Debris (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Solar Winds - full transcript

When Bryan and Finola investigate a mysterious, otherworldly square that has appeared in a field, they come to understand new revelations about our planet. Maddox meets with an old contact.

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Previously on Debris...

There are billions
of stars, billions of planets.

The odds that this Debris
found us are impossible.

This was found on a roof
on a farm in Wisconsin.

Yeah, we'll take that one too.

We think he's part of

a group calling
themselves Influx.

They are actively
seeking Debris.

It is more important now
than ever to show all cards.

- George Jones. He's alive.
- MI6 stays out of it.

It's her father.
Do you know what
you're asking me to do?

Let's just look out
for each other.

Where was the last time
you saw your father?

- In the morgue.
- She sat with her father's body

after he died.
How is that possible?

I just sent a team to London
to dig up George Jones.

Buckle up.

Jim, keep an eye on the 417.

I'm telling you,
there's a hang-up there.

Roger that, Cal.
I see it. Be right back.

Cal, it's Katie.
I got a faulty swing switch

on the second box at Glen Road.

You want me to send Ernie?
He's sitting right beside me.

Nah, he'll just mess
things up worse than they are.

He heard that.

Is he laughing?

He says you're making
your own dinner tonight.

So it's gonna be good
for a change?

Ooh! I think I'm gonna
switch channels,

for the good of the both of you.

It's just getting good.

I'm not leaving until
they get divorced.

Come on, Kevin.
Back to work.

Hey, Cal?



How's he doing?

He's okay. Normal.

As normal as can be expected.

However it cloned him,

the exposure had no impact
on his biology.

Good. Okay.

He can get back out there.

Thanks, Karen.

- Wow. You're a vision.
- These are drafty.

- Yeah.
- Not gonna lie.

- They wear well, though.
- Appreciate that.

Have you heard anything in
London about George Jones?

Spec ops is on the ground.

Exhuming him tomorrow.

We're gonna get to
the bottom of it. Promise.

I've been thinking. Finola.

If MI6 knew that her father
was still alive,

they would take her out of here.

We need to get her home
before this becomes an issue.

We can do that, right?

I don't know,
maybe we get that...

that creepy Dutch guy back.

You hated the creepy Dutch guy.

He was adorable.

This is going to affect her.

Listen. We're just gonna
have to sit on this

for a little while, okay?

See what happens.

Got it.

- They're waiting on me.
- All right.

Thank you.

Hey, how'd it go?
I was worried.


Sometimes you get lucky.

Looks like I'm gonna be
around a little while.

You were born
under a lucky star.

So you're saying
that I am the lucky one?

- Gentlemen, how are you?
- You good?

We're heading to Minnesota.

I love Minnesota.

Except we are going to Ohio.

Some phenomenon
in a cell tower field.

There's not much
information as yet.

The situation team
is on their way.

Anything hit the ground
last night?

No, not that we caught.

Um, thank you.

Seriously, for...

worrying about me.

Of course.

I'm gonna get
a little sleep. I'm beat.


Did you get my email?

In the file it said a utility
worker was doing repair work

- on cell phone towers.
- Yeah.

She turned,
and it was just there.

- In the field.
- Where is it?

Well, that's the thing.
It just vanished.

Took this when we first
got here 30 minutes ago.

They're trying to get out.

Do you hear that sound?

That only shows up
on the recording.

We didn't hear anything
like that on site.

Have we found Debris?

Not yet.
No signatures.

Okay. Let's do
some GPR out here too.

It's gotta be somewhere.

I'm gonna check out the field.

It's gonna be dark soon.

The square appeared

in the northeast areas
of the field,

consisting of two dimensions.

Initial reports
indicate LDRs were zero.

At timestamp marker 3:04,

beings of an unknown origin
are observable.

Agent Beneventi noted the beings

appear to be trying to get out.

And I agree.


Is anyone out there?


Is anyone out there?

This got recorded
when I was doing notes.


Is anyone out there?


- That's from the static
at the LDU?
- Yeah.

Is anyone out there?

- But listen to the oscillations.
- Hello?

It's the same oscillations
on the video of the square.

Is anyone out there?

It's one of the beings
from inside the square.

The square's not here anymore.

Some of our guys picked up
a voice transmission
on their LDUs.

Yeah, we heard it too.

This is Muntz.

Play it.

I can see you.

I can see lights.

I can see lights!

Maybe what we're hearing
is a reverberation

from when the square was here.

Maybe what we're hearing
is somehow out of sync?

No way.
She said, "I see your lights.

I see your lights."

There were never lights on
when the square was here.

It was daytime.

Could it be that
it's still here,

but it's not visible?

I'm getting it again.

I can see someone out there.

