Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Man Overboard: Part 1 - full transcript

Humphrey and his team discover a man who has supposedly been killed by the boom on his sailing boat, but Humphrey thinks it might be murder.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Everything all right, Chief?

Well, it's just this final
section here, Dwayne.

"Weaknesses and areas for improvement."

What about it?

Well, it appears you've left it blank.


Did you, er... forget to fill it in?


I did try, Chief. I
really racked my brains.

But I just couldn't think of anything.

I see. Oh, well, then,

I suppose all we can do is take the fact

that it seems that you are entirely
without fault... as a positive?

I should say so, Chief.


Good! Well, thank you, Dwayne.

That concludes your annual appraisal.

- Thank you, Chief.
- Yes.

JP, you're up first thing tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

Why are we having to do
appraisals all of a sudden?

A directive from on high, Florence.
The Commissioner's office, no less.

Now, I'm sure he has good reason.

Well, I reckon that's it for today.

We've all got homes to go to, as they say.

- Night, sir.
- Night, Florence.

- Night, sir.
- JP.

- Night, Chief.
- Dwayne.

- Oh, good evening, Humphrey.
- Evening, Catherine.

Any chance of a table for one?

Oh, there's one over there.

Thank you.

Come on, we should go, we should go.

Thank you, thank you...


Thank you so much.

I'll be ten minutes. No more.


How was the food?

Delicious. Thank you.

Oh... you and Martha.



You miss her, don't you?

Quite a lot, actually.

You can't convince her to come back?

I think I sort of missed
my moment, Catherine.

If you love someone, you should tell them.

Throw yourself at their feet
and declare it to the world.

Beg, if that's what it takes.

That's very French of you, Catherine.

And so English of you not to.


I've made my bed, and I'll lie in it.


- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Tom, please.

I'm... I'm really worried about you. I...

Just call me when you get this, OK?

Is everything all right?

Sorry, erm... I heard you on your phone.

You sounded worried. Are you OK?

Well it's... it's my partner, Tom. He's...

Well, he's supposed to
be here, on our boat,

and the boat's gone and he's
not answering his phone, so...

OK, look. I'm a police officer,

so let's try and get hold
of the harbour master,

see if he can make contact, OK?

Look, it's starting to rain. Come on.

There's been no response
from Mr Lewis all night,

neither by phone nor radio.

Now, the harbour master's got
a fix on the missing boat.

But we've been waiting for the storm
to pass to be able to get out there.

JP, would you mind staying here
and waiting with Miss Boyd?

- Sure. - All right. Let's
go find out what happened.

Hello! Honore Police! Anyone on board?



He's dead.


No sign of anyone below.


He must have been out in the
storm when the boom dropped.

Hit him on the head.

He and his partner charter
the boat out to tourists,

so he's an experienced sailor.

Then why would he take a
boat out in such bad weather?

Good question, Dwayne.

His partner said he left
her at Catherine's Bar

to secure the boat in
preparation for the storm.

That was about ten o'clock.

After an hour, he hadn't returned,
so she came to find him.

Both he and the boat were gone.

Something the matter, sir?

Why is the blood from his wound dry?

Er... sorry, Chief, I don't understand.

Well, imagine it, Dwayne.
Our victim is on deck.

The weather's at its worst.

The boom drops, hits
him on the head -- bang!

His body lies here lifeless
for the rest of the night

as the storm rages on.

You'd expect the rain to wash
any blood away, wouldn't you?

But look -- it hasn't.


So you think he received
the injury somewhere else?

Somewhere it was dry.

And his body was moved out here
after it had stopped raining,

- to make it look like
an accident? - Mm-hm.

So he was murdered?

Yes, I think he may
have been, Dwayne, yes.

Then if that's the case,
where did the killer go?

Well, they must have had
access to another boat

and sailed off once the deed was done.

We could check the radar.

It should have the boat's
movements from last night.

Yes. Yes, good.

Here's the computer.

No sign of any disturbance.

Dwayne, check the other cabins, would you?

Yes, Chief.

We're in luck, sir.

- The radar's been active since
yesterday morning. - Excellent.

What's that?

Not sure.

A badge or button?

There's a flower logo
on it, maybe a tulip.

- Sir?
- Mm-hm?

This is the radar log of the
boat's movements the last 24 hours.

I've tracked through

from ten o'clock last night.

When he left Catherine's Bar.

And it seems the boat
left harbour at 10:42,

came straight out to this position

and hasn't moved since.

No other vessels are seen
in the vicinity of this one,

until we arrived at 7:30 this morning.


- This is us arriving.
- You're sure?

No other boats came
near this one all night?

Positive, sir.

Chief? I checked all the rooms and
everything looks shipshape to me.

