Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Canada: Pushing North - full transcript

Scott and Justin return from their extraordinary yearlong journey - with one more challenge in store.

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(signature projector film sound)

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We can finally
say that we've accomplished

what we set out to do.

We put a year aside and
we traveled the world.

- [Justin] The clock's kicking, you know,

the year's almost up

and Cambodia was supposed
to be our last trip,

but we started this
whole journey in Canada

and we're gonna end it in Canada.

- [Scott] You know we've come this far,

so why not just keep going forward.

( Justin howls)

Justin and I are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

- [Justin] I gave up quite
a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought

there's definitely something missing,

like traveling.

- [Scott] That travel bug gets in you

and it's got you.

One whole year goes by in a blink.

(upbeat music)

(soft music)

We've just arrived back in Canada

after a year of traveling the world.

We've been doing a lot
of talking on the plane,

giving up now would just seem
a little bit anticlimactic

so we're out to do one more big mission.

The original plan was to go home,

then the plan was to do
anything but go home.

- We're just prolonging going back to work

and deciding to just go,
keep going, going North.

- Just putting off the
usual pissed off clients

and paperwork trails and stuff like that.

So it's not that hard to turn away

for another couple of weeks, right?

- Expect me to be crashing on your couch

for the next couple of months.

- Yeah, it's fine.

(Justin laughs)

(soft music)

The idea was that I had
never seen the North,

especially at the territories

and it's a place that
I'd always wanted to see.

Wildlife man, that's,

I mean, that's what I want to see,

like I still haven't seen a moose.

I doubt we'll see polar bear, but-

- [Scott] Let's get
some destinations here.

Nice having knowledge of Prince George.

I hate to say it, but I think
from here, from Prince George

all over Dawson Creek is
gonna be kind of boring.

(upbeat music)

We had two flat tires last time

when we were traveling around on like

the Trans-Canada Highway.
- [Justin] Yeah.

- So if we're goin' up the Alaska Highway,

I want something a bit more surefooted.

- Bears, is my big concern.

All I hear is that for
every one human up there,

there's 16 bears.

- [Scott] We figured if we were going into

the Northern territories

that having a truck
would probably be best.

- Believe it, we're going.

I guarantee you Scott's
not gonna be driving

this brand new rig.

I'm just sitting like this the whole trip.

"Where are we going?

Where are we?

What are we doing next?"

(rock music)

(Justin howls)

- [Scott] Being back in Canada,

it's a real reminder
that this trip is over.

On the plus side,

after being away from Canada for so long,

you just forget how much amazing stuff

is in your own backyard.

- Welcome to Chain Saw Country.

Could you get pictures
of me and my Chain Saw?

(smooth music)

- [Scott] Let's bring
back a lot of memories

of road tripping across Canada.

We're gonna have to get into the habit of

fueling up whenever we see a fuel service,

otherwise we're gonna get
ourselves into trouble.

I'm just sort of browsing at this point

because we don't really know

exactly how far are we gonna make it.

What do you got?

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] It's just a matter of

how far we can make it.

(upbeat music)

- The thing is with travel,

it's not something you can just switch off

like a light switch, it's in you.

In the spirit of everything
that we've learned this year,

pushing a little bit further

and finding the rewards and
the payoffs and the surprises.

Why stop now?

- We are now in Dawson's Creek.

- No, Dawson Creek,

which makes it different from the TV show.

- So I didn't see Joey, then.

Dawson Creek, and we're
at the mile mark of zero

of the Alaskan highway,

and we are growing out our
facial hair for this trip.

- I had to do myself a favor
of shaving off the teen stash.

- I'm gonna rock the teen stash.

(upbeat music)

I'm going nuts.

How long is this road for?

- We're on this road for
another 1100 kilometers.

- I knew we were gonna
have days like these

where you guys will be driving,

but the scenery is boring as shit.

- It's not gonna be this
boring for 1100 kilometers.

(upbeat music)

We're just in Fort Nelson now,

we're just gonna grab something
to eat here and fuel up.

- They better have some
porn or something here

'cause I'm going nuts.

