Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Episode #4.2 - full transcript

DI Goodman is convinced that there is more to the murder of a surf instructor than meets the eye. Dwayne works hard to impress the new sergeant.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Let's go! Come on, Charlie.

You can do this.

OK, we see the wave,

we turn in,

paddle long and smooth,

nose to tail.

Now, we're going to get up.

Plant the hands. Push up.

Three, two, one... Plant them!

Plant them! Keep low, low.

- Yes!
- Yes! You can do this, Charlie!

Just let it go, yeah?

- Show them who you really are.
- I can do that.

Good lad!

Hey, Jake! Best it's been for weeks.

- You got to get out there.
- Yeah!

Jess, er, run through it
a couple more times,

then take Charlie out.

You're ready, but look after him.

Sure thing.

You busy?

Er, let me see.
I've got the laundry to finish.

Dinner to prep. Pay some bills.
Get the phone people out again.

Nothing important, then!

This is what it's all about.

Away from the things of man.

You, me, the waves.

You do know I love you, don't you?

What've you done now?

Way to ruin a moment!

- Here she comes. Go hard...
- Or go home!

I need to get back to work.


Is it your back?

Oh, no, no. It's fine.

Go on.


Ripped By mstoll

Smells good.

Ha! You joining us?

Oh, no, no. No, thanks.

Not on poker night, no.

So, where's Jake?

In his man cave. He knows you're coming
over, he'll be out in a minute.


Well, I'll go and set the cards up.

Excuse me.

Oh, Karl, those pills
you gave him for his back.

They don't seem to be doing him much good.

Yeah, well, I have brought
some more for him in here,

but you've just got to give it time.

He's not as young as he was, you know.

- Don't tell him that.
- No, no, I wouldn't dare!

Jake, Jake?

Jake! Are you OK? Jake!


Jake, Jake...


Oh, God, Jake! Jake! Jake!



I don't suppose you know where he is?


Ah! Mmm!


Oh, that's better!

I just...

I thought I'd get back into my running.


Yes, I was quite the distance specialist
in my youth.


So, er, to what do I owe this pleasure,


Oh, right. Well, I'd better get changed.

I'll be waiting outside.

- Right, what have we got?
- Robbery gone wrong.

Oh, really? Where?

- Sandy Cove Surf School.
- Oh?

So, why running all of a sudden?

Oh, you know,
just need to do a bit of exercise,

get back to my fighting weight.

Are you trying to impress someone?

Oh, gosh, no! No, no!
Nothing like that, perish the thought!

No, it's just that...
Well, I'm not getting any younger, am I?

- Time marches on.
- Oh, no, no.

You're not in bad shape...


...for your age.


I seem to be wearing odd socks.

Anything I need to know about
the Inspector? How he likes to work?

I do most of the heavy lifting,
the detail work.

He relies on me, I suppose.

We are a well-oiled machine.


Ah! This way.

Our victim is Jake Peters.
Former pro-surfer, ran the school here.

He was famous, apparently.

The victim came in here
around four o'clock to work.

A gunshot was heard around five.

First person on the scene is Dr Slater,
a friend of the deceased.

He said, when he came here, he found
the door locked and had to break in.

Yes, well, key's still in it.
So, definitely locked from the inside.


You can use mine if you want, sir.

Oh, er, gosh, no, this'll do. Thank you.

This is all rather impressive.

I've never even heard of
half of these places.

Rincon Point, Manly Beach.
Watergate Bay...

Mr Peters was found dead,
with a gunshot wound to the chest.

There are powder burns,
so it looks like it was point blank.

There's no sign of the gun,
but I found some 9mm bullets in here.

They match this shell
I found near the body.

Shot with his own gun?

Seems that way.

I'll bag the evidence.

When did it rain earlier?

Um, four, four-thirty, I think.

Before Mr Peters was killed.


So, robbery gone wrong, you think?

It's what the evidence says, Chief.

Yeah. Right...

The victim's wife says his silver chain
and his watch are missing.

Both worth a fair bit.

And he's got marks on his neck
where they pulled off his chain.

Oh, yeah. He's right, sir.


I found this near the body.

Could be a link from the missing chain.

- Yes, good work, Dwayne.
- Thank you, Chief.

Well, all seems fairly clear cut.

Please, go on.

Ah, OK.


Mr Peters is in here working.

Our thief comes in,
either through the open back window,

or the front door, locking it after them.

The victim goes for his gun.
There's a struggle.

Look, some of the boards there
have been knocked over.

Yes, they all come in different
shapes and sizes, don't they?

Well, they're meant for different kinds
of surf and varying skill levels.

The voice of experience?

Yes, I do love to surf.

Don't you?

