Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Episode #3.5 - full transcript

Jacob Doran, the island's commerce minister, is found shot dead. He has written a suicide note but from the angle of the shot and the missing money from his safe Goodman believes he was murdered though his wife Charlotte, son Drew and secretary Theo find it hard to believe. Doran had recently had an affair with an aide, Lena Bell, which was leaked to the press. Lena is interviewed in the company of her godfather Marlon, who turns out to be the father who deserted Camille was she was six. Whilst Charlotte asks the police to keep her husband's serial adultery from her son drew reveals that Lena was his girlfriend before her affair with Jacob. Then the police discover that Jacob was involved in arms smuggling - which indirectly leads Goodman to solve the murder.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
It was a... a moment of madness.

She was pretty and...

..I was a fool.

Who was she?

Some intern.

When did this happen? Mum!

I have a right to know.

The conference in Mexico.

I am going to have to resign.

We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves.
No, I'll have no choice.

Let's see how the papers run
with it tomorrow.

What about - "The Minister accepts
full responsibility

"for his actions..."?

Darling, why don't you go to bed?

I'm going to get some air.

He'll be all right. Don't worry.

Where have you been?

OK, they're running it.

Whoever leaked this
was out to destroy me.

You don't have to do this.

I can resign now
or I can wait to be sacked.

Thank you all for your support.
I've got a letter to write.

Sir, are you all right?

What was that?

Oh, Jacob!



So, what do you think?

Where is everything?

Tidied away, Camille.

Yes, but where, sir?

"A place for everything,
everything in its place."

What brought this on?

Oh, er, nothing.


Come on, Chief.
There's got to be a reason.

OK, if you must know... Mm-hm.

..I got up this morning
and I couldn't find my trousers.

I know that feeling.

Yes, very funny.

And I realised -
I never know where anything is.

You have to control your environment
or it controls you.

Oh, you've bought a self-help book,
haven't you?

A tidy mind breeds a tidy...
something-something, Camille.

I think your desk is ringing, Chief.

I seem to have lost my phone.

Don't worry, sir, I'll get it.

You've got to have a system
or otherwise it's just mess.

Right, hold on.

Um, sir, there's been a shooting.

It sounds like a suicide.

So, the day a Government Minister's
exposed as having an affair...

He takes his own life.
What do you know about him...?

Er, not much.
His name's Jacob Doran.

What was he like?

Very popular, charismatic -
a great ambassador for the island.

Any wife and kids?

One wife, Charlotte,
and one son, Drew, I think.

So what d'you think our chances
are of getting

in and out of here without any
interference from top brass?

Detective Inspector. Ah,
Commissioner, so pleased to see you.


So, what have we got?

Well, sir, I've spoken to Mr Doran's
Press Secretary, Theo Frazier.

He said he found
the body at about 7am this morning.

He shot himself in the chest

and the gun's on the floor where he
dropped it. Is there a note?

Yes, there is.

"..the shame I brought
to my office, to my family,

"the only honourable action
I can take is to end my life."

His handwriting?

Looks that way.

And this is the gun?

Interesting -
the serial number's been filed off,

this is an illegal gun.

I wonder where he got it from?

We don't know.

The safe's open...

What's in it?

Well, the wife said there should be
a few thousand dollars

in cash, but there's no money,

and there's something else...

..the family kept
their passports here.

Here's the wife's one,
here's the son's,

but the Minister's passport
is missing.

Mmm, so...'s all a bit odd...

What are you thinking?

The Minister came in here,
wrote the letter, got out his gun

and then... pop?

Yes, it's what it looks like,
isn't it?

But it's not what happened?
Well, it's the bullet hole, sir.

That's the problem.
You see... in my experience,

suicides rarely ever shoot
themselves through their clothes.

They put the gun muzzle
against their skin

like they want to
make sure they don't miss.

It's macabre,
but it's one of those things...

..whereas this bullet's gone
through a thick jacket,

some old notes from a speech,
it would appear, a shirt and a vest.

Fidel, swab the, er, Minister's
hands for gunshot residue?

I want to see whether he's fired
the gun at all. Yes, sir.

Then search the grounds outside.

See if there's any evidence
of an intruder.

Um, sir. Hmm?

If he didn't take his own life,
how come there was a suicide note?

Well, maybe he was forced to write
it or it's a fake, but I don't

think this is a suicide. It's just
been staged to look like one.

If you ask me, this is murder.

May I introduce
Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman

and Detective Sergeant
Camille Bordey.


I'm sorry for your loss, this
must be a terrible time for you all,

but we do have to ask a few
questions. Of course.

I understand that you were the only
people in the house

when Mr Doran died.

It was just the four of us.
All night.

And, er, no-one else arrived
and no-one else left?

That's right. No, it's not. Dad went
for a walk, didn't he?

You're Mr Doran's son,
I take it. Drew?

So could you tell us, um,
when this walk was?

It was 3am.

Jacob said he needed some air.

