Coroner (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - In Bloom - full transcript

"Dear jenny,

I'm in a rehab for vets.

I think about you a lot,

And I think about how I left."

"I know I promised
not to leave you."

"I'm sorry it took
so many months.

I was pretty messed
up for a while."

"But I'm in a good
place right now..."

"And I miss you."

"I'd like to see you.

Let me know if
you feel the same.

Je t'embrasse."


Are you okay?

With everything that's happened,

Do you wanna see Liam?

I mean, yea...

Yeah, I mean, of
course I do. I just...

The last time we saw each other,

We said, you know,
he said, "I love you,".

He said he was sorry,

And then we said goodbye.

And you thought
goodbye was permanent.

Yeah, I mean, I didn't hear
from him for five months.

I mean, what was I
supposed to think?

Well, there's no
statutory limit on love.

Yeah, but I don't understand
how, in my gut, I was so sure,

And yet I was so
wrong, you know?

Gut feelings are
conditioned responses...

Sometimes to trauma.

In your personal life,

Are there other
people who've left?

Well, I mean, my sister died.

That's leaving, I guess.

And then your
mother left, jenny.

Does thinking about
it shut you down?

No... No.

It's perfectly natural
to go to a place of "no,".

In your body and your mind,

To protect yourself.

Here's some homework.

For the rest of the week,
I want you to say yes.

To everything.

No matter what your gut says.

Let your life unfold, jenny.

Surprise yourself.

It's work.

Always on call.

I can relate.

So your biopsy shows that.

You have solitary
spinal plasmacytoma.

A low tumour in
the lumbar spine.

Your lumbar puncture
confirms that it hasn't spread,

Which is good.


The tumour explains
the pain in your leg,

And why it progressed
to your back.


Without the pain,

We wouldn't have caught
it as quickly as we did.

So, that's a good thing too.

You'll need to start a
regular course of radiation.

As soon as possible.

How about Thursdays?


Will I, will I be able to work?

Well, there can be some
side effects to the treatment.

Fatigue, nausea.

But you're free to
work if you feel up to it.

You'll need a ride
home Thursday.

We don't know how
you'll react to the radiation.

You might need someone
to take care of you.

Ma'am? Please, ma'am.

Ma'am, stop! Stop!
You can't go there.

Suddenly, he was just there.

I pulled up... I don't know

I can't get fired!


You're late.

Who do we have here?

Andrew park,
courier for food scouts.

He was 65. He
was hit by the van.

Cause of death, check.

Well, what you see
isn't always what you get.

So we're gonna send
the body to pathology.

And see what they can tell us.

Death waits on no man.

Except for this woman.

Hey, mac.

- Where were you?
- Minding my business.

You should do the same.

Yo, are you getting some?

Big d, you big dog!

You talked to the driver?

Yeah. She said the guy
came out of nowhere,

- Ran right in front of her.
- Ran? He was on foot?

All the witnesses
confirm her story.

Delivery guys don't
usually travel by foot.

So where's his vehicle?

Well, I'll contact food scouts,

Ask if he used a car
or bike for deliveries.

All right.

Dr. Cooper.

- It's beautiful here.
- Isn't it?

I'm sorry you're here
under these circumstances.

Normally, this is a
place of new beginnings.

Right this way.

So, how does the retreat work?

It's a silent retreat.

- Very structured schedule.
- Ten days, ten participants.

They take workshops or seminars.

For about 12 hours each day.

Wow, that's a long day.

I think of it as a luxury.

I mean, when's the
last time you spent.

All that time on
nothing but yourself?

Well, not since my son was born.

Definitely not since
my dad moved in.

Just this way.

Did you make this maze?

It's a good metaphor for life.

There's no sign of injury.

This is a medical form
she filled out for our records.

Shirley brownstone.

No pre-existing
medical conditions,

No medications.

Was she exhibiting
any sign of illness?

No, nothing.

In fact, she was great.

Shirley had bloomed.

It's crushing that she
died here, of all places.

Why's that?

Because in the maze, you...

