Debris (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

You're early.

This case will help you
get it through customs.

Are we happy?



'cause I got this one, too.

‐You didn't tell us about that.

I just got my hands on this one.

It was found on a roof
on a farm in Wisconsin.

That's the black market.
Sometimes you just get lucky.

Yeah, we'll take that one, too.


You bring me more of this
and, uh, it's yours.

Excuse me.
Federal agents.

Did this man check in
this morning?

Uh, yeah. I checked him in
a half hour ago.

What room?


Yeah, I'm gonna need to speak
to your manager right away.

1423, go.

Leave. Leave now.

Orbital on their way up.




Excuse me, where's room 1423?

What other exits
are there besides the lobby?

‐Service exit in the rear‐‐


Mezzanine level
in the restaurant.

Stop! Federal agents!


Stop! you can see...

North side, street level.

What have you got?

Clicking in at 200 LDUs,
down from 460.


Nothing we can't handle.

How far out is
the situation team?

Is this the only piece?

So far. We're combing
the hotel for any more.

Seems to have the same
properties as the pieces found

in Debris Field 707
in Manchester.

It's a different color,
though. Darker.


‐Thanks. ‐I just pulled
the CCTV footage. Here.

‐You ever seen them before?

All right, well,
I'll cross‐check with MI‐6 and Interpol.

‐Do you need anything before I wipe
the servers? ‐No, ma'am. All good.

‐Thank you.
‐All right.

- This is Ferris.
- It's me.

‐Have the Americans seen
these men before? ‐No.

At least that's what they say.

There supposed to be

but I know for a fact
they're not.

This partnership is important
to our two countries,

‐but don't underestimate Bryan.
‐I'm not.

Despite the coalition,
I expect the Americans

have been instructed to put their
interests first, just like we have.

Remember, Maddox pulled him
out of an MP prison in Afghanistan.

He must be valuable,

but he's had his own troubles.

Be aware of that.

- ‐He's dead?
- Correct.

He left a nacho at the scene,
but we retrieved it.

The buyers got away.

No idea who they are.
Finola's uploading

a video to us
and MI‐6 right now.

I'll check it out.

They couldn't have been working
for the Russians or the Chinese.

We have eyes on their agents.

Let me try to track them down through
some of the other intelligence agencies.

So, how is it working out
with Finola?

Well, obviously
she's falling in love with me

and trying
to keep it professional.

Okay, copy that, gorgeous.

‐It's gonna work out?
‐She's settling in.

I'm not sure yet
she's got the stomach for it.

I know her father was
George Jones,

but we're a long way
from the physics lab.

We'll see.

‐Ready to go?

- Mom?
- Yeah?

I saw on the Internet there
were these men at the circus

who walk on tightropes,
and they don't have any nets.

That's really dangerous.

And you know those guys practice
for that their whole lives?

You really‐‐ you really gotta
be good at that stuff if‐‐

...if you're gonna...

‐If you're‐‐ If you're gonna‐‐ ‐

Upon touching Debris 231b,
a subset of type 34,

the subject appeared
to phase through

approximately 14 stories
of inorganic matter.

She impacted
in the hotel ballroom,

resulting in her death.

The subject...

She was Carlotta Orlov,

33, single mother of two.

The family has been notified.

The coroner has reclassified
her death as...

accidental to correspond
with her injuries.

Hey, we've got a new Debris
event. Can you pull it up?

Why are we turning?

A new incident report
just came through.

We're diverting to Kansas.


Why are you still working?

How do you think
our reports get done, Bryan?

Somebody else does them?

Oh! Oh.

Well, keep up the good work.

Did you take those
from the hotel?

Why do you do this?

I wanna be sure the good guys
get this technology

before anyone else.

I came back from Afghanistan.
What do you want me to do?

I'm not gonna become
an accountant.

I'm not gonna sell Jeeps.

I don't think
I'm gonna cure cancer,

so this is really
my way of contributing.

Isn't that why you're here?

I believe this technology,
if understood properly,

can end famine, cure sickness.

I think what we're doing here

will absolutely change
the course of humanity.

