Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - The Lefty Call - full transcript

Questions about Larry's bathroom habits become concern when Larry gets Richard Lewis' girlfriend a job at a place across the hall from his office. Meanwhile an incident involving a waiter and some take-out food threatens Jeff's dog.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Hey, Larry.
- Hi, Cha Cha.

Thanks again for recommending
me for this job.

- Thanks. You were so great.
- Oh. Good.

And Richard says
thank you too.

- Aren't these great?
- Yeah.

You like 'em?
I could get you a pair.

Nah, that's okay.
I'm going to the bathroom.

It's like Ross down by the airport-
they don't do just clothes.

They do housewares too,
if you're interested.

- That's okay. I'll- I'll-
- So how are you today?

- Good. I'm just going to the bathroom.
- Yeah? Is that Prada?

- Hey, Larry.
- Oh, hey, Bert.

00 lunch, right?
- Yeah, 1:00.

Yeah, lunch
with the wives.

Downstairs, yeah.
See you then.

- He's great, isn't he?
- He is a good guy, yeah.

I wanna be a producer.
How do you become a producer?

You know,
you gotta know people.

- Well, I know you.
- You know me, yeah. That's true. Okay.

- Maybe we could talk about that...
- Yeah.

- ... sometime over lunch.
- Sure.

Great. Okay.
Just let me know when...

- All right, okay.
- ... and I'll write it in my Filofax.

Wow, that was quick.

You don't really need
to comment

on what's going on

- in terms of that or anything.
- Oh, okay. I'm sorry.

- Okay.
- How do you get here in the morning?

I'm having a hard time getting here
on time. What if we carpooled?

I really gotta get back,
okay? So...

Okay, maybe you could
think about it and...

Yeah, we're not- we probably won't
be able to work that out,

but I'll-
we'll think about it.

You have one of those
healthy cars.

How does it work?

You put your foot
on the gas.

It was like having
a bathroom monitor.

- I have a bathroom monitor.
- Oh, that's terrible.

Why don't you go at home,
like I do?

I don't like
to go in my house.

Who doesn't like
to go in their house?

Cheryl has- you know,
she's an environmentalist.

She has this recycled

post-consumer toilet paper
all over the house.

- Oh.
- It's coarse.

It's like going
to the Port Authority

- or a whaling vessel.
- A whaling vessel!

I can't go here and I can't go there.
It's horrible.

Oh, Jeez.

All right,
let's go to lunch.

I love that you have
a restaurant in your building.

- Oh, and, Larry...
- Mmm.

Again, I want to thank you
for Cha Cha.

- That has worked out very well.
- What?

- Cha Cha. It's been wonderful.
- Oh my God, Cha Cha?

- Cha Cha's been wonderful.
- Are you kidding me?

I apologize for having
even recommended her.

- No no.
- You don't have to lie to me.

Okay? You don't
have to lie to me.

No, I wouldn't.
No, she's worked out very well.

- No, she's terrible.
- Better than expected.

She's terrible and if you want
to fire her, go ahead.

Oh, right. No no.

- Don't keep her on my account, okay?
- I won't.

You're not gonna hurt
my feelings if you fire her.

We're very happy with her.
What can I say?

I tell you what: I've noticed
that every time

I pass your office-
that she's not working,

that she's reading or talking
on the phone. By the way-

Well, that's her job. She's supposed
to- she's a receptionist.

Is she supposed to use obscenities
every other word,

say "fuck" and "fuck this,
cunt that" the whole time?

- You're kidding me.
- No, I'm not kidding.

- The "C" word?
- It's true, I swear.

Oh, she's been very-
she really came along

at a good time
for all of us.

I am very impressed,
Barbara, that you are here today.

- Oh, thank you. Me too.
- They've got nine kids.

- Nine kids? Nine kids?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Nine kids? That's unbelievable.
- I know.

Jesus, you're kidding.

It's a little egotistical
though, isn't it...

No, it's really
not up to us. have
so many of you?

You want to bring so much more
of you into the world.

Hey hey hey, you should tell Larry
about your dad's shop.

Oh, my dad has opened
this barbershop.

He wants you both to come,
special invitation.

Completely retro,
very old-school.

- You mean, like the old barbershops?
- Oh yeah, with the pole.

I love that.
What a great idea.

- First thing he did was get the pole.
- I'm gonna go.