Er... yes, thank you. Thank you, Dwayne.

So... if it was murder,

how on earth did the killer escape?

Could they have swum back?

I doubt it -- we're five miles out

and the sea was pretty rough last night.

Well, then...

Where did they go?

Miss Boyd?

Where's Tom? Where is he?

I'm so sorry. I am so sorry...

JP... Florence, if...

Please... contact the paramedics,
tell them we're releasing the body.

Dwayne's on his way
back with Mr Lewis' boat.

When he returns, I want it searched from top to
bottom and everything logged and photographed.

- Yes, sir. - When you've done that,
I'd like you going door-to-door.

Or boat-to-boat, rather.

See if you can find anyone who was present
at the harbour at 10:42, when the boat left.

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

Sophie, I'm so sorry. It's just awful.

It's fine. I'm fine.

I-I'm Hema. This is Rachel, Lucy.

Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman.

DS Florence Cassell.

We should go inside.
They need to talk to us.

Here you are.

I-I'm so sorry we have to do
this, Miss Boyd, so soon after...

I understand. I want to help.

Thank you.

Er... so, just to be clear
-- you've all been out

with Mr Lewis and Miss Boyd on
their boat the last few days?

Yes, we chartered it for the week.

Hema, Lucy and I, we're
celebrating our 40th birthdays.

We thought we'd do something special.

You know, leave the husband and
kids at home. Celebrate in style.

Sophie said that you think that
Tom was murdered. Is that right?

Yes, we do, I'm sorry to say.

Sophie, can you think who
might have done this?

Did Tom have any enemies?
Anyone he'd fallen out with?

No. That's not what Tom was like.

Yeah, yeah, he was...

He was just... lovely.

So who did he know here, on Saint Marie?


No-one at all?

We're based on Antigua,
we hardly ever come here.

It was us who asked to go to Saint Marie.

I see.

So the only people Tom had contact with

during his short period on the
island was the four of you?

That's right.

Er... could you talk me through
your movements last night?

You were all at Catherine's Bar.

It was their last night with us, so...

we all had a drink together.

Yeah, we... we left round eight, I think.

And then we all came
back here for the night.

You didn't go out again?

No -- we'd had a big day.

So we just headed
straight up to our rooms.

Right -- I don't suppose there is someone
who can vouch that that was the case?

Sorry -- you're asking
us if we have alibis?

Yes, I'm afraid I have to.

We were all alone in our rooms, I'm
not sure how we can prove that.

So how had things been
between you this last week?

You all got on?

It was their holiday, of course we did.

I'm sorry. You can't seriously
think that one of us killed Tom?

We've only known him five days.

It's like the Inspector said.
We have to ask the question.

Well, then let me answer it
for you. We all got on great.

Tom was nothing but friendly and charming.

I can't think of a single
reason why anyone, let alone us,

would want to kill him.


Just one last question.

We found, er... this
on the boat. Below deck.

I think it's a button or something.

Do any of you recognise it?

No, I've never seen it before.


OK. Well, we'll leave it there for now.

Oh, and, er...

.. should any of you
remember anything else,

anything at all,

this is the address of our station.

Please do feel free to drop by.

- Lucy was very quiet.
- Yes, she was.

Do you think she's hiding something?

I think she didn't want to
speak in front of the others --

let's see if she comes
down to the station.

OK, thank you, thank you very much.

Who were those people you were talking to?

Just some tourists who'd
chartered the boat to go fishing

with Mr Lewis this afternoon.

Anything on your side?

Come and take a look.


I think you're right about Mr
Lewis being killed below deck

and then brought up top, you know, Chief.

We found significant traces of blood

on the steps leading up from the cabin.

Yes -- whoever did it must have cleaned up

after they moved the body... or tried to.

- Excellent news. Well done, Dwayne. - I'm
going to get the samples we took to the lab,

see if they match our victim's blood.

How did you get on
asking round the harbour?

Anyone able to shed any
light on last night's events?

Not really, sir. But it was fairly quiet.

A lot of the fishermen
are still out at sea.

But I thought Dwayne and I could
go back first thing tomorrow

and speak to them before they
head out for the morning catch.

Yes, good idea. Right...

So, let's have a look at
what we've got so far.

Our victim -- Tom Lewis. 50 years old.

Co-owner of a boat charter business.

By all accounts, a
friendly and likeable man.

And, most importantly,

an infrequent visitor to this fair isle.

Which means, as far as we're aware,

the only people he knew on Saint Marie

were these three women here

and his partner, Sophie Boyd.

Originally from Cornwall.
Left school when she was 18.

Appears to have spent a lot
of her life travelling.

I checked with the UK passport office

and she's rarely been back to England.

