Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

When local diver Benjamin Lightfoot is pulled out of the sea dead it is clear he has been murdered. The night before he had argued with his brother and his boss Phil Owen suspected he was in an affair with Phil's wife Alex,who had lent Benjamin money as he was in debt to heavy people. With Camille in France and Poole struck down with fever Angela Young,a bored,holidaying policewoman takes over the case but her rudeness and lack of progress send constables Dwayne and Fidel running to Poole behind her back. Fortunately he rises from his sick-bed to give Young a lesson in detection and prevent a miscarriage of justice.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
He's going to kill himself
on that thing one of these days.

Chuck a steak on, Phil!

One of your specials.
Black on the outside,

still bleeding in the middle.

Come on, man. Got to be done!

Marky boy! You have stuff
for tonight? What stuff?

Baby? Didn't I mention it?
No, you didn't mention it.

Well, as Mark's going away

after dinner, I thought we could
have a little bon voyage beer.

You mean get drunk and talk gibberish
on the boat? Are we invited?

Boys only, I'm afraid. Brothers only
actually, Phil. No offence.

Can't think of anything worse than
watching you two drinking.

That's what happens when your
brother thinks he's still 18.

Better than being old before
my time! Children, please!

Benjamin. Can I have a refill,

Coming up.

You haven't told her yet, have you?
You've got to. You promised. I will.

Morning, sir.

Good morning, Dwayne.

Where is the inspector?

He should be here any minute, sir.

He sometimes has trouble
getting through the market.

Sergeant Bordey is still in Paris.
They've extended her course,

so she won't be here for two days.

We'll manage, sir. It's pretty
quiet. Good.

Let the inspector know and have him
call if there are any problems.

Yes, sir.

"Extended her course." Right
How much IT can one person learn?

I bet she's having too good a time.
You really think so, Dwayne?

She could have taken that course anywhere!
She chose Paris?! What do you think?

I never really thought about it.

Honore Police Station.
Yeah, go on.

OK... try not to touch anything and
we'll be there as soon as we can.


Phil En, down at the marina. Said
someone's broken into his dive shed.

What did they take?

That's the thing. Nothing.

Yeah, I found it like this
when I came to work this morning.

Hey, Ben! I didn't think I'd see you
until noon. You OK to dive?

Mark and Ben had a session
last night.

I don't think I'd be fit to dive.

Look, I might find
something gone later,

but I need to fix the door
and the lock.

So you need a
crime number for the insurance?


Business still slow?

It's been a dream to run
a dive school, my whole life.

Just be nice
if it paid the rent too?

Damn! All right, Mark?

Good night?

My head doesn't think so!

Right, let's get you written up.

Ou est-ca?

Ou est-ca?

Pour ca!


I think Mark had a bit too much
to drink last night.

Hey, Phil! Yeah?

You seen Benjamin?

Saw him dive off the boat,
but that was a couple of hours ago.

Well, he's not back.

You sure?

His gear's still gone.
I'll call Abigail.

Abigail! Is Benjamin with you?
No, it's just...

No, no, no, no, it's OK.

Don't worry too much,
I'll call you when we find him, OK.

Did you see Benjamin out there? No.
He's not back from his dive.


Over here!





Sir? You're burning up.

Two slices of corned beef, please,
Doris. Sir, can you hear me?

No, no, I've just had one, thank you.

Don't worry, sir.

Somebody better tell Abigail.

Fidel? Where are you?

I'm with the inspector.
He's got a fever.

I'm down on the beach, we've just
pulled a body out of the water.

Only I don't think it was
an accident.

OK, I'll be there as soon as I can.

Thanks for coming.
What does the doctor say?

Tropical fever.
He needs total rest.

And chicken soup. What's wrong?

Well, if the inspector's ill
and Camille's away...

You and Dwayne can manage.
But that's just it.

Dwayne just called. They've
recovered a body from the sea.

And the thing is,
he thinks it's a murder.

How's the chief?

Not good. He needs complete rest.

It looks like we're on our own.

So? We can do this.

Yeah, I hope so.

We've seen the chief and Camille do
it. I mean, how hard can it be?

Yeah, OK.

So... Benjamin Lightfoot went
diving from that boat over there

around 9:30 this morning.