Did anyone see where he went?

I was worried, so I went after him,

um, but he'd gone into the garden
and it was dark.

I'm sorry.
I don't know where he went,

but he was gone about an hour.

I remember the clock striking
four as he got back.

Do any of you know where Mr Doran
got the gun from?

No. I mean, Jacob hated guns.

Er, did he perhaps keep
a gun in the safe?

The safe just contains family
documents and money.

And yet someone's emptied it of
money and taken Mr Doran's passport.

Er, which brings me to this morning.

Where were you all
when you heard the gunshot?

I was up here on my own.

And did you see anyone come
or go from the study before

or after the gunshot?

No. I didn't see anyone arrive
or leave before I got there.

Um, who was next to arrive?

It was me.

And, er, where were you beforehand?

I was downstairs.

After Jacob went to write his note,
I just, um,

stayed in the living room.

And Drew was with you?

No. He'd gone to bed.

You were on your own as well? Yeah.

So to be clear -
you were all in different parts

of the house at the time of death

and not one of you can alibi
anyone else?

We don't need to alibi anyone.
Mr Doran took his own life.

Yes, of course,

Um, I can see where you're
coming from with that, but, um...

We think Mr Doran was murdered.


That can't be.

I'm sorry, but it looks like that
may well be the case.

Yes, um, and so we're sort
of obliged to ask, um,

the story in this morning's papers
about Mr Doran's affair,

um, is that... is that true?

So there were only four people
in the house all night.

But no-one leaves at any times -
except for one hour

when Jacob goes for his walk.

And at the precise moment
he's murdered,

not one of them is in sight
of anyone else.

Meaning any one of them
could be our killer.

But if one of them
was the killer...?

Then how did they kill the victim

and then get out of the study
without anyone noticing?

It goes without saying,
but with a Government Minister dead,

well, if you need my help,
you only have to ask.

Chief! You'd better come
and see this.

What is it?

Well, we had a good look around
the place, no sign of any break-in,

but Fidel's found some tyre prints.

It's from a motorbike or a moped.

Why is that of interest?

Well, sir, we checked
and the family don't own one,

but also it rained quite heavily
last night. Up until about 11pm.

Yes, so if we can see these

Then the bike must have been driven
up here since then.

Meaning there weren't just four
people up here last night.

There was a fifth person.

What are the chances of tracking
this bike down?

It isn't going to be easy,
you know, Chief.

There are hundreds of bikes
on the island

and I reckon about
five of them have paperwork.

Fidel, I'd like casts of these
tyre tracks, please. Yes, sir.

And Dwayne, get Theo to take you
to the Ministry.

We need Jacob's laptop
and personal papers. Yes, Chief.

That just leaves you and me,

What was the name of the woman Jacob
had his affair with? Lena Bell.

Lena Bell.

Let's go and find out how
she fits into the story.

I still can't believe it.

Can you tell us...

how did you end up working
for the Ministry of Commerce?

I applied for an internship there
last year. I enjoyed it.

It felt important
and I liked the work.

So what happened?

There was a trade conference
in Mexico.

Mr Doran asked me to go with him...
as his aide.

I got to be in the room
where decisions were made

and I think I did a good job.

He told me I did

when we went for dinner
to celebrate that night.

When we got back to the hotel,
he ordered champagne to his room,.

said we deserved a nightcap...
so I went with him.

He seduced you.

The next day, I felt so ashamed.

The moment I got back
to Saint-Marie, I resigned

and that was three weeks ago.

Where have you been
since yesterday evening?

I haven't left the house,
if that's what you mean.

I haven't dared to.

Do you know who told
the newspaper about your affair?

I've no idea. Was it you?
Why would I do that?

Sometimes money to be made
in stories like these.

It wasn't me.

Is there anyone else who can confirm

that you've not left the house
since yesterday?

My godfather's been staying with me.


Oh! Here.

Marlon, it's the police.

I'm from St Lucia originally.

When my family heard I was going
to be in the papers,

Marlon was on the first flight
out here.

Sure was.

I'm Detective Inspector Humphrey
Goodman. This is DS Bordey.


Marlon? From St Lucia?

You, er... Do you know each other?

Not really. It was a long time ago.

Oh. OK. Well, there we are, then.

So, um...



Mr Croft,
er... when did you get to the island?

Three days ago.
And you've been here the whole time?

OK, right, um,
Camille do you have any...?

No, OK, back to me.

So, um, and since yesterday,
you've both been in the house?

We stayed up late last night.

We worried what the papers was going
to say but by 2am, I said, "Enough."

So I sent Lena to bed, lock up

and went to bed myself
in the spare room at the back.

I see.

So, er,
just to satisfy my curiosity,

do either of you own a motorbike?

I'm only here a few days,
I've hired no vehicle.

OK, well, that all seems pretty

Er, do you have any...?

No, course you don't, otherwise you
would have asked them already.

OK, thank you for your time.