Miss Boyd and Mr Lewis

started their boat charter
business seven years ago.

And if Miss Boyd is to be believed,

she had a strong and loving
relationship with Mr Lewis.

Which is confirmed by our
three possible suspects.

Rachel Baldwin. Hema Patel. Lucy Chapman.

Now, they'd chartered the boat for a week

to visit some of the smaller islands.

What have you got on them, Florence?

All from Redhill in Surrey in the UK.

All married. All have kids.

And that's about it.
But I'll keep digging.

Very good. So, the facts.

Now, the victim was last seen at
ten o'clock yesterday evening.

Now, he claims that he was
going to go and secure his boat

in preparation for the impending storm.

However, we believe on returning
to his boat he was murdered.

The killer then sailed out
into said storm at 10:42

and staged the scene to make
it look like an accident.

Until the postmortem comes back,

we can't be sure of exact time of death.

Now, as Sophie Boyd

was at Catherine's Bar
when Tom headed to his boat

'then here with me at the station
for the rest of the night...'

I'm trying to locate the boat...

'.. we can, I think,'

fairly rule her out as a suspect.

Which leaves our three birthday girls.

Now, they all claim they
were in their hotel bedrooms

when the victim was murdered.

But as no-one can confirm this,

that doesn't mean that one of
them didn't return to the harbour

to lie in wait for Tom to arrive.

Now, the only problem being,

if one of them did kill Mr Lewis,

take his boat out into the storm,
stage it to look like an accident,

how the devil did they make it
the five miles back to shore?

The answer, I fear, will not be
presenting itself this evening.

So, as it's getting on, I... I
think we should call it a day,

go home and sleep on it.

Oh... er, sir? Just to check.

Are you still going to appraise me today?

Oh, gosh, I totally forgot about that.

Erm... sorry, JP.

Er... I think it's best if we park
it until we've solved the murder.

You know what?

I think Catherine's got
a beer with my name on it

waiting for me, you know -- anyone else?

Yeah, just one quick one.

Why not?

Sir, drink at Catherine's Bar?

Yes, that sounds, erm...

Erm, well, actually, erm...

I think maybe I should go
back to the shack tonight.

Yes, another time.

Right, then.

♪ Oh, no, no, baby

♪ You don't own me

♪ If you think you do

♪ You're sadly mistaken

♪ I do what I wish and I go where I like

♪ I'm free

♪ Mm-mm... ♪

- Morning, Florence.
- Morning, sir.

- Pleasant evening?
- Yes. Yes, it was, actually.

- Dinner a deux at the shack.
- A deux?

Well, me and Harry, as it goes.

But it was good to catch up.
It's, er... been a while.

So our postmortem is in.

Confirms Tom Lewis died from
a severe trauma to the head.

Time of death between 10 and 11 o'clock.

Which corresponds with him
leaving Catherine's Bar

and his boat leaving
harbour 40 minutes later.

Yes, but more importantly,

the lab also confirms
the blood Dwayne found

on the steps leading down to the cabin

does indeed belong to our victim.

So you were right. He
was killed in the hold

and his body moved on deck later on.

You look like you've been busy.

I'm afraid my evening wasn't
quite as romantic as yours.

I spent it going through the
victim's financial records.

I don't suppose you came across
any mention of a City Met Bank?

No. Why?

Well, I started looking on
the internet for tulip logos

to see if there was one
that could match this one,

and I came across this...

It's the same logo. City Met.

Yes -- it's a high-finance
investment bank based in London.

They deal with hedge funds,
unit trusts, that sort of thing.

I'm pretty sure there
wasn't any mention of it

in Mr Lewis' financial records.

Mr Lewis and Miss Boyd
shared a joint account

with a small Caribbean bank --

they seemed to have been
struggling the last few years.

In and out of overdrafts.

See if you can get hold of our
suspects' records, as well.

It might have something to do with them.

Yes, sir.

- Sir?
- Mm-hm?


Mrs Chapman.

I wanted to come and
talk to you about Tom.

So... what do you want to tell us?

I know everyone was saying
yesterday what a great guy Tom was.

And I-I'm not... not
saying that he wasn't.

- He was charming and friendly.
- But?

There was something going
on with him, I'm sure of it.

- What do you mean?
- There were odd moments

when I sensed that Tom
didn't want us around.

Didn't like us being there.

OK. Erm...

Anything else?

Two days ago, we were all going out
for the evening -- Sophie as well --

but Tom said that he wanted to
stay and do some work on the boat.

I realised that I'd left
my purse on the boat, so...

'I thought I'd pop back.

'I saw Tom below deck.
He was counting money.

'There was a bag full of it.'

