Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Solly Jackson,womanising lead vocalist with recently reformed band the Venerators, is found dead on stage with a bullet in his head. The other band members and his widow Avita all have an alibi,as does the mysterious female photographer Michelle,who turns out to be Solly's illegitimate daughter. Everybody assumes it is suicide - except Poole,whose suspicions are confirmed when somebody puts a snake in his bedroom at night. Using Michelle's photos he shows that one person's alibi was rigged and that,as far as the killer was concerned,the Venerators would be ensured greater success with a singer whose death guaranteed legendary status.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Come on, come on! Yeah, I'm coming.
I AM watching, you know.

The greatest performer
of all time! Thanks.

You don't know how lucky
you are, you know.

Solly hasn't stepped foot
on stage for ten years. AMAZING!

Where's the Chief?
I don't want him to miss this.

He said he had to get some air.


No, no, honestly,
I'm fine, thank you. No, NO! No!


You're going to miss the show.
Yeah? Wouldn't that be terrible?

You know they say that a man
who doesn't love music,

doesn't love life.

I'm waiting for a cup of tea.

They don't serve tea here.

They told me they did.
They took my money. Oh, come on!

Dwayne will have a coronary
if you miss this.

Think of it as
a team-building exercise.

Richard, come on!

Ah chief, you're just in time!
Well, this is fun(!)

Don't spoil it.


Look, here he comes.

Any minute now.

Sorry, what is it we're waiting for?

The singer, Solly,
bursts out of the coffin.


It's show business.

Ladies and gentlemen.


The one... ALL: Yeah!

The only... ALL: Yeah!


Any minute now.

Solly... Jackson!


It's a trick...

just wait and see.

It has to be.

I thought you said it was
show business?


OK, Honore Police, move back,
thank you, thank you.

Convenient really, having your own
coffin, ready and waiting.

Blood groupings show he was
definitely killed inside it.

Close range, gunshot wound.
You should have the area searched,

see if anyone discarded the murder
weapon anywhere. Maybe in the coffin?

Well, no, no.
That would be highly unlikely.


Or not.

Have Dwayne run it for prints.

Any idea what this is?

Maybe a good...luck charm?

Obviously didn't work, then.

It's, erm...

strange the way he's been laid out,
isn't it? With his arms folded.

At rest... in repose.

You don't do that unless you have
a connection with someone.

Whoever did this must have
known him. Cared about him.

Maybe even loved him.

They've got a funny
way of showing it.

I've been waiting for this day for
ten years. For, er, Solly to die?

No, no, for the band
to get back together.

I've played with other groups
since we split but...

when Curtis, Eddie and Solly
was out there, oh!

It was magical.

Why did the band break-up
the first time? I don't know.

You must have some idea.

No, I just hit the keys.
I avoid all that stuff.

A couple of months back, Eddie,
the bass player, called me up

and said Solly had finally agreed
to do some new shows.

Some shows? So, this wasn't
just a one-off?

Eddie had big plans for us, back
in the studio, back on the road...

Would have been fun.

When was the last time
you saw Solly? Hmm... backstage.

Just when we went to get ready.

Just make sure you boys
can keep up with me.


Explain the coffin to me.

It was Solly's thing.

15 minutes before the show, he goes
out and gets into the coffin,

pulls the lid and waits there
to be taken onto stage.

And, erm, he went in there alone?

Nobody was allowed,
Solly was very strict about it.

You could set your watch to it,
15 minutes...

Some things never change, I guess.

15 minutes, fellas!
He'll be getting in there right now.

'We were all backstage together,
Solly away on his own.

'The rest of us finally able
to relax and have some fun.'

See, when we first started out,
we were good, you know,

we were solid,
but nobody came to see us.

We were just another band,
we didn't stand out.

So you came up with the coffin
as a stage gimmick. Solly did.

You can say what you like
about the guy,

but he was a genius when it came
to that side of things.

Played out the whole mystical angle.

Telling the press that
he slept in it,

that that's where he got
his voodoo force!

It had been ten years since
we were out on stage.

So I guess he needed this time,
now more than ever,

to get into character.

To do the things the way
he always did.

I didn't believe a word of it.

