Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 11 - Hurt - full transcript

Elena finally confronts the Ewings about what J.R. did to her father and for framing Cliff. Sue Ellen, Pamela and Ann are shocked over the truths Elena exposes, realigning relationships and forcing Bobby to re-examine the steps he took to implement J.R.'s master plan. Meanwhile, Nicolas' plan to steal Ewing Global for the cartel moves forward, setting the stage for a new battle.

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Previously on Dallas...

- [Breathing heavily]
- What is it?

[Voice breaking] My brother's dead.

They think it was suicide.

No. Andres would never take his own life.

Drew: If Elena found out
you were using her pain

just to pay a debt to drug dealers,

- she would despise you.
- [Gun cocks]

- [Gunshot]
- I want you to leave...

because our marriage is over.

Look at this place. I
think I should stay here.

Are you kicking me out?

This fire was arson.

The accelerant... rocket fuel.

And Drew Ramos set the fire.

J.R. stole our family's future.

And Andres found out about it.

- That's why he set the fire.
- [Electricity crackles]

The Ewings aren't who
you think they are, mama.

They will do anything to protect family.

I saw John Ross this morning

reading a handwritten letter from J.R.

And putting it in his wallet.

Mom, this could be the proof we need

that the Ewings framed Cliff Barnes.

Well, how do we get that letter, Elli?

[Breathing heavily]

Elena: "Doctors say I
only have a few days left.

I had Bum steal Barnes' gun.

Put an end to the feud once and for all."

[J.R. laughs]

Drew was caring. [Sniffles]

He was strong.

He was a soldier.

He went to war for our family.

He was also at war with himself.

With the choices he made...

and the people he hurt.

We focus on that... on... on the hurt,

and we let it lead us down dark paths.

We lose ourselves that way.

Bobby: Carmen.

I can't imagine what you're
going through right now.

Christopher: What can we do for you?

You've done enough already.

If you need any...

You Ewings are a bunch of liars.

Carmen, where's this coming from?

[Shouting in Spanish]


Listen, I think it's time we
went back to the h... house.

Come on. Let's all just go.
We'll leave you alone now.



I know the truth. I've read J.R.'s letter.

I know all of you framed Cliff Barnes.

No more secrets.

This ends now.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

Why did you call me here?

Your father didn't kill J.R.

Your father was framed.

It's all here in a letter J.R. wrote

and trusted to Bobby.

What is she talking about?

Cliff didn't kill J.R.

J.R. only wanted it to look that way,

and he asked Bobby to pull it off.

Bobby's been lying to all of you.

You helped him frame an innocent man.

Tell me this isn't true, Bobby.

It's true. I want to hear it from him.

J.R. was dying.

He had cancer.

And he said he arranged for his own murder,

and it was up to me to pin it on Cliff.

J.R. felt with Cliff behind bars,

the family could move
forward put an end to the feud

that caused so much pain for both families.

So, yes, I lied.

But I also gave Cliff a chance...

a chance to confess the
crimes he did commit.

Confess to blowing up the rig.

Confess to killing his grandchildren...

my grandchildren!

And Cliff said to me, "I
have never done anything

the Ewings have asked me to do,

and I'm sure not gonna start now."

He had no regrets.

And neither do I.

It had to be done, Pamela.

And whatever clemency he deserved

died the day he ordered
the rig to be blown up

with you on it. There was no other way.

No other way? You end a blood
feud by walking away from it.

- Pamela, I know you're upset...
- You knew.

And so did you, didn't you?

They both only knew the truth
after Cliff was arrested.

But you continued to lie to us?

You couldn't know.

J.R.'s plan wasn't to end a
feud or anything so altruistic.

When he died, we rushed
to sentimentalize him.

We remembered the charm
and the fun and the wit.

But he was also a thief and a
liar. He ruined people's lives.

He got us to write his ending...

the ending where J.R.
Ewing isn't a monster.

John Ross: What's the point of all of this?

You know the truth. What now?

You want to line us all up
in front of a firing squad

because we framed an innocent man?

There ain't nothing
innocent about Cliff Barnes.