Cash. A lot of cash.

Do you know what happened
to this bag of money?

- Only we never found it.
- No, I never saw it again.

The other thing I think you
should know is that it's not true

that he didn't know anyone
else here on Saint Marie.


Our last day with Tom and Sophie,
we'd just pulled into harbour

and I was in the galley
grabbing some fruit.

Tom was on deck on his phone.

He didn't know I was there

and I heard him arranging to meet someone.

Yeah, yeah. Everything set and
ready to go. I'll see you later on.

Well that's it. It's not much, I know.

But he was definitely up to something.

We checked Tom's call
register on his mobile.

He hadn't called anyone for days.

- A second phone maybe?
- If so, we never found it.

Whatever Tom was up to, do you
think Sophie was aware of it?

No, I don't, I don't think so.

It felt like whatever it was he was up to,

he didn't want anyone else knowing.

- So what do you think? - Well, I think there's
more to Tom Lewis than we first believed.

So do we speak to Sophie about it?

It doesn't sound like she
knew what was going on.

Could he really have kept
things secret from her?

She wouldn't be the first
person whose partner had led

some sort of double life.

So what do we do?

Well, what do we have, Florence, I mean,

or rather, what don't we have?

Erm... a bag of cash that's gone missing.

And a possible second
phone we never found.

Oh, and we now also have
a new, unknown suspect.

The person Lucy heard Tom arranging
to meet the night he was killed.

Exactly. So who is our mystery suspect?

- Oh, we might be able to help
you with that, sir. - What is it?

OK, so we've been going around
the harbour trying to find any

- witnesses from the night
of the murder. - And?

JP spoke to a fisherman
who was repairing his nets

just before the storm hit around 10:20.

He says that he saw Mr Lewis on his boat.

And then saw another man

climb aboard a few minutes later.

Now, it was dark so he didn't see
his face, but he swears by it.

He definitely saw a man
board Mr Lewis' boat.

And then ten minutes or so after that,

the boat leaves the harbour.

Which tallies with the time we got
from the boat's radar log -- 10:42.

- Yes. - It must be our killer, Chief.
- Yes. It certainly would appear so.

But if that is the case,

then that would mean that
none of these three women here,

who until now have been
our only suspects...

.. murdered Tom Lewis.

Which leaves us asking the question --

who the hell is this man?

Sir, this might explain what
the little badge you found

was doing there.

Maybe our mystery man is connected
to City Met Bank in some way.

Sorry. Did you just say City Met Bank?

Why? Does it ring a bell?

Yesterday at the harbour,
I spoke to four men.

They were businessmen here for
the week, entertaining a client.

They briefly met with Mr Lewis at
Catherine's Bar the night before.

And they had made a
booking for him to take

them out fishing on his boat the next day.

They were staying at the Rayon Vert Hotel.

That's one of their business cards.

Frank Henderson. Head of
Acquisitions. City Met Bank.

But you said this conversation with
Tom Lewis happened at Catherine's Bar.

- They didn't actually
go on his boat? - No.

I mean, as I said, it was a two-minute
conversation they had with Mr Lewis.

No more than that. That's
why I never mentioned it.

Well, then how did this
end up on his boat?

Let's get over to the Rayon Vert Hotel.

Florence, get Sophie Boyd on the phone and see
what she knows about these four businessmen.

Sophie says Tom only
met two of the four men

in Catherine's Bar that night.

And she has no idea what one
of their company badges was

- doing on Tom's boat.
- OK.

- Bit of a problem, Chief.
- Oh.

This is the four men's hotel.

- But they all checked
out this morning. - What?!

They got the first flight
back to London at 6am.

Well, did you manage to
get any of their details?

Names, home addresses, phone numbers.

Good. Right. Good.

But that's not much use to
us if they're all in England.

- Is it, sir?
- No, Florence. No, it is not.

I see.

Yes, sir.

No, no, no, of course, sir.

No, it makes perfect sense.

Yeah, thank you, sir.


The Commissioner says we're
to hand the case over to the

- Met Police in London.
- Do what? - Protocol.

- But it's our murder inquiry, sir.
- Yes, I know, JP.

But our suspects are UK residents
and they're now back on UK soil,

which I need hardly tell you
isn't within our jurisdiction.

So, the police in London will
assign a case officer and we're to

get our physical evidence over to them.

You'd better start scanning all your
notes so we can e-mail them over.


- Inspector.
- Oh, er, Commissioner. Morning.

You sounded very disappointed yesterday

about your case going to the Met.

Well, yes, sir, yes, I
was. They're our suspects.

Although, of course, in fairness,
we didn't know they were

suspects at the time or I
wouldn't let them leave.