- I'm gonna go with you.
- Does he do the hot towels?

- Should we go to the barbershop?
- I'm with you. Let's go.

- We're gonna go.
- Yeah, get a cut and a shave.

- A little Aqua Velva?
- Like "The Godfather. "

I hope that you
enjoyed your lunch.

it was fantastic.

Good. I want to let you know
that we are going to send

our autumn food jellies made
of concentrated sugar, apricots

and winter fruits
and nuts.

- Oh, delicious.
- Winter fruits.

- A nice treat, a nice treat.
- Yummy.

Now tell me, is there anything else
I can do for you?

You know what? You could wrap
this up for me to take home.

Very good. You're going to warm
that up for a nice luncheon?

Uh, no, actually.
It's for the dog.

We have a policy
that we do not give food

that was prepared for people
to animals.

Well, I'm giving this
to the dog. You're not.

So just wrap it up.
I'll give it to the dog.

No, that is the policy
of the restaurant.

All right, Daviday,
forget I said it.

Just wrap it up.
I'm taking it home. Okay?

We do not give
doggy bags to dogs.

Why do you think they call it
a goddamn doggy bag, huh?

If you want to feed an animal,
why don't you

go to Petco
and get a bag of kibble?

Well, I give him kibble
and I like to spice it up

- with a little steak now and then.
- I can bring you corn.

- I don't want corn. This is my steak.
- Okay, you know what?

- Hey hey hey.
- What?

You know what?
I'm gonna take that home.

- Oh, okay.
- Do you mind? Do you mind?

- You take it home.
- Daviday, I'm gonna take this home.

- Do you have an animal?
- No.

- Does he have an animal?
- No.

So you are going
to eat that?


- You promise me?
- Yeah.

We shall see.

- A fucking nutjob.
- "We shall see"?

- What does that mean?
- It's a little crazy

that you can't give
a doggy bag to a dog.

- It's none of their business.
- Thank you. Thank you.

- All right, I'm going to the bathroom.
- All right.

You're excused.

Hey, Larry.
Long time no see.

- Hey, Cha Cha.
- Hey.

- Have you had the fruit plate here?
- No.

- It's excellent.
- Really?

- You have to try it. Taste this.
- No, please.

- It's the ripest cantaloupe.
- I've had fruit. Fruit's fruit.

What did you have
for lunch?

- I had some chicken.
- Chicken?

Chicken and fruit go together.
You can have this for dessert.

- Okay, I gotta-
- It's really really good.

I highly recommend it.

Mm, that time again, huh?

- Oh, cool, you're here. I owe you.
- Oh, hey.

Good to see you, man.
I was just over at Cha Cha's.

Ooh, God, is she beautiful.
Whew. Jesus.

Listen, I had an idea.
I want to go to a movie tomorrow night

and maybe- it's been a while-
let's double-date,

Cha Cha and me
and you and Cheryl.

What do you think?

- Uh...
- Why the hesitation?

I don't know. I mean,
I don't know what our plans are.

I'll let you know.
I'll call you.

What's wrong?

You know, I got Cha Cha
this job and all...

Yeah, and she loves you for it.
Me too, by the way.

Yeah, well, it's not really
working out for me,

I gotta tell you.

Why not?

Her office is right across
from the bathroom.

- Yeah, I know.
- Every time I go to the bathroom

I have to have this-
stop and chat with her

both before I go
and after I go. It's too much.

She means well.
By the way, she's told me

that you go to the bathroom,
like, 10 to 14 times a day.

You move your bowels,
you piss...

are you all right?
She was concerned.

Okay, do you see
what I'm saying?

This is what I'm talking about.
This is none of her business-

how often I go
to the bathroom,

what I'm doing in there,
how long I'm in there.

Talking to you about my
personal bathroom habits-

that's not good, all right?
It's too much. It's too much.

Someone's got to sit there. Would you
rather have a klansman sitting there?

No, I'd rather have a stranger,
frankly- a stranger sitting there

who I don't have to
report into.

- She cares about you.
- Oh, she cares about me?

- Yeah.
- Listen, it's none of her business.

She has bowel concern
for you and I do too.

I don't need
her bowel concern.

- How much water do you drink?
- I drink a lot of water, that's all.

- Big deal.
- A lot? You drink more than a porpoise.

Yeah, usually I have
bottles of water.

