Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - India: Quest for Himalayas - full transcript

Scott and Justin travel through the more untouched parts of India, a quest which takes them to the highest mountains in the world. Into the depths of a storm, and ill from food poisoning, India challenges them both to their utmost limits.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(screeching music)

(soft music)

- [Scott] India is a land
of incredible diversity

and now that we've experienced

the spiritual and religious side,

it's time to see the landscape

and find a different
type of Indian adventure.

Justin and I are dropping everything

and just going to travel
the world for a year.

- [Justin] I gave up quite
a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought,

there was definitely something
missing, like traveling.

(soft music)

- [Scott] That travel bug gets in you

and it's got you one whole
year goes by in a blink.

(rock music)

We've explored the
religious side of India,

and now we're off to seek
the adventurous side.

(upbeat music)

To start everything off,

we're flying from Delhi to
Darjeeling to see the Himalayas.

- The honginia is probably the
hardest thing to deal with.

It's like an alarm clock
and it's constantly

agitate your nerve.

It's like, mah, mah, mah, mah.

- We're just about at the domestic airport

again here in Delhi

and we're going to meet up with Monica,

who's going to come with us to Darjeeling.

It'd be great to get away

from all this sound and
pollution for a bit.

And also get a look at some of the biggest

and craziest mountains
that are in the Himalayas

like Everest and two or three others

that are tallest in the world.

And Monica is back on the crew now so,

we're traveling as before again.

(rock music)

Flown from Delhi to Bagdogra

which is the nearest
airport to Darjeeling.

Darjeeling is sandwiched
between the borders

of Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.

Go 3:30 we figured the sun's
going to start to disappear,

we really wanted to get to Darjeeling

before the sun went down
in order to kind of see it

with the low sun and the
mountains and everything

at this rate it doesn't look
like it's going to happen.

- Honk!




- If we're going to speed like,

yeah, man I know.

I have those to do it too.

- Actually, it feels good to do that.


- You just see his neck just aiding up.

Like, dude! Shut up!

- Honk!


- After three hours and yet
somehow only 80 kilometers,

we've made it from Bagdogra
all the way up into Darjeeling.

Part of it, a place called Tiger Hill

which is apparently one of the best views

of the Himalayas you can get.

So I'm looking really
forward to just getting

a warm hotel, a warm meal, a warm shower,

and a (indistinct).

- [Monica] Hello.

- No, we're going to try to figure who got

the last small bed.

- Either we're burning stove

and then we're burning room.

Here's a towel.

Good thing about my own towel. (laughs)

We use the dress dress this moment.

- Wanna do rock, scissors?

- Yeah.

- Okay, best of five.

- Just the first one.

Let's get this over with.

- Like one, two, three, show.
- One, two, three, whatever.

- Okay.

- You ready?

- [Both] One, two, three show.

- I thought I'd still got
to school you on that.

- That's two now we've got you
on the pictures and the bed.


- I'm not listening.

- [Scott] Being able to see the Himalayas

in your own adventure is something else

and travel accomplishments that
you really want to do badly.

Run away to Tiger Hill where you catch a

pretty amazing sunrise apparently
over the Himalayan spine.

(indistinct chatter)

- Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

- So we've gotten up here, but it's,

it's not going to happen.

It's completely socked in
with cloud, completely.

- And people are taking
pictures of absolutely nothing.

You might as well just
take a picture of the sky

on a rainy day, you'd get a better shot.

- Only 20 rupees Darjeeling tea.

- [Monica] We have a
lot of Darjeeling tea.

- Okay.

- Beautiful.

Well, we woke up at 3:30 in the morning

for the spectacular view

of the mountain range from Tiger Hill.

Behind me is sister's peak

and if you look to my
right, the most famous

mountain of mall, Mt.
Everest, which you could see

like there's a plasma screen
TV, such a beautiful view.

I'm glad that the viewers
here could enjoy it with me.

- And we're trying to get out of here

since it's not going to happen

but it's just an enormous gang show.

All the time when you're traveling,

you read about something,
you see something or hear

about something and
then you go check it out

and you're like, why was
this so highly recommended?

And you know what?

If this thing was going off

we'd probably all be
singing a different tune.