You don't lose yourself.

You find yourself.

I'm fareed, I'm the
one who found Shirley.

Can I ask, how did she die?

We don't know that yet.

We're gonna have
to do an autopsy.

I can't believe
that this happened.

I mean, that she died here.

She just bloomed a few days ago.

Sorry, can I, can I ask, um...

What does "bloomed" mean?

It's an expression
that Faye uses.

For a moment of transformation.

When you finally break
free of whatever pain or fear.

Brought you here.

Does... Does everyone
experience that?

It's what we're all
working towards.

When you realize that there's
nothing standing between you.

And the life that you want.

Must be nice.

It's okay. Good.

Come on.

- Hey...
- Come on! That's it,

That a girl.

Come on.

How do you think she's
reacting to you today?

- Come here.
- Just breathe.

It's okay

keep going.

Yeah, easy


- Okay.
- It's okay.

Establish a
connection. It's okay.

Okay, hey... Okay.


She won't settle?

Just takes time.

Hey... You and me, okay?

You and me.

- Maybe tomorrow, Liam.
- Yeah.

Just keep trying,
little bits at a time.


She still doesn't like you.

Come on.

Give it time. I'm
an acquired taste.

Andrew park's cause of death.

Was blunt force
trauma to the head.

Makes sense. That
van hit him pretty hard.

Yeah. I found shards
of glass in his skull.

I actually found something
else kind of interesting too.

Once I washed off all the blood,

There were cuts
like knife marks.

That were not from the accident.

- Defensive wounds?
- Yeah, looks like it.

Knife marks and
running into traffic?

- Let me call you back.
- Okay.

What's your body telling you?

Not much from the outside,

But there's no
external signs of injury.

She does have a
rash on her legs.

Poison ivy.

I have seen it in worse places.

It does make sense though.

There was a lot of
forest around the retreat.

Turning tides sounds nice.

Yeah, it was Peaceful.

I can see how someone
would bloom there.


Whoa! We have a
bezoar in the gi tract.

Looks like...

Unabsorbed pills.

Takes a lot of pills to
cause a ball that size.

If Shirley had "bloomed,".

Then why did she
take her own life?

I'm starting a pickup
game with the guys.

On Thursdays. You wanna join?

- I'm busy.
- Every Thursday?

I'm starting to think
you don't have a woman.

You're too tense.

Are you taking a
class or something?

- What's the house number?
- 216.

It must be something

Like salsa dancing or something?

- What's the guy's name?
- Randy smith.

You know, I'm gonna
figure this out, right?

Those hips don't lie.

I'm detective abed,
this is detective mcavoy.

Did you have food
delivered yesterday?


Is this the guy?

Guess so.

I didn't really see him.

- Was he wearing a mask?
- Yeah,

But he looked Asian.

Well, this guy was killed
yesterday, hit by a van.

I don't drive a van.

Your house was the
last scheduled delivery.

There's some indication.

That he had an
altercation with someone.

Know anything about that?

No, but that kinda thing
happens all the time now.

This neighborhood’s
really changed. Is that all?

Yeah, for now. Why don't you...

Give us a call if you
remember or hear anything.

One more thing, um...

Did the delivery
guy leave on a bike?

Yeah. Took off
like a bat out of hell.

Guess he had somewhere to be.

He didn't really see him,
but he "looked Asian?"

You know, a lot of
food delivery services.

Put cameras on their vehicles
for insurance purposes.

We need to find that bike.

The police did find an empty
bottle of acetaminophen.

In your wife's room,

So we have ruled it a suicide.

I'm so sorry. I know
this hard to hear.

Had anything
changed... Recently?

Like was she um...

Was she sad, or was
she depressed at all?

The covid crisis was
hard on us, on everyone.

Stuck at home,
nothing to do but worry.

But we were fine.

I thought we were fine.

Shirley said she was
going to turning tides to...

Re-center herself.

I didn't ask specifics.

Three days ago,
she left a voicemail.

Saying she wanted a divorce.

She didn't say why?


The next day...

