Departures (2008–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Cuba - full transcript

Avoiding the resorts and the all-inclusive vacation, Scott and Justin rent a car and head towards the tobacco fields around Vinales. A friend who had visited Cuba a number of years back had stayed with a farmer while there and promised to bring photos back to him. Scott and Justin find the same farmer bringing him the photos and are invited into his home. From there they grab a couple of horses to head deep into the countryside to try some sugarcane and rum. Picking up hitchhikers along they way they arrive in Trinidad and are invited to take part in a traditional Santeria ceremony. But even the swinging machete, beating drums, sacrificed chicken, rum and cigars wont end the trip yet. The three drive along the south east coast and visit Fidel Castro's remote hideout on their way to Carnival in Santiago de Cuba.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(reel rolling)

(gentle upbeat music)

- We're in Cuba now, new
country, new set of plans,

new rules, we gonna spend most
of our time going from North

to South.

(bright upbeat music)

Cuba sitting at a real
crossroads in its history.

And won't be long before changes.

We wanna see it before it does.

I've been traveling the world for a year.

Justin and I were charged
with a whole new energy.

As I got further away from my old life

I started to realize that,
this is where I need to be.

This is now my lifestyle.

- One day, I hope to say
that I've seen the world

but that day is not here yet.

(bright upbeat music)

(dramatic upbeat music)

Havana Cuba, this is probably
the only place on earth

where you can take a cab
from the 1950s around town.

And it's the perfect setting for it too.

Obviously driving along the
ocean, convertible top down

it really is a town kind of paradise.

(Penita En La Cara playing)

This place at one point
was the most bustling town

in all of the Americas.

It was where everybody came to hang out,

gamble, have a great time, party.

And ever since the Cuban
revolution with Fidel Castro,

it's been frozen in time.

- This is a perfect time to see it

before it doesn't fly and melts
into rest of North America

hotels and all that stuff

- Who knows which way it's gonna go.

But the idea is to see it
now before it does change.

(bright upbeat music)

I think it's gonna be a really
exciting country to see.

Tomorrow we'll rent a car,
we'll head out of the country

and drive this Island from top to bottom.

There's definitely gonna
be a life out there to see.

And that's gonna encapsulate
what I hope is all of Cuba.

Justin was showing me on
the building behind us here.

You can actually see bullet
holes that are still chipped

out of the wall from the revolution.

When Fidel Castro's
revolutionary soldiers came

in to take over Batista
and start the revolution

that's really still going on.


We come to the square, and
they have like full of debates

about who's team is better,
who's got better players.

And he gets

- These guys come down to
share their view on their

best sports.


Come on here, I have a question

- Apparently these two gentlemen disagree.

- I'll solve it.

(speaking in foreign language)


- Winner



peace be with you.


(gentle upbeat music)

(car engine roaring)

Justin and I were heading
due West of Havana

for the Pinar del Rio region
and the massive tobacco fields

around Vinales.


- We had a friend, who came to Cuba

a number of years back and
did the backpacking thing.

And it's been his stories that
really kind of inspired us

to leave the city behind.

Our friend took some pictures,

happened to come upon a tobacco farm.

He asked us to take these
pictures back to the farmer

if we can find him, apparently
they're the only ones

we may have of himself.

This is the town, I guess.

So this is the guy we're looking for.

If we can locate him, we
can give him these pictures.

Maybe learn a little
something about tobacco.

Let me try this.

This guy's like, "Yeah, I know this guy,

this guy owes me money."


- I think we know where we're going,

they know exactly where he lives.

It's just like four
kilometers up the road.

Apparently there's a T intersection

and he lives right on the right.

So we know where he is.

- It's kind of Interesting
to find this guy.

And we're hopefully we do find him

(upbeat music)

The first bit of directions were wrong.

We kind of got lost a little bit.

So we had to find out if
we're going on the right road

and these guys say we had
to go back a little bit

and then down, and then
we should find this guy.

