Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

A party of airline crew is staying at an hotel on the island and stewardess Natasha Thiebert is found dead by poisoning. She had just written a postcard home to describe 'exciting news'. Evidence suggests that pilot Adam Frost, boyfriend of cabin crew member Helen Walker, was in Natasha's room before she died and he admits he had gone to tell her the news of her promotion. Steward Max Leigh was also hoping for that promotion and co-pilot Paul Bevans was in debt to Natasha for money she loaned him to give gambling creditors. Then Adam admits to an affair with Natasha, her true exciting news, and a second search of the room uncovers a poison bottle with his prints on it. Goodman however knows that Adam has been framed and exposes the real murderer.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.
This is your captain speaking.

'Welcome aboard DC10 flight 1313.

'We will be cruising at a height
of 25,000 feet,

'an air speed of 600 miles per hour.

'Info will be provided upon request

'for a varied programme of
in flight music.

'Have a good flight.'

..and he says "This is a 747.

"Get to the back of the queue
with the Airbus drivers."

So as he starts to taxi
he clips the tail of an Embraer 170!

Now they've got him back re-training
to fly an Airbus!

Hey! Hey!

Oh, my God!

I think you've had enough
for one night, sir!

Right then, shall I get another?

Tash? Not for me.


No, I think the bar's closed.

Ooh, action - Adam's back.

It's past twelve oh no!


You won't be saying that
when the crew bus arrives Max.



Night, Tash.

Night, Adam.

Right, think it's time
I turned in too, actually.

Ah, yeah, you need to look your best,
with the missus due in. Thank you.

Is Helen coming here?

Yeah. She gets in from LAX shortly
before we leave for Heathrow.

Think we've got a two hour gap.

Ah! Long distance relationships,
eh, Adam?


See you in the morning. Night.

So nice to have you back again.

So nice to be back, Simone.

You missed quite a party last night.

Yeah? Well, I reckon there'll be
another one tonight!

It's a crew room again, I'm afraid.

Oh, that's OK, I'm only
here for a couple of nights.

S'funny. The key's not here...

Just give me a moment,
I'll call up the room.



I missed you!

How was your flight?

Oh, you know - the usual.
Everything all right?

Course it is.

Erm, where's Natasha?

She's normally the first one down,
I've knocked on her door.

Erm, can you call down to
Natasha Thiebert's room?

Erm, I'm doing it now.
There's no answer.

Ms Thiebert? Hello?

Can I come in?



Sir. Morning. How are we?

Bright...and breezy.

It's the shirt, isn't it?
Well, it's, it's very...

Yes, I know! Found it at the market.

Only 50 dollars, bit of a steal.

Oh, I'd say so.

Thought it was high time
I started to blend in.

Morning, Camille.


So we have...

Natasha Thiebert, a 35-year-old
air hostess. Suspicious death.

Early indications are she was
poisoned, sir.

Lack of oxygen to the skin
indicates that.

Any idea how?

Oh, we're guessing the killer put
something into a glass of champagne.


OK, Fidel, prints please

and get the lab to
identify our poison for us?

Yes, sir.

Any other bottles anywhere,
a container of some kind?

The champagne was uncorked there

so the poisoner must have brought
the poison in separately

and put it in the glass.

We haven't found anything, the
killer must have taken it with them.

I imagine we don't have a
time of death, yet?

No, we know she left the others
around 12.30 last night,

her body was found at 8.40 this
morning so we're guessing she's been
dead around six hours.

So that's about...2.30am?

Did she seem fit and well
when she was last seen?

She wasn't drunk or complaining
of feeling unwell?

No. OK, who did
she leave the party with?


Yet two glasses.

The witnesses said she left alone.

They have CCTV in the hotel.

I could get the tapes
and check it out.

Er, yes please.

Erm, and draw up a list of everyone
she spoke to last night.

Twin beds?

Ah, yes, it's a crew room,
they tend to share.

But she wasn't? Her roommate arrived
on a different flight this morning.

Erm, Helen Walker.

But there were three other
crew members who

came in in the same
flight as the victim.

All male. They mixed with other
guests all evening, but the manager

said that just the four of them were
left together around midnight.

Even so, let's take
statements from all the guests,

start eliminating people.

And Fidel,
take exclusion prints also,

check them
against the champagne glasses. Sir.

What on earth do you do with this?


Do women usually have
this much make up?

Air hostesses do.


She wasn't murdered for money.

It's from all over the world.

Anything on these?

Oh, postcards home,
all stamped and ready to go.