(guitar music)
(kids mumbling)

The hopes of getting a
better view of the mountains

and for a chance to get
away from all the tourists,

we hopped on what they
called, the toy train.

(train screeching)

- All aboard, the toy train.

Are you ready for this?

(soft music)

- You could get off this train right now,

go buy something and
run back up to the train

and get back on again.

I think we've reached our cruising speed.

(train screeching)

(upbeat music)

We keep stopping, I don't know why.

Maybe there's a problem with the train or

maybe this is what happens.

Maybe it just needs to kind
of cool down or something.

- [Justin] We woke up like
three this morning and

we want to see these mountains.

I get real disappointed
with that kind of stuff

'cause you know that's why we're doing it.

That's why we're traveling
to see things that,

I may never, ever see this now.

I may never see Mt. Everest.

- We stopped at this loop line here,

I think we probably should be able to see

other mountain peaks and parts
of the Himalayas and stuff

but the clouds just
keep rolling in and out,

in and out, in and out.

- I can't believe these
guys are cutting this rail

with a hacksaw.

Man, like I have no idea
how long that will be.

(upbeat music)

- Gotta get some refreshments here

for our long train ride
back to Darjeeling.

Here's another side comment.

The little cups that
they serve tea in here,

I'm sure they start off
a bit more rigid than

they are when the hot stuff gets in.

But whatever you put, like tea
or coffee into these things

it melts the thin plastic down to

what feels like a condom or
a rubber glove or something.

(upbeat music)

Back in Darjeeling now,

we've finished our two hour loop line.

I wouldn't want to do any
more than two hours though.

The two hours it's worth it.

You get a good taste of the area,

you get a good taste
of the little toy train

and it was worth it.

(upbeat music)

You know, it has a lot
more of a peaceful setting

being up here in the mountains but

you still get the honking horns,

you still get the pollution.

So we decided to hire
a Jeep to take us out

into the Hills at least and
look into the Himalayas.

We really wanted to come out here to have

a completely different experience

of what we already have been experiencing

in all of these major Indian cities.

Oh, this is as far as the Jeep goes

then we hike from here.

- He knows.

He'll take it.

You want one too?

Did you stretch?

- I did yoga.

31 kilometers.

(upbeat music)

(slow music)

Looks like a car dealership sort of so.


(slow music)

After hiking for a couple hours here,

we've been tracking through this fog.

I think we kind of
stumbled upon a monster.

(speaks in a foreign language)

- Thank you.

(indistinct) master.

(speaks in a foreign language)

This is what I mean, they're like,

welcome overhead, but it's (indistinct)

to check to get up here so,

- [Scott] Welcome to the-


- They must not seen people.

- [Scott] Seen exactly competent.

- India has just been a lot of everything.

A lot of bizarre, a lot of
new things I've experienced.

So being up here it's
finally nice to be some

very quiet atmosphere and just kinda like,

you know, finally, you know
sort things out the brain

and kind of just relax a little bit

and not have to worry about

someone honking at you every five seconds.

- [Monica] Hey guys.

- Yeah.
- Come here for a second.

According to this marker,
like this says (indistinct),

which means India.

Then you read this side and
it says, N-E-P-A-L, Nepal.

So we're in officially in another country.

- Where can we get our passport stamps?

That's what I want to know.

'Cause it's not official,

it's not official till we get stamped.

- Do these monks have stamps?


- One, two.

(slow music)

Do you want one Scotty?

(speaking simultaneously)

We'll hit it in Nepal.

- Yeah I'm in Nepal, you're in India.

- [Monica] Get back to India.

- You're in India, I'm in Nepal.

- Okay.


This is when they were,

the first time that you two have been

in two different countries, but just

less than a foot away from each other.

- [Justin] That's correct.

- One, two, three.

- It's kind of hard walking
down if you're gonna, wipe out.

Definitely into a mountain goat.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- Being in the mountains and
knowing you're in the Himalayas

and to know that we were
doing it on our own,

it wasn't some laid out
tourist path on a map.

To say that I've been on Nepalese soil is,

it's another mini accomplishment

and I always consider a
passport stamp to be a real

official souvenir, real
proof that you've been there.

I'll take what I can get.

And then to go on further and
find this little tea house,

it was just these magical little moments.

