Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Ascension Island - full transcript

In the middle of the South Atlantic, staying atop the highest mountain, Scott and Justin struggle with feelings of isolation as they try to contact banks at home and save personal relationships.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(film whirring)

(upbeat music)

Despu?s de todos mis viajes...

and to investigate

one place that really stuck
with me was Ascension island,

this incredibly remote isolated island

in the middle of the South Atlantic.

We don't know anyone on Ascension,

and this is our one real
wild card this year,

where we're getting away from it all.

Justin and I are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

- [Justin] I gave up quite
a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought there's
definitely something missing,

like traveling.

(soothing music)

- [Scott] The travel bug
gets in you and it's got you.

One whole year goes by in a blink.

(upbeat pop music)

(upbeat music)

- We've gone from India to England

and from London, we
transferred over to Oxford.

There, we need to board a military plane

and fly to Ascension island.

- This is my last chance
to send out any email

before we leave.

Once we're in the Ascension,

who knows what kind of
communications if they have there.

I was looking for an email

and I was really hoping
to hear from somebody

and I didn't get it.

The last time I talked to my girlfriend

I wasn't sure what was going on,

everything's kind up in the air.

(upbeat pop music)

- We're on board the 747,
which seats 500 plus people.

There's maybe a 100 people.

- We totally thought it was gonna be

some cargo military plane,
like 10 seats and that's it.

(slow music)

- You got your stamp.

I bet there are very few people

who have that stamp in their passport.

But a cottage that we're
renting is owned and operated

by the people who are
the owners and operators

of the only car rental company here.

So they picked us up from the airport

and drove us all the way into Georgetown.

- (laughs) No, you're
saying all the way in,

like it's like we drove 40 miles.

- [Scott] Exactly.

- We drove for maybe five minutes.

- He's lent us his Land Rover,

his personal Land Rover for the day.

He thinks that they'll probably have

a vehicle for us tomorrow.

We are right here in Georgetown
and we're gonna come,

I guess through here.

There's a village of
Two Boats here, up this.

Look at how jagged this is,
all the way up to the top here.

And that's where our cottage is.

- A big question is
who's driving this rig.


(car revving)

God, it starts. (chuffing)

I need to go a minute

without being on the
wrong side of the road.

Already, we've run into a little snag.

The way we would normally
use to getting money out,

can't do it.

I got 25 pounds.

- We've got like 40.

- Plus we could sell the camera.

- [Scott] Prices are a bit high here.

Everything is shipped or flown in.

- No steaks, no lobsters.

That's the tiniest pineapple
I've ever seen in my life.

- All right, we've got a
truck load of groceries.

I've got a map, Justin's
behind on the wheel.

- Woo-hoo.

- You're feeling up to this challenge.

Apparently it's a pretty
hectic and hairy drive up

to where our cottages of Green Mountain.

(upbeat music)

- This corners are super tight.

You can't see what's going on,

if you wanna honk your horn

so people know that you're coming up.

(horn honking)

(car revving)

Look, I can't get up. (horn honking)

(car revving)

(upbeat pop music)

Not too shabby.

Come on, fully loaded beer fridge.

Come on, fully loaded beer fridge.

Look at this freaky thing.

And that is gross.

Look there's fur ball falling off.

- Bathroom, bedroom.

- Surfboard, surfboard relax.

Here are the keys to this
place. (keys jingling)

That's insane, that's
like an old castle keys.

- We're in such a prime spot,

we are in the primest of spots.

(slow music)

Up here on Green Mountain

is about a dozen or so
different hiking trails.

We're gonna check out
two of the closest trails

to our cottage,

which actually start right
here in our own backyard.

- There's crabs everywhere, dude.

- I was with my mom, I was a little kid,

just kind of standing

and all of a sudden this
crab came out of nowhere,

and popped out of sand and
just started chasing me.

You go to first dude, I hate crab.

- This isn't exactly your
popular tourist walk,

'cause this isn't exactly your
popular tourist destination.

This place is just sporadic vegetation

from all over the world.

This is like the UN of world
geography flora and fauna.

Everything here is been
introduced at some point.

So you go into a section that

you feel like you're in
jungles of Central America.

And then, before you know it

you're into these kind of deciduous trees,

and stuff that make you feel

like you're on some trail
or path in North America.

