Departures (2008–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Brazil: Piranha Soup - full transcript

The guys reunite with Gisele, whom they had met on their previous trip to Jordan. A native to Brazil, Gisele shows them around Rio de Janeiro taking them hang gliding, to a football match, and into the Ghettos before they hit the ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(reel rumbling)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We've landed in
Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro

and the first step is
to discover the city.

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] There's lots of see in Brazil.

There's a lot to cover.

The main goal for us here
is check out the Amazon.

I really need to learn a
little bit about Brazil

and what's out there before
I go straight into it.

- [Scott] After traveling the
world for a year (soft music)

Justin and I, we were charged
with a whole new energy.

- [Justin] As I got further
away from my old life

I started to realize that
this is where I need to be.

This is now my lifestyle.

(soft music)

- [Scott] One day, I hope to
say that I've seen the world

but that day's not here yet.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Do you know this is
the one place (rustling)

I've always wanted to go.

Like all the places we ever traveled to

and you know how much I've
hounded you to come here.

Something's drawing me
here, like something here.

Train's here.
(train engine whirring)

That was a lot closer than I wanted to be.

You were smart, you went
towards the open forest.

I go into the rock wall.

(children giggling)
(foreign language)

That way? Okay.
(foreign language)

(upbeat music)

It was kinda nice to
get right off the plane

and get into the thick of it.

And seeing some of the
most iconic elements

of Brazil right off the bat.

(upbeat music)

- It's hard to believe
a couple of days ago

we were in the Sahara desert

and here we are in Rio de Janeiro.

We can throw stones at
the Amazon from here.

- Gives our props to Jesus, the big J.C.

- This is obviously no secret
given the crowds around us.

I mean, everyone wants a glimpse of this.

This is the icon of Brazil in some senses

being able to see Christ the Redeemer.

We're meeting up with Gisellie

who we met in Jordan last year.

- I'm really excited to see
her now it's been a while.

- She left a very open invitation
to us to come see her here

and that she would be more
than willing to show us around.

And we've learned firsthand

that the best way to see a
country is with the locals.

We're here, all we have to
do is rendezvous with her

somewhere in Rio de Janeiro.

(upbeat music)

We just connected with
Gisellie on the phone

and she told us that the beach broken

into multiple sections by number

and she's in section nine,
which is where we are now.

It's a Sunday, it's very busy.

Ipanema Beach is probably one

of the busiest beaches in Brazil.

Now we've got her in the section

we just gotta find her
within this section.

(upbeat music)

- You never know what's gonna happen

with Gisellie and we like that.

She's always throwing
the curve balls at us.

- She knows what our likes
are and what our dislikes are

and what we're interested in
seeing and what we aren't.

And the great thing is

she's not only willing to make that happen

but she shares those same interests.

- To come see and spend time with Gisellie

I'm really looking forward to that.

(crowd mumbling)

- Gisellie.

- Welcome to Brazil.

I must tell you something.

Most of the places that we
are going, I have never been.

So, I think is going
to be new for everyone.

- At least you know the language

which makes it a bit 1,000 times easier

than what we know.

- So happy you guys are here.

We're going to have a blast.
(upbeat music)

- Rio is exciting, you never
knows what's gonna happen.

It's a big city, there's so much to do.

Tonight, we'll probably go
out and have some drinks

and some of that and just kinda catch

up and, hold on a second.

Hold on. (shouting)
(kid screaming)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] Basically we're
throwing ourself off the cliff.

- There's various several
things that scare me.

Spiders, snakes, things of these
nature I'm not too keen on.

- [Scott] Vegetables.

- Vegetables, vegetables
is a big one. (laughing)

What's crazy is that, doing this stuff

I can do this stuff all day.
(upbeat music)

(Justin laughing)

My mom always is like,
"Don't do anything stupid."

I'm like, "Mom you know
me better than that."

And then she's like, "Yeah,
that's why I'm saying

"don't do anything stupid."