Says it's her first
time on the island...

all the usual,
although there was one...

"One in the morning, in my room,

"just had some exciting news, can't
wait to tell you when I get back."


Anyone could have taken them.

Mmmm. The missing room key?


I gave the guest list to
one of your officers,

is there something else
I can help with?

Er, yes. The, erm, airline staff.

They're regulars, I presume?

We have an arrangement with
the airline - yes.

You know them well then?

I don't know any of them really,

they tend to keep themselves
to themselves.

So you wouldn't know if anyone held
a grudge against Natasha Thiebert?

I wouldn't, sorry.

I think I heard that it was her
first time at the hotel -

her first time on the island.

Poor woman.

She was due to share a room
with a Helen Walker?

Er, each room has two keys,
Natasha's was in her room

but the other one was missing?

Yes. It should be here.

Do you think it might have
been taken?

It would appear so.

Er, may I?
Yes. Of course.

Good morning,
La Creole Beach Hotel...

I still can't believe it,
I was only with her last week.

You arrived in Saint-Marie
this morning?


And you were all with her
last night?

Yeah, we were at the back of the
hotel till about midnight.

Was it her heart? I'm sure
someone said something about her
having heart problems.

Yeah, I'd heard that rumour too,
that's the gossipy world
of the biccy-chuckers.

The "biccy-chuckers"?
That's what all the Nigels call us.

Sorry - "Nigels"?

The pilots.

Look, she'd had her company medical
a few months ago, there was

nothing wrong with her heart.

Yes, I can confirm that Natasha
Thiebert didn't die of natural

this is a murder investigation.

Murder?! Murdered!
Who would do that?

It's all right.

It doesn't make any sense.

So she was well liked?


I mean I could, I could think
of a hundred flight attendants
people would gladly murder...

Max. But not Natasha.

And so she was popular?

She was, she was lovely.

She wasn't a party animal,
not really, more "homely".

Talked about her family a lot.

She grew up in Provence -
her family are still there -

she always called them, sent
postcards from wherever she landed.

She dreamt of packing it all in one
day, going back to France,

buying a little farm
and living a simple life.

That's what she said anyway.

Yeah, postcards - yes, yes.

Erm, Natasha wrote
something on a postcard,

when she went back to her room.

Er, something about "exciting news".

Do any of you know what that meant?


And, and where were you all
around, er, 2:30am this morning?

I was in bed.

We all were, we had a flight this
morning. It's been cancelled.

And you're in separate rooms?

Yeah, pilots get single rooms.

Well, I'm in a twin,
but I've got it all to myself.

I had a drink from the mini bar
and I was asleep by one?

And, and you were en route
from Los Angeles?

Got in a couple of minutes past
seven this morning.

And none of you saw or heard
anything from Natasha after she


And none of you visited her room?

No. No.

OK. Thank you.

They all seemed nice enough,
do you think
they were telling the truth?

Well, there was two champagne
glasses in her room,

so someone must have
gone to see her.

Unless she left them because she
knew she was meeting someone else?

Very true. Let's see if we can get
anything new from the autopsy.

Don't be mad at me. Hmph.

I just said I was a little
surprised to see you working here,

that is all.

You don't think I'm good
enough for this hotel?

I didn't say that.
No, but you inferred it.

Everything all right?

Yes, Chief.

Ms Magon here was er, kindly
assisting us with the hotel CCTV.


Simone Magon seems nice enough.

I'm telling you, Chief,
her mother is wild, her

sisters are wild, in fact the whole
family is completely out of control.

You're not suggesting that she's
a murder suspect?

There's no link. Not if it was
Natasha's first time on the island.

Look, all I'm saying is it won't do
any harm to run a few
background checks on her.

Well, if it'll make you feel better.
Thank you, Chief.

Oh, er, did you get anything from
the CCTV?

Only that the time-code
confirms their statements.

Is there any way she could have been
poisoned in the bar or at the party?

I don't see how, she's
sharing the same bottle of wine as
everyone else.

And she doesn't seem to eat or drink
anything else when she's there.

OK, rewind to the start
of the evening and see

if you can spot anything untoward?

Yes, Chief.

Oh, by the way...


Natasha's bag...

I checked - it's called a
'lucky-dip' bag.

All cabin crew have one,
they visit a country,

if they don't use all the currency
or use up whatever,

they put it in their lucky-dip
bag to use...

To use the next time they're there,
thank you.

Exactly. Right!

Natasha Thiebert goes to her room,
seemingly alone, seemingly happy.