Right, er, so, er, I'm not one to
pry or anything, and I loathe

the word but I couldn't help but
notice a bit of a "vibe" back there.

How do you mean?

Well, you know, between you
and Lena's godfather.

Look, if you do have a history with
a witness, I kind of have to know.

I think Marlon
back there is my father.

What?! Blimey!


I was hoping, you know, if I saw you
again, it wouldn't be like this.

You're looking well.

I'm only here for a couple of days,
helping Lena,

and then I'm on the first plane out.

I know. You said.

Chief. Dwayne. Ah, sir, I've got
the tyre tracks here.

It looks like the bike was a moped.

Excellent. Good work, Fidel.

And I've got the Minister's
personal files from his office

and his laptop. Jolly good.

Is everything all right, sir?

Yes, well, I don't know.

Lena Bell's got her godfather
staying with her

and you'll never guess who it is.

Who is he?

Camille's father.

He's on the island?

Yes, and I rather get the
impression they don't get on.

Yes, um, Camille doesn't really
talk about her dad.

Really. What happened?
That maco?

You know, he walked out on her and
her mother when she was a kid.

Yes, and I don't think she's seen
him since.

Yes, I see.
That would explain a lot.

Hello, Camille.

Maman, he's here.

Who is, darling?


Marlon Croft.

Sorry, your father is on the island?


He was looking for you?

Don't worry. He's not here for me -

or you, I don't think -
it's just bad luck.

Are you OK?

Yes. You spoke to him?

Yes, but I'm fine, honestly.

So what did you talk about?

He just said he was on the island
to help his goddaughter...


..and she's the woman Jacob Doran
had an affair with.

Whatever reason that man's
on the island,

it won't be to help his goddaughter.


Nice and neat, please, Dwayne.
Nice and neat. Sir? Yes.

The suicide note. It's definitely
the victim's handwriting.

Ah, well, maybe
he was forced to write the note.

You know, "Write the note or
we shoot you.

"Oh, thanks for the note.
Now we shoot you."

I know but that's the thing.

You see, Jacob used a fountain pen,
right? So if he'd been forced

to write this, there'd be spots
of ink, there'd be palm smudges.

Look, the letter formation,
it remains consistent throughout.

There's nothing rushed or forced
about this letter at all, sir.

It's the real deal.

So Jacob wrote the suicide letter?


Ah, Camille... you OK?

Of course. Why shouldn't I be?

Ah, no reason. Just thought I'd ask.

So! What have we..?

Let's have that there.

No, that's not quite right.

There we go. There.

Ah, perfect.


Jacob Doran,
Saint-Marie's Minister of Commerce,

sleeps with one of his interns,
Lena Bell.

Was this his first affair? Er...

But when I spoke to Theo,

he kind of admitted that Jacob had
a string of women over the years.

Really? Can we get back to the...?

He also said that Jacob made
sure his family never found out.

In my experience,
the wife always knows.

In which case,
the wife's got a motive.

Yes, but we're not doing motive yet.
OK, everything in order.

So, as I was saying.
Jacob and Lena have their affair.

How did the newspaper
find out about it?

You know what I think?

Only a few people could have
known about the affair

and one of them
must have been Marlon.

You think he sold out his own
goddaughter to the media?

If there was money to be made
from it,

it would explain what he's doing
on the island.

Do you think we might be able to get

the Commissioner to lean on the
paper? It's worth a try. Dwayne...

I'm on it, Chief.

So, once the Minister knows
the story's about to break,

he tells his Press Secretary,
his wife and his son.

And they all stay up together
all night.

Except for one hour at 3am when
Jacob goes for a walk on his own.

That's right, which is when
he may have met the person

who rode up to the house
on the bike.

As dawn rises,
Jacob goes to his study

and writes a suicide note,
which we believe is real,

but before he can kill himself,
his murderer shoots him dead.

With an illegal pistol, sir, that's
had its serial number filed off.

No, quite right.
And don't forget, sir,

the killer also emptied the safe
of cash and the Minister's passport.

That's right! He did.

And none of it makes any sense.
It doesn't?

No, because if Fidel is right
and the suicide note is real,

why does the killer need to
kill a man whose

already in the process
of killing himself?

OK, thank you very much.

The Commissioner's going to see
what he can do. Good.

Then I'd like you to find the bike

that was up at the house
in the middle of the night.

There's every chance that the rider
is our killer. Right, Chief.

And Fidel, if you go through
Jacob's laptop and files -

See if you can find anything
for us... Yes, sir.

..which just leaves you and me,

Now I think we need to talk to
Charlotte again,

because if Jacob was a serial
adulterer, there's every

chance that this was the affair
that pushed her over the edge.

Gosh. What a lovely dress.

It was such a happy day...

Yes, it looks like it. Um... long were you married?

31 years.


Are you married? No.

Yes, I am.
Well, I mean... Sorry, I'm not,

although actually, of course,
I am. It's complicated.

Do you remember your wedding day?
Oh, God, no way I'd forget it.