When he didn't come back,
the alarm was raised,

a search was made in the bay,
and his body was found over there

by his boss's wife, Alex,
in around ten feet of water.

Why don't you think it was
an accident?

Because even if you ignore
an experienced diver

drowning in ten feet of water,

when we pulled him out,
the air tank was full,

but the air valve was off.

So someone turned it off
and held him underwater?

I can't see how it could be
anything else.

OK, come on.

Well, what about signs of trauma?
Yes, but it's a strange one.

He had this weird bruise on
his chest,

but in a sharp rectangle. Nothing on
the sea bed could have done that.

All right. But how can we gather
any evidence?

I mean, the crime scene is
under water somewhere.

We can't even establish
an accurate time of death.

OK, let's think.
What would the chief do first?


He'd pace up and down a bit,
talking to himself and then

moan about the heat. Then he'd tell
me to do door-to-door enquiries.

OK, then, you do that
and I'll finish off this.

You've not touched your soup.

I'll get you a fresh bowl.


What are you...? No, no, but
you're not supposed to be...!

No, I'm not telling you
how the case is!

No, no, sir. I'm hanging up on you
now. I'm hanging up on you now, sir!

Hey, Phil. Is Mark on his boat?

I think so.

How's he holding up?

Not brilliant. Do you need to ask
him questions now?

I have to establish
where everyone was

when Benjamin was diving. That's an
easy one, I was here with you.

You were writing up the break-in
when he went in, remember? Yeah.

And you? I was out on the water.
Looking for dolphins. On your own?


Can either of you think why anyone
would want to kill Benjamin?

Everybody loved Benjamin. He could be
headstrong, but it was part of his charm.

And he and Mark were definitely on
the boat last night?

Yeah, yeah, it was quite
a night by the sounds of it.

I even heard them arguing
at one point when I was locking up.

I couldn't make out what it was

but I heard Benjamin going off on one.
They were brothers. They'd been drinking.

It won't have been anything serious.

OK, thanks.

How d'you get on?

Not much. You? Nothing.


Yes, sir.

On our way, sir.

That was the commissioner.
He wants us back at the station.

Dwayne. Fidel. This is Detective
Sergeant Angela Young.


She is in Saint-Marie on holiday.

But when she found out
about our problem,

she kindly volunteered to step in.

She will be your senior officer
until Inspector Poole or

Sergeant Bordey returns,
is that understood?

Make her as welcome as you can.

Very pleased to meet you, Angela.
Sergeant Young.

I need a box first, then notes on
the body found this morning.

Yes, ma'am.

We haven't got anything written
up yet. We just got back.

Then don't let me stop you.

I could just tell you.

I'd prefer it written up, thank you.


No, it's Catherine.

Your mother keeps bringing me soup.
Then you should eat it!

I can't tell her.
She does that thing.

The eyebrows and the French thing.

What if someone sees us together?

Excuse me? You'll have to wear it
back to front or it'll all pop out.

Richard! Can you hear me?
It's Catherine.

I didn't order any cheese!

No, no, it's fine, it's fine.

Anything's better than sitting on
that damn beach watching Andrew

go through various shades of pink
and having to rub cream on his back.

Just the thought of it makes me
heave. Yeah.

It was really good of you.

To give up your holiday like this.

We appreciate it. Well, once you've seen
the rainforest, waterfall and parrots

and sat on the beach,
that's about it, isn't it?

I was bored by day three.

There's lots of beautiful... I want
a statement from the brother first.

Call me when you're done.
I want to see the wife myself.



Shall I go with him?

Why don't you do that?

Sir... are you still there?

Sir? Yes...
I've, got a credit card.

Do you deliver? Yes, we do.

You must have the wrong number.

I'm not supposed to be
talking to you!

You need rest!

I can't imagine what
it's like to lose a brother.

I'm truly sorry. Thank you.
We're clearing a few things up.

You OK?
Yeah, yeah. You have a job to do.

Benjamin stayed on your boat
last night, didn't he?

Yeah. Well, it's not my boat.

It's what I do for a living.
I crew boats.

This one belongs to a Brit.
About once a year,

I get to sail it back to the UK.

I was supposed to be leaving today.

That's why Benjamin was with me
last night. It was a farewell drink.