It's just something that,

I never thought we were going
to be doing on this trip.

It was never part of the plan.

Those surprises are,
are more than welcomed

and I hope there's a million more before

we find ourselves at home.

- [Monica] One.

- One, two, three, four.

(kid sings in a foreign language)

(speaks in a foreign language)

(all laughing)

- Little kid here

is entertaining us pretty good.

He's a pretty good dancer.

Good dancer, he's a good singer.

He's got energy.

Are you ready for the
greatest feeling in the world?

- Yeah.
- Sitting down.

- Yeah, it's pretty good.

(Justin laughs)

- One, two, three, Nepal.

One, two, three.

- [All] Nepal.

(melodious music)

- [Scott] Everyone's been saying
that before we leave India

we have to see the South.

So we're doing ourselves a
favor and we're going to check

out at least a little piece
of it by going to Goa.

On the way we're going
to have a short stopover

in Mumbai and stick around
there for a couple of days,

where we check that out.

(melodious music)

- Back in the city.

- [Scott] Monica has to
head back to New Delhi

and it's the last time
we're going to see her,

so we're saying our goodbyes now.

- We are on our way out
to our next destination.

She is going back to Delhi,

I was convincing her to come to Goa

and spend some time with us on the beach.

- I'd love to.

- She has bet to me-

- I did.

- And if I won the bet...

- I promised I would come to Goa.

- You are talking to the guy who did in

Las Vegas for two years so...

- I told you the game last night.

- And I keep that.

- [Scott] Her presence here is unmatched.

She was able to get us
by and do things for us

that we wouldn't normally have
ever been able to do here.

Being able to be invited to Deval,

and being directly involved
with the celebration

and the tradition and the warmth
that they accepted us with.

It's something we could never
have dreamed would happen

and what an enriching experience that was.

(upbeat music)

In order to check out some
of the city of Mumbai,

we're heading downtown

but like everything else in
India, nothing comes easy.

Even a seat on a train
is a difficult ordeal.

We're staying on the outskirts of Mumbai,

we got to take a train to
the church gate station

which is kind of the end of the line

and the beginning of the old downtown.

I have no idea what to expect

even just standing here on the overpass

I've seen a few trains left by,

there's people hanging to the side,

there's people on the roof.

- I'm kind of curious to see

if I can get on the roof
which can team of fit a bit.

Bet it's sweet.

- I don't know how we're going to do this.

(indistinct chatter)

People were already jumping off

before the thing came to a stop.

I mean, look at it,

the doors are overflowing, I
don't even know where to wrap.

Like, do you grab someone's arm.

Can we got another shot.

We got another shot here.

Right here.

Go, go, go.


- We did it.

We're on.

We made it this time.

- I can't wait to get off this train

with this broad shoulders.

Pain train's coming downtown.


(upbeat music)

- They asked if I wanted like
first or second class tickets

and I bought second class tickets.

I have no idea, this could be
first class for all I know.

- I think first is on the train

and second classes on top of the train

and third class is hanging at the doors.


(upbeat music)

That was disappointing.

Stop the defense is walk
right in the (indistinct).

I didn't get the nail in buddy.

- I told you, end of the
line everybody gets off.

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] 36, 37 Celsius.

- 36.

- [Justin] 36?
- 36.

- [Justin] Wow.

Why so hot?

(all laugh)

No air conditioning?

No air conditioning, sir.


- [Driver] Yeah.

- Any AC, air conditioning?

- No any AC, heater.

- And we thought we were
here in the cool season.

We are here in the cool season.

- Back in the city.

As you can tell, we are back in the city.

Noise, the people.

(cars hooting)

- It's about mid-afternoon

and we've been wandering kind of aimlessly

through the streets of Mumbai

for the better part of the day now really,

you're hot and sweaty and
all you hear are horns

and people are coming through,

pushing your poking and prodding you.

And we were in rush hour
in Mumbai and it's just,

pure traffic insanity.

- Honk, honk, honk all day long.

Honk, honk, honk.

Is their song.

- India is getting to me

This whole trip here, on
one hand it's a vacation

but on another hand it's an experience

and it's an adventure.

And you can't just look at it as,

coming out here and being like,

Oh, I'm going to let,
chose the (indistinct)

straight away and go to India.