I can see people.

Can anyone hear me?

We need to find a way

- to broadcast back to it.
- Can you hear me?

We've never used the Laghari
spectrum for communication.

- We need to try and answer them.
- What's happening?

They're only built as receivers.

I can see you!

Please, help me.

We have to make contact.

Here you go.
Try this.

Relays can give you
a little more control

over the modulation.

Where did you get
the parts to make this?

I don't know,
from one of these yellow cases

in the truck.
I had to make do.

That was a million-dollar
piece of equipment.

Wow. This is a nice spot.

Got a lot of gadgets.

I've come across plenty
like you.

Men who have also played
by their own rules.

Did you ever encounter
an agent named Kelvin?


Can't say that I have.

He was sure he could
pick up a piece of Debris

that hadn't been fully vetted.

He was turned inside out.


one of my tips
for survival, Muntz,

is always let the other guy
touch the Debris first.

Bryan, the square, it's here.

The square's back.

The square's back up.

Come on!



Can you hear me?

Hello, can you hear me?


Can you see me?

Yes, I can see you.

She can't hear us.

Let me try something.

- Quickly.
- I'm doing what I can.

What's your name?

The signal, it's getting weaker.

Any degree signatures, Huerta?

- Nothin'.
- They gotta be here.

Where is it?

If there's no Debris,
how the hell is this happening?

What's your name?

My name is Nicole Hegmann.

Who are the people
that are with you?

No one is with me.

It's as if she can't see them.

Can you tell me
where you're from?

What happened to me?

What's happening?

Nicole Hegmann is
a real missing person.

She vanished from Saline,
Michigan in 2019.

I don't know
how that's possible.

The Debris only started
falling six months ago.

Thank you.
Keep the change.

Come further
to the intersection.

See the black Audi?

Do you mind if we talk here?

Better than a restaurant,
I think?

I, admire your
situational awareness.

This is what you're looking for?

The Chinese claim they have it.

The Chinese claim
a lot of things.

Listen, Tarkolov, we're all just

trying to assemble these pieces

so that we can figure
this technology out.

They wanna call it an arms race?

They're right.

And the cards on your table?

I don't know why this piece
is important to Russia.

I don't wanna know.

Anja said you were
interested in a trade.

Was she wrong?

2:30 next Friday.

Turn on the phone I gave you.

I'll have the answer
if we can get it done.

Why hasn't it reappeared?
It makes no sense.

Maybe the people in there
are all missing persons.

But how come we can't
hear all of them?

Why is it only her?

And how come...
she can see us,

but she can't see anybody else
in there with her?

I don't know.

Maybe they're all on
different frequencies?

Like a walkie-talkie?

We just happened to pick up
hers in the white noise.

What is it?

I think it's
some sort of portal.

There are these
Native American legends

that tell stories of people

who encounter natural arches
in the landscape

where they passed through,
and they never returned.

Maybe it's something like that.

You said you think
it might still be here,

but we can't see it.

Do you believe that?

I don't know.

My dad did.

The universe is not limited

to the three dimensions
that we can see.

That there may be as many
as 11 dimensions.

And most of these dimensions
are compactified,

or... or curled up so small

that we can neither see
nor reach them.

What if I were to tell you

that these curled up
dimensions could be uncurled?

That there are places
in our world

where they've already done so.

Access points.

Access points to vast stretches

of what you might call
unoccupied real estate...

waiting for someone to
figure out how to use them.

Hey. So, um...

maybe Nicole walked into
one of these things,

and the Debris is
showing it to us?

Yeah, but we don't
have any Debris?

Then how are we seeing it?

Your father was just saying
we can't see them.

The Debris, it has to be...

Yeah, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.

That there are places
in our world

where they've already done so.

Access points.

Wait for someone to
figure out how to use them.

I'm sorry that I upset you.

Yeah, that's okay.

I just realized, I'm just...

so mad at him.

But I just forget
how much I miss him.

And I just wish I could, um...

speak to him...

one more time.

Anyway, the one good thing
about the possibility

of my father's theory
being true,

is if Nicole and
the others inadvertently

found their way into
another dimension, well,

there must be a way
to get them out.

Your father created a US
Access Point Map in his files.

I cross checked the coordinates
of the dimension sites.

One of them is
in Saline, Michigan,

where Nicole vanished.

And another... is here.

In this field.

Your father was right.

They exist.

To figure out how to use them.

We have to embrace that
our universal geometry

may be much larger
than we ever conceived.

I have an idea.

Bryan, open up
the specimen fridge over there.

There's a rectangular
blue container.
Bring it to me.

We can't locate Debris.
I have nothing to study.

I can't learn anything about
the so-called access point.

We're only seeing the square
in two dimensions.