Who are you to talk about innocent?

You framed my father for all the same

typical, selfish John Ross reasons.

Why are you doing this, Elena?

How is this even your concern?

That's the deed to my father's land.

The land of my ancestors.

The land my family has a rightful claim to.

A land rich with oil.

J.R. manipulated the records.

He switched the deeds.

The land my father bought,

the land he thought was my ancestors',

was a dry, worthless rock.

My father died drilling a rock.

My brother went off the
deep end drilling a rock.

My family is ruined because
of J.R.'s duplicity and greed.

What I want...

[Voice breaking] What I want is for

my father and my brother to be alive.

[Normal voice] But what I
will take is restitution.

I had no idea.

So J.R. cheated your
father out of his fortune.

- That's...
- Unconscionable? Horrible?

Completely within J.R.'s character?

How did you find out about the switch?

Cliff Barnes told me.

You've been talking to my father?

He came to me. He wanted to help me.

He showed me the deeds.

Both of our families

have been wronged by the Ewings, Pamela.

What was it you said to me, Bobby?

"The truth sometimes hurts."

Stay out of this.

Christopher: No. Elena's not like this.

This is you, Treviño. This is you and Cliff.

And you planted him as Cliff's proxy.

Nicolas and I are childhood friends, yes.

When I was in Mexico, I tracked him down.

I knew he would help. And he has.

John Ross: So you've been
lying to our faces ever since,

and you squirmed your way to
get our trust back? Screw you.

Bobby: All right. This
has gone on long enough.

You... you want to make a deal, right?

Silence about what we all
did to Cliff for restitution?

What would satisfy you, Elena?

The money you made off my family's land...

and a piece of Ewing property.

- Over my dead body.
- John Ross.

No, half of this land is
mine. None of it is hers!

These are my terms.

If you're not happy with
them, I'm more than happy

to tell the world what
you did to Cliff Barnes.

What all of you did.

So... what does he get?


Elena and I gave him our word
that we would set him free.

- What?
- You can't be serious.

Oh, no, no, no. Cliff stays in prison.

You pulled strings to put him there, Bobby.

You can pull strings to get him out.

You pardon Cliff,

we don't go to the police with your crime.

No one goes to jail.

That said, I can't predict what
Cliff might do once he's freed.

You son of a bitch.

Christopher, no! Stop!

[Both grunting]

Bobby: All right. All
right, all right. Stop it.

That's enough. Stop it!

Leave. Leave.

I'll be at my cottage.

I want an answer by 8:00 P.M. tonight.

You sure got what you wanted
last night, didn't you?


John Ross: We're being held for ransom.

We give Elena what she
wants, we don't go to prison.

What's to discuss?

We didn't cheat her father.

Yeah, I know. J.R. did.

And like you wouldn't
have done the same thing.

You're the one who tossed
her out with the trash.

Maybe we should thank you for turning
her into such a spiteful bitch.

Hey! We don't turn on each other.

Not now.

I am the one who led the
charge to frame Cliff.

I pulled you into it.
I'll clean up the mess.

The hell you will.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means I refuse to let
Elena get away with this.

Sue Ellen: Determining our fates yet again?

It worked so well last time.


What exactly did J.R. write in that letter?

I told you what he wrote.

No, Bobby. I want to know word for word.

Because this letter...

"Sue Ellen, it is my greatest hope in life

to earn a second chance with you.

When I get back to Dallas,

will you have dinner with me?"

This letter is garbage.

Why did he lie?

If he really loved me,

why didn't he tell me he was sick?

[Voice breaking] Why didn't he
give me a chance to say goodbye?

I don't know, Sue Ellen.


To spare you from the pain.

The way I wanted to spare
you, spare the family.

This family is the most
important thing to me.

So who really killed J.R.?

Oh for God's sakes, Bobby,

you owe me at least this much.

I'm sorry, Sue Ellen.

I'm sorry.

Hell of a way to be the
steward of Southfork.

Miss Ellie would be ashamed of you.

[Cows mooing]


If you give me the chance, Pamela,

I'll fix everything.