I mean, this is something
you got to be prepared for

and you come out here

and you get an experience out of it.

Justin's toying with these people now,

he's getting a bit fed up with people

coming up and offering him stuff

so he just pretends he doesn't understand

and that everything's a gift to him.

- My friend here gave me
these glasses for free.

He gave them to me for free.

Thank you so much.

- 300 rupees Mr.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

- (indistinct) so much.

300 rupees-

- Very friendly.

People are very friendly here.

- You get a lot of
people coming up to you,

like everywhere else trying to sell you

everything under the sun.

So we're thinking, okay.

Yeah, maybe a boat ride, how much?

It ended up being in the
neighborhood of about $20.

And we thought, well
it seems a bit pricey,

but you're only here once, what's $20.

The $20 just got us a boat

that you could ferry a
couple of cars across on.

(upbeat music)

- We have a bar already set up and music.


- All we got to do now is cruise this tub

around the Bay of Mumbai here

and try to pick options.

And be like, yeah, look
at this sweet ride.

(upbeat music)

- Wow!

- It's like, 45 degrees in Mumbai today.

And we're here outside
of the summer season

trying to be smart and avoid the heat.

Man, is it hot.

I've been told there's
nowhere along Mumbai

that you really want to be swimming.

And in order to do that, I think

we'll venture for the
South towards Goa where

the ocean cleans up.

(soft music)

Goa sits about 600
kilometers south of Mumbai

and the main reason to come
here is to get away from it all.

And I feel like we've earned
our right to come down here.

- [Justin] We made it.

- Out of the city.

- We made it.

Finally something that I'm familiar with.

Nice beaches, sand, water.

Hi five India.

Hi five.

- [Muna] Yes my name.

- Muna.

- [Muna] Yes.

- I'm a licensed massage
therapist since 1990.

I've had many massages all over the world

and I am very critical
about good massages.

This man has talent.

Oh, I'm good.

- [Muna] Not good.

- No.

I got...


Oh, that's nice.

(all laugh)

(upbeat music)

- The weather has turned,

finally we're seeing
our first rain in India

and of course it's when
we finally get to a beach.

So we're going to try seek dryer ground

as this thunderstorm rolls in.

- We're gonna get wet,
camera's going to get wet.

We don't want that to happen so,

we gonna get some shelter,

keep all our gear real dry.

It could get very,

it could be a very expensive
day at the beach if we don't.

So, we've got to find some shelter.

(silent music)

(upbeat music)

- We have one last day in Goa

and we're hell bent on
making sure the sea-doo

and we have a good time while we're here

before we head back to the city.

- [Justin] We've rented
a couple of jet skis,

we're going to blast up the
coast and tour the coast.

(melodious music)

- [Scott] I'm glad India was
at this point in our trip.

It took some travel experience on

both my part and Justin's
part too to be ready for it.

I'm glad to see a big change in Justin,

his ability to suffer through
the first couple of days

to close to a week maybe.

The honking horns, the
crowds, the pollution,

these are all things that

come with the trade in
a country like India.

Those are all very superficial things

and to dwell on them would be doing

the country an injustice.

(silent music)

We've been driving for a couple hours now

is when we pass beach after beach

and it looks like there's a big river

that starts to carve inland here,

let's move down and check it out.

(engine revving)

There's a fishing net
that goes all the way

across the river here.

We really want it to just keep venturing

down the river as far as we could

but I think we're better off just

leaving the sea-doos here for a bit

and just hiking inward
toward that jungle edge there

and see what we can see.

You see all these holes?

- Holy shit!

(Scott coughs)

(grunts) Guys it's a crab Island.

You can see them all up.


- As you're running, as you're running

and you see them a little,

(indistinct) this and
they'll sink down a little.

(upbeat music)

Justin and I are just walking around

and chasing these little
crabs all over the place

and in the distance we could see

what appeared to be rainstorm.

- And then lightning's coming,

it's probably best we
just started getting back.

- I'm certainly not
keen to get electrocuted

and we have a long way to go back.

So I think we're better off going back.

- If you know anything about thunder

and anything about lightning,
especially lightning

you know, you don't want to be
anywhere near an open field.

We just like two lightning
rods swimming around.

Oh shit!

