Coroner (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Bobby - full transcript

In the wake of COVID-19, Jenny investigates the mysterious death of a care worker whose body is found in her own car.

Here! Now!



We bottle up our emotions,

we're afraid of being
our full selves.

Don't regret the past.

Don't fear the future.

Let it out.

Be free!



Let it go!

- Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
- Let it go!

In other news,

provincial medical officials
are investigating a case

they say may be linked
to the new corona virus.

Our framework
to minimize the risks

in Canada seems to be responsive

according to the world
health organization,

who is calling it sophisticated
and extremely efficient...

Families across Canada

are barred from seeing
their loved ones

as long-term care homes lockdown

due to rising Covid cases.

They're often left with
no accesses or information.

What's this?



There are no more masks!

We can't keep doing this!

Oh hey, Mike.
Need a mask?

I made these.

Thanks, Bobby, you're amazing.

Ah! Stupid face

The airbag didn't deploy.

Ah, it was probably
in an accident,

someone sold it to her cheap.

Her head hit the steering wheel?

Yeah, she wasn't wearing her

There's blood around her nose.

The steering wheel is bedazzled.

There is bruising on her arm.

Her name's "Roberta Almeda."

At least we have an address.

Pop the trunk for me.


I know you.

All right. Yeah, yeah.

All right, let me know.

- What's that?
- Brownie mix.

She's got a trunk full of it.

What are you looking for?

Receipt. She paid for all
this at 8:53 last night.

So she's shopping so she
can Covid-bake and then...

What? Somebody attacks her
and she tries to get away,

and slams into a pole?

Well, it could be carjacking.

We didn't, we didn't find
a purse.

She had a... a debit card
in her pocket.

Never a carjacking
when you want it to be.

She was a frontline worker.

She's got bruises on her nose
and cheekbones.

All right. Let me know
what the autopsy says.

Hey! Is your leg still
bugging you?


♪ O mio babbino caro ♪

♪ mi piace è bello, bello ♪

- Hey.
- Hey.

She was a healthcare worker.
One of us.

Does she look familiar to you?

I mean, I feel like
I've seen her before,

I just, I can't,
I can't place her.


The mechanism of death
is exsanguination.

She bled out?

- From her nose.
Her skull is cracked.

This is a terrible death
for a young woman.

She's got a bandaid
on her forehead.

She has bruising on her arms.

There's a small deep cut.

I mean,
maybe it's domestic abuse.

He followed her to the parking
lot and attacked her there?

- Hmm...
- What?

I'm not the most experienced

but this looks like
a real jewel.

Oh... well...

How did that get in there?

I don't know,

but I think our girl
was a rare gem.

Uh, yeah, I need to make
an appointment about my foot.

I busted it last year.

McAvoy, yeah.


That's great.
All right, thanks.

Think fast!

Found these in Bobby Almeda's

along with a hamster wearing
a homemade sweater.

She was a PSW.

Worked in six different
nursing homes in the GTA.

That's a no-no.

Yeah, you can't be spreading
your germs all over old people.

Which one was she working
at last?

Uh, Linden tree long-term care.

- Did she have a partner?
- No. Single.

Hi there.
I'm detective McAvoy, this...

Jenny Cooper. We've met.

I'm here all the time because
of his 21 elderly patients

who have died of Covid
in the last month.

I see their faces when I sleep.

Not that I've really slept
since march.

- She work here?
- That's Bobby.

- She died.
- I know, I just heard.

- Is Bobby here?
- No, sweetheart, I'm sorry.

Mr. Davis,
let's go back to your room.

Hey, can you hold this?

So, you know anyone who
might be angry with her?

No, she was very well liked.

Hi. I'm Jenny Cooper,
I'm the coroner.

Did you know Bobby Almeda?

I just, I can't believe it
about Bobby.

I'm sorry.

Um, can I... can I help? I'm...


That would, that would be
great, thank you.

Did Bobby die of Covid?

No. No, I don't think so.

She loved the elders.

She would bake them treats
that she would bring in.

She even would sewed us masks

when management wouldn't
give them to us.

But you have an N95s now, right?