- I don't know where they are.
- No one pisses that often

without drinking, like,
thousands of gallons a week.

Okay, all right, let's stop
talking about this.

My bathroom habits are
not your concern, okay?

All right, I won't care
about your health. Fine.

You don't need to care about-
I'm in very good health.

- You are?
- I got a beautiful colon.

- You wanna take a picture of my colon?
- I have a VHS of mine.

Fine. You can put my colon up
next to your colon.

We'll see who's got
a cleaner, healthier colon.

I'll have a colon contest
with you any time you want.

Any time you want to have
a colon contest, buddy, yeah.

You're shitting and pissing
almost 70 times a week.

Get the hell out of here.
This is ridiculous.

She's right next to you.

I don't want her

my bathroom habits,

What are you eating?
A lot of grains

and fruit and nuts
like a Jew squirrel?

- Okay.
- Where are you going?

You're not going
to the bathroom again?

No, I'm not going
to the bathroom.

- You are going to the bathroom.
- No.

I bet you are
going to the bathroom.

So what happened?

I flushed a toilet
and it was, like,

the loudest flush,
like a sonic boom went off.

- It was so loud that I was thrown back.
- Really?

I was trapped
inside the stall

and I'm telling you,
it's killing me.

Okay, so you're having
some pain there.

- Right ear, yeah.
- Right ear, okay.

Let me just ask you
a couple other questions.

Are you experiencing
any dizziness?

- No.
- No.

- Any shortness of breath?
- No.

- Aches and pains anywhere else?
- No.

Are you going
to the bathroom a lot?

I don't see how that's
relevant, really-

am I going
to the bathroom a lot.

Are you urinating a lot?

What does that have to do
with my ear?

This is a standard
medical question. It's all-

I know, but I really
don't think it's relevant

to how often I go
to the bathroom.

With all due respect,
I think I'm the one

who should tell you
if it's relevant or not. And it is.

Well, let's just say- let's just
move on. How about that?

What, you're not gonna
tell me about your urination?

I'd really rather
not talk about it.

I don't see how it's anybody's
business, frankly, you know.

It's kind of private
and I really don't think-

- How is it private?
- It's private.

How often I go to the bathroom
is kind of a private thing.

Yeah, but I'm not some-
we're not on a bus. I'm a doctor.

We'll just have to make a diagnosis
without this information.

I'm normal.
Let's just say that, okay?

- What does "normal" mean?
- Everything's normal. It's normal.

Three times a day,
four times a day?

Do we have to get
into a specific number?

Do we have to get
a number attached to it?

- Yeah, it's science.
- However often people are supposed

to go, I go, unless I drink
a lot of water.

And, you know, sometimes I drink
a lot of water and I'll go a lot.

If you had an office next to the
bathroom and it was one of those days

I was drinking a lot of water,
you'd say, "Boy, this guy goes a lot. "

But so what?
So what?

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about,

you know,
urination frequency

if I happen to be
drinking a lot of water,

which I have been doing lately,
so maybe lately

I've been going more often
than I normally would.

- Great.
- But it's good for you

to drink water.
That's a good thing.

- That's all I wanted to hear.
- That's a good thing, drinking water.

Yes, sure sure.
Okay, let's move on.


How's your stool?

- Please.
- Stool's fine. Let's move on.

- All right.
- You know, again,

I mean, if I do
drink a lot of water-

and I eat a lot of salad too.
So that's good.

It's normal, okay?
Is it more than once a day?

Many times it is, yeah.
More than twice a day?

Sometimes, you know.
Who knows?

If you had an office next
to the bathroom and I was going

and you looked at your watch
and you saw how long I was in there,

you might say,
"Oh, boy, he goes a lot. "

But so what?
That's good. That's a good thing.

- All right, I apologize for-
- Let's just- can we get to the ear?

Sure sure. So here's- it's pretty
simple, really. I'm gonna suggest-

I'm exhausted
from being here,

you know, having to talk
about my stool,

how often I'm urinating.
I mean, you know, my ear hurts.

Okay, here's what I'm gonna
suggest for your ear:

just basically stay off it.
Use your left ear to talk on the phone

If you need to for some reason favor
an ear, favor the left one.

Don't use the phone
from my right ear?

Yeah. I mean,
you just want to limit

the amount of noise
that goes into it.

You want me
to talk lefty?

Yeah, just talk lefty.

I have a hard time
talking lefty on the phone.