Indeed. And after our phone call,
I've been giving it some thought.

- Oh? - I think, giving
it due consideration,

that simply passing the case on
reflects badly on our police force.

And on the island as a whole,
as though we can't cope.

Well, yes, there is that, sir.

You'll be pleased to hear
I've spoken to the Governor,

- who has spoken to the
Home Office. - Yes?

We can send a small team
from Saint Marie to the UK

to work on the case in conjunction
with the Metropolitan Police.

They've agreed for you and your
team to question the suspects

- under the supervision of one of
their officers. - Well done, sir.

You are to liaise with a
Detective Inspector Jack Mooney

when you arrive.

There's a flight leaving for
London Heathrow at two o'clock this

afternoon. I've approved the cost
of you and two other officers.

I suggest you start packing.

- Yes, sir. Yes. Erm, and thank you.
- Show them how it's done, Inspector.

I'll do my very best, sir.

♪ London calling to the faraway towns

♪ Now war is declared and battle come down

♪ London calling to the underworld... ♪

And you'll take our luggage to the hotel?

Is it always this cold, Chief?

This isn't cold, Dwayne.

- Is it good to be back, sir?
- You know what, Florence? Yes.

What's that smell?

Ah, yes. Drains. You'll get used to it.

Why is it so noisy?

That'll be the traffic,
Dwayne. And the builders.

Oh, and the overground, as well.

Again, you'll get used to it.

I don't think I will, you know, Chief.

Right, let's go and see
where we're supposed to be.

- Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.

We've been assigned a liaison
officer, Detective Inspector Mooney.

- OK, I'll see if I can get
him for you. - Thank you.


- There is no-one here.
- Well, this is the right room.

Look, Chief, it's our crime scene.

Oh, yes, so it is. And
they've clearly made a start.

Yeah, and these are the witness
statements we sent over.

Where is everyone?

- These are background checks
on our guys. - Excellent.

Frank Henderson, Dominic Green,
Steve Thomas and Martin West.

Jolly good! We should really
find our Inspector Mooney,

see what other progress he's made.
I've got his number here somewhere.

Yes. DI Jack Mooney -- 077...

- I think I may have found him.
- Huh?

You need to turn your volume
up. We can't hear you.

No comprendez.

- I think you'll find it's
our volume, Dwayne. - Oh!

- Can you hear me now?
- Yes! Er, DI Mooney, I presume?

- You must be DI Goodman.
- Yes, I am indeed.

Er, this is Sergeant
Cassell and Officer Myers.

Lovely to meet you all. Welcome.

Likewise. Only I was perhaps
expecting you in the flesh.

Oh, yes, sorry, no, I'm
just down the corridor in IT.

Only you asked me if we could set up

a video conferencing link so you can
talk to your team in Saint Marie.

- Er, yes, yes, I did, yes.
- Well, here it is.

Well, obviously I'm not in the
Caribbean, I would've taken

my jacket off for a start!

No, I'm on my own, you see.

So to test it out,

I had to make a call and answer it myself.

Er, well, now that it's working,
maybe you should, erm, er, er...

- Come in there!
- Yes!

Excellent idea!

Oh! Hang on, right...

Sorry about that.

It's this video conferencing malarkey,
it's all new territory to me.

My daughter's been training me.

But it's very much early days, you know.

- DI Goodman.
- Humphrey, please.

And this is Florence and Dwayne.

- Hello. - Hello. - Jack.

We were just starting to
look through the notes.

Oh, yes. Let me run you through it.

You're wondering what an egg
has to do with your case.

Yeah, and a torch.

Nothing at all. It's my daughter, you see.

She makes me a packed lunch every
day, darling girl that she is.

And she knows that I love a
boiled egg with a pinch of salt.

- Who doesn't? - Exactly,
Humphrey. The problem is, though,

this past week she's been incubating
chicken eggs in the airing

cupboard, you know, for the
little boy who lives next door,

he has chickens but no sense
of where they come from.

So, well, anyway, on Tuesday last, the
long and the short of it is, the egg

in my lunch box, it wasn't so much
hard boiled as alive and kicking.

Like a tiny velociraptor, it was,

with no chance of the
salt making things better.

Anyway, if you shine a
torch through the egg,

you can see what's going on in there.

- A very reasonable explanation, Jack.
- Sorry, I'm still a bit disorganised.

We only got allocated the incident
room this morning and I've spent

a lot of time since
trying to organise a desk

and a phone and the video
conferencing thing, as you know.

- So where would you like to start?
- Well, I think first,

- we should see what our four suspects
have to say for themselves. - Right.

- Hi. - Good afternoon, we're
here to see Frank Henderson.

- 15th floor. Just through there.
- Thank you.

