Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Episode #6.4 - full transcript

Jerome Martin, president and star player with the island's cricket team, is found shot dead on the pitch after a night of celebrating the side's win in a charity match to raise funds for his disabled son Torey. Team captain and old school-mate Gus Coleman and treasurer Archer Browne come under suspicion but CCTV shows Torey arguing with his father. Widow Sabrina also gains from the death whilst Coleman admits to seeing the deceased giving money to Browne, seemingly as a blackmail payment. This gives the police the key to finding how Jerome died, helped by another suspect. In his personal life Humphrey is heart-broken when Martha goes home.

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♪ Red light shining brightly

♪ It must be a warning

♪ Danger can be so addictive to me

♪ Listen

♪ There can be no pain

♪ Oh, cos pain has gone

♪ Every burden's lifted

♪ All I feel is something
girl, I've got to say... ♪

Could have sworn he was
going to win it for us.

OK, Dad. Down to you.

I'll do my best, son.

- Good luck.
- All right.

A four and a one, Jerry.
That's all we need.

You make it sound so easy, Gus.

All right.

Yes, Jerome.

- Archer. - He's digging
it in pretty short --

but you should get at least one bad ball.

Good luck.

It's all right, he's
just getting his eye in.

Come on, Jerry.


Yes, Jerry, come on boy!

Ladies and gentlemen! First round on me!

Mr Umpire. What will it be?

Thank you, Captain. But I must,
as ever, remain impartial.

Although saying no looks like you
are favouring the opposition.

Then I suppose I'd
better have a small rum.

Large rum coming up.

Everybody? Team photo!

- Torey? Where you going? We
need you in the photo! - Ugh!

Time running out, Jerry.

I need a answer.

Right! Let the party begin!

♪ Badabadadapbadow, wine Miss Tiny

♪ Roll back Miss Tiny... ♪

Mum. Where'd Dad go?

I thought he was here.

He went to get more beers.
He didn't come back.

Probably fall asleep in the office.

I need to get my things.

I'll go wake him up.

Jerry! Jerry!

Where this boy there?

Drunken idiot.

Jerry, wake up man!


Jerry, wake up!

- Morning, sir.
- Morning.

Do you know the world record
for solving one of these things

currently stands at 4.9 seconds.

4.9 seconds!

And how long have you been going?

Erm... exactly two hours eight minutes.

Is that why you came in
early? To try and solve it?

No, I came in early cos I couldn't sleep.

I found this in the evidence store.

I thought it would be a good distraction.

Distraction? From what?

From Martha.

Or rather the prospect of her
imminent departure from Saint Marie.

You haven't talked to her
about how you feel then?

This was meant to be a holiday
romance. No strings attached.

Until I stupidly fell in love with her.

But if that's how you feel,
then you should tell her.


I'd better get that.

Sergeant Cassell. Yes,
sir, we're on our way.

That was the Commissioner.

There's been a fatal shooting
at the Honore Cricket Club.

I see. We'd better get over there, then.

How did the Commissioner
get to hear about it?

I believe he's head umpire at the club.

Of course he is.

Good morning, Commissioner.

I'm afraid there's not much
good about it, Inspector.

This is a sad day indeed.

Jerome Martin was an upstanding
member of Honore Cricket Club

and a fine man to boot.

My condolences, sir. Do
we know what happened?

Mr Martin spent last
night in the clubhouse...

with his team and his family,
celebrating a notable victory.

Apparently the party went
right through the night.

He was last seen leaving
the bar at six this morning.

The team captain, Gus Coleman,

found his body here
about 15 minutes later.

Pretty much dead centre of the wicket.

Do we know why Mr Martin
was out here at 6am, sir?

We do not.

He went to get some beers from the
clubhouse office. Next thing...

How peculiar.

The paramedics could find no
other signs of injury or assault.

Well it doesn't look like robbery, sir.

Meaning there's a decent chance
the victim knew his killer.

Looks like he was shot from
over here, sir. Shell casing.

I'd say 9mm calibre.

Supermax bullet. Typically
used with automatic handguns.

So, our killer stands here, six
metres away from the victim.

Single fatal shot to the chest. POW.

He falls forward.

It almost feels like an execution.

How many people were still here
when the body was found, sir?

Four. I told them to
wait in the clubhouse.

Let's see what they've got to say.

Dwayne, JP, I'd like you
to search the office.

Given the victim was heading there
shortly before he was found dead,

there may be some indication as to
why he ended up out here instead.

- Yes, sir.
- Excuse me?


Gus Coleman. Team Captain.