You want me to do it in
there little TV land.

You're like, "Come on, you wanna do it?

"Let's do it, let's do it."

Well, we're doing it.

- You fly before?

- This is my first time.

This is my first time doing this.

So, my buddy jumps, skydive.
(instructor chuckling)

I've been on every sort of harness.

(upbeat music)

- I'm so excited, I'm so ready.

- Any last wishes?

I just noticed your helmet.

- If this thing were to fail

and we were to plummet
all the way down there

you'd look-
- cool dying.

- What is this gonna do though?

- I think you should just wear

that around like, cruising the streets.

- The thing that we're
learning very quickly

about hand gliding is that

it's a hurry up and wait situation.

The wind changes like that.

And then everyone waits
for maybe 20 minutes.

(upbeat music)

- I can't take you serious
with that thing on.

As you're saying though,
as you were saying.

Sorry to interrupt, sorry to interrupt.

- No for real, like the wind changes

in a heartbeat and it goes from a tailwind

to a headwind, and you
really gotta judge it.

Like these pilots really
know what they're doing

it's not just a matter
of waiting to go and...

- I can't look at you.

(upbeat music)


- I'm so ready.

- Not often see people like this

and like you also, very focused.

- She's a good girl.
- Yeah.

- We're lucky to have her.
- Yeah, for sure.

- Sure.
- Good vibration.

(Justin laughs)
- Good vibration.

(upbeat music)

The view with hang-gliding is, ridiculous.

It feels like you're an eagle.

I'm like, "How do you fly this thing?

"Like, what's the technique?"

He's like, "Oh you just, you kinda do this

"and counterbalance your
weight here and there."

And then he's just like,
"You wanna try it?"

I'm like, "Hell yeah."

So I just grabbed this thing
and just totally just torqued

it to the left and we just
started doing this dive

and if screw up then it's, I could die.

You get that little butterflies and stuff.

That's why I like doing.
(upbeat music)

- I used to have this, recurring dream

every time I had a fever as a child

where I would just
float around my bedroom.

I still remember, that
fever dream very vividly.

And it was kinda similar to that.

(upbeat music)

- Wow! My eyes can't...
(upbeat music)

My body can't, and my mouth can't

describe that at all, at all.

- Was unbelievable, I cannot stop smiling.

- It's so unnatural,
to run off of a cliff.

In your head you're
just like, "Stop, stop."

- Coming right off it, I
think our takeoff was okay.

That was my biggest
worry, was the takeoff.

- You're with pilot.
- Thank you. (clapping)

- Congratulation friend.
(Scott chuckling)

- I wanna spend the whole day jumping.

- I like hanging out with you.

You have all these surprises for us.

You have something else
in store for us, right?

- Yes we do, there is
another thing that I will

I'm sure you know that soccer
or football like we say

(Justin chuckling)
it's a religion in Brazil.

People are crazy about it.
(upbeat music)

And Flamengo is the team in
Brazil that it has the most fan.

Since we are here we need
to do it right, right?

So this is the Flamingo shirt.
- Great!

- And Andre, actually you get one as well.

(upbeat music)
(horn blaring)

- It's pretty sweet,
thank you. (horns blaring)

- I think I'm safe wearing this.

I know I'm in the right area

you can hear all the
cheering and you can see

just a sea of red and black.
(upbeat music)

I'm not so much a huge fan of football

but watching any sport, especially live

you just get such an appreciation for it.

(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)

- When you watch soccer or
football on TV it's not the same.

It's kinda very slow
and boring. (clapping)

But when you see it live in person

and everybody's just screaming

yelling at the refs and just like...

Gisellie says all that they were doing

is swearing in Portuguese.
(upbeat music)

(crowd cheering)

- Oops!

(clapping)(crowd cheering)
(upbeat music)

- Second half is just beginning now.

Home team Rio Flamengos is down by a goal.

