Daredevil (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - .380 - full transcript

Karen starts working with Frank to bring the mysterious Blacksmith down. Claire quits her job as the hospital's administration are trying to keep her silent. Matt visits Madame Gao to get information on Blacksmith.

Now, watch out.

One of them killed his father
with a scalpel.

I don't know about the rest,
but don't take any chances.

We just need to quarantine them
until the cops can...

- Claire...
- Oh, my God!

What the hell?


No! Louisa!

Don't let him
take us back down there.

So, there's this...


Its members believe in some pretty...
strange shit.

And they have deep pockets,

even deeper connections
all over Hell's Kitchen.

- Like a cult?
- It's kinda hard to explain.

They call themselves the Hand.
Nobu's one of them.

Those killers who attacked us,
I think they work for him.

Why did they want those patients back?

Honestly, I don't know.

That candle
that you're burning at both ends?

Sooner or later, it's gonna fizzle out.

I'm fine. Really.

You know the problem with martyrs?

The good ones end up dead.

You know, it's... it's one thing
to try to take on the mob,

or to block some shady real estate deal.

But this stuff?

- Those people just killed your friend.
- I know!

I can't just let that happen, Claire.
Not in my city.

It's not your city anymore!

Matt, admit...

you're in over your head.

There's no shame in that.


When? Oh...

I'll be right down.

Hey, I gotta go.
It's important.


Really am sorry.

So am I.

We're almost done.


Just want to go over your statement
one more time.

You're sure you didn't see anything
unusual outside your apartment?

Not that I remember.

And the man who blindsided
the two officers,

you couldn't tell if it was Castle?

Like I said in my statement,

when the shooting began,
I hit the decks and stayed there.

I didn't see anything.

Powell, I think we're good.

Go ahead and pull your car around.

Are you okay?

It's been a long night.

Have there been any developments?

Besides making sure Castle's face
is plastered across

every TV channel and newspaper?

The DA and the medical examiner are dead,

the same asshole takes a shot at you,

and so far nobody in this entire city's
seen a damn thing.


I'm sorry.
That wasn't, uh, very professional.

Mmm. Like you said,
it's been a long night.

We'll nail him.

Until then, I'm just glad you agreed
to accept police protection.

I appreciate the offer.

All right, the car's outside.

Powell and Reed
will escort you to a safe location.

We'll keep someone posted outside, 24/7.


If you remember anything, anything...

you know where to find me.

Sorry, he's, uh...

Can you give me a minute?


- Matt.
- Karen.

What are you doing here?

Brett reached out.
Someone shot at you?

Yeah, it's... it's okay.
I'm fine.

Why didn't you call me?

Would you have answered?

Look, Matt, I know that you mean well,
but I can take care of myself.

No, you can't, Karen.

Not if Frank Castle wants you dead.
No one can.

You're right! You're right!
Castle's dangerous,

and maybe I can't handle this,
but I don't want your help.

What's going on with you?
What are you holding back?

Frank didn't do this, okay?

Matter of fact, he saved me.


He was at my apartment last night.

And if he hadn't been watching the place,
I'd be dead.

Except the cops have it all wrong.

Frank didn't kill Reyes.

But whoever did knew
that Frank would take the blame,

and what do you know,
every cop in New York City

wants Punisher's head on a stick.

You told this to the police?

- No.
- Great! Lying to the cops. Smart, Karen.

But that's my problem, not yours.

Frank thinks he can find this guy
faster than the NYPD,

and, honestly, I agree with him.

He saved my life and he asked me for time.
I... I owe him that much.

Not saying I'm going along with this,
but if Castle's not the shooter, who is?

Everything points back
to the Central Park sting.

That's where everything fell apart.
What Reyes mentioned.

- This Blacksmith?
- Mmm-hmm. Right.

Frank has a source in prison.

Turns out the DA was right,
that the Blacksmith arranged the meet.

Why would the Blacksmith
come after you?

I've been working with
Ellison at the Bulletin.

Yep. Yeah, that'll be it.

- When... when, when did this start?
- Ever since the trial.

When I was trying to find evidence
for the Castle case.

We were looking into
the Central Park shootings,

and I guess we're getting too close.

- Then you need to back off.
- No, Matt. You need to back off!

This is not a game, Karen.
This is dangerous.

Right, well, so was working
at Nelson and Murdock. I...