And then all of a sudden
you see these land crabs.

He's big guys.

- What's flora and fauna
mean, you lost me on that.

- Flora means plants
and fauna means animals.

- Where does that mean that?

I've never heard that before.

- In science.

- It's very loose volcanic rock.

You can just touch it
and just pull it off.

Not that piece.

(birds screeching)

- The roof.

- Wow.

- [Scott] Further we get into this forest

is just more and more crabs.

(Justin shouting)

There's just one last final surprise.

It just flips right into bamboo

which is obviously been planted here,

'cause none of this stuff
is native to the island.

But it's this massive bamboo forest

and it just clacks and
clatters in the wind.

- We're officially on
top of Ascension Island.

I don't think you can
get any higher than this

but this is the first time
I've ever felt this remote.

And it's a great feeling to be in a place

where not too many people have ever been.

- We're home.
- Whew.

Spaghetti seems to be the only
thing that we've been eating.

The food here is so expensive to buy

like vegetables and fruit and fresh bread.

It's almost a pain
'cause it's so expensive.

So we decided the cheapest
thing we could eat, spaghetti.

Feels like I'm on top
of the world right now.

And kind of reminds me
of why, a lot really,

makes me miss it a lot.

Thinking of all the
people and the loved ones

and stuff that I kind of left behind.

Call my girl but I can't.

We're just getting further
and further away from my life,

'cause even though it's,

it reminds me of it and it
looks like it, it's not it.

(upbeat music)

- We've given the Land Rover
back to its rightful owner.

And now we've downgraded

from the Land Rover to a Ford Fiesta.

- You can drive the Fiesta.

- All right.

- Fair enough.

I miss the Land Rover.

(slow music)

Over here is the East coast

and over here is the West coast.

You could probably walk across it,

maybe three, four hours if
that, if you have a cane.

That's where we live.

Up where those clouds are.

And we wake up and we're
like, must be cloudy

somethings aint going off.

He just likes your mints,
dude, he doesn't like you.

- You got to be aggressive.

- Justin loves animals

but it doesn't appear
that this one loves him.

(Justin laughing)

- Hey, you're on the guest list?

Are you?

Come on in?

(glass clinking)

I'm into my, I don't know
what, fourth, fifth, fifth now.

Do you know that stairway that's right,

when you walk into our cottage,

she's saying that's haunted.

Ghosts, if you meet
ghosts, they'll follow you.

So then you just have this ghost.

- Are you hearing yourself talk right now?

- I am hearing myself talk.

- A ghost, first of
all, we're 27 years old.

Two, that it's gonna
follow you from this place

all the way back to Canada.

- I just came up with this.

I just imagined this.

And how do you shake a ghost?

There's no book on how.

Well, Dummies guide to get rid of a ghost.

That doesn't exist.

Hooking up with a girl,
all of a sudden this ghost

is doing ghosty things.
(man laughing)

- Skilink you sucking balls.

- Seriously my bladder is gonna break.

- Well then go piss in the,

it's not like you have to take a dump.

Go piss in the woods.

- I'm being respectful.

(lock clanging)

Holy shit, jeez.

Do you wanna do it then?

- Is this, make belief?

- Here, let me see, let me see.

I got it, I got it.

It's just this. (door thudding)

(slow music)

I think car life here is
probably shorter than most areas.

The paved roads are pretty iffy in spots.

(car scraping)

- It's a rental.

- This is another one of those moments

where it really makes you feel

like you're on another planet here.

Just walking through all this stuff,

it feels like the surface of Mars.

(upbeat music)

The whole purpose of this adventure

is to see as much as
possible on this island.

So we're pretty much combing
over every single beach,

every single set of rocks,
wherever there's waves coming in,

whatever's mountains, each trails,

we're trying to do everything.

I think Justin's really looking forward

to going out and meeting some girls.

Just trying to forget about
some of the memories of home.

The girlfriend thing is playing
high on his priority list.

And I think it's kind
of clogging his thoughts

most of the time.

I get the sense that
things aren't going well,

I think he needs to really
get his mind off it.

(slow music)

- Spaghetti again.

We got no money, so therefore,
we're on strict budget

and then the only thing we can
actually afford is spaghetti.

We're trying to get a hold
of our banks back home.

You can't just call a regular
phone, we can't email.

