#DUPE# (1994–1999): Season 1, Episode 3 - Condor - full transcript

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When I got the page, I thought
something's not for sure. Now

that I see we're all here, I'm
certain on it. Yeah, I'm sure

Benny just called us here for
some kind of briefing though.

Yeah, we're driving over here.
I put in a 911 to our backup.

You called in a code setting.
It's a last result, Cole. I'm

telling you something's not

Good day, gentlemen. Brian,
where's Benning? Well, the

captain asked me to meet you at
this place.

He said he received a
suspicious page from you

calling him to an emergency
meeting. As soon as we got the

code seven, we were on our way.
I didn't send any pages,

Westwood. But captain, you're
the only person authorized. But

I know that. This means we're
looking at a major security

breach. The only thing more
serious would be if your team's

cover was born. That's it up
there. We're approaching the

run to this point. And you've
succeeded in infiltrating the

syndicates, families. Gathered
enough evidence to shut them

down for good. Now, I speak for
the captain when I say this is

the most effective deep cover
operation we've ever had.

Building 43. Let's have a look

Unfortunately, gentlemen,
Operation Broadside, it's

terminating. Whoa. We're on the
verge of putting these guys

away. We'll see that's the

You knew the job was dangerous
when you took it, boys. We're

going in.

Captain betting we have a field
emergency. All four deep cover

officers have been

prowls the streets in the
pursuit of justice.

Its technology. First century.
Its existence

but its presence


This is Condor one over. This

Just give me a lock on the town
on Condor One. That still


Condor 1, do you have a visual
on the count? Uh, turn right at

12 street. Condor 1, I need a
precise location. Sorry,

It had to have been a syndicate
hit. The mob must have pulled

their covers. Yeah, but four
cops infiltrated into four

different families. I mean, how
could they all be exposed at

the same time? It had to be set
up by someone on the inside.

Another cop. We're going to
find out. What do you say we

start with Captain Benny? But
forget it, Cole. I've known the

man my whole life. He's
incorruptible. Well, I'm not

accusing him of anything but he
is Metropolis oversight officer

in Operation Broadside. If you
want to question him, go ahead.

I mean, I'm sure he'll tell you
everything he knows. You're not

coming It'd be like
interrogating my father. You

can handle this one your own.
Not for a while, you can't.

Benning's behind closed doors.
The police commission convened

an emergency in question to the
murders about a half an hour

ago. Well, our only other
leader is the Condor Pilot. Did

you pull a file, Ally? Mm hmm.
Lieutenant Mitchell Gage,

ex-air cab, career skycop,
spotless record. Yeah and a

liar. What are you talking
about? I checked the dispatch

records. There was no code
three issued to the condor this

afternoon. He ditched me on
purpose? And this guy's fly

Metropolis aerial equivalent of
the Viper? Wait a minute, hold

on, okay? There's no
comparison. The fact is Gage

pilot's a powerful aircraft
with state-of-the-art

surveillance equipment. If he
would've stuck to that chase,

whoever killed those cops would
be behind bars right now.

That's why I arranged to go
undercover in the Condor

Division. I'll be flying with
Gage in the morning.

A police department
spokesperson reported the four

gun down officers were involved
in a highly sensitive operation

and they are not releasing
their names at this time. When

asked if there were any
suspects in these murders the

spokesperson said not at this
early stage.

I don't know a cop in this city
who wouldn't love to have five

minutes alone with the guys who
did this.

Nothing. Hey, why don't you
take off Brett? I'll put her to

bed. You sure? Yeah, you gotta
get out of here. See you in the

morning, Mix. Okay.

Careful, Gage. That city
property. You murdering son of

a **** Nice work today. Keeping
that red car off my tail. Nice.

Are you shooting me? Hey,
Mitch. No one gets hurt. I was

just doing my job. Those boys
were in the way. Of what? The

payday of a lifetime? You take
the top four syndicates in this

city and you pull the
resources, you can come up with

a mighty attractive salary.
Now, they asked me to flush out

some moles. I get a hold of
Benning's access codes which

gets me in any files I want and
I do it. Four cops, man. You

killed four cops and made me an
accessory. Now, I didn't buy in

for this, not murder. You
bought in because your ex-wife

spent every penny you made and
even more that you didn't.

You're not too good with women,
are you, Gage? Well, guess

what? You're not broke anymore.
Now, you can even make your

next child support payment. No,
no, you know what? Keep your

money. I don't want it. Well,
you think you can pull out?

Simple as that. You said it
yourself. You are an accessory.

Those are good cops. We were
all good cops once. Now, I told

you they were in the way. So,
you just kill whoever gets in

your way, is that it? It means
setting myself up. Never having

to worry about anything for the
rest of my life. You bet your

**** I do. Now, I promised you
a big payday too, didn't I?

Well, not that this
infiltration problem is behind

us, we're clear to carry on
with our plan and it's going to

put figures in your pocket and
it's guaranteed. No more. No

more. I'm out baby. You know
the syndicate boys? They had no

problem scrolling in the chips
to take care of those cops.

