Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 18 - With Honor - full transcript

Jordan works with a Marine investigator when the body of a woman who went AWOL in in Afghanistan ten days earlier is found. Garrett and Nigel look into the death of a local pimp. Lily tries...

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Why are we doing this again?

Uh, it's to clear our heads.

Oh, coffee, coffee,
coffee. (PANTING) Oh.

You go, I can't stop yet.

What, you can't
stop for Amici's?

Okay, come on. Let's
hear it. What's wrong?



Okay, it's Garret.

God, what's going
on between you two?

I wouldn't know. He's been
spending so much time with his ex.

Oh, don't sweat
it. They're friends.

Friends who sleep together.

Wow, what makes you think that?

Oh, the way he talks about her, the
way that he smiles when she calls.

Well, have you
spoken to him about it?

Are you kidding me?
He won't even look at me.

Well, maybe you're not being loud
enough. You know what? Do what I do.

Just storm in there and
tell him what's bothering you.

She's bothering me.

Well, then say it.

I don't mean to sound pathetic,

but after everything
that I've done for him,

the least that he can do is
hear me out. He's got to, right?

Exactly. You're
not being pathetic.


Cavanaugh. Okay, I'll be there.

Okay, go.

Talk to him. Now.




Excuse me.
Cavanaugh, M.E.'s Office.

Captain George Diaz,
Naval Investigative Service.

She was military?

Vicki Weber, Corporal. U.S.
Marine Corps, active duty.

Well, that'll complicate things.

So, you're Internal Affairs.

You enjoy busting
your coworkers?

Nobody likes a rat, Doctor. Just
get rid of the trash, and we go away.

Caucasian female,
approximately 27 years of age.

Minor bruising on the
face and on her arms.

Single bullet wound to
the chest. No blood stains.

Someone must have
changed her clothes,

then dumped her
body here for us to find.

According to the
level of decomp,

I'm estimating she's
been dead 10 days, tops.

She stationed locally?

Until she shipped out to
Afghanistan in December.

Word is, she freaked out.

Shot a Marine and deserted.

Do I sense some
hostility there, Captain?

It's hard to feel
sorry for a coward.

Weber was a fugitive, a scared
little girl who panicked and ran.

And somehow ended up here.

Hey. How's it going, Lily?

Um, crappy, but thank
you for finally asking.

Look, I know we haven't
spent much time together.

Okay, I need you to
think before you answer.

Are you sleeping
with her or not?

Because if you are, I need
to know what we're doing,

and how you plan on
handling our work situation,

which, by the way, has become
nothing but awkward and complicated.

Now, wait a second.

I think I've been very
up front about Maggie.

(STAMMERING) I mean, this
whole thing started out about her...

That loser boyfriend of hers,

but over the last few weeks...


We've been...

You're sleeping
with her, aren't you?


I'm sorry. I never
thought this would happen.

But it did.

It's... Probably making the
biggest mistake of my life.

Well, there's no argument there.

Listen, I never
meant to hurt you.

But I need some time.
I've got to follow through...

Oh, please.

Shut up.

Dr. Macy.

How do you feel about the seedy
underworld of pimps and hos?

Look, you're doing all right.

Don't worry about the
funeral arrangements.

You can deal with those later.

Thank you.


Yeah, why don't you
take a seat in there?

Husband's taking
it pretty rough.

Hi, I'm Dr. Cavanaugh.

Colonel Gerry Bayless, ma'am.

The Colonel is Scott and
Vicki's commanding officer.

Just come to pay your respects?

And to pass the baton.

As far as the Corps is concerned,
Vicki Weber was a deserter.

This is a civilian matter now.

I thought, uh, this
might be of some use.


MP records listed four
reports of domestic disturbance

at the Weber house last year.

Private Weber has
a temper, ma'am.

Push the right buttons,
anything could happen.

DIAZ: For the record,
state your name and rank.

Private First Class Scott Weber,

United States Marine Corps.

Why weren't you sent
overseas with your wife, Private?

Uh, my military
specialty is local security.

Since 9/11 we've been covering
airports, sporting events...

The Private's an
accomplished marksman.

So you're keeping an eye
on things over here then?

Wish I could have
seen this coming.

Colonel Bayless
writes in his report

that your wife was showing
increased signs of depression.

While on guard duty
at a base outside Kabul,

Corporal Weber shot a soldier
and then deserted her post.

It's not possible.