We have cell phones don't work,

got no communications
to the outside world.

(phone ringing)


(phone beeping)

Maybe it just gets water
on it or (indistinct)

(phone ringing)

Hello fuck.


- [Scott] Money doesn't
come easy anywhere,

but it certainly doesn't come
easy on Ascension Island.

I've got some bank details
here of their bank,

we may be able to draw off our visas.

(button beeping)

- [Justin] Is that it?

- Yeah, that's 20 bucks.

How much cash do you have left?

- I got 5 pounds, 20 euros
and a Snickers wrapper.

And I got $2 coin with a donkey on it,

which I'm not gonna spend.

- That's only two pence.

- Whatever, I'm not spending that.

- If we wanna go fishing

we know that's gonna cost something.

We got to fill the car.

We got to get groceries
probably a number of times

before we're out of here.

The money we've got

isn't gonna last us the rest of the trip.

- Let's go to the internet,

see if we can get a hold of somebody.

- Okay.

- Technology is on our side folks.

(upbeat music)

Finally got a chance to check my email

and it's just, I don't
wanna talk about that.

It's pissed me off.

- Well we're certainly getting low on gas

and we figured we'd stop

at the only gas station on the island.

But like everything else on
the island, it has crazy hours.

And today being Thursday,
it only opens at 2:30.

(slow music)

Well, we're here at One Boat Golf Club.

And for those golf aficionados out there,

you may better know this as
the world's worst golf course.

(stick whacking)

- Where's the power.

(golf stick whacking)

- (laughing) It went backwards dude.

- [Scott] I think in
order to play this course,

you got to forget everything
you know about golf.

That was practice.

(Justin laughing)

It just went into some cave.

I think I got to pick drop.

- You're dropping it?

- Yeah, one stroke, one.

Yeah, I wouldn't hit it there anyway.

Water hazard is the black volcanic ash pit

between here and the green.

- There's donkey shit all over the course,

just to practice my swing.

Oh, I got a piece of that.

- The last ball that
was there was not mine.

Justin doesn't know that

and like most professional golfers

I'm quite comfortable with cheating.

(both cheering)

- Somebody is doing better.

- We paid for nine holes,
we're probably gonna get four.

It's still fun though.

(upbeat music)

- I think I can try to
get this crab some wine.

And there it is.

Look at his eyes, looks
all drunk. (laughs)

I made a decision, I'm
drinking red wine with a crab.

Want some wine?

Wow, jeez. (laughs)

(slow music)

- [Scott] There's a couple
more things on our list

that we're trying to hit.

The old blow holes one of them.

- So we're gonna trail blaze
and see if we can't find it.

- Trail blaze.

Then everything gross.


It started raining, we're
over by the blow whole,

and I forgot my jacket

and it's a bit of a track
to get back to the car.

And, I saw this cave,

I'm like, I'm just running in that cave

and gonna hang out
there until this passes.

- The good news is, you're
already soaked from the blowhole.

- Yeah, it stinks.

I got that water all on me and
just I smell like fish now.

Means this blow hole smells.

- Can't imagine your blow
hole smells any better.

(both laughing)

- Cameraman never says anything.

He's got this little black
box he jams in our face

and he takes our soul.

And I want him to say stuff more,

but he's not saying nothing

I asked him questions, he's like.

I'm like, well, say something camera man,

you're here, they know you're here.

Got anything to say now, Cameraman?

No, yeah, no words.

No words, just shaking.

This guy kind of knows about
my girlfriend, I think.

I've been having girlfriend
issues the last little while.

I'm not looking forward
to leaving the island

but I'm looking forward to getting back

to some sort of technology,

where I can actually get ahold of her.

She's on the opposite side
of the world right now,

complete opposite.

- We're just popping
into Georgetown right now

to get some more groceries

Once again, we've kind
of taken for granted

what the hours of operation are here.

- The grocery store shut down

and we have no food left.

I'm gonna get off the plane
like a skeleton and bones.

- We tried the American base here,

the American base is also closed.

The convenience store at the British base

has also closed as of one o'clock.

- Scott, if I die, you
have permission to eat me,

you too Dray.

- Things are getting a bit desperate now.

We can't get to the restaurants,

so the grocery stores before they close

and we're running out of food.

So, we're gonna try our
hand at some tuna fishing.

