Departures (2008–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Brazil: Treading Water - full transcript

There are so many things that can kill you in the Amazon rainforest. The guys rent a boat as protection and head down river to explore the rain forest. They find poisonous insects around every corner, angry snakes, and people livi...

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(upbeat music)

- [Man] We've been in
Brazil for a while now.

We've seen Rio, we've done the Pantanal,

and now we face Brazil's
biggest challenge so far,

the Amazon.

(upbeat music)

We're back with Gisele,

who we originally met while in Jordan.

- [Man] Gisele is fantastic girl.

She's just one of those people

that you just wanna be around.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] After traveling
the world for a year,

Justin and I, we were charged
with a whole new energy.

- As I got further away from my old life,

I started to realize that
this is where I need to be.

This is now my lifestyle.

One day, I hope to say
that I've seen the world,

but that day's not here yet.

(upbeat music)

- In order to have an Amazon experience

like we wanted to,

Gisele, Justin, Andre, and
I decided to do it in a way

where we could stay out in the Amazon,

but constantly see and do new things.

- Sometimes when you're traveling,

it's wise to have something
to feel protected,

and when you're asleep at night

you're not worried about some jaguar

jumping into your tent
or anything like that.

So we had the nice protection
of the boat beyond the water.

- We really lucked out with our decision

and we knew it was gonna allow us access

to a lot of stuff that normally
we wouldn't have access to.

Ahoy maties, welcome aboard.

(eerie music)

- We got some of the spotlights out

having a look for some caiman.

We don't mean them any particular harm.

We just wanna have an
up close look at them.

(boat engine revving)

- We're going hunting for caiman.

So buckle up it's about to get gnarly.

- Good luck.

- We boarded a smaller boat,

and we're hoping to have
better luck this way.

- We heard all these stories
about guys getting their arms

chomped up, their legs ripped off.

I mean, it's one of these things

where you gotta be very
careful what you're doing,

and luckily the guide we were with,

who's kind of like this
crazy like Tarzan dude.

(soft music)

- [Man] He went over to the shoreline

and was able to scoop up two baby caiman

in his hand at once.

(guide speaking foreign language)

- He just said that the mother,
it's around us, very upset.

And if the babies make any
noise, she is going to attack us.

So he's holding the mouth,

like their mouth very tight.

- Oh, you should probably sit down,

'cause we're...

This is-
- Can I see the babies?

(guide speaking in foreign language)

He said that we cannot press too tight.

- They're really, really soft.

It just feels like
they're just full of air

and you they just like a little toy.

You wanna hold him Scott?

- [Scott] Okay.
- You don't have to push

real hard.

- [Scott] That's cute, eh?

(guide speaking in foreign language)

- He wants to check to
see if the mom around.

(guide speaking in foreign language)

- [Man] I feel like I'm holding bait.

- His eyes are intense.

- And the texture, it's fantastic, huh?

- Nice wallet.

- [Gisele] Don't say that.

(man laughing)

(guide mimicking)

(crickets chirping)

(eerie music)

- The crazy thing is
he just saw the babies

and went up to the
babies and grabbed them.

And the mother could have
been within four feet away.

- [Man] Right beside it.

(crickets chirping)

(caiman bellows)

- He's calling for mama.

- We're using the baby as
a way to call for mother

and the baby's been making an
actual sound out of distress.

So, all right, let's see what happens.

- The mother, the mother.

- Oh, yeah, there's the mother there.

(ominous music)

(caiman bellows)

(upbeat music)

Without these lights, this
place is pitch pitch black.

And the noises that you hear,
all the chirping of the bats

and the sounds of the water
thing scurrying through,

it's just scary.

(upbeat music)

(frog croaking)

(speaking foreign language)

- [Gisele] He is saying
that's a very rare frog.

That is the camouflage frog.

- The way I'm holding
him, you can see how flat

and how thin its front legs are,

but it's back legs,

I've kind of got my thumb
and finger hooked in.

And every time it kind of flexes,

you could feel how
strong its back legs are.

This is why coming down the Amazon

is immediately so rewarding.

I mean, look at this thing.

Where on earth can you
see a frog like this?

You guys want to hold them, or?

