Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Crispr Sistr - full transcript

Jenny and Donovan investigate the death of a lab technician, but Jenny's personal interest in the lab risks getting in the way of the case.

I didn't graduate from High School

and I didn't get into
university, and...

I was gonna tell you.

I can't believe this.

You, uh, keep those triggers
in check, all right?


Don't let your bucket fill up, brother.

- No, no, no.
- You may have a badge,

but I don't have to talk
to you. I know my rights.

You're anxious.
Anxiety is a maladapted feeling

that has replaced a real
feeling you were feeling

after you pushed
your sister down the...

Do you mind not saying that?

I'm putting you on an SSRI.

It'll help with your anxiety
without clouding your brain.

We'll taper off your Lorazepam.

Jenny! Open the door!



Come on!

- Getting a little rusty, huh?
- Yeah.

You're working that dad bod
of yours now, hey?



My SSRI isn't working.

SSRIs take 4 to 6 weeks
before you can notice

any therapeutic benefits.

It can take a while
to find the right drug.

Some people do experience
a spike in anxiety symptoms

during their first 2 weeks.

It's not just the anxiety
I'm worried about.

You're still sleepwalking.

Stay with what you're feeling, Jenny.

- Nothing.
- Stay with nothingness.

Hold it.

Examine it from all sides.

What is nothing telling you?

My son is in there! My son's in there!


You're feeling something, that's good.

Noooo! No!

Push through, Jenny.

- Oh sorry. I just...
- Do you really need to...

answer that?

It's work. I have to go.


I'm pretty sure this is
how it all started

when the velociraptors seized
control of the genetics lab.

Jurassic Park?

Huh. Yeah, I never saw it.

The vic's name is, um,

Brad Morton, 24.

He's got bite marks on his extremities

and on his face.

24-year-old science nerds

aren't supposed to die like this.

No one is supposed to die like this.

So Brad, what happened to you?


He's got faint bruising
on his hands and arms.

Looks fresh.

Possibly from a fight?

He's got skin discoloration. Greyness.

Could be from... a heart attack.

Or from chemical exposure.

This place is a toxic waste dump.

Nitrates, ethanols, acids, gas...

This fingernail here is broken.

Defensive wound.

From the way the lab's trashed,

compelling argument for self-defense.

- What's going on?
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

- You can't, you can't come in here.
- No, no, no,

this is my lab. No, no, no...

What's happened?

Let us in. This is our lab.

Oh my God. Is that Brad?


Dr. Sue Pham.

I'm her supervisor, Dr. Kam Bouden,

VP Research and Innovation.

Jenny Cooper, I'm the coroner,

and this is Detective McAvoy.

How well did you know Brad?

I just started a few months
ago, but Sue -

sorry, Dr. Pham - was his supervisor.

Brad was my lab assistant.

Was it painful - his death?

He's not in pain now, okay?

What was your relationship
like with Brad?

Brad was a grad student,

determined to make a difference.

Bright, loyal...

an invaluable asset to my research.

Um, Dr. Pham, when was
the last time you saw Brad?

Friday evening?

Or um... Saturday?

I'm not sure.

When I'm busy, all the days
blend into one.

Brad was coming in
for his usual night shift.

Doing what?

He took up some extra work
euthanizing lab rats.

- Did you have any conflicts with Brad?
- None.

A good grad student is a hot commodity.

I-I-It's a competitive market
out there.

Did he have problems
with anyone else at work?

I wouldn't tolerate that in my lab.

Plus, Brad was the best
assistant I've ever had.

An invaluable asset to my research.

What were you studying?

Um, we're experimenting
with CRISPR technology

to eradicate Lewy Body Dementia.

Oh, uh...

I've, I've read about CRISPR.

It's like uh... genetic engineering.


Sounds like real
life-changing research.

It is.

No one would have to live
through the pain

of losing a loved one to dementia.

That's my mission in a nutshell.

You're doing really important work.

Thank you.


How did that happen?

- Okay.
- Whoa, Gordon!

- Morning!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh my God. No.

I could've burned the whole place down.

No-no-no, it's okay,
it's okay. Don't worry.

Uh, I do it all the time.

You can't trust an old geezer
with dementia.

Ah! Don't worry.

Microwave, toaster oven, frying pan...

who knows what's the best
technique for grilled cheese?

Butter on both sides, that's my vote.

Yeah, that's it, good.

Well... nope.

Oh, where you going? Why you got a bag?

Oh, I'm going training
after I drop you off

for your EKG appointment.

- Ah, youth.
- Yeah,

I'm going with Mal, you know,

- my army brother.
- Oh yeah.

We spot each other, at the gym and...

- In general.
- Oh, that's great.

You know, everybody needs
a life-string.

- You mean, a lifeline?
- That's what I said.

Can you give me a couple minutes?

I gotta pop upstairs.
Be right with you.

All right. Good.


All right. Thank you.

You need to go?

Uh... no.

No, it's fine. It's just um...

my dad had a...

a bit of a grilled cheese situation.

No, I hear you. The sandwich
generation's tough.

I wish that's all it was.

All the keyfob entries to the building

over the past 72 hours, like you asked.

All right. Have you check out
everyone's alibi?