The cops have offered me protection
and I'm... I'm taking it.

So you don't have to worry.
I'm... I'm fine.

Look, I'm gonna... I'm gonna go.

- I'm gonna come with you...
- No! Matt, I'm...

I'm not yours to protect.

Room's been checked, it's clear.

You need anything, anything at all,
we'll be just outside.

Okay, thanks.
What I need is about 12 hours' sleep.

You said you'd bring a car,
not steal mine.

It's a good song.

We used to sing along to that.

Imagine me doing that.

I inherited the tapes with the car.


Look, maybe you don't wanna be here, mmm?

Gotta say, I'm having second thoughts.

I'm not a lawyer.

I'm not protected
by attorney-client privilege.

Lying to the cops,
that makes me an accessory.


So, walk away. Go.

Blacksmith already tried to get me once.

I really don't wanna give him
a second chance.

He's not gonna get it.

Hello, Mr. Nelson.
You decent?

Oh, boo.
I was hoping to catch an eyeful.

No such luck.

It's a Foggy Bear.

Calm down, I also brought you this.

There's a, uh,
lot of extra security out there.


Anything going on I should know about?

Um, I don't know.

I heard a hell of a lot
of noise last night.

You didn't see Matt on the way in,
did you?


So, how are you, really?


I'm in the hospital with a hole in my arm
and Nelson-Murdock's kaput.

They say it comes in threes.

Next you're gonna tell me
Josie's burnt down.

Wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

But actually, I'm here...

to present you with a new opportunity.

People around town
have been talking about you.

About how I blew
the trial of the century?

Give yourself more credit.

Your opening statement
set the tone for the trial.

Which, if Castle hadn't been
such a lunatic,

you might've actually won.

Some are saying it was... impressive.

I lost the case.
My firm imploded.

And now you're a free agent.

You can finally be your own man.

What you might consider a failure
could actually be something else.

A new beginning.

I knew you were gonna be
sensitive about this.

That's what I like about you.

I'm just asking if it would be okay,
in the near future,

for me to set up a meeting.


All in time.

I need to float your name first.

And here I was thinking you were gonna
take advantage of me in my fragile state.

No, Franklin.

Not yet.

You've already gone
above and beyond.

This has been a very traumatic day.
You sure you wanna be down here?

Ms. Temple, we get that
NYPD paperwork finished?


Did you mention the part
where you unethically and unilaterally

brought those five patients
into this hospital?

Whoa, easy.

With all due respect,
we just lost one of our own.

And whose fault was that?

The board is gonna have
a goddamn field day with this.

All right, stay put.

There's no way
he can put all this on you.

He'll try.

I broke the rules.

He came after you, Claire.
What choice did you have?

I'm a nurse.

Took an oath to save people,
not kill them.

It was you or him,
and you saved yourself.

Male. Height, 5'10".

Approximate age, 30, 35 years.

Weight, 185...

- What the hell?
- What is that?

- This scar, it looks like it's from...
- An autopsy.

That's not possible.

I've seen enough dead bodies
to know what a Y-incision looks like.

He was cut evenly.

That's where they spread open
the body cavity

and examine the internal organs.

Maybe it was some sort of freak accident.

Uh, uh, unorthodox open-heart surgery...

Look at him.
He was gutted like a fish.

Claire, you are not seriously suggesting
that this guy's been dead before.

Wait a minute, she said what?

All right, that's it.
I'm shutting this down.

You and you, out!

And you, not a word to anyone, understand?

You don't think that this looks
just a little bit strange?

At least bring in the coroner,
have them check and see...

You're not hearing me.

I'm not jeopardizing
this hospital's financial future

over a nurse's wild-eyed...

Wait, all of a sudden,
this is about money?

That's none of your business.

This hospital was attacked.
People are dead...

Enough. I've heard all
I'm going to from you, Temple.

Go back to your job, and let me do mine.

Come on.

Shh! Take it easy.


It's better me than Frank Castle.

But he's not your only problem right now.

Give me everything you have
on the Blacksmith.

How did you hear about him?

All you need to know
is that Frank Castle wants him.

And he's gonna turn this city
into a war zone to find him.

Okay, what do you need?

Whatever you have.

Nationality, source point,
known allies, anything.

We don't have it.
We never had more than his code name.

That's what makes him so high value,
he's elusive.

Look, I'm telling you, three government
agencies couldn't find him.