Everything comes out wrong.
It's like throwing lefty. I can't do it.

I'm not myself. I feel different,
strange, like I'm not me.

I'm not comfortable
talking lefty.

All I can do is give you
my expert opinion, okay?

So that's what I'm suggesting.
I'm suggesting stay off the right ear.

Okay, fine.
I'll talk lefty.

And I also think
it wouldn't hurt you

to talk to a therapist
about your bathroom issues,

'cause there's clearly
something going on there.


I think I'd like to see
somebody else.

All right.
That's your right. Fine.

Is there somebody
in the office I could see?


No no, you have to
make an appointment.

This isn't McDonald's, okay?

Okay, fine.

- Okay, all right.
- Okay, thank you.

Thank you.

What the fuck are you
looking at, Jewboy?

Fucking faggot.

That's right,
keep walking.

- Hey.
- Come on, let's deal with it.

- Can we talk to you?
- What? Wow. Hey hey.

- I like Cheryl. She's sweet, but...
- Yeah.

she's nice,
but the toilet paper...

I've never seen no
toilet paper like that.

Have you been
to Port Authority before,

- the Port Authority in New York City?
- Yeah.

That's what it feels like.

- Real close.
- I said the same thing the other day.

- Mm-hmm.
- Did you get that from me?

- Yeah.
- Y'all got funny toilet paper here.

- We can't deal with this toilet paper.
- Hey, tell me about it.

- You know what I mean? It's rough.
- It's rough.

Well, you know,
it's an environmental thing.

She's doing it for the environment.
What can I do?

Can you do us a favor? Can we
get some soft toilet paper to use?

- All right, okay.
- The babies' behinds are hurting.

All right.

Here's what
I'm gonna suggest:

- You want soft paper?
- Oh, yes. No doubt.

- I'll get you your soft toilet paper...
- Okay, cool.

...under one condition-

I want access
to the toilet.

- You want to use our bathroom?
- So what you're saying is

you want to come in our bathroom
and use our bathroom?

You got it.

- I want some soft toilet paper.
- Okay, fine.

- It's all about the tissue.
- Okay, you have a deal.

- Auntie Rae, all right.
- Deal.

- My man.
- Leon. Oh, hey, by the way,

if Cheryl finds out,

you're all going down
with me.

- We got your back.
- We got your back.

- Cool.
- What it is what it is.

Leon, come here.
I need to talk to you.

What's going down, Larry?

Listen to this, all right?

I'm in the doctor's office earlier,

there's a guy sitting there,
a skinhead, okay?

He looks at me
and he says,

"What the fuck are you
looking at, Jewboy?"

- What?
- "Fucking faggot. "

Okay, what'd you do?

- What'd I do?
- Yeah, what'd you do?

I slunk out.

You slunk out?

Slunk. I slunk out.

So you didn't do shit
and you punked out.

That's what the fuck
happened, right?

Yeah, I punked out.
I punked out.

- How'd that happen?
- Well, what was I gonna do?

The guy could have killed me.

Next time a man calls you
a fucking faggot,

you get in that ass, Larry.
Know what I mean?

You get in that ass, Larry.
That's what the fuck you do.

- What are you talking about?
- You let that man slide today.

You gotta immediately get in somebody's
ass when that happens to you.

You pull their asshole open,

step into their asshole,
close the door behind you,

- pick up your spray-paint can, right?
- Uh-huh.

"Larry was here. "
You spray-paint

"Larry was here," "Wash me,"
all that kind of shit,

fuck his whole asshole up,
eat some Snickers bar,

throw some paper on the floor,
read a newspaper,

ball the paper up, the newspaper,
and throw the newspaper on the floor,

fuck his whole asshole up,
you know what I'm saying?

Then you open that asshole
one more time-

open it again, open that asshole
again- uhh!

Step out of his ass and leave
that motherfucker wide open,

- so he knows you've been there.
- Open it up,

- step in.
- Step in their asshole.

- Spray-paint "Larry was here. "
- "Larry was here. "

- Leave garbage, Snickers, eat Snickers.
- Spit, fuck it.

- Get out.
- Mm!

- Open it up again.
- Step out their asshole.

- Step out.
- Don't even close that motherfucker.

Leave it open
so he knows you've been there.

- You feel me?
- I got you.

That's how
you handle people.

Get in that ass, Larry.