My brother works in

so I spray this thing
with Lysol every night.


That's kind of beautiful.

I mean, it's sad,
but it's... beautiful.

Yeah. Not everyone
understands, you know,

that you can't have visits.

Bobby had a run-in here.

With who?

I don't know.
Some guy.

Ah, my ring always does this...


I didn't hear
what was said, and then...

She went up to him
and then all of a sudden...


I know how the gem
got in her forehead.

Are we talking the bedazzling
on the steering wheel?

- No, uh, jewelry!
There was a...

A small gem in the cut
on her forehead.

- Okay.
- I just found out

that Bobby got into a fight

with one of the patient's

- A physical fight?
- Yeah! I mean, what if,

what if he followed her to the
parking lot and then just...

did you get a name?

No. Put your fist up.


He was wearing a ring.

All right, so your theory

is that someone's mysterious

wearing a bejeweled ring...

Followed her to the big box
parking lot.

They got in a confrontation,
and then he attacked her.

- Why?
- Don't know.

Uh, maybe he couldn't see
his parent or grandparent,

and he was upset.

I'll check their security

Did you get anything
from the manager?

Oh, he blamed her for
working in multiple homes.

Suggested not too subtly that
she had brought the virus here.

I knew I recognized her.

I mean, I've been here
so many times, Donovan.

I just, I never even
registered the PSWs.

You're not a Saint,

and everyone's wearing a mask.


Hey! Hey!


We're having a little
memorial for Bobby!

I wrote down where.
You should come!

- Yeah. - Okay.
- Thank you.

♪ Your kisses have stopped ♪

♪ they'll never be topped ♪

♪ my love lingers on ♪

♪ time they say ♪

♪ heals a broken heart ♪

♪ but for me there
just is no cure ♪

♪ for deep in my soul ♪

♪ you know, you're my goal ♪

♪ my love lingers on ♪

♪ since you went away ♪

♪ my heart,
all it can only say ♪

♪ my love still lingers on ♪

- Hey, smiler.
- Hey, dad.

Would you believe I actually
saw a Ross's goose today?

Is that a sign or what?
A "Ross's goose."

Is everything okay?

I um...

Finally got a letter from Liam.

- Oh kiddo.
- Dad. You gotta keep your...

- No, it's okay.
You're a way over there,

and I'm way the hell over here.

Come on, take off your mask.
Let's see that face.


There she is.

'Kay, what's in the letter?

You know, it's been five
months of nothing,

- and now I get...
- What, are you afraid

of something?
What're you afraid of?

I know it's a goodbye.

Oh. You still love him.

So, what do you, what do you,
what do you wanna do?

I don't know, I just...

I just, I can't... like I just,
I can't face this right now.

I just can't. I'm so ti...
I'm so tired.

Can you hold onto it for me?
I just, I feel like

I'll put it somewhere
and I'll just lose it.

- Sure. I can do that.
- Thank you.

I'll just remind you though
I have dementia.


Ooh, I made you the soup
that you like.

Uh, the squashy one.

Eat it up here with me

and then we'll
just disinfect later.

Sorry, dad, I should um...

I should, uh, I should eat it
down in my lair.

Uh, I can't find anything
in this new house.

- It's just a rental, dad.
Bowls are there.

In front of me.

I'm really happy you live here.

Me too.

If I was in that nursing home,

well, I'd probably be dead.

Let me see my mother!

Hey! Hey!

- This is from yesterday.
Bobby worked the 7-11 shift,

and around 5 P.M.,
this goes down.

It's hard to ID him off of this.

Sir, I need you to calm down!


All right, go back.

Back, back, back.

- Right there.
- Hm.

Zoom in there.

- Looky, looky.
- What's that?

He's wearing a ring.


Hey. Oh sorry.

You came!

Have some.
This is Bobby's last batch.

Thank you.


Eat up, come on!

Do you really think the guy
with the ring is gonna show up?

Guilt brings all the boys
to the yard.

- Pretty good.
- Mm-hmm.

Hmm. I'm gonna go circulate.

At a distance.

Hey, everyone,
this one's for Bobby.