Noddi, the fishermen is the closest thing

that Ascension has to a rockstar.

His reputation seems to precede him.

He is a true born fishermen
and he's taken us out today.

Great, we've been eating
nothing but spaghetti

since we got here.

'Cause we're staying at
the Garden Cottage, right?

So, we're just buying
whatever groceries we can

and we figure spaghetti is
a nice cheap way to eat,

but we're getting mighty sick of it.

So it'd be nice to hook into
some fresh fish, I think.

If that's not a sign of good
luck, I don't know what it is.

- Well, you can see on the,
where the rainbow ends.

You can see start of the beach

and I don't see no pot of gold.

(upbeat music)

(rod whirring)

- We've got a friendly
little bird following us

'cause he knows that there's
food for him on this boat.

- In fact, how you liking catch 50 tuna

and nothing to holler.

You watch this.

- [Justin] Holy shit.

- Shit.

That was incredible.

Look at the size of that fish.

- [Justin] How's that dude?

- Are you ready for the ride of your life?

(upbeat rock music)

- Fish.

Lots tougher than I thought,

I thought my arms would
hold up some of them,

they didn't.

And Scott you were jumping on
this to finish this guy off.

- Every day this guy does this.

- Okay, give that.

So we go back.

Enough for one day.

- That's enough for a week and a half.

- Long day.

No biscotti tonight.

- Dib, it's really pricey.

That's a lot of cans of tuna.

- This is what we're taking home.

- No.

- We don't need any more than that.

- That's half of one.

- That's one of the smaller ones too.

- I'm exhausted, but I've
got this permanent smile

on my face too.

- That was nuts.

- Fish scales and blood all over my pants.

Beautiful, beautiful site.

Thank you so much, sir.
- Thank you.

- Yeah, you be good.
- Thank you so much.

- We'll go put the fish in the fridge

and we're gonna come back

for the big fish fry tonight though.

So we'll see you this evening.

- No problem, and everyone
about six o'clock?

- [Scott] Sounds good, sounds good, man.

- All the best to you.

- [Scott] Thanks a lot.

Come back down to the Saints
Club for the fish fry.

We'll try to pick up a few tips

to see how we can cook our
own excessive tuna supply.

(speaking in foreign language)

I figured he's got the apron on

just to look good for camera.

(speaking in foreign language)

For the Saints Club fish
fry here in Georgetown,

for two pounds you get beans,
you get chips, French fries,

and then you get one of each of the fish

that they're cooking.

- Something we caught (indistinct) too

that's the cool part.

Something that we collected.

No, that's the tuna.

- That's tuna?

- You wanna try out first?

- Cheers.

- If that's what I'm
eating four times a week.

- Fine by you?

- Done.

Going for the eel.

It's all right.

- He needs the beer to wash it down,

that means he doesn't approve.

- Well it doesn't taste
bad, it's eel, I don't know.

- PLus the eel eludes
this big water snake.

- I hate snakes.

(upbeat music)

- Well, we sampled what
the fish fry has to offer

and now we're gonna sample
what the Georgetown nightlife

has to offer.

Well, some of us are sampling
a bit more than others.

(slow music)

We haven't been able to check our emails

or anything like that
for a couple of days.

So we thought we'd come back here.

- It's not easy traveling the world

when you have a girlfriend or someone back

because they're not there

and they don't get to experience it.

In my case, had to wait for
me to come back or not wait.

- He's probably eaten up a lot of coins

in that internet machine right now

and just trying to write the
perfect email and send out.

- This island, I can't send
goddamn email anywhere.

I tried send an email
three times in there,

wrote this whole long email,

it costs me maybe $7 in coins and stuff.

And every time I would just
send it, wouldn't send,

wouldn't send, wouldn't send.

JavaScript, what is Java Scripts.

I only got so much time to
send it and it just times out.

This place.

What we doing?

- Go to the bank.

Do you need the bank as well?

'Cause me, I need the bank to get money.

- Yeah, now I got to get
money now, I have no money.

All I got is money with
donkeys on it, that's it.

The am I gonna do today.

Let's go to the donkey store.

- (indistinct) check over there.

- I got tons of donkey money.

Why do things got to be so difficult.


- Hi, so with my visa, I'd
like to take out 250 pound,

if I could please.