I had shooting pains down my right
arm, the stress of being in

the centre of attention like that,
the cake, the walking up the aisle,

er, while also being profound,
of course, and extremely moving.

I thought I didn't have to
worry about anything ever again.

We were husband and wife,
for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,
until death do us part.

Mrs Doran, as far as you know, was
this your husband's first affair?

The first time was awful,

but I'd just had Drew
and I had to make a decision -

to leave Jacob,
the father of my child...

..or turn a blind eye
to his infidelity.

And you're OK with that?

When you're married to
a successful man like Jacob,

you have to make allowances.

So why didn't you tell us
this before?

Because Drew doesn't
know about the other affairs...

..and I don't want him to find out.
He idolised his father.

We'll be as discreet as we can.

Then all I ask is that you
catch my husband's killer...

..cos I want to see who did this
behind bars for a very long time.

Um, thank you.

So what do you think?
Could Charlotte be our killer?

I don't know.
I think she loved Jacob.

And if she's always
known about the affairs...?

And if Theo's always
known about the affairs...?

Then the news would have only been
a surprise to Drew that night.

But, then, if you caught your dad
having an affair,

you wouldn't kill him, would you?

Depends on what kind of relationship
you had with your father.

Ah, yes, yes.

Um..., if you don't mind me
asking, that is,

if it's not too personal,
which it is, frankly... Look.

There's nothing to tell, OK?

My mother and Marlon only were
together a few years.

They had me. Marlon never came
to terms with being a father.

Anyway, when I was six years old,
he walked out on both of us,

moved to St Lucia
and, er, I've never seen him since.

Right. That's tough. Thank you.

I've always had my mother. Right.

So, just to calibrate, you don't
think Marlon's the murderer?

I can't answer that.
I don't know him.

So you haven't sold a moped
in the last few weeks?

OK, if you hear any different any
time soon, let me know, you see.


I'm going to find this bike if it
kills me, you know? Biscuit?

You trying to ruin my figure, Chief?

OK, so the pathologist's report
is in.

Jacob was killed by a single shot
to the heart

fired at point-blank range.

The bullet was a .38 calibre, fired
by the gun we found at the scene,

only the victim's fingerprints
were found on it.

Suggesting it was suicide.

Yes, but the swabs Fidel
took from Jacob's hands showed

no traces of gunshot residue
on them anywhere.

So, Jacob didn't fire the gun.
Yes, but he was shot.

So the killer must have put the gun
in Jacob's hand

to make it look like suicide,
and that is a biscuit to me.

So, Camille, what have you got....?

Sorry. So sorry.
What... what do you have there?

The witnesses' phone records have
come in. Mm.

Sir? Yes.

I went through Jacob's files last
night, but as I fired

up his computer, I discovered that
someone had removed the hard drive.

Now, according to Jacob's secretary,

the only person who could remove
that drive is Jacob himself. Really?

Yes. Jacob kept his laptop under
lock and key when he wasn't there,

but don't worry -

I got the IT department to put
this together for me.

And what's on that?

A copy of every document

the Ministry's created in the past
four years.

A copy of all the files on Jacob's
laptop are on here... somewhere.

But that means Jacob
was destroying evidence

the day before he was killed.

Why? So we have a wife,

a son...

..the young lover, the young lover's
godfather, a press secretary,

and a victim who was in the process
of killing himself.

Who is the killer?

Sir, I think I may know.

You do? It's Lena's phone records.

Look, she's been dialling the same
number two or three times a day.

Going back six months.
Who was she calling?

Easy, it's got to be Jacob.

It'll be during the,
er, "sexy texts" stage

of their relationship, you know.

Er, no, it's not Jacob -
but you're close.

Drew, what is this?

In that case, um, could you hand
over your phone, please,

because I'm pretty sure it still has
plenty of texts from Lena on it?

Your phone, please. You don't need
my phone. You're right.

Me and Lena met in a bar
last year, hit it off, you know,

started seeing each other.
You didn't tell me.

Yes, because I don't tell you

I'm not a child any more.

She wanted a career in politics,
I knew I could help.


I told her to apply for
an internship in Dad's department.

Did your father know
she was your girlfriend?

Didn't even know we knew each other.

When did you discover he'd
slept with her?

When she got back from Mexico.
She told me.

And how did that make you feel?

I was sick. I couldn't believe it.
And then...?

Well, I was angry.

With Lena?

Yes, but it wasn't her fault,
not the way she told it.

It was Dad -
he seduced my girlfriend.

Why do you think Lena didn't tell us
any of this?

She was probably trying
to protect me.

And why didn't you tell us?

Because I had nothing to do
with my dad's suicide.

You still think your father
killed himself?

Have you found a single
piece of evidence

that categorically proves he didn't?

I knew it.

Jay! Jay! Vinny.

Is that your bike?

Hold it.


So, Drew has
known about Lena for weeks. Yes.

