Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 12 - Victims of Love - full transcript

As Ewing Global goes public, twists and turns abound while everyone scrambles to claim ownership. Pamela struggles with what to do now that she knows Cliff didn't really kill J.R., and Bobby seeks the aide of old flame Tracey McKa...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

Elena: I've read J.R.'s letter.

The Ewings framed Cliff
Barnes for J.R.'s murder.

My family is ruined
because of J.R.'s greed.

You pardon Cliff, we don't go
to the police with your crime.

Hunter McKay... his
grandfather and my daddy

fought their fair share
of battles back in the day.

Three games and two rounds of funding
later, we took the company public.

You know, I thought about
taking Ewing Global public.

When you offered me a chance
to take down the Ewings,

you didn't say anything
about Mexican gangsters.

My men took every precaution to make sure

- that Drew's death is ruled a suicide.
- [Gunshot]

J.R. was working on an oild
deal with the sheik sherif Ali.

My father has decided to supply
you with the capital you need

to buy controlling
interest in Ewing Global.

Bobby: This is my friend Calvin Hanna,

and he has underwritten
several very large I.P.O.s.

He's the best man for the job.

- You really think John Ross is gonna come after me?
- Oh, I'm sure of it.

So, we're all set for the I.P.O.?

Everything will be taken care of.

- You're a good man.
- I wouldn't go that far.

Nicolas... he isn't who he says he is.

He's using Elena for his own agenda,

and we're gonna find out what that is.


Buenos días, señor Barnes.

Cliff: I heard from Elena

that your man on the inside

has everything in place for me
to get my company back tomorrow.

Well done, Treviño.

I'm both impressed and grateful.

Uh, is Elena with you?

I've been trying to reach her,

but her phone keeps
going to voicemail, so...

In the hurry to leave Southfork,

I'm afraid she forgot her phone.

Here she is.


- Hello, Cliff.
- Elena...

why am I still in prison?

I wanted to be in Dallas for the I.P.O.

so I can begin my evisceration
of the Ewings in person.

I don't have your pardon anymore.

I gave it to Pamela.

That's not our deal.

I told you from the start...

I never thought of this as revenge.

I thought of it as justice.

I've seen to it that you
will get your company back.

But for me to be the
one to free you from jail

after everything you did...

blowing up the Ewing rig and
killing Pamela's babies...

that justice is not mine to decide.

It's your daughter's.


Now that Pamela knows the truth,

she'll see the errors of her way.

And when I'm free,

nothing will stand in the
way of me getting the revenge

that I deserve.

You did the right thing.

If Pamela lets her father out of jail,

there will be more bloodshed.

You're not responsible
for their battles anymore.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Only for your own.

And you've won.

[Knock on door]


What do you want, Christopher?

Just a minute to talk.


[Door closes]

You know, it's strange to see
you living away from Southfork.

It's your home.

Not anymore.

Elena wrote me these years ago

when she went to visit
your family in Mexico.

She mentioned spending time
with an old childhood friend...

a friend named Joaquin.

Carmen, is Nicolas' real name Joaquin?


Elena had many friends back
in México, Christopher.

Joaquin was another boy.

You know that despite all the craziness

that's happened between Elena and I

over the past few months...

That I will always, always love her.

She's the best person I know.

And that person wouldn't seek out vengeance

the way she did.

It was Nicolas.

He used her anger and hurt

over what J.R. did to your husband

to push her down a dark road,

and I know that there is
some self-serving reason why.


Whatever you know about
Nicolas, I must know.

You leave Elena and
Nicolas alone, Christopher!

Nicolas is a decent man.

He would never mislead my family

the way your family has misled mine!

- Carmen, Carmen, y...
- [Speaks Spanish] Please leave!

All right.

[Breathing heavily]


- Can I blow them out now?
- [Laughing]




Happy Birthday to you.

How do you feel? You're 7 years...

Boy, they grow up fast, don't they, Cal?

[Sighs] What are you doing here?

Oh, come on, now.

I wouldn't miss your
grandson's birthday party.

[Sighs] Got a minute to
talk about tomorrow's I.P.O.?