Not then, not now.

The coffin,
the whole 15 minutes alone.

He didn't need it. I think he
just wanted to make sure

that we knew he was the boss.

That he was better than
the rest of us.

So erm, there was, er, some
resentment in the band towards him?

We spent years working hard to sell
records, to make him famous,

but the more popular we got,
the more Solly got distracted.

The drinks, the party, the woman.

He threw away his career...

all our careers.

So, yeah, you can say there was some
kind of resentment, yes. Sorry...

do, do you think you could put that
thing elsewhere while we talk to you,

it's, er... it's just
a little distracting.

I am an ophiophilist.

It means I am fond of snakes.
Smart creatures. Very loyal.

Even so...

You'd rather I just let
her run free? Whoa!

No that's fine, that's fine,
that's fine.

So quarter to nine, Solly goes to
his coffin, to prepare for the show.

Where were you? With the rest of
them, backstage, ready to go on.

I wasn't sure about
the comeback, old wounds,

but there's no denying it, building
up to that nine o'clock show time...

boy, it felt good to be back.

When the band start playing
their first, erm, number...

it's your job to make sure
the coffin appears on stage?

Two minutes into the music
I go backstage, to get the coffin.

Break a leg, Solly!

I didn't know anything was wrong
till I opened it up.

So you're the only one
who had access to Solly?

Officially, yes. And erm...

where were you during the
15 minutes of his "alone time"?

Well, I was on stage,
checking out the equipment.

You can ask anyone at the bar.

And as far as you know, nobody went
to see him during that time?

Solly would have torn them off
a strip, BUT Solly being Solly...

There can always been exceptions
to the rules, like that girl.

Which girl?

I didn't know her name.

Been around for a week or so,
said she was a photographer.

Pretty little thing, early 20s.

Solly was obviously very fond of her

cos he didn't shout or scream around
her like he did with everybody else.

She even stopped by
to see him this evening.

Right, do you remember what
shoes she was wearing?

Any, any distinctive features?
You know, plain shoes?

Or something a little
more... ostentatious?

Quite a pronounced heel?

Maybe blue flowers on the front?

I didn't realise you were
so interested in women's fashion.

I'm not!

I'm simply trying to establish what
shoes she was wearing. Hm, I see.

Shoes are shoes, man,
and with a smile like that,

you focus on her face.

That can't have been easy
for his wife.

Solly running round
with a younger girl.

Nothing Solly ever did
was easy on other folk.

So, you're seriously telling
me you weren't jealous

of him spending time with a
younger, prettier woman?

Which is what I would
be asking Avita Jackson,

if YOU hadn't let her leave!

Sir, she was crying,
she'd just lost her husband...

No, no, no, no, she hadn't lost him,
he was murdered,

which is all the more reason
to keep her here. OK, Chief.

I screwed up, I know.


Avita... the wife.

Eddie, bass player,
architect of the comeback.

Curtis the guitarist,
Renward the keyboard player

and Neville the roadie.

Each one has an alibi
for the time of the murder.

Anyone know where the word
alibi comes from?

No? Latin.

Somewhere else.

Locative of the word "alias"...

to pretend to be someone you're not!

Two questions.

Who was the mystery lady
with pretty shoes?

Yes, but also...

why a gun? There are
better ways, quieter.


Where do you want this, Chief?


Just what we need.

On the table, please.

Seen this?


A woman with impressively
large breasts!

No, here, look.
The pendant round his neck.

Oh, so...

the killer took it off
and placed it in his hands.

OK, great, why?

I don't know.

Erm, good to go, Chief.

Do you want me to clear some space?

In case you get the urge to
kick off your shoes and dance?

It's important that
we profile the victim.

Family, friends, colleagues,

but in Solly's case we have
the added benefit

of being able to learn about
him from his own words.

His own songs.

Understand the man
and you'll understand the murder.


♪ Wind up de gal
With the voodoo style

♪ Wind up
Wind up de gal

♪ With the goodness style

♪ Wind up de gal
With the wickedest style... ♪

On second thoughts, Dwayne, perhaps
it would be better

if you listened to it, transcribe
the lyrics for me. No need.

Solly sang about two things.

Monsters and women.