Well, absolutely yes. Well, actually,
when I say yes, I mean no.

Actually, I've never surfed,
I don't know why said it, I panicked...

Bang! The gun goes off.

The assailant rips off the chain,
takes the watch,

and then goes out the back window
and gone.

Makes sense.

Better check the traffic camera
on the coast road.

Already in hand.

You're on fire today, Dwayne!

Is it OK if I release the body now, Chief?

Yes, don't see why not.

Right, so I think I can assert
with some confidence

that there are definitely only two ways
into and out of this workshop.

This door here was locked from the inside.

So, by your theory, Dwayne,

the killer must've left
by the back window.

It's the only way, Chief.

There's just one small problem.

If you care to look,
the sand that side is not only wet,

thanks to the shower
before Mr Peters' death,

but pretty much billiard-table flat.

Not a single footprint
nor mark of any kind...

which means that no-one left
through that way either.

But that's impossible!


Isn't it?

Here you are.

If we might have a word?

You won't be needing me, will you?

Er, no, please, um, stay, Mr?

Beckett. Charlie Beckett.

Hi, Inspector, I'm Dr Karl Slater.

Sorry, I was with the paramedics.

That's everyone, I take it?

Mrs Peters?


So, you teach surfing here?

Yes, but Jake was the main draw

and, er, I run the place.
Charlie, Jess and Steve were our students.

Actually I'm a pro.

I'm just here for some fine tuning
with the main man.

Sorry, Steve's right,
he's not really a student.

He's already made a bit of a name
for himself on the circuit.

This just isn't fair.

So, where were you all
when you heard the shot?

Er, I was in the kitchen
getting the dinner ready.

I was just over there,
I ran straight over.

Can't have been more than five seconds.

I was down the beach, fancied a swim.

In my camper van. Crashed out.

I was just in the bedroom there.

So, you were all on your own?

Doctor, you were first on the scene.
The door was locked from the inside.

You broke it down,
finding Mr Peters deceased.

Jake, Jake!

God, Jake! Jake!

Mr Peters' watch and silver chain
were missing?

And no-one could have been hiding
in the workshop when you arrived?

I don't see how. We would have noticed.

We found some, er, bullets in a drawer.

Did Mr Peters own a gun?

No, no way. He hated them.

Um, do you mind if we search the school?

Of course.

Thank you. That'll do for now, thank you.

Ooh, one last thing.

Mrs Peters, did your husband usually
lock the door

of his workshop when he was inside?

I don't know, I'm not sure.
Is that important?

Probably not.

Thank you.

So, what do you think?

Mmm. Option one.

A rogue burglar is confronted
by Mr Peters, who is

killed in a struggle and then robbed,

before his assailant disappears
into thin air. Or option two.

Someone killed him
and faked the burglary to throw us off.

But how did the killer get away?

The only way out was through the window

and they would have left
footprints in the wet sand!

It doesn't make any sense.

Yes, succinctly put, Dwayne.

You know, we need that search.
If it was someone here,

then the gun and valuables
can't have travelled far.

Leave that with me, Chief.

I'll start at the schoolhouse.

- And I'll start down on the beach.
- Good.

Is he wearing odd socks?

Sure is!


- Are we going to talk about it?
- What?

- You being so keen.
- I don't know what you mean.


OK, she says she's heard things about me.

And I don't need that!

She'll be watching me all the time.

So, I need to show her
the real Officer Dwayne Myers!

Which is?

Look, I need to make an impression.

That way, I get a little wriggle room
later on.

This is not just a hat rack, you know.


You really think it'll work -

Dwayne on his best behaviour?

Not a chance!

No run tonight?

No, I think I'll come at it fresh
in the morning.

And you?

Got another date?

I never did ask, did I?
How did it go the other night?

Not good.


As Maman says,

'"You have to kiss a lot of frogs
before you find your prince.'"

Oh, so, you did kiss him, then?

Thank you for the beer.

Find anything?

No, nothing.

It's mainly sea and jungle out there,

no real chance of finding anything.
And you?

School's clean.

- Let's call it a night.
- If you say so, Sarge.

So, what do you usually do
when you finish?

I hear you're a bit of a party animal.

Me? No.

Tuesdays I help out at the church.

Oh! Doing what?

Polishing... things.

- '"Polishing'"?
- Yes.

OK, get the boys together, Bumpa Dupuis...

Crazy Ali, Pete the Shaman,

I'm looking for a gun and some jewellery.

How are you finding Dwayne?

He's funny.

Trying to make out like he's supercop,

that he does virtually everything here.

Last night, he told me he was going
to help out at the church.

Now, he's really trying
to impress you.

- I know...
- So, are you going to tell him

- you're onto him?
- Now, where's the fun in that?