I don't want you to fix things.

I want you to stop breaking them.

I was led to believe

- the same lie that you were.
- [Footsteps approach]

- I've never lied to you.
- You never told me the truth.

Take your anger out on me.

It was my choice to
keep you all in the dark.

From him, I expect lies.

From you... [sighs]

... I expect better.

You've never had a problem
with responsibility.

You're the strongest man I know.

Tell me you were weak.

Tell me you were doing it for your brother.

But don't tell me you framed Cliff
'cause you thought it was right.

It was right.

All the times you took me to the mat,

did it ever occur to you what
a hypocrite you were being?

- That was different.
- A lie is a lie, Bobby.

The less you knew about J.R.'s plan,

- the safer you were.
- Oh, bullshit!

We protect each other.

That's being a good partner.

The more I knew, the better
I could have protected you.

I could have stopped you.

Nobody can stop me from
protecting this family.

Not even you.

You're right.

Not even me.

♪ Music plays ♪

The public offering is in two days.

You couldn't wait?

Taking over the company
was never the priority.

Getting justice for what
they did to my family,

that's what I came to you for.

Why did you tell them we
knew each other as kids?

- What if they found out my real name?
- Why is that a problem?

The less the Ewings know,
the more we're protected.

Taking over their company,

the shining beacon of their greed,

is justice of a greater order.

It will be a public execution.

Okay. Fine.

I still don't understand what
I did to put anything at risk.

How did you know about the letter?

My mother knew about it.

She saw Bum give it to Bobby,
Bobby gave it to John Ross.

How did you get it?

I stole it from his wallet at work.

Elena, I know we haven't
been in sync lately.

I did something behind your back, too.

You mean the video you sent to Pamela.

All the secrets and lies

that were weighing on you, accumulating...

I wanted to help ease the burden.

And that's why you came to me, right?

To help ease the burden?

[Cellphone vibrates]

I got to make a call.

Why don't you go check on your mother?

I've submitted our offering.

We just have to wait for
the company to go public now.

Good. Because I have a
new deal on the table.

We need to move more product in faster.

It is impossible to move this much profit

with the shells we have now

that is why it's very important

that we get Ewing Global.

That is a shell that we
can hide anything under.

But if you lose it,

there will be no shell
in this world big enough

for you and your precious
Elena to hide under.

She knows nothing about our plan.

She can't. She's an innocent.

Nobody is innocent.

[Cellphone beeps]

Thank you.

I spoke to my people, and
we're all in agreement.

You will provide us with additional trucks

and new shipping routes
to move our product.

In return, I will take
care of your little problem.

Just to be clear, I don't
want my father "taken care of."

I want him locked up, for good this time.

If you can promise me
that, then you have a deal.


Do you like the Beach Boys?

They're a little before my time.

They're one of my favorite American bands.

Such great songs.

I don't know you, Emma.

I know your father is a good businessman,

and your grandmother is
a very... persuasive lady,

but you, I'm not sure.

Are you someone I can
trust with my business,

or just a spoiled, little girl

angry because her daddy
took her T-bird away?

I don't know you, either.

I know I'm meeting you in a warehouse.

I know you have men armed with machine guns

guarding you all the time.

And now I know you like the Beach Boys.

Let's build from there, shall we?

[Sighs] So, what's the emergency?

We've been keeping track of your daughter,

per your instructions/blackmailing of me.


We have a big problem.

How was your little day trip, sweetheart?

What's going on? Why is she here?

What the hell were you
doing going to the cartel?

I was making a better deal.

- Did Luis call you?
- No, he didn't call. I had you followed.

For your own protection.

What have you done, Emma?

What have I done?

I've come to terms with the fact

that my father is in bed with criminals.

Well, the fact is I'm
not in bed with criminals,

I'm doing business with the CIA.


- You're kidding.
- Well, I didn't think you'd believe me.

That's why I asked your
mother here. Tell her, please.

It's true. I was as shocked
as you were, but it's true.

You work with the CIA?

I let the cartel use our
trucks and routes so the CIA

can map out their operations,
take down their head.

