Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 19 - For Harry, with Love & Squalor - full transcript

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What'll it be, stranger?

(EXHALES) Usual.

MAN: No risk in that,
is there? The usual.

I happen to like the usual.

Not that what I'm drinking
has anything to do with you.

I'm just saying you
might surprise yourself

if you take a chance
on something new.


And what exactly
would you have in mind?

Just an observation.

Well, thanks for the tip.

Here you go.


In the end, it's the only way
we know we're really alive.

Taking a risk.

I'm not gonna get
you to shut up, am I?

But you...

When it comes
to risk, real risk,

you're probably not the type.

Wow. You are a
regular Sigmund Freud.

I know a few things
about people, that's all.

Good for you.

Just like I know you'll be
back here tomorrow night,

at the same time, same seat.


the usual.

Except tomorrow, it won't be
the beer that brings you back.

All right, I'll bite.

What will it be?


You know that guy?


Oh. I saw you two talking.
Figured he knew you.


He doesn't know me.




Don't even think about it.


I'm... I'm sorry.

I just, I... (SIGHING) Oh.

I have to get this.


Lily, yeah. Yeah, it's a bad
time. It's 2:00 in the morning.

I was just about to... Have sex.


Something wrong?

Well, can't you call Jordan?
She doesn't have a life.

His name's Harry, why?

From Florida. What's going on?

I'll be right there.

Well, that better
be an emergency,

'cause I'm about
to start without you.

It's my father, he's dead.

I didn't even know
he was in Boston.

Haven't you guys kept in touch?

The last I heard, he was
in prison for forging checks.

Single gunshot
wound to the abdomen.

Any suspects? Uh, no.

Cops need us to figure out
how long he was in the water first.

Look at this.

Promised my mother
he'd never take it off.

Only promise he ever kept.

Obviously, I can't
perform the autopsy.

Assign it to Dr. Sanders.

Uh, you have a
10:00 with Milt Fessler.

Should I cancel?


Just let me grab a shave.

Oh, and a Carl LaFong
called for you this morning.

He said it was important,

but he didn't leave a number.

Lily, let's sign him in
as a John Doe for now.

I don't want anyone here
to know he's my father.

Oh, okay.


'Cause I'm not sure
how I feel about it.


Oh, come on, Jordan.
Don't make me beg.

Look, I told you last
week. I am not contradicting

the findings of my former boss.

It's not your responsibility to
cover for Yakura's mistakes.

Hey, no one's happier than me

to see her name
dragged through the mud,

but she wasn't the
only one screwing up.

The D.A. went
along for the ride.

And you know how those guys get

when we make 'em look bad.

Tony Castinato
didn't kill his wife.

That's what they all say.

Oh, he had an
overworked hack P.D.

who's got him sitting
in prison for 17 months.

His folks finally
raise enough money

to hire a real lawyer,
and I'm telling you,

I think the guy's
telling the truth.

All I'm asking you to do
is to look at the evidence.


All right.

Okay, but I'm not
promising anything.

I'll make it up to you.

Here, you first.

"Your luck's about to change."

In bed. I wish.

Uh, mine's dumb.


"To have true love,

"you must be
willing to take risks."

You should tack that
one to your headboard.

Meaning what?

Well, you got to admit,
it's pretty accurate.

What are you talking about?

Jordan, I've known you 25 years.

When was the last time
you got your heart broken?

Bullet did a lot of damage.

If that hadn't gotten him, he probably
would have choked to death anyway.

Choked? I found this.

It was lodged in his trachea.

It's got a number on it.

It's from a safe deposit box.

He must have tried to
swallow it before he died.

Keep me posted
on this one, will you?

Sure thing.

Come on in.

Hey. Hey.

They told me upstairs they
didn't know where you were.

So I knew I'd find you here.


I've been sitting here
trying to remember him.

Wish I could help.

My only memory is him
getting drunk at our wedding

and rifling through
my mother's purse.