The one I can't work out is the Inspector.

Yeah, that takes time.

- Morning.
- Morning!

He may not look it, but he's brilliant.

He thinks of things

- you wouldn't believe, and...
- Oh.

Well, he's also very, er...

...very English.

Ah, er...

Right! Let's get cracking, shall we?

Ooh, excellent board, nice and neat.

Courtesy of Officer Myers.

No problem, Chief.

Just in at six and wanted to crack on
as usual.

Yes, of course.
How very like you, Dwayne.

So, any developments? Florence?

Florence? Florrie...
Flo... Flo... Flo... Flo?


Florence, Florence.

Nothing from the search.

And there have been no other thefts
in the area recently.


Oh, thank you.

Well, there were no other vehicles
coming in or out

on the coast road camera.

And the place is isolated -
water on one side, jungle on the other.

It's too remote to get there on foot.

And none of my contacts
have any knowledge of a gun

or valuables being offered for sale.

OK, if it's not random robbery,
it must be someone at the surf school.

Mr Peters goes into his workshop.

A shot is heard
and the doctor's there in moments.

He breaks down the door
which was locked from the inside

and finds his friend dead,

his watch and silver chain missing.

His wife says he didn't own a gun,

though there are bullets for one
in a drawer, but no gun at the scene.

- Which rules out suicide.
- Indeed.

Someone must have killed Mr Peters

and then made their escape
before the doctor's arrival,

and yet, the only possible way out
was through the back window,

and there were no footprints
in the wet sand outside.

Are we missing something?

One of those things you know,
but you don't know you know.

What is that?

'"When you don't know what I am,
then I'm something.

'"When you do know, then I'm nothing.'"

Or is it the other way round?

'"When you do know what I am,
then I'm something.

'"When you don't know, then I'm nothing.'"
Is that right?

- What are you talking about?
- I really have no idea, Camille.

Thought I knew,
but mind like a sieve sometimes.

Let's focus on the people at the school.

Indeed. Thank you, Camille.

So, what about them?

Jake's wife, Katie. Married over 20 years,
toured the world with him.

Set up the school four years ago.

And the doctor friend who was
first on the scene?

Karl Slater. GP.
Successful practice in Port Royal.

Known the deceased since infant school.

Yes, seems a long time to wait
to kill a best friend.

So, no motives leaping out there.

Keep digging. Um... and the students?

Charlie Beckett.
Works in admin for a London firm.

New to surfing.

Thank you, Dwayne. Jessica Chambers?

18, from Cornwall.
On a year out before university.

- Also a beginner.
- And the local boy?

Steve Taylor.
Trying to make it as a pro-surfer.

The odd run-in as a juvenile,
but nothing recent.

Camille, do you have any contacts
in surfer circles?

An inside take on the world
would be useful.

Yes. Er, my friend Nicky surfs the Point
all the time.

I'll make a call.

- Excellent.
- Chief! You need to see this.

It's the background checks
from the Met -

there's a flag on one of the files.

Mr Beckett.

He's wanted back home... for theft.

He stole thousands and got out
before they could issue the warrant.

Well, maybe it was robbery after all.

Come on, Camille!

Is he usually like this?

I mean, all the talking to himself

and the things
that don't seem to follow?

Of course. All the time. That's the Chief.

Let's face it, the guy's clever,

even if he is a bit...

- '"English'"?
- Exactly.

Ah, Mr Beckett. We need a quick word.

Small matter of a theft back in the UK.

I wouldn't if I were you.

I've recently taken up running again
and you're wearing flip-flops.

I've got this!



Yes, I went off a bit quick there.
Not really cut out for the sprint.

I'm less Linford Christie,
and more Mo Farah -

need to build up a head of steam...

If you say so!

Anyway, er, well done!

Oh, ow!

Want a hand going through the prints?

That's a lot of work.

No need. I love doing this stuff.

OK. If you say so.

All right, I shouldn't have run,
but you've got the wrong man.

Oh, you didn't steal thousands of pounds?

It's a valid question.

If you are a thief and we have
robbery resulting in murder,

then suddenly you become
our prime suspect.

- Or did you mean to kill him?
- Of course not!

- Oh, you just meant to rob him?
- No!

You're a thief, on the run,
and now a man is dead.

Look, I took the money, in England.

But I didn't mean to, not really.

I'm not sure I follow you.

I'd been at Michaelsons 22 years.

I did everything asked of me.
Worked all hours, no overtime.

Then they tell me
the company's being taken over,

and I'm out on my ear,
but there was no redundancy.

The union was useless.

Nothing I could do about it.

Just sat there, killing the last few hours
on the internet.