[Sighs] Look, John Ross,

I know your daddy did business

strong-arming people with blackmail.

That's not gonna work on me.

I'm well aware.

See, I did a deep dive on you, Cal.

You're a good man.

You just... happen to have made

some real bad business investments.

You bet big on mortgage-backed
securities years ago,

and you lost...

everything you had and some you didn't.

Been trying to dig yourself
out of that hole ever since.

Am I right?


You see, one thing my daddy taught me

is that there is good in the worst of us,

but there's also bad in the best of us.

Now, the good in me is about to
make you one hell of an offer.

And the bad in you might just
be greedy enough to take it.

John Ross, this is not...

$10 million... cash.

As long as you make
sure that all the shares

for the 48% of Ewing Global being offered

go to sheik sherif Ali.

That's a hell of a bribe, John Ross.

I prefer to call it

a significant liquidity opportunity.

No, man. No, no, no.

I... I could never do that to Bobby.

Ah. [Scoffs] Bobby.

Bobby's gonna be just fine.

But you know who's gonna
be better than fine?

Little Billy over there.

Your entire family set for life.

What do you say, Cal?

We got a deal?

♪ Theme music plays ♪

Cliff: Sweetheart, it's your father again.

Please call me back. I need to talk to you.

Is everything all right?


It's my father calling again.

I know exactly what he wants.

He wants me to let him out of prison.

And you're not sure
that you want to do that.

He told me he didn't kill J.R.

But I was too angry to listen.

Angry because he knew I was on that rig

and gave the order to blow it anyway.

Angry because he killed my
babies and got away with it.


Just because he got away with that crime,

does it make it right

for him to rot in jail for
another he didn't commit?


I can tell you that, for me,

the hardest part of knowing
the truth about J.R.'s plan

was not being able to confront him

on why he did what he did...

on how he felt so entitled
to lie to all of us.

As a result, I'm afraid, um...

I'm never going to be able to move on.

[Breathes deeply]

But, Pamela, you have a
chance with your father.

If at least you'll talk to him.

George: Let me get this straight.

Your daughter sat down with a top general

from the Mendez-Ochoa
cartel, struck a new deal,

which involves moving
more drugs more quickly,

and you want CIA approval and protection

to honor those terms.

George, if we don't honor this deal,

I'm putting my daughter's life at risk.

Increasing the cartel's
cash flow means more arms,

more payoffs at every level,
more money to buy votes.

With the election less than a month away,

you accelerate the cartel's timetable

for taking over the Mexican government.

Well, if the threat is so imminent,

now is the time to take them down.

Now is the time.

The CIA will not make a move on the cartel

until we have eyes on their leader.

This guy... El Pozolero...

he's like a ghost who only
appears to inflict horror.

Last week alone,

he killed 75 villagers
who dared oppose him.

He boiled them in acid in
front of their families.

We share a 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

You really want that psychopath

controlling their next president?

I need some time.

Time to extricate Emma from
the deal that she's made.

Just let me put some
drugs through the pipeline

for a very short while.

You do that, we'll stop your trucks.

You stop my trucks,
they'll kill my daughter!

Then renegotiate the deal and save her.


Did you come here to
drop another bomb on me?

Let me guess... you work for the FBI.


I just came to check on
you, see how you're feeling.

May I?

You know...

after everything that daddy has done,

years of controlling my every move,

he ruined the one relationship

that ever made me feel
like I was worth anything.

Drew saw things in me that no one sees.

But he killed himself

because of the things
that daddy made him do.

And now I'm supposed to forgive him

because he's working with the CIA
and he's stopping a war in Mexico.


It's bullshit.

Learning he isn't a complete monster

doesn't change any of the
horrible things he's done to you.

The fact that you feel
obligated to grant him absolution

makes you hate him even more.


Your father told me

he called your grandmother back to Dallas

to sort out the problems with the cartel.

Emma, your grandmother can't know

he's working with the CIA.

Is that why you came back here...

just to get me to keep my mouth shut?

No. I came to see how you
were doing because I love you.

And I know what you're going through.

I also know more about
your grandmother than you.