Do you guys sell porn here?

- [Man] Porn? No.

- No porn.

- He thinks he's all going
crazy from the travel,

and I feel for him because sitting there

is not nearly as much fun as driving is.

- I just need to get shower, I stink.

- Sure, I'm just as handsome.

- I haven't changed my
boxers in four days, dude.

I was hoping we were gonna hit something

and get into an accident

so something interesting would happen.

(Scott chuckles)


(upbeat music)

- We just saw familiar Canadian sites,

some black bears at the
side of the road here.

- Yes, finally, the bears have come out.

List of animals I haven't seen yet,

I haven't seen any moose.

You guys keep (indistinct)

because I haven't seen one yet.

Polar bear, I doubt we'll see that.

(soft music)

Scott and I have spent a year on the road

and it's all coming to an end.

There's been a lot of positive things,

we've seen so much and
we've become stronger

and better people for it,

but come back home and
it's, it's always tough

'cause you don't know what
you're coming home to.

And that is the moose.

It's the moose.

He's looking at me.

Mr. Moose.

Where's he going?

Where's he going?

(soft music)

(soft rock music)

Now Scott's going back to his life,

and his girlfriend's there waiting for him

and my girlfriend, well the ex-girlfriend

is not waiting for me anymore.

It's weird you come back
and what you gave up

is now for me not around so...

The sunset and the animals,

I mean, that's kind of
what I wanted to see.

I'm sick and tired of just driving

and seeing nothing.

My spirits have definitely picked up.

You guys need a ride?

We're going to Whitehorse,
you guys wanna come?

It's up to you.

They're not interested,

they're not interested in going with us.

I think Hawaii is gonna
be a dead end for me

and it's almost like I got
to kind of keep pushing on

and see what's out there.

Jeez! This truck ahead of
me is like doing a hundred.

I'm gonna keep pushing
him until he wipes out.

You ain't going nowhere.

Look at him, (indistinct)

- [Andre] He fell overboard or something.

- [Justin] Woo-hoo!

- [Andre] Scott's sleeping.

I can't believe he's sleeping.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We're at our campsite here.

Muncho Lake Provincial Park

and our crazy truck
driver dude is long gone.

- Lots of wildlife.

We saw a lot of mooses.

I saw more mooses than I ever thought

I'd ever see in my life.

- I hope next time you listen to me.

I said, Mr complains a lot the whole time

from frigging Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson.

- That was a boring--

- You're like (mumbles).

- You're bored or you're not bored.

And in that stretch of road I was bored.

- I'm saying,

what I told you.
- It was,

was I not bored?
- I know,

but what I was telling you was,

I know this is gonna be boring,

but beyond Fort Nelson
it's gonna get beautiful

and it's gorgeous.

(upbeat music)

We woke up here at Muncho Lake

and the weather is kinda
drizzly and overcast.

- Just woke up, I'm tired.

(chainsaw rattles)

The noise.

Mosquitoes are biting me.

Haven't taken a shower
in a couple of days.

Got no clean clothes right now.

Believe that.


- [Scott] We're still driving
along the Alaska Highway here.

Still a lot more miles to
make up to the Whitehorse.

(upbeat music)

Walking through all this lush forest

and as soon as you get up

really close to the hot springs

it looks a lot like New Zealand,

but more importantly it
smells a lot like New Zealand,

when you get that geothermic boil over

and there's all that sulfur in the air

and everything, it
smells like rotten eggs.

- The closer you get to the waterfall,

the hotter it gets.

So if you enter here, it's
gonna be really, really hot.

It's hot.

- Wow!

That's really hot.

- It's really refreshing though,

especially I haven't taken a
shower in a couple of days.

- It's so nice.

(upbeat music)

So we just ran in to Sybil here,

and you were in the Yukon for...

- Three weeks.
- Three weeks?

- Yeah, three weeks.

We did a road trip up there
- [Scott] Yeah.

- Took the Stewart-Cassiar up,

got attacked in Badlands.

This is Kathleen.

She's my adopted mother.
- Hi there.