That soldier's now in the hospital and
your wife was later classified AWOL.

With all due respect,
Captain, I know my wife.

Vicki would never
do something like that.

With all due respect, maybe
you didn't know her well enough.

Guys, could we
just relax a little?

Vicki was not a deserter.

An airline ticket from New
Delhi to Boston was purchased

under the name Victoria Aames

three days after
she disappeared.

Aames is her maiden name.

Did your wife contact
you when she got home?

No. I told you,

I don't know what you
guys are talking about!

Look, we're just trying to figure
out exactly what happened.

Did you or did you not see her
after she disappeared, Private?


Vicki dedicated her
life to this country.

She went over there
because the Corps needed her.

Suddenly she rolls
in here on a slab,

and now you guys are
gonna call her a coward?

Why would she give all that up?

NIGEL: Sweet Nancy!
Do you know who that is?

Three hundred
pound man in a fur.

Phat Bastard.

How about a little
respect for the dead?

No, Doctor, that's his
name. Phat Bastard.

Every year, the
Underground Pimp and Ho Ball

hands out the coveted Golden
Ho to America's Pimp of the Year.

Phat Bastard's won
three years in a row.

Since when are you such a scholar
on the manly art of pimpsmanship?

Well, there's a lot you can
learn from our men in mink.

Morning, Carver.

Tragedy, huh? Oh, yeah.

No sign of external
injury, no sign of foul play.

We did find these in
the medicine cabinet.

Nitroglycerine. Probably
had a massive MI.

Yeah. Big surprise there.

So who found the body?

Came over to take
dictation from the boss.

Both of them?


Excuse me, would you mind
telling me what happened?

I don't know. I just walked
in and I found him like that.

Oh, jeez, Phat. What a waste.

MACY: Who invited
Huggy Bear? Waste.

LOIS: Name's Chill. Hey.

He and his pals got
here before we did.

Says they happened to
be making a social call.

Yo, could I have a couple
minutes to pay my respects, please?


Phat, what did you do, Phat?


Just don't move.

Rest in peace, fool.


What a waste, huh?

Yeah. He was so young.

I'm talking about his suit.

Three Gs, easy.

So, what does the report say?

Mr. Nagawa was in town
on business from Tokyo.

Police found him
in his hotel suite.

Apparently, there was a
gas leak in the fireplace, so

he fell asleep with a drink in
his hand, and he never woke up.

Talk about a lawsuit. Has
his family been notified?

His wife is flying in.

So if we already know it was an
accident, who ordered the autopsy?

Hotel attorneys.

Ah, of course.

Offing a guest is
bad for business,

and surely something
else must have caused it.

And then they
won't have to write a

seven-figure check to
the decedent's family.

All right, add him
to my case list.

So I won't get home
before midnight. Big deal.

I'm void of a
personal life anyway.

So, Lily?

Could you excuse
me for a second?

I don't know what to tell you.

I'll take him down to Squad for
questioning, but I can't hold him.

So shooting someone's no
longer a criminal offense, huh?

The guy is already
dead, Dr. Macy. Okay.

Sure, I'll cite the little creep for
carrying a concealed weapon,

endangering the
lives of others...

Don't forget the mishandling
of human remains.

But that's it.

In 20 years, I've
never seen this.


You make a habit of
shooting your competitors?

Me and Phat had our
disagreements over the years,

but, you know, deep down, I
had nothing but love for the man.

You have an interesting
way of showing it.

Well, seeing him like that,
my head started spinning,

and the next thing I
know, I'm capping his ass.

And it's too bad, though, 'cause now
all his ladies are going to be looking

for another man to take care
of them. You understand that?

Yeah, I do.

Bruising on her right cheek
indicates a blow to the face,

and there are carpet fibers
on her neck and her legs.

You want me to run them?

Yeah, see what you can find.

Thought you were going to
call me before you started.

Well, I thought you IA
guys knew everything.

Oh, and by the way, nice
morgueside manner with the husband.

It's called questioning.

It's called coercion.


Okay, so where's the bullet?

Right where the killer left it.

Take a look.


Looks like an SS109.
It's a military rifle issue.

Steel grabs into the
target. Bullets check in...

But they don't check out.
Could be local black market,

but considering
the circumstances...

The husband's a shooter.
I'll see what I can find.

I'm coming with
you. Dr. Cavanaugh.

Look, we know this happened
outside military jurisdiction.

Now, I could have Boston P.D.
tag along, or we could do it together.