But for Nicole, no one knows
what she's experiencing.

If we can maintain unbroken
communication with her,

I can try and understand
what she's seeing inside.

Maybe I can use
the information to help her.

When she was emotional,

the signal tended
to be stronger.

Can you get her
to that emotional state

- and keep her there?
- Um...


I might have a way.

Why am I here?
What's this about?

- Mr. Hegmann...
- They show up at my house,

and then they put me on
a helicopter with no answers.

They tell me
you have information

about my daughter.
Is she alive?

We are still
gathering information.

Why don't you come in
to the trailer,

and we can sit down and talk?


Who are you people?

We work for a division
of the government

that investigates
scientific anomalies.

Your daughter?

Tell me what happened...

the day she disappeared.

I was in a store near my house.


She left to go wait in the car.

When I got there, she was gone.

It's torture to think
what happened to her.

It just...
takes all of the joy

out of your life, you know?

Every time there's
a knock on the door,

or the phone...

you're praying that it's her.


It's just the not knowing,

I mean, it was just her and me.

My... My wife passed away
when she was a child.

She was such a character.

Forgive me, Mr. Hegmann.

Are you familiar with
the Bermuda Triangle?

The concept?

Of course.

Now, we believe that there
other places like that.

We think your daughter Nicole

entered such a place
the day she went missing.

And we think
she's communicating
with us from inside.


Is anyone out there?

Is there anyone out there?

I can see someone out there.

I can see the lights.

Help me!

Is it there now?

We just can't see it.

I felt she was alive.

I felt it.

I still felt connected to her.

What do you mean?

I have these recurring dreams
about her.

What kind of dreams?

I would go to the parking lot
where she disappeared.

I'm alone.

I wait there.

I knew I just had to wait.

And Nicole comes and finds me.

We just hold each other.

Then I wake up and...

I feel connected to her again.

Richard, we sent for you,

because we are hoping
that if we can establish

communication again with Nicole,

hearing your voice will
intensify her emotional state,

and we think
it will help the signal

that we are communicating to
her with to become stronger.

It will give our scientists
a better chance

of asking her important

and analyzing what to do.

- Can I get closer to it?
- Yeah.

You're gonna start in on how
he felt she was alive, right?

About how his dreams
told him that?

I mean, like gravity
is an unseen force...

but it's here.

Maybe the bonds that we
create with each other,

maybe they're just as strong.

Muntz! Muntz!

Can you hear me?

That's my daughter in there.



Dad, I can see you.

Can you hear me? Nicole?

Dad? Dad?

Can you hear me?

Nicole, I'm here.

Ask her what she sees.

Can you describe
what you're seeing?

I'm so scared.

I'm here. You gotta stay
strong and listen to me.

Ask her how she got in there.
Is she able to walk around
the square?

How did you get in there?

I don't know.

Tell me what happened to you.

I was walking in the parking lot

back to the car,

and I turned
and realized I was alone.

And then I saw this field.

It was never there before.

I... I walked to it.

But now I... I can't get back.

And I've been walking around
trying to for a few hours.

She thinks she's only
been gone for a few hours.

How is that possible?

Then I found this barrier,

and I can see the shapes
of people outside.

I don't know.
I don't know where I am.

Ask her, does she see any
discrepancies in the light?

Is there anything
that she can identify?

Is there anything
more you can tell us about
what you see?

Can you see anything
other than a field?

Dad? Dad, please don't leave!

- What's happening to her?
- Dad?

Dad, I can't see you!

Dad, I love you!

I love you!

Thank you.

When I said I loved her...

do you think she heard me?

I never I told her
I loved her enough.

It was always on my mind
when I lost her.

She heard you.

It's conceivable time
doesn't flow at the same rate

when you move through
another dimension.

But if time is moving
at a different rate,

how are we able to communicate?

Why are we synced?

I don't have an answer for you.

We can't save her.

Even when the connection
to her is strong,

- the square shuts down
for some reason.
- There's a way.

Even if I could understand it...

I don't know
how to stabilize it.

Nothing in this world
can stabilize it.

-Since we don't have the Debris,

I can't determine
how it becomes visible.

Hey, Linda, what's up?

I'm sorry to call, Craig.

I'm still with Dario,
but my daughter's school called,

and I have to get there now.

Isn't Julia home?

She texted
saying she'll be late.

I keep texting her,
but she doesn't respond.

Okay, I'll come home.
One second.

Deputy Director
Grohl is on his way up.

Okay, Linda.
Give me 20 minutes.
I'm on my way.


- Hey.
- Hey. Is this a bad time?

Kinda. I gotta get home.

A family thing.
You wanna walk me downstairs?

Well, this'll just take
a second.

