Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - Episode #4.1 - full transcript

During the festival of Fete Mouri, the owner of a rum distillery holds a seance to contact the spirit of a murdered servant from the 1850s. When a murder takes place during the seance - with every one holding hands, could the murderer be the spirit?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
This is fantastic.
It's absolutely splendid.

What is it?

It's F?te Mouri.

F?te Mouri? What on earth is that?

It's the voodoo festival of the dead,

when we summon any spirits
still trapped on earth

and command them
to move on to the afterlife.

Excellent. Then why the cigars?

That's to honour Baron L?ve.
He's in charge tonight.

He has a skull for a face,
wears a black top hat,

drinks hard liquor, smokes cigars

and spends all his time
chasing after women.

Oh, he sounds like my dad.

- Camille!
- Maman!

There's a storm brewing.

Good evening, everyone.

Thank you, Andr?.

William, how are the barrels?

Two more weeks, sir,
then we can start bottling.

She's here!

Andr?, coffee and liqueurs
when we're done.

Well done, Lucy, you found her.

Of course, Dad.


Mr Thomson.

Elias, please. Tonight, you're a guest.

Daniel? My, but you've grown into
a fine young man.

You know why you're here?

I do.

This shadow over the plantation
ends tonight.

One way or another.

All right?

Of course.

Ripped By mstoll

William, could you turn the lights off?


Then I'd like everyone to take
the hand of the person to each side

and form a circle.

As long as we're holding hands,
whatever appears -

from whatever realm -
will do us no harm.

Spirits of the past, move among us.

Be guided by the light of this world
and visit upon us.

Do not be afeard, spirit.

I can feel a presence.

Bethany? Is that you?

Am I talking to the spirit
of Bethany Gilliam?

Make yourself known!

What was that?

Bethany, is there something
you wish to tell us?

Don't break the circle!

Just ask her the question!



Aargh! Aaargh!

What is it?!


Here we are.

- For you, Camille.
- Merci!

And for you, Humphrey.

Wow! Now that is brilliant!

What is it?

Yes, Maman, what is it?

I've called it '"The Humphrey'".

Really? You named it after me?
What's in it?


Everything. In no particular order.

Right, well - now, that's my kind
of drink. Thank you, Catherine.

Er, bottoms up.


But, Fidel, in five years, I never did it.
Not once!

I know you never noticed,
that's how good I was!


Oh, you mean this one!

Thanks, man, how's your new job?

Uh-huh. Yeah.

And all the family settled?

Wait up, the man.

No, it's the office phone,
and you're not here to answer it.

I know it's my turn now.

Hey. You keep safe, yeah?

We'll speak soon.


Honor? Police Station.

Look at this!

I think it's amazing

how you embrace the whole
ghosts and ghouls thing.

All we have in the UK is Halloween.

- And what happens at Halloween?
- Well, now you mention it,

it's mainly just kids roaming the streets
demanding sweets with menaces.

But when I was growing up,

my mum would let us stay up
to watch whatever scary film

was on the telly that night.

And that feeling of sitting on the sofa,

wedged in between my brothers,
I'd feel so safe.

You felt safe watching your scary film?

Yes, of course.
That's why you watch them.

I don't think I've ever seen one.

You're kidding me!

We've just had a call.

There's been a murder
at the Thomson distillery.

You all right, Dwayne?

It's been a while
since I did this on my own.

- Without Fidel, you know?
- Don't worry. You'll be fine.

So, cause of death?

It's the knife in his back, Chief.

And a visual inspection
of the body reveals?

Well, judging by the angle
the knife entered his back,

the killer was almost certainly
standing above the victim

and striking down.

- Boom!
- Good. And the murder weapon?

Looks old.

Ah, I think it came from here, Chief.

Three knives were on display,
but one is missing.

You see?
We may have lost Fidel to St Lucia,

but we're still very much
a team to be reckoned with.

His name is Elias Thomson.

He owns the plantation
and the rum distillery here.

And it seems he was killed
in the middle of a s?ance.

- A s?ance?
- Mm-hm.

Well, yes, of course! It's F?te Mouri,
isn't it? When you summon the dead.

But I mean, even so, I mean...
Well, you know, um... wow!

Right, Dwayne.
See what you can get here.

Camille, let's go and talk to the family.

Thank you for waiting.

We just need to get a sense
of what happened tonight.

Starting with, er... who you all are.

I'm Andr? Morgan. I run the house.

This is Daniel and this is Lucy -
Elias's children.

I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm William Lee.
Mr Thomson's foreman at the distillery.