It's up to you.


You know we can't actually walk
in there without a warrant, right?

Come on, Diaz. Where's your
sense of adventure? Be all you can be.

This is a military investigation.
We have to follow procedures.

Fine. Proceed back to
the car. I'll be right out.

Oh, that was nice
of him. Jordan.

He left it unlocked.

You see?

This is why we need a warrant.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing here?

We just have a
couple of questions.

Oh, sorry to interrupt
your grieving period.

Told you walking into that
apartment was a mistake.

Here you go. Tuna and turkey.

Thank you. Thanks, Dad.

Any time.

Did you sprain your ankle?

Is that a joke?

Not unless you want it to be.

I was a kid on MP detail.

A bar fight broke out, and
someone pulled out a gun.

And my four star career
became a desk job.

So you've never seen combat?

No, ma'am.

Kind of hard to call someone a coward
if you've never been there yourself.

So tell me about this
soldier that Vicki wounded.

Private Aaron
Neil, 19 years old.

Took a single round to the
shoulder. It did some nerve damage.

He's still at a base
hospital in rehab.

I want to talk to him.

Fine. We'll go.

Who do you think a teenage
guy will respond to better?

You chase down your
ballistics, I'll deal with him.

Okay. I'll go then.

Private Neil?

Maybe. Who wants to know?

Name's Cavanaugh.

Yeah, you my new therapist?

No, you better hope not.
I'm a Medical Examiner.

Yeah, I'm looking into
the death of Vicki Weber.

Yeah. Yeah, I heard about that.

That's... Man, that's brutal.

Well, looks like she did
some number on you.

Oh, no sweat. Doc says I'll be
pitching sliders before you know it.

Look, I just need you to tell me about
what happened the night you got shot.

Well, it's the same as
I told everybody else.

We were standing perimeter
watch. It was freezing out.

Yeah, Vicki and I, we
weren't that close or anything,

but I could tell something
was on her mind.

I asked her if she
wanted to talk, but she

said she had to work
things out on her own,

so that's when I got
up to have a smoke.

JORDAN: Did you go anywhere?


No, ma'am. A Marine
can't leave his post. Ever.

Well, I was working on a drag
when I heard her moving around.

I looked and Vic was
getting out of the jeep.

She said that she was real depressed,
and that she couldn't take it anymore.

She was going home. Well, I turned
around and she's got her gun drawn.

I told her to put it
down, that I could help.

Put your gun away.

But she must have saw me going
for my smoke, because she flinched.

Come on, that's
not you, you know.

The gun went off and I got hit.

Next thing I know, I'm
bleeding and Vic's gone.

I feel bad for her, you know?

I mean, she was in trouble. I...

I just wish there was
something I could have done.

Yeah, like what? I don't know.

When I was a kid, the
Colonel used to say,

"Talk is cheap. If you want to
help someone, you make it happen."

When you were a kid?

(STAMMERING) I meant now.

When did you become
a Marine, Private?

About a year ago.

Any reason you chose
this branch of the service?

I wanted to be the best.

DIAZ: Private Neil was lying.

What else is
Bayless holding back?

(SIGHING) He's Neil's
uncle, for God's sake.

The Colonel probably
tried to keep it under wraps.

The last thing a new recruit needs
is for everyone to treat him differently.

Well, we're gonna
go talk to him.


Well, I just want to figure out why he
never mentioned his nephew before.

Can I meet you downstairs?
Give me a minute.

Garret. Garret.
What are you, crazy?

Jordan, I've got a dead pimp on
my hands, and 11 bodies to sign out.

Not now.

You couldn't stop, could you?

You had to keep seeing Maggie.

I'm not doing this. I'm not doing
this. It's none of your business.

It's taken you months to feel
good about yourself, about this job,

and Lily's had a hell
of a lot to do with that.

It's not about Lily.

Oh, you're right. It's about
you being selfish and stupid.

When I want your
advice, I'll ask for it.

Oh, don't bother, 'cause you'll
probably screw it up anyway.

Mr. Nagawa continues
to intrigue me.

Normally, I would have signed off on
an accidental death like this right away,

but then, I noticed something.

Can you hit the light, please?

The what?

Lily, if you need to
be somewhere else...

No, no, no, no. I'm fine.

Really, it's just something
personal, sort of.

You... You're sure?



All right, here is a man

who was perfectly dressed, like he
just came back from a fancy dinner.