So if you bail on me now,
you'll wind up like them.

You think about gauging? Six
figures and all you gotta do is

be in the sky when we need you.

Captain Benny.

What are you doing here? We
need to talk.

Can't just wait till morning.
I've been answering

is on the commission. I'm just
trying to get to the truth

here, captain. We all are. We
know the deep cover men all

received coded messages on
their pages. Which brought them

to building forty-three. The
only people who had access to

the pager numbers or the codes
were me and the four cops.

Officially noone else has
higher security clearance. Is

there a chance someone could
have dug out the information? I

don't know any security system
that's 100 percent, do you? So

it could have been anyone.
We're syndicate another cop.

Can you have those pages
released to me? Yeah, well, if

you're heading the
investigation then I guess

they're yours.

And the bottom line is I don't
have a tool.

Go home and get some rest. I'll
call you if anything comes up.

Yeah, you do that. Uh by the
way, why didn't Cameron come

with you?

She said it would be like

Это все слайдеры.

Doing here at this hour?
Actually, I was looking for

you. I guess they gave you
quite a grown upstairs, huh?

Got five hours in the hot seat.
That's a sad thing to see.

What do you mean? I mean you're
coming with me. Now move.

That's quite an impressive
piece of machinery. I could say

the same. Can I help you?
Officer Westlake. Rick Daley,

I'm the mechanic for this bird.
And I'm the new flight trainee.

You are? Is there a problem? I
think you better talk to

Lieutenant Gage. He's over
there. Thanks. To be honest,

sir, I don't feel this is the
appropriate time to settle me

with the inexperienced wet
behind the ears rookie. Well,

she's a rookie as far as by
assignments go. I understand.


Got a towel, lieutenant? Excuse
me? I think I need to dry off

behind my ears. You're the
flight trainee. The rookie

you've been saddled with. Look,
I'm I'm sorry if I Got caught?

Cameron Westlake. Mitchell
Gage, look about this training

program. You have no idea how I
had to wrangle to get this

assignment. Covering the city
from the air is something I've

always dreamed of doing. I was
just telling the captain that

this might not be the best time
for me. Why not? For some

reasons. Been thinking about
taking a leave of absence.

Would that take effect today?
You really want to go up, don't

you? That's why I'm here,
lieutenant. Okay. Come on.

Look at that. Positive 4G
capability. It's amazing. You

imagine redlining a 260
straight up in a helicopter?

Virtually maybe but I'll give
the real thing a pass. Let me

check this out. Look at this
infrared windshield, satellite

technology, and the
surveillance systems. You know,

if you're thinking about a
Christmas present. Envy. Oh,

come on. I'll put up our car
against this rotor filler


You got 'em. All four of 'em.
Hey, you know, I was thinking

about getting a beeper. Oh,
man. What is that blood? They

were on the murdered cops. It's
all they got called to the

train yard. You think you can
dig anything out of it? Well,

encoded in every message is the
phone number it's called from.

It doesn't appear on the pages
display but it is stored in

memory. I can break the code.
It'll just take some time. No,

count on you. You get the
caller's number. We'll know

about those guys to their
death. The main rotor can take

a direct hit from a 50 caliber
shell still bring the safety

home. I visual sight is built
directly into the windshield.

We got high-resolution digital
cameras that can read the date

on the dime at 3000 feet. The
condor has a communication

system that can tap into
anything from a kid on

Milwaukee talking to strategic
air command. You got the world

at your fingertips up here. No,
that's the whole idea. You

really love this, don't you?
It's all I ever wanted to do.

They say you're the best pilot
in the force. And have the

confidence. So what happened
yesterday? What do you mean?

Weren't you involved in
pursuing a getaway car after

those four cops were killed?
There was a federal agent on

the ground chasing the
suspect's vehicle. He called

for aerial support then radio
fact that he had the situation

under control. He must have
lost him after I left the

scene. There's a rumor floating
around the department that it

was another cop that sold those
guys out. If it's true, they

should hang the best. So, do
you believe it's true? I had to

think so but you know how it
is. There'll be copies of hands

a little dirty sometimes.

How'd you like it? You know, I
could get used to this

assignment. You heading back to
Central? Yeah, I got a report

in. Do me a favor. File that
report on that robbery suspect

we ran down. No problem. I'm
the trainee. And be back here

at four for another patrol. Yes
sir. Hey Mitch. Yeah. Is that

your daughter? Yeah. She lives
with her mom in Phoenix. You

see her much? Couple of times a
year. She's beautiful. Thanks.