♪ Dream a sweet dream ♪

♪ you come to me
like the sunrise ♪

♪ dream ♪

♪ oh, sweet dream ♪

♪ you hold my hand ♪

♪ through the darkness ♪

♪ I see diamonds falling
from the trees ♪

♪ open arms that turn
into weeds ♪

♪ life doesn't promise
a thing ♪

♪ loving you, I do believe ♪

♪ moving on, you keep me,
keep me moving on ♪

- May I?
- By all means.

♪ I won't give you up ♪

- Are you a friend of Bobby's?
- Mm.

I'm the, uh,
I'm the coroner. I'm...

I'm investigating her death.

- Oh.
- How did you know Bobby?

She's my granddaughter.

- Cheers, guys!
To Bobby!

Cheers. To Bobby!

Woo! Cheers!

- Cheers.
- To Bobby, guys!

Get 'em up high.

- Cheers!
- There you go.


- Cheers!
- To Bobby, guys!

- Cheers!
- To Bobby!

Bobby would have loved this.

Was she outgoing?

She loved people.

I raised her on our farm.

Too quiet, I guess.

She was very loved.

I worried, you know,
when the virus started

because of her job,

but it was her passion,

um, helping people,

and she was so hard-working.

She's the granddaughter
of a farmer,

so you probably have a lot
in common.

And she said,

"gung-gung, I'll be careful.

These people need me."


But why? Why take her life?

Oh, excuse me. I'm so sorry.

- Malik?
- Yeah. Yeah. I-yeah.

I see the guy,
but I can't find Mac.

Uh... that's fine.

I'll uh... I'll find him.


- Get down, down, down!
- Ugh!

- Ungh!
- Detective Abed, homicide.

I need to ask you some
questions, sir.

- I didn't do anything!
Agh! Agh!

Missing a gem, huh?

Guess you're not number one

♪ Four men in
a rock'n'roll band ♪

♪ fly at night
in the morning we land ♪

♪ fly at night ♪
til we're satisfied ♪

♪ see you in the morning
from the other side ♪

♪ and when you close
your eyes ♪

♪ sleep comes fast ♪

♪ when you fly the universe,
well, you... ♪

♪ You need some rest,
yeah, you... ♪

♪ You need some rest ♪

♪ Ooh, we like
the big wide spaces ♪

♪ yeah, we like a sea of faces ♪

♪ time is just a rubber band ♪

♪ time is at our command ♪

♪ and when we look out ♪

♪ and see you there ♪

♪ you seem much closer
and you... ♪

♪ You feel so near ♪

♪ yeah, you...
You feel so near ♪

♪ yeah ♪

- Donovan!
- ♪ ahhhhhh... ♪


Wait, w-what'd I just do?

Well, you were just singing
karaoke at a stakeout!

Uh... why...

- Okay.
- W-Why would I do that?

Because you're high!

- I'm, I'm high?
- You're high, Donovan.

You ate a weed brownie!


I... ate a weed brownie!



I... I ate...

I ate... I ate...

I ate the whole thing!

- The ent... the entire...
The entire thing.

Oh my god... oh my god...

- I'm so... I'm so...
I don't know.

Is this your ring?

Yeah, it's my championship
ring. High school rugby.

It's missing a gem.

It's from high school.

Why am I here?

We found this...

Embedded in the forehead
of Bobby Almeda.

You were at her memorial.

Maybe feeling a little guilty

for punching her in the face?

Aw man...

Yeah, we have you on camera.

I didn't mean to hit her,
I swear!

Did you follow her to
the parking lot after that?

What? No!

Look, I barely remember, man.

I'm at linden tree
like every day,

begging to see my mother!


She's only 62,
but she's got Parkinson's.

So, Bobby comes out
and you attack her.

They don't pick up
their landline!

My mom doesn't have a phone

or like a window I can see.

How am I supposed to know
she's even alive?

- It made you mad.
You blamed Bobby.

I saw Bobby a couple hours
after I hit her.

I mean, she was fine.

Except that she...


You slept in your car?!

Just gimme a minute, okay?




I can still feel
the effects of our uh...