Someone visits, they drink from two
separate glasses of champagne,

she dies.

So, the person she drank champagne
with must have poisoned her.

Which suggests it's someone
she knew.


I've got a match with the prints
on the champagne glasses.

The victim's are on one.
And on the other?

Adam Frost.

It's just a few questions,
that's all.

I'm not really sure
we can be of much help but...

Well, actually, it's Mr Frost
we'd like to speak to.


I think it may be best
if we do this at the station?

Whatever you want to say
to him, you can

say in front of us both,
isn't that right, sweetheart?

Of course. Sure?


We found some fingerprints
in Natasha's room.

You sure you're happy to do this?

Wait! You're saying you found
his fingerprints?


OK. I went to her room.

I didn't tell you earlier
because I knew how it would look

but it's all perfectly innocent,
I can assure you.

So you admit you went to Natasha's
room? Last night?

What time was that? 1.30.

Can we ask why?

To talk about the senior
steward job.

We all knew it was a choice
between Tash or Max,

and I'd just had word
from London that the job was hers.

You could've waited
until the morning to tell her.

Yes, I could.

But I knew how hard
she'd worked for it

and I knew how much she wanted it.

She was having trouble with
another crew member. Who?

I don't know exactly, she wouldn't
tell me, although I do know it

was getting her down, so I thought
she deserved a little good news.

OK, so you told her. Then what?

I made my excuses to leave...

but she insisted on opening
a bottle of champagne.

We raised a glass to toast
her success...

that was that,
I had one glass and returned to my

room shortly after.

At what time?

I don't know exactly. But it can't
have been later than two.

Although no one will be able to
vouch for that, will they?

I think reception might.

After I got back to my room,
I called down to arrange a wake-up

It was nothing.

'And what time was that?

'No, no, no that's fine.
Thank you. Bye.'

Oh nice. Thank you.

What is that? Cheese and pickle.
It's an English delicacy.

Whatever that is.

Reception confirm that they had
a call from Adam Frost just

after 2am asking for a wake-up call.

From his own room?


OK, well
if he's telling the truth,

that explains away the two
champagne flutes.

It doesn't mean
he didn't poison her.

No, it doesn't. Though I'm
struggling to see a motive.

Still! It ain't over till
the fat lady sings.

Excuse me?

It's an expression.
About a fat lady?

Yes. Singing?
It comes from the opera.

What does it mean?

Well, it all stems from a slightly
overweight soprano

of the Grand Opera, the one with the
Viking helmet.

When she came on and sang, you
knew it was nearly the end.

Of the opera...

And that's a British saying?

Yes, it means it's not over...

Until the fat lady sings?

But opera's probably not a big
thing on Saint-Marie,

you have the, er, Tropical
Caribbean Cabaret instead!

The dance show?


I got it from the front desk.

"The world famous Tropical
Caribbean Cabaret for the true

"Saint-Marie experience".

You're going to the cabaret?

Yes, and as I said to Dwayne
and Fidel, I feel like

I need to integrate more,
start acting more like a local...

It's all in the hips.

Please stop.

Sorry it's a, it's a
work in progress.

I assume you'll be there?
At the, er, cabaret?



Camille, Sir,
we've had results back from the lab.

Excellent, so what have we got?

Well, they couldn't find any
trace of poison in the glasses or
the champagne.

You sure?
One hundred percent.

But Natasha was poisoned?

Yes. It's a very rare poison -

Bikh now there was only a trace
found in her system but...

But a trace is all you need.


Bikh is an organic, plant-based
clear liquid, it originates from

Tibet, it is extremely fast acting.

Tibet? Oh great! So we've got a
globe-trotting murderer.

Fine! We've got
a globe-trotting list of suspects.

Yes, but if the
poison wasn't in the champagne,
how was it ingested?

Mmmm, that's a tricky one.

Now, we know she shared the same
bottle of wine with the others

at the party but there's no record
of her having

called room service
when she got to her room.

Yes, and the autopsy confirms
that she didn't eat or drink

anything after the champagne.

We need to go back to that room
and search it again.

Dwayne, you do it. Maybe we've
missed something, but er,

that poison must have been
administered somehow.

Maybe Adam Frost went back
to her room?

Or, or,

he could have set
a trap for her.

Because that's
the thing about poison, isn't it?

You don't have to be there
when a person takes it.

But if it was Adam - she let him in.

So who stole the room key and why?

OK, so, we have got Adam Frost,
he admits to visiting her,

sharing a glass of champagne
then leaving at 2am.

Paul Bevans and Max Leigh say
they were in their rooms.