Our last night together for a while.

Mark. Did you and Benjamin have
an argument last night?

Only someone thought they heard,
er, raised voices.

We were drinking, we were loud...

but if somebody was arguing,
it wasn't me and Benjamin.

If you and Benjamin had been drunk,
gone to sleep very late,

isn't it strange he still went
diving? I guess.

I would have stopped him, but he
didn't tell me he was going.

I heard a splash as he went
overboard. That's the first I knew.

I thought divers had to tell someone
when they go out.

They do. But Benjamin wasn't
very good at rules.

After he'd gone, what did you do?

Last minute chores. Getting the
boat ship-shape before I set off.

But when Benjamin didn't come
back, I started to get worried.

So, I went to see Phil...

you know the rest.

So you've been on the boat
since Benjamin was found?

I went to see Abigail, his wife.

But she wasn't there.
So after that, yeah, I've been here.

So if she wasn't there, who told her
about her husband's death?

How was the brother? Distraught.

Did he tell us anything
we didn't know? Not really.

This is the wife's house?
Yes, ma'am. You come with me.

Freddie, write up
the brother's statement for me.

It's... Come on!

We're so sorry about your husband.

But we need to ask you
some questions.

It's OK. I need to know what
happened, so, please...

Can I ask? Where were you
when your husband's body was found?

I was here.

Only, it's just your brother-in-law
Mark told us he'd come up here

to tell you the news straight
afterwards and couldn't find you.

No. Phil, Benjamin's boss, rang
earlier. Said Benjamin was missing.

So I left soon after.
Went down to the bay.

And that's when I found...

But you didn't see the brother?

We must have just missed each other.

Can you tell us
a little about your husband?

What kind of man was he?

He was... perfect, you know?
And I loved him.

He was so looking forward
to the birth and...

Maybe we should leave
this for a while.

I do not appreciate
being interrupted like that.

But she's pregnant and
just lost her husband.

Our job is not to
comfort his relatives.

That does not happen again,
do you understand? Yes, ma'am.

When did you order these?

What have you been ordering?

Nothing to do with work?

No, no, we didn't have
any homework today.

It had better not be.
Have you finished your soup?

I'll be back later.

Night, Mum.

Young, red bandana. No.

Anything? Nothing. A few boats came
into the harbour yesterday,

but no-one saw a diver.

What is it? The brother's statement
is on your desk, ma'am.

There's a guy on one of the boats,
been watching us all morning.

Do you know who he is? No.
Then take Freddie and question him,

but drop me
back at the station first.

You didn't hear
Benjamin and Mark arguing.

How would you know?

Then why didn't you tell me?

Right. So we're telling each
other everything now, are we?

What? No secrets?
Just like the old days?

I've got no idea what
you're talking about.

My body might be useless these days
Alex, but I'm not stupid.

Phil! I saw you!

And him!

The looks, the little whispers,
sneaking off in corners together.

Me and Benjamin?
Don't treat me like an idiot.

It's what you said to the police,
isn't it? "Everyone loved him".

But it wasn't everyone, was it,
Alex? It was you.

You think we were having an affair?

Don't laugh at me.

Phil... Phil, I love you.

I've never been interested
in anybody else

since the day that I met you.

Especially not Benjamin!

But I saw you.

Yeah, you saw us whispering, maybe
even huddled together in corners,

but not because
we were having an affair.

What then?

Sir? Yes, officer?

Is this your boat? Yeah, yeah, why?

Could I ask your name, please?

Daniel. Barba. What's the problem?

No problem, sir. Can we see your
papers? Boat registration, passport?

Yeah, of course. They're down below.
We'll wait.

I hated him cos I thought
you were having an affair,

and this was about money?

He said he was in trouble.

That the people he owed money to
wouldn't wait.

I think they'd been threatening him.

HE was in trouble? What about us?

The business is going down the
toilet and you're lending him money!

He promised me he'd pay it back.

How much?

How much?!

So, how long have you been in Saint-Marie?
I arrived yesterday morning.

And how long do you intend
on staying?

A few days.

You was watching us
through binoculars. Can I ask why?

Yeah, I'd heard about that guy,
the one that drowned.

I was just curious.