Zeta Akande.
I used to be the children's nanny.

But I led the s?ance tonight.

Oh, really?

I've always had the gift.

And who attended this, er... s?ance?

It was all of us... apart from Andr?.

Yeah, that's right.

Elias asked me to stay behind
to make the coffee.

And then we all went
to the parlour.

I was the last in.

We sat at the table in candlelight
and we held hands.

The candle went out
and then the bell rang.

The bell on the side table?

The spirits use it to communicate with us.

- And it rang?
- Yes.

So, if you were all holding
each other's hands the whole time,

no-one could've got up
from the table to stab the victim,

is that what you're saying?

Maybe the killer
was already hiding in the room.

Not possible.
We were the only people in there.

- How can you be sure?
- It's a small room,

there's nowhere to hide.

The curtains were closed. Couldn't
anyone have been hiding behind them?

No. They were open when we came in.

It's an old house.

No secret panels? Tunnels? Hideaways?


So why exactly were you
holding a s?ance?

We were contacting the spirit

of a woman who worked here
back in the 1850s,

called Bethany Gilliam.

She was a parlour maid

who was having an affair
with the plantation manager.

Then, one night, at F?te Mouri,
they had an argument,

he pulled a knife and killed her.

Ever since, it's said that
her ghost haunts the estate.

The workers call her Mama Beth.

And people really do believe in her,
do they?

According to the legend,

you only see her when you're not looking.

She appears as a reflection in the mirror,

or out of the corner of your eye.

But seeing her always brings you bad luck.

Then can I ask, why on earth contact her?

Elias hired me to summon her spirit

so I could ask her to move on
to the other side.

Right, do any of you know who might
have wanted to harm Mr Thomson?

We all know who killed him.

We do?

The circle wasn't broken.
There was no-one else in the room.

It was her! It was Mama Beth!

So the candle went out...

...and then the bell rang.

You know ghosts don't exist?

Yes, of course.

Right, so if the witnesses
all say the room was empty

when they got in here,

then maybe the killer came in
after the s?ance started.

Only Andr? Morgan was outside the room.

OK. Well, let's see
if he could have got in unnoticed.

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm going to try and sneak in.

I'm ready.

OK, I'm going to try
and come into the room now.


I can hear you, you know.

Now I can see you.

Right, well, I think that proves

that no-one could come in
through that door

after the s?ance had started.

No-one came in.
The killer was sitting at the table.


And the killer needed complete darkness
to commit the murder.

Which means he, or she,
must have been sitting here,

at the table, to blow the candle out.

And then they must have got up,

stabbed Elias in the back
before sitting down again.

A simple enough explanation,
except for one thing.

They were all holding hands.

We should go inside.

Ah, erm, er... Mr Thomson?

Can I ask you something?

Of course.

Only, when I asked about
the ghost earlier,

I noticed both Andr? and your sister
look at you,

but you didn't say anything.

Was there a reason for that?

I've seen her.


Mama Beth.

I was 14 at the time

and... I stole
the key to the old barrel store,

where the murder took place.

Heard all the stories, of course,

but I guess I just wanted
to see it for myself.

When I went down there,

nothing could have prepared me
for what I saw.

It was her.

I know what you must think,

but I swear I saw Mama Beth that night.

Look, I'd quite like to be with my sister.

Yes, yes, of course, yes.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

How interesting.

OK, Chief.

The scene's secured and the paramedics
have removed the body.

Good. Then tomorrow, I want you
to talk to the workers here.

Who was Elias Thomson?
Why did someone want him dead?

And I want to know everything there
is to know about our prime suspect.

And who is that?

Mama Beth.

A 150-year-old ghost?

Our number one suspect is a ghost?!

It seems that's what they'd like us
to believe.

The question is why?


Good morning, sir.

Good morning, Camille. Sorry.

- Eh?
- That's better.

Now, today's burning question -
what are you doing tonight?

- Because I have a surprise for you.
- Oh, you have?

- Yes, I know how much you like surprises.
- Ah, erm...

No, you'll like this one, I promise.

You've got jam on your jacket.

Hmm? Oh. So I have. Sorry.
Do you have a?

Thank you.

Well, OK then. If it's a surprise.

Excellent! You won't regret it.

But first...

...we've got a murder to solve.

There we go.

What's that?

That is the ghost of Mama Beth.

So, what have you got?

Well, Elias Thomson owned a food
distribution company back in the UK.

But once he'd made his fortune,
he got bored, he sold it,

came out here, met his wife
and bought the rum distillery.

Both kids were born on the island.