Helen Walker was still
en route from Los Angeles.

Er, what about Simone?

We know she was on duty.

She has easy access to the keys,

and can move around the hotel
without being challenged.

But what motive could she have?
Well, right now, we haven't got
a motive for any of them.

Background checks?

Paul Bevans, lives north of London
with his mother,

he's been with the airline his
entire career, seems pretty clean.

Yes, and I called the airline, and
they confirmed Natasha's promotion.

But steward Max Leigh was also
up for the same job,
so maybe he was unhappy.


Max Leigh's been working for the
airline twice as long as Natasha.

So why didn't he get the promotion?

Ah, some time ago the airline were
doing a 360 degree staff

review - whatever that is -
staff reports were assembled,

and people were asked to appraise
each other, you know, strengths,

weaknesses and so on.

This is the report for Max.

And he doesn't come out of it well.


"You're not focussed on the job,
you're often late,

"sometimes smelling of alcohol."

Er, yeah, last night's alcohol,
I was hung-over not drunk.

Look, life is for living - right?

And this job's hard enough,
please and thank yous to a plane

load of plebs all moaning cos
they haven't been upgraded.

At the end of a shift I like to
let my hair down a little bit,

we all do - well, most of us anyway.

Is that a crime?

Though as we've heard,
Natasha wasn't a party girl.

Bet she disapproved.

Well, yeah,
she was Miss Goody Two Shoes.

It's quite a large case
for cabin crew, isn't it?

Have you tried transporting a sharp
suit in one of those little

wheel-along things?

Let me tell you. Nightmare.

It was Tash who complained about me,
wasn't it?

What makes you think it was her?

She hated me.


She was jealous! I'm young
and out partying and she was,

like, this old, tired woman.

She was 35!

Must've been very difficult for you.

You do this job twice
as long as Natasha

and everyone's sure she'd get

So didn't bother me.


All that extra hassle and work
for an extra what, quid an hour,

you can keep it.

Look, it's just a job, OK?
I wouldn't have killed her for it.

If you're looking for a murder

you're so looking in
the wrong place.

Where should we be looking?

Paul Bevans.

We were getting on the crew coach
to bring us to the hotel.

Tash was in a right state about
something, she was all over Paul.

Having a right go at him, she was.

What about? I don't know exactly.

I need it!

Yeah! And you'll get it.

OK? As soon as we leave the island,
I promise.

And that's all I heard.

Paul Bevans?

No, I'm sorry,
he went out just a little while ago.

Where? He didn't say. I'm sorry.

Thank you.

'The police have been here again.

'We need to talk.'

If Max heard correctly,

Natasha was saying she "needed"
something - not "wanted" something.

"Needed" something.
From Paul Bevans.

Money is the most obvious.

There was a credit history report
in his background check.

Yes. Looks like most of his credit
cards are maxed out.

There are bank statements
around here somewhere.

Ah... Ah!

Ah! Here we are.

You're right, money goes out
as soon as it comes in.

Hang on a second, there's a large
deposit here, three months ago.

10,000 euros.

His salary?

Oh no, that went in as usual,
the week before.

Have you got Natasha's bank records?

Yes, I have.

Ha! There!

10,000 euros?


Why is he so much in debt?

It might be something to do
with his life-style.

He wears an elastic band
around his wrist, it's a

classic addicts' device.

They ping it whenever they get
a craving, to remind

them they're trying to quit.

He's an addict?

Yeah. And as the airlines
take regular blood tests

it must be something other
than excessive drink or drugs.

Gambling? That's my bet.

Dwayne? Chief?

If I wanted to play cards for money,
where would I go?

Somewhere dirtier than a casino,

somewhere where a lack
of credit wouldn't be an issue?

MUSIC: "Money Money"
by Horace Andy

♪ Money, money, money, money
Is the root of all evil

♪ Money, money, money, money
Is the root of all evil... ♪

We hear you're having some
financial difficulties.

Not any more.

We've seen your accounts -
credit card bills, loans...

Yeah, OK. I know that might not
look great,

but I've just been
moving things around a little bit,

you know, robbing Peter to pay Paul.


We're not here to talk
about your credit cards.

Natasha loaned you some money,
a lot of money.

Yeah, it was an emergency.

What emergency?

Well, I'd had a bit of a run of bad
luck in Macau and, erm...

I was having a bit of trouble paying
some guys off over there.

They wanted their money?
These guys, they break bones.

I wouldn't have been able to work,
my debts would've mounted up,

and it would have been the end
of everything.

