#DUPE# (1994–1999): Season 1, Episode 2 - MIG-89 - full transcript

Allie is unexpectedly reunited with a former lover who may not be practicing "glasnost' as he says.

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Oder er stirbt, alles klar?
Eine Bewegung und ich schwöre

ich erschieße dich.
Schwierigkeiten, wenn ich denke



your name on it. Question is
how bad do you want them?

Pick em up the regular spot. Oh
and this is the last deal for

you and me. You're tired of my
money beats? I'm tired of

pushing pop guns. Haven't you
heard? I've gone international.

Sounds like you got something
big going down. You have no


Hey, sweetheart. That guy ain't
drinking or downloading. Get

him logged on or get him out.
You're the boss.

You're going to have to get
online, sir. It's a two

download minimum. Franklin, you
can't just sit there. They're

going to get suspicious. Yeah,
well, I'm supposed to be your

backup, right? So? So how can I
be your backup with this thief

in my head? Once I'm online, I
can't see or hear anything.

Just give me a hard time, okay?
Nobody runs out this pit more

than I. Nothing's going to
stick unless we take some hard

evidence empty. What happens if
something goes wrong? I mean,

you don't have a gun. Do you?
Frankie. Your card, sir.

You know, I usually don't go
for this cyberless type of

stuff. I mean, I'm really more
a flesh and blood type of guy.

Babies. Oh, bring me home

Now, now you tie me up.

This doesn't look like any bank
I put my money in. Cá

vou usar um



Least. We have to figure out
how he's marking these weapon

shipments. He seems to know
where they're going before the

military does. How's it going?
I can give 2 minutes. I can

download the system's database.
Maybe get a hook into what's

really going on.

That ladies and gentlemen is
how we do that.

A lot of security for one
computer. Just get it on the

disc and get the hell out of

We thought I put Deets away for
good. Is it, is it column slash

slash phone? Nothing like humor
under pressure.

Better improvised. Play dawn.

You lost darling.


I'm coming out.

Are so pretty. You sure are
dumb. Makes two of us.

About time you got here. Looks
like you found what you were

looking for. Thiefs took off
when the shooting started.

I'm a flesh and blood kind of
guy. Well, you didn't tell me

it was going to be my flesh and
my blood. Hey, at least we

shake down Dietz's operation,
right? Yeah, not before he

destroyed his files. He must
have been using his computers

to track government weapon
shipments. We got bigger

problems. I found these in the
wall safe in Deetz's office.

Either he's in the collecting
pictures of secret aircraft or

he's stepping his operation
into the big leagues.

And so coming. Call the Mig
eighty-nine an engineering

miracle is to sell both
engineering and miracle short.

The Mig-89 is the most
beautifully simple fighter ever

designed and potentially the
most dangerous. An aircraft

that can be dropped behind
enemy lines assembled in 16

hours and lost with its
designated target. This

airplane is the greatest
advance in aeronautics since

the space shuttle. It is also
the key to retaining the

balance of military power
between the east and west and

wheelchair production plants in
both countries.

Still the best part of this
incredible machine isn't its

offensive or defensive
capabilities. Its true strength

lies in its ability to unite
two great countries in a common

cause. Peace.

It is now my honor and
privilege to introduce the man

behind the scenes. The genius
responsible for this

extraordinary design, Doctor

Thank you Walter and thank you
all for that extraordinarily

warm welcome. This past few
years have given the citizens

of my country little to be
excited about. This I feel is

about to change. Storm King's
Mig-89 plant will provide jobs

for 3, 000 civilian workers and
change the lives of those men

and women as well elder
families. It warms my heart.

It warms my heart to know that
what was once a spirit of

deceit and mistrust between two
countries has now become one of

love and cooperation. Although
the Mega 89 has the potential

to destroy. It is my deepest
wish that it become a tool to

end war forever. Thank you.

Ollie. Hello, Elia. Well, well,
I hope you're not angry about

my little surprise. When I
heard you too had been an item

in grad school, I thought it
might be fun to arrange this

accidental meeting. So, you you
two know each other. We've been

through one or two bloody
skirmishes, miss Pharoah and I.

I served as a liaison between
Storm King and the Defense

Department. Yeah, liaison my
rear end. She was more like a

pit bull. Ally was responsible
for killing more than one

design proposal for my company.
I was just doing my job,

Walter. Well, fair enough.
Listen, you to get reacquainted

while I go try and sell some of
these old boys from the

Pentagon. Patrick, how's that
going? You, you look beautiful.

So do you. I mean, you know. I
want to explain quite why I

never wrote it. It's okay. I
mean, you don't owe me any

explanation. My father died
three weeks after I got back

home. My mother a month later.
I lost myself in my work. So, I

noticed but congratulations.
You said it could be done and

now you've proved it. I thought
about you.

။ No contact with American
citizens with not cleared level

5 security. Nathan Eddie
Catholic. Doctor I would like

you to meet special agent
Catholic from the FBI. Agent

Monacoba from the KGB. Hello.
KGB, undetached duty. Assigned

to the FBI. You speak perfect
English. Oh, thank you. I spent

many years in Washington DC.
Look, I don't enjoy being the

heavy but the fact remains, I
have my orders. This is a

top-level security situation
and it's my job to make sure

nothing goes wrong.