So where's his wife now?

She died of cancer
when Daniel was 14 and Lucy 15.

Daniel went straight from school
into the family business.

He's now in charge of
the day-to-day running

and Lucy helps with sales.

And what about William Lee
and Andr? Morgan?

William's worked on the estate
since he was 16,

he's now distillery foreman.

Andr?'s worked for the family for decades,
he was very close

to the victim, more like friends.

Then wives, girlfriends, lovers?

Andr? used to be married,
he is now separated.

And William lives on his own.
Oh, and as for Zeta Akande,

she was the children's nanny,

but when they were old enough, she left.

Financial checks show she's missed
some loan repayments.


None that I can see.

Me neither.

So of all the suspects we do have,
one wasn't in the room,

four were holding hands
and one is a ghost.

- Chief?
- Ah, Dwayne!

So, tell me, what did you find out?

OK, so a good majority
of the workers at the distillery

- believe that Mama Beth is real.
- They do?

Some say they've seen her,
or they know someone who has.

And the thing is,
the sightings are all kind of similar.

With sightless eyes, beckoning like this.

- That's what they all said.
- Brilliant!

Thank you, Chief.

Right, William Lee, the foreman,

doesn't even let people go near
the old barrel store

where Mama Beth was murdered.

He keeps it locked up.

He reckons the best way to handle
Mama Beth is to never disturb her.

I think that's why Elias agreed
to get Zeta in, you know.

All the workers seem to trust her.

One thing we didn't get from the family

is that Elias came out of retirement
three weeks ago -

seems the distillery was losing money.

The first thing he did was to sack Daniel.

- His son?
- Yep.

That's harsh.

Looks like we have a motive at last.

Good morning, team.

- Ah, good morning, sir.
- Sir.

- Commissioner.
- How are you?

- Worried.
- Oh?

That you're undermanned
since you lost Sergeant Best.

Yes, but we're managing, sir.

Dwayne has stepped up to the plate,
as it were.

I'm sure he has,

but Elias Thomson was a prominent
member of the town council.

This investigation should have
a full team assigned to it.

Do you have anyone in mind, sir?

Yes, I do.




Oh, er, er... no!

Er... that is very generous, sir,
it's just too much to ask.

So, until I can find a more
permanent replacement

for Sergeant Best,

I want you to forget that
I am your Commissioner of Police.

I'm just one of the team now...
if you will have me.

Oh, yes, of course.
It's, um... it's great!

Isn't it, sir?

I mean, team?

- Yeah!
- Great!


Where do we start?

Well, actually, sir,
Sergeant Bordey and myself

were just off to re-interview the family,
but I would like background checks

on all those people that attended
the s?ance.

Perhaps you and Officer Myers
could work together?


Excellent! Come on, Camille!

Hey, Chief, but... Chief!


You should be waiting.

Why? There's no-one to ask
permission from. Not now.

But Dad said he didn't want you
running things.

Well, he's not here any more, is he?
So who else is going to do it? You?

Thank you, Andr?.

One of our suppliers. Do you mind?

No, of course.

- Good morning, Daniel.
- Morning.

I understand that your father came
out of retirement?

That's right.

Because the plantation's been
losing money since you took over.

Our profits have maybe taken a dip.
So, yeah, Dad came back.

He thought we should spend our way
out of trouble, you know -

new buildings, new machinery.

That you seem to be cancelling.

I, er... wanted to stay traditional,

you know, low yield, high quality.
Lucy agreed with me.

Still, it must have been
humiliating for you -

having your dad come back, you know,
because of your failing.

And then to go so publicly
against your wishes.

It was. But that was the thing about Dad.

He always had to have his own way.

Take the s?ance last night.

How do you mean?

Well, his plans here call for
knocking down the old barrel store,

you know, where I saw Mama Beth?

Now the workers,
they said they'd go on strike

before they ever dared touch it,
but Dad wouldn't take no for an answer,

so even though he thought it was nonsense,

he organised the s?ance
to exorcise Mama Beth.

So he didn't believe the stories?

No. No. He'd just laugh at anyone
who said she was real.

Like you?

But was it more or less humiliating
than your dad coming

out of retirement and sacking you?

I didn't kill him.

I used to patrol most of this area alone,
day and night -

just me and my wits
and the criminal fraternity.

Hmm. That's all very interesting,

but what exactly are we doing here?

Background checks,

because I know that that man over there

is the caretaker of the spiritualist
church where Zeta Akande practises.

Yes, but why did you need me
to come along?


I thought he'd do that.

After him, then!