So he could have been planning
the murder

ever since he found out
about Mexico.

Yes, but how would he know

that Jacob was going to commit
suicide that night?

No, good point.

And why even bother going through
with killing a man

when he was going to kill
himself anyway?

Good morning, team.
How's the case going?

Well, sir, it's all good
in some respects

and then, in other respects,
it is less good.

On balance? It is pretty heavily
weighted on the "less good" ' side

of the seesaw, sir, but it's early
days yet.

Did you get anywhere with
the newspaper, sir?

I spoke to the paper's editor

who point blank refused to reveal
his source.

The only thing he would tell me

was that the story came from someone
"close to Jacob".

OK, but, um, if they're close to
Jacob, then it...

it could be Charlotte

or Drew or Theo...

..or Lena, even.

Yes, you're right -
they're all pretty close to Jacob.

In fact, the only one it
couldn't be is Marlon.




How d'you get on? Any progress?

A little, but it can wait, though.

Not at all - we're all ears.
But it's just that I'd rather not...

No, tell us
who is our mystery man on the bike

and soon-to-be prime suspect
in the murder.

It's my father, isn't it?

I'm sorry, Camille. Marlon borrowed
a bike the day before the murder.

He then returned the bike to the
owner yesterday afternoon.

I've checked the bike's tyres

against the casts Fidel took from
the scene.

It was your father who was
up at the victim's house

on the night of the murder.

So we'd better find out
why he's been lying to us. Sir.

Oh, Chief... Yes?

There was something else. Really?

When I was asking around, I heard a
rumour that maybe Jacob was a little

bit too close to a local businessman
- a guy called Desmond Colbert.

Who's he?
He owns a rum distillery.

It's been rumoured that he's got
links to the underworld,

but nothing's ever been proven.

Ah, right. Um, sorry, but if I
don't go now, she'll go without me.

You know what she's like, sir...

Go, Inspector.

Look, it's not like you think.

Then how is it?

Mr Croft, we can prove that the bike
you had access to was

up at Jacob's the night
he got killed.

So you've got two options.
One, tell us the truth.

Or two, we can arrest you
on suspicion of murder.

She's got a point.

Man, all right, I admit it.

I was at the dead guy's house.

But I was gone long before any
shooting started.

Why should we believe any
word you say?

All right, I'll tell you.
So I sent Lena to bed,

like I told you, at 2am.
But you're right.

I lined up the bike first.

Not sure if I was going to use it.

But the more I thought about it,
the more I reckoned,

this is Jacob's fault.

I wanted to put the squeeze on him.
Sort out some compensation

for Lena.

You mean, demand money with menaces?

Remind him of his obligations.

You went up there
in the middle of the night?

It was for Lena. It mattered.

What time d'you get there?

A bit before 4am,

Jacob was already up.
He was in the garden.

Was there anyone else with him?
No. He was on his own.

Looked like he'd come
back from the beach.

So I told him he owed
Lena for what he'd done to her.

To be honest,

I got the feeling he'd agree to
anything just to get rid of me.

So he took me inside the house.

Did anyone else see you
while you were inside?

No. He made sure of that.
What is this?

One moment, Lena.

What happened next?

I waited outside the study.

He went in and came out
with a cheque.

He didn't give you cash?
It was a cheque.

Was there anyone else
in the study with him?

I couldn't see.

Once I got the money, I was on the
bike and I was out of there again.

I don't understand.
You were at Jacob's house?

Sure. Marlon here was getting
you some money.

How much was it?
What money?

Now hold on! I was
waiting for the right moment...

Your mum wants you home,

so I got Jacob to give me
some money to cover your flights.

What time was Jacob killed? 7am.

So, you should know.

At 7am, I was at the airport -
it's when the desk opened -

buying my goddaughter a return
flight ticket to St Lucia.

OK, well,
thank you very much for that.

Marlon was definitely at the airport
buying a plane

ticket at the exact same time
Jacob was being

murdered on the other
side of the island.

And the bank say that he paid
the cheque into his account

at 9:06am that morning.

And Jacob had thousands of dollars
in his safe, so we're told -

so why did he write Marlon a cheque?

Why not just pay Marlon with
the cash in the safe?

It's bizarre, it's...

cheque, cash, cash,
cheque... OK.

We can strike Marlon
from the investigation,

he is not our murderer.

Fidel, d'you get anywhere with the
data from the Ministry's hard drive?

Well, sir, I've isolated as many
of the documents connecting

Jacob to the rum
trade as I could find.

Bills of lading or export licenses
and so on.

There's about 500 that
I've printed out already

Yeah, but don't worry, sir.

Juliet's cooking up a fearsome
roti and kalalu tonight.

The plan is for Dwayne and me
to split this in two

and go through it together.

No! That is what I told him, Chief.

He'll be working through the files

and I'll be working through
the roti, the kalalu and beer.

Yeah, probably.

Ha, right, er, well, it's, er,
it's getting late.