- Hi, how are you?
- Yeah, yeah.

Nice to meet you.

- Made it to Whitehorse
which was a semi safe space

and then we headed up to
Dawson for the music festival.

- How did you like Dawson?

- Dawson was beautiful.

With the festival there,
there was lots of good people

and people just who want to party

and meet people.

And we just gathered a little
tribe with our little camera,

and yeah.
- [Scott] Just small town...

I've heard it's like
still a gold rush town.

- Yeah, pretty much, it looks that way.

It would be a ghost town in the winter

- Dust city, wow!


What do you think?

Can we do it?

- Let's push on.

- It's an amazing place, man.

It'll blow your mind.

- You gotta see it to,

to know what it's all about, I guess.

- You gotta do it, get
down in the dirt and do it.

- [Justin] It sounds like we're going to

Dawson city then.
- Yeah.

We gotta make up some miles,

otherwise we're not gonna see

anything other than for Whitehorse.

- No, we're not driving ahead of us.

That is for sure.

(upbeat music)

(truck honks)

- [Scott] The original
plan to head to Whitehorse

is almost coming too easy,

so we're gonna push further North

to the old gold rush town of Dawson City.

(upbeat music)

Yeah, a few kilometers to go,

we hit another patch of gravel

and an oncoming truck
kicked up some gravel,

so we've got our first
chips in the windshield.

- Soon as we've noticed,
there's a crash we were like,

it was worth the insurance.

Bam! Now I can take an
ax to the windshield.

- I'm in the Yukon.

We're in the Yukon.

- I'm in DC and then Yukon.

- Here in the Yukon we don't
take that kind of crap.

I think I've always suffered from

a little bout of the travel bug.

As many times as you've heard it

and as cliche as it is

you really do have to live for
the moment and in the moment.

(soft music)

After a year on the road

and all the things that have happened

you kind of realize how
insignificant things

like work and particular jobs are.

- Hey man, do you know how to get to that,

that signposting, they
show all the famous signs?

- Watson Lake, the only thing
of real significance here

is the signpost forest behind me.

First one was put up in 42

when they built the Alaskan highway

by some guy who was real homesick

and just want to put the sign of his place

like how far he was from home

and it just sort of snowballed from there.

So now it's gone from one to 55,000.

- It's a pretty cool place.

I've never seen anything like this before.

Before this year all started,

I've seen North America,

from East the West coast
of the United States

and now in the islands of Hawaii

and now going around the world

I feel like Christopher Columbus,

I've seen so much, probably
more than Christopher Columbus,

so eat it Christopher.

- How many of these
things do you think were

legitimately purchased?

- Some were made by hand.

- Yeah, yeah a lot of them were.

- But I guarantee most of
them were stolen or found.


(upbeat music)

- We're probably a little
bit more than an hour

outside of Whitehorse now.

The final destination although
now we're starting to feel

like it might not be the final destination

after hearing today, earlier about Dawson.

(upbeat music)

- We're in this little museum
and he had a bunch of like,

animals and they were in fighting position

and stuff like that.

It was really, really good.

Like, I saw it and I had
to go get these guys.

I'm like, guys, you got
to go check this out.

Like, what we saw there
wasn't even anything like

quarter that nice.

Isn't that awesome?

- [Scott] That's wicked.

- Can you tell everybody I
was bringing down this fight.

She's damn closer, now
there's mooses attacking me

and these wolves are coming right at me.

- This is a pretty impressive
little display for it.

Tallying up like 200 people.
- [Justin] I know.

That's sounds good.

(upbeat music)

- The rain is coming down
pretty heavy right now

started as a sprinkle, but
it's kind of getting heavy.

(guitar music)

We made it dude.

Whitehorse, we're officially here.

- It's 10 to 11 and
there's like, it's like,

you gotta have a lot of cops in this town.

It looks like it's like back home at like

five o'clock or six o'clock.

- Tonight, what?

Shower, eat, bar.

- Bar, quick because it
closes at 1:30 and it's 11.

- [Scott] Okay.

- So we don't really get too much time.