Stop! Police!

You'll find most of Elias's papers
in here.

Can you tell me a bit more
about Mr Thomson?

You seem to have worked for him
longer than anyone else.

20 years. He was a brilliant man.

Were you aware of his new plans
for the distillery?

- Oh, yes.
- Yes, I hear they were quite radical.

Daniel and Lucy are good kids.

But in this case, I agreed with Elias.

His plans were the right thing
for all of us.

It's mainly documents... Oh...

...and this.

Ah. Do you know what this opens?

No, I'm afraid I don't.

Maybe it's from a cashbox
or a storeroom?

No, I don't think so,
but we could check the house.


Because if Elias kept this in his safe,
it has to be important.


Are you all right?

I've just run ten miles.

Are you trying to keep fit?

No, I was chasing an informant.

Oh. Did you catch him?


I think he was Usain Bolt's
long-lost cousin, and cheeky, too -

he stopped twice to wait for me, you know!

Can I get you something?


Water? Are you sure?

And a rum to take away the taste.

Are you all right?

Huh? Er, yeah, I'm fine -
just trying to catch my breath.

You see, I was chasing
a... a really dangerous criminal.

Hmm, I guessed it must be
something like that.


The uniform is a bit of a giveaway.


So... did you catch him?

- Huh?
- The dangerous criminal.

Oh, yeah, don't worry, you're safe!
He's all locked up now.

You're very brave,
going after him alone.

Well, between you and me,
I was with the Commissioner,

so I had no choice -
I doubt if he could even run ten yards.

And that's not all! The man's got
no common sense, you know.

He belongs behind a desk,
not out here in the real world.

No, sir!
Man, he wouldn't last five minutes.


I hope you manage to get your breath back.

So do I!

- See you!
- Bye.

- Damn!
- What?

I didn't get her name.

What the hell is this?

- Water!
- Water?

You asked for it.

Well, next time, ignore me.

Agh! Oooh!

There was clearly no love lost
between Daniel and his father,

but let's face it,
he wouldn't be the first son

humiliated by an overbearing father
to resort to murder.

I believe he hated
the way his father treated him,

but enough to kill because of it?

Yet he was the one who wanted us
to believe in the story

of Mama Beth,
even insisting that he saw her.

I thought you believed him?

No - as much as the latent schoolboy
in me wish it were true, our murderer

- is very human.
- Yeah.

Whatever Daniel saw in that barrel store,

- it most certainly was not a ghost.
- Good to hear.

Ah, Dwayne, did you manage to catch
the Commissioner's informant?

Eventually, and he told me
that Zeta was a very good nanny

to Lucy and Daniel - they adored her.

But then one day, Elias sacked her
and refused to give her a reference.

Really? Why?

He didn't know,
but he said it's the reason

why she ended up becoming
a freelance palm reader.

She couldn't get any work
as a nanny any more.

Um... interesting. Good work, Dwayne.

Er, where's the Commissioner?

He had an official dinner
he couldn't get out of.

It's late - let's wrap up for the day,
but let's keep thinking.

We have five people sat at a table
in an otherwise empty room.

The killer blows the candle out - phew!

When the lights come back on,

Elias Thomson has a knife in his back
and all the witnesses swore

that they were holding
each other's hands the whole time.

Then just how was it done?!

And behold...

Godzilla, destroyer of cities!


Who are you talking to?

Ow! Oh, hi! No-one, erm...

Er, ow!

Erm, well, Harry, if you must know.


I'm here for my surprise.

Yes, of course, and tonight,

I promise you, you are going to love it,

because tonight, Camille Bordey,

you are going to see
your first ever horror film!


Yes, I saw there was
an old Boris Karloff film

on the telly tonight, so you stay there...

...and I'll get... popcorn!

Interestingly enough,

this was just after Karloff had
made his first Frankenstein.

- Ssh!
- Sorry, yes, of course. Sorry.

Even though it's quite obviously
a rip-off of The Mummy.

- Please!
- No. You're right. Not another peep.

Just keep your eyes
on that coffin lid there.

It's coming... of the biggest scares
in horror history.

Just you wait.

Here it comes.

It's coming.

This is it.

Oh, hold on.

Oh, it's coming.

Oh, no, sorry,
I've realised it's not this bit.

All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I know, I know, I know.

It's all right, they're just running
around for a bit, you can recover.

Here we go.

So what did you think?

It was different.

Oh, erm... Well, I know.
Next time, you can choose.

Next time?

Absolutely. Maybe we could get
some sort of a film club going.

Well, my choice next time.