He loved baseball,
I remember that.

He liked to bet the horses.

He was a hell of
a trumpet player.

Give it some time, Garret.

When my dad died,
it took six months

before I could even
begin to process it.

When I was a kid, I
was a comic book nut.

I was a big collector.

And on my ninth birthday,

my dad bought me a copy
of Batman #1 from 1940.

It was the Holy Grail.

Worth about 100 bucks back then.

That was a lot of
money in my house.

I think that was the happiest
I'd ever been in my life.

And then one day, I
came home from school,

and the book was gone.

My old man had a
tough day at the track

and he needed
some quick cash, so...

How come you never
told me that before?

I don't know.

I guess it's still too
painful to think about.

Ah, like clockwork.

How do you know I'm not here
'cause my dad owns the bar?

I know exactly why
you're here. So do you.

Oh, that's right, I forgot.

You know everything about me.

Not everything.

But in my line of work, it helps if
you can sum up people quickly.

And what line of work is that?

Does it matter?

Well, I like to know who's
trying to pick me up, that's all.

The more you know,
the safer you feel.

Something like that.

Safety is overrated.

What do you want from me?

You came back tonight.

What do you want from me?

Hey, sweetie. What'll it be?

I'll, uh...

I'll have what he's having.

The Lexington.

1:00 tomorrow. Room 509.

Trey, did you find anything
else on that John Doe case?

It was pretty straightforward.

Bullet entered
through the abdomen,

sliced through the liver,
bounced off the lower left rib

and lodged next to his appendix.

Wait, wait, wait, hold it.

His appendix?

Yeah, why?

Lily, that man who called a few
times today, what was his name again?

Uh, LaFong? Carl
LaFong. Carl LaFong.

You remembered who he was?

Capital L, small A, capital
F, small O, small N, small G.


It... It's from an old
W.C. Fields movie.

Did he leave a message?
Did he say anything?

Uh, he just wanted me to
remind you that it's Tuesday.


If it's Tuesday, it
must be Yang Chow.

Not as good as I remembered.

Not enough foo in
the egg foo yung.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

Still constipated, I see.

You faked your own death.

Just seized a moment
of opportunity, that's all.

And you figured I'd help you out
by signing the death certificate.

Not many people have
a coroner for a son.

Give me one good reason why
I'd risk my career to help you.

Oh, I don't know.

Maybe because I'm your father.

Go to hell.

Does that mean we're not
going Dutch on the check?




What the hell are
you doing here?


Very neat office.

I thought I'd wait till this
morning to call the police on you.

Whoa, whoa. Let's not
get ahead of ourselves.

Your wallet was
found on the body

of a man floating face
down in the Charles River.

I got a hunch they might want
to ask you some questions.

All right, look,
it's a long story.

But I can explain.

I'll bet.

My partner Murray and I,

we got in a little trouble

with these Cuban
fellas down in Miami.

To work off the debt, we agreed

to run some money for
them to Boston, to launder it.

I was supposed to
meet him two days ago.

He's got the 100 grand with him.

I get here, he's dead,
murdered, and the money's gone.

I realized those
guys are gonna think

I'm the one who's got it.

That's how I came up with this.

Switch identities.

Better they're looking
for Murray than me.

You never change, do you?

You see? That's just it.

I'm getting too old for this.

I look back on my life

and I got nothing but regrets.


I know it's late, but
whatever years I got left,

I'd like to spend them
being a father to you,

being a grandfather
to that kid of yours.

Dr. Macy, there are two men here

to see you about your father.

Oh, hello.

Hi, sweetheart.
Are they detectives?

No, they said they're old
friends of his, from Miami.

Tell 'em to give me a minute.

What'll they do to you?

You mean before
or after they kill me?

If I help you find the money,

we're giving it
back to these guys

and we're calling the police,
straighten this whole thing out.

Is that understood?

You'd do that for me?

I think Murray hid the
money in a safe deposit box.