- May I?
- Of course.

OK, JP, so, we've got Frank Henderson.

- Frank Henderson.
- 52 years of age. Head of Acquisitions.

Been at City Met for 25
years. Single. No kids.

- Married to the job.
- Got it.

- Dominic Green...
- Dominic Green.

26. This is his first job.

He got a double first in
mathematics from Imperial College,

then went on to Harvard to do an MBA.

- Steve Thomas...
- Steve Thomas. - Also 26.

Didn't do too well at school. Left at 16.

Joined the bank a year later

and has never risen above
the level of team secretary.

And, finally, we've got Martin West.

Senior Investment Analyst.
Only been here for four years.

Worked in Hong Kong before that.
Came home after he got married.

Recently became a father.

Well, Dwayne, sounds
like you've been busy.

I'm not here on holiday, you know, JP.

This is an international investigation.

Thank you for seeing us so promptly.

Didn't sound like we had much
choice. What's this about?

We were told it was something
to do with the boat captain in

Saint Marie?

The one who died in a storm.

- Yes, that's right.
- But why do you want to speak to us?

Erm, well... May I...?

The fact is, this is now a
murder inquiry and we understand

you saw Tom Lewis the night he died.

Yeah, he was telling us about his boat.

- Ah! After a spot of
fishing, were you? - Yes.

Can't say I blame you,

I would've done the same myself
if I was out in the Caribbean.

It was me and Dominic
that were talking to him,

- but it was, what...
a few minutes? - Yeah.

I asked him if we could use
his boat the next day for

a fishing trip for a party
of five, he said yes

and to meet him at the harbour
at two o'clock the following day.

And did you see him again
after this conversation?

No, no, we didn't.

OK, so where were you
from, say, 10pm onwards?

We'd had a heavy one the night before.

So it was a quick nightcap
back at the hotel and then bed.

You said a party of five.

We were closing a deal with a
client who lives on Saint Marie.

- He was going to join us.
- Name?

Mike Wilson. We were negotiating
terms for a portfolio acquisition.

We were there to wine and
dine him, take him fishing,

kiss his backside, if that's what it took.

And was it a successful trip?

He flies in tomorrow to sign the papers.

Well, that doesn't surprise me at all.

You look like four very persuasive fellas.

You still haven't explained why
a five-minute chat with this guy

- about hiring his boat is
such a big deal. - It isn't.

But this is.

Do you recognise it?

It's your logo, I believe.

Looks like a badge or something.

It's part of a cufflink.

I had a set made for all of
us, to commemorate the trip.

Cufflink, I see.

- And you, er, you all
have a set of these? - Yes.

- And how many pairs were
made? - Just the four. - Four.

Well, then you should know...

this was found on the boat
where Mr Lewis was murdered.

My uncle used to collect cufflinks,
must've had about 100 pairs.

I know on the surface that
may not appear to be unusual,

until I tell you he only had the one arm.

Yeah. He lost it in a...
I'll spare you the details.

I'd love to see yours, your
cufflinks. Are you wearing them now?

- No, mine are still at home.
- Still in the box, I think.


It was just a thought.

We'll pop back in tomorrow.

So, if it's no trouble, maybe
you can bring them in then.

Well, that put the fox
amongst the chickens.

One of them is lying. One
of them was on that boat.

And one of them -- despite what
they're saying -- knew Tom Lewis.


Our officer back in Saint Marie is
speaking with Mr Lewis' partner.

Maybe she can help us with that one.

OK, look really carefully.

Now, are these the four men who
spoke to your partner about hiring

the boat for a fishing trip?

Yes. He spoke to these two.

'But it was just for a few minutes.'

- And had you ever seen
them before that night? - No.

Did you ever carry any cash on the boat?

No. Well, just a few Eastern
Caribbean dollars for provisions.

- But not a large amount?
- No, of course not.

All our bookings are made
in advance on credit card.

Do you know if your partner
had a second mobile phone?

I'm sorry, why are you
asking me these questions?

Miss Boyd, can you answer, please?

No, he didn't have another bloody
phone, OK? What's all this about?


Since we last spoke to you,

we got some new information
that your partner was seen with

a large amount of cash and making
a call from a phone we can't trace.

Now, would either of those
things mean anything to you?

No. They wouldn't.

OK, thank you, JP.

Wow, someone's been busy.

It was very easy once I
found everything I needed.

But where did you get all this stuff?

I had trouble getting a box of pens.

Marjorie in Logistics and Planning.

Her grandfather's from St Lucia, you know?

- Well, it's not what you know,
Dwayne, it's who you know. - You know!

Anything new?

Well, I just heard back from JP.

Now, Sophie Boyd hadn't met any
of our guys until that evening.