Curious? Well, I'm on me own
on the boat all day.

You're the most exciting thing
since I got here.

Or are you going to tell me
there's a law against being nosey?

OK, sir. Thank you for your time.



Danny Barba. Native of Panama,
here sightseeing for a few days.

There was something about him. I
didn't like him. Then run a check.

I've got his photo on the camera.

Shall I run it through the
Interpol site?

That's generally what
I mean by a check.

So I've read all these reports.
What software do you use

to assimilate and
cross-reference statements? Ma'am?

Where do you look at all the
evidence in one place,

to cross-reference?

A whiteboard?

Yes, ma'am.

Great. So we have an experienced
diver found dead in

ten feet of water. His air tank
turned off. Marks on his chest.

Do we have an autopsy report?
Not yet, ma'am.

The victim was drinking
the night before.

Didn't tell anyone he was going out.
Ma'am? Yes? I've noticed something.

What? We got these pictures
from Mr Lightfoot's employers,

Phil and Alex En.

And? Well, in every one of
the photos, when he's alive,

he's wearing a red bandana, yes?

But not when we found the body.

I used to see him a lot at the
marina and he always wore a bandana.

I'm pretty sure he was wearing it
when I saw him jump off the boat.

That's it? You don't think it's strange?
No, I think it fell off in the water.

The inspector says that these
little things are important so...

But the inspector isn't here,
is he, Freddie? I am.

I want little things like an
autopsy report, a time of death,

forensic evidence, witness
statements and a motive.

Call the lab, chase up the reports
then find me a motive!

The boat guy. I tapped in his
description, got a photo match.

He goes by a number of names...

Danny Parker, Michael Smith, but
his real name is Danny Fernandez...

and he's on an Interpol watch list.

For what?

Gun running, drugs,
conflict diamonds.

So the passport he showed us,
it must be a fake.

Be quite something to make
an arrest this quickly.

Go and pick him up, then.

There he is!

Hey, what you doing?!

Cast off!

Stop! Police!

You're under arrest. For what?

Endangering the life
of a police officer...

and travelling
under a false passport,

but mostly for the first one.

Yes, sir, I've made an arrest.

He may be connected to
the death of Benjamin Lightfoot,

but at the very least,
he's travelling on a false passport.

Not at all, sir.
It's a pleasure to be able to help.

I've done nothing wrong.
He tried to run, ma'am.

Thank you, Freddie.
Did you know Benjamin Lightfoot?

No, who's he? You've been watching
us all morning.

You're locking me up for looking
through binoculars?

No. For travelling
on a false passport.

We're locking you up
until I find out why you're

so interested in our investigation.

He's definitely hiding something.
I don't doubt it. The question is,

does it have anything to do
with the murder?

Well, we've got lots of bits, but
nothing that links them together.


an experienced diver that
drowns in shallow water.

Bruises on his chest. An...

international smuggler
with a fake passport

and a missing bandana.

The inspector's good at
putting things together and

making sense of them.

You spend a lot of time
talking about this inspector,

which luckily isn't annoying at all.

There's something we need
to add to the list of things

that don't make sense.

The preliminary autopsy report
just came through online.

And? There was no sea water found
in Benjamin Lightfoot's lungs.

What?! What, so he wasn't drowned?

Yes, he was drowned.
But in fresh water.

She hasn't got a clue.

No, no, no.

She's got a lot of clues, she just
doesn't know what to do with them.

OK? Yeah, great, thank you, Dwayne.

Sir? It's only me, Fidel.
How are you feeling?

Like death.
I brought you some fruit.

How's the case?

About that.

Only... well, look,
I feel really bad doing this,

going behind everyone's back.

You're supposed to be resting.
I am resting. I'm in bed.

Yes, but sneaking away to call you,
coming here. It feels wrong.

Well, it's not.
So what's been happening?

OK. Danny Fernandez, the guy on
the boat I was telling you about.

It turns out he's a smuggler,
travelling on a fake passport.

Have you, got his case file?


Autopsy report?

The autopsy shows that he had only
fresh water in his lungs. Really?

Then he must have been drowned
elsewhere and then,

you know, his body dumped at sea.


Who was the last person to
see him alive?

His brother. And Dwayne.