There were some pretty weird-looking
individuals at that show,

but, er, I think we can rule out any
of them being ACTUAL zombies.

So what did he say about women?

Solly sang about being
a bit of a playboy.

You know, man the hunter,
women the prey.

Every girl a flower waiting
to be plucked.

An uncharted map to be explored.

Yep, well, we get the picture,
although, erm...

strictly speaking, there's no such
thing as an uncharted map.

The whole point of cartography
is to illuminate the unknown.

It's poetry.

You have no romance in your soul.

Either way, I think we can safely say
Solly had an eye for the fairer sex.

Oh, Solly had his fun all right,
all over town!

Despite being married.

For 20 years.

And seeing as certain
members of the service

saw fit to let her
slip away yesterday...

perhaps now we should see what
the wife has to say for herself.


Mrs Jackson?

Mrs Jackson?

Sorry for disturbing you.

You, er...

thinking of leaving?

I'm Detective Inspector...
I know who you are.

I understand this
is a difficult time for you.

Would you mind if I saw
your shoes? Yes.

Won't take a second.

They're on my feet.

And there's another pair
by the door.

Thank you.

Is there another item of clothing
you'd like to see?

No, no.

Although I, er...

do notice you're throwing away those
that belong to your husband.

He's good. Very observant.

There's no reason for me
to hang on to them now.

You don't seem very upset.

Would you rather I was weeping
and wailing on your shoulder?

Am I sorry he's gone? Yes.

Do I miss him?

I don't know yet.

Am I going to sit here
and dwell on it?

I have too much to do before
I go back to St Lucia.

Solly's wake to organise,
and grief isn't going to help that.

At the time of his death...
I was backstage.

Watching his band mates
act like the little kids they are.

Do you know of anyone who might
have wanted him dead?

I know people who didn't like him,
but to kill him?

We suspect the murderer
might be someone he knew,

someone close to him.

Are there any brothers,
sisters, children?

Solly was an only child.
And as for having little ones...

I thought about it, cried about it,
but he wasn't interested.

Although, the other day,
man looks round at me and says,

"It wouldn't have been
the end of the world."

That was Solly.

Just when you think you've
figured him out,

he'd find a new way
to mess with your mind.

This, erm, pendant he wore...

did it have any particular
significance for him?

Just Voodoo tat.
Practically worthless.

My husband wore six-inch platform
heels for a month in 1992.

He wanted to be noticed,
any way he could.

Back when his voice was something
worth listening to.

Scrape away the Obeah make-up,
the costumes, the whole silly act,

when he started singing,
he could break your heart.

If he wanted to.

I'm sure he got a lot of attention.

Certainly his music paints him
as something of a womaniser.

Solly was a go-out, stay-out
sort of man.

If he came home before sunrise,
I never saw it

and what he did when he was
out there - I never asked.

I never wanted to know.

But after all those years,
out of the spotlight

the prospect of a comeback must have
been quite distressing for you.

Perhaps you should
say what you mean.

There was a girl seen hanging around
this past week, do you know her?

I saw her.

OK, let's give Solly his space,
come on, let's do this.


Do you think he was having
an affair with her?

Do you think I want to
answer these questions? Sir.

I'm sorry, I know it's hard,
but I have to ask.

I don't know.

Never the less,
the prospect of a comeback...

many more shows, many more crowds,
many more women.

The thought of that must have
made you very unhappy.

Unhappy enough to kill him,
is what you mean.

I'm simply trying to
establish your state

of mind at the time of the murder.

Is that what you're trying to do?

You should watch your tone
with the lady.


This is a murder investigation,
we have to follow all leads.

Her husband died yesterday.

She was with the rest of us
when Solly got...

When he passed away.

We were all together, no matter
how many questions you ask.

I'm so sorry.

Maybe we should let
them be for the moment.

Right, yes.

We'll, erm, come back with
any follow-up questions. Er...

Don't make any travel plans
without letting us know.


We think Solly was killed
by someone close to him, right?

And yet everyone close
to him has an alibi.

The gun in the coffin...

the body in repose,
the pendant in the hand.

There's got to be a reason behind
all of these things. Which is?