- [Scott] By the time
we jumped in the water

we realized that the
life jackets were gone.

- Let's get out here.

(engine revving)

- When you hop on the sea-doo
and you know what your goal is

and that's to get back.

I think that was the hardest part,

at first was knowing that
there was no avoiding it

you're gripping onto the
handle and just making sure

that that throttle doesn't
come back, even the slightest.

And immediately the rain starts

and it's torrential downpour.

And a lightning instant
bowl, instant thunder.

(lightning strikes)

We knew we were getting
rid into the heart of it.

(disturbing music)

(indistinct chatter)

(disturbing music)

Finally, we came around the last peninsula

that I felt like I was going to be okay.

I was just like, not today (laughs)

as corny as it sounds, I was
just like, I'm not dying today.

Kind of feels like we came

within an inch of our lives
at some point today and

how you talk about that.

- Don't mind me if I jabber
but I may have fucked up

or not cuts right now.

Had a bad, that sunburn (indistinct).

And we have that real feeling of,

yeah, we beat something.

- I'm mad at myself because
there was a time there

where I was really scared for my life.

- Interesting day today.

I'm here, I'm alive,
that's all it matters.

I guess that's the first
thing you need to say.

- If somebody in my family or

my girlfriend,

God, if anything ever
happened to any of them,

especially if they're
doing something so asinine

like we were,

is our own damn fault.

- I'm glad that the guys
that who rent those sea-doos

didn't see us, but we seriously

have a lounge in these things like

I've never got that much air
on a see-doo ever before.

(upbeat music)

- This is certainly not
something I expected to see

in South Central India.

1500s of Portuguese came down here,

set down some roots.

- There's a lot of Christianity in India

surprisingly enough.

If you came here around Christmas time

would they, all these trees be decorated

like Christmas trees?

- Your guess is as good as mine.

- It's a good question.

There's this whole lawn for a snow.

Then you got to bargaining.

- On flat lawn.

- It's kind of flubbed a bit.

- No but think about it,

you could have a slip and
slide on Christmas here.

- [Justin] That'd be gnarly.

(upbeat music)

- When it comes down to,

yesterday was pretty
close cause for us so,

almost dying and like I
said, I don't fear dying,

I feared living, living is more painful.

People spend most of the
time, most of their lives

being afraid of dying and living in fear.

I don't think that's the
whole purpose of life.

Purpose of life is not to live in fear.

'Cause moments like that
where you almost do die,

makes you appreciate life

and if anything, it's a good thing.


How about, I'll play you,
I'll play you for it.

- [Local Man] Yeah.

So just say how much, you
tell me the good price

then I'll give you.

(speaks in a foreign language)

- Justin knows just
how to get them hooked.

He's like, Oh, that's really nice.

You know, he delivers the lines

that just make them salivate.

- You take free, you don't
give money I told you.

- And then he low balls some like no one

has ever low balled in their entire life.

- How do you go from 300 buck to 650?

- I tell you 350.

- Yeah, you did and now you're going up.

A hundred.

- Three.

- A hundred.
- Three.

- 90.
- Three.

- One hundred, that's my last one hundred.

(speaks in a foreign language)

That is a good price.

- Somehow, I don't know where you learned

your negotiation tactics.

They work, most of the time they work.

Except when he really gets cocky

and he starts going down to like,

they start at 400 and he
starts at five rupees.

(Justin laughs)

- A hundred?

(speaks in a foreign language)


120 rupees?

- Yes.

- You got change?

Change for 500.

(indistinct) four, fives.

You got change?

If you got the change, I'll buy it.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We didn't have much luck

seeing the Himalayas in Darjeeling.

- Now we've been talking about

there's another place where we can go.

Heard there's place called Leh.

(soft music)

(rock music)

- [Scott] After doing a
little bit of research

and finding out that Leh
is pretty much a desert

that equates out to very little cloud

and lots of great views of the mountains.

And that became evident
as soon as we landed here.

(rock music)

The first things you notice when you get

off the plane here is the
altitude and the lack of oxygen

which makes perfect sense because

Leh is one of the highest
cities in the whole world

at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.

Coming here to Leh was
supposed to allow us to

see a different vision of the Himalayas.

Darjeeling was great.