Tash stepped in, paid my debt off
and saved my life.

We believe that when you arrived at
Saint-Marie she asked for it back?

Yeah, that's right.
She said she needed it.

Must have put you under
a bit of pressure?

Yeah, and I didn't need her to make
me feel pressurised.

I was feeling that pressure already.

I felt so guilty. I was just
desperate to pay her back, you know.

And, like I promised her,

I would have.

So, we have no clear suspect
and no clear motive.

But those two things are currently
the least of our problems

because despite forensics
and the pathologist's report,

we still have no idea how the
poison was administered.

It's not exactly going very well,
is it?

Right. So, the last person
we believe to have seen Natasha,

they each drank
a glass of champagne

before he, Adam Frost, returned
to his room shortly after two.

And he lied at first. He didn't
tell us about visiting Natasha.

Because he knew how it
would look to Helen.

Although he doesn't appear to have
any reason at all to kill Natasha.

Next we have First Officer
Paul Bevans.

Under pressure to repay
a 10,000 euro debt to Natasha.

Boy, that's a lot of money. Although
he has the money to pay her back.

He did today. Yesterday may have
been a completely different matter.

Though I have to say,
he did seem grateful for her help.

Tash stepped in, paid my debt off
and saved my life.

He doesn't sound like a man

who hated the victim enough
to take her life.

Max, on the other hand, clearly had
little time for Natasha,

thought she was a goody two shoes

and had spoken ill of him to the
airline. Motive enough for murder?

Professional jealousy?
The senior steward promotion,

everyone thought it would go
to Natasha. And they were right.

But he says he didn't want
the promotion.

All that extra hassle and work
for an extra quid an hour,

you can keep it.
If he is to be believed.

Unless there's something else
we don't know,

it doesn't feel like a strong
enough motive.

And yet he is the suspect
who least liked Natasha.

Which brings us
to the lovely Simone Magon.

What? Go on.

She had the opportunity, she could
have easily taken the second key

to gain access to the room.

Yes, but Dwayne, wouldn't
she have put it back afterwards?

It's still missing. Yeah,
I'm not convinced she's linked.

Me neither. But I heard her
on the phone earlier.

The police have been here again.
We need to talk.

I still can't see a link
between her and the victim.

Yes, but if I dig around a bit
I might find one.

No, Camille's right. I appreciate
your thoughts and won't dismiss her,

but there's really not enough
to make her a suspect. Great(!)

OK, it's late. Let's come at it
again fresh in the morning.

Yes, you're probably right.

Attack it again in the morning
with clear minds.

And you don't want to miss
the Tropical Caribbean Cabaret.

I'm sorry. What?

The inspector wants to see
the real Saint-Marie.

Well, he's not going to find it
at the Tropical Caribbean Cabaret!

A lie, Fidel? A true.
It's only for the tourists, Sir.

Even I think it's cheap and tacky!

You were going to tell me, right?
Of course!

We can't let you do it, Chief.

OK, do you want to see the real
Saint-Marie? Yes.

MUSIC: "Boom Shaka Laka"
by Hopeton Lewis

I love it!
He'll be dancing any minute now.

I should have a little food first.

What do you recommend?

The most authentic, traditional,
island dish. Yes, please!

You like spicy food?
Hotter the better!

Ah, so you won't need that.
I'll get you the staff special.

It's a shame the boys
couldn't join us.

Fidel had some family stuff
he couldn't get out of.

And Dwayne? He said he wanted to
catch up on some work.

Yeah, I know!

MUSIC: "Red Blood"
by Vin Gordon

Oh! Ah!

Here we are.
Is that what I think it is?

Mmm. Saint-Marie confit poulet.

Chicken stew.


My mother's speciality.
It looks fantastic! Thank you.

You're so welcome,
I'll get you some bowls. Thank you.



Mm, it's magnificent. Yes.
Mm, the flavours and spices.

It's not too hot for you?
No, it's perfect. OK.

What's in it?

Garlic, ginger, chilli...

..and there's a
bondamanjak in there too.

Yeah, it's like a scotch bonnet
chilli as a flavour thing.

But the trick is you
have to keep that whole,

if it bursts it's too hot
and it just ruins the dish.

Mm, tomato. No, no, no!

Oh, my! That's the chilli.

The Scotch bonnet chilli,
you've just had the bonnet...

It's OK.







You find anything?


Drink another!

Do you think I should call
an ambulance?

He should be OK
if he keeps drinking milk.

Again. Drink.

Morning. Ah, another shirt!