- He said it's back the
way we came from(laughs)

- Are you kidding me?

- No.

(bright upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- I don't think there's any doubt.

I think we found the place.

Hopefully he just still
lives there though.

- Yeah.

- Scott's been practicing
and rehearsing his Spanish.

Hopefully we can have a
chance to talk with this guy

and tell him why we're here.

(speaking in foreign language)

I have a gift for you actually.

(speaking in foreign language)


- Can we see?

In the tobacco season,
all of this corn field

would be filled with tobacco

and apparently it can grow pretty big.

The tobacco seeds.

All these little tobacco
seeds come from from this here

which is the flower of the tobacco.

So this is the tobacco drying huts.

Wow, so potent what's
your chickens, turkey

So you want to find nice
crease or it's nice.

Smooth to me.

I don't know any better.

He looks like he's rolling it just fine.

She's laughing her.

So he's clearly doing
it wrong or something

or maybe he's doing it so perfect

they just wanna hire him.

- This is what hers looks like.

And this is what mine looks like.

So I don't think I'm that far off

I rolled it really tight.

- It looks a little rough
around the edges but(laughs)

that's nice looking

Oh yeah, see that's a pro
right there, look at that.

- Did I do a good job?

(speaking in foreign language)

- She's a good liar(laughs)

(bright upbeat music)

- So this is the house.

- Oh, wow.

- So we're in the kitchen here

(speaking in foreign language)

and a new addition on the shelves.

Give him some decoration.

(speaking in foreign language)

- This is the kind of
country life I (indistinct).

- Yeah, this might be a good
place to us the one I wrote.

Oh yeah.

- I wanna see you smoke that thing.

- I wanna see you smoking it.

- I rolled it for you.

- It's really like a smooth, clear flavor,

no wonder you could live
to 86 and beyond out here.

It's pretty good life,
great weather, great cigars

(speaking in foreign language)

(camera shuttering)

I was trying to say one
day, I hope to send you

these photos.

I have pretty limited
Spanish, what can I say?

But I think they got the point.

Aside from the tobacco fields

that surround the Vinale's area.

The other thing that Vinale is renowned

for is the landscape,
these limestone cliffs

and these grounded mountains
that surround the whole area.

So the best way to go
see it is get into it.

We gotta go

Real Cuban cowboy here,
It's kinda of cool.

It's got a cool hat, a knife.

- And then this one's name is?

- Candy.

- Candy.

I knew a girl who danced
who her name was Candy.

Who knows that's the horses
name so we gonna dance.

(speaking in foreign language)

Margarita(laughs)that's weird.

They look a little tired,
so I have to wake him up.


We definitely made the
effort to come out here

and so much to see you in the country

and see it by horseback riding.

And you couldn't ask
for a more scenic spot.

Here we are and it's absolutely gorgeous.

(gentle upbeat music)

Used about an hour or so into the ride

and things really open up.

Start to carve around
the side of the mountain

and it opens into a wide open farm fields

We've been riding for
a couple of hours now.

So we're just taking a
break, the sun setting,

the lights get nice.

We decided to stop in
here, which is a friend of

our horseman guide.

They're doing it the old school way

still it's good though.

- This is how you get
the juicer, are you sure?

- This lady here, she's taking
sugar cane, she's grinding it

through what looks like
the old transaction.


- This is really good
actually, really sweet

little bit of rum, a little bit of lime.

- It doesn't last long in
my glass, that's for sure

The city has so much character,

but the country it's untouched.

(upbeat music)

- We've driven about 500
plus kilometers from Vinales

down here to play here on one
of two major landing spots

during the Bay of pigs,
renown worldwide as being one

of the big invasions
and startup to cold war.

Had this museum here that shows

off some of the weapons that were used

and some of the soldiers that died.

The two ironic things
about play a gear on.

And well, the Bay of
pigs in itself is that,

number one here at play here on

there's now an all inclusive resort

and hotel on the beach,

which is just such a
bizarre flip side too.