And in the wrong hands,
it could be the end of humanity.

Well, don't you think there's a
reason that this is all happening?

I mean,
there are billions of stars,

billions of planets.

The odds that this Debris
found us are impossible.

That's the job.


I don't know if you know this,

but my dad was
the first astrophysicist

to be told the truth
about what they found.

And when he saw all the Hubble
Telescope shots of the wrecked spacecraft,

which was spectacular,

the Debris cloud was huge.

And when those pieces
finally started to arrive...

He's the one who said it best.

He said that...

it finally made him
believe again.

I find that comforting,
not scary.

Maybe it's in my blood.

Well, at least he got a chance
to see that it got here

before he died.


I don't know if Debris found us,

or if it was
helped here somehow.

These beings have
given us a gift.

And I for one know
that the world needs it.

Is he why you're here?

Big shoes to fill.

I didn't get this job
because of my last name.

I believe that.

I'm gonna send the reports,
and go get changed.

- Tom?
- Yeah.

Finola Jones, Bryan Beneventi.

Farmer found her,
local PD called the FBI, they called us.

We think she's a missing person
that was called in late last night,

Amy Morrison.

We haven't found
any Debris, though.

- What'd you tell them?
- Nothing I didn't have to.



- ‐That's new.
- Incredible.

It's like she's taking on
some of the Debris attributes.

She's defying gravity.

Maybe manipulating
the Earth's electric field.

Yeah. Some sort
of magnetic levitation.

She's clocking in
on the Laghari at a 4.5.

We don't know when she died.
It could've been higher.

When was the last day
of atmospheric entry?

We had activity here
two weeks ago.

Well, the wind took her
here, so there's no telling

where she came
in contact with it.

Let's run a SAT scan

and see if it comes up
with any signatures.

‐You got it. I'm gonna call
the team and set up a lab.

‐It's not blowing in
that direction. ‐What?

The wind, it's not blowing
in the direction she's moving.

Why are you smirking at me,

Because I missed you, Sharon.

Are the bodies all in there?

Police reports.

Uh, two of them reported missing
in the past week.

So what connects them?

Uh... nothing.

No mutual friends,
they don't work together.

The only thing is
they all live in Wichita.

How can they be alive
with no pulse, no heartbeat.

Their cells are functioning.

There's brain activity,
highly synchronized,

even after the cessation
of cerebral blood flow.

They're still processing,
but they've basically

been drained of their
muscular action potential.

‐They have no impulses.
‐Are they aware?

If they are,
either they can't communicate,

or they don't want to.

All I can tell you for sure is
they're degrading quickly.

We could lose them

before you find the Debris
that caused this.

They found Amy Morrison's car.

Found the bodies
three miles that way.


Excuse me.
What's beyond these fields here?

More fields.

What's past those fields,
funny guy?

Well, there's a strip mall.
That's the closest thing.


I asked for a list of all
the victim's emergency contacts.

A male, James Vandeberg,

is the only one whose family
hasn't responded.

Hey, we picked up
Amy Morrison on CCTV

from a convenience store
six miles back.

Is that her son?

No. She doesn't
have any children.

- Well, who is that then?
- Let me see.

Tom, get an APB out,
do whatever you gotta do

‐to find that kid.
‐All right.

Let's check in
on the Vandeberg family.

Mrs. Vandeberg?


Dr. Sharon Bhandari, please.

Yes, it's Agent Finola Jones.

Tell her it's urgent.
Yeah, I'll hold.

Sharon? It's me.
We're gonna need a medical team.

We found Mr. Vandeberg's wife.


There was
this piece in Missouri,

evaporated a lake in the Ozarks.

It's roughly the same size.

It's got a lot of the same

But this one's way low
on the Laghari.

Federal agents.

Is anyone home?


That's the boy in the car
with Amy Morrison.

This is his house.
Why was he in her car?

There's a sister.


The boy's name
is Kieran Vandeberg.

His sister is Isla Vandeberg,
she's around 15 years old.

Found her.

Get these names off to local PD.

Moore Hill Boarding School.

This is a tuition statement.