- Yeah.
- "Karaoke."


You know, it took me 3 hours
to walk home last night.

- Anyways...
Take a look at this.


What am I looking at?

Security footage.

We found the guy who hit Bobby.

Few hours later,
she brought his mom

out the back door for a visit.

- That's kind.
Hardly a motive for murder.

Keep watching.

- Yeah. She's bleeding.
- Yeah, I'm thinking,

could that earlier punch
have killed her?

She kept bleeding,
went to drive,

smashed her car.

Makes it manslaughter.

Maybe. If she had a
pre-existing condition.

- Hey, uh...
Hey, I gotta go.

I have a place to be.

Ugh. Well, this...
Is for you.

I quit coffee.

Who quits coffee
during a pandemic?

Who has somewhere to be
during a pandemic?

Mr. Yee!

Hi. Jenny Cooper!

- "Th-thrombo, thromb..."
- thrombocytopenia.


Did she ever have
frequent nosebleeds?


Any conditions that would
stop her blood

- from clotting properly?
- To be honest,

I thought you were here
about this.

Bobby was growing it.


This is a lot of weed.

Found it about a month ago.

At first, I thought strangers
were growing on my land.

"Guerrilla growers."

Hm. So I sat up all
one night, waiting,

and it was Bobby.

I was mad, but we talk,

and she said it was
to help people.


What kind of pesticides
do you use?

Uh... atrazine,
but I never spray here.

- Okay... ooh! Ooh! Shoot...
- Mice.

They, they get at the stalks
if you use too much mulch.

Do you use something for them?

What are you looking for?


It's a blood thinner.

But why would my Bobby
eat poison?

It's water-soluble.

It, it... could've bled
into the soil,

absorbed into the plants.

She baked with it.
She ingested it.

Maybe there was enough
to accumulate in her system.

I put that poison there,
trying to help her,

and now you're saying I killed
my own granddaughter.

- No! No, I'm not saying...
- get out!

Mr. Yee, I am just trying
to figure out how Bobby died.

But you are guessing!

She was my granddaughter!

Until you know how she died,
get off my land!

Mr. McAvoy?

- That's me.
- I'm Dr. Cheng.

So you've got some leg pain.

Is it a dull pain or shooting?

Shooting. Kinda like
Jordan playing in old shoes.

Can you feel that?


And the pain,
does it go up or down?

Up and down, from my leg
to my lower back.

Hmm. Any numbness
in your foot?


Hey, maybe I need orthotics.

I walk a lot for my job.

Well, your MRI suggests
we should run some tests.


No poison in either one.

But you were right; Bobby did
have brodifacoum in her blood.

But it wasn't in the plants?

Or the brownies,
according to my tests.

Thanks, river.

Hey, that was... oh.

- You see?
- It's not bad. Yeah, striped.

Yeah, it's right there.

Oh yeah.



- Oh...
- Oh no.

Okay, well, at least
we can tell mom we saw one.

Doug Ford spoke out today

about the treatment of patients
in long-term care facilities,

calling for full transparency

and even suggesting
criminal charges.

Which begs the question,
will he follow through?


My focus for the inquest

- will be on infection control.
- You mean use of PPE?

Yeah, that's, uh, one facet.

Linden tree didn't give
their workers masks,

even though they knew Covid
was in the facility.

As the crown attorney

speaking for the coroner's
office, I'm on your side,

but can you prove that?

Yeah. I sequestered
their garbage back in April.

No N95s, and no surgical masks.

- Very nice.
- Thanks.

Found a whistleblower-type
complaint in their email.

That's my sequestered garbage.

Okay. Uh...

"I've been
working for three years.

You don't care about the staff
or the elderly residents.

People are dying every day
of Covid.

You say it's pneumonia.

You say wearing masks will
scare the residents.

You're killing people.
We need protection!

Bobby Almeda."



Uh, nothing.
Uh... she died.

We just, uh,
we never figured it out.


Did anybody get back to her?

It says that she was disciplined

for giving the residents...

Uh, the residents weed brownies.

- They didn't fire her.
- Uh, no.

They, uh... she must've
threatened to go public.

