Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Group - full transcript

Thanks to Larry's manager, Jeff, Cheryl is up for a part in "The Vagina Monologues." Meanwhile, Larry runs into an ex, who asks him to attend a survivors-of-incest support group with her to lend moral support while she deals with her past.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
-You know what l was gargling there?
-Was it Yankee Doodle Dandy?

-That was a good one.

-Good guess.
-Yeah, that was pretty clear.

So, my Uncle Nathan called
and he's coming to LA.

And he wants to have dinner with us
on Thursday night.

-Does that work?
-Yeah, you want to eat here?

-No, we'd go out.

Yeah, that way we can get rid of him.

-He's a talker?
-He's a lingerer.

-l'm a malingerer and he's a lingerer.

-All right, we'll go out Thursday.
-Okay, and also, this is a little weird....

Jeff wants to see us in his office tomorrow.

-He wants to see us?
-You and me, together.

He said not to worry,
he said he's got good news.

-Oh, brother.
-l couldn't get it out of him.

-l wonder what the good news is.
-l don't know, l can't even begin to imagine.

-He's leaving show business?
-That would be good news.

Although l don't think he'd bill it as that.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Can l ask you something?

l'm just curious, okay?

Why am l the one
that always has to initiate sex?

You ever thought about that?

-Okay, l'll tell you why.

l got a cramp in my foot.

-l'm available for sex all the time.
-ls that right?


So, anytime you want to have it...

you can have it.

But, anytime l want to have it, l can't.

Just assume that l want it all the time...

so whenever you want it,
just tap me on the shoulder.

Jesus, that's so not how it should go.

Otherwise l'll be making moves all the time.
Do you want that?

Do you want somebody
just mauling you all the time?

-l will treat your breasts as if they're mine.
-Once in a while.

l don't want you walking around like that.

That's how l'll walk around. You know,
l need borders, l need boundaries.

Okay, once in a while, give it a try,
that's all l'm saying, okay?

All right, okay, all right.

Not now.

So, what's the deal here?
Why'd you call us down here for?

This is very exciting,
l know you're busy with your charity work...

and all that stuff, but l got a phone call
the other day from Wendy Praeger.

-You know who Wendy Praeger is?
-Yeah, director, right?

-Theater director.

She's directing The Vagina Monologues,
that show, in New York...

and she's bringing
The Vagina Monologues out here, okay?

l know, the title....

''She's bringing The Vagina Monologues....''

Good for you, Wendy, do you need help?

She does, 'cause one of her actresses
dropped out...

and l suggested you.

-Are you kidding?
-No. No audition.

She had seen you in a play years ago.

And knew who you were,
and liked your work.

Are you joking me?

No, l'm not, as a matter of fact,
l have the script right here.

She wants Cheryl to do
The Vagina Monologues?

Yes, the only thing is,
it's opening in a week...

but you don't have to learn any lines.
You can use the script on stage.


-l've never seen her so speechless before.
-l'm shocked, l don't know what to say.

l didn't even have to sell you.

Nancy saw this in New York
and said that it's, like, the biggest hit.

You're involved
with The Vagina Monologues.

Of course, you know, l've never actually
seen the vagina with my glasses on.

l don't have any idea what it looks like,
it's all a hazy mystery to me.

-Yeah, you don't need to look at it up close.
-l'm pro-vagina.

l can't wait to read this, l don't even know
what to say to you right now.

-Can l have her call you this afternoon?
-Please, yes.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-That was so nice.
-Wasn't that nice of him?

l'm shocked. l'd like to do
something nice for him.

You should get him something. You could
get him a bottle of Scotch or something.

Johnny Goldberg.

Johnny Walker?

-My God!
-Hi, Lucy.

-lt's great to see you.
-Good to see you.

-You just look wonderful.
-Do l?

-Look at you, getting some gray hair.
-lnside, l'm corroding.

-No, you're a silver-haired fox.
-This is my wife, Cheryl.

Lucy Montone.

-Nice to meet you.
-Yeah, l'm here.

-That's okay.

Are you working,
what's going on in your life?

l'm on drugs, you know, l'm all doped up.

l don't do anything, yeah.

lt's true, l'm a drug addict now.

l'm glad l'm seeing you,
because l've been thinking about you.

l've been wanting to get in touch with you,
and here you are, you're here.