Yes! I couldn't really wear last
night's with everything.

How are you, by the way?
Better, thank you.

My mother was very worried,
I mean, we all were.

Yes, I think I owe your mother
for a lot of milk.

Don't worry about that!
But Fidel, you should see her car!

I don't care about her car!
You shouldn't have been there!

What's going on?

Simone Magon's lodged an official
complaint against Dwayne.

Police harassment.
Dwayne? I thought we agreed?

I know, Chief,
but I was following a lead.

What lead? Well, when I say "lead"
I mean "hunch".

Dwayne, listen to me
and listen to me good.

You stay away from her from now on,
you understand? That's an order.

What? Dwayne? Fidel's right, OK?
You messed up.

You need to go and apologise to her,

tell her we're acting on bad

and hopefully she'll retract her
complaint. She won't!

You don't know what she's like!
Dwayne! Apologise.

All right, I'll apologise.

What? Now? Yes, now.

Come on, I'll go with you.

Shall we get to work?
Yes, let's.

The answer must be
in here somewhere!

She was poisoned
but there was no poison in the room.

It wasn't in the glass
or the champagne.

Yet no one forced her to take
the poison - no cuts, no bruises.

What are you looking...

Ah, the timeline!


We know that Natasha
was last seen alive at midnight

when she left the others.

She dies at 2:30.
So between those times

we believe that she returned to her
room after leaving the others.

And we also knew that she
returned to her room

because Natasha wrote that it
was 1:00am in one of the postcards.

What else did
she write in that postcard?

That she had some exciting news.
Which we assumed was her promotion.

But she can't have written about
the promotion in the postcard...

Because according to Adam Frost,
she didn't know by then!

Until he arrived half an hour later.

So we need to call our contact
at the airline,

find out who knew
about the promotion and when.

You've felt really distant
since I got here.

Sorry, it's just such a shock.
I know. Poor Tash.

That's it though, isn't it?
I mean, there's nothing else? Mmm?

You still love me?

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

No, no, that's all. Thank you. Bye.

The decision was made in London
in the early evening

on the day of the murder.

Because of the time difference,
her line manager

decided not to contact Natasha
until the following morning.

When she couldn't reach Natasha
direct, she spoke to Adam Frost.

So Adam couldn't have
known about it the night before?

So, the question has to be...

If he was less than truthful
about his reasons for visiting

Natasha in the early hours
of the morning,

why else would he be visiting her
at 1:30am and drinking champagne?

What do you think?

It's a little
early for that, isn't it?

Is it my drinking you'd like to
discuss or is there something else?

Perhaps you'd feel more
comfortable having

this conversation
down at the station?

Adam and I don't have secrets.

It's about Natasha.

You didn't go to Natasha's room
to tell her about the promotion.

So the big question is...

why did you go to her room
to share a bottle of champagne?

It's all perfectly innocent.

Adam, listen to me, what you say
now, this is really serious.

This is a murder enquiry.


I'm sorry.

You and Natasha?

I tried to end it, I swear I did.
But...I loved her.

I'm so sorry.

You were carrying on behind my back,
making me look stupid,

laughing at me! No!

No, I swear that wasn't the case.

How long? Does it matter?

Yeah, it bloody matters!

Six months?

Bloody cabin crew!

Always at it!

I suppose people have got
over worse.

People who have got less than us.

If you want to try...

I loved her because
I didn't love you any more.

I'm sorry.

At least I don't have anything
to hide any more.

I can be honest.

Natasha and I,
we decided to make a go of it.

That was the real reason
we were celebrating.

New beginnings?
New beginnings.

We'd put in an offer
on a house in Provence.

It was Tash's dream.

The bank, the estate agents,
our solicitors -

I'll give you their details.
They'll confirm everything.

I loved her.

I believe he didn't kill her.
Because he loved her?

Because he's a pilot.
What's that got to do with it?

Pilots are level-headed.
Considered. They plan things.

They're very precise.
You just described a murderer.

Maybe Natasha spurned him.
She wasn't interested,

she wanted to end it, who knows?

We only have Adam's word
they were in love.

Even though they were buying a farm?
Again, we only have his word.

Even if his lawyer
confirmed the purchase,

she may have still tried to end it.
Maybe decided to buy it on her own?

Could she afford to do that?

Might explain why she was asking
Paul to repay his loan. Excuse me.

But I think
we may owe Dwayne an apology.

Simone Magon's phone records.

Dwayne requested them at the start
of the investigation. Look here.

UK mobile number. Yep.