I'm sorry, I...

I just needed to get some air.

We need to ask you a few
questions. With the others.

Of course.

I'll go and get everyone else.


Thank you for waiting around.

I-I'm very sorry for your loss.

I assume that Jerome played
in the match yesterday?

It was a benefit game to raise money
for Torey's medical treatment.


I had a car accident
about five months ago.

Damaged my spinal cord. That's why...

We're trying to raise money
to send Torey to America

for electrical stimulation.

We hope he might be able
to walk again one day.

Y... Yes.

So if you could just run me through
what exactly happened this morning.

The last time you saw Mr Martin was...?

In the bar. About six o'clock.

He headed to the clubhouse office.

We're running low on
beers. I'll go get some.

Then after a while, we realised...

he hadn't come back.

Gus said he'd go and get Jerry.

It was a quarter past six by then...

I remember checking my watch.

I need to get my things.
I'll go wake him up.

And you came straight
back after finding Jerome?

As soon as I found him.

- Call an ambulance!
- What is it?


I called the emergency
service straight away.

Mr Browne's call came in at 6:30.

And before Mr Coleman found the
body, none of you heard a gunshot?

No. We had music playing.

And with the wind coming
in from the shore,

sound gets carried out from that pitch.

So... sorry, will you... Will
you excuse us for a moment?


With one missing.

They were in the safe.

It was already unlocked when I tried it.

9mm Supermax. It's a match.

Anyone know what these
were doing in the safe?

There should be a gun in there, too.

Sorry. Why was there a
gun kept in the safe?

It belonged to me.

I left it there after this place was
broken into a couple of years back.

Jerry was here when it
happened. Shook him up.

I thought having a gun on the
premises might reassure him.

So, who knows the combination?

Only the club committee.

And who is on the club committee?

Well, I am, as Captain. Sabrina
is the Social Secretary

and Archer is the Treasurer.

Jerome was our Chairman.

Just you three, then?

Dad told me the combination.

I had to pick up some club
paperwork for him once.

So you four are the only people
who had access to the gun?

Now, after Jerome went
to get some beers --

during the 15 minutes in which he
was killed -- where were you all?

In the bar.

No-one left?

It's not a big room, Inspector.

We'd have noticed if someone left it.

Until Gus went to look for Jerry,
we were together the whole time.

Mr Coleman?

As they say, we were here the whole time.

So only those four people knew
the combination to the safe

that contained the gun

that, potentially, was
used to kill Jerome Martin.

I think our killer has to
be one of those four people

- currently outside this bar.
- Except...

Yes, I know -- they were all in
the clubhouse when it happened.

So if it was one of them
-- how did they do it?

Well, that is a very
good question, Florence.

The answer to which I do not know.

So let's start with the one
small thing we do know --

all our four suspects have
remained here at the club

ever since the murder occurred --

so, the gun must still
be somewhere hereabout.

Dwayne, JP, I want that weapon found.

- Chief. - Sir. - Thank you.

- Sir?
- Yes?

Someone must've been filming the party.

Battery's dead.

Oh, well, let's get it back to
the station and charge it up.

You never know -- maybe it will shed
some light on this morning's events.

- Inspector.
- Yes, sir?

Tell me. Do you play cricket?

Ah, well, sir, I have actually
had a few innings in my time.

Yes, I once got a battling seven not out,

for the school under-14
Third XI against Redbridge.

I almost saved the draw, sir.

Well, here in the Caribbean
cricket is in our blood.

Jerome Martin's murder will be
felt right across the island.

I trust I can leave it to you and the team

to handle this with the
care and respect it deserves.

Yes, of course, sir.
We won't let you down.


Is it me or did you sense
that Gus was holding back

a little during questioning?

Do you think maybe he knows
more than he's letting on?

Yes, I think maybe he does.

Thank you for your cooperation.

So, Dwayne.

Given that the gun wasn't
on any of our suspects,

shall we start our search
in there or out here?

- Dwayne?
- Eh? What? What?

Where should we start our search from?

Well, it's either going to be inside
the clubhouse or somewhere out here.

I know. I just said that.

And what did you decide on?

I didn't. I was waiting
to hear what you thought.

Well, you should've said.

I'm not a mind-reader, you know, JP?

Let's start over here.

Come on. Don't just stand there!

Right, then, Florence.

Er, yes...

Let's go through what we know so far.

So, Jerome Martin. 45. Geography teacher.

Member of the Honore Cricket
Club for nearly 30 years

and chairman for the last ten.

Found dead at 6:15 this morning in
the middle of Honore Cricket pitch

having been shot in the heart.