I found a key.

I have a phone
call for either of you.

Please come this way.


MAN: Hello.


Hello? Anybody there?

Hi, I got your call.
What have you got?

Well, we've got some
really tasty maggots

and we've got this.

It's the closest thing we're
gonna get to a smoking gun.

It's the videotape
footage of the crime scene

the day his wife's
body was found.

BUG: Take a look at that
patch of Poa compressa.

Patch of what? Poa compressa.

Better known as
Canadian bluegrass.

It's found all over Boston.

All right, what am
I supposed to say?

Look at the grass directly
under where her body was lying.

BUG: What color does that
look like to you? KIM: It's brown.

JORDAN: And the rest of
the grass around her? Green.

That is our smoking gun.

It takes four days for this species
of grass to lose its chlorophyll

and turn brown, when
covered and obscured from light.

And she was only supposed
to have been dead for two days

before they found her.

So you're saying...

She was really
dead for four days.

Castinato was 600
miles away that day.

There is no way he
could have done it.

You know, it takes
an ID and two keys

to get into a safe deposit box,

one belonging to the bank.

How are we gonna pull this
off? I'll think of something.

Just promise me you
won't do anything illegal.

May I help you?

Yes, I am Alexi Carpethian

and this is my associate, Emile.

We are here on
business from Romania,

and require safekeeping
for our documents.

May I see some ID, please?

Oh, yes. Certainly.

Will you be putting your name
on the account as well, sir?

No, he does not speak English.




It won't be necessary.

We have three sizes of
deposit boxes to choose from.

Do you have a preference?

I am more particular about
the number on the box.

There are certain very bad
luck numbers in my country.

May I see a list of the
numbers available?

Sure, I guess.

Oh, that would be very nice.

That is so nice of you.

Oh, oh.


This is a good number.



This is crazy.

Now what are we supposed to do?

Here, hold this for me.

Fire! Fire!

Emile, fire!

Oh, my God! Take off your coat!

Just let the guard
know when you're done.

Thank you.

And thank you.

I can't believe
you did that to me.

Potassium chlorate
and sulfur in an envelope,

oldest trick in the book.

Let's just get this over
with and get out of here.









A package came
for you, Dr. Macy.

They said they
needed your signature.

If you sign here, they
can leave it tomorrow.

Thanks, Emmy.

I got an ID on that
old man, the John Doe.

Prints finally came
back from NCIC.

Name was Jack Wilcox.

Jack? Not Murray?

He's got a bunch
of aliases listed.

Jack Clemente, Jack Frost,
Jack Mack, Jack the Knife.

Don't see a Murray.

Turns out he was a
local money launderer

with mob connections.

You gonna ask me my name?


Look, I'm sorry. I'm not
trying to be mysterious,

but you came here for a reason.

This can be anything
you want it to be.

I think this was a mistake.

That's too bad.

I thought it was wonderful.

I wasn't talking about the sex.

I was talking about...

I understand.

But I'll be here
tomorrow, same time.

If you change your mind.


I have testified
in plenty of cases.

This new A.D.A. they got

will tear you a new one, Jordan.

I'm just warning
you. Just be careful.

Look, I'll be fine.

Look, I just need my coffee
and I'm getting back to work.

Uh, one latte, please.

Do you want something?

Are you okay?

You've been weird
the last few days.

I'm fine.

Wait a minute.

Are you seeing someone?


I knew it.

Who is he?

I don't know.

We haven't told each
other our names yet.

You're going out with him and...

We haven't really
ventured out, per se.

So you're already...



Where did you meet him?

At my dad's bar.

You met a man in a bar,

and you haven't asked his name
and now you're sleeping with him?

You're the one who told
me that I never take a risk.

That is not the kind of
risk I was talking about.

Sleeping with some
guy you met in a bar?

I mean, I meant losing
your heart to somebody,

opening up enough to get hurt.

What you're doing is
exactly the opposite.

