Debris (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - You Are Not Alone - full transcript

Previously on "Debris"...

FERRIS: Despite the coalition,
I expect the Americans

to put their interests first,
just like we have.

How is it working out
with Finola?

She's settling in.

Why do you do this?

I want to be sure
the good guys

get this technology
before anyone else.

MAN: It was found on a roof

on a farm in Wisconsin.

Yeah, we'll take
that one too.

Whoever they are,

they have something we don't.

Isn't that why you're here?

There are billions of stars,

billions of planets.

The odds that this debris
found us are impossible.

I think what we're doing here

will change
the course of humanity.

George Jones, he's alive.

‐BRYAN: That's impossible.
‐MADDOX: MI‐6 stays out of it.

Do you know what
you're asking me to do?

‐It's her father.
‐I know you can handle it.

Zippo lighters,
Pyrex glassware,

Crayola crayons,
also made in PA.

they had a trim line

called the Fleetwood after
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

The Fleetwood Brougham,
big car in the '80s.

And, of course, Peeps.

Insane for Peeps.

FINOLA: What's a Peep?

BRYAN: Come on.

‐You've never had a Peep?

A little marshmallow candy?

FINOLA: No, I've never
eaten a‐‐ a Peep.

BRYAN: Wow. Crack‐like.

Some people think they taste
better when they're stale.

I happen to be
one of those people.

So, what, like
there's some whole

secret Peeps
sub‐culture, then?

You have no idea
what you're missing.

We owe the people of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

a great deal of gratitude,
and I'm not afraid to say it.

Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah, I'm just, um,

trying to connect with
my sister.

I'm a little worried,

I've still got some fires
going on back in London.

What's up?

Nothing, it's just‐‐

It's like,
a complex situation.

We've never really got along,

and dealing with
my dad's estate‐‐

Been here three weeks,
feels like three years.

FINOLA: Looks like this has
already hit the local news.

What are we gonna go with
this time, gas leak?

"The Russian Space Agency
struggles to control

experimental rocket."


We're gonna blame
the Russians.


‐Agent Jones.

Hey. Finola.

Here's what we know
so far.

An upper atmosphere
research satellite

clocked a close fly‐by.

Picked up a signature
like a piece of Debris.

It entered our atmosphere.
Based on witness accounts,

it landed somewhere in
the town around 1 a. m.

We evacuated all residents,
but haven't located the Debris.

As the sun came up,
all this metal began to move

from the town
and form the line.

Does it have something to do
with the sun,

or is it coincidentally
as morning was happening?

We don't know.

And only objects
made of metal?

Metal, alloys.
Seems that way.

Is it a magnetic field?

We're not picking any up,

and it's not affecting
all metals.

It seems to be selective,

like it's choosing
what it wants.

BRYAN: I've never seen Debris
have an effect like this.

do we have to suit up?

Clocked in at 23.

LESTER: They're just
finishing testing.

Nothing sinister.

Nothing sinister.

‐GROHL: Hey.

‐Sorry I'm late.

Those oversight guys
run on their own schedule.

It's the new normal
at the CIA.

It was bad when I left.

Here. Have a Rolaid.


How's the family?

You know.

What can I tell ya?
It is what it is.

Have a seat.

Is this true?

As far as we know.

George Jones is alive.

What happened to his eye?

We don't know.

Well, who are these people?

They're recovering
the Debris,

but to what end?

Are they selling it?
To the Russians, the Chinese?

Are they‐‐
Are they terrorists?

Not entirely clear,

but it seems that they are
very, very well‐funded.

Well, how does George
play into this?

We're looking into that, too.

He was buried
five months ago.

How is this even possible?

We're looking
into it, Harris.

What does this mean
as far as

all the information George
holds about the Debris?

Well, we have to assume
it means

they know what we have.

What we want, what we‐‐

what we're trying to build.

He wrote the whole playbook.

‐I know.
‐Listen to me.

I'm gonna get answers.

But my hands
are gonna get a bit dirty.

Including with the Brits.

Well, it's your division.

And, uh...

as far as I or
the director knows,

you are on a... journey.

You're so astounded by
the sights you're seeing

that you haven't found time
to call home yet.

Okay, sats have got us.
Take the northeast corner.

KAZEMI: Copy, Jones.
Over here.


All right, I'm getting
a ton of disturbance.

Can you, um‐‐
Can you get some Graders?

BRYAN: What's your name?

Um, Eric.

BRYAN: What's your last name?

Um... I‐‐ I don't‐‐

I don't remember.

You can't remember
your last name?

I can't remember. Okay?

‐Do you live in this town?
‐Yes, I live here.

Why didn't you comply
with the evacuation?

You should be in Reading.

‐I need to do something.
‐FINOLA: It is not safe

for you to be here
right now.