You know what I mean?

The death and the battle that took place

on the exact same beach.

- And it is like, people
from all over the world,

just hanging out in Speed os
and hanging out by the pool,

chicken and drink.

A lot of people like
two day trip from here

out into the real Cuba.

We're gonna day trip.

(lively upbeat music)

- I think we've done everything.

- Yeah, what time is it?

- 10 to 11:00.

- Is it?

- You wanna get out of here.

- Yeah.

- Let's go.

(upbeat music)

- We're on the road, this
highway that leads to Trinidad

apparently starts to
curve through the sides

of the mountains which
you're seeing already

and the Caribbean coast on the
other side, it's a rough road

but apparently it's well
worth it for the view.

On the way we're continuing
the Cuban tradition

of helping out one another and
picking up some hitchhikers

as we go give them a
free ride to Trinidad.

- We're taking one.

(speaking in foreign language)

So he didn't make it.

He didn't make the cut.

(speaking foreign language)

- Justin, Scott

- Anna(indistinct)

- I'm gonna try, I'll try.

(speaking in foreign language)

that's very good, very bad.

So we're in Trinidad now
we've given a free ride

to Anna and she knows a place
where we might be able to stay

at a castle in particular.

So hopefully they have some room for us.

- Hope people help people out here.

(speaking in foreign language)

- The castle particular is a local's home

that's been approved by the government

of Cuba to allow visitors come stay.

(boy crying)

- What have I created?

- Grandma's says no I guess.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Beautiful.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Perfect, perfect.

Oh my God, we have our own bathroom.

- Given the choice, I
choose the Castle particular

over any hotel.

I mean, you've got all the
comforts of a hotel anyway

but you get to stay with a family.

You get to stay right in the old town

- Because of the Wiener dog,


are you sleeping up there with me.

(indistinct)what's his name?

- [Woman] Yoni

Yoni, Yoni, Yoni

I have a friend named Yoni.

He's really tall.

(upbeat music)

We're just exploring the town of Trinidad

which lies halfway down Cuba.

We're talking about portions of Cuba

feeling like they've been frozen in time.

This is a perfect example of it.

This is where the government stores,

not a lot of choice,
coffee, toothpaste, sugar,

things like that.

Not very well stocked,
but given your ration card

you can come in and get your
ration card filled here.

- This is a different change of pace

than we're used to keep.

Everybody's just kind
of relaxed and laid back

everybody's outdoors and
just kind of taking it easy.

And I'm asking him where
I can find a Cuban life.

He says the best way to find Cuban life is

on the street.

- I know around the city
and maybe any of these guys

in disco.

Yes, to ask for them to
tap, to speak in Spanish.

- I asked him to dance to buy him a drink

and then I asked him to marry me.

- See, all you have to do is ask.

what is he going to do with his bag?

- Everybody wants this belt buckle.

That's where I draw all
my power from right here.

- I just thought that
you had thorns in there.

It could be bad for us.

- Can you get up high?

(speaking in foreign language)

- I think he's saying,
"If we go up this way,

we can get a higher."

- Better view.
- Better view.

- It's worth a shot.

- Yeah.

- Worth a shot.

- Let's take his word for it.

- He knows this place better than we do.

- So how's the(speaks in foreign language)



(singing in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

(motorcycle engine roaring)

- Great sleep, great hospitality,

and another day in Trinidad.

(bright upbeat music)

- Just like in Brazil with soccer,

baseball in Cuba is basically a religion.

And you can find a baseball diamond

in every village, town,
city doesn't matter

you'll find one.

(Justin speaking in foreign language)

Most of the guys, except for
the first baseman has a glove.

The rest are using bare hands.

Even the bases are just
pieces of a cardboard box.

- I started baseball when I younger,

When I was these guys age I sucked up.

- All I do is I just kind of sit there

and do absolutely nothing

and just hope the pitcher
would just walk me.

And it's like, Oh, here comes Justin.