(soothing music)

(Justin laughing)

- Sticking into my balls.

- Money.

- Did you get it?

- No.
- Show me the money.

- Money.
- Strip club.

- Once again, we're short on fuel

and I guess we haven't
really learned our lesson yet

about fuel and hours of operation,

because it's after 12.

And on Mondays the gas
station closes at 12

even though other things are open all day.

It's frustrating, different
hours for different businesses

on different days at different
times with different people.

We probably have enough to get
ourselves to the gas station.

The problem is, is that the
gas station closed at 12

and doesn't open until
tomorrow afternoon at 2:30.

As for Justin,

I don't know how he's doing.

- I lost the most important
person in my life.

I don't know what to do.

Sounds like our relationship

over the last five or six years,

sounds like it's coming to an end.

I don't what she's doing,

if she's with somebody else or whatever.

Everything I had in
Hawaii is gonna be gone.

Well, we've decided it's far
too nice of a day to give up

even though the lights dying,
we're dangerously low on fuel,

and we can roll down quite
easily with neutral and gravity.

It's just the problem of
getting back up again.

Luckily the beginning of
the hike that we wanna do

is really not all that far
from the bottom of the hill.

We have to suck up the speed bump.

This is where we will leave the car.

So we're doing Sisters' Peak.

It's supposed to be quite a hike.

(upbeat music)

We had to call on a favor
because of our gas situation

we needed a ride back up to our cottage.

So we had to figure out a quick way down

and a quick way over to
that road over there.

- Explain to me what we're
supposed to do again?

- Remember in Jordan,

what we did coming down that sand dune,

we just kept jumping?
- Oh, yeah.

- That's basically scree skiing.

- Jumping.

That's a road we have
to go to in 20 minutes.

- 10 minutes, 10 minutes.
- 10 minutes.

We thought we were just gonna
have to walk down it gingerly

and then, three steps
into it before we knew it

our legs were going faster

than they could normally carry us.

And we were scree skiing down that hill.

Your heart's kind of pumping

because there's still these
big jagged rocks everywhere.

And you start to move one way
and then over to another way

and you get into really hard pack stuff,

and then your feet don't dig in anymore

and you're just sliding.

You're trying to grip on,

you kind of say, "Holy shit,"

and you hop over to the other side

and you get back into
the loose stuff again.

And it was a ball.

Jeez, you're fast.

Yeah scree.

- There's our ride.

- How are you doing?
- Good, you all right?

- Especially when it flat out

and all of a sudden you hit
some really packed down patch.

- Seems kind of weird
not to have our car here

but we'll take care of
that in the morning.

- Do you know what time it is?

- 7:30?

(mouth chuffing)

- Oh, yeah.

(feet thudding)

- So we were gonna invite
you guys up tonight,

if you guys wanted to come
up for dinner and everything.

- Justin's trying to call
a couple of the girls

that we're down at the
fish fry last night.

We've got far too much tuna,
(Justin shouting)

literally trying to give it away.

That's stupid phone, unplug it.

(phone ringing)

- She's gonna call back
in like three seconds.

- Hang it up a few times.

(phone ringing)

Technology in Ascension is real great.

(phone ringing)


Oh, there we go.

Touch down.

(phone beeping)

This is just horrible.

On one hand I'm trying
to save our relationship,

the other hand, I'm trying
to hook up with girls.

Last time I got anything
from her on an email,

she's like, I still
hanging out with this guy

and I really like hanging out with him.

And I've already told
you that a hundred times.

So, I'm not gonna give you the
- What the does that even mean

- As far as she's concerned
your relationship is over.

- This is kind of a weird
scenario where I'm just like.

- I'm not hating (indistinct)
- Well she's fucking

doing her own thing,

and I'm all right, well.
- I'm not saying you

(phone ringing)

- Use the phone.

- It's probably just the ghost.

- If you guys can't make it tonight,

tomorrow, if you wanted
to set something up

we can do that too, you know what I mean?

Not a big deal.

- So I'm waiting to find out

how many people we're
cooking for, three or more.

Sounds like just three tonight.

(oil sizzling)


This is the first night
of songs of the spaghetti.

Look at that steak, that
is a thing of beauty.

- Tastes like chicken.

- Right.

(calm music)

- Right now we're on our way
down to retrieve our car.