You know, I shouldn't
have told you anything.

Look, I got to get
back to work, okay?

I'll see you tomorrow. Jordan.



Doesn't anybody
knock around here?

Sorry, I was looking for my dad.

You're Abby.

Yeah, I came to
see if he was okay.

His father died yesterday.

My mom said he
was pretty shook up.

Well, I'm sorry for your loss.

It's okay. I never
met him anyway.

Although, I wish I had. I
never had a grandfather.

His loss, I'm sure.


I see you two have met.

Where the hell is Murray?

Because he sure isn't
the guy lying in my crypt.

Dad, what's going on here?

That's what I'd like to know. Maybe
you should ask your grandfather.

My grandfather?

He's my grandfather?

I was just about to
get around to that part.

Oh, wait, I don't understand it.

You're supposed to be dead.

I can explain.

This ought to be good.

Uh, all right.

There is no Murray.

I brought the money
to the launderer myself.

His name is Jack Frost.

The next day, we
were supposed to meet

at the foot of Ellsworth
Bridge for the clean cash.

I get there, he's dead.

The cash is gone.

Everything else is the truth.

Get out of here.

Go on, get out!

You saw those guys.

They'll find me and kill me

if they don't get
their money back.

It's not my problem.

Somebody's trying to kill you?

I'm afraid so.

Abby, stay out of it... Stay
out? He's my grandfather.

I can't believe you're treating
your own father like this.

Listen, if you need money, I
have some in my college fund that...

You are not giving
him your money.

No, sweetheart.

Your father is right. I
can't take your money.

I've done a lot of
lousy things in my time,

but I've never stooped that low.

Goodbye, son.


He's family. Doesn't that
mean anything to you?

I don't owe him anything
and neither do you.

That man was never there for me.

Oh, so what?

He forgot your ninth
grade graduation, too?

Listen, just because you hate
him doesn't mean I have to.

I've never had a grandfather

and I'm probably not
gonna get another chance.

Dad, please.

Go help him.


HARRY: She's a nice kid, Garret.

At least you did
one thing right.

Are you and her
mother still together?

What's her name? Maggie.

Oh, yeah, that's
it. Hot little number.

We're back together,
sort of. It's complicated.

Let me just get this straight.

Murray, who doesn't exist,

is actually Jack Frost,
a money launderer

who took your 100 grand,
put it in a safe deposit box,

and swallowed the key
before getting shot in the gut?

Yes, something like that.

If the money's not here,
I'm gonna turn myself in.


If someone told me yesterday

I'd be breaking into a
money launderer's lair...

Welcome to my world.



Who are you?

(STAMMERING) I'm no one.


He's a cop. No, no,
no, no, I'm not a cop.

I'm not a cop. I'm a coroner.

I'm here on official business.

I'm investigating the death
of the guy who lived here.

Macy? Your name is Macy?

That's funny, 'cause we've been
looking for a guy named Macy.







You're awful quiet today.

Well, I was, uh,

just thinking.

How come we never
had the sex talk?


The what?

The sex talk.

The birds and the bees.

Oh, jeez, Jordan.

It's a little late for
that, don't you think?

No, I'm not saying that
we should have it now.

I just mean that I was too
young to have it with Mom.

And then after she died,

you just never said
anything about it,

so I was kind of left
alone to figure it all out.

And I don't think I've
done a very good job of it.

Look, first off, I had
my hands full as it was,

and second, I wouldn't have
even known where to start.

I mean, what if I said
something wrong?

Could have scarred you for life.

That's exactly my point.

The fact that nobody did,

that I didn't have a mother
there to teach me these things.

Who knows?

Maybe I'm all
screwed up about sex.

I'm not having
this conversation.

Yeah, but what if it's all wrapped
up with my intimacy issues

and I've got this really
preadolescent warped view of...

Jordan, you're killing me here.

I'm hardly an expert
on the subject.

I didn't go out on
a date for years

after your mother died, and...