(upbeat music)

(crowd cheering)

- I want the home team to score

and I want to see this place go nuts.

(upbeat music)

(crowd cheering)

I think it was almost, I got teary-eyed

because there was so much energy.

I wasn't crying or anything

but it was like I was tearing up, wow.

(upbeat music)
(crowd cheering)


The energy is, amazing.
(upbeat music)

(crowd cheering)

- It's pretty awesome to be
here for a home town win.

- Soccer, football,
whatever you want to call it

if I lived here, I'd be so addicted to it.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We're in a pretty
decent part of Rio right now.

But soon we'll be in some
more sketchy parts of Rio.

- You never know what is going to happen.

And when you go to (mumbles)

and then when something
has happened there.

The cab driver was
trying to take a shortcut

but, we can see military people.

So, something probably
happened over there.

- Yeah hopefully we'll get to explore

some of the darker parts of Rio.

(upbeat music)

Unfortunately, one of the
most well known things

about Brazil are the favelas, the slums.

This is one of many favela.

- They are all over Rio.

And it's a pretty bad thing that we have.

- But the thing is, how
dangerous is this place?

- Very.

- But in particular,
there's something special

about coming to see this one, this is...

- Pedrino.
- Pedrino.

And Pedrino lives here, was born here.

- Yes.

- So knows this place,
like the back of his hand.

- He's part of one of these great projects

that are, its' happening in
this favela in particular

Pereira da Silva.

So, he's going to take
us around and we have

the special permission to
go there and check it out.

- Coming here is kind
of an honor in a way.

Obviously the cartels have a lot

of control over these areas and certainly

who comes in, who comes
out is their decision.

Of all the favelas to come see in Rio

we wanted to come see this one

because there's a project going on here

that the kids started,
that's really gaining

a lot of international attention.

- Because a group of kids got together

it's opened the doors for us.
(upbeat music)

- This model it's not exactly the same

as, the (indistinct) slum

but it gives a pretty good idea.

- [Scott] This is
incredible, this is a model

of the favela that we're in right now

- Yes.

- [Scott] So the kids just
started to build this model

to model their neighborhood.

- They started this
project like 10 years ago.

These two kids they were bored to death

and they want do something after school.

And they start to build
like a model of the slum

with plastics and papers and whatever

they have in front of them.

And more kids start getting involved.

The kids would come,
and they were so excited

about building it and they
would not go to school.

So, the teacher came here
to see what was going on.

They came up with a plan that
they could learn something

in school about that and just come

and practice it here as well.

Those kids are traveling all
over, showing what they do.

A lot of slums all over the
world are doing models as well.

- This is a real
incentive to keep the kids

out of the drug cartels
and from getting involved

in all of that.

These are the little people
they use like to play with

like that are actors in the-
- Exactly.

That would be, it's the drug dealer.

And this is the girl,
the woman drug dealer.

- Oh with, the hair.
- Yeah.

(speaking in foreign language)

It's all related to (indistinct).

(speaking in foreign language)

It's a special police to deal with drugs.

(speaking in foreign language)

This is the action figure for Nelcirian

the boy that started Morrinho
that is this model project.

- Oh!
- Okay.

- I don't know, these little buildings.

All these little drug
dealers running around

with all these guns and stuff
it's, looks interesting here

but out there it's frightening.

- It's unfortunately it's our
biggest bigger, I don't know.

I'm very embarrassed
that this happens here

but embarrassed and proud at the same time

because those guys are
making a difference.

(soft music)

(foreign language)


- This guy here, he must be embarrassed

that he's on camera,
but out here just fixing

his furniture and dyeing
his hair at the same time.

He says he hates the gray hair

so he's dyeing it a nice dark, dark color

like my glasses he says.

(speaking in foreign language)

(Gisellie laughing)

- He's asking you guys if
you wanna take her to Canada.

Please take her out of here.

- Tell him that we'll switch,
I will trade you for her.

- You trade me.

- So you stay, marry him and
then I'll take, marry her.