She's an actress.

-Are you an actress?

-You're doing The Vagina Monologues?

She just got this today.

l've been trying to get a reading for that,
and my agent's just dropped the ball.

l just got lucky,
and his manager really was helpful.

Yeah, great! So, it's nice to meet you.

Yeah, so how do you guys
know each other?

We used to go out.

-But, she didn't like me much.
-l didn't like him very much.

When he stopped actually being fun,
l stopped actually liking him.


lt didn't go anywhere.

You know what?
l'm gonna go wait in the car.

l'm dying to really start reading this.
lt was great meeting you.

Congratulations on this. And your marriage
and all this wonderful stuff.

l'd almost forgotten about that.

Okay, l'll see you in a few minutes.

-A couple of minutes.
-lt was nice to meet you. Bye-bye.

So, what else is new?

l need the keys.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Do me a favor, turn the air conditioner on,
make it a little cool in there.

-l'll be just a second.
-Bye-bye, l hope l see you again.

Yeah, nice meeting you.

l'm really glad that l have run into you
because l've been thinking about you.

l didn't know how to get in touch.
l want to us to get together...

'cause there's something
l'd like to talk to you about.

-Tell me right now.
-No, this isn't really.... lt's kind of weird.

We don't have a child, do we?

Not that l know of, and,
l think l'd probably be aware of that one.

Do you have time, Larry?
Come on, l'm serious.

l guess, yeah.

So, can we, maybe this week, have lunch?

l guess l can have lunch, yeah.

-Good night.
-Good night.

What are you doing?

-l'm tapping you on the shoulder.
-You know what?

l'm really not in the mood,
to tell you the truth.

ls it all right if we don't do it?

l'm sorry, is that okay?

-You're not in the mood to do it?
-Not really.

l'm sorry, is that okay?

So, even if you wanted to do it,
you couldn't?

-l can't do it, yeah.
-Why can't you do it tonight?

The other night you just said
all l have to do is tap you on the shoulder...

and you're ready.

l'm kind of tapped out.

Tapped out?

You mean....

Why would you do that?

l don't know, it was there.

l think it's a little interesting...

that we just ran into that woman, Lucy.

Do you think that's a coincidence?

We ran into this woman,
who happens to have really large breasts...

and really beautiful....


You were thinking of this woman Lucy
the whole time you were--

No, not the whole time. She made
a brief appearance and said, ''Goodbye.''

Was l in the mix there?

-What, you?

l wouldn't defile you like that.
You don't know what goes on there.

You don't want any part of that world.
You don't want to be involved.

lt's complimentary to you
that you're not involved in that.

But, you can bring your ex-girlfriends--

l can degrade and defile her.

You know, l have to say...

l'm not crazy about you sitting around...

thinking about Lucy Montone,
or other women...

or ex-girlfriends that you know.

Lucy Montone is out,
she's made her last appearance.

That's it.

-l didn't particularly care for her.
-ls that right?

She's got a bad attitude,
doesn't take part in lesbian scenes...

very hard to get along with.

She's like a prima donna.
l don't need any prima donnas, you know.

Yeah, no ex-girlfriends.

Not Lucy, not any of the ex-girlfriends.

That's fair, that's completely legitimate.

l'm gonna bring back
the young Sophia Loren.


-The young Sophia Loren--
-Who wouldn't?

This is from Cheryl.


That's one of those things you go....
Wow! Blue Label!

-You like that?
-That's unbelievable.

-You drink that?
-Yeah, of course.

-That's what l thought.
-l'll call her and thank her.

-Don't drink it all at once.
-No, l won't.

-Did the director get a hold of her?
-Yeah, she talked to the director.

All right, cool. So, you meeting
your ex-girlfriend for lunch?

Here she is. Hi, Lucy.

-Found a spot on the street.
-How you doing?

-Good, how are you today?
-This is Jeff Greene, my manager.

-How are you?
-Very well, thanks.

-l know you.

Yeah, l saw you in that hurricane movie.

That's sweet, but l think
you're thinking of Jami Gertz.

-She was in the tornado.
-l did an asteroid.

Asteroid, hurricane, same thing.

-You were very good.
-Thank you.