Yeah. Do we know what was stolen
from the dive-shed yet? Nothing.

Why break in if you're not going
to steal anything?

I don't know.
But we don't think it's connected.

So there's a break-in
at the victim's place of work.

A short time later, he's found dead
and it's not connected?

Well, Sergeant Young doesn't
seem to think so.

Yes, Sergeant Young. How is she?

Still calling you Freddie? Yes, sir.

I wish Camille was here. We need to
get to the bottom of the break-in.

It could break open the whole case.

And I've been thinking about
your bandana, I think you're right.

It doesn't make any sense it having
fallen off in the water.

He dived regularly wearing it,

so the one time it falls away
is the day he dies. Why?

The struggle, maybe?

I need to give it some more thought.


I can smell chicken soup.

The, em, plant pot beside you
is full of chicken soup.

It's Camille's mother.
She's demented.

She thinks chicken soup is a
wonder drug.

The new penicillin.
She's been force-feeding me.

Would you like me to remove
the evidence, sir?

Yes, please, Fidel.
If you could... I'd be most grateful.

OK. I want Philip and Alex En
interviewed again.

I want to see the wife again to see if
they have links to Barba, or Fernandez.

We need to establish a connection
before we can question him.

Dwayne, come with me,
Freddie, do the Ens.

Did you or your husband know
a Danny Barba?


He's also known as Danny Fernandez?

I don't think so. Who's he?

He's a criminal, a smuggler.

His boat is moored in the marina.

Benjamin never mentioned anyone
called Danny.

You're sure?


And did your husband make
regular trips overseas?

No. In fact, I don't think he left
the island since I met him.


Sorry, but did Benjamin take
a suitcase with him to the boat?

Knowing Benjamin, I doubt
he even took a toothbrush.

It's just,
that blue case up there...

I saw one just like it on
Mark's boat.

Well, that can't be.

But they are a pair.
And only one is there.

His passport, ma'am.

If your brother was only staying
with you one night,

why did he pack so many clothes?
And a passport?

You argued with your brother,
didn't you?

You can either tell me
the truth or I can arrest you.

Dwayne, get on to Government House.
We'll need a warrant

to impound this yacht. All right,
wait. I'll tell you.

My brother was a gambler.
He owed money.

Is that what you argued about?

He had no sense of responsibility,
he just breezed through life

leaving the rest of us in his wake,
clearing up the mess he left.

I'm not interested
in his shortcomings,

I'm more interested
in who he owed money to.

He didn't say.

Well, then why mention it at all?

Because he wanted me to bail him
out. Just like he always did.

Marky boy, I just need a few grand.
You'll get it back! Promise.

Where am I going to get that sort of
money from? You'll find it!

You've done it before!
Not this time.

'I didn't have that sort of money,
so I told him I couldn't.'

I wouldn't help him.

So why the suitcase?

He said I was his last chance.
He was in serious trouble.

If he couldn't pay the debt
he'd have to leave the island.

His life was in danger. From who?

I don't know.

In your statement, you said you
were about to leave for the UK.

Did you agree to take him with you?

That's it. If he owed money,
had gambling debts,

then we find who he owed money to
and find our killer.

But ma'am, if you're going to kill
someone for their debts,

do you go to so much trouble?
Drowning them, dumping them at sea?

What's your theory?
I don't have one. I thought not.

Get on to the bank, I want details
of his finances. Well?

They've checked the shed. Nothing's missing.
The damn shed's not what I sent you for!

No, sorry, that was... Was
what? Not what you asked me for.

You asked me to find out if they
knew Danny Fernandez. They don't.

They'd seen him but never spoken to

So of all the people
we've questioned,

who would frighten Benjamin enough
to run and leave his wife behind?

Danny Fernandez. Exactly. So Dwayne,
you do the bank like I asked.

Freddie, search Fernandez's boat
from top to bottom.

If there's any evidence linking him
to Benjamin, I want it found.

Chop, chop.

What are you doing out of bed?

Just, looking for chicken soup.

So you like it!

It's like an angel crying
on my tongue.

You seem stronger too,
so it must be working.

Yes, yes.
We should alert the Red Cross?

We could rid the world of famine
and disease at a single stroke.

It will be known in Brussels
as the "chicken soup strategy",

no child will ever cry again.