And you live here then I'll-
- why would you trade me?

What is the part that
you have to trade me?

(speaking in foreign language)

He said that he even pays for your tour.

- There you go.

Let's go.
(laughing)(foreign language)


(upbeat music)

(soft music)

- We're up here just kinda
getting our last looks of Rio.

Where are you taking this next?

- We are going to Cuiaba back tonight.

- How do you pronounce that?

- Cuiaba.

My sister will be waiting
for us over there.

She lives there.

Tomorrow we're going for a hike

in the Chapada dos Guimaraes.
- Whoa! (laughs)

- Very pretty place.

- Okay how do you, how
do you say that one?

- Chapada dos Guimaraes.

- Most of the things that I knew

about Brazil or had seen about Brazil

we've now seen and done.

Everything else from here is gravy.

I've accomplished everything
I wanted to do in Brazil

and it's like, day three.


- You freaked me out.
- Because it was here.

(Gisellie laughing)

But it's cute.

- He came to say hello and
freaked out and scared him away.

You're afraid of that little monkey?

- Yes if it comes down again.

- If we're going to the
Amazon, be repaired.

Snakes and insects and all that fun stuff.

- I'm not afraid, I just
don't want around me.

- There it is, there it is.

I'm just kidding.
(Justin laughing)

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

We finally arrived in Cuiaba

kind of the major starting point

to access the Pantanal.

- Scott's the responsible one, so-

- It's too crowded over there.

- I don't wanna deal with the crowds.

Do you-
- Seriously, no.

- So let Scott do it.
(upbeat music)

Okay ready to go.

You got everything?

I beat Gisellie at thumb wrestling.


(upbeat music)

- We've met up with Gisellie's sister

and so we're renting a car

and heading about 60
kilometers outside of town.

We're in trouble,
Gisellie drives like shit.

- We're you talking about my driving?

- No.
- No.

You're a good driver.
- Okay.

Now I just realized he
asked for my drive license

but it expired in 2005.

- Oh, what a shame.

So I guess I'll have to drive.
- Ooh.

- He's accepting my
American drive license.

So going to work fine.

- Do a little circle check of the car

make sure there's no dents on it.

- She's gonna put a dent
(engine revving)

probably here, another dent here.

Maybe one in the back.

- Maybe I should, I think
you should stay here.

- Until you put the first
dent in it, you can drive.

(engine revving)


- Driver's and registration please.

Do you have a current driver's license?

What's that? You don't.
- Look at Scott's face.

The look in Scott's face.

- Wait a second there's
a motorcycle, hold on.

- [Gisellie] Guys, if we
don't start we're going to be-

- I thought you were gonna hit 'em.

- [Gisellie] We are going
to follow my sister now.

We are going to drive to the
city Chapada dos Guimaraes.

- Say it again.
- Guimaraes.

- We just say the way you say it.

- Chapada dos Guimaraes.
- Chapado dos (mumbles).

Chapada dos kaminaes.
- Chapada dos Guimaraes?

- [Justin] Whatever!(Scott laughs)

- So when do we get to
Chapado dos Guimaraes?

- In 40 minutes, can
you handle 40 minutes?

With me driving?
- Yeah.

- And talking to you and filming
and doing all those things?

- I'll just go sleep, don't worry.

- I trust ya.
- Thank you Justin.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] Gisellie's
sister has a friend here

who is a bit of an expert on this area

the area North of the Pantanal.

And there's a lot of good hiking here

so that's what we're here to do.

(upbeat music)

- Got my, stylish gators on here.

These are a nice little safety precaution

against snake bites.

- I really, really don't like snakes.

Something that my body
just doesn't like it

it's like get away from it.

In India I wanted to kiss
the back of this Cobra's head

and try this thing I could conquer my fear

but I could barely even touch it.

So, that's one thing I've
regretted not being able

to do is to conquer this fear of snakes.