Every single time I'd
play, I'd just sit down

and I'd be like, Oh boy, here we go.

- Oh, Oh, big header.

- Things have changed,

I'm playing against kids that age now.

- Okay so you got a single

I guess the pressure is on for me now.

- I kind of expect a little more from him,

but it's first time at bat go
down on the home plate guy.

One of her points, style, dinner.

I think Scott's feeling the pressure now,

it's kind of funny, 'cause
I heard him out there.

He's like, I've gotta just be a single,

I got just be a single.

- It's dangerous now.

Basis juice here comes
the designated hitter.

What else can you ask for?

I'm playing with a bunch of
ten-year-olds and smoking.

When I started doing really, really well,

I turn up the volume, I turn
it up, turn up the pace.


(upbeat music)

got that guy

Pressures on Scott.

- At first he was up for it.

- Don't go anywhere, she's
not getting in the home.

- I am marking my territory
then he just realized

if we were just playing with kids

couldn't understand why
I was being so serious

but I hadn't played baseball
in a long time and it was nice.

It was just nice being out there.

(upbeat music)

One, one a piece

I'd be totally interested
in going back home

and getting into a league
and stuff like that.

And they call them beer leagues back home.

All right, we're up?

Oh God

That tastes that first home run.

And I was just like, I want(indistinct)

it was just such a good feelings.

Knocked it out of the park
and got really competitive.

Kept that baseball fever around the bases.

I can understand now
when we saw those guys

talking about baseball and
how he did out there getting

it's like their only ball
and it gets sent like

into the side of these
apartment buildings.

It's someone's mom looking for the ball

'cause no one wants to keep
scaling the fence(laughs)

thank mom.

- I don't know the score is
kind of losing track here

because it's hard to keep track.

Scott, probably knows the score.

(upbeat music)

- Justin wanted to go
check out some art gallery.

I wasn't all that into it.

I just said it meet up with them.

And apparently you're
supposed to be housed

where they practice Santeria

which is an old religion
that is still practiced

in a lot of parts of Cuba.

So I'm gonna see if I can find it.

(gentle upbeat music)

So this art gallery here,
I'm the kind of looking

for a piece that kind of symbolized Cuba

and my trip and everything.

And this one and I really, really like it.

Castro and Che this faces are famous.

The biggest issue for me is
how do I get this back home?

It's going to crack.

- No, no(speaks in foreign language)

- I was here yesterday looking at it.

So just wondering if the price
has gotten higher and lower

(speaking In foreign language)

- He's making me feel bad,
he's good at what he does.

We do get those $65, the
farmers here make $40 a month,

$65 in one day, good deal(laughs)

She's happy, she's got a smiling face.

(tense upbeat music)

- This is it, this gotta be it.

They do Know that sensory,
it was brought here

with the Africans who came over as slaves

in the 15th century.

The Spanish wouldn't allow
the slaves to practice any

of their African religions,
so they blended Catholicism.

One of them that came out is Santeria

and from my understanding,
it has hints towards

something similar to voodoo
just one big empty room with

a chair in the middle and
the doll on the chair,

to be honest, it's really
eerie, it's really eerie.

Talking to that woman, and
she's apparently the sister

of whoever does the ceremonies
there for the Santeria.

Trying to catch it would be really cool.

With this being one of
the few places on earth

you can still witness it.

It was a no brainer for us
to get involved with it.

We've been allowed access to the rear room

of this house where the
ceremony is about to begin.

It's in the Cambodia just
feels like death mass

or something.

- So we've been given cigars and rum which

we've been assured are
a part of this process

are very common during
this ceremony or process.

But we're not exactly
strangers to these items by now

in our trip to Cuba.

- Okay, and now your food.


- Like this.

- Okay.

- You take yours.

- I feel like a chef(laughs)

- Kind of an interesting scenario,

and we didn't really
know what was going on.

And at first sight, everything
about it is very bizarre.

You don't understand what
any of this stuff is about

but you go through the process

and you start to put
all the pieces together.