And then I saw this place -
it looked amazing.

I still had the company credit card.

And it paid for you to come out here?

Three weeks in paradise.

Did you think you'd get away with that?

Well, to be honest,
I wasn't really thinking.


But it was the best decision I ever made.

Even if you go to prison?

Yes. I met Jake, didn't I?

He really wanted me to get it,

to feel what it's like out there.

He was such an inspiration.

It sounds like you got on well with him.

Well, there was only two of us,
so we spent a lot of time together.

- Is that usual? Only two students.
- Don't suppose so,

but it was great.

I mean, Jess is way better
than a beginner,

so he just focused on me.

Look, if you want to take me in,
then so be it,

no regrets. Jake taught me that.

Maybe not right now.
If you surrender your passport to us,

and guarantee you return home,

we'll put you on a flight in due course.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yes, but you are still a material witness

and a suspect in a murder inquiry.


Hardly a master criminal.

But admits to theft.

Well, you saw Jess Chambers.
She seemed keen to avoid us.

Didn't you also think it odd,
what he said,

that there's no way she's a beginner.
Why pretend?

She wanted to be here
for some other reason.

Jake, maybe?

- He was an attractive man.
- Mmm.

Married, though.

Dr Slater, er, one quick question.

And we do need to ask,
tricky though it might be.

Mr and Mrs Peters - their marriage.
Was it a happy one, do you think?

They were devoted to each other.

And shouldn't you be out there looking for
the thief that killed Jake,

rather than hounding those
that are grieving for him?



- Yes?
- The postmortem's in.

A 9mm bullet was recovered from the heart.

Death almost instantaneous.

Gunshot residue on the victim
is consistent with being shot

at close range in a struggle.

I've been through these now, Chief.
All the fingerprints at the workshop

either belong to the victim
or those who we know were at the school.

And Jake Peters' fingerprints
are on the bullets.

Implying that he might well have had
a gun, though the wife denies it -

so where is it?

That and our killer appears
to have vanished!

We know they had to be in the workshop.

Mr Peters' death tells us that,
so how did they get out?

Do we have anything else
on Jess Chambers?

Nothing exciting. She lives with her mum

near Watergate Bay, Cornwall,

member of the surf club there.

Dig into the finances of the school,
and Mr and Mrs Peters.

Having only two students doesn't seem
a very viable business model to me.

Will do, sir.

Hang... hang on.

Did you just say
something about Watergate Bay?

Yes. Jess Chambers is from round there.

Now, why does that ring a bell?

Manly Beach. Watergate Bay!

Aha! Yes!

Jake here receiving an honorary award

last year at the Surf Festival
in Watergate Bay!

So, he and Jess have both been there.

You think he knew her before?

She never mentioned it.

People lie
when they have something to hide.

I'll do a search.
'"Jake Peters, Watergate Bay.'"

Yeah. The local paper covered it.

Look at this!

There's Jake and that's Jess Chambers.

She is a pretty girl.

- An affair?
- Dr Slater was rather defensive

when I suggested their marriage
might not be happy.

But would they risk it...
with his wife there?

Maybe that'swhat got him killed.


So, why'd you come out here...
to this particular school?

I just... wanted to learn from the best.

And this was the first time you met Jake?


And you've never surfed before?

No. Why?

It's just that, er, you look
every inch the surfer girl,

and that definitely looks like Jake.

You were dazzled by him, weren't you?

He was away from home, and his wife.

It's easy to see
how an affair could start.

- What are you talking about?!
- Perhaps it ended badly.

Or his wife found out.

No, you've got this all wrong.

Then why did you have to kill him?

Kill him? Jake?
I just wanted to get to know him!


Look, back home,

I never spoke to him.

And then, when I saw him there,

I told Mum and I didn't even know
that she knew him...

She never said a word.
She always told me that it didn't matter.

And I just wanted to know, I suppose.

Jake was your father.

Mum told me about
their wild summer together.

How she felt so alive
that nothing else mattered.

She didn't know
she was pregnant, not then, but...

...she knew he was married.

So, it was just me and her.

And that was fine until I knew.

I just... I wanted to know him,
that's all.

I wanted to know who I was.

So, you came out here?

And you told him?

The day after I arrived.

He was cool, actually, sweet, but...

...he said he couldn't be a father to me.

And you were OK with that?

Well, I tried to be, but once I knew,

I couldn't just let it go
and I kept hoping, and...

before he died, I went to see him.

I just wanted him to change his mind...

I can't do this now.

...but he said that knowing him

would only bring me grief.

And he was right, wasn't he?

You should have told us about it.

We thought it best not to.


- Katie and me...
- His wife knew?

Yeah. Jake told her.