And here and here and here -
all to the same mobile number.

Whose number was it? Max Leigh.

Max and Simone?

Even though...

I don't know any of them, really.

They tend to keep themselves
to themselves.

So, that's why I saw them together.

Why would Simone choose
not to tell us she knows Max?

She's hiding something. As is Max.

remember how quickly
he turned the spotlight on to Paul.

If you're looking
for a murder suspect,

you are SO looking
in the wrong place.

But what links them?

It's not love. Money?
I've been telling you.

It's the only thing Simone
and her family are interested in.

And how would a small-time criminal
make money from an air steward

flying in and out of the country?

By bringing something in
and selling it on? Smuggling.

Finally looks like we're
getting somewhere with the case.

Of course.

Of course.


..and Simone.

The same...

What now? You wouldn't mind us
looking in your case, would you?

Help yourself.

Drugs? Guns?


You already delivered, didn't you?

Where will we find Simone?

I know. Come on.

You stay with him.

There she is!

Drugs? Guns?

Cigarettes? Duty free.

Cigarettes, perfume, spirits -
Max brought them in on his flights,

Simone sold them to local bars and
shops. I told you she was no good.

It doesn't feel like a big enough
motive for murder, though, does it?

It's big enough for Max.
if Natasha found out,

it's the end of his career. Hmm.
And Simone could lose her job.

Yes, but Simone could have slipped
the poison to Natasha at any time,

as could Max. Why was she killed
on her own, in her room?

And how was the poison administered?

And why did the killer
take the second key?

She came back to her room,
seemingly well.

She wrote postcards to her family.
Adam Frost came.

She and Adam drank champagne.
He left. She didn't.

What did she do in that
last half-hour or so?

We know she didn't
eat or drink anything.

Yet she was poisoned.
It makes no sense.

She finished packing...
and she was found here.

What did she see?

What was the last thing she saw?


That is our poison.

Let's see if Fidel
can get a print off it.

I don't understand how we missed it.

We searched every spot
in that room - twice.

I know I did.
It doesn't make any sense.

How can something
just suddenly turn up like that?

We've got a match.

Adam Frost?


Yes, just as I thought.

Well, let's go and pick him up. still doesn't tell us
the poison was administered.

Maybe Adam will tell us?

Hang on a sec.

There's something in here. Look.

Looks like a hair.

We can send it to the lab,
get a DNA check.

It doesn't look like a human hair.

It's an...animal?

Wait a minute...



Think I heard it was
her first time at the hotel,

her first time on the island.

New beginnings. New beginnings.

That's just the gossipy world
of biccy-chuckers. Ah!

It's a goat hair!


The hair in the bottle
belongs to a goat.

Makes sense(!)


Oh, you are a genius.

Our murderer's a genius.

An absolute, bloomin' genius!

Right, let's get everyone
together at the hotel!

Thank you all for coming.

Like we all had a choice.

Natasha Thiebert died
from poisoning, this much we know.

She was murdered.

The things that eluded us,
until a short while ago, anyway,

were not just the who,

but also the how

and why?

It's a bit of a mess, actually.

First, we must look at motive.

Who here had the motive?

Max was stealing duty free stock
from the airline.

Simone was selling those goods
on to local bars and shops. And?!

Both stood to lose their jobs,
if discovered.

We know that Max already suspected
Natasha of reporting him

to the airline
for other misdemeanours.

And then we have
First Officer Paul Bevans,

a gambler, who owed Natasha money.

I had it yesterday.
I could have paid it all back.

But not today?

Or the day before.

Adam Frost's motive
may well have been different.

He was in love with her.
They were having an affair.


Did you know?

I wouldn't have killed her.
I loved her.

You say you loved her,
but did she love you?

We only have your word for that.

And, finally, there's Helen.


As the truth of Adam
and Natasha's affair was revealed,

it gave you the clearest motive
of all -

to get rid of a love rival.

I only found out about the affair
yesterday. So YOU say.

But then, as we know, the cabin crew
world is a gossipy little world.

You can think what you like.
I wasn't even here.

No, you're absolutely right.
You were on a flight en route

to Saint-Marie
when the murder took place.

Which brings us
rather neatly onto opportunity.

Who had the opportunity?

The spare key to Natasha's room
went missing.

Now, any one of you could have
stolen it from reception.

Except me.

But that... But that doesn't tell us
how the poison was administered.

You see, when we searched that room,

we couldn't find anything
containing the poison.

And yet, today,
strangely enough, we did.

Today, we found a bottle with Adam's
fingerprints all over it.