Arming her with the information
that he's working for the CIA

would only make things
worse... for everyone.

Trust me.




Maybe we could, um...
get dinner tomorrow...

Talk more?

I'd like that.


Calvin. What are you doing
in the office this late?

I just wanted to let
you know you were right.

John Ross came after me today.

And, uh, like you asked, I
let him think I took the bait.

I do know my nephew.


Rest assured the I.P.O. will
be a fair offering of shares

to institutional investors.

No requests from John Ross
or Cliff will be granted.

It's good to have you out front

blocking for me again, buddy.


I'll call you at 9:00 A.M.,
when the shares are issued.

All right. Good night.

Carlos, my friend.

What did you find?


I just spoke with Carlos.

Turns out a boy named Joaquin Reyes

lived with the Ramos
family in the early '90s.

Well, was he able to find
out anything about him?

Medical records

and a criminal record up
till 1997, then nothing.

So Nicolas didn't change his name

to leave his street-urchin past behind.

He changed his name to
cover up his criminal record

so he could reinvent himself
as a legitimate businessman.

And there's more.

Carlos said that while the man
Joaquin Reyes disappeared in '97,

the man's financial accounts
remained open and active.

- Doing what?
- Investing funds for the Mendez-Ochoa cartel...

over $600 million...

all of which were lost two years ago.

- So, Nicolas is in debt to the cartel?
- Yeah.

That's why he was so eager
to do Elena this favor.

He's using her for her
access to the company

so he can pay off his debt.

Making his own move for
the company with the cartel.

If he's in business with the cartel,

then Elena could be in danger.

Those shares get issued in about an hour.

I got to get ahold of Calvin.

- I need to tell Elena.
- Okay.

Elena, I need you to call me.

Look, Nicolas is in debt
to the Mendez-Ochoa cartel.

That's why he's helping you
so he can pay off his debt.

Just please call me as soon as you can.

Calvin. Hey, I'm glad I
caught you. It's Bobby here.

Listen, we have a real problem.

Treviño's not in business with Cliff.

- What?
- No, he...

Sorry about the timing of this, Calvin,

but we've been forced
to make some cutbacks.

You're no longer in
charge of the Ewing I.P.O.

We have to let you go.

Well, who is in charge
of issuing shares now?!

What do you mean you can't tell me?!


- Damn it.
- What's going on?

We can't get in touch with Calvin.


You are not getting control
of the company, John Ross.

What do you mean?

I know you tried to bribe Calvin.

This has nothing to do with that.

So, what the hell is happening?

Nicolas isn't working with Cliff.

He's going after the company himself.

Everyone, come in here quickly.

Reporter: Big news from Dallas.

Hunter McKay, founder of
video-game company Gitit Games,

has just purchased all 48% of Ewing Global,

that was up for sale this morning.

Sources claim this purchase now gives McKay

a controlling interest in the company,

which means there's likely more to learn

about what went on behind the scenes.

Hunter McKay? Where the
hell did he come from?

Our fight with that family
has been over for years.

I'll tell you.

A few weeks ago, John
Ross was out with Nicolas

when he ran into Hunter McKay.

Hunter was bragging about
how he took his company public

and it allowed him to gain all control.

Damn it, John Ross! How
could you be so reckless?

Everybody, just hold on.

Look, none of this makes any sense, okay?

There is no way that Hunter
has controlling interest.

Where the hell did the
other shares come from?

Well, I've got a pretty good idea.

We've all been wondering
what's in it for Nicolas

from Cliff after all of this?

Well, what if Cliff signs over

a small percentage of
Ewing Global to Nicolas...

say, 3%...

and then Nicolas signs over
that percentage to Hunter,

giving him a majority?

Your greed has cost us
control of this company!

You idiot. They were working together.

They set you up!

So, all of it... [sighs]

all of the despicable things you've done

only ended up losing you control
of my father's life's work?!

Pamela, please, just...

You selfish bastard!

Lying and cheating were the
only two things you were good at,

and now you failed at them, too!

- [Indistinct shouting]
- Woman: Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

Man: Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

Where'd you get the
capital for the takeover?