'"If you don't know me,
then I'm something.

'"If you do know, then I'm nothing.'"


Something the Inspector said.

I wonder what it means?

Believe me, I wouldn't try and get
into the Chief's head, you know.

So, how did your polishing go last night?

- Huh?
- The church?

Yeah, er... excellent!

Very well.

Everything is just...

- Shiny?
- Yes! Yes, it is!

We need to catalogue and cross-reference

the evidence from the scene.

You do catalogue the evidence...

don't you?

Of course! All the time.

I'll finish checking out the surf school
while you polish that off.

The kid had enough to deal with.

You concealed vital information.

How's it vital

or any concern of yours?

Jess is 18 years old,
you've been married over 20 years.

Your husband was unfaithful.
She's the walking, talking proof.

You must see that as a possible motive
for murder.

You think I'd kill Jake
for playing around?

Jess's mum was beautiful.

She liked to party, and for Jake,
life was for living, to be experienced.

You knew?

He never lied to me. That's who he was.

He was true to himself.
Jake liked women and they liked him.

- You didn't mind?
- Course I minded!

The pain doesn't go away,
you just learn to deal with it.

Do you think that was why
he rejected her...

...for the sake of your marriage?

No. Oh, it was a surprise
for both of us, but...

I was cool with it, I thought
Jake would go for it, but he just...

he said it would never work.

She's got motive, but we need to know
how she could have done it.

How could she vanish into thin air?

- Right!
- Hey!

Right. I'm locked in.

There must be another way out.


Hey, Nicky!

Oh, hang on, this panel's loose...

You got the message?

Yes, I know. Long time.

Yes, yes!

I just need to talk to you.

- Yes!
- Ssh!

Oh, just a bit further...



I appear somewhat stuck.

Er, sorry...


A hand, please!

Well, yes, sure, see you there.

- Camille!
- What?

Please, hurry!

Ah! Of course.

I think there's something alive down here!


I'm down here!


I'm just saying, I didn't see anything.

Well, I definitely felt something.

- Dwayne's made a breakthrough, sir.
- Really?


Right, what am I looking at?

I was cataloguing and cross-checking
the crime scene evidence...

like I always do.

And I noticed that the pills on the scene
were only a month old,

prescribed by Dr Slater,
but according to Jake's medical records,

he hadn't seen the doctor in over a year.

So, I get to thinking -
why aren't they mentioned?

Riluzole? Never heard of it.

I looked it up. It's an FDA-approved drug
to alleviate...

'"Am-yo-trop'"...No, wait...

Amy-o-tropic... Amy...

That, Chief!

- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
- Yeah, what I said.

'"A progressive neuro-degenerative disease
affecting the brain and spinal cord.'"

Wait, you said '"alleviate'", not cure?

Apparently, there is no cure.

Right, so, some time before
he was actually murdered -

Jake Peters was diagnosed
with a terminal illness.

We'd better pay the doctor a visit.


I just...

I can't think
why you'd need to talk to me.

I told you what happened,
and all I can think of.

Tell us about these.

Look, I never wanted to lie about them.

I had to.

He made me promise.

So, Jake was dying.


I think you'd better start
from the beginning.

A few months back,
Jake came to see me.

It was just a check-up really,
I think he'd been feeling his age.

I never expected anything
to be wrong with him,

but we did the tests.

And at first, I thought it was a mistake.

Jake was always so fit and so alive.

So, I did the tests again.
Same results. No mistake.

It's not your fault.

There was nothing I could do.

Did Katie know... that Jake was dying?

No, he didn't want her to know.

- That was the promise.
- And you were happy with that?

Well, yeah, you didn't...
You don't know me and Jake. We...

We always kept each other's secrets,

we always told each other everything.
We've done that since we were kids.

Yeah, we were like brothers.

He was always there for me.

And the one time that he needed me...

And yet, you knew nothing about the gun?

No, no, no. Well, why... why?
He wouldn't ask me, would he?

I mean, I'm a doctor, after all, I...

I took an oath to protect life.

So, where might he have got it from?

Steve, maybe?

But no, no, no, cos Jake said
Steve was out of all that

and Steve's a good lad.

Are you sure
that the gun belonged to Jake?

Yes, it would appear so.

Am I in trouble for this?

You should have told us.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

Does Katie really need to know about this?

I mean, that's what Jake wanted,
was to spare her that.

Where does all this leave us?

What are the odds of a man
with a terminal illness

being murdered before he can die
of said terminal illness?

I'd say really, really big.

Quite. That doesn't help, does it?

Only one person seems
to have known about it,

and, logically, that should rule him out.

I mean, If he wanted him dead,
surely he'd just wait for him to die.

We need to focus.