The fireplace is off, and yet he
has black soot under his fingernails.


Maybe he tried to start
the fire and couldn't?

Yeah, but according
to the report,

there were no burned
matches found in the room.


What about his other
personal belongings?

There's just some
luggage and some clothes.

Oh, and there's a
briefcase, but it's locked.

Can I see it?

Yeah, no problem.

Oh, and, Lily?

If there's anything I can do.

I'm fine. Thank you.


Sorry to hassle you
with this one, Doc.

A simple heart attack
turns into a body full of lead.

That happens
all the time, right?

That little guy in the green
threads, what was his name?

Chill. Perverted little leprechaun,
rubbed me the wrong way.

Nobody would like to take
him off the street more than me.

Just give me some proof.

I intend to.

It's pathetic.

All this time and money being
wasted on a couple of lowlifes.

Yeah, but successful
lowlifes, Detective.

Oh, don't tell me
you're defending him.

I'm not condoning
their field of expertise,

but Phat Bastard was an
exceptional businessman.

Perception and a shrewd financial
sense separate the boys from the men.

Or the pimps, as
the case may be.

You're not buying this, are you?

Save the kudos for
someone who deserves them.

Let's take him to autopsy two,
figure out what triggered the MI.

Maybe the big man was drugged.

Doctor, what would you say if I told
you Phat never had a heart attack?

I'd say you've
piqued my interest.

I took the liberty of drawing
blood from the Bastard's heart.

Didn't know he had one.

There's ample blood flow
throughout, oxygenation was ideal.

So something else killed him.

Something undetectable,
at least at first glance.

Well, the sooner we open him up, the
sooner we'll know what we're dealing with.

Now, Phat controlled a huge portion
of the prostitution in our fair city.

With power comes enemies.

Well, there's Chill's
motive. It's all about turf.

So how'd he pull it off?

I had a talk with Private Neil.

He's your nephew.

You never mentioned that before.

Yes, Aaron's my sister's boy.

Afraid I don't see
the relevance.

Oh, he's family, he was hurt.

As his CO, that could
have clouded your judgment.

No, ma'am.

Why not?

Private Neil's a Marine
first, then my nephew.

You knew Corporal
Weber, didn't you, sir?

As well as anyone else
under my command.

Weber seemed to be a
very troubled young woman.

I was concerned about her
from the moment we shipped out.

Yeah, troubled? How so?

Afraid, ill at ease. My understanding
is that things weren't great at home.

As a Marine, it's important
to have a strong home life.

Are you referring to
Scott Weber's temper?

Private Weber is a competent
Marine, but a very difficult man.

Capable of murder?

Why don't you ask
him and find out?

If he was the only
person I could talk to,

I'd probably desert as well.

I've dealt with worse.

Listen, I want to
apologize for something.

Bet you this doesn't
happen often.

That dig I made about you never
seeing combat? That wasn't necessary.

But effective. I shouldn't
judge people so quickly.

People run away for all
kinds of reasons, Captain.

Sounds like you're
talking from experience.

Hey, isn't that Weber's
shower buddy over there?

You want me to handle this?

No, I think a little
girl talk is in order.

Excuse me.

Go ahead. I'll catch up.

Ma'am, I really don't
have anything to say.

How about just starting
with your name, Private?

Samantha Wade.

Did you know Vicki Weber?

I'd seen her around, but we
didn't really hang out or anything.

I work here in recruitment,
so I didn't go overseas.

Look, everybody knew
their marriage was a joke.

Did Vicki ever find out
about you and her husband?

I guess they talked the
day she disappeared.

That would explain why she
was so upset. What about Scott?

Did you ever hear
him threaten her?

Those two had plenty of fights. I
mean, real screaming matches.

He talked about divorcing
her, but murder? No way.

Well, if he didn't
do it, then who did?

Vicki wasn't exactly
faithful either, you know?

Talk about having a rep.

Ask around. She
pissed a lot of guys off.


Yeah, okay. Okay, two things.

Those carpet fibers on Vicki's
body contained Middle Eastern dyes.

Oh, that narrows it down.

And ballistics are
back on Scott's guns.


The bullet that killed Vicki Weber does
not match any of my client's weapons.

That's right, but that doesn't
guarantee he's innocent.

Scott's been fully cooperative
with this investigation.

He also has a reputation for
being hot-headed and abusive.

Listen, the sooner
we can rule him out,

the sooner you can put this
whole nightmare behind you.