‐This is seven miles away.

Why is she going to a boarding
school that's so close to home?

Wait, wait, wait.
I don't understand.

What happened to them?

Uh, well, we're not sure yet,

but we have some of our best
people looking after them.

Isla, we're desperately

trying to locate
your little brother Kieran.

Can you give us
some information on him?

Is this some kind of joke?

My brother died seven months ago
in a car accident.


Hi. Are you okay?

Where's your mom?

Is she inside?

Come with me, I'll take you in.

It's okay.

- Mom?
- Yeah, honey?

I saw on the Internet, there
were these men at the circus

who walk on tightropes,
and they don't have any nets.

Wow. That's scary stuff.

Hey, team's here.

So are we now saying
that the Debris

pulled his body from the ground
and added meat to his bones?

No, not that.

How do you know?

He was cremated.

It's out there, Jack.
Can't miss it.


A few days ago, my mom
and dad wanted me to come home.

They said they had something
to show me,

something that
I wouldn't believe.

She was happy, ecstatic.

She hadn't been that way
in a long time,

not since Kieran died.

And then...
the next day,

I‐I got a text saying
I shouldn't come,

insisting that I don't.

What happened to them?

You said you would tell me
what happened.

Why were you going
to a boarding school

that was so close to your home?

After my brother, um‐‐

My mom couldn't...
get over it.

We fought, like, a lot.

Like, all the time.

We went to therapy, all of us.

So I decided it would be best

if I left the house
for a little while.

I told my mom...

that if she hadn't taken
my brother to the gas station

to get candy that day,

they wouldn't have been
driving down that road

when the drunk driver hit them.

My brother wouldn't have died.

Excuse me.

I know what grief
can do to a person.

How it makes you feel really...

alone, right?

My mum died of cancer
two years ago.

And my dad, well...

he couldn't get over her death

no matter how hard
he tried, and...

Yeah, I lost him too
a short time later.

I was completely lost,

just closed off from everyone.

I know that you're strong.

And I know that whatever you
might have said to your mum,

she still loves you.
You're okay.

They're bringing her
to a friend's house

until her aunt can
get here from Wyoming.

That was bad back there.


I didn't know what to say.

That's okay.

I'm sure there are things
you're worse at.

I knew someone like her once.


Well, everyone's
got a past, Bryan.

I always find when I give
a part of myself,

I don't know, I always get
so much more back.

It's all we really have

to keep us on the ground here.

You know, when you were
outside greeting the team,

I went out to the Debris,
because I wanted to

run some DF tests.

It manifested
a vision of my mother

In my mind.
From my memory.

It only clocked in at an 85.

It's as if the Debris pulled
that memory from me

because it felt my
longing for her.

I think this is all about
Mary Vandeberg.

I think it's her grief that
caused her dead son to manifest.

She probably thought
it was a miracle

when she saw her son alive.

So she calls her daughter
to come‐‐

And then 24 hours later,

she says don't come.

‐Something happened.

We heard what Sharon said.

They were all being
drained of energy.

Maybe he had to drain the dad
to continue to exist.

Yeah. Like it's using people
as batteries.

Right, and then the dad's
been out there in the field‐‐

The kid needs another battery,
someone else.

The closest person he had
to him was his mom,

so he drains her, and now
it's just running on autopilot,

finding other people to drain.

Jenna Goldland...

Jenna Goldland...

- Jenna Goldland...
- Jenna Goldland...

Jenna Goldland.

It's a theory. Anyway...

Hi, Sharon.

Who's Jenna Goldland?

That's my mother's name.

They're obviously somehow
still connected to the Debris.

They must still be aware.

Maybe there's a way
to still reach them.

Another woman was
reported missing

from outside a restaurant.

She left with a child that
matches the boy's description.



Help me.

Help me.

Help me.

We picked up
an atmospheric disruption

under the bridge.
Route 4.

Pulling in now.
Keep your bird in the air.

We got tire tracks.

We got one of them. He
teleported into the bridge support.

He's one of the same guys
from the hotel yesterday

who bought the nacho.
Who are they?

Whoever they are,
they have something we don't.