Well, I don't know, I'm just saying.
Oh, I thought you had something.


Oh, never mind.



What? Show me the pendant,

the one that was found
in Solly's hands.

Gold, yeah? Yes.
See, just like these ones.

Right? In the early albums.

Then in the last few,
early to mid-'90s, he switched...

look... to silver.

Yes, but when he was killed...

Back to gold again.

It's got to be significant.
Bad news.

Tried tracing the gun,
came up with nothing.

No serial number, no leads.
Sorry, Chief.

And what about our mystery girl?

Anything on her?
Sorry... "Chief". Yeah, great.

Well, keep hitting the streets,
asking people.

It's not as if she's just going to
walk in here and say... Hello?

Ah, hello?

I'm Michelle Bouchant.
I hear you've been looking for me.


I'm Detective Inspector
Richard Poole.

You have nice shoes.

Thank you.

Very nice. Distinctive.

So, you met Solly a few times?

I was doing
a photo assignment on him.

For a newspaper or magazine?
Uh, freelance.

You're not local?

No, well, sort of. My mother was.

We moved away when I was young.

Where were you before
the show started last night?

I was just at the venue,
waiting for it to kick off.

Didn't leave at all?


May I?

There's more between you and Solly
than a photo assignment.

Thank you.

She didn't do it.

Why? Too pretty.

So you weren't at the venue
when the band came on stage. No.

It wasn't a question.
It was a statement.

I know you weren't... you
were outside, crying. Why?

You know the "why" part? Means it's
a question I'd like you to answer.

I was just... stressed.

Huh? Really? Because of what, work?

Of course. Yeah,
your photo assignment.

You can see for yourself.

Not bad.

You have a decent eye.
You also have a silver

pendant that Solly
wore round his neck

up until his death.

So, if you have his pendant, you
must have been very close with him?

No, I only met him last week.

You were born in 1991?

Yes. The same year the album covers

show the pendant changing
from gold to silver.

He gave the gold one away,
didn't he?

To your mother.


Solly was your father?

One for him and one for her.

They had swapped.

He gave her the gold pendant.
He kept the silver one.

And you switched them back
when you killed him. What!?

No, I didn't.

You didn't switch them
or didn't kill him?

I... I didn't kill him.

Then why switch the pendants?

Seemed only right.

To give him back the one that...
she had kept for so long.

So you admit to being there?

I went to wish him luck

before he went out there.

He was so excited
about doing another show.

Two months back, I didn't know
anything about my father.

Name, face, nothing.

Then, my mother...

she gets sick.

She died, 12 days ago.

I came here because
I didn't know where else to go,

thought I had no other family.

Did he mention anyone at all,

anyone who might have had
a motive to kill him?

He wasn't killed.
That's what hurt the most.

I'd just found him

and he said it made him
feel complete.

And then for him
to take his own life...

'I knew he'd been worried
about the comeback,

'about whether he could
still wow the crowds.

'But I never thought he'd do this.'

Solly, no!

'I should have run.

'I should have got help.
But I didn't.'

I couldn't let them find him,
not like that.

'Solly had said to me
that when he went out,

'he wanted to be doing what
he loved, out there, on stage.

'I'd just watched my mother pass
away in some anonymous hospital,

'surrounded by people
she didn't know.'

I wasn't going to let that
happen to my father.

'As wrong as it was,

'it was also right.

'Out there, on stage.

'One last show.'


The gun, arms folded, pendant.

All accounted for.

Er, we'll need to keep the camera.

Photographs... potential evidence.

And the pendant.


I told you she didn't do it.

Yeah, based on the fact
you think she's pretty.

Why? You think she isn't?

Dwayne, I'm married.

So? So?

Of course she is. But that's
no reason to presume innocence.

Then I was right, then, wasn't I?

If you take her word for it.

CATHERINE: He's still pouting, then.

I'm not pouting.

Should be glad.
Murder's a terrible thing.

Suicide isn't much better.

Either way, Solly would be pleased
now. Man will become a legend.

Never grow any older.
It's the dream of every star.

And he's definitely pouting.

I just don't believe it.

Chief, all the evidence!

Not to mention
everyone close to him,

everyone who loved him,
has a cast-iron alibi.