I heard from Camille.

I told her you were ill,
so she's on her way home.

She'll be here in a few hours.

You've missed her?

Well, I mean, that's...
that's to say, you know,

the fact she isn't here is, you know,
not ideal, so in that sense...

Why can't you Brits ever just
say how you feel?

We can.

Go on, then.

Just say something, don't think
about it first, you let it out.


Your soup tastes like old socks
that have been marinated in diesel,

sprinkled with urine and baked
for three days covered in a sack

that's been used to wipe
a donkey's backside!

No secret compartments
on Danny's boat anywhere.

Or stashes of cash or contraband.

The only thing I've found is
a set of scales, but no drugs.

No, the diving equipment
hasn't been used for years.

The air tank's all seized up,
the rubber's all split...

OK. I'll catch you later.
No problem.

Got the bank statements.
The full autopsy report came in,

the wounds on the victim's chest
had tiny shards of metal in them.

And there was a stone lodged
in his oesophagus.

That's not the only thing
that's weird.

The Lightfoot account looks
quite healthy for someone who

owed a lot of money.
But there are two transactions.

25,000 paid into his account
two weeks ago,

then taken out in cash the next day.

It was paid from an account
held by Alex En.

You know, I don't get it.

Why would Alex En give Benjamin

Well, he asked his brother for help,
why not his boss' wife?

OK, but then why didn't
she mention it?

I mean, 25,000 is a lot of money.
You know what I could do with that?

The other thing is, he took
the money out of the bank in cash.

So it must have been to pay off
his gambling debts. Maybe.

Not maybe. Definitely.

How can you know that?

Because when you lose money

the kind of people you owe
don't like to take cheques.

OK, but one thing still bugs me.
Only one?

He told his brother Mark
that he owed money and that

if he didn't pay it off
he feared for his life. Right? So?

That was after Mrs En had
given him the 25,000.

So if he'd paid off his debts, the only
person he owed money to was Alex En.

He said it was a one-off,

it wouldn't happen again.
But he owed all this money

and he didn't dare tell Abigail,
cos she'd kill him. I don't mean...

You gave him money
to pay his debts off.

No. She gave all our savings to pay
his debts off. Every penny we had.

Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Well, cos I was trying to spare
Abigail any more pain.

It's all connected, isn't it?
It's to do with his debts.

When did you find out about this?

After Benjamin was killed.
Now don't get any ideas.

I'm not being cleaned out and
accused of murder in the same week.

Did Benjamin ever say
if he planned to pay you back?

He said he wouldn't rest
until he'd paid back every dollar.

And you believed him? Yes!

Phil En has a fresh water butt in his dive shed.
True, I never thought of that.

That's why I'm a detective sergeant
and you're... not.

And the marks on his chest?

There was clearly a struggle,

during which he'd have to
be held face down with some force,

which would explain marks
on his chest.

As for the stone lodged
in his oesophagus,

lots of stones on the sea bed,
where the body was found.

The key is the money Benjamin
begged his brother for.

Phil En lied about not finding out
about the money until

after Benjamin was dead.
He went back to get it.

We know Benjamin didn't have it.
So after a furious row,

Phil En killed Benjamin Lightfoot

by holding him underwater
in his fresh-water barrel.

He then panicked and
dumped the body at sea.

What about the guy in the cells?

He's a criminal, but there's nothing
that links him to the victim.

Therefore he's nothing more than
a distraction.

It has to be Philip En.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

The chief needs to know
we're about to make an arrest.

One thing before we go in.

You've been feeding him
information on the quiet.

What? How did you know?

Because so have I.

Only I didn't bring a bag of fruit
every time I went.


So, you know about each other then?
Yes, sir.

I seem to be upsetting
everybody today.

I told Camille's mother that her
soup tasted like diesel,

but when I phoned to apologise
she said I was being childish.

Well, you did
put your soup in a plant pot.

Self preservation. So...

Why are you here? Sergeant Young
is about to make an arrest.

We thought you should know. Well,
then. You must tell me who it...

He's done too much. He's wiped out.
We should leave, let him sleep.

No, wait. He's back.

Where was I? Yes...

You were about to tell me who you
think killed Benjamin Lightfoot.