Which leads us to our suspects.

I think we should start with the
victim's wife. Sabrina Martin.

She and Jerome had been
married over 20 years.

Since Torey's crash, she's
been trying to raise money

to send him to the States for treatment.

Yes, not a cheap endeavour.

Which means, we have
to ask the question --

does she benefit financially
from her husband's death?

Which brings us to their son Torey.

Now... Just turned 18, I believe...

Yes, yes, just turned 18,

seems to have been quite
the cricketing talent.

Five months ago was signed by a
professional club in Dominica.

A week later, on his
way to a friend's house,

he drove his car into a tree.

And what of the, er, club's
treasurer? Archer Browne.

Well, sir. He is 30 years old.

Owns a garage down by the
harbour. Family business.

Took it over from his father.

Gus Coleman also works
there as a mechanic.

Ah, yes. Gus Coleman.
Same age as the victim.

Seems to be an old friend --
they went to school together.

Never married. Club captain
for the last five years.

So, question one --

just how did the killer
manage to shoot Jerome Martin

in the middle of a cricket pitch

when all of our suspects were in the
clubhouse at the time it happened?

And question two -- why
did he have to die?

Sir, I think you should
take a look at this.


It's from 3:15 this morning.

The camera was left on record
when it was put on the bar.

Torey seems very angry.

Yes, doesn't he just?

Good afternoon. Sorry to interrupt.

Torey, can we have a word?


I'll be inside if you need me.

You know, that was Dad and me.

We played out there
every day after school.

He must've been made up
when you made professional.

When I signed my contract,

he told me he was the
proudest man in the world.

How had you been getting on more recently?

Yeah, good.


We know you argued with
your father last night.

Who told you that?

There was a camera left
recording at the bar.

Shows your rather heated exchange.

Yesterday, being back at the club
for the first time, it was tough.

Last time I was there, I
was one of the players.

Not a spectator sat at the boundary.

I was trying to tell Dad
how hard I was finding it,

but he wasn't listening.

- You been drinking again?
- You know I'm sorry about what happened, yeah?

- Stop apologising!
- If I could take it back!

- Why you apologising? - I'm
sorry! - Dad, leave me alone!

- I'm sorry.
- Just leave me alone!

Why was he apologising?

Ever since the crash, he blamed
himself for what happened.

And when he's had a few drinks,
it all starts coming out.

Saying if anybody deserves to
be in a wheelchair it was him,

and he'd swap places
with me in a heartbeat.

Last night I just snapped.

How could your dad think it
was his fault you crashed?

The car was a present
from him, for turning pro.

And after the crash, the
insurance people found out

that the MOT was out of date.

But Dad often used to just
forget stuff like that.

- So was your accident caused
by a mechanical fault? - No!

I crashed the car because
I was driving too fast.

There was nothing wrong with the car.

You know the last thing I said to him?

"Leave me alone".

You OK, son? Come on.
Try to eat something.

Thank you, Gus.

Ah, so you're back.

How did you chaps get on
searching for the gun?

Er, no sign of it, I'm afraid, Chief.

Yes, we covered every inch
of that place. Inside and out.

That's very troubling.
That's very troubling indeed.

Because now not only do we not know

how our murderer managed
to kill Jerome Martin,

but we also don't know how they
then managed to make the gun

disappear after they'd done it.

Right, look. It's getting
late. We should call it a day.

But in the morning, Florence,

- I'd like you to chase up
that crash report. - Yes, sir.

Dwayne, JP, financial checks on
the victim and all the suspects --

and find out about the victim's will

- and whether any life insurance
had been taken out. - Yes, Chief.

And we should also find out

about his phone records
and e-mail account.


There was someone doing
something by the jeep!

Looked like the bonnet
was up. I'm sure of it...

Right, yes, er...

You sure you know what you're
looking at there, Chief?

Yes, yes, I think I know my spark
plugs from my... my seatbelts.

Why would someone have our bonnet up?

Should I check if anyone saw anything?

Yes. Thank you, JP. What is that?

I think someone's been
messing with this engine.

You want me to have a look,
see if everything's in order?

Yes, Dwayne, thank you. I
think perhaps... you should.

It might be wise to phone
a cab to get home tonight

with the jeep out of commission.

Martha's cooking dinner, I would
hate to put her timings out.

Probably not a bad idea.

Do you think you might talk to
Martha tonight about -- you know...?

I don't know, Florence.

I mean I would hate to spoil what
little time we have left together

by telling Martha that I've
fallen in love with her

only for her to tell me
she doesn't feel the same.