- I'm happy that Justin is afraid of them.

So I would have some laugh,
but the problem is that

I'm really afraid of them as well.

So he'd would freak me out.
(upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

He's saying that this
sets called (indistinct).

Can you see these needles
that you have all over?

- Yeah.
- Those needles like

if goes inside your body, don't do it.

Instead of staying and then you can

just take it out like any other

it goes and walks through
your system, right?

So if it gets to your vein or something

it can paralyze you.

- You can lead the way, you can lead-

- No, I can lead the way

but you are going to be the second.

- Why me the second?

- Because I heard, if
we pass through snakes

the first one just get
their attention (snapping)

the second one is the one
that is going to be bitten.

- Why did you want me to be the one

to get bit by the snake?

Scott can go second.
- Because you didn't know that

and you were asking me to go first

because you want me to
be bitten by the snake.

(upbeat music)


- Is it centered?

- Delete.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

Let me see.

- Can't take a picture to save my life.

Okay, let's give the
camera to the camera man

cause, he'll get the good picture.

- That is cute.
- That is cute.

- [Andre] One, two, three. (clicking)

- Okay.
- I like the other one better.


Sorry dude.
- Fine. (laughing)

- [Justin] This is one just seems

a little more natural, you know?

(water gurgling)
(upbeat music)

(speaking in foreign language)

- There is a tracing,
jaguars tracing here.

- We may not make it out alive dude.

Here lies Justin Lukach,
killed by a Jaguar.

You have total permission to fill my death

Andre, total permission.
(upbeat music)

So you saying about this big.

(speaking in foreign language)

- After 8 o'clock PM it's the time

that you will be able to see them

because they hunt, get water, they attack.


- Ladies, you know what
I'm saying, ladies first.

- It's daylight still so I'm fine.

I'm brave, you are not.
(upbeat music)

- We've reached the cave
about two hours into our hike.

It's a massive entrance
but you can see already

it just narrows, narrows narrows down to

a much smaller area that goes in.

But apparently there's
a good two or 300 meters

into the cave that we get to go.

(upbeat music)

We're definitely in a cave
because we're starting to see

a good collection of bats.
(water gurgling)

- So we can just go back, no?

- You shine a light on it and
you piss them off long enough

and they just start
flying around everywhere.

Just don't piss 'em off.
(upbeat music)

- There's more life in this cave

than just the bats and us.

Every so often you kinda catch

a glimpse of something at
your feet moving around.


- [Justin] Gisellie you wanna kiss it?

- No.

I don't think it's going to
cut my brains no. (laughs)

- Sure?
- I'm sure.

(mumbles) don't do that.

Doesn't look like my type, seriously.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] The hike was fantastic.

It was almost like training us

for what we're about to get into.

Hopefully it sort of waters
down some of the fears

and things that maybe
Justin and Gisellie have.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

In Jordan we found out that Gisellie

has a horrible, horrible
temper when she gets hungry.

Pay careful attention to Gisellie's mood

and if it starts to spike, then it's time

to sit down, relax and have
something to eat, isn't it?

- Are you serious?
(Scott laughs)

How about Justin? Look at him.

- You don't happen to have
Jack Daniels here do you?

(speaking in foreign language)

(upbeat music)


- Not right now.

- He is sick.
- He's sick.

- Wow, never seen that happen.

- Seriously.

- Justin's been sick since we
got back from our hike today.

So, I think Gisellie's
a little bit concerned

and her sister is a dentist
so one of her friends

is a doctor and they work together.

He came by for, well to visit Justin

slash to visit the barbecue.

So, he's here just having a look at Justin

to make sure that he doesn't have

any kind of, tropical disease
or dengue or something.

Cause dengue was, a bit of an outbreak

a few months ago in Rio.

(foreign language)

- So, what he says that
it's probably a virus.

He can take you to the hospital,

you take some blood tests

so you can see if you'll
have a virus there.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- My fever got worse from last night.