- Oh, no.
- I don't want to.

- [Man] No?
- No (laughs).

- [Man] That's a no from you today.

- That is a big no.

Tido was saying that this
frog that we just saw,

it's the third time that he saw the frog

in his whole life, entire life.

- [Man] Wow!
- And this is what he does?

- Yeah, this is what he does.

- And his job is out here.

- Not a bad first night, all in all.

Got a good feel for what it's
like out here at nighttime.

(upbeat music)

- On the agenda for day
is, the guys on the boat,

they're gonna take us up to this tree

and we're gonna do this canopy tree climb.

It's not about making the
top at a record speed,

it's about going up slowly

and just seeing all the
environment around you.

The trick is to find the tallest tree

and they've gone out right now to scout.

(upbeat music)

- This place is usually
15 meters below us.

Usually you have to hike
into this point on foot,

but because we're here
at the end of wet season,

it's flooded 15 meters higher than normal.

(upbeat music)

- I don't know if I'm
running into these trees,

like this is very eco friendly.

(upbeat music)

- We're just trying to find
a place to shore up this tub

for a couple of hours

while we try to do a little tree climbing.

- And we don't have a much better job,

we just kind of like just went in

and just took out one of
the trees, just smashed it.

And the fans look at us
like, "Are you kidding me?"

All of this area you can park.

- I agree.

I think that that was
a shabby parking job,

but whatever works.

(upbeat music)

- We're working out a little
bit on a crush course here

on tree climbing.

So these guys are making
sure that we know everything.

So we're gonna be safe
while climbing up there.

(upbeat music)

It's pretty intense out there.

It's really, really hard to get the top.

It takes everything you've got.

And this is workout.

(upbeat music)

He recorded us the way up.

Its start to clear the canopy line

and you can see for miles
and miles around you.

- You don't even realize you're
like seven meters in the air

and you just, you're up
there and just enjoying it.

(indistinct) (laughs)

My mum said, "If you're going to Brazil,

don't do anything stupid."

Hi, mum (laughs).

Gisele is, she's up for anything.

She is an (indistinct) girl I've met,

that have that spirit and that energy

and no fear of altitude.

(upbeat music)

- When we got up to the top,

we were able to use connecting ropes

and throw ropes to swing
ourselves to different branches.

(upbeat music)

Oh, I got swung over and
knocked them right off,

and after that I didn't
even want to do anymore.

I wasn't really scared, I was just worried

that I was gonna do the same thing again.

- (laughs) You okay?

- [Man] Yeah.
- Sorry (laughs).


- I'm glad am down here below you, dude.

It's like a one man wrecking crew.

(upbeat music)

- One more.


It was just...

It was something to get used to.




- [Man] Are you okay?

(upbeat music)

- It was refreshing
after being on the boat

for a good day and a half or so,

to be able to see the Amazon
and in a different way.

(upbeat music)

- We hardly noticed this
rainstorm moving in.

At first, I thought it was
gonna make the experience

miserable but it actually
heightened the experience

in the end.


We're basically in a
(indistinct) rainstorm.

And all of a sudden it's just like this.

Temperature changes and all
the sweat and everything

from the climb just gets
washed away by the rain.

And the tree starts to
sway and shake in the wind.

And it was for this reason
that the American guy

who invented this so-called
sport wanted to do it,

because his profession is to climb trees

and cut trees down and stuff like that.

One day he got caught in
this pretty bad storm.

He was up in the tree and trees
shaking all over the place

and it's just moving from side to side

and he survived it and he came down

and it was one of those life
changing moments for the guy.

And he said to himself,

he wanted everybody to have
the ability to feel that.

We actually got the experience the way

this guy wanted us to experience it.

For our first time, we couldn't
ask for anything better.

- It's a hell of a lot of
fun until the rain showed up.

And now it's even more fun (laughs).

(upbeat music)


That was amazing.

(boat engine revving)

(upbeat music)

- Are you all right?

- [Man] I'm fine.

- Sorry for parking on
your front lawn all day.

- And ripping up your tree.

(boat engine revving)

(upbeat music)

- I think the final step for all of us

to be able to experience the
Amazon was to do a proper hike,

and of course you want
to take someone with you

who's educated in....