What would it take
to make this go away?

Who else was Vicki seeing?

You must have known.

We had a feeling you
might want to see this.

It's a phone bill
from early December.

She called the same number over
and over again just to hear his voice.

Go ahead, try it.

ON PHONE: Colonel
Bayless, hello. Hello?

Yes, we were having an affair.

I called it off shortly
after the mission began.

Why was that, sir?

Because we had a job to do.

Vicki required a lot of
attention, a lot of hand-holding.

As commander of this
battalion, I couldn't provide it.

Not to mention the
fact that you're married.

Marines' values are honor,
courage and commitment.

Stupidity can destroy
a soldier's career.

I told Vicki it was
over. She refused.

That was the day she deserted.

Then is it possible she came
back and contacted your wife?

My family doesn't know
anything about this.

I intend to keep it that way.

Well, what if she tried to, Colonel?
Would you have stopped her?

I returned to this
base three days ago.

According to your own evaluation, Corporal
Weber died at least a week earlier.

That puts me about 11,000 miles
away from the scene of the crime.

Do the math, Dr. Cavanaugh.
I didn't kill anybody.

May I?

Knock yourself out.



Harry Houdini,
eat your heart out.

What's wrong?

It wasn't an accident.

Hotel lawyers were right.

How do you know?

He requested a room with
a fireplace for one reason,

so he could open the gas valve.

And cash in on his
insurance policy.

Only it was a suicide, so the
insurance won't pay a dime.


His wife should be here
first thing in the morning.

I'll make sure I am as well.


how do you think people
become so unhappy?

It just sort of
happens, I guess.

People see their lives
unfolding in a certain way,

and sometimes it
doesn't work out.

And there's nothing
you can really do about it.

Lily, I... I don't want
you to feel obligated,

but I wouldn't mind getting
out of here for a while.

Would you like to get a drink?

Can I get more than one?


DAHLIA: Thanks for
letting me see him again.

Well, it's a tad after viewing
hours, but no harm's done.

Phat Bastard was
certainly a big man,

in so many ways.

As requested, this
can go to the mortuary.

He told me when he died,

he wanted to be buried in a mink with
a bottle of Cris and a super-size fries.

First class to the very
end, eh? Mmm-hmm.

Style should have been
the Bastard's middle name.

You want to try it on?

It's sort of against
morgue policy, really.

Phat loved to share his things. He
would have thought you were the bomb.

What's that?

I'm embarrassed to say I
didn't see this earlier. What?

It's a rather unfortunate
blood stain, I'm afraid.

Odd since he was shot
after he was already dead.

Corpses don't bleed.

Does this mean he won't
be buried in the robe?

I'm afraid Phat's fashion statement
just became state's evidence.

Blood on the robe
matches Phat's.

There were no cuts or punctures
prior to Chill opening fire.

No pulse means no blood flow,

so wherever it came from,
it happened before he died.

Four bullet wounds from
Chill's gun, none of them fatal.

Autopsy showed the big man did not
have a heart attack, so how did he die?

And how did Chill kill him?

Bloody fifth bullet, that's how.

Look there, that's
the fatal one.

It moved up through the
intestine into the stomach,

and lodged against
the ribcage here.

But without an entry
wound, how is that possible?

Oh, no. Yeah.

Yep, yep. No.

Come on, guys, give us
a hand. Let's roll him over.

Oh, bottoms up. Do we have to?

MACY: You're the big
fan. Come on, guys.

All right, on three.
One, two and three.


Spread them, Nigel.

I'd rather not.

Is that bruising there
where the sun don't shine?


I don't know how I missed it.
That's from the barrel of a .45.

Talk about hiding the evidence.

Ouch. But is Chill that clever?

So what've we got?

It's the ATSB's new
facial recognition program.

The program has a 99% ID rate.

Now, each person on screen flew in
the past week from New Delhi to Boston.

Now, according to this, Weber never
came into Logan on a commercial jet.

What if it was a
different type of aircraft?

Look at the organ distension
in her lower abdomen.

That's from trapped air
affected by pressure changes.

What if she died elsewhere,

and then was brought over
here in something like a cargo jet?

Any gas in her belly would have
expanded at around 30,000 feet,

and then contracted
when she hit the ground.

Since she was already dead,
the tissue would remain damaged.

Then she wasn't killed here.

She died overseas.

Who has that kind
of transport access?

