah.

- Do this.

- Wow. I just woke up.

- We can see,

what appears to be a dog team.

Are you not excited?

I'm excited.

We see light.

We got dogs over here.

And we got lights in front of us.

And hopefully they can spot
us cause we can spot them.

Maybe it's a team effort

to get us.

Either way, I'm pretty happy

to see both of them.

(slow ambient music playing)

- The light that we could see way on

the inner part of the bay seems

to be gone now,

which is a bit disconcerning.

- [Justin] It's only a matter

of 45 minutes before we
have no light at all.

I don't know as we can
see a town so far away

that we're so

- All we can do right now

is keep putting one foot

in front of the other

and making miles.

(smooth music playing)

Kilometers away yet our pace through

the snow has slowed

to a crawl.

I'm very tired.

You okay?

If Justin could speak right now.

he'd say I'm also very tired.

(smooth music continues)

- We take five minute break.

- Yeah.

- Let my legs would recharge.

- Yeah.

- Or making miles

or making like slowest miles ever.

- This has been a longest day

in my life.

(smooth music continues playing)

- We were kinda hoping

that we never get

to use this thing because it means

that we'd be in trouble.

(flare firing)

(smooth music playing)

- [Justin] What's your thoughts

on like putting up a tent,

do you think that's gonna,

I really don't want
- I really don't want to,

maybe we have to admit defeat

and say, you know what?

This was, this was too much for us.

♪Singing ♪

Scott start us off.

♪ Save us ♪

♪ Save us ♪

♪ Save us ♪

- That was beautiful.

- That was nice.

- I like it when we sing now.

We should do this more often.

- Yeah. That's keeping us

in a positive mood.

♪ Teamwork. ♪

♪ Teamwork. ♪

♪ Teamwork. ♪

- [Andre] I'm too cold to sing.

- You're never too cold to sing.

- Lets (shushing)

- Is that a truck?

- Shut up! Shut up!

- [Justin] That's a sled.

That's a sled.
- Where's the,

where's the flare?

- I need some extra hands.

Quick, quick, quick, quick, Scott.

- Green's fine.

(flare firing)

(bright music playing)

- Over here.

- He's coming.

(chuckling heartily)

- There you go.


- I didn't even have

to unpack the tent.

- [Andre] I could almost
feel my toes again.


(sled engine revving)

- [Sled Driver] Hello.
- [All] Hello.

- [Driver] What are you doing here?

- Nice to see you.

Oh man. Did you see our flares?

- What?

- Did you see the flares?

- [Driver] Yeah.

- Okay, great.

- [Scott] Hello.
(utensils banging)

The hike from Cape hope
was a bigger adventure

than we bargained for.
(sled engine starting)

- [Justin] That was cold at its coldest.

That was miserable.

That was rewarding.

And it was everything we kind of wanted

and a little bit more.

(bright music playing)

(soothing music playing)

(dogs barking and howling)

(upbeat music playing)
(dogs barking and howling)

- [Scott] We've got a bunch of things

that we borrowed from Gary.

We're just dropping off.

- [Gary] Okay. We got a bit

of an award ceremony here.

You have no idea what

this is, do you?
- No.

- Absolutely no idea what this
- More dog food.

- More dog food
(all laughing)

no its not more dog food.

You know I picked

these shells up for you

and I made these for you.


- Nice.

- There you go Andre.

- [Andre] Thank you very much.

- [Justin] Thank you.
- [Scott] That's awesome.

- I admire you for what
you've done as well.

For going out this time of year.

It's not easy.

So I take my hat off.

I do.

- That's, that's a big, big thing.

I really appreciate that.

- It was a good team building thing.

And I think every once

in a while we need that, you know.

As we work together,

- [Scott] There's a lot
of mental game things

that you've taught us,

how to just sort of push through

and get past that, that apply.

Not just out there,

but like for a lot of

this stuff That we do.

- That's the thing
you're gonna go back out,

maybe another time

and you'll know

that you've gone out

with a little bit more experience.

(bright upbeat music)

- [Scott] It's easy to become forgetful

of how lucky we

are to be in a place like this.

(bright upbeat music continues)

- [Justin] It's so
deceiving out here because

it's so beautiful.

This is a pretty rugged

and tough place to live.

(bright music playing)

- [Scott] Life here is
pretty serious business.

(bright music continues playing)

- [Justin] It all comes down

to being a group

and working together.

(bright music continues)

I gained one thing out of this trip.

A beautiful mustache.

♪ Mustache ♪

♪ Mustache ♪

- That was horrible guys.

(bright music continues)

- [Scott] We wanted to put ourselves

into the environment,

feel what it's like to live here

and certainly got inspired by Gary

and his stories.

The one thing that you can't prepare for

is the weather.

(bright music continues)

In a matter of,

what seemed like 30 seconds,

we were over top of Cape hope

and looking down at

this forgotten little town

that we won't forget about,

because we were there and we,

you know, for a few
days gave it life again.

(bright music continues)

- [Justin] The anniversary of three years

is coming up.

It's just a matter

of time before someone's like,

you know what?

Now you starting to take a break.

I think we'll all know at

the same time.

(smooth music playing)

- [Scott] An adventure like

this one is pretty hard to top.

- [Justin] There's been a lot of red tape

and a lot of phone calls

and a lot of emails,

but we are actually heading

to North Korea next.

(bright music fading)