Something's not right.


Oh. Thank you.
Thank you very much.

The prints on the gun.

Not Solly's?

No. Only Solly's.

I know you're disappointed.

His little mystery solved already.

You think I'm wrong?

I didn't say that.

Chief, if you say it wasn't suicide,
then I guess it wasn't.

Yeah, you're always right.

Well, one does one's best, yeah.

So, who did it, then?

Your mother's right.
I am now officially pouting.

Have they run a gunshot residue analysis
on Solly's hand and clothes yet? No.

Make sure they do it. Holding a gun
is not the same as firing it.

As far as I'm concerned,
this case isn't closed yet.

Work to be done.

I don't suppose you could
put that into some sort of...

Never mind.

Come on!

I still can't believe I'm not
going to hear his voice again.

Yellin' at you. "Stay in time, man!"

We could keep going.

With the band?

I could sing.

Since when last you sing?

In the shower.

A bit strange. Hmm?


Solly gets offed.

And then there's you,
all of a sudden,

wanting to be lead man.

What are you saying?
Him not saying a thing. No!

I want to know what Eddie means.

Are you suggesting I had
anything to do with Solly's death?

He had more reason than me.
Don't even go there!

And what about you?

After all the time I spent getting
this band back together...

Oh, so this is how
it's going to be, huh?

Us, sitting here,
throwing accusations at each other?

Thanks! Goodnight!

Hello? Hi.

They tell me this is the best
place in town to get a drink?

They tell the truth.

Might I recommend
the Planters Punch?

That's the most expensive drink here.

Oh, really? I hadn't noticed.

I'll give you a minute to decide.

No, don't worry. You get a discount.

Your father played here.
Long time ago.

He told me.

That boy couldn't stay still
for a second.

He'd be on his knees,
climbing the walls.

Rolling around like the devil
himself was tickling his bones.

And that it was for
a handful of folk watching.

Imagine how bad he was

when the house was full.

Maman, the man wants a drink.

I know it's not easy.

I lost my dad when I was six.
I'm sorry.

Was he ill for a long time or...

Oh, no, no. He's not dead.
He just found a new family.

But you survived a long time
without a father. You'll get by.

I almost wished I'd never met him.

He upset you?

He hurt my mother a lot

and I guess I was
looking forward to...

Making him pay?



making sure he understood
what he'd done.

It doesn't matter now, does it?

Not going to happen.

It's over.

Not quite over.
The investigation is still open.

We're not quite convinced
it was suicide.

But if it wasn't...

Do you think you'll find out who
did it? We'll do everything we can.

And I know DI Poole won't sleep
until he's found out the truth.


I warn you...

I'm armed and...

Well, I'm armed.



Somebody doesn't like you.


An ophiophilist.

Someone who loves snakes.

Try and keep up, Dwayne.
Oh! Curtis, the guitarist.

You think it was a warning
to stay away, stop the case?

We'll find out in the morning.

Do you want some company tonight?

In case they come back?

Well, that's very kind but, erm...

Just to warn you, I do snore.

Now, I don't mind
sleeping on the sofa,

but I am told I'm very loud.

I'll be fine.

You're sure?

Oh, it was worth it, you know.

Just to see those pyjamas again.

Sleep OK? Of course.

Only, you did seem a little
shaken last night.

No. Not at all.

It's just an Englishman never
likes to have his sleep disturbed.

I've got something that will
make you feel better.

Gunshot residue report.

No sign of Solly having
fired the gun. Correct.

I knew it.

Well, I suspected it.

So we can definitely
rule out suicide.

Solly's death was murder.
I think we should...


Ow, wow! Very immature!

I'll have words with
whoever did that.

There's only you and me here.

Well, I'm sorry, sir.
You were saying we should...

Ask Curtis about his snake.

And why it ended up in my bungalow.


Excuse me? Yeah.

Yeah, well, there's the house
of a man who ran out of money.

Better be careful. We don't know
how he'll react when cornered.

Curtis James? This is
Detective Inspector Richard Poole.

What do you want?

Do you mind if we see
your snake for a moment?

Is that meant to be funny?

Not particularly.

She's been missing all night. I've
been searching for her everywhere.