How do you sneak a dead
body onto a military plane?

Bayless always brings his
stuff with him, right? Right.

Okay, remember those
carpet fibers? Mmm-hmm.

He could have hidden the
body in a rug and dropped it here.

I'll call the MPs. All right.

What'll you say to
Mrs. Nagawa tomorrow?

I don't know. I'll ask if her
husband was depressed,

if he was under a lot of financial
stress. And relationship problems

also could have
contributed to his


Yeah, tell me about it.

Bug, thank you for this,
for hanging out, I mean.

Lily, I don't know what,
um, happened today,

but working together
on this case, well...

It's certainly been a pleasure.



Oh, God, look at
the time. It's late.

Maybe we should call it a night.

Come on. It's early.

Would you like another
martini? 'Cause I think I would.


Oh, geez!

A decorated Marine becomes
so obsessed with his mistress

that he murders her,

and then kills himself
from the shame.

I guess that's it.

Is it, though?

Come on, Jordan.
It makes total sense.

Sleeping with a corporal
under your own command?

His career would be over.

Yeah, but just run
the logic for a sec.

Vicki breaks up with him,

and then in a moment
of rage, Bayless kills her.

So what's the problem?

Vicki was shot with a rifle.

If Bayless did it, why didn't
he just use his sidearm?

(SIGHS) I got to go.


To figure this out.


TRUDI: Hey, baby,
look who's here.

Hey, yo, Doc. Come on in.

Let me guess. The
lease was available.

How'd you know? You like?

We need to talk.

While Phat was waiting for
the girls, you paid him a visit.

Come on, we're having a party here,
Doc. We're having a good time, right?

With the help of your friends here,
you popped Phat between the cheeks.

The bullet left no external damage
except for a spot of blood on his robe.

You had to do something to mask
the shooting, so you came back

playing the mourner
and you shot him again.

Why are you talking like this?
Did you make this stuff up?

I know you killed him, Chill.

COP: All right, come on,
let's get him out of here.

Goodbye, Chill.

COP: Here we go. Come on.

Nice. It all wraps up into a tidy
little package, but something's off.

Well, we know she didn't die
stateside, so it can't be the husband.

The question is,
did Bayless do it?

Let's say it happened the
way Bayless's nephew claims.

Vicki was upset. She wanted
to desert. And then she shot him.

But what if she didn't
take off after that?

You mean she came to her senses,
realized what she'd done and...

Radioed Bayless for help.

I'll be the Colonel.
You're Vicki.

You plead with me to help you,
but all I can think of is my nephew.

JORDAN: You tell me that there's
nothing you can do, that I screwed up.

That I'll have to face charges.

I'm terrified. I
can't stop crying.


And then I look at you.

MAX: I don't have a choice.

Close, but too many questions.

Well, if Neil witnessed the whole
thing, why is he telling a different story?

Honor? Family? Because he's
following the Colonel's orders?

No, not this kid. He's
more complex than that.

Well, then who's
your man, Jordan?

What if they both are?

This time, I'm Neil.

We're on watch. I can see
something's on your mind.

I ask, but you shut me
down. You don't like me.

JORDAN: You know I'm
sleeping with your uncle.

You're good enough for the
Colonel. Why not me, too?

I tell you to stay away
from me, don't do this.

(SCREAMS) But I don't listen.

No one's around,
no one will know.


I try to stop you, but I can't.

That's when I reach for my gun.

I'm stunned, bleeding.
I can't believe it.

I get back on my feet, start to
back up to call for help when...

I pick up my rifle.


After I realize what I've done,

I crawl back to the jeep
to call my uncle to help me.

He's the one who hid
her body in the rug,

booked the dummy airline
ticket, flew her back to the States.

Bayless was ashamed, dishonored.

So he did what he had to do.


Mrs. Nagawa, please accept our
deepest sympathies for your loss.

Thank you both.

Do you need an interpreter,
Mrs. Nagawa, or are you okay?

Um, my English is quite adequate,
but the gesture is appreciated.

(SIGHS) Ma'am,

sometimes as men age,

they lose perspective on
what is most important to them.

Money and work cloud their judgment,
so they become depressed and unhappy.

Oh, please, Doctor.

There is no need to be so
sensitive in your explanation.

I know my husband
killed himself.

You do?

We as a family agreed it
would be the best thing.

Certain Japanese cultures have
what is called "inseki-jisatsu."

It means suicide as a
supreme act of atonement.