Yes. Right, so Sergeant Young
thinks it can only be one person.

That's what I believe too.

It was Phil En.

And he's gone again.

No, he's listening,
taking it all in.

So Phil's the killer.

Well, we'd better arrest him
for murder, then.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Perhaps you could help me
get dressed.

Drop us at the station and...

and then I need you to go
and get a couple of things for me.

I'm not dead yet! Thank you.

At first sight it was a baffling
case, yet all it needed was

determination, diligent police work

and an instinct for the truth.
In the final analysis,

Benjamin Lightfoot's murderer could
only be one person.

The only person here with the means,
motive and opportunity.

I couldn't agree more.

Mark Lightfoot, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the murder

of your brother, Benjamin Lightfoot.

This is madness! You do not have to say
anything but it may harm your defence

if you don't mention something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you say may be given
as evidence. Do you understand?

Will someone please explain to me
what's going on?

Helena. Helena?

Detective Inspector Richard Poole,
we haven't met,

but I've, heard a lot about you.

I apologise for the dramatic nature
of my arrival, but I felt compelled

to drag myself from my sick bed
to prevent an injustice.

And of course, to arrest Mark
here for the murder of his brother.

But I saw him on the boat
when Benjamin went diving.

And so did one of your officers.
Yeah, it was him.

Now, you only thought you
saw Benjamin that morning.

In fact,
that's rather the point.

Did you tell your brother
the real reason you were

sailing for the UK that day,
or did he already know?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I think you do. You're a
smuggler, Mr Lightfoot, aren't you?

Once a year you sail to the UK.
That's what you told my officers.

You crew boats
all over the Caribbean.

That's how you met Danny Barba.
Or Fernandez, as we now know he is.

Or is it a coincidence
that a suspected smuggler

is in the bay of Honore the same day
you're leaving for the UK?

Though as any detective
worth their salt will tell you,

there's no such thing as coincidence
in a murder investigation. Fidel.

The scales on Mr Fernandez' boat
confused us.

There was no trace of drugs,
even in lab tests.

The drugs were only one
of the things Mr Fernandez was known

to deal in, the others being guns...

and conflict diamonds.

Like this one.

Found lodged
in the oesophagus of the victim.

Uncut so they still
look like stones but,

easy enough to identify
with a little basic research.

I was waiting on a lab report.

Once we knew what the stone was,
the rest suddenly made sense.

Because the way you got them

through UK customs
was really quite brilliant.

They weren't even hidden.

You're wrong. If those are diamonds,
I have no idea how they got there.

You're lying. I think that when your
brother discovered what they were

and tried to take some of them
to pay his debts,

you pushed his head into the fish
tank and held him there. No!

In his struggle to breathe, this
stone became lodged in his throat.

I can't be sure, but it certainly
explains the shape of the

wounds on his chest and why there
were metal shards embedded in them.

Metal, by the way. Not plastic, as
it stated quite clearly

in the lab report, I believe.

It also explains the one thing
you didn't consider

when you dumped his body
into the sea...

why his lungs were full of
fresh water.

Mr Fernandez, at the moment
you are charged with possession of

a counterfeit passport and illegal
movement of conflict diamonds.

What you have to decide is

whether you want to add accessory to
murder to that list.

Mark? So you do know him?

The question is, will a jury believe
you're not a murderer?

All right. It was his idea to use
the catamaran, the fish tank.

He approached me.
I'll tell you everything.

I had nothing to do with
the killing of his brother.

I still don't understand. I saw him.

By the time you saw Benjamin go
diving, he was already dead.

You were forced to admit
that you argued with your brother

the night he was murdered.

Because you didn't know what had
been overheard,

you decided to tell us the truth.

But you didn't tell us
what happened next, did you?

I just need a few grand,
you'll get it back. Promise.

Where am I going to get that sort of
money from? You'll find it!

You've done it before.
Not this time.

Come on, big boy,
you know I need it.

Just drink your drink, all right?

After a night of heavy drinking
emotions ran high,

tempers flared. You started to fight
over the diamonds.

'All those years of resentment? Of the little brother who

'breezed through life, leaving you
in his wake to clear up his mess.

'You may not have meant
to kill your brother that day, '

but once you realised that you had,
you had to dispose of his body.