-We're gonna go have some lunch.
-Yeah, l'm hungry too.

-They got some good places around here.
-They have great places around here.

This is the best one in town, right here,
it's the best one.

A good lunch, this is the place to go.

-Great to meet you, enjoy your lunch.
-Thank you.

You're just a big bowl of wrong.

Good night, nurse!

-You didn't go to the prom?
-l didn't know there was a prom.

-l can't believe we never talked about this.
-l had no idea that a prom even existed.

Your parents, your brother,
didn't alert you to....

You'd think l would have heard about it
in school, but l didn't.

Anyway, what's going on?

l'm very curious
as to why you invited me to lunch.

Okay, remember when we were dating...

and l told you about my stepfather,
and, what happened?


And, did not breathe a word of it to anyone.

Good, 'cause you're the only person
l ever told about that.

But, l kind of feel like what happened....

l feel like it's really starting
to affect my life a lot now.

And there's something called
an incest survivor group.

So, l don't want to go alone...

and l was thinking, maybe....

Could you go with me?

Do you want me to spell it out?
Can you go with me?

You want me to go
to the incest group with you?


What would l do there?

You'd just be there with me.

There's nobody else
you feel comfortable going with?

Nobody else knows about what happened,
except for, you know, my stepdad.

l'm not gonna bring him.

Are you sure that you qualify with your
stepfather? ls that considered incest?

God, Larry!

No, if it's your stepfather, Larry,
it's considered a date.

With all due respect to your ordeal...

but l was just wondering
if they consider that incest or not.

So, l guess it's a legitimate question,
but, the answer is, ''Yes.''

They consider that incest.

-lf you don't want to go, l'm not gonna--
-l'll go, yeah.

Are you comfortable with that?

l want you to be comfortable,
l want you to be okay, so....

What are you doing here?
l didn't know you were gonna be here.

Sometimes when we're not together,
l go to restaurants.

l guess we're all here.

Yeah, you remember her from....

And that's Nancy.

Nice to meet you.

Nancy's a friend of Cheryl's,
and a friend of mine, too.

-Thanks, Larry.
-So, what's going on?

Just a little lunch.

-Do you want to sit down?

Sit, why don't you sit?

No, we really need....

We need our time alone.

We're gonna go eat.

Good to see you. And you.

lt was great to see you,
l knew l'd see you again.

lt was nice to meet you.

-Bye-bye, Larry.

Fat man!

Man, listen...

that chick you had lunch with....

ls she married?

ls she going out with anybody?

-You got her number, by some chance?
-What do you want her number for?

Just representation stuff.

-Talk to her about working with her.
-You want to work with her, l understand.

-You just want to help her career.
-Just want to help her out, that's all.

l'll call your house, and leave it with Susie.

-How's that?
-You know what?

-Just leave it at the office.
-ls that a problem?

l'll leave it at the office.

Thank you, l appreciate it,
you're a good man.

You're a great guy, helping her out like that.
l'm not a good man, you're a great man.

My name is Cynthia,
and I'm an incest survivor.

Okay, this is the part where you guys say,
''Hello, Cynthia.''

Hello, Cynthia.

You'll get used to it, you're new.

l want to commend you all
for having the courage to step forward.

l want you all to feel safe.

And this is our number-one rule here:

What is said in this room,
stays in this room.

We have total anonymity here.

And if we could, right now,
put our hands together...

and this sort of establishes
a circle of sharing.

l want you all
to feel comfortable with each other.

That all being said, l want to remind you...

and say this with me:

''lt's not my fault.''

lt's not my fault.

Good. On that note, if you'd like to share.

My name's Gwendolyn,
and l'm an incest survivor.

Hello, Gwendolyn.

lt's really scary to say that.

My first perpetrator was my grandfather...

who's a very dashing, handsome man.

He looked like Tyrone Power.

He would come into my room
wearing a mask...

and we would play ''Zorro and Consuelo''...

and he would make a ''Z''
on my tummy with a feather...

and then later, with his sword.

The next incident was at a family reunion...

up at our house in Castaic.

They had laid out platters of great food,
one of which was my favorite dish...

ambrosia, you know,
that fruit salad with the marshmallows...

and the coconut and the cherries.