Maybe she does feel the same...

Yes. Maybe she does. But then
again, maybe she doesn't, you know?

Maybe she can't wait to get
back on that plane to London.

Sir? One of the stall-holders
did notice a guy

briefly over by the jeep. Said
he was wearing blue overalls.

She said she just assumed
that he was fixing the jeep.

How odd!

How odd.

OK, I'll see you in a
couple of days, then! Bye.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Good day? - Yeah. That was
Alistair from the restaurant.

He's nearly ready for the
big opening next week.

He was just taking me through
the menu -- it sounds amazing.

That's fantastic.

You know, I thought this was just
another job I was going back to,

but... I think I might really enjoy it.

Sounds like a cause for celebration.

- Fancy a beer?
- Yes, please.

There you go.

- JP?
- What's that, Catherine?

The beers you ordered.

Oh. Great...

Thank you.

Are you OK, JP?

Er, I'm fine, Catherine...


It's Dwayne.

This morning we were at the cricket ground

and he just seemed a bit distracted,
if I'm to be honest with you.

Dwayne's father walked
out on him and his family

when he was a just a boy.

I think he must've only
been six when it happened.

- Really?
- Mm.

I don't think they've
heard from him since.

He used to take Dwayne to the cricket,

maybe it brought back some
memories he'd rather forget.

- Good morning. - Morning, Chief!
- Morning, sir. - Everything OK, sir?

Er, yes. Fine, thank you,
Florence. Absolutely fine.

- So, how, how we all getting on?
- Well, sir.

The postmortem has come through

and confirms that Jerome
died between 6am and 7am

from a single bullet to the heart.

The lab has also confirmed
a definite match

between the fatal bullet

and the pack of bullets
we found in the safe.

OK -- any joy with the prints on the pack?

We got some partials but no more, sir.

Also, the report on Torey Martin's
crash came through first thing.

Yes, what did it say?

"In summary, there is no evidence
of any mechanical malfunction

"that might have led to this crash.

"Verdict -- reckless driving."

So, Torey was right. There was
nothing wrong with the car.

- It appears not.
- OK. What else have we got?

Well, Chief, me and JP

have been going through
all the financial checks.

In the last three months
Jerome has taken out

5,000 Eastern Caribbean
dollars in cash every week.

- Every week? - The withdrawals
stopped eight days ago

when the account went into overdraft.

- That's over 60,000 EC dollars!
- Mm-hm.

On top of which, I checked
whether Mr Martin had taken out

a life insurance policy.

- And?
- He did.

According to the policy,
with her husband dead,

Mrs Martin looks set to receive
120,000 Eastern Caribbean dollars.

I don't know about you, but
that sounds like motive to me.

The cricket club owed two years rent.

The council were threatening
to take the ground back.

- Jerry was paying off the debt.
- Is that what he told you?


Mrs Martin, these withdrawals
were made in cash.

I find it very hard to
believe Honore town council

were accepting rent arrears
of that size paid in cash.

Well, then, it seems I don't know

what my husband was doing with our money.

But whatever it was, you can't
have been happy about it --

not when you're trying to save to
pay for Torey's medical treatment.

Of course I wasn't happy
about it. I was furious.

I put every penny I'd
earned into that account.

So what did you do when you found
out your husband had spent it?

I lost it with him.

I threw plates.

Made him sleep in the car.

We've been putting on
a brave face for Torey

but we hadn't even been
talking the last few days.

But it doesn't bring the
money back though does it?

Doesn't pay for Torey's treatment.

I'm sorry. I don't understand.

Jerome had life insurance...

and as a result of his death yesterday,

you are now set to receive
substantial pay-out.

To the tune of 120,000.

That hadn't even crossed my mind.

I admit I would do anything
for my son, Inspector,

but I also loved my husband a great deal.

Despite everything he'd done.

If you're saying that I killed
Jerry because I wanted the money,

then you've got it very, very wrong.

Well, we'll leave it there. Thank
you for your time, Mrs Martin.

We'll see ourselves out.

Inspector! Wait!

Mr Coleman. You're here again.

You were asking Sabrina about
her and Jerry's savings.

Go on.

Jerry used to drop by the
garage on his lunch break.

His school was round the corner.

After Torey's crash he came round less.

He was a lot more withdrawn in general.

But, I noticed with Archer,

there was this... different vibe.

Something almost hostile.

A week ago, Jerry stopped by.

While he was there, I saw him
hand Archer an envelope of cash.

They didn't know I'd seen it happen...