(upbeat music)

(indistinct chatter)

(jazz music)

Whitehorse! We're in, Whitehorse.

(jazz music continues)

- This is trouble.

(jazz music continues)

- One of our waitresses want us to know

that she gonna have sex
with you guys later.

- I'm Maryann, I'm from the Yukon.

- I don't think he'll be able to function.

- Go away.

- (indistinct) in camera.

- You're gonna hop too.

(piano instrumental music)

♪ Ole, ole, ole, ole ♪

♪ Ole, ole... ♪

- The top three things
to do in Whitehorse,

Yukon coffee, we got good coffee.

Meet the people, get
out and meet the peeps.

- Hi mum.

- Hey mama.

- You guys want something to say?

This is like the national TV.

- But from the Whitehorse ladies.

- I say, my dirt bike's
gonna be here in a week,

we gotta rock that old man.

Wanna see a broken back
or neck or something

you can come find me.

130 feet was my record last year.

I broke my back.

- Whitehorse is the shit.

Bring it on back.

- You (indistinct)

You gotta get her, look
how beautiful she is.


- (indistinct) this guy so let's go.

(indistinct chatter)

(liquid streaming)

I'm loving it.

I'm loving it.

- [Scott] Where the did
you know how (indistinct)

- I have no idea.

Me and you, bros for life.

Right here.

Give me a...

Give me a hammer.


(Justin Gagging)

I love you brother.


♪ Lately I've been seeing
things in different ways ♪

♪ Find an ounce... ♪

Sit back down.

Sit back down.

Sit back down.

- Yeah, I'll sit right here.

♪ Faint and death ♪

- Are you even in conscious (indistinct)

- No, I'm fine.

- He's not even filming
'cause he's passed out.


I'm the camera man.

I'm trash.

- Holy shit!

I'm drunk, I gotta throw up.

We are so not getting a season right now.

- [Justin] Why not?

- Because I am the camera man

and I am trapped between a bed and a wall.

- [Justin] I will do re-up.

- I appreciate it.

If I was being eaten by a
Wolf, Justin would be there.

Justin would be filming.

- I can't.

- [Justin] This is real dawg.

This is-

- I know it's real but

the real doesn't (indistinct).

- This is the lowest of the low right now.

I am wedged between a bed and a wall.

(soft rock continues)

(upbeat music)

- Thanks to sunny beautiful
morning here in Whitehorse,

after a long, long,
long night of drinking.

A lot of drinking, way too much drinking.

- Last night was the
best night in history.

- Yeah.

- I don't know you have to ask Scott.

I really don't know where that came from.

- I just remember you having
that tucked into your shirt.

- This how I had it, right?

I was just walking around
the streets and like,

Hey, let's party.

- It was a dirty evening.

(upbeat music)

- Behind us is the Klondike

and it's a very famous
landmark in Whitehorse.

It was established by a
bunch of young pirates

from the Caribbean of Sebastian sea.

And they brought the ship up here

for the gold mine and
the (indistinct) money

and the pirates they
formed in 1844, I believe.

And then several years later,

they opened up their own internet cafe.

- And that's why it's here now.

- Yeah.

'Cause they opened up
they didn't have business

and they kind of just threw that's it.

- There's no pirates,

that was all bliss blass.

- You read what you want to read,

I'll read what I wanna read.

(upbeat music)

Other than the Yukon, it's like, okay.

Everybody's kind of, I
think everybody's relaxed.

Oh my God!


There's seriously this bald Eagle.

There's another one, shit.

Okay, here film this, just
got your cam. (laughs)

This is the first baldie
you've ever seen live.

That is awesome.

I can't believe I'm this close to it.

(classical music)

Like why the hell are we going
all the way to the Yukon,

just to get to Whitehorse.

Just to get that close inside the border

and then turn around and come back.

It didn't make any sense.

- Believe it or not, it's 20 to 11:00 PM

and that's where the sun is.

By the time we get there
it's going to be after 11,

what do you think is going
to be still serving food

after 11 on a Sunday in a town
of 2000 people as far North.

- So we have to do the
shot, the tone of the shot.