The only lead we have...

Say it.

Look, it's thin.

Reyes was looking into
the Blacksmith's competition.

There's a new rival on the scene.

Doesn't move
half the product but...

but it's still more than everyone else.

- Look, Reyes figured if anyone has...
- Keep your eyes forward.

If anyone has a clue
about the Blacksmith's identity,

it would be his worst enemy.

- Give me the name.
- We don't have one.

- Uh, but our intel gave us a source point.
- Where?

Look, the only place where drugs
and corruption rival your neighborhood.


All right, good. Now get up.


Wherever you were going...

just stay there.

Not so sure stopping is such a good idea.

- You're not hungry?
- No, not really.

You don't think the neighborhood's
a little sketchy?

Oh, yeah.
I'm shaking in my boots.


Just get a little black coffee over here?

Anything new from the cops?

Just that they want you dead.


How about that, uh... that DA?
She have anything on the Blacksmith?

Only that he's moving an unprecedented...

Unprecedented volumes
of uncut narcotics into Manhattan.

- How's he doing it?
- Well, that'd be the mystery.

Okay, look, there's, uh...

an unfinished highway on Long Island

that was illegally used
as a landing strip in the '90s.

I mean, it would require payoffs, bribes...

This guy's a ghost.
He works alone or close to it. I just...

- How do you know?
- I just do.

Okay, so, what, that leaves us with
railroads, shipping lines, trucks, maybe?


Thank you.

- How 'bout you, hon?
- Sure, yeah.

Get anything else right now?

You know what, I'm gonna need about
as much black coffee

as this place would pump out.

So, just keep it coming.

Thank you.

You didn't seem surprised
that I owned a gun.

I guess the only thing that surprised me
is that you didn't plug me.

You pick it out yourself?


People who don't know shit about guns
usually go for something shiny.

You know, something with a...
with a fancy grip.

There's always the asshole
who gets the big hand cannon

that kicks like a mule
and they're too afraid to use it.

But a... 380 shows thought.

- Maybe it's not your first rodeo.
- Maybe it isn't.

- Almost took the shot.
- Did you?

And, uh...

can I ask you why you didn't?

Because I believe you.

I don't like what you do.

And ultimately,
I think you probably belong in jail.

But you...

you're honest. You...

you never lie to me.

Does he?

- Who?
- Come on.

Let's not do that.

Okay. The lawyer.

Not the other one, uh...



Yeah. Yeah.

He's got issues.
It's complicated, like most people.

Hard person to get to know.
I just think that inside he's...

You love him, right?

- You can't know that.
- I'm sorry, can't know what?

You can't...

Come on.
We're in court,

all that shit going on,
it's all over your face.

You can't hide that.
You love him.

Ma'am, just a little bit more.
Thank you.

I might have... feelings for Matt Murdock,

but it's just...
it's a swirl, it's a lot of things.


It's not love.

Ma'am, can I ask you,
do you guys always serve bullshit here

or is that just her, huh?

Fresh pot.

I'm sorry. You were saying?

He's the kind of man who hurts people.

Not like you, but...

he damages them.

Breaks them.

Sorry, is that supposed to mean something?

So those are the people
that you get out of your life.

Is that right?

Look, I might generally be considered
out of my skull,

so this might not mean much,
but this could be the craziest,

most batshit thing
I've ever heard in my life.

People that can hurt you,
the ones that can really hurt you,

are the ones that are
close enough to do it.

People that get inside you and... and...

and tear you apart, and make you feel
like you're never gonna recover.

Shit. I'd...

I... I would chop my arm off
right here, in this restaurant,

just to feel that one more time
for my wife.

My old lady,
she didn't just break my heart. She...

She'd rip it out, she'd tear it apart,
she'd step on that shit, feed it to a dog.

I mean, she was ruthless.
She brought the pain.

But she'll never hurt me again.

You see, I'll never feel that.

You sit here and you're all confused
about this thing, but you have it.

You have everything.

So, hold on to it.

Use two hands and never let go.
You got it?

Now, you need to go in the back
and get the waitress.

You tell the cook and anyone else
who's back there to find

the biggest piece of stainless steel
and you get under it. Go now.

Wait. What's happening?

The Buick. It's rolled around the block
three times before it pulled up.

Who are they?

Just some guys who are about to
walk into a diner for the last time.

Wait, you...
you wanted them here.