The guide who pilots the boat

was more than happy to do
that for us and take us out.

And he's grown up in these areas

and you're a product of your environment.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Rubber tree.

He scratched with the machete

and now it's just bleeding out.

(speaking foreign language)

And this is what they
make rubber out of it.

And as you kind of grind
your fingers together,

it just starts turning into rubber.

- These are the things
that gave Brazil its boom,

or at least the Amazon region its boom

back in the early 1900s,

when these trees were discovered

and they found out a way to turn this milk

into real vulcanized rubber
for tires and things like that.

People moved in here to
try to farm these trees

until they, (chuckles) well,
until they stole the seeds

and started planting them
elsewhere in the world.

(upbeat music)

- Within the first 15 to
20 feet inside the Amazon,

just starting this trail,

there's probably about a
hundred different things

that will kill you.

(upbeat music)

(speaking foreign language)

- He's saying that the
smallest ant in the world

and most poisoned, it's right there.

And he's asking us to find it.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Gisele] Did you find, Justin?

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] Oh, really.

- Okay.

(speaking foreign language)

He's trying to get the ant to bite him

just to show us how it looks.

But he says that it only one

and it's not going to be too bad for you.

It's more when you have
a lot of bites all over.

- You can tell him that's not necessarily.

- [Gisele] (laughs) Seriously.

- We need him alive.

(upbeat music)

(speaking foreign language)

- He's saying that they
used to treat malaria.

And he said that we can try it.

(upbeat music)


- That's horrible.


(Gisele coughs)

- It's always the bad stuff
that's good for you, right?


- I'm not eating anymore
wild stuff out here.

That was the first and last.

- The next thing we'll probably find

is like a cotton candy tree.

And you'd be like, "Why did I
make that deal with myself?"

(upbeat music)

Tido, just stopped this 'cause
he heard a bit of a noise.

And there's some wrestling around.

(guitar music)

Tido believes that we've scared God.

Never heard much sound or
evidence of it in a few minutes,

but we go a little bit, we gonna stop

and he has to listen,
he kind of looks around.

(soft music)


Tido saw some eagles
preying in the distance.

He was trying to call them closer.


(eagles screeching)

(upbeat music)


That's pretty cool.

It holds so much water.

- You drank it all.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Oh, shit.

- [Gisele] You too?
- [Man] Yeah.

- You guys are good?

(Gisele screaming) (speaks
in foreign language)

I gotta get these pants off.

(speaking foreign language)

- No it's not feeling good.

(speaking foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- Got ants in my pants.

- They're a lot inside of my pants.

They keep bitting.

- I started to feel a
couple of bites on my legs

and then just, I was
doing the same thing.,

and I was like, "Ooh!"

I rolled up my pants,

I could just see a couple of aunts there.

I think I'm clean now.

- Apparently, there was a
nest of ants that we stepped.

- Are you okay?

- [Gisele] Yeah.
- All right.

- I was just in a panic mode.

- (sighs) Show's over baby.

(upbeat music)

Reminds me of a few minutes ago.

(upbeat music)

I just had them up my legs, I'm okay.

(speaking foreign language)

- He's saying that those, they don't bite.

- [Man] You want me to do it?

- [Man] Go for it.

(upbeat music)

- (laughs) I really
don't like that (laughs).


Lots of...


Jeez, not a cool feeling at all.

- Did they bite you?

- No, but it's just the
freakiest thing ever.

'Cause just like your mind's like,

"You don't want this to happen."

(upbeat music)

- It is like it's getting
numb, you know that feeling?

- [Man] Oh, yeah.

- Oh, they have (indistinct), they bite.

(speaking in foreign language)

Now he's saying, they
just give little bites.


(guide laughs)

(upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Man] Gisele almost
stepped on a snake here.


(speaking foreign language)

- He said that she's very strong.

- No, I ain't touching it.


- I'm glad that I didn't
see it when I was walking.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
be able to keep going.

- Not a big fan of snakes.

- I don't like snakes.

Not even seeing them.

(upbeat music)

- Spider?

- It's spider, it's scorpion.

- Scorpion spider.
- Scorpion spider.