And my Uncle Pete on my father's side...

and my Uncle Ned on my mother's side...

approached me and told me
that they could help me with the recipe...

and teach me how to make it.

So they took me into the house,
into a back bedroom...

and, became overly avuncular...

which was really odd
because they never really got along.

And they were even bickering
while they were having sex with me...

arguing about
who was gonna stand guard...

and positions and technique,
and, you know, undermining each other...

berating each other while they were doing it.

There's one more event l'd like to talk about.
l'm not sure if it counts.

lt was my stepbrother.
Does a stepbrother count?

lt's not really a blood relative.

-So, does it count?
-Step counts.

Remember that everybody: Step counts.

l think that l'll save it for another meeting.
l've taken up a lot of time.

lt really feels good
to unburden myself, you know.

This means that today l don't have
to cut myself or put cigarettes out....

So, it's, like...

l go to visit my family...

and, they just deny
my existence, you know?

''You're not there, you're not there.''

And l'm here!

l want to scream at them, ''l'm here, l'm here!

''l'm here!''

Thanks for letting me share,
thanks so much.

-Thank you, Trudy.

Thank you.

Okay, next.

You're up.

Go ahead.

My name is Todd...

and l'm an incest survivor.

-Hi, Todd.
-Hi, Todd.


l had sex with my uncle...

when l was 1 2.

He lived in Great Neck.

He was a doctor, an osteopath.

l don't even know what they do,
but l know they're doctors.

lt's something to do with muscles, l think.

That's neither here nor there, really.

-I told you I was gonna have lunch with her.
-I know.

lt's so different to walk in
and actually see you guys together.

lf l like her so much,
how come l broke up with her?

You broke up with her?

Right, yes, l know that's impossible...

for an idiot like me
to ever break up with a woman.

lt just seems like....

Fine, you can go back
to your Vagina Monologues. Thank you.

Speaking of, l'm supposed to meet
the director tomorrow at 1 1 :30.

l broke up with her. That's great.

-lt just doesn't seem....
-lt's impossible, yeah.

l'm not saying that.

You're supposed to meet
the director tomorrow.

l don't have the car.

Would you like a ride?

l'll give you a ride.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Listen to this, ''l say, 'You look great.'

''And she says, 'So do you.'

''l say, 'But l only have
this white cotton bra and underpants.'

''Then she undresses me slowly.

''The alcohol has gone to my head
and l'm loose and ready.

''She gently and slowly
lays me out on the bed...

''and just our bodies rubbing
makes me come.

''Then she does everything to me
and my vagina...

''that l always thought was nasty before...

''And, wow, l'm so hot...

''so wild.''

-What are you doing?
-What do you mean? l'm initiating.

No, listen, l've got to read this
before l meet this woman tomorrow.

Come on, give me five minutes.

No, l am in the middle of this!

-Two minutes and we'll be done.
-Why would l?

''Afterward, the gorgeous lady
teaches me everything about my vagina.

''She makes me play with myself
in front of her...

''and she tells me to always know
how to give myself pleasure...

''so l'll never need to rely on a man.''

lf they took all the pillows away,
there was no more pillows in the world...

do you think that would
affect you adversely?

Do you think you would notice it?

Do you think it would bother you
throughout the day?

''There's no pillows on this couch.''

l know at night,
it would have an effect at night.


A world without pillows. A Twilight Zone
episode, all the pillows, gone.

There are no pillows.
There's cushions to sit on, but no pillows.

-lt is such a pleasure to meet you.
-The pleasure is all mine.

l saw you in a production of Company
in New York years ago.

You were sensational.

Thank you.


What are you doing here?

-lt's ''Larry.''
-Wait, do you guys know each other?

We can't talk about it.

Okay, this is my husband, Larry.

So, how do you know her?

You know what it was,
it was that newsstand on Las Palmas...

and he was teasing me
'cause l was reading Dog Fancy magazine.

-Right, yeah, at the newsstand.

He was so funny, by the way.

You are so lucky
to have such a funny husband.

But, you called him ''Todd.''

lt's the name he gave me.

l get sick of saying ''Larry.''
So, l say ''Todd'' to strangers sometimes.

On occasion,
l make up stupid names for myself.

l have told people
that my name was ''Thor''....

Okay, all right....

Let's just wait a second.