She knows nothing about the
cash or a second mobile phone.

- And does JP think she's telling the truth?
- Well, he thinks so.

He's going to start digging
deeper into the victim's history,

- see what that turns up.
- OK. Good.

While he's doing that, we should
approach it from the other direction.

See if we can find any
links from our four bankers

back to the Caribbean.

I'll get their phone records up

and take a look at their
e-mail correspondence.

I'll start looking into their
finances. And get onto immigration.

Very good.

- You have a good team here, Humphrey.
- Yes, yes, I do.


Carry on, Officer Hooper.

Yes, sir.

- So. Are you coping all right?
- Yes, sir.

I'm just doing further background
checks on the deceased, sir.

And how is that going?

Yes, er, fine, sir. I mean...
I've only just started.

I know I need to go further back.

But I haven't worked out a way to do it.

Well, you may find it's easier
to work forwards than back.

- Start with his passport.
- Really?

It will not only give you the date
but also the place of his birth.

11th of May, 1967. In Chichester.

Then you have a starting point.

School, first job, driver's licence,
voting register, first bank account.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

I don't seem to have had your
appraisal back from the Inspector.

Er, er, no, we haven't done it yet, sir.

Then I suggest perhaps I watch
how you cope over the coming days,

do the appraisal myself on what
I see. How does that sound?

Right, everyone, there's not
much more we can do today.

It's late, we've all had a long flight,

and I, for one, fancy a pint in
a good old-fashioned British pub.

Ah. A man after my own heart, Humphrey.

- Florence? Dwayne?
- Of course.

Er, not me, I'm afraid, Chief.

I promised I'd go and
look up my Auntie Lilibeth.

Oh, you've family here?

Yes, my Auntie Lilibeth and her
husband James came here in the '60s.

- I, of course, was just a young boy.
- Of course.

OK. So... Hackerny?

- Hackney?
- Yes, Hackerney.

- Yes, I think you'll probably
need to get the Tube. - Tube?

I'll show you. Come on.

Thank you, Jack.

Ah, I can't tell you how long
I've been waiting for this.

Thank you, Jack.


What is that?

Well, you did say you'd
try what I was having.

Not having one, Jack?

No, can't abide the stuff, it's
like drinking liquid Marmite.

Told you...


Pork scratchings?

What do you want?

Oh. I was looking for Lilibeth Myers.

She's away. I'm looking after
the house until she gets back.

I'm her brother, Nelson.

And you are...?


Running back to your mummy again, eh, boy?

Last time I saw you, hiding
behind your mum's skirt,

wouldn't even give your old man a hug.

You were screaming at us. I was terrified.

Now you're all grown up. And a policeman.

Listen, I didn't even know
you was living in London.

- I go where life takes me.
- Hmm, just never back home.

- You judging me, boy?
- I'm not a boy any more, old man.

Look at you, all righteous.
You don't know my story.

- And you don't know mine.
- You're right.

When it comes right down to
it, there's nothing to say.

Is there? I'll tell
Lilibeth you stopped by.

.. It fell off but I had
it replaced, it's fine.

- He seems nice.
- Yes.

A little odd, though.

Odd's not necessarily
a bad thing, Florence.

Talking of which,

I wonder how Dwayne's getting
along with his family reunion.

If I know Dwayne, it
will be quite a party.

- What about you?
- What about me?

- We're in London.
- And? - And so is Martha.

Ah, yes. It had crossed my mind.
Hard for it not to, really.

So what do you think
you'll do? Go see her?

Not quite sure, Florence. Still
working that one out, really.

You know what I'm like when
it comes to making a decision.

- Indecisive.
- Exactly.

Good morning, Officer Hooper.

- Oh, good morning, sir.
- Progress? - Ah, yes, sir.

- Good. - At least, I think so. - Go on.

So, I've been focusing
on the Chichester area --

just like you said.

And birth, medical and driving
licence records weren't any use.

You see, the name Tom
Lewis is far too common.

But then I decided to do a
search on the Chichester newspaper

website for any Tom Lewises there.

And what did you find?

An article about a Mr Tom Lewis
winning a local sailing race.

But how do we know that this
particular Tom Lewis is our

Tom Lewis?

OK, er, come and have a
look... please... sir.

That's him.

And that's interesting because?

Because look who was in
his crew for the race.

One of our four suspects
who denied knowing him.

Frank Henderson.

Sorry. Drive on. Thank you.

Morning, all. Sorry, slept in a little.

You're grand. We were just
having a bit of a recap.

Oh, good. Er, Dwayne, how'd
the visit with your aunt go?

Oh, oh, I missed her, Chief. She was out.

Shame. But you managed the Tube all right?