- Great.
- Good night, sir.

Night-night, Camille.


Not England.


if the people in the room
were all holding hands

and no-one could have come into
the room once the door had been closed,

there must have been a secret passage.

We checked.

Then someone was under the table.

- It's too small.
- Too small.

I was just, um... walking the team
through the case.

You might as well carry on
now you're here.

- Yes, of course, sir.
- Perfect timing!

So, what have I missed?

Well, Chief, I was going through
the victim's phone,

when I noticed a number
he kept on calling.

So I rang it and found myself
talking to a private investigator.

Elias hired him

because he suspected one of
his workers was stealing from him.

- And were they?
- The investigator

was still putting together a case.

I got him to e-mail it over.

That's William Lee.

- Mm.
- What's he doing?

All these photos were taken over
by the old barrel store, weren't they?

Which is where he's always telling
his workers they can't go near,

because of the ghost.

- Shall we go and check it out?
- Oh, yes.

Good work, Dwayne. Er... both of you.

Perhaps you and the Commissioner
could start going through

William Lee's background,
and keep going through

Elias Thomson's personal effects.

I want to know what this key opens.

- Come on, Camille.
- Yes, Chief.



What are we looking for?

If William's been stealing,

I want to find some evidence
before we confront him.


This must lead to the old cellar.

Where Daniel says he saw Mama Beth
all those years ago.


Not scared, are you?




- Woo-ha-ha!
- Aargh!

Oh, oh!

Oh, sorry!

Yes, very funny

I'm sorry!

Can you imagine what it was like
for Daniel?

A 14-year-old kid,
coming down here on his own.

Just goes to show you how the mind
plays tricks on you, doesn't it?


Now, that's interesting.

What is it?



Bootleg rum?

You want to talk to me?

Yes, if you wouldn't mind.

I understand you're one of
the people who's seen Mama Beth.

And it's always up by
the old barrel store, isn't it?

- Are you mocking me?
- No, Mr Lee.

It's you who's mocking us,
with your stories of ghosts.

Because that's all they are.

Stories to stop others
from going in there.

We found your secret stash of rum.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Elias had a private investigator
watching you.

This is the proof you've been
stealing from Elias Thomson

and now Elias Thomson is dead.

This only proves
I've been near the building.

A building that's been abandoned.
What were you doing there?

I'm foreman here.
It's my job to check all the buildings.

So, tell me, did you happen
to notice the 15 boxes of rum

the last time you were checking the store?

I don't know what you're talking about.

And you expect us to believe that?

I don't care what you believe.

You say I've been stealing.

I got two words for you.

Prove it.

Have we made any progress?

Well, Commissioner,

we have been going through
Elias's bank statements.

You know, like the chief asked us to.

And I've just seen that,
on the 23rd of last month,

Elias withdrew $10,000 in cash
from his personal account.

And he nevertakes out
those sums of money.

Not that I can work out why, though.

- The 23rd, you say?
- Yes.

- Of last month?
- Mm-hm.

We should check his diary.

- But I was just going to...
- Ah-ah.

There. One entry.

19 Rue Cassini.

Good job I found it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I can't help thinking -
if William is guilty of murder,

I don't think he'd be
so aggressive to us.

Eh? Hey! I was talking!

I'm sorry, there's usually
a gentleman selling DVDs here.

- Here we go...
- Oh, you mean for our film club?

Yes, absolutely! The film you want
could well be right here.

I don't think so.

Wait, they've got When Harry Met Sally.
That's a good film.

You like
Quand Harry Rencontre Sally?

Yes, of course. Billy Crystal.
Meg Ryan. What's not to like?

Fine, we'll watch that.
It's a good film, I agree.

But why do they wait ten years

before telling each other how they feel?

- It's ridiculous!
- Because they're not French?

Inspector, we've got a lead.

Oh, you do?

It's an address in town. 19 Rue Cassini.

Don't worry, I'll explain on the way.

Hang on.

The street numbers only go up to 17.


That way.

#Judgement Day, ya, Judgement Day, ya

#Jah no send no sanfi catch pon fiyah

#Judgement Day, ya, Judgement Day, yaaha

#Jah no send no sanfi catch pon fiyah. #

OK, Chief, there has never been
a number 19 Rue Cassini.

Hang on. What if it's not a house number?
What if it's something else?

- Like?
- Like a beach locker.

16, 17, 18, 19.

And I bet you this is what
the key in Elias's safe opens.

It's empty.


Why would someone like Elias Thomson

need a large amount of cash
in the first place?

What if he was being blackmailed?

