Deepa & Anoop (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Fix-It Father's Day/Bolly Diwali - full transcript


[elephant trumpeting]

♪ Right this way,
enjoy your stay ♪

♪ Here at Mango Manor ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ We all say a perfect day's
when we are all together ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ Come on in and join the fun ♪

♪ Plenty of room for everyone ♪

♪ Need some help?
Our family's here ♪

♪ Ready, set, go,
let's give a cheer! ♪

♪ Namaste, we'll turn your day ♪

♪ From good to great,
come celebrate ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

- ♪ I'm Deepa, he's Anoop! ♪
- [trumpeting]

[Deepa] Sammy's Best Friend!


This is our best domino
trail ever, Anoop!

I can't wait 'til we're done
and we get to knock 'em over!


Oh hey, Sammy. What's wrong?

Can't play with Mega Moose.

He's all busted… see?

This is the worstest day ever!


I know how to cheer you up!

How 'bout you help me and Anoop

finish setting up
these dominoes?

There's just a few more left!

I can try.

Nice and careful.

Pretty fun, huh?

Yeah, but not as
fun as Mega Moose.

Last one!

[monkey noises]


Ooh! What have we here?


don't you knock
over that domino!




[Sammy] Whoa!

That was so awesome!

It was pretty
awesome, all right…

but next time, Anoop and I want
to be the ones to knock 'em over.

Uh, sorry 'bout that.

I'll set 'em up again for ya!

[Sammy laughs]

Maruti is hilarious!

You like that, Sammy?

Then check this out!


Maruti's so funny!

Hey, Sam, since Mega
Moose is broken,

why don't you and
Maruti play together?

Yay! Let's play, Maruti!

Sounds good to me!


Well, that worked out!

C'mon, Anoop.

Let's go domino!


Hmm hmm!

We're back!

Super Sammo and Mega Monkey!

Defender of goodness, hero
to all, and eater of bananas!

Let's go, Mega Monkey!

Whoo-hoo! Yay!

Ready to save the city, Sammy?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


Mega Monkey!

Bad guys are coming!

I'll scare 'em away with my
Mega Monkey martial arts!


Yaa! Ha! Ha!



Mega Monkey's getting tired.

How about a banana break, Sammy?

No, no, it's play time!

Mega Monkey away!

Uh-oh, Anoop.

I think Maruti's gonna need
our help to get a banana break.

And I know just what to do!

We'll just have to make
it part of play time.

Ooh! Yay! Hooray!

[Maruti grunts]

Here's the plan, Anoop.

We get Sammy to pay
attention to you

while I sneak Maruti into the
kitchen for a little R&B...

Rest and banana.


Now you're The Naughty Gnome!


Follow my lead!


Help! Help me!

The Naughty Gnome of
Mango Manor is after me!


Super Sammo will
save you, Deepa!

C'mere, you naughty gnome!


Maruti, quick!
Banana break time!

Wait a minute!

You're not Naughty Gnome!


Hey… you're Anoop!

But where's Mega Monkey?

Mega Monkey Hide-And-Seek!


Found ya!

Now we go hide!

Sammy, wait!

Ugh, this wasn't
part of the plan!

This could be trouble.

Sammy's a great hider!

New plan, Anoop!

Instead of finding them,

we'll get Sammy and
Maruti to find us!

Sammy'll love this.

Here comes the
Mega Monkeymobile!


Whee! Riding the Mega
Monkeymobile sure is fun!



I wanna ride the
Mega Monkeymobile!

With Mega Monkey!

Did I mention I
might get car-sick?

[Sammy] Whee!

Wahoo! Yay!

[monkey noises]

Go, Maruti! Hurray!

Too tired. Need banana.

I've got a plan to get
you that banana break.

See that light?

Get ready to grab on.


This Monkeymobile's going pretty
slow, don't you think, Sammy?

I wanna go faster!

You heard him, Anoop!

[Sammy] Whee!