We felt very boxed in by the fog and

it really could have been anywhere.

The downfall to coming
here is the harsh climate.

It gets very cold and the
other is the altitude.

You really have to take a lot of cautions

in order to to make
sure you don't get sick.

The payoff is that there's
not many people around

so you feel like you have
the whole place to yourself.

(upbeat music)

It became clear that we
made the right decision

to come up here because we
were able to see all those

snow cap peaks of the Himalayas

and watch the sunset of the mountains.

(rock music)

(knocks door)

- How you feeling man?

- I couldn't sleep all last night.

- What's wrong?

- I don't know but it's not altitude,

that's all I know.

The way stuff was coming
out of both ends last night,

that's not altitude.

- [Justin] Something you ate?

- I think so.

- Hopefully you feel
better when I get back

and we go do something.

Just get your sleep, just
drink tons of water, dude.

(soft upbeat music)

Supposed to do this pretty cool monastery,

with prayers and stuff.

So maybe I'll go there
and do a prayer for him

and hopefully he feels better.

(soft music)

I'm here at Thiksey Gompa Monastery

and it's over 800 years old.

And unfortunately my
psychic Scott W. Wilson

couldn't make it today
due to several things.

So the altitude, the cold weather,

and mainly I think he had
some sort of food poisoning.

I'm pushing ahead anyways without him and

caught this monastery and they
could put up a prayer here.

So, lots of prayer and everything and

I'm gonna say a little prayer
for him so he gets better.

(upbeat music)

(kids singing traditional music)

(upbeat music)

(indistinct prayer chant)

(upbeat music continues)

I've been here in Leh for 24 hours.

It's good that we did get
to see what we want to see

early in the trip and we
didn't get to see the Himalayas

and you know, it kind of
forced us to come out here

because I seen the Rockies,
seen the Appalachians,

they're all beautiful in their own, right.

But you know, analyze, that's the big one.

(soft music)

(calming music)

- An extra four hours of
sleep, some ibuprofen,

some fresh air, some ginger tea

and I feel a lot better.


Yeah, a lot better.

Mr. Mouthful.

- I'll get a mouthful,
five finger sandwich.

(soft music)

- [Scott] In the interest of
keeping things laid and easy,

we decided that we're going to rent a Jeep

and we're going to drive for three hours,

which I think it only turns
out to be about 70 kilometers

uphill, I mean, up, up, up, uphill.

It's the highest road on earth.

Going from 12,000 to nearly 19,000 feet.

That's almost two thirds of
the way up Mount Everest.

- The view is one of a kind.

And driving here is amazing.

- [Scott] This may seem
like the lazy man's way

of doing the mountain climbing

in order to prevent any
more adverse effects

to the altitude.

And in order to stay nice
and cozy, warm on this

freezing cold trip up the mountain

I'm quite comfortable with the means

of transport that we've chosen.

- Come again we'll be light
headed being up here so high.

It's like, (moans) and just like, (moans).

(Scott laughs)

So hopefully I don't
pass out at the wheel.

(upbeat music)

- This is it.

This is the highest motorable point

on a roadway in the world.

We're 18,380 feet

just well beyond anything
I've ever been before.

Justin is feeling really
tired and really dizzy

and he started to really
feel the effects of it.

How you doing man?

- Not good.

- Dizzy, tired, nauseous?

- Just light-headed.
- [Scott] Yeah.

- I feel like I can pass out right now.

I'm here.


Someone take my picture
'cause I'm not gonna remember.

The only thing you need
up here is an oxygen bar.

Set up here,

mango, strawberry, fruit
punch whatever flavor you want

oxygen just pour through my fucking body.

(upbeat music)

- Coming to this point and turning around

and going back seems a
little anticlimactic.

So there's a bunch of prayer flags

and a bit of a Buddhist temple

here I'm going to try to climb that

it's probably only an extra 200 feet, but

at this point walking up two
steps is a bit of a challenge.

Is the last chance to get
this high and who knows,

me not being a mountain climber

it might be the highest
I ever get in my life.

It's not too bad.

(woman harmonizing)

we're above the monastery now

and we're almost above
the prayer flags and

let's see how much higher we can go.

Being here, it feels really extreme

compared to Darjeeling just
nothing but rock and snow.