You know, he goes to the bank, he takes
out a lot of cash and leaves it here.

For the blackmailer to collect later.

Which means there has to be two keys.

Hang on. Hang on.
How do you work that out?

Because if this key was in Elias's safe,

then how would the blackmailer
get the cash out after he'd left?

He had a copy!

Which means this one must be the copy.

The blackmailer has the original.

So if you want to know who got
the money, we just need to find out

who got the key copied
before they gave it to Elias.

Dwayne, how many key-cutting shops
are there on the island?

Only one. But I wouldn't go there
if I was you, Chief.

Why not?

It's run by Mad Dog Mike
and he hates police.

- Leave him to us.
- What?

Oh, no!

Right, let me try on my own first.

Please, Commissioner.

I've got less pips.

Just give me two minutes.

If I don't get anywhere, then you can try.

Two minutes.

So, we've got someone
extorting $10,000 out of Elias.

But who was it? And why?

Not that any of that matters, though,
because whoever it was,

we're still no nearer to understanding

how they managed to kill Elias.

Just how did the? Oh, yes...

How did the killer get up from the table

and manage to knife a man in the back...

...without the person on either side
of the killer...

- Oui?
...noticing he'd let go of their hands?

OK. Sir. It's Andr? Morgan
at the distillery, he says he needs us.


Do you not care about how we feel?

She needs to be released...

She just turned up. She's trying
to get into the old barrel store.

She said Mama Beth came to her
in a dream last night.

Madam! Madam, please!

Calm down.

Come with me.

So tell me, Zeta, all those years ago,

why did Elias fire you
without a reference?

I think he was threatened by me.

The children really loved me.

He didn't like that.

- Must have made you angry.
- Very.

This is what I don't get -

if you and he parted on such bad terms,

then why did he hire you
after all this time?

If he wanted to convince people
round here that Mama Beth had gone,

he needed me.

They respect my gift.

Then why did you accept?

I'm sure you've looked into my finances.

I'm not in a position
to turn any work down.

OK, Zeta, here's our problem.

A man you admit wronged you in the past
asks you to lead a s?ance

after all this time and,
by some extraordinary coincidence,

that's the very same day he dies.

He wronged me in the past.

If ever I wished Elias dead, it was then.

What did he say?

He swore at me

then he threw a mug of coffee at me.


His mother and I go back a long way.

Oh, hold on, it's the Commissioner.


Inspector, I think we've found
who got the key cut.

You have? Good! Who is it?

A locker key was cut five weeks ago
by Lucy Thomson, Elias's daughter.

Why do you want to search my room?

Well, because we've got a witness
who says it was you

that copied the key that opened
the locker on Rue Cassini.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

That key.


Camille, arrest her.

All right!

It was a few months ago.

I was looking for some documents
in Dad's study and I found an envelope.

It was an old envelope full of letters...
from a woman.

A mistress?

While Mum was still alive.

You confronted him?

There'd have been no point.

He'd have just lied
and said the letters were fake

or they weren't reciprocated.

I wanted to know for sure.

So you blackmailed him?

It was the only way to know
if it was true or not.

If he paid up, it was true.

That's rather devious.

It's like Dad used to say.

'"Always win.

'"And if you can't win, cheat.'"

It wasn't ever about the money.

But if your dad's handed over the cash,
how come you've still got the letters?

No need to keep my part
of the bargain.

I already had what I wanted -

the truth.

Who was this woman, Joanna,
who Elias was having his affair with?

It was Andr?'s wife.

Joanna Morgan.

You mean your father had an affair
with his best friend's wife?

Dad's relied on Andr? all these years,

taking his advice.

They were thick as thieves.

And all along, Dad knew
he had this over his friend

and Andr? had no idea.

Sure about that?

Dad wouldn't have paid so much
to get those letters back otherwise.

You know what this means, don't you?

Maybe Andr? only found out
recently about the affair.

Yes, in which case, he would have
a sudden and compelling reason

to want Elias dead.

Not that Andr? was actually in the room
when Elias was killed.

But one thing at a time, Camille.
One thing at a time.

Ah, Andr?, can we have a word?

Of course.

Starting with, can you tell us
a bit about your wife?

I'm sorry?

You're separated, we understand?

But why are you asking me this now?

You know, don't you?

About my wife and Elias.

It was 15 years ago.

Joanna had an affair with Elias.

It only lasted a few months.

She'd had affairs before
and I'd always tried to forgive her.

But this time, it was different.

It was Elias.

What happened?

I told her we were finished.

The next day, she packed her bags
and left the island.