We may have motives -
adultery, abandonment, possibly -

but none of that gets us closer
to answering the central question.

The only way out of the workshop
was through the open window.

Yes, but no-one could
have gone that way

or they would have left footprints
in the wet sand.

Exactly! Someone appears
to be cleverer than us

and they're watching us go around
in circles.

We need evidence. We need the gun.

It might still be at the school!

We searched the whole place.

Camille could be right,

it may be well hidden,
but my guess is it's still there.

Whoever has it, they'll want to
get rid of it.

You think they'll try
and move it tonight?

- Some surveillance maybe?
- What have we got to lose?

Yeah, you're right.

Any volunteers?

Eh, eh, there's no need to ask, Chief!
I'll head over there

and I'll grab a bite on the way.

- And I'll take over at midnight.
- Great!

And I'd better head over to Dante Point.

- See what my friend Nicky knows.
- Ah, is that your surfer friend?

Mind if I tag along,
get a feel for the scene?

As long as you don't call it '"the scene'"!


# Stay a little bit longer... #



- Hey!
- Hey! Hey!

Stop it!

Sir, this is my very good friend,
Nick Dexter.

Everyone knows me as Nicky.

Apparently so.

A good solid grip
you've got there... Nicky.

Hey, we need to talk about
Jake Peters and Steve Taylor?

Here's me hoping
you'd just come to see me.

Come, let's get a drink.
I taught this girl to surf, you know.

- Uh-huh!
- Yes, of course you did.


# Everyday

# Things are getting worse

# Everyday

# Things are getting worse... #

Yeah, he used to come here all the time.

Yes, er, what was he like -

the legendary Jake Peters?

Well, he wasn't a legend around here.
He was just Jake.

- That's why he used to come.
- Mm-hm.

And do you know Steve Taylor?

Yeah, he seems OK.

He used to be a bit of a bad lad,
but he got some focus...

Can you ask around maybe,
see what you can dig up, please?

What's in it for me?

The eternal gratitude of law enforcement.


Try that, Humphrey.

Oh. Erm...

It's very... er... green.

- Mm.
- What's in it?

Mainly green things.

- Well, it makes sense, I suppose.
- Mm.

Tastes green, too.

- I wonder, would you join me, Catherine?
- Mm.

I've been pondering Camille.

- Why?
- Oh, um, well...

You know, we got talking earlier
about her date.

Didn't go well, apparently.

Oh, they never do.

And I met Nicky.

Oh, I loved him.

Yes, I'm sure.

But that didn't work out either, did it?

Why is that?

I mean...

...she's clever, beautiful.

But she's on her own. Why?

What is it that she's looking for,
do you think?

The men she's been out with,

some are so handsome, so beautiful.

And there have been some real brains -

doctors, architects...

and some are so funny, charming.

But none of them was enough
for my Cammy. And why?

Only she knows...

...but she obviously wants something more.

Maybe not just a man who excites her
and who she can admire,

but maybe also a man who can inspire her.

Not a tall order, then

Yes, more green.

How long have you been asleep?

Oh... you know.

Only a minute.

Look, I couldn't help it, OK?

I was just trying to rest my eyes.

I'm just a bit tired, that's all.

I'm not surprised.

You've spent the last two days
running around,

volunteering for everything, trying
to make me think you're RoboCop!

You don't need to impress me.

I've heard all about the infamous
Dwayne Myers.

- Oh, no...
- Some bad...

...but most of it good.

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

You're a solid officer, Dwayne.

Unorthodox, but you get results.

And that's good enough for me.

You could've said something sooner.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- Oh, anything from surveillance?
- No, sir.

Oh, pity. Well, worth a try.

Florence does have some news, sir.

Yeah, I finished the school financials,
like you asked.

They are nearly bankrupt.
They owe all their suppliers.

They have two mortgages
and are behind on both,

but there is one thing
of particular interest -

a life-insurance policy
taken out only three weeks ago.

It covers Jake Peters
for accidental death - including murder.

Now he's dead,

his wife gets half a million dollars.


I really don't know
what you're talking about!

- That's rather hard to believe.
- I'm telling the truth.

- You've kept things back before.
- That was different, it was personal!

You always seem to have an excuse.
Your husband's having an affair.

- I wouldn't kill him for that!
- So you claim.

Now, we discover
you're practically bankrupt.

All your money worries are gone
thanks to a life insurance policy

conveniently taken out
only a few weeks ago.

Jake must have done it,
but it's not like him, not at all.


Look, the business wasn't doing great

but Jake wasn't interested
in that side of things.

He loved teaching,
but really he just wanted to surf.

He even talked about going back
on the circuit a few months ago.