You parked me outside like... bait.

You need to go.

- You're such an asshole.
- Yeah.

You got that right.

Pell drop is done.
Still waiting on Lafayette and Ludlow.

Ping, your kid's messing around
with the carousel again.

My kid's at basketball, asshole.

Yang, you better get up here.

Come here!

Who do you work for?

Screw you.

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

Madame Gao.

I see from the uniform
you've taken the Devil's name to heart.

Yeah, I had to...
'cause of people like you.

So, you continue your fight,
but for how long, I wonder?

And at what price?

- Call your men off.
- Why would I do that?

'Cause, otherwise,
I'm gonna break their legs.

We speak alone.

Call them off.

They'll be gone shortly.

When you are satisfied we're alone,
we'll talk.

The Blacksmith. Where is he?

Screw you.


Go to hell.



I want a place.

41st Street.

The pier.

I can take you.


Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

You need to call the police,
get protective custody.

Get away from this thing.

Get away from me.

Just stay away from me.

911, what is your emergency?

Hello, yes, please.

Connect me to the 15th Precinct, please.

Trust me, my men won't disturb us.

Yeah, I don't take much
on faith these days.

You know,
word was you left Hell's Kitchen.

I'm surprised you came back.

What made you think I ever left?

The multiple charges pending against you,
drug dealing, money laundering.

Oh, yeah, slavery.

That's the reason you come to me?

It's not enough?

I suppose after all this time,
I expected more from you.

Like what?

An understanding
of the real threat facing this city.

Well, as far as I'm concerned,
I'm looking at one.

tonight I'm only after information.

Perhaps you should ask your police.

I don't want you.

I want your competition.

A heroin dealer
with the street name Blacksmith.

And you think I can help you?

I know he's been
cutting into your territories.

Heroin is illegal.

And as far as territories go,
New York is only one of mine.

I could have 100 cops here in an hour.

I've grown bored with tea.

However, it does seem that our interests
have momentarily aligned.

The heroin being imported
by the Blacksmith...

is the purest I've seen.

He's also ruthless.

His crew has been
systematically eliminating

my chemists and street dealers.

I can end it tonight.

But I need a place to start.

My sources tell me...

his product come in by ship.

Which pier?

If I knew that...

this conversation wouldn't be necessary.

That's not a lot to go on.

You can be sure his goods
will be well-guarded

by professionals
clearly more capable than my own.

Thanks, Madame Gao.

But I fear that the path you've chosen...

isn't going to be an easy one.

Yeah, it never is.

- So?
- So...

good news is, you're not fired.

But this is strike two.

Um... I protected you in there.

All you gotta do is keep your mouth shut,
do your job, and everything will be fine.

- That's it?
- That's it.

They're just gonna sweep this all
under the rug, aren't they?

What about Louisa?

The story is,
Louisa got killed by a junkie.

Got his hands on a scalpel,
things got out of hand.

It was very unfortunate,
and could happen to any of us.

- You can't possibly be okay with this.
- Claire...

There's a body downstairs
being prepped for its second autopsy!

I was willing to take responsibility
for what I did,

take whatever punishment
that they want to dole out.

- But pretending like it never happened?
- Shh. Come on.

Those killers are still out there,
and we're not gonna report that?

I've got no way to confirm it,

but I'm pretty sure the hospital just
received a major anonymous donation.

So, now we're taking hush money?

Shirley, Louisa was one of us.

I don't know about you,
but I need my job.


- What?
- Really?

That's how you're gonna play this?

Those patients were never
formally checked in,

which means there are no records.

The hospital cops aren't talking...

and Louisa's gone.

That makes it your word
against the administration's.

And believe me,
that is a fight you cannot win.

You already got two strikes.

- Yeah.
- Wait. No, Claire!

Claire, wait...

Let's just call this
strike three, shall we?

- Ms. Temple...
- I'm not sure exactly when this hospital

became more concerned
with private donations

or saving our own asses.

But just an FYI,

it used to be a place where
job number one... was saving lives.

I won't be any part of this.

- I'm out.
- Claire.

Multiple shots.

I got no idea
where they're coming from. No.

And our outside perimeter's not gonna...

You still here, chickenshit?

It's just you and me now.

You hiding?
Huh, you afraid?

Looks like you're all out.

That's all you got, huh?

The cash, the shit...
Just take it. Take it all.