I'm just‐‐ I'm trying to
figure something out,

and then‐‐ and then
I will leave. Okay?

What are you
trying to figure out?

I mean, I don't even know
if I want to do it.

You know what I mean?
Like when you, uh‐‐

When‐‐ When you, um‐‐


When you, uh‐‐
When you can't decide,

I, uh‐‐ Okay,
how about this.

Gimme 30 minutes
to think it over,

and then I will go,
I swear. Okay?

You don't understand.

Hey, hey.
What's got you so upset?

Watch him for a moment.

I think the Debris
is affecting him.

I mean, something's
going on with him.

He hasn't even said a word
about the moving metal,

which is kind of hard to miss,
don't you think?

Maybe we should get Chin
to run more tests

before we continue in here.

I'll cut bait
if you want to.

Give me two seconds to
think about this. Please.

Let's, um‐‐ Let's just
look out for each other.


Kazemi, can you take him
to base for an eval?

‐ERIC: You can't do that.

Please, just let me go.

Just let me go, okay?
I'll remember it.

Please! Please.

I'll remember it.
I'll remember. Please.

I just‐‐ Just give me
two seconds to think about it!

You can't do this to me!

FINOLA: Hey, Bryan.

Look at this.
Updated sat scans.

It's encircling the town.


Like it's meant to
keep people out.

BRANDT: We've got a bit of
cellular disruption.

Do you copy?


We're running
all the equipment right now.

Are you getting it?

‐Didn't get that, Bryan.
Go again.

We're running
all the equipment.
Are you receiving?

We're still not getting
any Debris signatures,

but another part of the wall
is being constructed

on the northeast side of town.


We'll head out,
take a look.

Don't bother.
There's no signal here.

I'm sure she'll call.

Do you have siblings?


She's just...

she's so hard to deal with.

My dad really left me
holding the bag with her,

and that wasn't‐‐

I don't know.

I haven't really
gotten over that.

When was the last time
you saw your father?

I, uh...

spent all night with him,

with his body in the morgue.

And I just
keep thinking about

the last thing
he ever texted me.

I didn't realize it
at the moment,

but by the time that
I had... read it,

he had already taken
his own life.

What did he say?

"You are not alone."

I spent that whole week
trying to find my sister

to tell her he was dead.

She was strung out
in some house somewhere.

I've never felt
more alone in my life.

‐FINOLA: Hey. Hey!
‐BRYAN: Hey! Hey!

‐Hey! Relax.

Hey! Hey! Slow down.
Slow down.

‐Easy. Slow down.

What did you do to
the agents you were with?

I left my phone at home.
Do you know what time it is?

Why is there blood
on your clothes?

I was trying to
get to a meeting,

but all the cars
were locked.

I‐‐ She tried to stop me!

She forced my hand.

Bryan to base camp.
Do you copy?

I couldn't let her
get in my way.

We have a person
of interest, over.

I was selected from
15 people for this job. Me!

I need you to send in
whoever you have available

to try to locate Agent Kazemi.

We lost contact. Copy?

‐Mr. Woo from head office!
‐Eric. Eric!

‐We are here to help you.
‐How do you know my name?

‐How do you know my name?
‐Do you not remember

talking to us? Do‐‐
Do you not remember that?

Who are you people?

Huh? How do you know my name?


Hey! Stop!



Come on.


Don't move.

I got him.


that's crazy.

I've got him, too.

Please. I just need to
find something.

Then I'll leave.

Man, am I glad you're okay.

‐KAZEMI: How many are there?
‐So far? Three.

‐Including yours.
‐Can't get it out of my head.

I‐‐ What's
the right thing to do?

I don't know. What is‐‐
I‐‐ I don't know what to do.

We know this man
has been cloned.

More importantly,
why is the Debris cloning him?

BRYAN: He must have
come in contact with it.

So maybe it's forming a circle
to protect the clones.

Or the cloning process.

Maybe. Let's find out
what they know.

Kazemi, stick with yours
in lab three.

‐I'm gonna take lab two.
‐I got trailer one.

‐Learn what you can.

Come on. Ah!
I have to go!

I can't miss this,
I'm supposed to be there!

I need to leave!
Now! Ow!

‐What'd you do to me?
‐DOCTOR: Pulse‐ox normal.

BP elevated, cortisol levels
off the chart.

I need you to try
and tell me

what's the last thing
you remember?

KAZEMI: What are you
trying to work out, Eric?

Just let‐‐ I just‐‐
I'm just saying that

I‐‐ I have to weigh
the pros and cons.

The only way that
we can help you

is if you answer
our questions.

I have to find it.

I just‐‐ I just
want to fix this.

What is it you are
trying to find?

This could be‐‐
This could be really bad.

I‐‐ I just‐‐ I can't‐‐
I can't get it out of my head.

Try and concentrate
on our questions.