He went off the idea, said
he always needed to be the best.

We would have got by somehow.
We always did.

I could never hurt him,
as much as he hurt me. I just...

I wanted to grow old with him.

But that wouldn't have happened, would it?

What do you mean?

Jake was diagnosed
with a terminal condition.

What are you talking about?

You didn't notice him taking his pills?

They were for his back.

- They were to ease his symptoms.
- No!

- You must have seen he wasn't well.
- No, really, there was nothing.

No, the day he died,
the surf was perfect...

It was just us out there, no cares...

He was so alive!

Why didn't he tell me?

Dr Slater said
Jake didn't want you to know.

What, Karl knew?
Of course he did! Typical!

What do you mean by that?

Karl never really liked me.

Kept his distance,
was awkward around me,

like I wasn't good enough.
He didn't even come to our wedding.

But Jake, he...

...he should've told me.

- Do you believe her?
- Hard to know when she keeps lying,

but we still need to know
how she could have done it.

Hey, Nicky!

Yeah. What have you got for us?



- Er... er... er...
- Er...

OK, so, what have you got?

Well, I asked about, like you said.

Most said Steve's OK,
but a couple of guys at Shark Bay

said that he's bad news and to stay clear.


They said he was trying to get
his hands on a gun. No questions asked.

Now, why would he want a gun?

Well, I can think
of one very good reason.

Thank you, Nicky, you may have
just helped us catch our killer.

- Always happy to help law enforcement.
- Come on, Camille.

Does he actually own a shirt?

You'd better come inside.

I think it's time we searched
Steve Taylor's camper van.

- It's open.
- Mm-hm.

So, technically, we don't need a warrant.

Quite right.

Go on, then, but be quick about it.

Ah, there's something here.


What are you doing?!

Care to explain this, Steve?

Be my guest.

Now, that's my kind of speed.

Well done.

Well, it's not smoking,
but it's definitely a gun.

9mm. Just like the murder weapon.
Ballistics will match it.

It's nothing to do with me.

Then we won't find your fingerprints
on it, then?

You wanted a gun. You got it,
and you killed Jake. Why?

Look, OK, so I got the gun.

That's why my prints might be on it.
But I got it for Jake.

I owed him, so I couldn't say no.

Why would Jake want a gun?

He said there'd been some break-ins.
That he was worried for Katie.

- He just wanted it for protection.
- You're lying.

We know there haven't been
any other break-ins in the area.

That's what he told me!

We found the gun
and Jake's stolen valuables

in your van andyou evaded arrest.

I panicked, OK?
Seeing you both there with that lot.

But... I had nothing to do with
killing Jake. You have to believe me.

He's called a lawyer,
we need to decide if we're charging him.

An hour ago, you'd say
everything pointed to the wife.

Now, all the evidence points to Steve.

Yes, but why'd he do it?

I mean, what's his motive?

And how'd he get out of the workshop
without using the window?

You see, we know fragments,
motives, secrets...

but we don't know the bigger picture.

What don't we know?

'"If you don't know what I am,
then I'm something.

'"If you do know, then I'm nothing? '"

That's it!

- It's a riddle.
- We guessed that, Chief.

No! The answer to the riddle is
'"a riddle'".

- That's stupid.
- No, it's brilliant!

The work of a brilliantly twisted mind...

hiding the all-too-obvious in plain sight!

Can it really be that simple?

If you look at it that way...

Follow the chain of evidence.

Yes, and that gives us our how.

That's where they were.

And our who.

But the why?

The why...

Yes! You said it, Camille.

It all points to the wife.

That's why the door was locked!

He knows who did it.

So, who are we arresting?

That's not how we do things round here.

We just need to talk to the pathologist.

You're sure about this?

Relax. Let the Chief do his thing.

Good afternoon.

Um, thank you all for coming.

Um, we're here to solve
an impossible crime.

Two days ago,
Jake Peters entered his workshop alone...

A shot is heard.
The first on the scene finds him dead,

his jewellery gone -
The victim of an apparent robbery.

The door was locked from the inside,

so the killer had to have left
by the back window.

There was no other way out.

It had rained earlier, the sand was wet.

There should have been footprints,
but there weren't any.

As I said...


There was no trace of the thief
or the gun.

Perhaps the killer
was someone at the school.

His wife, who would now be
half a million dollars richer.

Or the supposed friend,
caught with the murder weapon.

Or the long-lost daughter,
who had just been rejected?

Or the runaway thief?
You see, we had motives.

Yeah, but none of that helped...
with the central problem.

Until I considered another riddle.

And then it all started to make sense.

If the killer had no way
out of the workshop,

then they had to still be there!

But we'd have seen him.

Oh, but you did.