So, they just ran some blood tests on me

and see, if it's a bacteria
I have or something.

- Okay the funny thing
that is happening now

is that before we came to this room

there was a fight going
on because all the nurses

wants to treat him.

They keep calling and
saying in Portuguese,

"Hey cutie guy, come on come with me

"I can treat you very well."

So anyway this is the
lucky one, she got it.

And now that you heard
that it's a TV. (laughs)

So, and they went autographs.

- I'll sign autograph in blood.

(slow music)

Gisellie can I have cookies?

- Yes you can have cookies,
I'm going to get some.

Chocolate cookies?
- Yeah.


I guess I forgot we are in a hospital.

They don't have cookies,
chocolate cookies.

- She came back with some crackers

and, I get to tell them they
didn't look at it at all.

She's trying to feed me these crackers

and I don't want nothing to do with them.

- just one more.

- It tastes like cardboard.

- [Gisellie] So picky.

- Scott knows me, he knows what I like.

(upbeat music)

- What's up buddy?

I scoured the city for Oreos.

Popeye had spinach, Justin has Oreos.

- Actually you should open right now.

How about it?

I'm hungry again.

(upbeat music)

- Feeling better already.
(Gisellie laughing)

- The good news is, the
obvious it's not dengue fever

or malaria or anything horrible like that.

But, still a lot of
questions kinda left I guess.

You know he's got some bacteria.

- You have a bacterial infection.

The highest acceptable would
be 11,000, you have 23,000.

You're going to have to take

the antibiotics every six hours.

I'm glad that we came here
because if we were on the road

like you wanted to do,
you would be miserable.


- Notice Gisellie, this thing
is empty, I think it's done.

Don't squeeze it.

Ow! It's okay, it's okay.

Just leave it, leave
it, leave it, leave it.

- [Gisellie] What a child? Stop it.

- You don't know what you're doing.

Look at it I'm bleeding.

Look, I'm bleeding out of the thing now.

Look at it.

- I don't even let her
drive a car let alone.

- [Justin] Like that's not good dude.

- I quit!

I felt so bad now, I'm so sorry.

- Let's just get out of this hospital.

(upbeat music)

- The road that leads in
and out of the Pantanal

is a pretty sketchy road to say the least.

We really wanted to rent
a four by four vehicle

but it just wasn't available to us

so we were stuck with what we had.

(upbeat music)

- We drove very rough highway.
(engine revving)

And then we got here.

And when you think that it's
just going to get better

they put me in a lido aluminum boat

with eyes looking at us all over.

- We finally made it to the Pantanal

the world's largest
wetland, more than 20 times

the Florida Everglades.
(upbeat music)

(slow music)

It's gonna be pretty quiet around here

for the next day or two.

- My throat's real sore so I
can't really talk too loud.

- I've waited for this moment for so long.

- I just gotta rest it (indistinct)

hopefully be there for tomorrow.

(slow music)

(soft music)

- We're up early this
morning on the Pantanal

watch the sun rise and
make the most of our day.

There's two main things you wanna do here

that's wildlife and a
lot of extreme fishing.

So, we're gonna do both today.

- I'm feeling all right, my throat's

doesn't sound that good, but I'm out here

and I'm enjoying it.

- The good news is you don't need a voice

to fish or enjoy wildlife.

So, you can do both today.
- I can do both today.

(Scott chuckling)
So, I'm a lucky person.

- You sound like some sort of muppet.

- Let's queue the muppet.
(soft music)

- This place is amazing.

I've probably already seen more birds

than I have in my entire life.

And I don't think I've
seen the same bird twice.

(soft music)

There's a family of capivara here

right at the edge of the water.

The coolest looking animal though.

They're like a gigantic guinea pig.

They've let us get pretty close.

They seem like they're right on the edge

ready to go though.

They've kinda turned
back towards the woods.

Their ears are up, they're
keeping a keen eye on us.

(soft music)

- Right now I'm not feeling so good.