And I have to say,
your plan was ingenious.

The first part...

'was to get him into
some of the boat's scuba kit

'and get his body onto the dinghy.

'You thought it would
look like a tragic diving accident.

'After all, what else could it be?

'Your first mistake was
not realising

'that his lungs were
full of fresh water.

'The second was forgetting to
turn on his air tank.

'Once you'd dumped his body,
you came back

'and broke into Phil's dive-shed.

'And it looked like
nothing had been stolen...

'because nothing had.

You simply needed a police officer

for the final piece of the jigsaw.

You disposed
of your brother's body at sea

under cover of darkness. But in
order to get away with his murder,

you needed to prove he was still
alive. So you impersonated him.

'Making sure you put on
one of his trademark red bandanas.

'Because in scuba gear, it would be
hard to tell two people apart...

'let alone two brothers of a similar
age and build.'

Hey! I didn't think I'd see you
until noon.

'As long as you spoke through the
snorkel, you'd even sound the same.'

'I mean, why would anyone think
anything suspicious was happening?

'Nobody knew anything
suspicious had happened.'

'You wasn't being clumsy
when you dropped

'and smashed that bottle, you was
proving that you were on that boat

after your brother had left.'

Good night?

'So how could you be the murderer?
The murder hadn't happened yet.

'Your brother was still alive.
Or so everyone would think.'

I asked Dwayne to pick up not
just the fish tank,

but also to look through the trash
that you put out that day.

Because inside there, was one clue
that broke the whole case wide open.

Benjamin never appeared without
his red bandana

before he was murdered.

Why was that? You see...

it really bugged me,
until I realised that you'd

remembered to wear it when you
impersonated him that morning.

But in your panic to
dispose of the body, you hadn't.

So... the bandana,
the marks on his chest,

the stone,
the fresh water in his lungs,

the break-in at the dive shed.

All things that,
individually make no sense.

But put them together and
they add up to one fact...

you murdered your brother Benjamin
and disposed of his body in the sea.

Lock him up, Fidel.

Mark? How could you?

He was your brother...

And I hated him!
My whole life, I hated him!

And none of you could understand!
You just laugh at me.

The brother who wasn't as cool
or as interesting.

My whole life,
people, they run around after him.

I run around after him,
clearing up his mistakes,

paying his debts,
letting him use me.

But you never saw that, did you?
Nobody noticed me!

My sincere condolences,
Mrs Lightfoot.

And the suitcase?

All Mark, intended to throw us
off the scent.

He packed it when he went
to the house,

to tell you about
your husband's death.

I knew he wouldn't leave me.

Sorry, is that what you were
going to say?

You know damn well it wasn't.

Yes, I did know that, but that's
why I'm a detective inspector...

and you're not.

So, we've caught a murderer and
an international diamond smuggler.

That's a good day.

Yes, it is. I'm not sure
Sergeant Young was too pleased.

I'm sorry, but she wasn't very nice.
Don't worry, Freddie. She's gone now.

That doesn't look good.

I've just got off a nine hour flight
and what do I get?

Virtually as the plane hits
the tarmac,

my mother on the phone saying
you've insulted her?

I didn't insult her,
it was more... critique.

You said her soup tasted of old
socks! She told me to be honest.

When women tell you to be honest,
don't BE honest! That makes sense

It doesn't have to make sense!
It's my mother!

I could have reported her for
assault. I grew up on chicken soup!

That explains a lot.
What's that supposed to mean?!

Things are back to normal.
Amen to that. Fancy a beer?

Well, it's clearly made you
argumentative for a start.

I'm argumentative?
Look, excuse me, but while you were

swanning around in Paris, I was
solving a murder from my sick bed.

From what I've heard, Dwayne
and Fidel did all the hard work.

What? Come on, is all this really
about your mother's chicken soup?!

No, all of this is
because you are a rude man...!

I've been waiting for this
day for ten years.

Just make sure you boys can
keep up with me.

So you weren't jealous of him
spending time with

a younger, prettier woman?

Nothing Solly ever did was
easy on other folk.

There's obviously more between you
and Solly than a photo assignment.

We were in a band.
Didn't mean we were family.

You just have to relax.
Go with the flow. A-a-agh!