We both got a
raw deal, all right?

That's what life dealt us and...

I did the best I could.

Oh, I know you did,
Dad. I'm not blaming you.

I guess we're just a
couple of losers, aren't we?

Oh, that's us.

Red Sox fans to the end.

You're still mad about
the comic book, aren't you?


You won't let me live that down.

How do you live like this?

Look at you.

You're an old man living
hand-to-mouth like a common thief.

I know I'm not perfect, but at
least I've lived, taken some risks.

You've taken nothing but
the safe road your whole life.

All I know is I
didn't raise you...

You didn't raise me, period!

Your mother kicked
me out of the house.

We had problems.

Gee, I wonder why.


I loved that woman
till the day she died.

Would it have been
so hard to find me,

and tell me when it happened?

Had to hear it from her
sister, three weeks later.

I'm sorry about that.


You know, near the end
she was really delusional,

but she still loved you.

Long after she'd
forgotten who I was,

she was convinced that
you'd been by there to visit her.

I wanted to believe her, but I
knew it was just the dementia.

No. It wasn't.

This not talking is gonna get
kind of awkward at some point.

Maybe if I just knew a
little something about you,

you know, something to go on.


When I was four years old, I
thought I could turn invisible.

If I stared at my hand
for a really long time,

it would just vanish.

I could walk into
rooms full of people,

and no one would see me.

Well, that doesn't
give me much to go on.

Let's see you top it.

I had this, uh,
recurring dream as a kid.

I was running through
this field of poppies,

like in The Wizard Of Oz.


And suddenly the
ground started to move

beneath my feet,
like an earthquake.

And then the whole
world would just split open

and I'd start to fall
into this giant crevasse.

And just as I was about
to plunge into the darkness,

this hand would reach out of
nowhere and grab a hold of me.

Pull me to safety.

When I was 10, I
stopped having that dream.

I never told anyone that before.

I can't make it tomorrow.

There's some place I have to be.

Detective Carver's
a friend of mine.

Maybe we'll see if she can get you into
some kind of witness protection program.

Oh, great.

Spending what time I've got left
living in a tract house in Phoenix.

Dr. Macy, that package came
for you. I put it on your desk.

Thanks, Emmy.

Where are you going?

Uh, little boys' room.

Hold it.

What's in the box?

This box?

I think I can explain this.


I can't believe you're actually

giving them that money back.

That money's my ticket out.

Then I guess you
shouldn't have sent it to me.

I was just buying time,

trying to figure out
how to get dead.

Besides, it gave us the
chance to reconnect a little.

So let me get this straight.

You're gonna give us back
the money, just like that.

That's right.

What's the catch?

No catch.

You stole our money.

It seemed like a
good idea at the time.

Give me one good reason why I
shouldn't kill you both right now.

Because if anything
happens to me or my father,

there's a copy of this
that's gonna go to the police.

What's that?

It's a photocryptographic

A what?

The optic nerve can hold an image
for up to three days after death.

We were able to pull the last image
Jack Wilcox saw before he died.

Let's just say he didn't
capture your prettier side.

You can do that?


$20 million machine at MIT
developed by the military.

How come we never
heard of such a machine?

We're not gonna go around
telling the bad guys about it.

Now, I'm gonna hold onto this,
keep it safe until my father here

dies of natural causes,

then I'm gonna burn it.

That's my offer.
Take it or leave it.


You got lucky this time.


I can't believe
you did this for me.

You of all people,
letting a murderer go free.

I have no idea whether
they killed anyone or not.

What about the
photogenic... The negative?

You're kidding, right?


You conned them?

I guess I learned
something from you after all.


I just found out the D.A.'s
not gonna call a witness

to respond to our evidence,

so don't give him an opening.

Just keep your cool.

That's him, by the way.

The new A.D.A.

He's a real hatchet man.

He's kind of cute, though.

All right, I got
to get in there.