Uh, you know, believe it
or not, it wasn't that hard

finding other people
interested in owning the Ewings.

- [Chuckles]
- Man: So, was revenge your motivation?

It's no secret the McKays have a
historical feud with the Ewing family.

You're asking me if it feels good

to do what my grandfather never could

and own both the Ewings and
the Barneses at the same time?

Is that what you're...
um, yeah, it sure does.

- [Chuckles]
- But how were you able...

Mr. McKay, how were you able to gain

controlling interest in the company

when only 48% of it was up for sale?

If you want specifics,

you'll have to talk to the underwriter,

but I... I can save you
the time and just tell you.

I... I got it.

Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

- All right.
- Mr. McKay!

So, Mr. McKay, what are
your plans for the company?

Uh, it's... you guys, I'm so sorry.

I got to take this. That's
it. That's all today.

But what about... what about your company?

What... Mr. McKay! Mr.
McKay! Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

- What are you going to do with the company?
- Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

Wait! Wait! Mr. McKay! Mr. McKay!

Mr. McKay, I have one
more question. Mr. McKay!


Nicolas: Congratulations.

I couldn't have pulled
this off without you.

I guess I saved your
ass with the cartel, huh?

Hopefully, we both got what we wanted.

So, I get to run the company

as long as I allow you to launder money

through its various assets, right?

That's correct. I'll be in touch.

What the hell happened?!

I thought you knew someone on the inside?

- I did. I don't know what happened.
- I promised Cliff.

No, I promised Cliff.

I'm the one who lost him the company.

Elena, you did everything
for Cliff you said you would.

I am sorry for the part I played in it.

I know how much this has
cost you, Elena, but...

It's over.

It's over.



That's what I thought.




I appreciate the heads-up.

All right. Thank you.

Well, the S.E.C. just confirmed it...

Cliff gave 3% of Ewing Global to Nicolas

before he showed up here as Cliff's proxy.

And this morning,

Nicolas signed those
shares over to Hunter McKay,

giving him 51% control of the company.


John Ross: Look who's here.

I'm... I'm so sorry, Bobby.

They took my phone. They
locked me out of my computer.

- I couldn't get to you in time.
- Hey, it's all right, Calvin.

There was nothing you could do.

This guy... Victor Des
Lauriers, my new boss,

was brought in from Banco de México

about a month ago.

As soon as he fired
me, he accepted requests

from shell corporations...

all of them owned by Hunter McKay.

Where did the money come from?

I mean, Hunter didn't have
access to that much capital.

Well, it certainly
didn't come from Nicolas.

He's in debt to the
cartel for $600 million.

Maybe the cartel funded him.

Actually, cartels are
legitimizing more and more,

using companies to... to launder money.

We've seen it with smaller ventures,

but never with a multinational.

If we could prove the
cartel is behind this,

the government might seize those shares.

We could get our company back.

I know just where to start.

And where do you think you're going?

[Sighs] I'm going to see Hunter McKay.

Not alone you're not... knowing you,

you'll just make a bigger
mess than you already have.

All right, all right. That's enough.

We took this company
together than you as a family,

and we lost it because our enemies

made us fight each other.

If we stand one chance,
it's to work together again.

All right?


All right.

[Knock on door]


John Ross. Christopher.

What's up, guys?

Hunter, we were hoping
to have a little chat.

Yeah, no problem. Of course. Come on in.

Come on.

All right.

Man. Christopher. [Laughs]

It's been a minute, huh?

Last time I saw you
must've been... high school?

And last time you saw me, you and Nicolas

were setting me up so that
you could steal our company.

Whoa, guys, I... I... I don't
want there to be any hard feelings.

It was all just business.

Except what you did was illegal.

You see, we know the money you used

came from the Mendez-Ochoa cartel.

I don't know what you're talking about.

- I think you do.
- And we're filing a suit with the S.E.C.

And when we do, you're
gonna find yourself in jail.


Let's just be honest.

If you already had proof of
where that money came from,

you wouldn't be standing in my apartment.


I think I win.

Let's go.

You know, John Ross,

Nicolas wasn't so sure you'd take the bait,

but then I told him how
J.R. fell for a similar move

that's short of poetic justice, right?