- [Scott] I mean, that's right.

That's where the-

- That's the whole,

that's the whole purpose
for me to go up here.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] So we moved on to Dawson city.

This old fashion style city,

that's been left from
the whole gold rush era.

Half of it, I think was restored

and the other half was freshly built

to look like it was old.

- We got the Midnight Sun Hotel,

which makes total sense
because it's almost midnight

and the sun is still up.

- It's a real like, Western town like

feels like you're on set of
a Western film or something.

- I feel like I should be
walking with spurs and like,


- Apparently this is
the only place in town

that will be serving
food right now this late.

- I mean, we're going to
hit the city in the morning.

- [Scott] We've pulled up
to, it's called the dome.

It's kind of a big Hill
that overlooks Dawson city.

It's kind of a cool spot
there's no one up here.

- Scott gets the big bed cause
he does most of the driving

and I get this bed, which is full of crap.

You gonna tell me a bedtime story?

- [Scott] I'll tell you a bedtime story.

It's called fire in the sky.

- Fuck that.

I have a big fear of aliens.

Saw fire in the sky and that was it.

Ever since I see it I saw that.

And that was filmed up North, was it not?

- [Scott] I don't know.

- I swear that was filmed like in a,

like a logging community.

I'm not a big fan of aliens.

- [Scott] Well, sweet dreams.

- Good night.


(upbeat music)

- We're about halfway across
the Yukon river already

'cause apparently there's a graveyard

for all the old steam
ships and paddle ships

that were just left here

after the gold rush kind of crashed.

(upbeat music)

Ow, that's awesome.

- Just thinking if you restore it today

and put it back in the water.

How cool would this be
when you were a little kid

to find this and build
like a Fort out here.

- [Scott] Yeah, yeah.

(upbeat music)

- Hope you had your tetanus shot.

Walking around in flip flops, dude.


- [Andre] Yeah, I'm surprised with

the shape of it, to be honest.

Considering how old it is.

- With sand papers and paint you know,

make it look a little brand new.

And then we can sexy it up.

Measure all the people
that worked on this thing,

they just, they came back and
saw it the way it is right now

even though they're probably all dead but

if they came back and
saw this and be like,

"are you kidding me?

I busted my off to build this thing

and you guys just decided
to leave it here."

(soft guitar music)

- Justin has a totally
different feel to it.

I mean, it's like walking
through a cemetery or something.

It's kind of haunting,
you know what I mean?

To see the wrecks of these ships

this is the dead dream of
striking it to rich you.

(upbeat music)

(gentle guitar music)

We've got a good start here at the day

and we're overlooking
Dawson city down there.

- Just from coming in yesterday,

you can just tell it's going
to be an interesting old town.


So, you know your whole day,
just kind of plan around

and word has it, there's
a laundry mat in town

so we'll have to pick that up.

(upbeat music)

It smell so rank.


(upbeat music)

(slow piano music)

We're pretty much in the heart

of downtown Dawson city right now.

Just trying to get a lay
of the land not exactly

hard to navigate.

There's not many streets, but...

This is the real deal.

Like this is the town
where the gold rush was.

- Cool to have like the good old fashioned

like gunfight out here.

Buy some cap guns or something

and walk 10 paces turnarounds.

(imitating gun fires)

- This town obviously
being an old gold rush town

has tons and tons of souvenir shops

because now it's a tourist town.

I've been to theme parks
that look like this.

(engine revving)

(upbeat music)

- This is the home of the toe

and it is stored in salt.

- That's a toe.

- I have no idea who the
previous owner of this toe was.

And I do not know if the owner
was living or deceased, okay?

Some people have, in fact will their toes

to the sour toe cocktail.

It's a $250 fine if you eat this toe,

plus we take immediate
possession of your toe.

Don't eat this toe, drink
it fast or drink it slow.

But your lips must touch the toe.

That's the only rule.

(upbeat music)

There it is.

- A kiss for good luck.

You're up next.
- The toe.

You just have a toe and it's a real deal.


- You got a skirt in your backpack there?