You're gonna be
great, so don't worry.

So what you're telling the jury

is that Mrs. Castinato's
body had to have been lying

in that very spot for
at least four days?

Is that correct? Yes.

Thank you, Dr. Cavanaugh.

I have no further
questions, Your Honor.

Dr. Cavanaugh,
according to your testimony,

Mr. Castinato's wife
died two days prior

to when the police
have reported.

I believe that to be true, yes.

You believe it to be true?

Based on the
forensic evidence, yes.

So it's your opinion.


And why exactly should
this jury believe your opinion?

Objection, Your Honor.

I'm simply giving
the witness a chance

to explain herself
before I ask the jury

to get to know her
credentials a little bit better.

After all, knowing
someone before entering

into any relationship
is probably prudent.

JUDGE: Are you going
somewhere with this, Counsel?

Dr. Cavanaugh,

how many jobs have you
held as a medical examiner?

I'm not sure.

Five cities in over a
four-and-a-half-year period?

How'd you come to
have so many jobs?

I moved around a lot.

Isn't it true you were
fired from all of them?


So is it safe to say
that incompetence

played a role in your
employment issues?

I don't know.

You'd have to ask my employers.

Well, actually, I took the
liberty of doing just that,

and I found out a lot about you.

As a matter of fact, I feel
like I know you quite well.

I was especially interested in
the testimony of a Dr. Yakura.

Would it be fair to characterize

your relationship with
Dr. Yakura as tense?

I don't know. You don't
know a lot of things, do you?

And yet that doesn't keep
you from jumping in feet first,

doing something
reckless, irresponsible.

Like directly
contradicting the findings

of a former employer whom
you outwardly despised.

Isn't that right?

Did you really think
no one would bring up

the suggestion of
impropriety over this?

The blatant attempt
to discredit her?

That's quite a
risk you've taken,

isn't it, Dr. Cavanaugh?

I believed that there
was something real there.

Now, maybe I don't know
myself as well as you do,

but I can assure you I
would take that risk again.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

I, uh, I didn't know it was you.

Jordan Cavanaugh was
a name in a file, that's all.

I was just doing my job.

It was nothing personal.

No, of course it wasn't.

I never am gonna find out
what really happened, am I?


Truth is, I've told so
many lies in my life,

I'm not sure myself anymore.


I appreciate the
honesty for once.

So I take it you're not going
back to Florida any time soon.

Oh, I was serious, Garret.

About wanting to be a father to
you and a grandfather to Abby.

Thought I'd stick
around a little.

That'd be nice.


How about I take you to dinner
tonight, you, me and Abby?

Yang Chow's, like old days?

All right, we'll meet
you, what, 6:30?

Oh, reminds me.

I could use a little
cash to clean myself up,

maybe buy a little
something for Abby.

Well, how much do you need?


Well, I don't have that
kind of cash on me.

I'll take a check.




You think you know me.

You don't.

I don't want to
feel without feeling.

I can't be intimate
without being intimate.

I deserve more.

And if that's not
what you want, then...

I'm not willing
to take that risk.

I think I hate you right now.

I don't know if I'm ever
gonna see you again, but

just in case,

I don't believe that we've
been properly introduced.

My name is Jordan Cavanaugh.

I was born and
raised in South Boston.

My favorite color is purple.

This tooth got chipped
in second grade.

When I was 10, my
mom was murdered.

Tony Madalina was my first kiss.

I was 12.

I laughed and he never
spoke to me again.

When I was 15, I read
Catcher In The Rye.

It changed my life.


Long day, huh?


I'm sorry about your dad.

I think I forgot to
say that to you.

He isn't dead.

They die, but they don't.

I know how it is. They
leave all their issues behind.

That isn't exactly what I
meant, but I guess you're right.

A lady from your bank called.

She wanted to know
if you authorized

a check for $5,000 today.



Yeah, I did.


Goodnight, Dr. Macy.

Goodnight, Lily.


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