Let's, um, knock off tonight
and pick this up again tomorrow.

And, um, Camille.


You, um... fancy a drink maybe?

Bite to eat?


Or if it's, er, it's fun you're
after, there's always um...

travel battleships.

I beg your pardon?

Guerre bateaux,
as you probably call it.


Although, I, I lost a submarine
a couple of weeks ago, um,

it shouldn't matter so much.

It's, er, essentially just
a pen and paper game,

we could draw up
a couple of grids and...

No, no, no, no. Thank you.
I... I'll go home.


What are you doing on the island?

I told you. I'm here to help Lena.

I don't believe you.

Why don't you believe me?

Because I know what you're like.

You've not seen me for 25 years

and you know exactly what
I'm like?

I've heard the stories.

From your mother, you mean?


Camille, I think
about you every day.

I've even written you letters.

I haven't posted them
but they're written.

Then why haven't you sent them?

Because it was easier not to?

I don't know
what your mother told you.

But you should know the truth.

My being out of your life,
I was only doing as I was asked.

What she asked of me...

How's the new organised
regime going?

Oh, it's made all the difference,

A place for everything,
and, er, everything in its... place.

I just need to learn where those
new places are. Ah!

Oh, Camille - a drink?


I need to ask you something.

What? What is it?

Because I don't want to
take his side.

Whose side? What's going on?

Marlon told me he didn't leave us
when we were in St Lucia.

You walked out on him,
and that's why

the two of us moved back here.
It's a lie, isn't it?

He's lying?

Well, I... I...

You walked out on him?

It was you that walked
out on him?

Camille, I can explain...

It's yes or no, Maman.
Did you walk out on my father?



Keep the change.

Camille, just hold on a moment!

I just wanted to know
if you were OK?

She has lied to me my entire life.

Ah, yes, I gathered as much, but,
um, maybe you should go back...

I don't want to hear what
she has to say.


We could go for that drink,
in another bar of course.

I mean, if you want to talk about
it. Or not?

That also works.

Good night, Humphrey.

Ah! Morning, Camille!

Morning, sir.

So I was just wondering... What?

Are you, er, are you OK?

Of course I'm OK.


Listen, just make sure you call us
as soon as the boat has docked, OK?

All right.

Er, what's going on?

Well, Chief, it took us
most of the night,

but the answers were in the files,
just like you said.

What have you found?

First, we didn't see anything
because there's nothing

illegal about the outward
shipments of rum from the island,

but it's what gets imported back into
Saint-Marie that's interesting.

It is?

Yes, because every time a boat comes
to the island it's full of cotton

or timber or whatever's being
imported from wherever it's been to.

But every time a boat comes
from South Africa, there are always

four crates for delivery to
a company called Burwick Trading.

Who are Burwick Trading?

They're a local company
with no apparent income,

no head office, no staff -
but they do have one owner.

Who is it?

Jacob Doran - our recently-deceased
Minister for Commerce.

It looks like he's been illegally
importing goods from South Africa.

Fantastic. Great work, guys.
What's he importing?

We don't know, sir,

but the next delivery to Burwick
Trading arrives in port today.

And when we impound it, we'll
finally find out what this case

is really all about.

Yes, and why the killer wanted to
kill someone who was

already in the process
of killing himself. Yes.

Ah, er, Camille...

I'm just asking for a chance
to explain.

When you were three,
Marlon got a job in St Lucia.

We went with him.
And we were happy.

After a while it was the same old

came and went as he pleased.
He couldn't hold down a job.

I put up with his ways for so long.

Then, one morning,
he took you to the beach.

By nightfall, he still hadn't come
back. I was going frantic.

Eventually I found you... on your own.

Marlon was in a bar nearby,
playing cards.

He had forgotten
he had you with him.

It was the day I realised
he couldn't be a father to you.

So I brought you back home.
To Saint-Marie.

It was what I thought was
best for you.

We need to go to the port.

OK, so the boat is here
but the crates for Jacob's

company are not getting unloaded,
they're staying on board. Why's that?

I don't know
but the next port of call is Mexico.

Which is where Lena went with Jacob.

Yes, it was, wasn't it?

Forget about Lena,
it's not about her.

How do you know?

Because look who's about to
get on board.

Good morning, Mr Frazier!

What are you doing here?

I think we could ask you
the same question.

Police, we're boarding your boat!

Honestly, I have no idea what
is down there.




Ti mal.
I know this looks bad.

You have no idea.

Well, I reckon we know where Jacob
got his handgun from now, eh?

Yes, aye.

Yes, ay... I'd say that was

For a long time, I've suspected
Jacob was using his

position in the Ministry to carve
out some kind of sideline.

A few months back, I discovered
Burwick Trading was owned by him.

He was up to something illegal,
but I couldn't prove it.

So you decided to deal with him
another way.

At the very least,
Jacob had to be removed from power,

so when I discovered
he had another one of his affairs...

So you were the person close
to Jacob who went to the newspaper?