What's the right thing to do?

Nobody‐‐ Nobody works
as hard as me.

I need to go ace this
presentation, all right?

Otherwise, Johnny gets
the corner office.

Mr. Woo likes him better.
His PowerPoints, they're great!

Eric, focus.
What do you remember?

Look, this is a‐‐
this is a decision

that is going to affect

Where were you before we
found you at the warehouse?

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

What does?

I'm talking about

I'm talking about
the ladder rung!

I'm talking about
a mountain to climb!

FINOLA: I'm trying to find out
what happened to you.

I need to evaluate. Okay?
Is it right? Is it wrong?

What is too much?
Maybe it's not enough.

It just keeps‐‐

It's spinning!

I'm trying to have
my own identity!

FINOLA: Eric, calm down.

‐I just have to change this.
‐Okay. Okay.

Please, you gotta let me go.
You gotta let me go.

‐Calm down.
‐I have to succeed.

‐I have to succeed.
‐He's crashing.

I have to succeed.

‐Pressure 80 over 50.
‐I have to succeed!

I have to change this.
I have to change this!

DOCTOR: He's breaking down.

I'm right here.
Look at me.

Look at me.

I have to change this!

FINOLA: I am right here.

I'm right here.
Look at me.

Look at me.


Can you hear me?

Breathe. Breathe.

Okay. Okay.

Did you find
the ball of light?

What ball of light?

Hey. It's okay.

I made a mistake.

I‐‐ I had it all.

And now it's lost.

What did you lose?


What we have is real.

Everything else...

‐ not.

Well, maybe yours is
the original,

and that's why
he's still alive.

I don't think any of them
are the original.

‐Why not?

they're identical,
but none of them were

emotionally fully formed.

I think what we're seeing are
three different fragments

of one guy's personality.

Maybe the original Eric
they came from

is still in the town.

They're dying,
maybe he's dying.

I mean, they were
cloned from him.

Do you think they're still
connected to him?

I don't know.

They say when
you're dying,

your life flashes
before your eyes.

Think about your
biggest regrets.

Mine was freaked out
about professional goals.

Yours was weighing
some major decision.

‐What was yours?
‐He lost a girl.

It's like they all haven't
reconciled with something.

He did also ask me about
a ball of light.

What does that mean?

I have no idea.

Prints came back.

His name is Eric King.

FINOLA: This must be the girl
he was talking about.


He posted a few days ago

that he's no longer
in a relationship,

and just got a job
in San Francisco.

‐It's not just making

a ring around
part of the town.

It's actually forming
a mathematically perfect circle.

I'm sending you
the coordinates now.

We've got something.

The center of the circle
that's forming around the town‐‐


It's Eric's home address.

As you know, the buyer

that teleported
into the pillar is ex‐SAS.

We haven't been able
to identify the others
from the hotel,

but we have seen the one
in the center before, though.

He's traveled through Lisbon
on a different alias last week

than the one you said
he gave at JFK.

Our alliance is coming up on
seven months now,

and if you recall,
a few weeks ago

we talked about the need
for greater transparency

to move forward
without stagnation.

I know you care about Bryan,

like I care about Finola.

And with the two of them
in the field,

it is more important now
than ever to show all cards.

Priya, it's in
both of our interests

to find out who
these new players are.

What do you think
I'm holding back?

Are you alone?


Well, with that in mind,
we've only just received

this information.

We think he's
part of a group

calling themselves Influx.

They are actively
seeking Debris.

From what we know,
they're not affiliated

with any government,
and their financing
seems to be independent.

We've got the
BDO Financial Crime

and Fraud Investigations
looking into their money.

And I'll keep you up to
speed when we know more.

As will I.

Dig into this Influx thing.

‐FINOLA: This is it.
‐BRYAN: What have we got?


I'll check it out.

Base camp. Over.

Base camp. Over.

Base camp. Over.

Bryan, go for base.

Bryan, do you copy?

We've located
the Debris.

It looks like he was
injured on impact.

There's some blood.

He's no longer here.

MAN : Agent Chin
has arrived at base camp.


Get out!
Get out!

Move. Slowly.

What's your name?

‐I don't know.
‐On the ground.

I can't let it go.

Nobody goes in the basement
without a vector suit.

‐Okay. Let's go.

FINOLA: Let's try
60 to start, okay?

CLONE: Who the‐‐
Who are you guys? No! No!

‐Just calm down.

Get off me!
Get off of me!

AGENT: We are not
going to harm you.

We've got him, Chin.

CHIN: It's not responding to
shut down protocols.

Try 75 to overload, and then
do another V intercept.

FINOLA: He definitely made it
out of here on his own.

He got up and walked away.


Finola to Bryan.

Hey, Kazemi.

Go for Kazemi.

I've found a blood trail
down here.