These guys are gonna go
out fishing without me.

So, this is best, I'd
rather stay back and rest.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- We're just heading out to
do a little bit of fishing.

We had to leave Justin behind.
(engine revving)

(upbeat music)

It's awesome to be here in the Pantanal.

You keep coming down these
canals and river systems

that connect to an enormous lake.

There's no one around for miles

and you really start to piece together

just how huge this whole area is.

We found a good spot here to try

our luck at some fishing.

Can you ask him what
exactly we're fishing for?

- Piau?

Well he said that the name
of the fish it's piau.

- Piau.
- But I wouldn't know

how to translate that.

- I guess we'll see what it looks like

when it comes out of the water.

We're fishing with some
pretty serious hooks here

and some steel leader.

So we've got little crabs as bait, okay.

So, you wanna-
- Thanks Scott.

- I'm fishing for Gisellie.

And now it's the waiting game.

- He's teaching me how to
fish without fishing rod.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] You got one?

- No, I don't think so, he thinks so

but I, now I think so.

- [Scott] All right. (splashing)

- [Gisellie] Ouch! Ouch! (upbeat music)

- [Scott] Oh my God!

- [Gisellie] Somebody was
eating my fish before...

- This gives you an
idea of what kinda stuff

hangs out in this kinda water.

- [Gisellie] I guess we are
not keeping this one, right?

- [Scott] I don't think it's legal size.

- [Gisellie] But, can we still
count that as one for me?

- [Scott] That's half of a fish.

- So it's half zero, right?

(upbeat music)

Ah no!
(upbeat music)

- [Scott] There you go
Gisellie, one and a half now.

- This is a piranha, now I've got

whoever was trying to eat my fish.

I don't like competition.

So, competition it's gone.

- I'm losing bad.

That's the first time I've ever been

with someone who actually
caught a piranha though.

I suppose he's not big
enough to keep though, is he?

- You know the problem
is that if we let her go

she's going to eat my next fish.

- Given the chance, this guy would eat you

and everyone you care about it.

- Let's let it go.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] All right Gisellie

your turn to take the hook off.

- No.
(upbeat music)

- Your suit my friend.

The weather is starting to change

and the wind's picking up and
our driver's a bit concerned

that we're not gonna be able to cross

back over this lake safely
if we don't leave now.

Congratulations, I think you've won

this morning's contest.

That was pretty cool fishing.

That's some of the coolest fishing

I've ever done in my life.

Is that the first time
you've gone fishing?

- Yes.
- Ever?

- First time ever, ever, ever.

- And you caught a piranha.

And you caught a fish-
- Fish that-

- That almost caught a piranha.

- Exactly.
(upbeat music)

- Well, a bit of a soaker
coming back with the waves

but probably a good idea we
crossed back when we did.

(upbeat music)

See back home, when
someone's sick the best thing

for them is a nice warm
bowl of chicken soup.

But in the Pantanal
it's a bit more fitting

to give someone piranha soup.

First of all
(upbeat music)

how good of a cook would you say you are?

On a scale from one to
10, one being the worst.

- Mine is hundred.
- Wow!

(upbeat music)

- He's going to eat that?

- It's like wet paper.

I think I just saw, a jaw
float by like the teeth.

- [Gisellie] Take the (indistinct).

How do you call the fish
skin, how do you call that?

- [Scott] Fish skin.

- We just need to go
over every single piece

to make sure there are no bones here.

(upbeat music)

- I'm finding more of these
in here than I am fish meat.

(mumbles) gonna choke him.

Oh, oh stop.

(Gisellie laughing)

- I don't think we are
trying to save Justin

we are to trying to kill him.
(upbeat music)

That's it, no more.

- I'm not even gonna look anymore.

(upbeat music)

- No way.
- He'll be fine though.

(Gisellie laughing)

I do know Justin likes salt.

Extra salt for you buddy.

Wait a minute I got one more addition.