Drink it fast

or drink it slow.

But your lips must touch the toe.

(upbeat music)

There it is.

- [Scott] Oh!

- Now that's disrespectful.

(upbeat music)

There it is.

Congratulations, Andre
and welcome to the club.

- Thank you very much.

(rock music)

- We did it.

- We did a shot.

I kind of screwed up the end though.

- Like, I didn't know if
it was gonna be a small toe

or a big toe or what it was going to be.

And when I saw it was
like a big honking toe-

- With a big fricking nail on it.

The nail was gross.

That was sick.

- All right, now what?

It was definitely worth the trip here,

but it just seems a shame
to sorta end it here.

- It's almost like we just
want to keep pushing it

and see how much further we can go.

- As we got very close to Dawson city

was a turnoff called the Dempster Highway.

- Were you guys going
all the way to Inuvik.

- We saw the Dempster Highway
but we weren't sure on

what the story is on it.

- I don't know.

This Dempster Highway keeps
kind of calling our name.

Apparently it's the only
road that you can take that

crosses into the Arctic circle.

- It's absolutely gorgeous.

The Tundra, different colors
than even you'd see here.

- While it's beautiful scenery,

it's not necessarily
the most safest route.

- To get to Inuvik,

and we're going to go
beyond the Arctic circle,

if we do this thing.

- I would suggest, okay.

That if you're going to drive, okay?

You have four spare tires.

- And Jerry cans for gas.

- You have to start drinking.

(all laughing)


- We're up here now, let's just do it.

I don't see why we wouldn't.

If we don't do it, you will regret it.

So you might as well do it,

that way you'll never regret it.

- Okay.

Let's do it.

- Are you in?

Are you in, do you got it?

(upbeat music)

As soon as we did that toe shot,

I think we got cursed for the day.

We're about to start the Dempster Highway

which is probably gonna
be the most insane road

that we'll ever go on

and the most insane road of the year

and we're starting off with the bad luck

of us already losing a person.

- We just went and decided to
check email before we left.

Sure enough, Andre got horrible news.

- Dre's checking email

and he got an emergency
to go back home and so...

- Yeah, sorry about all this but...

- Yeah, that's bit of life.

Can't control what happens,
just gonna do what we can to

help the people around us so...

- Justin and I and Andre
traveling the world together

and this was going to be the ultimate

like to reach the Arctic circle,
surpass the Arctic circle.

- See ya.

I'm not going to see
the Arctic circle but-

- It's okay buddy.

- It's been a good year.

See you guys, I guess
in a couple of weeks.

- That's sad, you know what I mean?

He's been with us since last year

and all of a sudden it's like,

it's like-

- [Scott] Where's Dre?

- Yeah, where's Dre at? Where's he at?

So it's like,

it's like we got like amputated.

And take care of your shit.

That's for sure.

- Cool, okay.

All right, good luck guys.

- Yeah, man.

- The trip has a totally different
flavor now without Andre,

as a friend, not being here.

- For Andre, let's put
together some bad-ass,

a bad-ass rest of the trip, film for him

so when he sees that, he's like,

man, you guys did a really good job so...

- But from here on in

it's going to be very
guerrilla style filmmaking

so I apologize for that.

We gonna do the Dempster together buddy.

- Doing together.

- Andre, I wish you were here

and you know we're gonna try our best

to get this done for you.

- See yah.

- Things are about to get interesting.

(slow guitar music)

(fast paced guitar music)

- [Scott] We've gone this far

and it just seems to be developing

into a bit of an addiction.

So we're going to attempt
the Dempster Highway

all the way to Inuvik.

- We just have to go Dempster

without our cameraman and
just crossing our fingers.

(thunder roars)

- Uh! It's a big thunderstorm,
rolling in behind me.

- Clouds are going that way so

we're not going to be hit in
any of the storm hopefully.

Should be pretty clear.

(rain drops trickling)

(upbeat music)

Did you have a little bit of flat tire.

Hopefully that's not us.

- [Scott] The roads have
gotten a bit worse now, right?