This… is… so… cool!



Oh, my beautiful banana.

Together at last.

- Hai, monkey!
- Whoa!

Oh no!

Bananas will ruin my curry!

No monkey business
in my kitchen!



Not bad! Oh!

Whoo-hoo! Yay!

Yeah, go, go, go!

Yay! Wahoo!

Mega Monkeymobile!

Whoa, driver. This is my stop!


Hey, where'd everybody go?



That was a really
short banana break!

Ugh, more like a banana bust.

No banana, no break…

and Mega Monkey's
getting mega tired,

but I don't think Sammy'll
ever stop playing.

[Sammy] Mega Monkey?

- Mega Monkey! Where are you?
- [sighing]

Anoop, we have to
help Maruti hide.

It's his only chance
for a banana break!


[panting] Huh?

There you are, Mega Monkey!


Hey! Where'd ya go?

[making engine noises]

[Sammy laughing]

I see you, Mega Monkey!


Hold on, Sammy.

You've played a lot
with Mega Monkey today.

Maybe it's time to play with
something else for a bit.

But Mega Moose is busted.

I just have Mega Monkey now.

He's my best friend.

Aw, you're my pal, too.



Whoa! [struggling]



Mega Monkey doesn't
need bananas!

He's ready to play!


Wait for me!

Ugh! Every time we
try to help Maruti,

Sammy wants to
play with him more!

I wish Mega Moose
was never broken.


You're right, Anoop!

He doesn't have to
be. We can fix him!

Ooh! Oo-oo-oo-oo!

Here comes another!

[Deepa] Look, Sammy,
it's Mega Moose.

All fixed!

[Sammy] Mega Moose!

Now we can play
forever and ever!

How did Mega Moose break
in the first place?

I played with him so much,
my mom said I wore him out.

But that's what you're
doing with Maruti.

See how tired he is?

And hungry?

But a good friend listens when
a friend says they need a break.


See? Even Anoop needs a break.

Poor little monkey.

Maruti probably never wants
to play with me again.

Sure he will, Sammy.

As long as he knows you
really care about him.

♪ You're having fun
and playing together ♪

♪ You can't run around forever ♪

♪ Why not stop
and take a rest? ♪

♪ That way you can
play your best, oh ♪

♪ You're feeling tired
Just tell your friend ♪

♪ To take a break ♪

♪ Then play again ♪

♪ We'll play as long as we can ♪

♪ But you need to
rest I understand ♪

♪ Maybe just a
minute for a banana ♪

♪ So you're not so tired
And you'll play again ♪

♪ You're feeling tired
Just tell your friend ♪

♪ To take a break ♪

♪ Then play again ♪

Sorry for not playing like
a good friend, Maruti.

Apology accepted, buddy!

Wait! Are you guys really
gonna go play some more?

No, silly.

Don't you know Mega
Monkeys need banana breaks?

And I do too!





[Deepa] Penguin Paradise!


Great soccer game, Anoop!


You really have a nose for it!


[air whooshing]

- [shivering]
- Brr.

Why's it so cold in here, Mama?

I had to turn up
the air conditioning

because we have very special
guests who need it nice and cold:

emperor penguins!

[gasping] I love penguins!

Oh, they're so cute!


[doorbell ringing]



Hello, Poncho Penguin
checking in with my triplets,

Pavan, Peach, and Pipster.



What did I tell you about
hopping on peoples' heads?

That's all right,
they're adorable.




We're excited to have you here!

We're keeping Mango
Manor extra cold for you.

Ah yes, I feel
the nice cold air.


[pipes banging]



What was that?

[sighing] Yup.

Looks like the air
conditioner is broken.


[chirping grumpily]

[chuckling] They need to stay
cool, or they'll get grumpy.

It's not pretty.

Don't worry, I'll
fix it right away.

Anoop and I can keep
them calm and cool

until the AC gets fixed!

I love penguins…

especially these
adorable little ones!



They love you too.