She withdrew $10,000
dollars from our account.

I went there,

But the woman
who runs the place.

Wouldn't let me see her,

Said "no outside
contact allowed."

I just wanted to talk to her.

I would never hurt my wife.

I'm here to answer phones.

I'm not going to
woo-woo with you.

Did you ever consider the fact.

That you might get
something from the experience?

Did you ever consider that
you're not as good at this.

As you think?

I'm not going to do this.

I am so disappointed
in you, Oliver.

You okay?

No one in this place is okay.

I'm doctor jenny cooper, I was

I was actually hoping
I could speak to Faye.

She's about to start
a seminar right now.

One second please.

Hello? Turning tides. Yes.

- Hey, I'm looking for Faye...
- Shhh...

Sorry, we're not
allowed to talk to anyone.

Outside of the workshops,

And the only pleasure
Oliver gets is to narc on us.

Well, he...

He doesn't look too
happy to be here.

He's faye's son.

He got kicked out of
private school again.

You're the coroner, right?

Yeah, I'm... I'm jenny cooper.


It sucks about Shirley.

She seemed like a nice woman.

You know, the day
that she bloomed,

Wow, was so powerful.

Yeah, I'm um... I'm trying
to make sense of her death.

Because I-I don't understand
why she would kill herself.

If she had just
bloomed, you know?

We're not really supposed
to question faye's methods.

What's wrong with you people?!

Can't you see this
whole thing is a lie?!

- Whoa.
- She's brainwashing you!

Please, you've got to
get out of here, now,

Before this place kills you too!

Why... please!

Why won't any of
you listen to me?!

- Sir!
- I'm begging you, please get...

- Sir!
- Listen! Listen to me!

- Hey! Hey! - You!
- Hi!

I'm listening.

Were you a former participant?

Um... Um, not me. My son, Jonah.

If you don't mind me
asking, what happened?

Um, well, before he came here,

He was...

Well, he was a little bit lost.


He begged us to pay for this
place - thousands of dollars.

But then, when he came home,

He was so much worse.

And what happened to your son?

A month after he came here,

He jumped off the
humber bay bridge.

I'm sorry.

T crack, right?

- Yeah. That's what they say.
- That's what they say.

- Come on.
- Here, are you ready?

Come on! Yeah, let's go.

Dad, you gotta make it a little,

You gotta make it
a little more difficult.

- Make it a little tougher.
- You know,

Since you were a kid,
I always let you win.

Used to let me
win? That's so sweet.

- But not today, baby.
- Not today?

Bring your best. Come
on, come on, come on.

No, no, no!

- I'm gonna school you!
Come on, son! Come on!

Ha! Ha! Watch this, son!

- You know that's a foul, right?
- No, baby, that's game!

You know you used
to be so much better.

At least hiding how
badly you cheat.

Come on now, take
your beating like a man.

All right, good game, pops.

Good game.

You wanna know how an old
man like me could take you?

'Cause you cheat?

Because now I'm finally living.

And what exactly
were you doing before?

Paying bills. Working two jobs.

Waking up at the crack of dawn.

And coming home
in the dead of night.

Now, I finally found my joy.

- What's her name?
- Mindy.

She's something else! Woo!

- I bet.
- You got to see her, son.

She makes a good ginger beer.

I need you to water my plants.

Where're you going?

One of those
all-inclusive resorts,

And all the drinks are free!

Okay, first of all, the
drinks are not free,

They're included in
the thousands of dollars.

You pay for a
vacation like that.

And second, you really
think it's a good idea.

To be going to a resort?

At least I'm not
going on a cruise.

Communal spaces, buffets...

Dad, you're seventy.

One day it's the virus,

The next day it's
something else.

I'm not gonna live
in that fear, son.

I spent my whole
life waiting to shine.

Yeah, whatever.

What, Malik?

- You gotta go back to work?
- Yeah.

Just check if you can
get a refund on that cruise,

- All right?
- It's not a cruise!

Shirley was the second
person to commit suicide here.

Did you know the success
rate of alcoholics anonymous.