Linden tree's parent company,

care orchard, sent some video.

Linden tree said they
implemented strict protocols

as soon as the outbreak started.

Staggered start times for staff,

hand sanitizer
at all workstations...

And entrances.


There's Gloria.

He's switching the bottle.

That's Bobby.

Wait. Um, show me the next day?


He's switching the bottle again.

Why is Bobby the only one
who gets the small sanitizer?

I thought it was ingestion
over time.

It's uh... it's absorption.

Um, are there any uh...

Code violations for linden tree?

Yeah, yeah. There's a...

There's a bunch.

What're you looking for?


You're back.

No new cases today,
happy to report!

Step away from the counter,

What's going on?

I have a warrant to search
these premises.


Swapped it out each time
for her.

- No.
- No?

Okay, here.

Put out your hands. Use it.

Come on.

I-I just thought she'd
get sick and go away.

Well, she wasn't that kind
of person.

Mitch Gnatek,
you're under arrest

for the murder of Bobby Almeda.

Lidocaine should be kicking in.

Not as bad as the biopsy, right?

Can you feel that?

- No, don't feel a thing.
- Great.

I'm going to insert a needle
between your vertebrae.


You're doing great.

Needle's in.

Now I'm just trying to get
a little fluid.

How's it going back there, doc?

Great. You're doing great.

H-How long will it take
before the results come back?

Not long.

Mm. I just...

Wanna know if I have cancer.



I've lost grandpa.

What? What do you mean,
you've lost grandpa?

We were birdwatching
and I just saw a hawk and...

He's gone, okay?!

Great. Just show me
where you last were.

I circled, and I retraced,

and I backtracked.

Um... I think we should
get grandpa a tracker.

I just... I... I don't know
how much longer

he's gonna be able to do things
on his own, Ross.

I just wanna...
well, yeah, but I,

I didn't mean like a leash, mom.

I just meant like an app.

Yeah. We can,
we can look into that.

It's his jacket!


Yeah, I'm over here!

Yeah, dad, it's us!

Just stay exactly where
you are, okay?

I'm fine.

Oh, I was worried.

Hey, it's okay.

He's okay. All right?


Ross, honey,

I release you.

From what?

I release you from
the responsibility of grandpa.

Okay? He's resilient, and you...

- You need to be 19.
- Mm.

Come on.

Don't move, dad!

- Do you see him?
- Yeah.

Oh gee.

What're you doing?

Oh, there's my coat!

Oh, there's my dad!

- Where have you been?
- Sorry.

Okay, maybe I got
a little lost, but...

Look what I found?
Do you believe this?

This is amazing!
Look at this!

- Yeah.
- I may have,

I may have wandered off
the trail,

but I found this place.
Isn't it amazing?

- This is really nice.
- It's beautiful.

I mean, who knew our new place

would be adjacent
to a spot like this?

- Yeah.
- This is sweet.

You'd find it.

Oh yeah.

Listen, stay right here,
take your time.

We'll stick to the main path,

I'll try not to wander off.

- Very funny.
- Yeah.



What're you doing at my house?

I like your look.


Oh, um... it's not a look,

it's an at-home... look.

Sorry, uh...

Something wrong
with the inquest?

Yeah, kinda.

Are you gonna tell me?

I'm trying to decide
if you're the kind of person

who likes to know, or the kind
of person who doesn't.

Okay. Um...

I don't appreciate you
coming to my house,

so you can... call me tomorrow
or email me.

I'm here as a professional

We got an anonymous tip
about your sister's death.

Saying what?

It's about your dad.

The way she fell is suspicious.

Yeah, well, are you gonna
open a case against my dad

- because of this?
- I'm not saying that, but...

I have to look into it.

And who, uh, who put in the tip?

You know I can't disclose that.

Let me guess. It's an inmate
from a correctional facility

named Kelly hart?

I helped put her in jail,
and this door is closed.

I'm just the messenger.

Oh, this means you have
to recuse yourself

from our inquest.

- Uh, no.
No, that's my inquest.

- Rota fortuna, Jenny.
Fortune's wheel.

It was nice working with you.

You like to know.


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