Where did she go?

I couldn't care less.

I haven't seen her
or heard from her since.

You never confronted Elias about it?

I wanted to.

But I also know what kind of woman she is.

And I knew, in my heart,
she used him just like she used me.

So why should I lose everything
because of her?

Hm? My job, my home?

So, no, I never confronted him.

The million-dollar question, then.

Do we believe Andr??

I don't know, but I believed him

when he said he knew about
the affair at the time.

And remember, he was outside
the room when Elias was killed.

So he's not the guy
who blew out the candle.

So, once again, we find ourselves

looking at the four people
sat at the table -

Daniel Thomson, Lucy Thomson,

Zeta Akande

and finally, William Lee.

But do any of them have
a strong enough motive to actually kill?

You know, I'm starting to think
maybe Mama Beth did it, after all.

Although, seeing as she's a ghost,

she wouldn't have to blow out
the candle first, would she?

Joke. Sorry.

Maybe the candle was blown out
by someone else, Inspector.


Leaving Mama Beth clear to commit murder.

Say that again.

What if the candle was blown out
by someone else?


But what would that mean?



But... Hang on...

But, yes, of course!

In for a penny, in for a pound...

I was holding Lucy's and Zeta's hand
the whole time it was dark.

I know I was holding
William and Dad's hands.

I was holding Zeta and Dad's hands.

Come on, come on, come on!
That's the million dollar question! Why?

The candle...


And if you can't win, cheat.

I swear I saw Mama Beth that night.

Yes! Antigonish!

Bless you.

No, no - you remember the old poem,

- No!
- Don't worry, I'll explain. Or at least,

I'll try to explain,
if my theory is correct.

Camille, get everyone at the house.
Dwayne, follow me.

And bring a big hammer!

If you would, please, Dwayne.

X marks the spot.

Stand back, Chief.

Thank you all for coming.

But why do you want us?

Because I'm going to tell you
who killed your father.

You see, the key to this case

was the fact that the murder had to
be committed by someone in that room.

So let's consider the four people
who were sitting with Elias

when he was killed.

Because, with your father dead,
you, Daniel,

finally get to run this place
how you want to.

As for you, William,

can we believe anything you say,
now we know you're a thief?

And, Lucy.

You were already blackmailing
your own father,

but are you capable of murder?

And, Zeta -
Elias ended your career as a nanny.

But that was in the past!

Yes, it was, and I'm sure that your gift
will already have told you this,

but, er... we have eliminated you
from our enquiries.

You didn't murder Elias Thomson.

Which means it must...

Which means it must have been one
of you three who blew the candle out.

And then committed murder
in the darkness,

before sitting back down again.

All without the person
on either side of you

knowing you'd ever got up
and come back.

But that's impossible, isn't it?

The first question we need to answer,
the question that gives us

our first clue to the identity

- of our murderer, has to be...
- Who hated him most?


But also... who blew out the candle?

- The killer.
- It wasn't the killer...


See, I believe that our murderer
had an accomplice.

Someone we'd never even looked at.

The victim.

It was Elias himself
who blew out the candle.

While you were all looking at Zeta,
Elias seized his moment.

Make yourself known.

But why would he do that?

Have you ever heard of Antigonish?

'"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.

'"He wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish he'd go away.'"


And what has that got to do with this?

Because Elias was killed by the man
who wasn't there...

You see, the killer was...

...Andr? Morgan.


But Andr? wasn't even in the room.

Yes, I know.
And that's how clever he was.

And there was no other way into
the room, either. Or so we thought.

Not possible.
We were the only people in there.

The window was locked from the inside

and there was no way through the door
without being heard.

Until you understand that Andr?
and Elias weren't just good friends.

You were in on this together.

Dad's relied on Andr? all these years.

Taking his advice.
They were thick as thieves.

Whose idea was it?

It doesn't much matter.

You see, the question remains -

why would a man organise a s?ance

to summon up a ghost he didn't believe in?

It wasn't about him.
It was about his workers.

He wanted to tell them
that Mama Beth had moved on,

so they'd agree to tear down
the old barrel store.

Yes, but Elias was devious.

So, how would a devious man make it
look like Mama Beth had moved on?

You... you'd hide someone in the room
and get them to ring the bell.

Exactly! Exactly!

You convinced Elias that you and he

could play a trick on the others
that night, didn't you?

And in the process, you thought you
were carrying out the perfect murder!

After all, who'd suspect
that the killer's accomplice

was the victim himself?