Jake Peters killed himself.

Why would he do that?

He'd been diagnosed
with a terminal illness.

That's why he said
he couldn't be your father.

Jake lived his life on his own terms.

He lived to surf,
he loved the freedom it gives you.

The degenerative nature
of the illness was something

a man like him would never
be able to cope with.

He would do anything to avoid that.

He got Steve to find him a gun...

...and then he just needed
to pick his moment.

And that day, the surf was perfect.

It was a good day to die.

He spent his last hours
with the woman he loved

doing what he lived for.

He then came back to his workshop.

He locked the door.

He staged a struggle.

Stripped himself of his valuables
and hid them away.

And then the final act.

It doesn't make any sense.
The gun would still be there.

Well, it was.

Until someone else made it disappear.

You knew about it, didn't you?
And as his oldest friend,

you had to be first on the scene.

So you could get the gun out of sight.

Later, you'd put it with the valuables
into your medical bag

and get them safely away
when you accompanied your friend's body.

Probably for them to be found later,
confirming the robber theory.

But how did they get in my van?

Because the rain made
robbery gone wrong impossible

and we started digging.
We discovered infidelity, the insurance -

you didn't know about that, did you?

No, no, I thought not.

That was all Jake. Done out of love,

but, er... rather stupid.

The locked door, the open window,
the apparent theft -

all that led to someone
outside the school,

but the insurance implicated Katie.

You couldn't have that, could you?

Everything was leading us to Katie.

So you needed a foil,

a scapegoat, a patsy.

You must have known
that Jake had got the gun from Steve.

It was all too easy. You were laying
the groundwork when we came to see you.

Steve? Steve, maybe?

But no, cos Jake said
Steve was out of all that...

In fact, you've been leading us
by the nose from the start.

Always one step ahead.

Did Katie call you after our visit?

She was panicked.

You know, she was convinced
that you thought she'd killed Jake.

Everything she told you was the truth,

but it just kept on looking
more and more like a lie.

So, you had to act.

You planted the evidence.

No doubt planning to tip us off.

Why would you do that?

Only one thing
makes sense to me.

Makes sense of all your actions.

Staying away from the wedding
and not marrying yourself,

protecting Katie
while seeming not to like her.

The awkwardness...

Proximity can be tough...

...torture, even.

Being so close to the woman you love
and not being able to tell her.

You do love Katie, don't you?

So, it was suicide, then?

Ah, no, it was, in fact, murder.

- But you just said he killed himself.
- Yes, he did, he did.

Um, er... it was murder...

made to look like
suicide masquerading as murder.


You couldn't let him go back out
on the circuit, could you?

He was going to take
the woman you love away.

He even talked about
going back on the circuit.

He came in for his medical
and you saw your chance.

Jake trusted you. Why wouldn't he?
You were a doctor, you'd taken an oath.

You were best friends, since childhood.

You knew him better than anyone.

You knew what he wouldn't be able
to bear, the slow degeneration,

the weakness, the incapacity
in someone so vital.

Robbery gone wrong was your idea,
wasn't it?

His suicide would lead to
too many awkward questions.

No doubt you told Jake
that it would save Katie pain.

And he saw a chance to look after
the woman he loved... the tune of half a million dollars.

Our pathologist found no trace
of any degenerative condition.

And we tested the pills
to treat his illness

and they were anti-psychotics.

You needed something to induce symptoms
and complete the illusion.

How could you do it?!

You might not have pulled the trigger,
but it's still murder.

Take him away.

Katie... Katie...

How could you do it?!

He wants to stay out a bit longer.

Thinks he's getting the hang of it.

- He's certainly enthusiastic.
- Yes!

Well, he's definitely got
a style of his own.

Ah, yeah!

Eh, look at that!

- Oh!
- Well, I never!

Wow, yeah!


- Cheers!
- Cheers!

Eh, hold on!

- He's not waving now, though!
- No! No!


Well, it's not bad... for a start.

You think so?

You didn't die.

No, I didn't, did I?


It's all in the roll, you see.

When nature makes a rag doll of you,
then you must be the rag doll.


I worry about you sometimes.

Do you?

Sure. You're fearless.

You see something, you go for it.

No matter what the risk.

It's inspiring, I suppose.

Is it?

Sure. Being around you, it makes me smile.

- Want a beer?
- Yes, why not?

Be brave.

Be brave.

Welcome to the Saint Marie
Heritage Society's tribute.

I think I'm being followed.

One of them managed to get
some poison into the stew.

I'll show you how the island
really marks the anniversary.

- Look at the Chief!
- Whoo!


In my head, I've talked this through
a million times

and it's never come out right...

- Oh!
- Agh!

Ripped By mstoll