- No wonder they have so
many different species

of animals that have
never been identified yet.

You never see the same animal twice.

(upbeat music)

If you were to walk through the Amazon

without guys like this,

one of two things would happen.

Either one, you'd walk
right through and think,

"There's nothing around here."

Or two, you'd never
come out the other side.

The only reason that it's
so hard to see things

is because everything is so
well adapted and camouflaged.

And we've seen every spider in the book

and we've probably seen 100
through 1000 of the spiders

that are out here.

Look at her attack.


- This is spider and one meter...

- Can jump one meter.

- [Man] Yeah.
- Wow!

Maybe we're a bit within
the safe zone (laughs).

Especially with how provoked it's been.

(upbeat music)

After we are done hike through the Amazon,

we had a bit of daylight left.

Tido who took us out onto our hike,

had said that there was
a portion of his family

that had recently moved from
a lot further down the Amazon,

and suggested that we go and meet them.

(upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

This is just one of
the most basic shelters

that they've got right now

since they've just arrived
only a month or two ago.

To start a whole new life right here

is obviously a tough task,

especially when you're just
living solely off the land.

And they built this shelter

and that's all they have right now.

But I mean, imagine being a
four-year old, a six-year old,

a 10-year old child and
this is your backyard,

knowing what's out there
and knowing, you know?

- Poisonous spiders and snakes and plants.

- It's amazing that families
can not only survive,

but thrive out here.

(parrots singing)

If you can tell them,
thank you for all of us

and this means a lot,

they may just be starting here,

but we're really honored to be allowed in.

(speaking foreign language)

- And from now on, you are
always welcome in this house.

Whenever you come back to the Amazon,

please come and pay a visit.

He apologize for not being
able to speak in your language.

He wants to learn about
your culture as well.

What you do in Canada.

- Next time we come back, then
maybe we can talk some more.

(speaking foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- Earlier on in the trip,

I was sure I saw dolphins and sure enough,

they have freshwater
dolphins in the Amazon basin.

And these are pink dolphins.

At first I was like, yeah,
right, pink dolphins?

That doesn't exist.

It's like a unicorns.

"Yeah, we got unicorns on this island."

And I'm like, "Yeah, whatever."

- [Man] They're actually pink.

We've seen them come by the boat.

There's only like five different species

of freshwater dolphin
that exists on earth.

And these particular dolphin
only exist right here.

So we've got some fish and
we're just trying to feed them.



(upbeat music)

- [Man] Ooh!

- [Gisele] Oh!

(speaking in foreign language)

- Very cute.

It is so cute.

(water burbles)

(upbeat music)

- Scott and Gisele were feeding him

and Gisele was kind of teasing him

and the guy who was running
the boat, he's like,

"Yeah, if you tease him,
it just pisses him off.

And then the next time they come up,

they're just gonna snap
it out of your hand."

- Right (laughs).

- Well, Gisele was teasing
that thing for maybe like five

or six minutes and finally
gave him a piece of fish.

So I'm like, "Oh, okay, I
guess it's safe, right?"

So I put my fish in there, bam!



He Just came out of nowhere
and just bit my finger.


Stupid dolphin.

(upbeat music)

- Can I ask one favor?

I've been doing all the things
that you guys want to do,

like going through the
jungle, climbing trees,

hunting crocodiles at night,
and I was very brave, right?

- [Man] Yes.
- To do it.

So now one thing I wanna do,
it's swim with those dolphins,

but I need one of you to jump before

to make sure that it's safe.

(water splashes)

- [Man] Did you just say
(indistinct) right now?

- Yeah, I'm creeped out.

(all laughing)

I've climbed but get....


(upbeat music)

- Hey, stop putting the
blood and I gotta jump in.

You can hear the sonar clicks.

They're creepy.

Put that back down.

- [Man] Get in the water,
stop barking orders.

- [Man] She is chumming the waters.

- [Gisele] Okay.

- Stop teasing him with that.

I got to get in.

- [Man] You're not even
getting ready to get in though.

- [Gisele] You're ready already.

- [Man] I'm waiting, let's go.

Come on.
- So, you can go first.

- Get in, let's go.

- I will.

- Fine.

- [Gisele] It's fine.