Jerry didn't seem happy
about handing over the money.

Did you ask them what it was about?

No. I was going to talk to
Jerry after the match. But...

Can you think of any reason why
Jerome was giving Archer money?

I've tried. Believe me.

Was Archer in any money trouble?

I know he likes a gamble.

Did he tell you how he was doing?

You only ever hear about
the winnings don't you?

It's JP. I'd better take this.

You'd known Mr Martin a
long time, hadn't you?

We were like brothers.

I would've done anything for him.

Thank you, Mr Coleman.

We should head back to the station, sir.

- JP and Dwayne have got
something for us. - Very good.

So, Chief, we checked Jerome's
e-mails like you asked us,

and we found this one from two days ago.

Yes, sir, Jerome hadn't actually sent it.

It was in his draft inbox folder.

"It's over. I have
nothing more to give you.

"My mistake has already
cost me everything I have."

Addressed to Archer Browne.
What mistake, I wonder?

And why would Jerome give money to
Archer instead of helping his son?


That would make sense. Archer was
blackmailing Jerome over a mistake.

- So what was it?
- I have an idea.

Torey told us that Jerome
kept apologising for the crash

being his fault. What if
that was Jerome's "mistake"?

What if there really was
something wrong with the car

that Jerome gave Torey?

That crash report -- who signed
off on the expert assessment?

I don't know. I didn't check.


Browne's Repairs. That was Archer's
garage that checked the car.

He signed off on it himself.

Mr Browne, can we have a word?


Tell us, why was Jerome giving you money?

All right. I've got debts. From gambling.

Jerome offered to bail me
out. He was a good friend.

Here, we found this e-mail
in Jerome's draft inbox.

It's addressed to you. Would
you be so good to read it?

- What's all that about then?
- I really don't know.

Your garage carries out
assessments of vehicles

involved in crashes on Saint Marie.

You looked at Torey Martin's
car after the accident.

- Yes, yes, we did. It was sound.
- Was it?

Yes. Honestly.

We think that perhaps when
you examined Torey's car,

you found mechanical fault of some sort.

An MOT would have flagged up the problem.

As we know, Jerome never
got round to that.

So we can only imagine Jerome's
guilt when you revealed to him

that it was his own negligence
that caused Torey's tragedy --

and being the loving
family man that he was,

he would've been desperate
to keep this a secret

from Torey and Sabrina.

But something changed, didn't it?

He told you he wasn't
going to pay any more.

Maybe he was going to come clean.
What? Maybe even go to the police.

Which is why you think I'd kill him?

It is an interesting theory, Inspector...

but there is one thing wrong with it.

I wasn't the only one
to check that car over.

Gus Coleman assessed it
with me the very same night

it came into the garage --

and the insurance company
sent someone over.

So speak to them if you think
I'm lying when I tell you...

there was nothing wrong with that vehicle.


do you like the colour
of Mr Browne's overalls?

Sorry, sir?

Well, don't you think they're
a lovely shade of, er, blue?

Yes, sir, a particularly
lovely shade of blue.

How did you do this then?

I don't know, man. It probably
caught on an engine or something.

Did it, now? Yeah.

Thanks for your time.

Archer Browne is Jerome's
killer, I'm sure of it.

The fact that his torn
overall matches the material

that we found in the jeep

means that he was the one who
was messing with our engine.

But the engine was working fine.

- So what was he doing there?
- Yes, well,

I think I might have that one worked out.

Try this on for size, if you will --

we never found the gun at
the cricket ground, did we?

But as we know all four
suspects remained there

in between Jerome being
killed and us arriving --

so, where did the gun vanish?

Where's the one place that never
gets checked at a crime scene?

A police car.

Archer hid the gun in our engine?

Exactly -- and then ripped his overalls

- when he came to collect it
later that day. - Man alive!

- That takes a big pair of...
- Thank you, Dwayne.

Sir, the insurance company confirm
they looked at Torey's car.

- And? - It's as Archer said.
Nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

All the evidence points to
Archer blackmailing Jerome Martin.

- We just don't know what he was
blackmailing him over. - No, we don't.

That gun could be anywhere by now.

Dwayne, JP, I want you
to tail Archer Browne.

- We're on it Chief.
- He's hidden it somewhere.

Maybe he'll show us.

Listen, if you want I can cover
this bit on my own, you know,

and you can go off to
Martha's leaving drinks

- cos I know you wanted to be there.
- No, no, that's good of you, Dwayne,

- but I'm happy to be here
with you. - You sure? - Yes!

Put on the bet. I man
good for it, you know that.

You know that!