Is five to ten percent?

Meanwhile, turning tides's
success rate is 85 percent.

Okay. But I'm still gonna
have to question your methods.

I know my methods
can't save everyone,

But I won't turn anyone away,

Not even the lost causes.

So Shirley and Jonah
were lost causes?

Most people leave here
transformed for the better.

At what cost? Because
shirley's husband said.

That she took out $10,000
dollars before she died.

And he came here
to talk to her about it,

But you wouldn't let him in.

Beyond the registration fee,

I've never taken
a cent from Shirley.

If you really wanna know
what we're doing here,


Thank you, but no.


I know some of you
are still feeling uncertain.

Because of the recent tragedy,

And I want you all to
know that this is still.

A very safe place.


Who would like to
come up and share?


Why are you here?

What do you wanna let go of?

My mom, was...

Really verbally abusive
when I was a kid.

It was brutal.

And I could never
say anything back...

Why not?

Because she would... Yell more.

I-I-I was afraid she
was gonna beat me.

Did she ever hit you?

- No...
- Then stop making excuses.

I'm not.

She squashed my spirit.

Like I could never
want anything for myself.

I was, I was afraid it
would be taken from me.

If I, if I spoke up, if
I wanted anything...

Grow up!

Now you're crying.

Stop blaming your mother.

If you don't get what you want,

Whose fault is it?

It's mine.

Okay, stop! Just, just...

What are you...?

You're re traumatizing her!

If you don't agree
with my methods,

You're free to leave.

In fact, all of you are.

If anyone here still
questions this process,

Please leave.

Are you okay?

You're saying...

What you're saying is

I'm not that little girl...

And my mother can't hurt me.

That it's... It's my life.

It's my life!

It's my life.



Now, listen.

We're gonna be
friends, all right?

Just you and me. We're...


Brush her, she likes it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Is this part of my therapy?

Not on your life.

I'm only here for the horses.

You know, they'll let you
choose another horse.

Yeah, I know, but

I don't wanna
give up on her yet.

Sometimes it's not a good fit.

I've seen it happen.

No connection, it's not working.

Then they changes horses and...

It's better.

You're almost done here, right?

Yeah. Time to start thinking
about what comes next.

Have you heard from jenny?

No. She never
answered my letter.

You know, we could use
an extra hand around here.

Would you consider
staying on as staff?

Yeah, sure.

Well, I'll, I'll think about it.

Mac, look.

I found it on bunz.

Bunz. It's like,
kijiji for hipsters.

You trade and shop
with people online.

Some guy found it in a
dumpster one block away.

From randy smith's house.

- Nice work.
- Thank you.

And hey, I'm gonna find out
about your Thursday thing,

You know.


- It's my waxing appointment.
- Okay, cool.

Deflect. Yes, that's fine.

There's our guy Andrew.

- And there's randy.
- Where's your mask?!

You-you-you're food is there.

Yeah, I seen the food.

- Wh-where's your mask?!
- Leave me alone!

You filthy people
and your viruses!

- Hey, hey! Easy...
- And there's our knife.

And there's our
defensive wounds.


Get out of here! You
don't belong here!

He ran him into traffic.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hi. Quick question.

What, is your official
policy on cell phones?

No phones. Faye says
interference from outside.

Can make your "bloom" wither.


And what was, um,
shirley's room number?

- Number 11.
- Awesome. Thank you.

- I hope you get this.
The signal here is crap.

Girl, where do I begin!

Okay, first, I'm
finally leaving victor.

I called him today and
told him that it's over.

Nicole, it feels amazing!

I feel like myself again,

And it's not just
leaving victor.

I'm in love!

We talk every night,

And I tell him things
I haven't told anyone.

And he's gorgeous!

Tall, beautiful eyes,

And I don't even mind his beard!




Need some help?


Yeah, actually, I do. I'm a...

Little lost and the
flashlights on these...

That's why I always
bring these, just in case.

Is that...

Is that poison ivy?

Yeah, I stepped in
some in the woods.

And when was that?