Chicken is in the pot. Send in
the booster. Copy that.

Standing by ready for
transportation. So what do we

got here? Some kind of hero?
Put it on the floor, pal.

Shoot him. Alright,

and keep your mouth shut. Bits
to take care of and then we'll

be out of here.

Coming live to you now.

Yes, sir. I realized it is my
responsibility. Yes, I am

smart. Yesterday, I realized
how dangerous the situation had

become. Yes, sir. I will
contact you from the minute we

have established the lead. Yes,
sir. Oh, Secretary of Defense.

Very encouraged by the progress
we're making. I'm so relieved

that he's encouraged but if my
airplane is missing and I

want to know what you people
plan to do about it. Excuse me.

This is a security-level
complaint. My name is General

Agent Wesley and I are
investigative assigned by the

local. I'm agent. Could we get
back to the problem at hand.

We're talking about a billion
dollar aircraft here people.

And you are. I'm Walter Powell,
CEO of Quarantine Enterprise.

There are several possible
scenarios. Terrorists, justice

officers, distortions,
democratic sheriff

municipalization of the

Impossible. This operation is
too big. They're looking at the

gay business. I agree. We've
been investigating on a

smuggling network that's been
expanded today.

You shall not




you something. This guy has
just vanished. Somebody knows

where he is. Speaking of
missing, where's Ally? Oh, she

called a little while ago and
said she'd be late. She said

where she was? She didn't say
and I didn't ask but I'll bet

you it's got something to do
with this Rusky egghead. You

know, she's pretty angry at you
too for bailing on the

investigation. Didn't bail on
anything. They blew us off.

Doesn't matter will move a lot
faster without a bunch of

junior G men to babysit. The
main thing is we find Deets

before he can assemble that
airplane assault to anyone

crazy enough to use it.

I forget who, how beautiful you
are. I thought you fell in love

with my mind.






black marketing technology into
the prototype. I know, an

aircraft that efficient with
the capability to avoid radar

detection, it would be
unstoppable. I heard that you

were working on a experimental
defense system before you left

the Pentagon. Actually, I did
better than that. What deal

man? Well, I assisted professor
Hinkle in the building of the

Fip unit. Fip. Fip, false image
projection. It allows a

strategic aircraft to project a
phantom radar image. And it

works. Yeah, it works. They can
make an S 16 look like any

plane you want. Amazing.
Similar to unique design and

its simplicity. Tell me about
the book.

Sorry for the interruption,
kids. It's checkout time. I

didn't say you were responsible
for the kidnapping. I said the

FBI was responsible for
handling abduction cases.

Wasn't the words, it was the
tone. The tone? You know what?

To hell with my tone and to
hell with you. We lost a

billion dollar aircraft
yesterday and Doctor Govsky

today. Aren't you forgetting
somebody? Oh, not you two

again. Look, we're a little
busy here. So, why don't you

two run along and check on some
expired parking meters. You may

have the authority on a
national level but this is my

city and my friends missing.
So, don't tell me to run along

again or I'll kick your ****
all the way back to Washington.

Understand? Look, look, I I
realized everyone's emotions

are running high, okay? But the
fact is that we don't even know

for sure that they've been
kidnapped. Seems to me might be

best, sir, looking at Doctor
Farrell is our prime suspect.

Do they pay you time and half
for stupidity? The man we're

looking for, his name is Kirby
Dietz. He's not the Jews behind

the make disappearance but he
can definitely get us there.

What exactly is your
relationship with Doctor

Farrell? She's a consultant to
the special projects division.

What is that Look, we can stay
in here trading resumes all day

long. There's a killing machine
out there and it might look

good on your record if we get
it back. I won't work with this

man. For all we know, he could
be a double agent or the very

least a high security risk.
Asian Gatlin. What? Sir, it's

the president. The president of
what? The United States.

Yes, sir. Hello, mister
president. Yes sir I completely

understand your concern but I
want you to know the problems

well actually we have run into
a bit of a snag with some of

the locals yes sir there's one
individual in particular

special investigator named
Thomas Cole Uh yes, sir. He's

right here.

He wants to talk to you.

Yes, sir. It's good to speak to
you again too. No, I don't

think we're going to have any
trouble. Well, it'd be very

helpful. Give us ten.

Well, I appreciate that sir.
I'll call if I need anything.

Yes, we'll do our best. Uh did
you want to speak to Agent

Catlet again?

No, I'd be happy to give him a
message, sir.

We we've got a list of Dietz's
former associates. Now, the key

is we gotta find him for him
losing naked. Uh excuse me.

We'd like to go along if that's
alright with you. Alright,

we'll split into two teams.
Since Westlake and I know the

city, we'll each lead a team.
Agent Maricova, you can come

with me. You can go with
Westlake. Any questions? Uh

yeah. Um What was that the
message the president wanted

you to give me?