Now, do you understand what I'm saying?

This is bigger than you and me, Emma,

and whatever our quarrel of the week is.

Do you understand how your little day trip

could have fatal consequences?

Emma, these people have threatened

to kill all of us if
your father crosses them.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because I didn't trust
you. And for good reason.

So, now you know.

And now it's time for you to grow up.

What kind of deal did you make with them?

He wanted to move more drugs,

and I said I'd do it.

You have something you want to tell me?

About J.R.'s death?

You were J.R.'s most trusted friend.

Once I remembered that, it was easy.

Sue Ellen, I'm so sorry.

You're sorry. I'm sure you are.

I'm sure you're sorry for shooting J.R.

I am sure you are sorry
for robbing me of a goodbye.

I made a promise to J.R.

[Voice breaking] J.R. was my husband.

He was my love.

I should have been the first
one to know he was sick.

Not you.

I should have been the one
that was there with him.

Not you. I should have been...

Was he scared?

Was he in pain?

He was brave.

And he loved you very much.


[Breathing heavily]

You painted this?

Y... you painted his portrait?

It was Bobby's idea.

I told him I'd be... honored to do it.

I was taking J.R. down to
Mexico for his treatments.

And, of course, he was worried

all his hair was gonna fall
out 'cause of the chemo.

And he said to me, "Bum...

If I should lose these
wondrous eyebrows of mine,

please don't tell Sue Ellen.

She and her tweezers
have been circling around

these furry devils for half a century,

and she would just be devastated

if she thought chemo got to them first."

Sue Ellen...

Can you ever forgive me?

You're not the one I need to forgive.

[Elena sighs]

It's past the deadline.

Bobby will be here.

I told you they'd try to
wriggle their way out of this.

Mami, come on.

Dios mío. I'm out of a job, aren't I?

How can I go back and work for them?

You won't have to work
another day in your life.

You'll be rich.


I lost my husband and my son.

That's not rich.

[Knock on door]

I came to talk to Elena.


It's okay.

What are we doing in here, Christopher?

Remember when we were teenagers,
you, me, and John Ross,

we got those fake I.D.s and
we bought all that booze?

We snuck in here to drink it.

You were so uncomfortable about
all the laws we had broken,

you didn't even try it. You couldn't.

All those lies made you sick.

I didn't want you to feel any worse,

so I made John Ross pour it all out

and we spent the rest of the
night cutting up our I.D.s.

The person you were today,
that's not you, Elena.

You're the 15-year-old girl

who threw up in a barn
over some fake I.D.s.

- Christopher...
- The Elena that I know,

she wouldn't seek out justice
like this. It's not you.

It's them... Cliff Barnes and Nicolas.

Look, they're... they're poison, Elena,

and they're using you for
whatever their real agenda is.

Nicolas... he isn't who he says he is.

I know he's not "Javier Hernandez."

You're just jealous.

I'm not jealous! I've moved on from you.

Look, you're not the one that got away.

You're just gone.

[Footsteps approaching]

Am I interrupting?


Have you made a decision?

Let's go talk.

So, what's your decision?

I'll give you what you ask.

Money, land... I'll... I'll arrange it all.

I'll even give you something
you didn't ask for...

an apology.

Thank you.

But you could have had your restitution

without burning bridges,
without causing so much pain

for people that had
nothing whatsoever to do

with what happened to your father.

That's where you and I disagree, Bobby.

There's a pattern of lies
and deception on Southfork.

There's a poison that seeps

into every limb of this family tree.

Somebody had to put a stop to it.

Too many lives have been ruined.

What about Cliff Barnes?

I called Carlos Del Sol down in Mexico.

He spoke to the proper authorities,

and he faxed this to me
about a half-hour ago.

It's Cliff's pardon.

His "get out of jail free" card.

But it's a pending pardon...

pending on what you decide to do.

I gave Cliff my word.

Do you really think Cliff Barnes

is gonna let bygones be bygones?

He's gonna come after the
Ewings for his own vengeance.

And I'm gonna stop him any way I have to.

Is that what you want,
Elena, more bloodshed?