I got claustrophobic a
couple nights ago and...

Snuck out for a
walk, and a smoke.

Was Shirley with you?

She had poison ivy too.

'Kay, it's not what you think.

Well, what should
I think, fareed?

'Kay, she followed
me into the woods.

'Kay, then she kissed me.

And she said that her
husband knew and...

She can't wait and we
should leave that night.

She kept talking about
all these conversations.

That we had - we'd stay up late.

And all the promises
that I made to her.

None of it was true.

What do you mean?

I never spoke to
Shirley before that night.

- Ben?
- Hey.

Hey. I'm detective mcavoy.

Um, I'm sure your dad
would like for you to have this.

- Thanks.
- And just so you know,

We have more than enough
evidence to convict the man.

Responsible for his death.

My dad said he wanted my
old bike back for exercise.

He didn't tell you he
was delivering food?

He mentioned that some
of his investments took a hit.

During the pandemic, but

he sent me tuition
money last week.

My guess is he
wanted to protect you,

Let you focus on school.

Who cares about school?

Some racist killed my
dad. He was 65-years-old.

He should've been
retired, and now he's dead!

65 years for what?

To end up like this
guy on the wall?

Where's the fairness in that?

Who were you
talking to, Shirley?


It's... It's jenny cooper.

I'm the coroner.

What's your name?


Look, I just um

I just wanna know what happened.



Tell me how it started.

One night, I heard her
singing through the vent.

I told her she
had a great voice.

And it kinda just
kept going from there.

It's really cool how you
sing to yourself every night.

After hard days it picks me up.

Do you ever feel like...

You're defined by
someone else's idea of you?

What do you mean?

Like the one person who's
supposed to love you the most.

Has no idea who you really are.

Yeah. I know exactly
what that's like.

You know,

Let's forget this pity party.

Um, if you could be
anywhere right now,

Where would it be?

Um... First place
that comes to mind.

The beach.

I've always wanted
to go to Hawaii!

We should go and
learn how to surf.

And only have
drinks with umbrellas.

That'd be great.

Tell me who you are.


You'll know me when you see me.

We would have mellow
conversations, at first.

And then it turned
into something more?

It just got too personal.

I can't talk about it.

Come on, Shirley.

You know you can
tell me anything.

I've... Never had an orgasm.

- You mean your husband never...
- Never.

Did you ever talk
to him about it?

I tried, and then
he tried, but...

It didn't happen.

Then he shut down, I shut down,

And after, we pretended
everything was fine.

That's what he would
always say, we're fine.

But I want more
than fine, dammit!

I want more than fine.

God, would you listen to me.

Faye was right, I'm pathetic.

No, don't listen to Faye.

That's her thing,
to break you down,

Make you feel small.

Shirley, you are not
small. You're immense.

Immensely wonderful, and smart,

- And hilarious, and fun.
- Stop. Please.

No, no, no, it's true.

You're the best thing
about this whole place.

And I can tell that
through a stupid vent.

It's just, I've
been so lonely...

For years.

Sometimes it's so heavy.

I can't even get out
of bed in the morning.

I feel like I have no one.

You have me.

Yeah... I do.

I knew it had gone too far,
but by then it was too late.

Please don't do this! Don't
push me away, fareed.

What? What're you talking about?

I'm sorry I followed
you into the woods...

No... Shirley, what did you do?

I know you're scared,
and you have a lot to lose.

I do too. But, but I
already told victor.

I already got the money.

It's time for our new beginning.

I... I don't think
I can do this.


I can't! I can't do
this anymore, Shirley!

I can't!

I blew up my whole life for you!

I didn't mean for
Shirley to hurt herself.

It wasn't supposed to be real.

Well, it was real for Shirley.

- Hey, pop!
- Hey!

Twice in one week. What's...

What's going on?


- What's this?
- For your trip.

There's another one
in there for Mindy.

So all of a sudden, you
don't have a problem.

With my vacation?

I don't wanna be the one that
stops you from shining, pops.

All right!


Who is it?

It's jenny.