14 hours and almost completely
as simple. My compliments,

professor. What do you want?
You'll oversee the final

installation of flight
diagnostics. And if we refuse,

Any more questions? It's a
little out of your league,

don't you think? Everybody has
a dream, sweetheart. You have

no idea the kind of destruction
this aircraft can inflict. Hey,

I didn't create the thing. I
just stole it. Get to work.

Don't you need a watermelon to
search private property? I make

exceptions when national
security is on the line. How

are you going to get past the
security? I have my ways. Stay


Where you think you're going,
pal? Howdy? Greg Dunn, Duo

Digital Computer Repair.
Understand you folks had some

trouble out here the other
night. They sent me down to do

a recon on your system. I don't
know Duel, did you? I don't

know you. The Bricks. Well, no.
I got a work order here. You

don't like me to come back to
the office unless it's signed.

Is your boss around? No. Well,
this mister Dietz seemed pretty

upset. I said he wants a system
back online as soon as

possible. Now, you want to take
the heat for that? That's

piling me. Hold on. Mister
Dietz okay this? That's the

name, isn't it? Alright, you
can go down but I gotta go with

you. Oh, it's pretty technical.
You're just going to get my

way. Excuse me. Are you the man
to see about the job? Job as an

answer. You guys see my boss
about that? I'm only in time

for the afternoon. Isn't there
some way I can audition for


You looking at me? I'm not

Let's go ahead. Make it quick.

50 more seconds and I would
have been completely naked.

Well, let's just hope there's
something left on this hard

drive to help us find beats. He
surprised me back there. How's

that? I didn't realize you were
so versatile. Why Mister Pole?

I'm telling you it's a ghost

How about it? Better.

Yeah and now? Good. Ollie, you
left off the digit on the

hydraulic input code, I think.
I know. Wait till they try to

take off.

We're finished. Not quite.
Before you left the airport,

you helped design a defensive
microwave system. Those records

are sealed. You're going to
install the unit to make

eighty-nine. I can't. I was
only part of the original

design team. Besides, I need
other components sente o outro.



OK? Either that or it's the
worst speller I've ever seen.

There's no way we can figure
this out. I hate to say this

but I wish Ally was here. She'd
be able to figure out what this

chicken scratch is. We need
someone who breaks codes for a

living. Yeah, right. Maybe we
should just call the CIA. Maybe

we should.

This guy never comes home. Uh
what if he's gone for the

weekend or or or he met
somebody in a bar or something

and he's out having a good
time. Shut up. Don't you ever

have anything positive to
contribute? I really don't

think that you are in any
position to be second guessing

a personal friend of the
commander in chief. Do you?

You're enjoying this, aren't
you? Oh, trust me, I'm not

enjoying this.

I know that Cole might come on
a little strong. It might even

be a jerk from time to time.
And he knows what he's doing.

So if you want to have a job
when all this is over then I

suggest you do what he says.

Oh, I've had it. Don't knock on
this idiot's door. Catlet.

I think I know where Deetz took
the plane. Where? According to

his financial records, he owns
a small parcel of land just

outside the city. It's an old
abandoned airstrip just off

highway eleven. It's big enough
to assemble to make 89 but

private enough to fly it out
undetected. Why did we find

this before? It was lifted
under an alias. I'll meet you

at the North Tunnel exit. I'll
be there.

Target meters, huh?

Sweat plate.

That's it. Will it work? Better
for your sake. It'll work.

Wait. That's it. Take a look.


How could you? It's the only
way I could get you off to

install the unit. I deserved
it. And they also deserve more

than my country could own. So I
made the deal.

So all your work and you trade
it for a few dollars? Money is

only unimportant if you have
it. Of watching everyone

prosper from my work. So what
now? You going to kill me too?

I can't have no sense.

Market isn't what it used to
be. It's survival of the

richest and that means being on
the cutting edge. How do you

expect to get away? Thanks to
you quite easily. See, by the

time anybody figures out what's
happened here, I'll be landing

my little in Havana and so to
to have to turn out this way.

Yes, I'm sorry too, Elliot.

Kill them both.

Alright, button up that fuel
line. I want to be airborne in

20 minutes.

I I compete. You had money, you
wouldn't be here.

You move, I swear I'll kill
you. You couldn't shoot me.

Think again.

Open those doors.

Call, you gotta stop that play.

Ready? On three, one,

Just keep coming, baby.

Lock onto this.


compared such a gifted man like
Bree get the best of them.

Sorry it turned out this way.

Well, I have a plan to catch.
It was a pleasure working with

you. Well, if you ever get back
to the state, maybe we could

get together under less
stressful circumstances. That

would be really nice. Buh bye.

This is great. This is just
perfect. A billion dollar

aircraft and you people turn it
into a bonfire. We didn't have

a lot of choices. No. I plan on
filing charges against all of

you. Charges. Yeah, that's
right. Reckless endangerment?

Interfering with a federal
investigation? Yes. I'm sure

there's others. President would
like to talk to you. Good. Hey,

here we go. Yes, hello mister
president. Uh yes, sir. Seems

the immediate danger is over.
Uh well, sir, it was just with

field work operation. A medal?
It's very generous of you, sir.

Yes, sir. I'd say that mister
Cole and his team were of some

benefit. Sure. I'll put him on
for you. He's right here.