- Negative energy?

- Oh, yes.

- It's interesting, I don't know.

- It's hard to watch, he
took the heads off a pigeon

and drain the blood into this
bowl where there were rocks.

It's a hell of an experience Santeria

Going from not knowing anything about it

before I came to Cuba

(speaking in foreign language)

to being thrown right into
it and being fully involved

in the ritual, unbelievable.

(slow paced traditional music)

- Everywhere is packed in this room

and this girl would come
in with this machete

and she'd be waving
them around and dancing

and machete was just kind
of flashing by your face.

And I don't know if it was the
run or if it was the cigars

it just put you in this
weird frame of mind.

And she was dancing round the room.

The drums were just pounding away.

People were just coming all
over the place, dancing outside.

Everybody wanted to be a part of it.

It was just mesmerizing.

(cheerful traditional music)

(bright upbeat music)

- You loose sight of the
fact that you're on an Island

when you're in Cuba, when
it's an enormous Island.

So when we finally got to the coast,

after exploring a bit of Trinidad,

we just decided we're going
to get out on the water

and kind of be pirates of
the Caribbean for a day.

- We've got Alejandro, our captain here,

we've got a Rainier, our co-captain.

- Justin's done a little
bit of sailing before.

And of course he now
considers himself God's gift

to sailing, second he got to the house

and he just wanted to bark orders

All hands on deck here,
calling in Mr. Justin

- Give me an an R Justin give
me an R If you're a sailor,

- I want to strike my friend gladly.

- Give me an R, one R rough.


- The captain says give me an R

R gonna kick you in the ass.

See that I go to this hell.


There we go, thank you very much.

(bright upbeat music)

- Just dropped in a couple of lines.

Apparently these are Barracuda waters.

So since we're heading
out into the Caribbean sea

we might as well try
our luck in some fishing

- It's kind of easy way of fishing, really

just kind of throw you a
line in and just gotta be.

- We're looking into something,

It doesn't seem to be too big a style

- That, nasty teeth on him.

- Look at those teeth.

I was just a bit of my
finger in his mouth.

That's why you don't do that-

- It looks like a Haggard
old gold prospector.

(bright upbeat music)

- We're gonna pile back in the car

and drive to the extreme
Southeast tip of a country

near Santiago de Cuba.

We caught word of one of the
most spectacular drives you

can do in all of Cuba
between the Caribbean sea

and the Sierra Maestra mountains.

The idea was to get around
and see some of the remote

outposts that the rebel
army would have used

50 some odd years ago in
preparation for the revolution.

- We've been told that slightly
over a hundred kilometer

truck takes about four hours or more.

And I think we can see
already why, but it's kind

of worth it, every time
you get to a section

that's been washed out by tropical storms

and things like that.

You can stop and just
have a look at the view

'cause it's unbelievable.

While the view is the payoff,
the drive is treacherous

to say the least.

(gentle upbeat music)

God, I assume this bridge is still open.

Why I assume-

- It's not fucking open, look up ahead

just keep going, do to happen.

- I think it's just a big...

We did it.

- We have doing this coast
to drive down the coast

and we've kind of warned about it saying

like it's a pretty
sketchy road to beyond .

- Bridge looks like it can go at anytime.

Oh, it's maybe 40 feet
down or something, I guess

- After further inspection,
this car is not a 1969

(indistinct)charger and we
cannot jump over this gap.

So we're trying to find a way around it

We got jumped back.

You didn't want to drive?

- My department right here just

because it's dangerous.

Doesn't mean fine.

And then the second after, go,
want to go nappy time again?

(car brakes screeching)


- I'll just wake you up
on the next thing, huh?

- He's he mad at me.

Cause he didn't seem
like anybody wanting to

drive her costume was like,
well, we shouldn't drive

or we shouldn't drive.

So like he at least
appreciate it for your drink.

(bright upbeat music)

- Going along that coastal road,

felt like something not
even the Cubans were doing.