So as I was saying, you
know, we are partners,

we do things for each
other, help each other out.

You know, sometimes we might even
share things with each other,

like facts about ourselves,
that kind of thing.

Whatever you say, JP. Whatever you say.

.. which means Dwayne and JP
are stuck on this stakeout,

unfortunately, so it'll
be just the four of us.

- Five.
- Five?

- Evening!
- Oh, God.

- Commissioner!
- Inspector.

Yeah, I bumped into Selwyn this
morning and said he should join us.

I brought this. Saint Marie's
finest, 25 years old.

Great, thank you.

Er, there's drinks on the
veranda. Please help yourself, sir.


That was a bit unfortunate,
bumping into him.

Put you on the spot, did he?

Oh, no!

I couldn't leave Saint Marie
without saying goodbye to Selwyn,

he's one of my best friends here.


I'm feeling a bit peckish.

- Sandwich?
- No.

OK, JP, what's the problem?

I don't know what you mean.

An hour ago, I couldn't shut you up

going on about how we
was partners and stuff,

and now you won't even grace
me with a "No, thank you"

when I offer you a sandwich.

So, come on. What's up?

Catherine told me about your dad.

My dad?

Yes! What happened when you were six.

This really big thing about your
past and I had no idea about it.

I'm your partner, your friend.

I should know that about you, Dwayne.

And that's why you're sulking?!

- I'm not sulking.
- You are!

No, I'm not.

You know what, JP?

You're right.

I should've told you about it.

Sorry I didn't.

I guess I just liked you
being the one friend I have

who didn't know anything
about it. You know?

A special friend.


You know what?

I'll forget everything
I know about your dad.

Yes, I'll... I'll just un-know it.

We can go back to the way things were.

Our special friendship.

Apparently they really hit
it off at JP's wedding.

They sometimes meet for
coffee in Honore. Who knew?

Well, they're not
drinking coffee tonight --

they're halfway through
the bottle already.

- I think perhaps I should
go and rescue her. - Mm.

♪ Your love is amazing... ♪

So, how are things?

Well, I think I've got my answer.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Seems like Martha's heart
is very much in London,

rather than Saint Marie.

I'm sorry, sir.


at least now I know.

- Humphrey?
- Yes.

Selwyn's just been telling
me about his dancing.

- His dancing? - Yeah, apparently
he's really rather good.

- Really? - And it made me realise
that we've never danced together.

Well, yes, I suppose we haven't.

So I think, we should
have our first dance,

on our last night.

Er, yeah, the thing is... I mean...

I'm not really a dancing...

Yes, er...

♪ Now I'm gonna love you
my whole life through

♪ Cos no-one ever loves... ♪

I think maybe we should leave them alone.

Let's just slip out this way.

♪ Your love is amazing

♪ Darling, ooh... ♪


- Oh!
- Yes.

Have you been drinking my rum?


Why are you smiling?

You make me smile.

- Humphrey?
- Yes.

How do you feel about me?

- Sorry?
- You never tell me.

Well, I never tell you about how I feel.


.. if I'm honest, there are
things that I want to tell you...

.. but I don't know whether you...

.. want to hear them.


I mean...

.. there are some things I-I want to say.

I-I wasn't sure how you'd react.

And-And I don't know how you feel.


.. well, I...

.. I think...

.. no, I don't think, I know.

I'm in love with you and
I don't want you to go.





Dwayne! Wake up! He's on the move!

What's he got in that toolbox?

I'm watching where it landed!

Still watching.

Quickly. Let's go.

OK, JP, in you go.

- Me? - Yes, you! I'm watching the spot.


- Get in there, JP!
- OK.

My eyes are burning me! Get in!

Ooh! Oh!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Forward, forward.

Keep going.

Left a bit.

There, there, there.

Right there, where you are, JP!

Ooh... OK!

Oh, come on, JP!



Good morning.

I don't think I feel very well.


Thank you.


- Did we dance last night?
- Yes, we did.

Don't you remember?


- I remember Selwyn
opening some rum. - Mm.

It's all a bit hazy after that.

What about our conversation?


Why what were we saying?

Well. The, erm...

the gist of it seemed to be
that you thought that I didn't...

Who's that?


- You've got to come, we've had
a breakthrough. - What, now?

Yes, Chief. Now.


Your flight's at two, right?

I'll be back in time to take you
to the airport. We need to talk.

- But....
- I'll be back by one, I promise.


See you later.


What is it?

Recognise this?