- That what you think's gonna happen, huh?
- Please...

You think you're gonna
talk your way out of this shit?

I've been looking for you.

You're the Blacksmith.

- Say it.
- God, I don't wanna die!

Say it.
I want you to tell me.

Say, "I'm the Blacksmith."

Say, "I'm the Blacksmith.

I killed your wife."

Say it.
Say, "I killed your children."

- You feel me?
- I did it, I did it.

I'm the Blacksmith.
I'm the one you want.

- Just finish it! Finish it!
- That's what you want.

Here it comes.

- Don't shoot him, Frank! Frank!
- Oh, for Christ's sake.

Get outta here, Red.

He's lying, Frank.

We're here
for the same reasons, all right?

I want the Blacksmith just as much as you,
but he's not him.

I know when someone's
telling the truth, Frank. He's not.

Bullshit! Just get outta here!

He's not the man you came for, Frank.

It's me, I swear...

Are you lying to me?

Are you lying to me?

He's not the Blacksmith.
Put the gun down.

- Either way...
- You kill him, we have nothing.

...you die.

You just couldn't let it be, could you?
You just couldn't let it...

You kill him, we got nothing, Frank.

Castle's on board.

Get back to the boat now.

When are you gonna learn?

Mind your own goddamn business!

Goddamn it, Frank.

- We want the same thing.
- That's bullshit. That's...

I don't want to fight you.
I don't want to fight you.

You want me to take it easy?

Stay down, Frank.

I'm so sick of you.

Get off me!

Just couldn't let me have it,
could you?

You just couldn't let me have it.

One second in peace.

It was right there.
You had to sweep in.

You feel good about yourself?

Piece of shit.

Oh, come on, Frank.

It wouldn't have been the truth,
and you know it.

I can't let you start a war

- for the wrong reasons.
- Maybe a war is what I need.

Maybe I need that.

These people,
they took my children from me.

They killed my kids!
Don't you get that?

Then do right by them!

Help me. Work with me
to find the man who gave the order.

And then what, Red?
We gonna...

We gonna bring him in for justice?
Is that what we're gonna do?

Your way's bullshit, Red.
It doesn't work.

I need him... I need him gone.
It's gotta be permanent!

- It's gotta be finished!
- I... I understand.

You're right.
My way isn't working.

So, maybe just this once...


yeah, your way is what it's gonna take.

Red, just this once?

No. No, no, no, no, no, Red.

that's not how it works.

It's just...

you cross over to my side of the line...

you don't get to come back from that.

Not ever.

I count ten. Armed.

There's a lot of gunpowder
below decks.

Any of these guys starts shooting,
this whole ship...

It'll blow straight to hell.

We gotta get off this boat
before they open fire.

You're goddamn right you do.

We got him.

One batch, two batch...

penny and dime.

Here I come.
Here I come.

Been a long time, hasn't it, Frank?

Kill him.

- Just got word from Midtown.
- Who'd she get?

The Frenchman.

Jacques screwed the pooch.

What an asshole.

Now Ellie's on the war path,
working her way up.

You know, sooner or later,
she'll find you.

Kid's always been a doer.

Follow me.

A guy once told me
there's a power in surrender.

In choosing when your time's up.

But I chose.

Now, that asshole's dead.

I want you outta here.

If there's gonna be
a tomorrow for anyone...

you gotta follow the plan.

Go. Get me what I need.


My God...

- Brett?
- Be careful, Karen.

Cover these bodies.
Castle said he was coming here?

You sure?

Fifteenth Squad Sergeant to Central.

Pier 81 on four-one street.
I need FD and ambulances forthwith,

and notify Harbor to respond.
And Narcotics.

This could be the largest
heroin seizure in years.



- You heading out?
- Yeah. You?


Clean bill? Congrats.

Yeah, I'm a regular poster boy for health.

You going on a trip?

Something like that.

- I just quit.
- As in, your job?

As in, our mutual friend is gonna
have to get friendly with another nurse,

because the next time he needs
help at the hospital, I won't be here.

They're trying to keep

what happened last night quiet,
like it never happened.

Oh, wow. What did happen?

Ask your friend.

I'm ready.

And now, it's ready.

Oh, you need help.

Hey, hey!
We need some help here!

She found him.

She found him.


She found Stick...

and she's gonna kill him.




We need to talk.

I'm all ears.