(Gisele laughs)

(water splashes)


(upbeat music)

- [Man] Wait, wait, wait.



- All you had were these
dolphins just swimming out

and touching you, and they're curious,

and they're poking at you,
and hitting and bumping you.

Have you just been attacked by one?

It's not the greatest
feeling in the world.


- [Gisele] I can not.

- (screams) I don't like this.

He's touching me.


He's touching me.

- Shut up.

Get off and stretch out.


- [Man] We are swimming
with the most friendly

creature on earth.

- That was pretty freaky.

So now I got this fear of pink dolphins.

Stupid dolphins.

(upbeat music)

- Pulled into a little village here,

the side of the Rio Negro.

And we got an army of motorcycles here

to take us out a little ways.

There's apparently kinda
like a snake farm I guess,

that might be our best chance at seeing

a whole bunch of snakes all at once.

- I'd like to see the snakes.

- Do we not need shoes? Like seriously?

I got flip flops and I'm
gonna go (indistinct) snakes.

- [Gisele] We gonna have fun.

- Hi mum.

I got no helmet on.

(speaking in foreign language)

Hi mum (laughs).

(upbeat music)

- This place is a bit of
a reptile farm, I guess.

It's where they're sort of taking care

of some of the ones that
might've been injured

or breeding them.

Obviously you get up close

and personal with them right away.

(ominous music)

That one's huge.

Can you ask-
(speaks in foreign language)

- [Gisele] (laughs) He's inviting you.

- I told Scott and Andre and Gisele,

there's no way I'm doing
anything with the snakes.

(upbeat music)

(speaking foreign language)

- It's strong.

And this hand, it's just
squeezing the hell out of.

Here, come see.

- [Gisele] No, no.

- Come on.

Justin, why don't you come down?

- No, I'm not coming down.

They got no arms, they got no legs,

they bite people.

There's no such thing as a friendly snake.

Probably, there's a snake behind me.

There's no such thing as a friendly snake.

- How does it...

What is the texture?



Look like a shoe.

- Gisele, can you ask him if
he ever been bitten by snakes?

(speaking foreign language)

- Many, many, many times.

(speaking foreign language)


- Maybe once a year.

(speaking foreign language)

- I didn't even touch
him and it freaks me out.

- Okay.

- Like that?

All right.

Look at me, I'm a snake man.

- You should do it as well.

See, it is smoothy.

- You don't know my fear of snakes.

A snake never saved anybody's life.

So what do I need to be
friends with snakes for?

Ain't doing nothing.

All they do is they kill people.

- It's kinda like taking
care of two babies.

You got one on one arm
and one on the other.

To be honest, I actually
feel more comfortable

with these snakes on me than babies.

They seem pretty docile though.

They're not very aggressive snakes at all.

Can you come down and do this?

I know you hate it.

Just do it

You have nothing to lose by doing it.

- They've looked very
harmless and (indistinct).

Well, now that one's...

Now he's attacking.

As I said that, that one's strikessome.

(snake hissing)

How do I...

I don't like to be friends
with snakes in first place.

Now this one is just riled up.

- [Man] You'll have to pick up that one.

- Well, of course, I'm not
gonna pick up that one.

(soft music)

(snake hissing)


This snake is riled up.

- This will help you
conquer the fear even more.

(snake hissing)

- Now that I just see
what the snake can do,

you guys want me...

Look at the way you got
grins on your faces.

(snake hissing)

It sounds like a fire hose going on.

(snake hissing)

(ominous music)

And then they want me to jump in there.

- Come on in.

- I think the only way
I'm gonna conquer my fear

is actually grabbed the
one that is hissing.

- Come on.

- (laughs) Right, I doubt it.

- [Man] Start with the
one that is not riled

and see where it goes.

- Most people just do it the simple way.

(snake hissing)

I can hear my heart
just pounding right now.

Ask him if I can pick up that one.

The one that's on that....

(speaking foreign language)

- Yeah you can.

- I was really hoping
he would just say no.

(soft music)

(speaking foreign language)

I hate snakes,

and I'm going for that one.

(tense music)

- Just in case you toss the snake.

- There's no need for locking me in.

(tense music)

Oh God, there it is.