- Yeah, the roads have gotten pretty,


(soft music)

- [Scott] We're exactly 369
kilometers of the Dempster.

- This is officially
the middle of nowhere.

- We're in Eagle Plains now, dude.

It's not even really a town,

they just built it here so that

there's a stop on this highway.

It's the first refueling point

and it's the only civilization we've seen

in almost 400 kilometers.

All right, this may not look like much

but right now it's one
o'clock in the morning.

We're at our camp site,
just on the other side

of the peel river, just
outside of the Hamlet

of Fort McFearson it's
crazy, crazy light outside.

And the mosquitoes are insane,

they're absolutely relentless.

Went outside to take a whiz

and before I could finish whizzing

I was covered from head
to toe in mosquitoes

and that includes all of the money parts.

Good night dude.

- [Justin] Goodnight man.

(slow music)

(upbeat music)

- All right, we filled up our
filthy muddy truck with gas.

This thing is definitely
going to need a wash

at some point before we return it

because it is covered in mud.

(upbeat music continues)

It's really starting to feel
that we're getting up there

and hopefully we're going to
make the Arctic circle today.

- About two weeks ago,

there was a giant forest fire, 20 hectors.

The land all black and

you can still smell it.

I hate to be the person
that let him mash up,

burned down all these trees.

It's terrible weather, but
we are in the Arctic circle.

(Scott chuckles)

We made it!

- We thought we couldn't do this.

I never thought we could do this.

- Yeah, we are here.

You mean, it was just like, wow, like,

we're pushing some North country.

(slow music)

- [Scott] Another milestone.

- Yeah, Northwest Territories.

- [Scott] Andre, we made it,

this is for you buddy.

- [Justin] This is for you Dre.

There's the moose.

The moose.

Her name is the moose.

(upbeat music)

♪ Stop, hold it three down ♪

- Only thing that stands
between us and Inuvik now

is 128 kilometers of dirt road.

We'll have gone as far North

as roads allow us in North America.

- The mosquitoes are nuts.

They're going to kill me, seriously.

They are get acting these stupid things.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] So we're now
in Inuvik but we're lost.

- We're lost.

However, hardly you can
get lost in this part

but we are lost.

- [Scott] We're lost in
a town of 3,200 people.

- Oh, we're definitely going wrong.

Look at this.

- I guess we're turning around.

Did you see the camper go
like, you stupid tourists.

After traveling the world for a year.

(Justin laughs)

(slow music)

Okay Andre, we did it for you.

Hopefully we've done at least
somewhat of a good job for you

documenting this.

Wish you were here, man.

I hope, you can see it probably behind us.

Inuvik, we made it, done.

Just shower, relax.

See if there's anything
to do here in Inuvik

there was a guy on

the place that's under
construction behind me there

and he yelled out, "welcome
to the end of the world."

I think that's true in more ways than one.

(rock music)

- I just been walking
around the town and stuff

and I went into one of their,
it's called a North Mare.

I saw a toaster in there for $72.

- [Scott] Because we started
to hear that, you know

there was the possibility
of going further.

We just wanted to press on and

and Justin and I were just like, screw it,

we want to go as far we can go.

- We're really hoping we can get out there

and pursue this trip further.

- It was the chance of a lifetime.

So obviously we took it,
we ran down to the airport.

- This is our chance to go
further North, so let's take it.

We're going to the middle of nowhere.

I packed a bunch of food for the day

'cause I have no idea where we're going

and no idea when we'll come back so...

(rock music)

We're getting in a plane and
flying around for the day.

Just kind of dropping off cargo

and maybe we can help out a little bit.

But for the most part,
we're just trying to

we're just trying to
get North North, North,

North is the goal.

(upbeat music)

You get in here with a climb
through boxes and everything.

(Scott laughs)

- Flying for two hours
at breakneck speeds,

50 feet over the Tundra and seeing no sign

of civilization at all.

Absolute flight of a lifetime.

- [Justin] We're in Paulatuk and

even yesterday I would have
never believed I would be here.

- Dropped off some cargo and Justin and I

were helping to unload the cargo

and then reload the new cargo
was like paying our dues.