The gas station opens around like 2, 2:30

or something like that.

We got a little bit of a hike

and hopefully we can
make to the gas station

without running out of fuel.

We drive up through this
all the time and so for them

we always see all this wildlife.

So this would be a good first time

for us to actually interact with them.

- Just where we left her.

Hopefully there's enough fuel in the tank

to make it from here to One Boat.

- We are cruising in on
fumes to the gas station.

I would be surprised if we even make it.

Are you shitting me?

- That's it?

- What side is it on, my side
or your side, my side, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I think so.

- Nice driving Mr. Wilson.

- That deserves a chocolate bar for me.

We're still on fumes.

- That was dangerously close.

We came up over the ridge, the last ridge

and thank God we were coming up and over

and it just conked out, it just died.

- I'm just waiting for you
to shit out a horseshoe.

- Let's do that again.

- No, let's not do that again.

- All right.
(soothing music)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] Just out there just
gives you time to reflect

on what's been going on
the last couple months

and overall trip
throughout the whole year.

You got time to just sit up there

and you just kind of appreciate
the opportunity we have

to do this.

- [Justin] I think it's the
right decision, I don't know.

Things you give up sometimes
you can't get back.

People think it's just so
easy to just taking off

and, oh, yeah I just leave everything.

Oh, it'd be awesome, just leave my job,

and I'll leave my friends and
my family and my girlfriend.

Oh, it'll be easy to do all that stuff.

It's not as easy as it looks.

It's not as easy as it sounds.

(car revving)

There's a tradition here,

where you know if you're
never coming back here,

you put paint on this rock.

- [Scott] If you never
plan on coming back here.

- Yeah, so I'm gonna
paint the shit out of it.

- 13 pounds and 14 pence.

- 13 pounds, good lord.

What is this paint made of?

Everyone who's driven past,
already has been looking at us.

They know that especially
if you're foreign

and carrying a can of paint,

they must know exactly what we're up to.

Now that I'm here, I don't know.

It gives me a bad vibe.

I don't like burning bridges,
I don't like closing books.

- It's more paint for me,
dude, it's more paint for me.

Greens been my favorite
color the last little while.

Just saw that ugly ass
yellow and I'm like,

that's got to go.

I'm not coming back here.

Nothing against Ascension.

The people here are
awesome and so friendly.

It's a cool place

but I also dealt with
some really bad shit.

It's taken me this whole
trip to kind of deal with it

and come to terms with it.

Maybe by dumping the paint

it's just showing that
it's closure for me.

Move on, leave this island

and hopefully leave my
problems behind on this island.

- [Scott] It never gets any
easier to leave a place.

- I don't think I wanna come back here.

- I've noticed a change in
him in the last day or two

and I think, it's the the sun set

after a storm blows through kind of crap.

You can sense a certain peace in him.

- No, it's cool having Scott around,

Scott's there and he's
helped me out with this.

And he gives me advice and
so that I appreciate it.

He's like my big brother sometimes.

- Everything just sort of came together

and aligned so that he
was here on Ascension,

when all of the stuff

was really kind of
reaching its boiling point.

- Your the one person that,

you wanna tell all your stories to,

your one person you wanna
share everything with.

When you share your pictures,
your stories, everything,

that person doesn't
wanna be there anymore.

- It really strikes a chord with me

with my own relationship
and my own girlfriend.

And it makes me miss her so much.

- The question is, would I say to Scott,

"I'm out of here, I got to
go patch my relationship up

with my girl and bail
on this year adventure?"

No way.

- And the end of this trip
just comes at a perfect time,

when I think he's ready to
kind of make the next steps

that he needs to make.

- We're gonna cock this world our way.

Do we need this now?
- No.

- Scramble, scramble, scramble, scramble.

- We've got to get our butts
down at the airport right away.

- We miss this flight we're
stuck here for another week.


Bye Garden Cottage.
(door thudding)

(car honking)


They said if we weren't here in 10 minutes

then we were not on this flight

and we would've been stuck here,

and that would have been.

- Big money.

- Big, big, big mistake.

- Yeah.

Well, we now know that we're
gonna make this flight.

It's just a matter of
trying to cope with the idea

that we're leaving this isolation behind.

Ascension Island has
just over a 1000 people

and now we're going to Japan
which has over a 100 million.

(upbeat music)