I'm touching the fricking crazy snake.


(tense music)

- [Gisele] He's going to give another one.

- I'm kind of busy right now, these two.

- [Gisele] Put it.

- Okay, this is...

Okay, I said one, not three.

Okay, this is getting a
little bit ridiculous.

Okay, Gisele, seriously.

- Can we just leave?

- [Man] Yeah, okay.
- Let's go.

Let's go.
- I'm done here.

(speaking in foreign language)

- Take them.

Take them.

Take them.

(indistinct) Come back
here, no, seriously.

He doesn't just speak English.

You Gisele, tell him to come back in here.

- [Gisele] How rude.

- Come on, seriously, I don't like snakes.

She told him to leave me in here.

This is falling up.

Get that one.

Okay, that's the aggressive one.

(snake hissing)

Oh yeah.

(snake hissing)

(upbeat music)

(snake hissing)

Meeting snakes out there I
realized, you come across me,

I got no feelings for snakes.

You're not furry, you're
not fluffy, you ain't cute.

You're ugly.

(upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

We are leaving this boat behind,

we're leaving the crew behind

and we're heading to the North East Coast,

and I'm gonna see what kind of
beach life presides to offer.

- Flying away.

(upbeat music)

(waves crashing)

- We've arrived, Fernando de Noronha.

- Fernando de Noronha,
Fernando de Noronha?

Fernando de Noronha in the house.

The reason I do this is
'cause I keep on forgetting

what this place is called.

Fernando de (laughs).

Fernando de Noronha.


(upbeat music)

- Brazilians consider these beaches

the most beautiful they have.

And that means a lot
for people who are born

and raised on beaches.

Things have definitely been developing

with Justin and Gisele.

Which is cool.

Justin's been a single man
for a year now, basically.

And he had some rough times on Ascension.

Oddly enough, Ascension
is not too far that way.

Halfway between here and
Africa in that direction.

And just sort of odd coincidence, I guess.

(upbeat music)

Meet my ride.

When you're on Fernando de Noronha,

this is the only way to get around.

It's like driving an oversized go-kart.

It's a practical thing too.

You need it in order to get
down some of these roads.

(upbeat music)

On the island here diving is world-class.

How much diving, scuba
diving have you ever done?

- Zero.

- Zero.

- Zero (laughs).

- What did you say?

I didn't here it.

- Perfect.

The process we're gonna do
is baptism scuba diving.

And this baptism scuba diving
is kind of having your hand

held the entire time by an instructor

who takes you down little by little,

and is with you the entire time.

(upbeat music)

We've done snorkeling before.

We've snorkeled in some of
the best waters on earth

and seen everything that
you can basically see

while snorkeling.

So it was definitely time that we pushed

that limit a little further

and took a bit of personal
pushing in my head

and the soul to go ahead
and try something new.

I think I'm ready.

I mean, I've had my five
minute briefing on a boat

by a guy who doesn't speak
English as a first language.

So I mean, what else do you
need to know about scuba diving?

How dangerous can it be?

I've always had bit of
a problem free diving

more than eight or 10 feet.

I used to feel a lot of pressure
and pain in my left ear.

Before I knew we were geared up,

we were in the water
and starting to descend.

I noticed everyone else
descending quite quickly.

They got to the bottom and
they were off and running.

And I got down a couple of
meters and he was telling me

to clear my ears and I
would, and this one went.

I started to feel pain in his left ear

and I thought, that's it.

And I kept pointing, he said, "No."

This ear hurts.

He said, "Okay."

Came up a little bit.

"Try clearing it again."

I did, nothing.

Wait, try again.

And all of a sudden it went.

We started to come down

and I could see everyone else
swimming along the bottom

and start to make out
with some of the fish.

(upbeat music)

There's something about
being up close and personal

with animals in their own habitat.

That really feels like a whole new world.

And certainly being underwater,

it's like a different planet.

(upbeat music)

- [Man] Going down
there with somebody else

is probably the best way to see it.

You don't got to worry about anything.

All you're really doing
is enjoying the ride.

(upbeat music)

- It's the most incredible feeling,

doing something that's so
inhuman and yet at the same time

so relaxing, you just breathe in slowly

and enjoying yourself floating around.