It feels good.

It feels like a real accomplishment.

I don't think many people
who come to India, come here

and people who have their preconceptions

of India probably don't picture this.

I know I never did.

India is certainly a country
of diversity and extremes

and we've seen it all.

What a special place on
earth this has to be.

And while there's lots of other
peaks around, man, I wish,

I had the light and the energy

and the skill to do it, I just don't.

And so this is my own personal victory and

I'm happy with it.

But the temperature is
dropping off real quick.

As the sun goes down, the
winds, picking up a little,

if I don't get down soon
it's going to be dark so

I got to get moving.

There was a military outpost at the top so

by the time I got back down
my little climb up into

the mountain, Justin had been taken away.


What happened?

- You guys went up for the hike

and I was just sitting in the truck and

just kept saying, I'm blacking
out, I'm blacking out,

I'm blacking out as

I said like, you gotta get me out of here.

I'm like, no, I can't wait.

I can't wait for anybody, I got to go.

I guess they said last, yesterday,

some girl passed out up there.

- I'll get that-

- Yeah, (indistinct)

- Yeah, it'll help you,
like it help me hoping so.

- Man, my head is just pounding.

(silent upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- We're just leaving town
and the car had to pull over

because it was coughing and spluttering.

So what are they doing to remedy this?

- They're lighting a fire
underneath the gas tank.

And I don't think anybody even knows

that they were firing gas but...

(upbeat music continues)

- [Scott] Getting up this
morning we wanted to push

a little bit further into the
exploration side of this area

and what it had to offer.

And with another great day
weather-wise we decided that

we would rent some horses.

It's just a good way for us
to do some exploring probably

by means that we wouldn't
normally be able to get to.

- These horses don't seem to

here, Jay, look you gotta wake up.

Come on, wake up.

He's in rigor marsh or he's frozen.

Are you alive?

Gonna feel some can wake up.

Yeah, you want these?

You want boot?

It's for a boot goodness.

Give me a hug.

It's okay.

He wants to bite me.

Go, come on.

Come on.

(upbeat music)

- We got pair of horses here,

we've got great weather which
has made for spectacular views

already so anything on top
of this is going to be gravy.

You're out here and you've
got nobody around you

and nothing but glacier
runoff, water rivers,

every so often you might pass
a little Buddhist shrine.

You catch a glimpse of some prayer flags

up on the Hills here and there and

it really detaches you from

the rest of India that we've seen so far,

the bustling cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

We've stopped here at this
little scrub brush area.

The river is just behind
us and a (indistinct).

It's time for some lunch.

- Bow leg.

My ass is sore,

balls are sore,

legs are sore, my knees are sore.

Starting to get cold.

We got an egg,

crackers, chocolate bar, Taito and some,

- Hey!
- Bread.

- I'm missing something here, I'm I?

- What is missing?

- Did you get an egg?

- Yeah.

That's the egg right there.

- Oh and where's my potato?

- Stop it!

How are we supposed to get back,

if you don't let me get on yah?

(bell ringing)

- [Scott] Once again, I'm at
a loss for words, once again,

this adventure has trumped the last one.

It wasn't a vacation,

it was an adventure.

It was a series of experiences
that came together.

- [Justin] If I told you
I'm on leave for a year

I'm like honestly nice you're
on vacation for a year,

I'm like, it's not vacation,
it's not, it's travel.

Travel's a way different than a vacation.

Vacation is just me sitting there

and getting wasted every day on the beach

and you know, doing absolutely
nothing, that's a vacation.

India out of any country we've been so far

has pushed in those limits
and has raised that bar.

- [Scott] A friend of mine
had a saying that says,

India wins again.

India has a tendency to beat you down.

If you are an open mind think
you're going to close off

to a lot of experiences that

will enrich your life in the end.

Things aren't the way
they are back home here,

you have to have some time
to come to terms with that.

Sometimes the biggest struggles
are the biggest payoffs and

that's been the best part
of this whole experience.

(upbeat music)

Now we leave India for one of the most

remote islands on earth, Ascension Island

in South Atlantic.

Ascension is going to be
one of the most special

and unique places that
we go this entire year.

And in order to get there, we need to fly

on a military flight through
an air base in England.

(melodious music)