So it was Elias who made sure
he had a brief chat with Zeta

when she arrived,
which gave you just long enough

to get around and into the room -

making sure you locked the window
from the inside.

And even though
the opened curtain would barely hide you,

only Elias himself would have seen you
in those first few seconds

and he wasn't telling.

So, when Elias blew the candle
out, he expected Andr? to slip out

in the darkness and just ring the bell,
to make it look like

Mama Beth was telling the room
she was happy to move on

to the other side.

But you had a different plan
altogether, didn't you?

Because the only person who'd be
moving to the other side that night

would be Elias!

And who would actually notice,
once Elias was dead, if Andr?

entered through the door-
orjust seemed to appear as it opened?

But why would I kill him?
He was my friend!

A friend who once had
an affair with your wife.

But... but I knew about all that years ago!

Yes, you did, so why kill him now?

Perhaps it's easier if... if I show you.

Please, come... come with me.

Please. Come through.

You know, it occurred to me...

...that we only ever had Andr?'s word

that his wife left him
all those years ago.

But she did.

After her affair with Elias,
she left the island.

But how could she, Andr??
She was dead by then.

And that's because you murdered her,
didn't you?

You see, we checked with immigration
on the way over

and they don't have any record
of her leaving the island

the year she left you.

Then they must be mistaken.

It... it was a long time ago...

You have to believe me! I didn't kill her!

All this is just conjecture -

- you can't prove anything.
- Prove it?

I can do a little better than that, Andr?.

Daniel... You're 29 years old, aren't you?

And you saw the ghost of Mama Beth
in this very room

when you were 14, right?

That's right.

Exactly 15 years ago -
which, by an amazing coincidence,

is the exact same number of years ago
that Joanna apparently left Andr?.

For 15 years, Daniel,

you've been saying that you saw
the ghost of Mama Beth.

But I don't think you saw a ghost.

I think what you actually saw...

...was the body of Joanna Morgan...

...waiting to be hidden

by her killer.

It was the body of Andr?'s wife...

... the adulterous wife he'd just killed

when he found out that she was
having an affair with his boss,

and then he hid her body in the one place

he reckoned that no-one
would ever think to look.

The cellar of a haunted building
no-one ever went into.

All went well for you

until Elias came up with his plans
to modernise the plantation.

His plans here call for knocking down the
old barrel store, where I saw Mama Beth.

So you knew
if they pulled down this building,

well, her body would be discovered.

But if you could kill Elias first,
Daniel and Lucy would take over

and we all know
they'd never demolish this place.

Your wife's murder could stay secret.

Which is the real reason why
you stayed here working for Elias,

even after the affair.

You hadto stay here to guard your secret.

The last 15 years must have been
absolute hell for you.



So! Congratulations, all.

- We make quite a team!
- Yes, we do, sir.

Much as I hate to disappoint you,
it seems it must be short lived.

Your replacement for Sergeant Best
has arrived.

At last.

Where is he?

Everyone, I'd like you to meet
Sergeant Florence Cassell.



You know each other?

We met very briefly.
He spoke very highly of you, sir.

Hello. I'm DI Goodman, this is
Detective Sergeant Camille Bordey.

I've heard such good things
about you both.

Thank you.

And I've heard a lot about you, too,
Officer Myers.

- Have you?
- Oh, yes.

Anyway. Sergeant... welcome to the team.

Thank you, sir.
I can't wait to get started.

Thank you.

So... our film club...

I was thinking...

I found an old film projector.
Our second instalment...

No, um... I'd love to, but I can't tonight,
I'm sorry. I have a date.

Oh, oh, right. Great.

Yes, erm, good.

Who is he?

Just an old school friend.

Oh. I see...

I need to make more of an effort, don't I?
Get out there.

Yes, yes, of course.
No, no, you go out.

Have a great time.

Much better than watching some
boring old film with your boss.

Thank you.

How do I look?


Now, you are a very kind man.

Um... see you tomorrow.

Yes, erm,
and, er... have a great time.

And don't worry about the film.

No, honestly.

Oh, well, old chap, just means
there's more popcorn for us.

Yes, you're right.

I wouldn't eat that all at once,
you might actually explode.

Right, here we go.

When Harry Met Sally.

Entirely in French.


Mr Peters was found dead
with a gunshot wound to the chest.


We're here to solve an impossible crime.

Mind if I tag along?

Get a feel for the scene?

As long as you don't call it '"the scene'"!

- Cam!
- Hey!

You have to kiss a lot of frogs
before you find your prince.

Oh. So you did kiss him, then?

Oh, yeah!

Hold up...
He's not waving now, though!

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