What? 500 people crammed into
a space designed for ten.

I've been to calypso parties that
weren't so up close and personal.

Yes, I know what you mean.


What about you?

- Me? - Did you go and
see Martha? - Ah, no.

Chief! Check your e-mail!

Apparently one of our bankers
has been lying to us.

What are we looking at here?

The photo. That's Tom
Lewis about 20 years ago.

Jeepers, isn't that...?

Yeah. That's exactly who it is.

Tom was a friend. A
trader here in the City.

He worked for a rival bank
but he was very successful.

We were both into sailing and that's
how we got to know each other.

You said you didn't know him.

I know. That was a mistake, I
thought it might complicate things.

Well, you're right about that,
Frank. I mean, what are we to think?

It was a mistake, an error of judgment.

OK, let's not dwell on
that, we all make mistakes.

But can you answer me this?

If Tom, Mr Lewis, was such a huge
success here in the City of London,

how did he end up selling
fishing trips in the Caribbean?

I don't know what you mean.

Simple question, Frank.

What happened to turn
his life upside down?

You know, this lot are a tenacious
bunch, they're sure to find out.

All right -- I haven't
got anything to hide.

Tom was a brilliant sailor, he really was,

but one day, he went out
when a storm was forecast.

And he took his son.
His eight-year-old son.

And when the storm hit, it was
much bigger than he expected.

And they were both swept overboard.

I mean, his son was swept overboard
and Tom dived into the sea

to save him, but it was too late.

The poor boy drowned.

He fell apart.

He blamed himself for the kid's
death. He started drinking,

getting violent.

Within the year, he'd
been sacked from his work,

and then one day he was gone.

How do you mean, "gone"?

He walked out of his life.

According to his wife, he said he was
going out one day and he never came back.

So when did you discover that
he was, in fact, on Saint Marie?

Well, that's the thing. I haven't
seen Tom for two decades.

And I didn't even know he was on
Saint Marie when we were there.

So you're saying that
although Mr Lewis was

a friend of yours in the past, you
want us to believe it was nothing

more than a coincidence that you
happened to be on the same island

and in the process of hiring his
boat when he was brutally murdered?!


I hate coincidences.

So you think he's your man?

I think he's the most likely
option and the chances are that

piece of cufflink belonged to him.

- But? - But if he did kill Tom
Lewis, how did he get back to shore?

I mean, if we... if we could
just work out how he did it,

then I'd say we've got our man.

Of course, there is one
explanation for how

he got off the boat and back to the shore.

- Which is? - Maybe he didn't. - What?

Did you ever do cross-country
running at school?

- Yes, yes, I did.
- Great.

So you know the way you might
run the first half-mile,

then maybe nip off to a cafe for a
bacon and egg sandwich or whatever.

- Yeah. - Then get the number
7 bus, muddy yourself up a bit

then rejoin the lads and run the
last half-mile back to school?

You mean...?

When there is no possible way
for something to have happened,

it probably didn't. It's a bit
like when you lot first arrived.

You-you didn't think I was here,
but I kind of was, wasn't I?

- You just hadn't seen me.
- You're right.

Which of course would explain
how Frank Henderson killed

Tom Lewis and then managed to make
it the five miles back to shore.


Call JP, get him back to the boat,
tell him to search it again.

Specifically near where
we found the cufflink.

What's he looking for?

Somewhere to hide.

The Inspector said...

the cufflink was on the bed
under the framed photo of

the victim and Sophie Boyd.


Why would Tom Lewis have a
hiding space on his boat?

The Inspector thinks that maybe
he was involved in smuggling.

But he was definitely up to something.

And what with the bag of
cash that he was seen with...

- and the second mobile phone...
- Second phone maybe?

If so, we never found it.

.. it's very possible it wasn't
just a boat charter business...

.. he was running.


So... the Inspector was right.

After he killed Tom Lewis, Frank
Henderson made his way down

here and hid in that compartment.

And stayed there all the time
we were searching the boat.

Until it was back in the harbour
and safe to make his escape.

That's excellent, JP.

I want you to log everything
you've found and send over the

images as soon as you can.

Good work. We've got him.


After you.


- What's going on?
- Thank God you're here.

He's dead!

I know one of you is the killer.

It's just a question of working out who.

- Whatever happened to Frank, it had
nothing to do with us. - You're wrong.

Officer Hooper!

Commissioner! I wasn't
sleeping on the job.

Why's he not told us that?
That's very deceitful.

- You're not going anywhere except
to our cells. - I didn't do it!

- I don't need this.
- Well, I do.

- Hi, Dad.
- Ah.

- It's something of a puzzler.
- Do you have your man?

Hello, Martha.