I promise you,
if I'd known he was gun-running,

I would have come straight to you.

So when I came down here, I was
trying to get the boat impounded.

It's true, sir.

The harbour master says Mr Frazier's
been trying to get him

to call the police - he suspected
this boat contained contraband.

Right, everyone,
what does this mean?

It means Jacob Doran was a criminal.

Yes, the kind of criminal
you want to kill.

Who knew about the gun-running?

Can we believe Theo
when he said he didn't?

I don't know but
if Theo really didn't know about it,

then maybe nobody did.

Yes, well, we're so close -
we have to be!

Why was he killed?



Um... Um, can I just say

Look, I know it's
none of my business, so you're

welcome to tell me to shut up,
or butt out,

although God knows what "butt out"
actually means...

Anyway, um, the point is,
I have no idea what

your mum said to you,
or what she's like, really.

I've only been on the island a short
while - but, erm, I do

know what you're like, I think,
a bit, and I just want to say

that you couldn't have been more
welcoming to me.

You're kind,
you're warm-hearted, funny,

forgiving - and God knows you have
to be forgiving to work with me.

Um, but the, ah, the thing is,
is that whatever problems you

have with Catherine, don't accuse
her of being a bad mother because

from where I'm standing, I'd say
she's done a pretty fantastic job.

Hold on. Sir?

Yes. If Jacob was a crook, then
that changes everything, doesn't it?

Yes, it certainly does.

So who killed him, then?

Well, let's start with what we know.

For example, I think we now know why
he had an illegal gun to hand.

It belonged to Jacob.

Which means his murder was never
really about the affair, was it?

It was about gun-running,
plain and simple.

Which might also explain why
he was killed, even though

he was going to kill himself anyway.

Do you think it was an execution?

Well, maybe it was a message,
you know.

You step out of line,
you're going to get killed.

Yes, which also explains why
he didn't want us

looking at the hard drive.

The only person who could remove
that drive is Jacob himself.

It contained evidence
of his arms dealings.

And why the bullet went
through the clothes. It was murder.

And why there were tyre tracks.

Because Marlon was
up there that night.

So we are left with the suicide
note, Jacob's night-time walk

and the theft of the cash
and passport from the safe.

Oh, but the cash is easy.
If you see the cash, you take it.

But why also take the victim's

All I can think
is that you want to impersonate him.

But everyone knows what
Jacob looks like,

you'd never get away with it.

The only person who could possibly
use that passport is Jacob.

And he can't use it
because he is dead.

Wait a minute...
Or could he?


But we know he was going to commit
suicide, so what does that mean?

That goes there.
Ah, and there... that's impossible.

That goes there. Passport... ha!

So that explains why he wiped
his hard drive and the illegal gun,

yes! And the bullet
through the clothes,

and the tyre tracks,
but not the 3am walk.

No, of course, the 3am walk.
And that finally explains why!

You know, don't you?

You've got ink on your shirt.

And you've made a serious mess
of that board.

I think it suits you, Chief.

You're right.
You are bloody well right.

That's better.

Right, I think we've got

a killer to catch... just as soon
as I've changed my shirt.

So how do you want to play this?

By, um, going to the beach.

What? Why?

There's something we've got to find.

I think it was better when he was
trying to be neat and tidy.

No, Dwayne.
There's a method in his madness.

There's got to be.

Mind you, I'm not saying
he's not mad, OK?

I'm just saying there's
a method to it, that's all.

Look mad to me.

He says he doesn't need any help.

Oh, he needs help, all right.
Medical help.


And he wouldn't tell you what
he was looking for?

He just said he wanted it to
be a surprise.

No way?

Found it!

What is it? Hold on.

One moment
and you'll be able to see.

Yeah, we saw that.

How the hell did you know
that was there?

Come on, you all knew there'd be
a bag buried on the beach,

you must have done?

Go on, Officer. Open it.

No, no, no, no, You do it.

Oh, I don't need to.
I already know what's in it.

Open it up! Hold on!

Method to the madness!

Thank you all for joining us.

You've found out who killed Dad?

We have.

Marlon, we know you came here
that night...

..but by the time Jacob
was killed,

you were on the other side of the
island buying your plane tickets.

Which also puts you in the clear,

After all, there was only one set
of tyre tracks up to the house

that night -
and they belonged to Marlon.

So you didn't kill him either.

And then there were three.

You see,
the key to this case has always been

the riddle at the heart of it.

Why did the killer kill
a man who was

already in the process
of killing himself?

It's, it's bizarre.

But as in a lot of riddles,
the answer, in the end,

was quite simple.

He wasn't killing himself.

Well, he was. We saw the letter.


The suicide note was real enough.
But it was also fake.

That's not possible.

Oh, it's possible,
it's just a little paradoxical...

..but then, in the end, no more
puzzling than the other

paradoxes in this case.

For example, why was it
Jacob's press secretary who gave

the story of his boss's
infidelity to the newspaper?