I think he fled.

Can you search
the surrounding area?

There's a lot of blood,
and I don't think

he could have gone far.


Okay, I'm coming up.

Oh, I'm sorry.
Can you just grab that?

Okay. Thank you.

‐Dee Dee.
‐DEE DEE: You're becoming
a pest now.

Spam caller leaving
so many messages.

FINOLA: Yeah, well,
I've been worried about you.

All right? I just want to
make sure you're okay.

Hm. I wasn't the one
who ran off,

and followed Dad's work
to America.

Dee Dee,
that's not fair.

And you didn't answer
my question.

It's 2 a. m. for you.
Are you okay?

You don't have to
keep asking me that.

Well, I do if you're
not going to answer

any of my calls.
It's important that

we stay together
and keep connected.

Sorry, I don't understand.

You're saying that
you want to be together,

but you're saying that
you can't come home.

But you're saying that
it's important for us
to be connected.

You know
what I mean, Dee.

We just have to‐‐
just pull ourselves together

and just stop fighting.

Dad is the one that
left us in this hole,

okay? Because
I am going through

the same exact thing
you are.

I don't care what
the report said.

‐Dad would never do this.
‐Yes, well, he did,


I'm sorry.

Can't I just see you?

I mean,
can't you just come home?

I can't.

I can't just get on a plane...
when I'm on a case.

If I call you later,
will you answer?


I love you.

I love you.

Got you lined up,
Dee Dee.

FINOLA: Hey. Eric walked away
from the impact.

Uh, Kazemi told me.
They're still searching.

Um, you know,
I was thinking

with the‐‐ the clones,

the order in which
the first two died.

‐Let's say

they were connected
to Eric.

Maybe if he is
out there dying,

he's... surrendering
parts of himself

that matter the least.

when you're dying,

you're freezing to death
out in the elements,

your body will give up
the unnecessary parts

to protect
the most important thing.

Yeah. Your heart.

If that's true,
then he's out there

hanging onto
what matters most.

You know,
I can't help but wonder

what aspect of you
I would have seen

in your clone
that matters most.

Because you're more than
just a Federal agent.

But it's the only thing
you show me,

‐and that is the least
important thing.

Okay, well, shoot.
I've told you that
I'm from Texas,

my parents still live there,
I went to school there,

joined the Marines,
told you how I see the world,

I don't have any
brothers and sisters.

So, what else
do you want to know?

Who was in the picture
you were looking at?

Why do you
carry it with you?

Another time.

Yeah, Kazemi.

We found something
in Eric's garage.

His car was here.

And he's lost
a lot of blood.

FINOLA: So he comes to
in the basement,

makes his way
to the garage,

struggles to the car,
and then the blood stops.

CHIN: It's still
trying to function,

even though we're
disabling it.

Well, he got in the car,
that's for sure.

It got dragged
with him in it.

He's still
gotta be in there,

in a part of
the circle near here.

It's not here.

Well, it has to be.

That's his car.

I got it.

Eric! I'm here!
I got you!

We're gonna get out of here.

Eric, wake up!

What the hell was that?


Uh... Uh, base camp.

Base camp,
I'm seeing light,

in like, uh, a pulse.



Yeah, it is traveling
the circle.

It is compacting the circle.

Hey. Hey!

It's like its contracting

to protect itself
as we shut it down.

Well, why hasn't it been
shut down yet?

‐Shut it down! Bryan is inside!

I can't shut it down
any faster.


Shut it down!

Hey! Let's get out of here!

Oh! Bryan! Bryan,
can you hear me?


FINOLA: Bryan!
Are you okay?



Eric? Hey!

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Hey! Come on!

Hey. Can you hear me?

Who are you?

I'm a Federal agent.

I'm gonna check on
the med‐evac.


There's something...

There's something
I have to do.

What is it you have to do?

Was it about a job?

It was.
But not anymore.

I have to find someone.

FINOLA: I think she
helped you to hang on.

She saved your life.


Are you all right?

Am I ever all right?

I shot myself today.

Well, that must be hard,

seeing the person
you love most in the world dead.

The healing will be slow.

MADDOX: So, you got
anything for me?

Finola told me that
she sat with her father's body

at the morgue
after he died.

How's that possible?

MADDOX: Weren't you just
dealing with clones?

BRYAN: Not the kind
that you could use.

Is that what
you're thinking?

Well, we will know
soon enough.

What does that mean?

I just sent a team to London
to dig up George Jones.

I'll keep you posted.

BRYAN: I gotta go.

Here you go.

I asked them to get the stalest
ones they could find.


Hm. Peeps.

Buckle up.

Possible secondary anomaly

approaching exosphere.

Entering the thermosphere
over the North Atlantic.

Unable to confirm
with visual observation.

Extrapolating trajectory

to determine approximate
Debris field.

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