Sorry about the mess.

Been going crazy
trying to find my girl.

Wait a minute.
How did you know she was missing?

Because somebody placed it
in my bungalow last night.

You've found her?

Is she all right? Yes,
but that's not really the point.

Oh, thank you very, very much.
No, no, you don't understand.

It was deliberately placed
in my home. A dangerous animal.

Reptile, not animal.

And I have a licence...

You're still failing to understand.

Look, under the circumstances,
your anim... Your reptile

was used to threaten
a police officer.

What, you're going to arrest me?
But I haven't done anything.

Well, that remains to be seen.

Well, she's safe, right? My snake.

Definitely OK?

This woman in this photograph...

is that Avita?

You seem close.

We were.

Before Solly?

Better come upstairs
where you can get a little breeze.

You seemed very bitter about Solly
when we spoke to you.

Even after you'd discovered
he'd just died.

We were in a band.

Didn't mean we were family.

And it didn't mean I liked him.

Because of how things
turned out with Avita?

When I met her,
she wanted to be a singer.

I'd just joined Solly's band.

She used to do the odd show
with us, you know.

Two of them out front, singing away,
tearin' it up.

I didn't see it coming.

I was blind.

You never got over her?

Have you seen her?

Right. I think we've established
that you like her.


in a way, everything's
worked out for you.

All right. Let's say I did it.

Say it's me kill him, yeah?

What would you do next,
if you was me?

Act normal.

Go about my business,
albeit a little sad, in mourning.

Would you drive to
the investigating officer's house

and put a snake... a snake, you
know... that was clearly tied to you

through his door?
If I was incredibly stupid, I might.

Do I seem incredibly stupid to you,
Detective Inspector?

I don't know you well enough
to say for sure. You might be.

Or maybe you think someone
else did it and you're

trying to throw me off the scent.
Like, er...

maybe Avita? No.

She didn't do it.

You don't sound 100% sure.
All right,

she was a little angry with Solly,
but... Angry? Why?

Because she'd found out
he had a daughter?



She's a good woman.

Are you having an affair with Avita?

No, you weren't, were you?

All those looks...
it's always been from afar.

For so long.

Did you know she feels the same way?

You really think so?

Oh, I saw the way she reacted
when you came round to see her,

like everything was all right.

Yes, as beautiful as this is,
you're still suspected of murder.

And for threatening and potentially
harming a police officer.

Stop smiling!

You're still in a lot of trouble.

How much remains to be seen.


Curtis has motive. Solly stole
his girlfriend. Never moves on.

Has to watch his friend
become a big star,

the woman he loves on Solly's arm.

Well, if only he didn't have
an alibi.

I know.

Those 15 minutes Solly's alone...

I've checked
all the witness statements.

The band, Avita... all together.

Somebody's lying.
Yup! Someone is.

You're in love with Curtis!

I'm sorry? What he means to say
is... You love Curtis, he loves you.

Does the fact that I'm
recently widowed not mean

anything to you?
So, you're not denying it, then?

You don't think
I know where this is going?

Curtis already phoned me

and told me he said
I knew about Michelle.

A fact you failed to mention to us.

So now you want to know
was I was upset, hurt,

angry enough to kill him?

If you'd be so kind
as to indulge me?





Did you still love Solly?

I don't know.

Do you think he was pleased
to find out he had a child?

A daughter would mean

We're talking about a
man who burned his

bills, so he didn't
have to deal with them.

Michelle seems to think
he was happy.

People put a brave face on things.

But if he was nice to her,
she's lucky.

Because he cared? Because he died
before she knew the man he was.

Or maybe she did see
that side of him.

Poor girl.

Is now a bad time?
Not at all.

Nice to see you all together.

We just wanted to finalise
the details for Solly's wake.

Yeah, very conscientious.

We've known each other for 20 years.

What else did you expect?

It's natural they'd all
come together at a time like this.



There's something we're missing.
Got to be.

Maybe they were all in it together.

No... one of them would have cracked.
Given something away.

OK, so, Avita...

angry at her husband for the child
he never knew about.

Curtis... jealous of him for the years
stolen with the girl he loved.

Michelle... her mother
left to bring her up alone.