(upbeat music)

Today, we all went scuba diving.

It doesn't sound that crazy,
rolling off the tongue.

It doesn't sound like, I
climbed a mountain today

or I went to space, but in a weird way

it almost ranks up there in my head

and in my heart, because I kind of thought

it was something I may never accomplish.

(upbeat music)


That was unbelievable.

- [Gisele] I wanna go back.

- There's a whole new
world open to me now.

It's like having a passport
to a whole other planet.

- Incredible.

We saw sting rays.

- They'll pay the office.

There's a couple of sharks down there.

- There's no comparison to snorkeling,

'cause you just keeping relax,

it's like you're...

I can almost fell asleep down there.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- We're about to do
something I never thought

I'd be able to do in my life.

And that's to watch sea turtles hatching.

From their nests in nature,

it makes the desperate run to the ocean.

This beach is closed off to the public

very strictly for their safety,

but we've hooked up with
a couple of researchers

that were going down to watch them hatch,

and they've agreed to
allow us down with them.

This particular nest,

the mother would have come ashore

about 50 to 60 days
ago and lay these eggs.

Over the last three or four days,

these guys had been monitoring the nest

and they've come very
close to the surface.

So now they're just helping
them breach the surface,

getting them out

and then hopefully just
going to watch them

safely get down to the ocean.

- There are so many of them in here.

What about the sand?

And at first he kind of just kind of like

they don't know what's going on.

They kind of like walking
in the nest a little bit

of the kind of days and
all of a sudden I think

they can just tell the ocean is that way.

And it was just like
once one of them realized

that was water, they all realized that it.

And it was just like this swarm.

(upbeat music)

They are so fast.

Now they are just walking.

(upbeat music)

(waves crashing)

- Just one of those aspects of nature

you never imagined yourself
witnessing firsthand.

There are very few places on earth

that you can see green sea turtles period

let alone to catch them at the right place

at the right time, right when
they're hatching on a beach

that's normally closed off to the public.

It's just...

Sometimes things just come together.

(upbeat music)

Brazil (chuckles).

What a country.

It's a very rewarding place.

(upbeat music)

The thing is, is much
like so many other places

we've gone to, you can
spend weeks and weeks here

and leave feeling like
you've seen this much of it.

- There's no way that
we could hit everything

and see everything

because this country is too big for that.

(upbeat music)

- What can I say about Gisele?

We wouldn't have seen half
this country without her.

(soft music)

I mean, not just the
practical side of things.

She was able to translate for us

and she was able to get
us through the country

and facilitate that ease of travel,

but beyond that, she helps to push you

and just having a different
dynamic in the group,

pushed us into new directions

because we fall into a comfort zone

even with each other

and to keep changing up
the dynamic really helped.

(soft music)

- She's a really amazing person,

and I'm really glad that I
had to spend time with her.

We both kind of have the same lifestyles

where we're both on the road a lot,

and now we cross paths
every once in a while.

And this is the second time
we've kind of crossed paths,

and who knows when
we'll cross paths again.

- The year of travel that we did was tough

and taxing on all of us

but I know it was really tough on him.

He went through a lot of stuff personally.

- It's just sad to see her
go and say goodbye to her,

and I mean, that's a
life on the road I guess.

You're always saying goodbye to people

but you make the effort to see them again,

and I know that would be
the way for Gizele and me.

(soft music)

- I'm a bit envious at
the type of experience

they were able to have together,

sharing those types of experiences

with someone you care about.

It elevates your trip from here to here,

and I'm lucky every trip I go on

I can share it with a couple of guys

who mean the world to me
and who are my best friends

but there's a whole different level

to a trip that you can
share with a loved one

and someone you really
care about like that.

And yeah, I wish my girlfriend
were here to see all of this.

It gets us alive by choosing.

When I was (indistinct)
when all this is done,

we'll meet up again.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- [Man] It sucks to have to leave Brazil,

but we haven't had a fix of
beaches and island life yet.

So we're going to head North

to the Caribbean Island of Cuba.

And after years of U.S
embargo and being almost

completely sealed off from
the rest of the world,

it's not going to be a
typical tropical island.

(upbeat music)