Hotel shampoos. I've thrown away
hundreds all over the world.

I'm sure you have,
but this one is different.


Because this one contains the poison
used to murder Natasha Thiebert.

So, how did we not find this sooner?

Incompetence by our forensic team?

Or just an oversight?

Frankly, I don't believe
the first, for a second,

and the second is pretty unlikely.

So, if we didn't miss it,

then it had to have been
planted by someone much later.

Planted by someone who wanted
to frame Adam Frost...

..using the missing key,
once again, in order to do so.

Once again, yes.

You see, the key was taken before,

but it wasn't used
to murder Natasha...

..but taken so there was
an independent eye-witness

to the discovery of the body.

Isn't that right...



How could I have killed her
when I wasn't even here?

And that is what is
absolutely brilliant about this -

your cast-iron alibi.
But as Sergeant Best pointed out...

That's the thing about poison,
isn't it?

You don't have to be there
when the person takes it.

I don't have to listen to this.

Oh, yes, you do.


Helen, please,
don't hide your genius.

What you did, awful as it was,
was also bloody brilliant.

Aside from the key. You really
should have put that back,

shouldn't you? But then, if you had,
you wouldn't have made

your biggest mistake.

Adam declared his love for Natasha.

I suppose people have got over worse,

people with less than us,

if you want to try?

If Adam had accepted your
olive branch at that very moment,

you may well have got away
with this murder.

But he didn't, did he?

I was with Tash because I didn't
want to be with you any more.

I loved her, because I didn't
love you. I'm sorry.

And at that very moment,
you hatched a new plan, didn't you?

To frame Adam for the murder
you committed.

Using the missing key,
you let yourself in.

You'd already stolen
a bottle from Adam's room,

knowing it would have his
fingerprints on it. You emptied it,

cleaned it and put the poison in.

You knew that when it was found,
it would implicate him.

Yeah, this is all very clever, but it
doesn't explain how I killed her

when I was 38,000 feet in the sky.

Ah, yes, good point. It's a
very good point.

And that's how using the bottle
to frame Adam was your downfall.

Because the clue to how you
did it was a hair

in this bottle of poison.

Animal hair.

See, Natasha was well known
for writing postcards home

from wherever she landed. You'd
shared a room with her often enough

to know her routine and,
shortly after Adam left,

having packed her case
and got everything ready to leave

and while you were 38,000 feet

up in the sky,
you murdered Natasha Thiebert!


you bought the poison in Tibet

and, using a make-up brush -

a make-up brush,
made from goat hair,

as I discovered,
the best ones generally are -

you coated the Saint Marie stamps...

..before passing them on to Natasha,

knowing she was about to fly to
Saint Marie for the first time,

to put in her lucky-dip bag,
to use to send a postcard home.

After discovering the affair,
you coated the stamps,

in order to murder your love rival

and to ensure you had
a brilliant, cast-iron alibi.

After all, as you pointed out,

how could you possibly
kill anyone from 38,000 feet?

You can't prove any of this.

Oh, I wouldn't be so sure.

You see, I reckon that
tiny little goat hair,

with your DNA all over it... probably all
the proof I'd need.

Take her away.

Is the fat lady singing?

Oh, yes!

It was all about love and jealousy?
Love makes the world go around.

Mmm. And jealousy makes it stop.

Anyway, well done, everyone!

A job well done, I think.

Cheers. I still think we should have
arrested that Simone, though.

A few cigarettes never hurt anybody.

I suppose that's not strictly true,
but you get my gist.

No, if I'm going to, er,
blend in with the locals more,

be at one with Saint Marie,
then, I suppose, locking up

half the shop and bar owners,
wouldn't really help, would it? Hmm.

I suppose not.

So, you're still keen to blend in?


Although, as much
as we all loved your new shirts,

it's nice to see you back
in your usual attire.

Very true, Fidel.
You can blend in,

but you don't have to change
your personality

or your shirt.


Which is exactly why, I'm going
to leave the colourful shirts

to the you.

And as you like them so much,

I look forward to seeing
YOU wearing them.

Me? Yeah, I don't think
that will work, Sir.

Chief, I don't think I could, erm,
pull off that look!

Me, neither.
Course you can. I don't...

I insist.

Sir, are you all right?


The day a government minister's
exposed as having an affair...

He takes his own life.

I don't think this is a suicide.
It's been staged to look like one.

If you ask me, this is murder.

I want to see who did this
behind bars for a very long time.

Camille? Do you know each other?

I think Marlon is my father. What?!