And the rest of the band...

Sir... I can't work with
this... noise!


You're being too hard. It's
a police station, not a discotheque.

No, not on Dwayne. On yourself.

Sometimes you just have to relax,

go with the flow.

Please tell me you didn't
just say that. I just mean

if you loosen up a little,
you unwind,

things wouldn't be so tough.

Yep. Music please, Dwayne!
Oh, come on, Sir.

No, I need to loosen up.
I'm going to rip

off all my clothes and
limbo under a desk!

What are you doing?!

He was being sarcastic.
So, you want me to... Yes! No!

Come on, you've made your point.

This song.

The Serpent Swing.

It's the one they play
when Solly comes on stage, yeah? Yes.

I need to hear the version they
played on the night. This is it.

No, no. No, this is the studio
version. I need the actual one,

the live one they played
the night of the murder.

Unless you have a time machine, that's
going to be impossible. HE LAUGHS

Nothing's impossible.


Not long to go now, eh? I know.

Your very own
bouncing bundle of joy. I know.

Nervous? Well, actually
the more you talk about it, yes.

Thought of names? We don't even know
if it's a boy or girl.

Juliet wants it
to be a surprise.

Doesn't mean you can't get
a head start on the name.

There's so many different ones
to choose from. I suppose.

Take my advice, yeah? Keep the
name short. Mm. Punchy. Mm.

Something like...
oh, I don't know... Dwayne?

Hmm, OK, right.

How you doing, Ricky?

Fidel, grab it. We'll take this.

God bless Solly!
You got any live stuff?

We're looking for a bootleg of last
night's show. No, no. Be illegal.

We don't carry that.

Now, you and I both know
that isn't true.

So unless you want me
to look for myself...

Shame the show ended early
the other night, huh? Yeah.


Look. I think he's getting into it.

What, the music?

He can't help it.

Even if it only lasts a few minutes,
the rhythm gets to you.


Not the Chief!

Not the Chief!
Can you really imagine him

getting on down,
dancing away to it?

I can hear you, you know.

Dwayne? Chief?

In your professional opinion...
on a scale of one to ten...

how would you class Solly's band?
A ten.

Keep good time, perfect tune,
rarely make mistakes?

I'd say never.

Really? Hmm.

Cos that's not what I'm hearing.
Still, what do I know?

You're the big fan.

Now, let's see if they
managed to hit the

right notes on this,
The Greatest Hits.

Hang on. When did you buy this?

At the market.
When we picked up the live one.

This is an official release?

That's right. Came out yesterday.
Apparently it's very popular.

Sorry. Excuse me.

What do you think?

All his best tunes are here...
JuJu Jamboree,

oh, Stick A Spell On My Heart.
And? Nothing else?


Oh, well, apart from the fact that

even considering
how fast digital production is,

the band would have had to be
pretty focused to get the CD burnt,

cover designed, printed,
packaged and distributed

only one day after Solly's death.
No, there's nothing else.

Fidel, well?

False alarm.

Juliet thought she was
going into labour... trapped wind.

You know for a moment there, I really
thought the baby was coming early. Whoa!

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

There's a time period
in which you're

expecting the baby to arrive, yeah?

And all things going to plan,
that will happen.

Of course.

OK, where's the rest of Michelle's
photos? On my desk. OK.


The drums start.

The bass comes in. The guitars.

The horns.

I have no idea
what he's talking about.

It's a metaphor.

Right... I still have no idea.

It all starts to come together.

Separate pieces... becoming one.

Fidel, one last job for you.
You can meet us there. Where?

We have a wake to attend.

You know, timing is everything.


If you could join us...

I just need to get everything
ready for the wake.

Only take a minute. Or ten.

Ten golden minutes.

The window of opportunity
the murderer used to kill Solly.

Taken by Michelle at 8:34,
according to the camera,

on the night of Solly's murder.

And yet the dressing room clock
in this same photograph...

says it's 8:44.

8:34 in the camera,
8:44 on the dressing room clock.

Ten minutes. Here's a photograph
I took of the dressing room clock

just before I came in here.

The same camera,
same dressing room clock.

And the time on
the dressing room clock?