You know what? It just doesn't
make any sense. Why would the

syndicate draw heat on itself
with a hit like this? Poor dead

cops, it's pretty high profile.
The only thing I can figure is

there's something big going
down and the deep cover guys

were in the way. Must be one
hell of a job to take that kind

of a risk. Hey, I got it.
That's the phone number the

last page was called from. Now,
we'll just cross speed that

into the metric directory.

And the page came from a pay
form. Could have been anyone.

Well, we have three more to

You're going to kill him, Rad.
One more time.

I don't know what you're
talking about. You thought you

were going to take a bullet
What's going to happen to you

here? You can't do this. Give
up the location, Harold. And

you're going to take a flying

On top. Metro

That's the front company? Yes.
Red, what are you doing?

If we can maximize the timing
and fuel curve, we can boost

the performance by 10percent.
You know, it's not that I don't

appreciate the input, Cole but
do I intrude in your world

behind the wheel? Sometimes.
Yeah, well, dealing with

automobile engines is a
lifelong zen-like journey for

me. It all began so to speak in
my Uncle Vinnie's garage and

disconnected it. That's the
last page you're Cole. Same

number. Did you get the
location on the pay for? Sixth

and main, middle of downtown.

Hey hey, Westlake. Having never
had the pleasure, I have to say

that is the definitive fashion
statement for you. Not now,

Frankie. What's wrong? They
killed Harold Benning. Oh no.

I'm really sorry Kim. Now, he
gave me this assignment. If it

wasn't for him, I'd still be
writing traffic tickets. Look

what it's like about that
fashion statement remark. How

did he die? Some hikers found
him in the middle of nowhere.

Every bone in his body was
broken. Man, they beat him that

badly. It's more like you fell
from a high distance.

You would gain

you. Alright, thanks anyway.



You got a night with us? Maybe
better than that. Alright, we

know the pages came in around
three. So we'll fast forward.

There's noone there. There.
Freeze it. Push in.

And add a little resolution I
know that guy. Victor Rand, a

detective of Metropolitan. Just
saw his name somewhere. Do you

have Gator's personnel file? Mm
hmm. But yeah.

There it is. Gage's letter of
recommendation to be placed in

the Condor Division. Signed by
detective Victor Rand. What's

your take on Gage? He's got a
nice guy written all over him

but I guarantee you, he's in
this up to his ears. That

report in the pursuit, it's a
work of fiction. Frankie, get

down to metropolitan tracer on
Rand Carr. Okay, on my way.

This has to be about something
more than just killing cops. My

guts is the syndicates want
them exposed and out of their

way because there's something
big going down. The cops

want to stop them. We stay on
Ram, we might be able to finish

the job that these deep govern
guys gave their lives for.

Okay, detective Rand. Let's put
out these babies as yours, huh?


I will go

Drop it.

Look guys, I don't know what's
going on here but I was just

passing through town. It must
have taken a wrong turn. Oh,

you don't know how true that

I knew Benny by reputation
only. I always heard he was one

of the good guys. He was like
family to me. We used to call

him uncle when I was a little
girl. I didn't realize you were

so close. I'm sorry. Whoever's
responsible for killing him,

they're the ones that are
going to be sorry.

Loter goes crazy. Look, I don't
know what you guys got going

here and to tell you the truth,
I don't want to know. Who the

hell are you? My name is Eddie
Morris. I was looking for a gas

station. Like I said, I took a
wrong turn. I thought somebody

in here could give me
directions. It's in the habit

of yours to carry a gun, Eddie.
I'm on the road a lot. Streets

are pretty dangerous these
days. We see that.

I've got a permit. Oh, I bet
you do. Ferretta 92 F? Federal


Let's find out who this guy is
and kill him.

Frankie, Cool's been away from
the car too long. So, get those

little fingers working. Let's
take a look around. Red my


I caught my girlfriend in a
sack with a cowboy. I hit the

road three days ago and I'm
just cruising to the coast.

I'll cut the fool. You either a
better you with internal

affairs. Now, which is. I don't
know what you're talking about.

Now, what about the car? I
stole the car. I was going to

ditch it around here. Lit. This
guy's very good. Much more of a

challenge than the last one. Of
course, we had all that

altitude to persuade him. The
old man, they gave up the

location like a babysitting a
formula. The pro can't handle

these guys, Frankie. You gotta
take remote control of the

defender and stop 'em.

Are you going to come clean?

Alright. Here's the deal. I was
going to buy some dope. I was

supposed to get my connection
here. At least I thought it was

here. I must have gotten the
wrong warehouse. Sorry, man.

You're way too healthy to be a
junkie and I'm afraid you've

heard too damn much.

What do I do now? Why you back?

To the right. Go, go, go.

You're 30degrees too.

Yes. Baby, now that's the way
you do it.