You losing your company
the same way your daddy did?

- Aah!
- John Ross!

We're gonna find out where
that money came from, McKay,

and when we do, you're finished.

Let's go!

Come on.


Is it done?

Yes. Ewing Global is officially ours.


Drugs destroy families
and social infrastructures.

The more broken a society becomes

on either side of the border,

the easier it is for us to seize power.

That is precisely why
I have a plan in place

which guarantees we double
the volume of product

going through the pipeline.



Not since the Europeans raped our ancestors

have we truly been in power.

Now... it is our time, once again.

Now will be the real Mexican revolution.

Thanks to Nicolas.


When I met him, he was only a teenager.

But I knew there was
something special about him.

I never met anyone with
a more inherent grasp

for business and mathematics.

That's why I educated him,

trained him to take over the
finances of our operation.

He lost $600 million of our money.

It was a bad investment that
he promised to make up for.

And he has.

Nicolas will be in charge of
Ewing Global from now on, yes?


[Knock on door]

Bobby Ewing, as I live and breathe.

Hello, Tracey. It's been a long time.

What are you doing here?

I need to speak to you about Hunter.

What has my nephew done now?

Come on in.

My video-game-playing
nephew bought your company?

That seems impossible.

Yeah, well, it was only made possible

because he got involved
with some very bad people,

including a man named Nicolas Treviño,

who owes over $600 million
to a Mexican drug cartel.

[Sighs] Oh, my goodness.

Damn my father.

He always blamed the Ewings
for my brother Tommy's death.

So, when Tommy's old girlfriend

showed up with Hunter and trip,

he raised those boys to hate
your family as much as he did.

Oh, I begged my father
not to poison my nephews

the way he poisoned my brother.

[Chuckles lightly]

Well, that didn't work
out very well, did it?

I'm so sorry, Bobby.

What can I do?

I need Hunter to tell the S.E.C.

where the money came
from to buy Ewing Global.

Now, i... if he does that,

I have some friends in
the state department,

and I might be able to keep
him out of jail and safe.

You always were good at playing the hero.

Yeah, well, in light of recent events,

there may be a few who disagree with that.

Pammy. I knew you'd come.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for helping the
Ewings put you in jail,

for failing to protect your legacy.

Your whole life,

I warned you about trusting the Ewings.

I was trying to protect you,

but what matters now is
that you do know the truth

and I didn't kill J.R.

So now you can get me out of jail.

We can have a second chance.
We can start all over.

We can get the company back... together.

I love you, Pamela.

I miss you so much.

This is a deed to Ewing 6.

That was Digger's.

That plot of land was
robbed from your father.

And because of that,

I was robbed from ever having one.


all I ever wanted from
you [Sighs] was love.

But you always hated the Ewings
more than you ever loved me.

Darling, that's not true.

Yes, it is.

Because if you truly loved me,

because if you truly wanted to protect me,

then you never would have done what you did

when you killed my babies.

I can never forgive you for that.

I'm so sorry for what I did.


But you want to leave me here...

and you'll forgive me if I stay in prison?

I know I failed you.

I did.

I... I did.

It's over now.

You've avenged the wrongs
done to your father.


And I've avenged the
wrongs done to me by mine.


Goodbye, daddy.

Harris: What the hell is he doing here?

[Engine shuts off]

[Ignition beeping]

[Car door closes]

John Ross.


Well. Isn't this a pretty picture?

Where y'all headed together?

Wait, let me guess family therapy?

What do you want?

This morning, the Mendez-Ochoa cartel

funded Hunter McKay's
takeover of Ewing Global.

Problem is, we can't
figure out how to prove it.

Whoa. Hold on. Hold on. This is rich.

Now, you're asking me to
do a favor for you, boy?

Not so much asking for a favor

as much as threatening blackmail.

If you don't use your
contacts to help me prove

that the cartel was behind the takeover,

I'll be forced to bring
Candace out of hiding.

Now, you remember her, right?

The hooker who was willing to testify

against you... and the
madam here for pandering?

Why don't you two wait in the car?

I am so sorry you lost
your company, Mr. Ewing.