And the time on the camera?


Thank you, Renward.


We were meant to believe
that Solly died

in the 15 minutes
before he went onstage.

His "alone time". But he didn't.

Because someone changed
the dressing room clock.

Unknown to Solly, he got
into the coffin ten minutes early,

giving the killer
time to do the job,

then slip away and join the others.

Leaving no-one any the wiser
as to the fact that

Solly was already dead.

Hmm. That's interesting.

Now none of you has an alibi
for the time of the murder.

So, who's the killer?

Curtis... broken hearted, jealous.


all that effort put into a reunion
and Solly still ungrateful as ever.


the man who loved the band.

Cast out for ten years,
waiting on the whim of his singer.


many women would have walked away
a long time ago.

No-one could fault you for trying.
Just as no-one could fault you

for finally breaking when you
found out about the daughter.

Michelle... Solly walked out
on your mother.

Didn't want to know, left
her to bring you up alone.

Can't have been easy.

Everyone had a motive.
Uh, you missed someone.

No. Me.

Well, you didn't do it.
I could have.

Really? What was your motive?

He owed me money?

Did he? No.

But... you're not wrong.

I mean, you're not the killer,
but you have hit the big question.

Who stood to gain from Solly's death?

After all, the new CD's available

from all good market stalls
and retailers now.

In fact, I, er, checked,
and interestingly enough

it's going to make the Caribbean
charts next week. Top ten. HE CLAPS

And why?

Because Solly is dead.


As career moves go, I understand
it's one of popular music's finest.

Did, erm, Solly have life insurance?

He thought he was
going to live forever.


Surely a will?

So he leaves nothing but the music.
And the royalties.

Do you see any of those?
No. I just played guitar.

All royalties go to
the songwriters,

which is Solly and...


Never going to commit to a tour,
was he?

New album... doubt it'd sell enough
to cover the costs.

In fact, alive, he was worthless.

One last show. One last payday.

It was you who changed the time

on the dressing room clock.

Making Solly head off
to the coffin early.

Fireworks were due to start
around 8.35.

And so they did. Right on time.

Then, there you were,
making sure you were noticed.

If anyone was asked
what time they saw you,

it would be the same time
that Solly was alone.

You knew Solly better than anyone.
Knew he'd be in the coffin,

knew you'd have time
to shoot him, make it

look like suicide and
be back with band

before anyone realised.
Ready to go on stage.

And everything was going to plan.

Neville would fetch the coffin
just after 9pm.

He'd find it open... Solly dead.

Suicide... Tragic.

Another casualty of rock 'n' roll.
Another legend born.

Another album
flying off the shelves.

You were so surprised
when you saw that coffin arrive

you lost it for a moment, didn't you?

Should have been playing an A.
You played an E flat.

So I hit a wrong note.

It's not a crime. No.

But murder is.

You love the limelight.

You can't just sit back,
out of the way, can you?

When you find out it's a murder
investigation, you plant a snake,

trying to implicate Curtis.

A move not unlike your songwriting...
brash, unsubtle, clumsy.

So clumsy you didn't think
to wipe your fingerprints

off the dressing room clock
when you changed the time.

That's right.

Got your sticky fingers all over it.

I've got a top-ten album.

What have you got, huh?

You've got something else as well.
What? This!

Been wanting to do that for years.

Is there anyone in this band you
DO like? Everyone will remember me!

This is the story!
You got a singer and a songwriter.

One's dead, one's a killer.
I'm a legend!

I don't know about that.

You're just the bass player.




Do you think they could
turn this down a little?

I just don't see why
it always has to be so loud.

So you can feel the rhythm.

In your head, your feet,
your heart.

No! One song. And it's a slow one.

I do not dance.
You've got a good ear.

Only person who noticed that off-note
in the song. Ears aren't feet.

It's what Solly would have wanted.



I'd like you to stay.

I want to go home.

Hi. You want to come in for coffee?

There has to be a connection.
I want to know

if you think Dwayne
killed her, yes or no?

I'm simply doing
things by the book.

Look, you don't get it
... the man is a ghost.

Did she owe you money?

Would she be planning
to escape from?

The Serious Organised Crime Agency,
based in London.