(soft guitar music)

And from there we went on to Coppermine.

Coppermine was in Inuvik,
which means that we had covered

without knowing it, all
three Canadian territories.

(soft guitar music)

Because of the cargo
load and everything else,

the pilot in command
told me to just get up in

the first officer's seat as the co-pilot.

- And I was thinking to myself, I'm like,

you know how they'd make this cool

if Scott was flying this thing.

Sure enough, five minutes in the air,

Scott's flying the plane

and I'm just sitting like, this is cool.

- As a plane nerd, that
was the coolest thing ever.

(soft music)

(guitar music)

We are here now in Coppermine's.

- We were as North as we're
going to get for this trip.

There's all these little like ponds and

little rivers and
everything just scattered

throughout the whole landscape.

It's a race to the end.

(wind shuffling)

Wow, not even ground.

It's cold.

- [Scott] Get your hand in there.

There you go.

- We were lucky enough to see
our first polar bear up here.

So how do you like living in the Arctic?

Oh, really?

This is kind of...

He said that he's,

he's lived over here for 60 years

and he enjoys the water
since it's really fresh.

And he says that it's best
that we just keep on moving on,

go back where we came from so,

we better just doing the free taxes.

Imagine this place in winter time.

The winter.

- No.

- Do you like your hair gel,
wearing that in your hair,

you like it?

- Yeah.


- I find that the less you
bathe, the less divided.

- It's true.

Ultimately I know when I do get home,

I'm going to be asked the question,

what was the best moment you had

and there's really no way to answer that.

There's tons of great moments,

every country has a great moment.

(upbeat music)

The challenge to ourselves
in New Zealand to

jump out of a plane and jump off a bridge.

- Ready for this?

- [Scott] I'm ready.

- Three, two, one.


- [Scott] The pride that
I still have in Justin

for getting in the ring in Thailand

and fighting a Thai boxer.

Every step of the way
being able to find our own

way of seeing a country and
not just going by the brochure

and I think that's what
I'm going to bring home

with me is being able
to find your own path

and appreciate it.

- I don't think I'm ready to give this up.

You know, I don't think
there's any other place

I'd rather be right now than
be on the road and that's it.

Tell them next time I come
back, I'll marry (indistinct)

- Justin (speaks in a foreign language)

(crowd applauds)

- I kind of made my mind and
I know what I want in life

and not sit, see everything
and do everything.

And you know, staying in one town

going to the same job every day

is not going to be
fulfilling enough for me

so the road is where I'm going to be in.

I don't give this up like this last year.

(soft music)

I'm watching somebody
be cremated right now.

(soft music)

Merry Christmas, New Zealand.

- [Scott] Merry Christmas, buddy.

- Merry Christmas, buddy.

(camel howls)

(all laugh)

- I am fat, sis.




It's the end of this trip,

it's the end of this
entire year of travel.

- I'm in (indistinct) and
drinking red wine with a crab.

(glass clinks)

- Home is great but you know,

as the weeks turned into
months you start to get

really comfortable with
the same old way of life

and having lived what we've lived,

it's only going to take that one postcard

in the mailbox from Justin saying,

you know, here I am in France,

here I am in Taiwan and I'm
going to be jealous of that

and I'm going to want
to hit the road again.

I don't know how we're going to do this.

(indistinct chatter)
(Scott laughs)

People were already jumping off

before the thing came to a stop.

I mean, look at it, the
doors are overflowing.

I don't even know where to grab like,

do you grab someone's arm.

- I am the king on this island

and anybody who wants to
challenge me please step forward.

(rock music)


- It is now officially midnight.

Hell, this is one thing I'm going to miss.

I think this is so cool.

- This is not the end.

I mean, we got a couple more
adventures of me and Scott

you know, maybe make a little
money, save a little money.

And if I get the phone call

from Scott again saying,
Hey man, what's the chances

of you quitting that
job you're at right now

and doing it again.

I mean, I know right now I'll be gone.

Hopefully you see me again.

- One whole year goes by in a blank.

(upbeat music)