This just seems very odd.
Listen, do you guys know each other?

You have nothing to be worried about.
lt's just kind of personal.

lt is?

l can't deal with this. l am sorry.

-This is too strange for me.
-No, Cheryl, don't do this, please.

-You're gonna have to find another actress.
-Please, Cheryl, don't do this.

l'm begging you. lt's not what you think.

l'll talk to you later.

l want to make one thing very clear.

You cannot mention one word--

Don't worry. l would never betray you.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

She had sex with her grandfather,
and both her uncles....

One on her mother's side,
one on her father's side.

While they did it, they were
fighting over who'd guard the door.

Then she had sex with her stepbrother.

She wasn't even sure if that was incest,
and l completely understood.

She even asked the group leader.
The group leader said that it is incest.

She wasn't even done, she had more.

She had to stop,
she's gonna finish next week.

That's horrible, l had no idea.

The whole time
they're telling us about anonymity.

You can't say anything
about what's being said in the room.

-No wonder.
-l had no choice.

My God! Then l stormed out,
and l told her to get another actress...

and ruined all my chances.

l'm sure they didn't find anybody yet.
Why don't you call her up?

l can't call her now.
Won't she know you've told me this?

How else would we have resolved it so fast?

-Right. She'll know that l told you.

What the hell are we gonna tell her?

Wendy, l just wanted to tell you
how sorry l am...

about everything that happened today.

l've been talking to Larry...

and he told me all about how you met
at the Gamblers Anonymous meeting.


And l'm not gonna say a word,
cross my heart.

l completely understand.

Larry has laid his cards out on the table.

He's not....

You know what?

l didn't even know
he had a gambling problem until today.

So, imagine what we've been talking
back and forth about.

l just wanted to apologize for everything,
and l wanted to let you know...

that l am absolutely thrilled...

and l'd be honored if l could do the play....

You've re-cast already?

Lucy Montone?

That seems so sudden. l was just there.

Her manager called you. Jeff Greene?

l did the new Dark Shadows for some years,
and then l did Rock Cop.

That was good, Rock Cop.

-Blue Label.

lt was a gift from Cheryl David.

That's ironic. Are you gonna be all right
driving after we drink?

-We'll wait it out.
-Here's to The Vagina Monologues.

Here's to the vagina.

-That must be Nathan.
-Yeah. l'll get it.

Hi! Please come in. Good to see you.

-l am so sorry l'm late.
-Don't worry about it.

There was an accident on the 405,
a one-car accident.

Terrible accident.
Lots of traffic, confusion, and so on.

l'm a doctor, l had to stop.
Not that l could do anything.

Finally, they got him out of the car....

Big fat guy, and a woman,
a real jazzy number.

Both of them
obviously drunk out of their minds.

He seemed okay...

but she's gonna be laid up for a while,
l'm afraid.

She's really in bad shape.
And this car, this beautiful car.

Crushed. A '57 Chevy.

-A classic.

-Yeah, convertible.

-l'd give my eye teeth for that thing.

-You guys must be starved.
-Yeah, l'm hungry.

-Want to go?
-Yeah, let's go.

-Jeff has a '57 Chevy convertible.
-l know, and he is fat.

Hi! Oh, my God.

We're not gonna stay long.
We just came to wish you luck.

Thank you.

-l won't kiss you, it'll mess up your makeup.
-No, please.

-But you look gorgeous.
-Thank you.

-Look at that pompadour.
-lt's not a pompadour.

Somebody spent a lot of time
getting my hair to look just like this.

-l'm trying to shake out the nerves....
-Don't be nervous.

You only have to talk about it. Not show it.

Okay, thank you. Everybody's a comedian.

-See how much he's taught me?

l hate to run you guys out,
but l need time to collect my thoughts.

Uncle and l, we'll be gone. Goodbye.
You're gonna do great.

How's my trooper?

This is the director, Wendy.
This is my uncle, Dr. Gordon.

How do you do?

The osteopath?


-How'd you know?
-Get out of here.

-Get out of here!

Get out of here, you fucking piece of shit!
Get out, you filthy animal!

Wendy, that's not....

You fucking turd! Get out of here!

How dare you?

Wait for me outside.
l'll meet you after the show.

You filthy beast! You coward!

You fucking asshole, you coward!