Kenje's business was failing, so

he purchased a $6
million insurance policy.

Under today's Japanese laws, families
still benefit if you die at your own hand.

Leaving the country meant that his children
would not have to witness his sorrow.

Please, do not mourn
his passing. Honor him.

He has provided
for his children,

and many generations to come.


Hey, Doc, how you doing?

Mind if we come in?


You know, you should have called
first. I would've cleaned up a little bit.

You remember Captain Diaz?

Yes, sir. We met once before, right
after they sent me home. How are you?

I'm doing fine, thank you.
Looks like you're feeling better.

Oh, you bet, sir.
Almost as good as new.

Listen, Aaron, you know what
happened to your uncle, right?

Yes, ma'am. It's
a terrible thing.

You know, he was awful depressed.
We were worried about him.

My mom was real upset by it.

Private, we know you
killed Corporal Weber.


The fight? The attempted rape?

We know the round
came from your gun.

DIAZ: Ballistics
just made the match.

The bruises on her
face were from you.

Your uncle wanted to help. He tried
to cover it up by sending her back here.

No. No, no, no, no, no.


She shot me.

(STAMMERING) All right?
She shot me, she tried to kill me,

and then she deserted.

That's a lie, Private.

I want a lawyer.

I want a damn lawyer
right now. It's over.

No, sir, it is not over.

(SHOUTING) It's over, Private!


I didn't want to hurt her.


It's just I liked her, you know?

My uncle... My uncle, he
didn't want me telling the truth.

He didn't want me
to disgrace the family.

I didn't want to hurt her.

I didn't.

Where's Lily?

I don't know, why?

Oh, nothing. I... Nothing.

Nothing, what?

I wanted to see if she had
plans for tonight. No big deal.

Dear friend, is there hanky-panky going
on in the workplace I'm not aware of?

No. And if you say
anything to Lily...

Oh, sensitive, are we?

Fresh from the Macy rebound, and
Bug moves in for the kill. You devil.

We're just friends.

But I detect a desire
for so much more.

Our little morgue's turned into quite
the hotbed of frustrated romance, isn't it?

So what's your next move?

I don't have one.

Want some advice?


Fair enough.

Just three simple words,
and I'll say no more.



and pathos.

I could be your Cyrano.

Leave me alone.


We'll send someone to pick
up Corporal Weber's remains.

She'll be given a military
funeral with a full honor guard.

Big change from when you
thought she was a deserter.

The United States government
regrets that unfortunate assumption.

Oh, shut up, George,
and just say it.

Okay, I was wrong.
Is that better?

Much. Yeah.

Let me ask you something.
Would you ever do it?

Just walk away from
everything, start fresh?

No, ma'am. Taking
off isn't my style.

How about yourself?

Oh, I'm famous for it.

Jobs, friends, the occasional man. It's
probably why I was interested in this case.

And all this time I thought
it was because of me.

(WHISPERING) Oh, yeah.


Thank you.


Lily. Hi.

Oh, I've been looking for you.

Me, too.

You know I spoke to Garret.

Word is, they heard
you downstairs.

Really? Oh. It's okay. I
thought it was kind of great.

Are you all right?

I am. I mean, if Dr. Macy needs to
make the biggest mistake in his life,

who am I to stand in his way?

Atta girl.

Besides, I met a guy.


Well, I went back to that
Italian bakery this morning.

The hunk at the
register? Get out.

His name's Roberto,
and he's from Tuscany.


Who is it?


It's against my better judgment.

Don't worry. It takes time
for the venom to recharge.

Jordan, listen, I just...

Me first.

You know I can't stay
mad at you for long,

but just tell me you
know what you're doing.

I wish I could.

Suddenly, running this
place is the easy part.

When did everything
get so complicated?

Gosh, I don't know. Maybe when
you started seeing two women.

You know, Lily's friendship means
everything to me. I mean, she...

She helped me realize what
was missing from my life. Fun...


Everything you had with
Maggie before the divorce.


Guess I've got a little
more perspective now.

It's weird how easy it is to forget
all the crap you went through, huh?

Do you mind?

No, go for it.


Care to join me in a taste?

Oh, yeah.

Jordan, I don't know
if this is gonna work.

But if Maggie and I don't try...

You'll never know.

You are a good guy, Garret.

You're stubborn,
but you're a good guy.

Look who's talking.

Here's to doing the right thing.



Coats the tonsils nice.