That's not my problem.

I understand you wanting justice

for what J.R. did to your family,

but the Barnes-Ewing feud
is a whole other beast,

and it doesn't involve you.

You want to take that dog for a walk, fine.

But if it bites somebody,
it's because you let it.

You have something for me, then.

You said you wanted a piece of land.

You have a section in mind?


Yes, I do.

You broke my heart today, Elena.

Ewing Global will be yours,
just as Nicolas said it would.

Cliff: That's good.

I must admit, I didn't trust Nicolas,

but you were right to defend him.

Now, what about the other task?

How are you doing on
exposing the frame-up?

I found proof. Last night.

It was in a letter J.R. wrote to Bobby.

I stole it off John Ross, and
I confronted them this morning.

Bobby's contacts in Mexico
arranged a pardon for you.

You're going to be a free man.

Ha, oh! Thank you, Elena.

So, we're done?

No. I am far from done.

I am not stopping at
taking my company back. No.

I'm not stopping until I wipe the Ewings

off the face of the earth.


And you made it possible.

I couldn't have done it without you.


[Cellphone beeps]

Huh. Long day at the office, John Ross?


Did you find anything I
could use against Elena?

Her record's cleaner than Mother Teresa.

She got a C-minus in astronomy
sophomore year at U.T.

And that is about as dirty as it gets.

But my day wasn't all wasted.

That video of you and Emma,

I tracked down who sent it to you.

It was Nicolas Treviño.

[Doorbell rings]

What are you doing here?

Is Pamela here?

She is, but I don't think that she...


Come in.

I'll, uh, make some tea.

What do you want?

I made a deal with Bobby.

Part of that deal was
for a piece of Ewing land.

I asked for the land

that jock Ewing took from your grandfather.


Because I know exactly
how you feel, Pamela.

The Ewings have hurt both of our families,

and we can't erase the wounds,

but we can hopefully stop this bleeding.

There's also this.

That's your father's pardon.

You can use it...

or burn it.

If your father gets out,
he will go after the Ewings.

That shouldn't be my call.

It's yours.

[Elevator bell dings]

How did you get up here?

John Ross: I told your doorman
I was gonna smash his face

into the elevator call button.

He said he didn't think that was necessary.

What do you want?

I know you sent that video.

My wife tried to kill herself.

She took your betrayal hard.

Did Elena tell you how
she got J.R.'s letter?

She came to me last night.

And, well...

You're a smart man, Nicolas.

You can put the rest together.

I was shocked, too.

Who knew Elena could be such a...


... thieving whore.

[Elevator bell dings]

Y'all can both go to hell.

Please say something.

The Ewings drove you to do it.

I am sorry I wasn't there

to save you from degrading yourself.

No. I am so sorry.

I need you to forgive me.

I need you now more than ever.

I need you.


I want to stop hurting people.

I have to get away from here.

Then let's get away.

Hey, son.

These are letters Elena
and I wrote to each other

when we were teenagers.

She would spend a few weeks down in Mexico

- over summer vacation, remember?
- Sure.

She said that she and Nicolas

knew each other when they were kids, right?

Well, I know this is gonna sound crazy,

but I remembered something she wrote.

She said she was going
to see a friend of hers

she hadn't seen in a long
time... a friend named Joaquin.

And when I was down in
Mexico, I talked to a guy

who said that Nicolas Treviño
didn't exist before 1997...

and when you spoke to Elena about it,

she said it was a Javier Hernandez.

I think Javier was a decoy.

I think Joaquin is his real name.

So, we're all set for the I.P.O.?

Victor: Don't worry, Mr. Treviño.

Everything will be taken care of.

You're a good man, Victor.

Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Just ask anyone who's ever stood in my way.

Christopher: And Nicolas doesn't
care about Cliff's agenda,

or Elena's.

He's using them both. I just know it.

Look, call Carlos. Give him
the name. See what he can find.

It's a shot in the dark.

Yeah, well, it's a shot worth taking.

Look, this guy is a scumbag.

He's using Elena for his own agenda

and we're gonna find out what that is.