Ah, thank you, Beta.

I'll go finish getting
their room ready.

How hard can it be to
watch these three cuties?

…except there are
only two of them now.



Maybe this won't be
so easy after all.



[chirping grumpily]

Oh no, they're
getting hot again.

We need to find a way
to blow air on them,

like the air conditioner did.

But how? [sighing]


Anoop, that's it!

You can blow on the
penguins with your trunk

to keep them cool!


[chirping grumpily]

It's working, Anoop!

They're playing again!


[chirping grumpily]

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Uh-oh, Anoop, you keep
running out of breath.

How are we gonna keep them cool?

The Manor lunch buffet is
ready for anyone who's...

Squawk! Itchy!

Not itchy, hungry.

If you're itchy, Bina,
go get your ointment.

Ooh, lunch is a great way to
calm down the babies, Anoop!

And cool them down
too, with cold drinks.


All right, babies. Lunch break!

Follow the leader!

♪ Da da da da da, kick! ♪

♪ Da da da da da Kick! ♪


Air time!

Follow me!

♪ Da da da da da, kick! ♪

♪ Da da da da da Kick! ♪

Hold onto your penguin hats.

It's my favorite
lunchtime curry!

Everything a growing
penguin needs.


Hmm… hot food isn't
great for penguins.

Do you have cold food
or drinks, Naani-ji?

On it!

[banging, blending, and pouring]

Here. Nice, cool...

Squawk! Ointment!

No, Bina. Nice
cool mango lassis.

Made with frozen
mangos and yogurt.

Thanks, Naani-ji.
Drink up, babies!


Uh-oh, the lassi didn't
just cool them off,

it gave them more energy!

[chirping grumpily]

And they're hot again.

[trumpeting "uh-oh"]

[Baba] Very good news.

I fixed the air conditioning!


The Manor will be cooled
off again lickety-split!

- Yes!
- [trumpeting]

[air whooshing]

[banging and rattling]




I guess it still needs a little of
this and a little of that, heh heh.

Don't worry, air conditioner,
Baba's on the job!


Poor little things, they're
not used to being so warm.

It's very snowy
where they come from.


Snow… that's it!

We'll make it snow inside!

That will cool off the penguins!


But how…

[engine running]

All I need is a
little help from Raki.


Mama, can please you
watch the baby penguins

for a little while?




Aah! Ooh! Ha ha!
Please hurry, Beta!

[engine running]

- [turning engine off]
- 'Sup?

Raki, you're a great inventor.

Can you use your
awesome inventing skills

to make the lawnmower blow
out snow instead of grass?

Wait… you want me to make
the lawnmower make snow?


Cool, I'm in.



Time to test… the lawn-snower!

[turning engine on]

It's snowing!


Great job, Raki!

[playing air guitar riff]

Oh, that's it?

We're gonna need a lot more ice!


Roll it, Raki!



It's snowing! Inside!

See, penguins?

This is perfect
for chilling out.

Now you can stay nice
and cool and calm,

just like I promised your dad!




You know what? Keeping
the penguins cool

doesn't mean they
can't have fun too!


Let's have fun with them!


♪ Little penguins
are here in town ♪

♪ Mango Manor's a
penguin playground ♪

♪ We saved the day
With an easier way ♪

♪ To help us all pal around ♪

♪ Playtime with penguins ♪

♪ Is cool for everyone ♪

♪ Playtime with penguins ♪

♪ Is snow much,
is snow much fun ♪

Okay, penguins!

Snowy slide, this way!





[Poncho laughs] There you are!

You didn't just
keep my babies cool,

you helped them have fun too.

Thank you so much!

Our pleasure!

We had fun too!


I know, I know, I look terrible.

But the air conditioning
is finally fixed!

[air whooshing]

Oh, good.






I love it!

[trumpeting and chirping]

Thank you.

I think we'll all
stay here awhile.

That snow slide is awesome!


- Whoo-hoo!
- Yay!