This is an organized group.

There's no way two
individuals would be funded

the way they need to be
in order to find this.

All right.

I'm having the body
transported here.

I'll be in touch.


I was thinking about
the different connections

between the victims.

They were all found
in the same field

near that canal.

So I pulled the actual
accident report.

That's where
the crash took place.

That's where he died.

When the car was hit head‐on,

it came to a stop in that water.

I mean, is he taking them there?

His sister said they stopped
at a gas station

before they crashed.

The woman we found in
the field, Amy Morrison,

Tom showed us footage of her

‐with the boy, remember?

We passed that gas station
when we drove in.

It's on the same road.
I think you're right.

I think he's taking her on the
same route the night he died.

My son loves these candies.

They're like sour but sweet
at the same time.

Yeah, right there.

Oh, thanks so much.

Good evening, ma'am.

Agent Beneventi. Can I talk
to you just for a few seconds?

The boy in the car,
do you know who that is?

That's my son.

He's, uh, he's not your son.

What are you talking about?

What's your name?


You're not Kieran.
You don't belong here.

I'm wanted here.

‐Ma'am. Ma'am.
‐Let go of me.

‐I'm not going to hurt you.
‐Let me go!

‐You have to understand‐‐
‐Why are you doing this?

Nobody's going to hurt him.

What the‐‐ Oh, my‐‐

‐Tom. ‐The unit should
be with you already.

‐I'm on you way to your 20.
‐Negative. No.

You said you know
where they're going.

After what I just saw,
even if we get to her,

there isn't anything we can do.
I can't help her there.

What do you want me to do?

I need you to get Isla.

They're not in any pain.

My partner thinks that your
mother's grief is what's causing this.

This isn't her fault, but I need
you to reach her so we can stop it.

Can she hear me?

She has to.

My partner's life depends on it.


Mom, I need you to wake up.

Mom, wake up, please.
Please wake up.

Please wake up, Mom.

I didn't get to say good‐bye
to Kieran. I can't‐‐

I can't say good‐bye
to you and Dad, too.

Please wake up.

It's not working.
I can't do this.

I know you're scared.

I'm scared, too.

But you have to try to tell her

how much you need her.

I know...

from experience...

you will not be able
to forgive yourself

if you don't.


I realize that we need
to hold on to what we have.

I'm so sorry for everything.

And I know‐‐
I know how much it hurts,

but he's not coming back.

We're the only ones.

You, me, and Dad,
we're the only ones

who can remember what we had.

I didn't think
I could be there for you.

It's just me now.

That's why it's so important
for us to hold on to each other.

I'm here for you, Mom.

Please come back to me.




Oh, Mom!


What was it like?


But beautiful.

I could feel
what her experience was.

When she found it,
the‐‐ the Debris,

when she was around it... understood her.

Every day, she would go to it,

and it would make her
dream of him.

And then one morning,
she went to it,

and he was standing there.

So real.

She just...

missed him so much,

You went through a lot.

I'll debrief Mary Vandeberg.
You don't have to do it.

No, that's, um...

that's exactly why
I need to do it.

I just went through it too.

And I understand.


I'm not used to
opening up to people.

This job is about being alone.

It's supposed to be.

It's been a long time
since I worked with somebody

who's looked at me like
another human being.

‐ ‐Hey.

I'm on the plane.

We ID'd the guy we pulled
from the pillar.

He's an English national,
former SAS.

We have him arriving from
London at JFK last week,

traveling with the other one.

No idea who he is.

- ‐But they weren't alone.
- Hey.

‐Are we clear? No,
I'm just on board.

- Yeah.
- They were with George Jones.

‐That's impossible.

I'm looking at him on the
monitor right now. He's alive.

Got into the country
through an alias.

What are you not telling me?

That's all I can share for now.

MI‐6 stays out of it.

Do you know what
you're asking me to do?

It's her father.

I know you can handle it.

We are traveling
27,300 feet per second.

9,078 nautical miles.

Object descending rapidly.

Estimates show 29 minutes
away from touchdown

in the Northwestern Hemisphere.

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