- Don't worry.
- All right.

I hope you don't
get me killed.

My man.

- Hello?
- Hey, is Richard there?

Uh, no, he's not.
Is this Larry?


- This is Cha Cha.
- Ah.

Cha Cha.

Hi, Larry. You just caught me
in the middle of a workout.

So I'm calling
about the movies.

Yeah, the movies, right.

You know, we were talking about-
wouldn't it be great

if we could all go
to a really nice dinner

in one of those
fancy-schmancy joints?

Okay, I'll tell-
I'll tell Cheryl.


What are you wearing?

What am I wearing
right now?

Yeah, what are you

You're making me
uncomfortable, Larry.

I'm gonna hang up
right now.

I'm gonna
hang up right now.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.

I am loving this place.
Jeff, how great is this place?

It's unbelievable.
I'm having a great time.

It's like my old
barbershop in Brooklyn.

Yeah, reminds me
of the old days, you know.

I like the whole snip-snip thing,
the sound of it.

I think I can do it too.
It doesn't look that hard.

You know, it's like the bongos-
who can't do that?

You know what I mean?

- Yeah.
- Anybody can play the bongos, come on.

Do you have to be that skilled
to bang on something?

- Come on, how hard is that?
- I never thought of that.

When was the last time
you saw Bert?

Oh, I just
had lunch with him

the other day,
him and Barbara.

You notice anything
different about them?


'Cause she just had
a miscarriage.

- Really?
- Yeah.

It's a shame.


They do have nine kids.

- That's it?
- Yep.

Wow, that was pretty fast.

You didn't take
anything off.

Hey! Ow. Ow ow!

I'm good.

Where the hell
have you been?

I've been calling you
all goddamn day.

- We were getting a haircut.
- This is a bag of shit.

Oscar's been shitting.
I've been cleaning up shit all day.

He ate those leftovers
that that asshole gave us.

- Really?
- "We shall see. "

- "We shall see. " Daviday.
- That little piece of shit.

- Is it possible that that nut did that?
- Yes yes.

- He put crap in there.
- Jesus Christ.

- Is he throwing up too?
- What a psycho.

You gotta go down there
and tell this motherfucker

- you're gonna kick his ass.
- Oh, yeah.

No, wait a second.
He can't go down there.

- Why?
- Because I took the food home.

- I promised him that I would eat it.
- All right, you go down there.

- You go.
- Yeah, better idea:

You go, Larry.
You go tell him

that you've been shitting
all over yourself all day,

shitting in your pants,
you can't make it to the toilet,

you got shit
running down your leg.

Why can't I make it
to the toilet?

Because it's more dramatic
that way.

I don't wanna tell a guy
I got shit running down my leg.

All right, tell him whatever
the fuck you want. Tell him you've been

- sick sick sick as a dog, okay?
- All right.

I'm gonna go to the restaurant
right now,

- see what he says.
- Go!

- You know, these waiters are nuts.
- He's nuts.

You can't get on a waiter's bad side.
They'll do anything.

- I never said anything back.
- You gotta be so nice to 'em.

You gotta leave a good tip.

- Jeff, throw this out.
- You throw it out.

- You throw it out. I've been cleaning-
- No, you got gloves.

- I've been cleaning this shit.
- You got gloves!

- Throw it out.
- Aw, fuck.

Hello, Daviday.

Hello, Larry.
Nice to see you again.

Good to see you, Daviday.

You know,
I ate the leftovers

and I just want you to know

I got sick from them.

Now when you say
that you got sick, do you mean

that the animal got sick
or that you got sick?

- No no, I got sick.
- You got sick?

Yes, and I'm just
kind of wondering

if the food

perhaps was
tampered with.

Well, it most certainly
was not tampered with.

- Really?
- Absolutely.

Are you sure?

I'm very sure.

- I don't believe you.
- Larry, how can you accuse me of that?

Because I was sick.
I was running to the bathroom all day.

- All day?
- All day.

- Oh, really? I see.
- Really. Yeah.

Cha Cha?

Come here
for a moment, please.

Larry doesn't feel well.
He said that his bowels are irregular.

How many times has Larry
gone to the bathroom today?

Twice so far,

two minutes
each time.

Thank you.

Larry, that does not sound
like a man who's sick at all.

What's up, L.D.?


I'm just gonna
use the bathroom.

- What?
- Hmm?