It was you?

I had no choice.

But why? He, he was a good man.

Apart from the affairs?

Yes. Apart from the affairs.

And the gun-running?

What are you talking about?

You really didn't know?
Know what?

Your husband was an illegal
arms dealer.


He was importing guns from South
Africa and shipping them to Mexico.

It's true, Charlotte. I've seen
the evidence with my own eyes.

Theo's right.

He wanted Jacob removed from power,

but you'd already achieved
that by the time the article

about his affair had been published,
so you didn't kill him either.

And then there were two.

Doting wife, loyal to the last.

And a young son who'd just
been betrayed

when his father had slept
with his girlfriend.

See, that's what I realised about
this earlier today - this case was

never about Jacob's affair, or his
gun-running - not directly anyway.

I didn't kill him!

You're right. You didn't kill him.
It was your mother.

Charlotte, you killed Jacob Doran.


I told you.

I stood by Jacob our whole marriage
- despite the affairs.

And that's why he had to die.

Because that night you discovered
that you may have

stood by your husband,
but he wasn't going to stand by you.

Was he?

We found your husband's bag
on the beach.

It's the bag that tells us
his suicide note was fake.

While also being real.

And only you could have
worked it out.

Only you went after him
when he went for his walk.

You didn't lose him,
like you told us. You followed him.

I think you sensed that Jacob
was up to something.

So you followed him
down to the beach which is where you

saw him burying the bag in the sand.

You didn't know what was in it.

But you were going to find out.

Once Jacob left, you dug up the bag
and found clothes, money,

passport and a gun.

All the things he'd need to
carry out his plan.

Which was quite simple, really.

With the publication of his affair,

Jacob knew his days as a minister
were numbered.

How long before his replacement
discovered that Jacob had been

abusing his position in the Ministry
and dealing in illegal weapons?

So he decided to fake his own death
and skip the country.

First, he placed a bag with
everything he'd need to run away.

And then he wrote a note,

telling the world
he was going to commit suicide.

He then planned to go down
to the beach where he'd undress

and step into the sea,

so it would look like he'd swum
out into the ocean to his own death.

When in reality,
all he had to do was swim

further along the beach to where
he planted his bag.

And get dressed in the clothes
he'd placed there earlier.

Meaning he was now free to leave
the island, or no doubt on the next

boat he could get to his gun-running
friends in Mexico.

Not that you knew the specific
details, I'm sure,

but you got the general drift.

Jacob was abandoning you.

And after all those decades
you'd stood by him.

While he'd concentrated
on his career rather than you.

After all the affairs and now it was

him who was running out on you.

You weren't prepared to let
that happen.

They're running it.

So you made a plan. When you came
back from the beach that

night, you brought
something with you.

Your husband's gun.

So as you told us,

you believed in your marriage vows.
You were husband and wife.

Together. Forever.
Till death do you part!

But when you killed him, you knew
you only had seconds to

set the scene.

Your son was in his room...

Theo was on the veranda.

They'd both have heard the gunshot.

So how did you escape
without being seen?

This is what we realised -
we don't think you did.

Because, in the confusion,
who would notice

if you had entered the room through
the door, or from behind it?


I'm sorry.


Thank you. But I'm going to
stay on the island

a bit longer, I think.

Right, erm, I think I'll just... yes.

You know, I'm glad
I finally got to meet you.

You are?

All my life,
you've been like a spectre.

A shadow hanging over me.

And now I'm not?

Now I know exactly who you are.

Camille, I should have done more.

You did just enough.

You left me to be raised by mother -

and that's the best gift
you could have given me.

I want to give you something.

What is it?

It's my address. In St Lucia.
Maybe one day...?

You write to me. Then we'll see.

Man alive, that is
what I call getting a round in.

Come on, Chief, it's thirsty work
catching criminals, you know.


Camille, you have to believe me,

I only ever wanted to do what
was best for you.

You did.

I did?

You did the best for me
every day of my life.


You know what, Catherine? In your
bar, I feel positively French.

You do?

Yes, so I think it only right that
we celebrate your culture

in the only way I know how.

This is not French.

What could be more French
than French cricket?


Catherine, you're too short
for a long leg! Oh, thank you!

And you're too long for a short leg.

I want you at extra cover
on the boundary

but look sharp,
I want you in on the one.

Yeah, OK!

And what am I supposed to do?

Just hit it.

Don't worry - it takes time
for even the best players to

get their eye in.



Yes, sir!

That's a six, Chief.

That is not a six!

It hasn't even hit the ground.

Are you serious?

I can still catch it!

Where you going? No!

Yes! No!



So have you
ever seen a Bonelli's eagle, Alec?

It's OK to say no.

Someone should teach him some
manners. Yes. They probably should.

It's Mr Talbot,
he's going without you!

He's trying to see the Green first.


The world of...

bird watching may be slightly more
cut-throat than one might assume.

So you said you had a date tonight?
What does he do for a living?

Models swimwear.