[Gasps dramatically]

If you're in need of a
job, maybe I can help.

You have a good look.

How are you at romancing men?

[Chuckles] Maybe you
didn't hear me clearly.

If you'd like to stay rich, old woman,

breathing the fresh,
beautiful clean air of freedom,

then I suggest we make a deal.

That is never going to happen.

You know that I will do anything
to protect my granddaughter,

so I am not about to put my son
in a position with the cartel

to compromise her safety.

Now... if you know what's best for you,

you'd get off my lawn

and go back to that pit of broken marriages

you call Southfork.

How did that go?

It was just the warm-up I needed.

Let's go make us a drug deal.

Hey, Bum, it's me.

It's time to go fetch Candace.


I am extremely unhappy right now.

Would any of you like to
guess as to why that is?

You're a Taurus?

Harris: Try not to get us killed

in the first five minutes, mother, please.

Once again, I find myself taking
time out of my busy schedule

to come here and deal with you people.

I know exactly how you feel.

I had to fly back from Paris

when I heard about your taking advantage

of my naive, young granddaughter.

Emma has many qualities,

but naïveté... it's not one of them.

Let's not forget she
came to me with this deal.

I was wrong.

She was in no position to make
that deal, and you know it.

You did it because

I refused to increase the amount of product

going through the pipeline.

Whether or not she was in a position

to make that type of
arrangement, she made it.

[Clears throat]


[Exhales deeply]

I have always been a
proponent of reciprocity

in all my relationships.

And as a showing of goodwill,

I am willing to renegotiate

in a way that helps both of us.

Now, I believe my son has tasked you

with finding our wayward whore Candace,

but we have not heard from
you on that front for weeks.

Once you take care of our Candace problem,

I will agree to increase
the amount of product

running through the pipeline by 25%.


You people. [Sighs]

Let's go. Let's go find that Candace.


I hope Hunter will listen to me.

Listen, back in your pool-hustling days,

you could talk anybody into anything,

and they wouldn't even notice.

I remember you won $1,000 off
of me in less than 2 hours.

I think it was $900.

I stand corrected.

But I did offer to buy you dinner

to make it an even grand, right?

- Yes.
- Okay.



[Gasps, shrieks]


Dad! Whoa, whoa. Hold up.

What the hell's going on?

I asked Tracey to come here

and help me talk some sense into Hunter.

When we got here, he was hanging,

and there's no evidence to suggest

it's anything other than a suicide.

No, it had to be the cartel.

They're cleaning up loose ends...

people who knew too much about the deal

who could unravel the
legitimacy of the takeover.

And what if they come after Nicolas?

He could be a loose end,
too, and he's with Elena.

You've reached Elena, leave a message.


Hunter McKay...

the guy who helped Nicolas steal
the company for the cartel...

is dead.

They're cleaning up loose ends.

You are in danger. Please call me back.

[Car door closes]

Please tell me that she is
lying down in the backseat.

I went by her place. I waited.
Candace never came home.

But I got you something
better to use against Ryland.

You remember that copy I
made of Ryland's flash drive?

Well, I now know why I couldn't
figure out what was on it.

It's encrypted with a
technology only used by the CIA.

Are you telling me you think
Harris Ryland's in the CIA?

Looks that way.

And wouldn't the cartel just love

hearing that Harris Ryland
was in bed with Uncle Sam?


That bald bastard is full of surprises.

Now that you know what the encryption is,

you think you can find a way through it?

Well, I'll do my best.


'Cause that is the one thing
that Harris Ryland wanted most,

and it'll do me just right to know
exactly what type of bomb it is

before I set it off.


Who was that at this hour?

Harris: Mother, we have company.

Hello, Judith.

Why, Luis.

I thought you said you
were headed back to Mexico.

I didn't want to leave without
presenting you with this.

Well. Isn't that nice.


Such a beautiful box.



Those hands belong to your whore Candace.

It's my gift to you to show
you I'm a man of my word.

And this here is to
make sure you keep yours.

[Both whimpering]


[Crying] I propose a new deal.

Double the shipments immediately.

Or they're dead.