Nice work, guys. I'll get these
cops off here before you kill

me. Got it.


Okay, this is it. These are all
the files from Benning's

office. Police reports,
appointment books, calendars,

it's all in here. I don't see
how anyone could live like

this. Benning kept meticulous
records but he was from the old

school. He didn't like
computers. He kept all his

files and notes on paper. It's
rather quaint, don't you think?

Now, he gave up some kind of
secret to Ram before he was

sent into a free fall. Find out
where that is, we'll know what

he's hitting today. You know,
we can use all the help we can

get. Where where's West Link?
Gage called. Told her he needed

to talk. You're not a trainee,
are you, Cameron? I put up that

week of front. You had me for a
while. Then I realized you were

asking too many the wrong kind
of questions. If you're ready

to talk, I'm ready to listen.
Maybe I'm not. Tell me the

truth and we'll try and get you
some leniency. What? Life

instead of the gas chamber?
It's not my call.

Ren is one of those guys I've
known for years. Always has

something going on the side.
Yeah, a few times he tried to

pull me in but I guess I didn't
need the money like I did this

time. Honestly, when I helped
him get away, I didn't know he

killed those cops. By that
time, you ran way over your

head. Man, all I wanted to do
is find a way out but it was

too late. As soon as I heard
they were dead, I knew I thrown

everything away. My honor, my
career, my freedom, and worst

of all, I took away from my
daughter, a father she could be

proud of.

What's going down today, Mitch?
I don't know. All I know is

something big. It has something
to do with metro cartages

shipping. What's that? I don't
know. It's That's what Ran got

out of Benny before he dumped
him out of the condor. I'll

call this into my partners. I
will take a ride downtown.

Set your guns on the floor. I'm
not carrying. Well, I know you


Both of you in the chopper now.

Open that door. Get in the
backseat. Handcuff her to that

seat. It's all to keep anyone
from trying to shoot us down.

Now, let's get this thing up in
the air. Go screw yourself. Can

you pull the scrap on me now?
I'm not only punch holes in you

right here, I'll make sure your
daughter takes a kill as well.

Now, get in.

Start this thing off. I don't
get it, Ren. What could be

worth all this?

Come on, move.

Look at this. Every Thursday at
11 o'clock, Benning paid a

visit to a place called Metro
Cardigen Shipping. Let me see

that. You think he was meeting
with someone? No, he was taking

inventory. No, I mean, look at
these sheets. Metro cartridge

and shipping letter head. Each
one dated a week apart every

Thursday. Whoa, look at this.
160 pounds in heroin, 1600

carats of loose-cut diamonds, a
Lamborghini, $859, 000 in cash.

So, it looks like confiscated
goods. You have a confiscated

by whom? The police. The
shipping company is a front for

a forfeiture warehouse. Every
big city has one. It's where

the cops start illegal and
recovered goods taken during

arrests. The key is high
secured, low profile. And since

Benning oversaw the
infiltration of the syndicate,

he had to keep track of what
was in there. Rand's working

with the mob guys to get it all
back. But first he had to

murder the deep cover cops so
the whole plan would have gone

crashing down. I'm heading down
to LA. Call Major Paul. Tell

him I'm going to need backup.

Just head west till we hit
Baxley Road.

This is why we're up here,
Mitch. See, it's the Condor's

Airport Transport is what I
really need. Just insert this

little disc into the onboard
computer. We jam all telephone

radio signals for five-mile
radius. Chief Walsh, please.

Please hold. Hello. Hello. Mine
went dead.

Three times around. Has to be
all clear.

Coming Charlie three, this is
Delta one. Charlie three, come


They shut down all radio and
phone communications within a

five square mile radius
including us. Then how are we

talking? Because I switched
this over to our microwave calm

system. It's not subject to
radio frequency interruption.

I got it. I got it. What's up?

Like blood work.

30 minutes, you clean the place
shop and you find equipment

airfield. I'm Don't worry Gage.
I'm an honorable You should

look at your gut.

There's too many of them. The
minute they saw me get

scattered. I've got it. What if
we dressed you up to look like

one of them? What are you
talking about? Redirecting the

mirrors on the hologram
projector so that instead of

throwing an image of a car on
the street, we use it to

disguise the defender. Can you
project the sedan? How about a

green LHS? Coming right up.

Of course, these outside fell.
Say you've really got this

thing tricked out. There's a
trick you'll really like.

Drop your weapons and lock
yourselves in the cage now.

The hell is going on down here?

No, not again. Give it up,
Franco. Right. We're landing

Vic. I tell you we are. Let's
go. Weapon empty. Land and

engage. I'll kill the both of
you in the island place before

I give myself up. Your

Is that your handiwork with the

backups on their way. You want
me to take them in?

Okay, now I'm ready.

I'm really sorry about
everything Wesley. Yeah, me