I'm gonna use the bathroom.

What are you doing
in there?

The toilet was... wasn't
working properly.

- So you fixed it?
- I did, actually, yeah.

- Oh, okay, great.
- I had to just jiggle it around.

Oh, okay.
So it's all-

Hey, stay here for a second.
No no, I just want to see

your handiwork.
Hold on.

Hey, don't go anywhere.
Don't go anywhere.

Oh, wait a second.


Do you know how many
millions of virgin trees

are cut down to make
this toilet paper,

which is contributing
to global warming,

which is causing hurricanes,
which is why you're here?

Do you have any idea
what I'm talking about, Larry?

- Yeah, that's what I was telling them.
- This isn't the kind

- of toilet paper we use in this house.
- No, it's not.

We use recycled
post-consumer toilet paper.

- That's what I've been trying-
- Why do we have tons of toilet paper

in this bathroom? And why were you in
this bathroom using this toilet paper?

Again, the toilet was broken,

but they asked me-
they were very unhappy-

We asked you?
Hold there, hold up.

You liars, you were complaining
about the toilet paper.

- He wanted access to our bathroom.
- Auntie Rae,

don't blame this on me,
Auntie Rae.

Hey, David,
come down here, pervo.

Come down here,
you fucking pervo.

What? What are you talking about?
How did you get in?

The fucking door.
How else do you think I got in?

These kids have got to stop
leaving the door open, man.

This is it. If I didn't know you
my whole life,

you know what?
I'd attack you right now.

- What are you talking about?
- You called my girlfriend

and hit on her and she doesn't respond
and you fucking get her fired,

- you fucking piece of shit.
- What? First, I never hit on her.

- What are you talking about, "fired"?
- Bert's dad at the barbershop.

You made that fucking
miscarriage remark. So he fired her

because he wants nothing to do
with anybody that knows you.

Oh, he's supposed to be
getting back at me?

Who are you to tell him
how many kids to have?

She's got nine kids.
Come on, that's plenty.

- She wants more children.
- How many does she need?

Who the fuck are you,
the messiah, to count?

I got news for you.
That's enough. By the way,

in China
you're allowed two.

- Those people would be killed in China.
- China what?

Two- two babies in China.

What happens
if you have three?

- They execute you.
- They kill the baby?

Not the baby, idiot.
They kill the parents.

Get out of here.

Well, maybe they don't execute,
but they give you a good dressing-down.

How dare you lose
my girlfriend's job?

She lost her health insurance,

she has no self-worth anymore.

- She lost her self-worth? Oh, really?
- That's right.

You get on that goddamn telephone
and you get my girlfriend's job back.

You call Bert
and you apologize.

Okay, I'll make that call
under one condition:

I want to be able
to use your bathroom

- on the way to work in the morning.
- Sit on my toilet?

- Yeah.
- There's no fucking way.

- Why?
- Nobody sits on Richard Lewis's toilet.

- You use every toilet in the house?
- That's right. I rotate.

- I can't use the basement?
- No, that's for weekends.

I have no place
to go to the bathroom.

I can't go here,
I can't go at work.

You just make the goddamn call.
You owe me.

- Jesus Christ.
- I'll try.

- That's all I can do.
- Yeah, fine.

Just get her her job back.

What are you doing?
I want a righty call.

What's this lefty bullshit?

I want a righty call.

Jesus Christ.

- Hello?
- Oh, hey, Barbara?

- Yes.
- Hey, it's Larry David.

Oh, hi, Larry.

Fuck you!

That woman's out of her mind,
screaming in my ear like that.

Can you imagine?

Thanks for taking me,
by the way.

You're damn right, man. It's a big
favor I'm doing your ass, man.

There's the building.
Pull over.

All right.

Okay, park the car
and come up, okay?

His name's Dr. Schaeffer.

Dr. Schaeffer. All right.

So you're all set, actually.

We'll see you
next Wednesday.

You get in that ass.

You get in his ass

- Get in that ass, Larry.
- Hey!

Come on,
you fucking skinhead,

you piece of shit, let's go!

He is not a skinhead.
He just came out of chemotherapy.

- Sorry.
- Asshole.

I thought he was a skinhead.

- Hey, skinhead!
- Stop it. I'm not a skinhead!

- Leon! No, Leon!
- You done fucked with the wrong-

Leon, no!

- Motherfucker!
- Stop it!