I really didn't expect to
find so many parts of Cuba

that seemed very much untraveled.

We've finally made it to
the worst of the roads.

Unfortunately, it also means that the best

of the scenery is also behind
us now to just desperate

for a little gas and
then hit the road again.

We completed our loop
drive of the coastline

and we've got ourselves up

into the Sierra Maestra mountains.

We're getting close to the
area where Fidel and the rebels

actually gathered and started
to plan the successful portion

of the rebellion a few years after.

(footsteps thumping)

- They've only opened this
up about six months ago

to the public, we pulled
a couple of strings.

We got a camera up there
to be like one of the first

gun crews ever get that on film.

Yeah, that's awesome.

I guess here was like their kitchen.

This is where everybody would be fed.

Traveling is the best history lesson you

could possibly have.

It gives you a chance
to see things firsthand

and experience the
culture and the history.

This is the very place that
Fidel Castro held out in.

The cool thing was, is inside
this place, you can escape

from anywhere, but he
was pretty well planned.

He actually had a trap door


- Walking around here realizing like

this is where it all began.

- Less than 50 years ago
when they were sitting

at this table, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro,

(indistinct)they're all
sitting at this table,

planning out like, okay

how are we gonna make 300
troops look like 3000.

- It's interesting that tree behind us.

That's where he used to sit

on one of these benches and
he used to shoot at that tree,

if you go look at it closely

you can see like a little bolts in it.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah, there's like four
or five, you can see it.

So I guess he'd come here,
people that like farmers

and stuff that didn't
know how to shoot a gun

or anything they'd come
here and he'd teach them

how to shoot.

Have seen here, there's
one here, one there.

(bright upbeat music)

- This is the field hospital
that the road was built where

Che would have spent a lot of time.

There's still actually quite
a bit of medicine vials.

- Here's Che's living
quarters, he was like,

one of the doctors here we
finished the main doctor,

probably on the way he kept in here.

Maybe he'd sit here and prescribe stuff.

He's like, Oh, you want,
I wonder if at anytime

during the revolution Che kind of sat here

is kind of going to these

(indistinct)better be
right about this one.

- This dirt trail leads to
pretty much the top of Cuba

and the same spot where Che
Guevara had a radio station

that he used to broadcast shortwave radio

to try to rally the
people for the revolution.

There's not a lot of
really interesting history.

That's happened in the last 50, 60 years.

Just seeing where a lot of
these major events went down

and really proud to say, I got to see

Hey, okay, he's moved.

- Yeah, it's good smoke.

(indistinct) the whole thing

(gentle upbeat music)

- When We rolled into Santiago de Cuba.

It was a real sense of accomplishment.

It was a real safer Solarize

because we showed up on
the third day of carnival

the biggest festivals of the whole year

Everybody here, this is
a very local festival,

very local thing.

You have five on two,
five, $5, I gave them a 10

- It's five pesos in the old money.

It's not five convertible pesos.

- No wonder they looked
at me like I was crazy.

'Cause like a little 20 minute backlash.

I gave him $10 and now I got like

like a hundred dollars back.

- You know what, that
works there to be 15 cents.

- Now we're loaded, now we've got tons

on the money and people looking at us now.

So I probably would put it away.

But I got through the money
who joins me drinks around me.

(bright upbeat music)

- Can I get a(indistinct)

Am hungry man.

- It's like a pizza taco.

What elevated it above some
of the Cuban experiences

we've had is that we really
felt like we were the only ones

there, who weren't Cuban,

was a real sense of
accomplishment as well.

And Justin and I wasted no time
getting right into the mix.

- I think I have a fun time in there.

- I call that thing
the bird cage of death.

- I think it's made of the bird cage.

- The important thing is
is that the kids have fun.

- You know what big kids do for fun?


- They don't look like
the cleanest buckets

in the world we drinking out of,

but let's go fill them up.

- All right.

- We've found it kegs.

- I call it an alcohol booze.