Everything points to
Archer being our killer --

the gun, the money he was taking
from Jerome, the e-mail --

but how did he manage to kill
Jerome out on the cricket pitch

when there are three
witnesses who can alibi him

as being inside the
clubhouse when it happened?

OK, Chief, Archer's in the cell.

- Let me know when you want to talk to him.
- Thank you, Dwayne.

It might be a little while yet.

I'm afraid everything's a little
jumbled in my head at the moment.

- A bit like this, really.
- Oh, just do the old short cut!

Take it apart, then put
it back together again

with all the colours in the right place.

No-one will ever know the difference.

Is that a short cut or is that cheating?

You say potahto, I say potato.

- Dwayne, what did you say?
- You say potato, I say potahto.

- No, no, before that --
the short cut thing. - Oh!

That you take it apart and put it
back together the way you want it.

Dwayne, you're absolutely right,
of course that's what you do --

and no-one would ever know.

Jerry, wake...

Excuse me?

I saw him hand Archer an envelope of cash.

Jerry didn't seem happy
about handing over the money.

I would have done anything for him.

Oh, very clever, Gus.

Very clever indeed. But why?

What is it you know that we don't?

Of course, that's what you know...

Dwayne, JP, I need you to
get to Gus Coleman's house.

Yes, Chief. What are we looking for?

A blue hooded jacket.


Florence, kindly ask the Commissioner

to meet us at the cricket ground.

- It's time for us to do our thing.
- Yes, sir.


Thank you all for coming.

You know, at the heart of Jerome's
death lay a number of questions.

Let me clear the first one up for you.

Why did Jerome end up
out on the cricket pitch

when he was supposedly going to get
some more beers from the office?

Because Jerome never had any
intention of getting any beers.

The wicket was always
his primary destination.

Now, the second problem is how
did the killer manage to leave

the clubhouse bar unnoticed,
when you were all there together

at the time Jerome was shot?

Well, as it turns out...

you did see his killer leave the bar.

And I think you know exactly who it was...

.. don't you, Gus?

- Sorry? - Because you've been
leading us round the houses

since the moment you discovered
Jerome's body out here on the pitch.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I must say you've done
a very good job of it.

I mean, only an hour ago we
arrested Archer for murder.

That's how sure we were that it was him.

But it wasn't him, was it?

Archer didn't fire the
gun that killed Jerome.

Did he?

Please tell me it wasn't you, Gus?


Gus didn't kill Jerome either.

I'm sorry to have to tell
you, Mrs Martin, Torey.

Jerome took his own life.

He fired the gun.

At 6am, having told you he
was getting some beers...

We're running low on
beers, I'll go get some.

.. Jerome went into the office.

He opened the safe, took
out the gun and one bullet,

then walked out into the
middle of the cricket square.

Loaded the gun,

shot himself in the heart.

Why? Why would Jerry kill himself?

Because Mr Browne here
was blackmailing him.

That's where all your savings
had gone the last few months.

Blackmailing him?

Over what?

Jerome believed he was
responsible for your accident,

that the car had a mechanical fault,

and because he forgot to get the MOT done,

he was to blame for you
ending up in a wheelchair.

But the crash report
proved that wasn't the case.

There was nothing wrong with the car.

Except Jerome believed the
car wreck had been doctored

and the crash report
consequently falsified.

Didn't he, Mr Browne?

See, with gambling debts mounting,

and realising that Jerome hadn't put
the vehicle in for its yearly MOT,

you saw an opportunity
to make some quick money.

The night the car wreck arrived
at Archer's garage for assessment,

you and Gus checked it and there
was nothing wrong with it.

"There is no evidence of
any mechanical malfunction

"that might have led to this crash."

I think you then realised
that, if you were canny

and could speak to Jerome before Gus did,

you could convince Mr Martin that
there was a fault with the car

and that he was responsible
for Torey's accident.

And knowing how much
Jerome cared for Torey,

Archer knew he would do
anything to keep you finding out.

So we assume Archer went to
see Jerome that same night.

He lied to him and said
the brakes were faulty.

He also said that no-one
else had looked at them.

Archer told Jerome he
could fix the faulty brakes

and make the problem go away.

So that by the time
anyone else saw the car,

they would be none the wiser --

all on the condition Jerome
agreed to pay 5,000 a week

to buy his silence.

So Jerome paid up week in, week out,

till there's nothing left to pay.

Which is when, with the prospect of
Archer finally revealing the truth,

and already racked with the guilt

of what he thought he'd
done to his own son...

.. Jerome decided to take his own life.

An act based on a lie.

A lie that you, Mr Browne, perpetrated.