(upbeat music)


- Oh, wrong time to knock
on the door. (laughing)

- Hi everybody.
- We brought you some lunch.

We made it, we call a piranha today.

- No shit.
(slow music)

- Is that the mouth? That's awesome.

- It's the prize.

Chew it well, think maybe a bone went in.


- It's good, thank you.

I'll get ready now.
- Okay. (bumping)

(slow music)

We're somewhere on the road

back to Cuiaba from the Pantanal

and the roads are shit.

And just trying to dodge potholes

and big rocks that are in the road.

When it came time to leave the Pantanal

Gisellie was a bit tired and I said

that I would gladly do the driving.

And, she warned me that
if anything happened

to the car that she would
never let me live it down.



We took a direct hit to the tranny.

- I won't say anything.

- The linkage between the shift
and the transmission broke.

- Jokes and blame me for everything

now, I won't say anything.

- So now the car is stuck in third gear.

- I think Scott had what he
deserved, you know literally.

- We have third, we have neutral

and we have a straight
road with nobody on it

so, let's go.

- But, you cannot talk
about my driving anymore.

- Did I razz you about the bumps

on the road coming out here?

- Did anything happen to
the car while I was driving?

- Well you're welcome to drive it.

- No, that is a piece
of trash, of course not.

- If Scott gets us back to the airport

park the car on place,
then you guys are even.

Nobody can talk about anybody's driving.

Fair enough?
- No!

(upbeat music)

- Ultimately it was a good
150 or 200 kilometers or so

that we had to limp this car back.

And it was a careful balance to be able

to get this thing back safely.

We've just entered paved road area

which means we can't be
too far from Cuiaba now

and having this car back
to its rightful owners.

Another car goes back.

- This is the second car Scott's broken

and I haven't broken one car yet.

So, Scott's always driving.

He's better driver, I don't think so.

- Well, we made it in one piece.

It just took a long time
and a lot of finessing

and probably a burnt-out clutch now

but, I'm really tired so I
just wanna get some sleep

and then we can catch a plane
first thing in the morning.

(upbeat music)

We flew from Cuiaba back through
Brasilia, the capital city

and then Northwest to the city of Manaus

which is ultimately the
gateway to the Amazon river.

We had to put a little bit
of money together to do it

but we were able to hire
this boat and its crew

to take us down, the Rio Negro.

It was a bit of a surprise
when we showed up just to see

this old tub, sitting in the harbor.

It looks like some, converted
Mississippi river steam boat.

- This boat was just ridiculous.

It came with its own crew

and there was more crew
members than there were us.

- We're about to do three and a half days

deep into the Amazon, and this is home.

- It's nice, it's pretty,
it's really pretty.

This might be the only
time you ever do this.

So you gotta go in style.

- This place is classy,
this place has pool noodles.

- (mumbles) in my eye.

Stop playing with stuff,
you're messing up the boat.

(upbeat music)

(slow music)

- Going on a tour.

Here's the cabin, tight quarters.

It's cozy.
- It's not like

okay, well let me go to
my room and just hang out.

No I'm gonna go to the Amazon,
and chase animals around.

- Top three animals you
wanna see while you're here.

- I wanna see the (indistinct)
the animal doing stuff.

Like monkeys playing like, pool

or a flock of macaws flying by,
with cigars in their mouths.

Something neat, something I know

we wouldn't see anywhere else.
(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We're working on a plan

to really get up close with everything.

And we've heard this place is so different

from the rest of Brazil it might
as well be its own country.

The thing with Gisellie
is she's not just a guide

or a translator, she's a great friend.

- She motivates me to do crazy things

and she motivates everybody.

It makes the trip that
much more memorable.

The Amazon, right behind
me, how awesome is that?

(slow music)

It is kinda intimidating.

It's like everything out there
is poisonous even the plants.

- [Scott] It's time to get into it.

Experience everything
here, the land, the people

and especially the animals.

(slow music)