I think we're better off
in here.

Okay. What's up?

Tarkolov is
in the United States.

Is the intel ours?

Yeah, we put eyes on him
a few hours ago,

and I thought
you'd wanna be aware.

This can't be good.

Okay. All right.
Thanks for letting me know.

I'll look into it.

Keep me posted.

Recalibrate and cycle
the frequency range.

See what you can pick up.

It worked in Milwaukee.

I'm not saying
this is the same thing,

but it's worth a shot, right?

Copy that, Bryan.

Team 2, copy.

Bryan, we've got something.

Got a few waves coming in,
but not consistent.

How many hits did you get?

Been picking them up off and on
for the last three minutes.

So let's go check it out.

Let's get the team together.

Okay. Let's go.

Looks like
we're not the only ones
who found the Debris.

Call it in to base camp.

Base camp, base camp, come in.

- How we doing, Huerta?
- Yeah, we're good.

Only clicking in at 110.

This has to be Influx.

No one else could have
gotten here this fast.


They must have heard us coming.

The connection is
too far away to be stable.

But this Debris
has been showing us

the access point in the field
from this location.


Maybe it's some sort
of navigation module?

Like a intergalactic GPS?

I don't know,
but whatever it is,

it's still trying to
function, to do it's job

with whatever power is left.

If what you're saying
is correct,

the spaceship used a different
dimension to travel.

And it opened the square
as an access point.

Can we make it reveal
the square longer?

Like you said, contact her
and try to get her out?

The signal was weak.
It barely held the image
of the dimension.

Whatever power it has left
in it, we have to preserve it.

We send it back
to Orbital immediately.

No, we have to find a way

to get Nicole
and the others out.

What we're looking at
are the first crumbs

humanity has ever had about
not only intergalactic travel,

but extra-dimensional travel.

We can't risk
losing this technology

by using it on these people.

If we're not willing
to use this technology

on these people, then we're
not worthy to have it.

What if we reposition
the Debris?

Bring it closer,
make the signal stronger.

We might be able
to get a better signal

and see more of
the access point,

- if we can do that...
- Great. We'll do that.

Thank you.

- Hey, Bryan.
- Yeah.

Yeah, plates are no good
on the pickup,

so we're gonna run the VIN.
I'll let you know.

Another piece, but it's dead.
No signatures.

We'll get it loaded up.


Okay, okay. Yeah.


The perspective is shifting!

I changed the angle
between the Debris
and the square.

It must illuminate
the access point

directly in front of it.

I'll move it closer
so we can see more.

I can see inside.
It's changed!

I can see someone!

I can see inside!

Wait, I can see them!

I can see them!
Keep going!

Where's Nicole?
Where is she?

Nicole! Nicole! I see her!

Nicole. Don't be frightened.

Move through it.

I can't reach you.

She still can't get out.

Help me, please! Please!

She's still trapped.

We're gonna lose it!

- You said this piece might
be used for transport.
- Yeah.

If we breach the plane
with a piece of the ship...

It could open up.
Tell Huerta

to get the other piece
of the Debris.


The levels are climbing.

Okay, let it enter the square.

- Richard! Richard!
- Dad!

You can't touch her.

At least not yet.
Hold on.

It's okay, Nicole.

We got them!
We got all of them.

Where am I?

- What's your name?
- Jean Chen.

- Where are you from, Jean?
- Boise, Idaho.

We're gonna try to
help you find your family.

- What year is it?
- 1976.

It's, 1989.

You said you felt your time
in there was short.


it felt like I was
moving very slowly

through that time.


I was so... afraid.

Lonely. That part felt
like an eternity.

I thought of you, Dad.

I'd imagine that
I would find you.

You would be waiting for me
in the parking lot.

Standing there.

You would be happy to see me.

And we would just... hug.

And it made me feel safe.

Thank you.

I realize I tend to forget

that there's still magic
to discover in the world.

But not you.

I do.

We all do sometimes.

The pickup truck we found,

it was stolen yesterday
near the airport.

That's one of the guys
from Influx in New York.

- How do they keep showing up?
- Yes.

Okay. You know,
I'm gonna, um, update Ferris.

What do you got?

There's a body in the grave,

but it's not George Jones.

Are you sure?

I just sent you something.

What am I looking at?

We picked this up
from the morgue.

This was from the night
that he washed ashore.

She took his watch as a memento.

Watch the time code.

Keep watching
as the M.E. puts him away.

His watch.

Whoever replaced him didn't
realize she took it.


At this point,
that's not him anymore.

Breakage initially
sighted 46 months ago.

First atmospheric collision
18:06 over Iceland.

Traveling in excess of
150,000 kilometers per hour.

Earth-intersecting trajectory.

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