But if this WAS suicide...

why did it look so much like murder?

Er, well, sir, because
someone decided to confuse us

and stage Jerome's death
to look like murder,

didn't they, Gus?

Because the truth is,
when you found Jerome,

there were two items you
removed from the crime scene.

Jerry, wake...

The first was the gun.

There was something else you
found, as well, wasn't there?

There was a suicide note.

See, when I realised what had gone on,

that this wasn't murder but suicide,

the one missing piece of
the jigsaw was how you knew

exactly why Jerome had killed himself.

Jerome was a man of conscience.

It's unlikely that he'd
carry out an act like this

without some sort of explanation.
So where was the suicide note?

And then I remembered

when you were searched before
leaving the cricket ground,

you had a folded piece of paper on you.

You knew we'd be looking for the gun
and would pay no attention to it,

but I think that document was
the other piece of evidence

pointing to the truth of what Jerome did.

This is the jacket you were
wearing that morning, Gus.

"My beloved Torey, you are my
most precious thing in this world.

"That's why my heart is
breaking each time I look at you.

"Your accident was my fault.

"The brakes failed because
I-I didn't get them checked.

"Archer knows the truth.

"I can't bear going on
knowing what I've done to you,

"and knowing you will find out,

"I can't face life with you blaming me.

"Goodbye, son. All my love, Dad."

So when you found that note and read it,

I think you realised
exactly what had gone on.

We know that you'd seen
Jerome passing Archer cash,

so it would have been easy
for you to join the dots...

and because you'd also taken a
look at the wreck of Torey's car,

you knew the brakes were working fine.

That Archer had sold Jerome a lie,

and that's why he was lying
in front of you, dead.

As you stood over the body of your
oldest friend, angry, enraged...

you resolved to avenge
his senseless death.

And I think you decided
in that brief moment

that you would do all you
can to make it look like

Archer had murdered Jerome.

He as good as did.

So you removed the two pieces
of evidence pointing to suicide

from the crime scene.

You then moved the shell
casing to convince us

the shot had been fired
from a few metres away.

You then seized your moment as
we were out by Jerome's body

to stash the gun in the police jeep,

knowing it would be the last place
where we would look for the gun.

That's why we found you loitering
by the clubhouse that morning.

You later planned your
moment to retrieve the gun,

and as you did you planted some
material from Archer's overalls,

leaving the bonnet ajar
to make sure we'd find it.

And having done all that,

the final nail in Archer's coffin --
you planted the gun in Archer's flat

I mean, as it was, Archer came
across it first and panicked,

tried to get rid of it,

but because you'd primed
us to think he was our man,

we were already there waiting
to catch him in the act.

I'm watching where it landed.

At which point we
arrested Archer for murder.

Your plan had worked.


we still didn't know
how he could've done it.

The only flaw in your plan was that
Archer, just like the rest of you,

had a rock-solid alibi for
the time of the murder,

simply because there was no murder.

You were all in the clubhouse
when Jerome took his own life.

So what happens now?

Is he going to get away with this?

I'm sorry, Mrs Martin, but we
can't arrest Mr Browne for murder.

Even though his actions
were directly responsible

for Jerome sadly taking his own life.

But he will be charged with blackmail,

perverting the course of justice.

Manslaughter, maybe.

I imagine when it's put before a judge,

the sentence handed down won't
be far off that given for murder.


Thank you, Inspector.

- You did us proud.
- Thank you, sir.

Please excuse me, sir.

Some place I have to be, I'm afraid.

- Chief? - Go get her, sir. - Thank you.

Martha! Martha?



"Dear Humphrey,

"Being with you is the best
thing that ever happened to me.

"And leaving you..."

".. is the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.

"I'm sorry I couldn't
face an actual goodbye.

"You're amazing.

"I'm going to miss you so much.

"Take care.

"Ever, Martha."

I've lost her, Dwayne.

Not necessarily.

We can still catch her at the airport.

Chief! Come on!

Airport! Martha!

That's it, that's her plane!

Go! Go!


Faster! We've got to get closer!

- OK, OK!
- Get closer!

There she is!

Martha! Martha!


Martha! Martha it's me,
look this way, please!


I love you!

Martha, please don't go!

No! NO!

She's gone.

- You miss her, don't you?
- Quite a lot, actually.

My partner Tom,

the boat's gone and he's
not answering his phone.

Sir, he's dead.

You can't seriously think
that one of us killed Tom?

He got the first flight
back to London at 6am.

We can send a small team to
the UK to work on the case.

You are to liaise with Detective
Inspector Jack Mooney.