- Booze.

- Anyway, you slice it, it means(whistle)

- Cheers.

- Cheers(speaks in foreign language)

- Not Cheers(speaks in foreign language)

It's not the best tasting beer

but it is a beer nonetheless

- Cheap beer good times.

- Cheap bear good times

(upbeat music)

- I'm not a roller coaster junkie.

This is like really scary.

One dollar, you're for me to go on.

I ended up going on one of these rides

and I had a problem getting on it.

He's like you weigh too
much, weigh too much

And this kid was fighting
for me to get up.

He's bugging me to get me up.

'Cause this guy's like a too old I'm like,

- so what's gonna happen?

- We could die?

- We could die.

I'm going to take the worst ride of all

It's the ride of the(indistinct)

- With my way and your way.

This is a really, really, really bad idea.

Honestly, pick that my buddy's gone on.

- I was surprised that we actually got

on the guy was just looking as like

don't do anything stupid.

Don't make any more
movies than you need to.

All the right is as an axle

of a back of a truck tilt on its side.

And they just had holes to it.

But you see it's like a rear
end rear end of a truck.

- Wow.


(speaking in foreign language)

- Have you ever peed over
top of the wheel spinning?

- That means you're just
loosening something(laughs)

These kids don't even
realize how close they are

to dying right now(laughs)

(Justin whistling)

(speaking in foreign language)

(Scott speak in foreign language)

(speaking in foreign language)

'Cause that's what I did.

- Am I going to survive this?

There we go.

(speaking in foreign language)

- To survive, I guess it's all matter.

Hey you(laughs)

Wow, may have this kind of a thing.

We'll be back on the road again.

He'll be turned back into his truck.

- I don't wanna know what you did.

Don't take me to see it.

I don't like this trailer.

The fact that I had to pay
for this is bad enough,

let's go for that service.

Where the hell is Justin?

- Do you have time.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Yeah you like it?

Want some ice cream.

Okay, let's go again.

We're going to go get an ice
cream or candy or something.

When I got off the
ride, I took to the kid.

I'm like, "Thanks so much
for helping me get on."

If you want something is on me.

And so went over and
got some cotton candy.

And then you started going
over all these other vendors.

He got me on the ride, which
I appreciate, but now he's...

Now he wants a cell phone.

It's like, come this way now, ice cream.

Thanks to that kid, I
probably won't have kids

for another five more years.

So on top of five years, I
didn't plan on having kids.

He realized I had a
little bit of money left,

so he went and got all his friends

and I bought them all ice cream now .

So everybody needs to
get get an ice cream.

I went from having one kid
to having like six kids.

- Do you know this kid?

- Yeah, kinda.

- Can I have another beer,
can I have another beer please

- I'm getting him a beer

and we're getting the hell out of here.

- Bye.

(bright upbeat music)

- The timing was definitely
right coming here.

And we came into time
where it really feels

like it's teetering on a point
of big change in overnight.

Cuba could change in an instant.

Coming here was a big deal

coming here now and seeing it now.


- Ending our trip in Santiago.

Being able to arrive
during part of(indistinct)

was fantastic.

It was one of the best ways
to just jump head first

into everyday life.

- We got to share one of the floats

and the girls are dancing chicken

and buys and moving and twisting.

And it was definitely a sight to see.

- My girlfriend would be happy to know

that I didn't notice anything other

than very nicely decorated floats.

And I think there was something
else involved in the floats

but I don't really remember.

Yeah, I think that was it(laughs)

We lived the carnival
highlight by doing it all.

I think we were successful

in becoming Cuban even
for just that night.

- I hope that's the last float

'cause I don't know how you top that

there goes the(indistinct)

(bright upbeat music)

Being in Cuba has been
a fantastic opportunity

and experience

but we have to move on.

Next we're off to the opposite side

of the world, to the remote
countryside of Mongolia.

We'll cross the Gobi desert and press deep

into the Northern frontier to
find a reindeer herding tribe.