Already on it, Big D.

Statements from everyone
except an Erika Mukherjee,

who was speaking badly about Brad

for getting her fired from her job.

All right. Let's go talk to Erika.

- Yeah.
- All right.

Maybe Erica had it in for Brad.

You used your keycard to

enter the building over the weekend.

Obvs. What, are you gonna
arrest me for that?

Depends what you were doing.

Well, after I was ungraciously

taken off of Sue's dementia study,

the only work I could get was
babysitting annoying undergrads

doing their senior lab projects
on the weekend.

Which is exactly what I was
doing this past weekend.

You can ask any one of them.

Oh, I will.

You'll need to provide names
and numbers.

How would you describe
your relationship with Brad?

I have a near-perfect
grade-point average

and his... it was average.

I have tons of letters
of recommendation

and research experience,

and he had none.

He didn't even have an interest
in dementia research.

My grandmother has dementia!

Besides, Sue and Brad
deserved each other.

Disloyalty is thicker than blood.

What does that mean?

It means I started following Brad.

I wanted to see what he had over me.

And you know what?

That mofo went straight from Sue's lab

to the competitor's across town.

Every Thursday at 2, like clockwork.

So you think Brad
was working for both labs?

Oh, he was totally a mole,

selling our research to the other lab.

So... there's another lab

that's studying Lewy Body Dementia?

Uh, are they any closer to
finding a cure than this lab?

Rumour is, they've already
started human trials.

God, I bet that drives Sue nuts.

She may be purely motivated

by the prevention of disease
and suffering, but...

she wants that patent first.

Yeah. That patent's worth money.

Millions of dollars.

And where'd you say Brad went?

Everything I told you is bound

by like a coroner
confidentiality, right?

'Cause I just applied
for an internship there.

Yeah... no.

So, the Lewy Body Dementia
that Dr. Pham's studying...

that's what your dad has?

- Yeah... yeah.
- Yeah.

Hey! Popeye!

It's canned spinach
that give you muscles,

Not... what is that?
Cream of mushroom soup.

Yeah, it is, but...
something's gotta, right?

Plus, I'm getting a belly from
all the fried chicken at work.

Oh, well, you know,
you wanna go with Liam.

Go down to the gym,
get yourself a 6-pack.

- Grandpa!
- Is that rude?

Yeah, come if you want, man. It's fun.

We're doing some MMA.

No, I'm okay. Plus, you know,

I'm more into Bolivian Juj, uh...

Bavarian Jujitsu?

Yeah, that's, that's not a thing.

- Huh...?
- But, hey, come with me anyway.

Um... yeah? I mean,
Grandpa, you're going?

Just for the ride, not for the gym.

I gotta go see a stupid doctor.

Boys' trip!

Is that my mom? What'd she say?

No. Please. It's Mal.

He's not coming, he hurt his shoulder.


He oughta take arnica.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah!


"Take arnica."

Welcome to Agamede Canada,

North America's leading
pharmaceutical research labs.

Welcome to the future.

Our mission is to improve

the quality of human life.

Please follow the security
protocols for guests.

I think you just... look at it.

This NDA...

"25 years since date of signature."

"The recipient shall remain
in confidence..."

What do they want next, our firstborn?

It's next level.

- Okay.
- Okay.

If they want Ross, they can have him.

Is that Sue?

Sure looks like her.

Dr. Ambrosia Pham.

Oh, you're um...


This is the miracle of CRISPR.

We have the potential to eradicate

the ills of humanity

by clipping away the unwanted DNA.


The study of science deals with facts.

It's also deeply spiritual

and requires a leap of faith.

That's why we're on the cutting edge

of Lewy Body Dementia research.

Are you close to finding a cure?

Is it your mom or dad who has it?

Oh, uh...

my dad.

Sometimes spots open up in the study.

I can put him on the wait list.


Feel free to peruse the literature.

- Thank you.
- Um...

do you know this man, Dr. Pham?


- Did he ever work for you?
- No.

There are hundreds of
scientists working at this lab.

Thousands who work for Agamede
around the world.

It's... impossible to know everyone.

And maybe he came in for
an interview or internship.

He was working on a similar
study for your sister's lab.

HR might know.

Sue never mentioned him?

She said he was her most
valuable lab assistant.

My sister and I never talk shop.


We live together,

and we're in direct competition

It would be a conflict of interest.

Did you ever think about collaborating?

If my sister didn't accuse me
of being a sellout.

Why is that?

She believes in the purity of science,

unencumbered by the big bad
drug companies.

So you're not close.

We're closely competitive.

She never fails to remind me

that she was born 17.5 minutes
before me.

You know, Sue seemed
really close to Brad.

You sure you never saw him?

He never came in here trying
to sell scientific secrets

or subterfuge?

You watch too much TV, Detective.

That's not who I am.

So if I went to the other
labs in this building

and showed everyone his picture,

no one would recognize him?


We're talking about a homicide here.

You've got a pretty tight system here.

I'm sure his every move
would've been recorded...

yours too.

Call me about your dad.

Thank you.

I'm Casey Winter, the new pathologist.

new cuisine, and old mixtapes.

And you may have seen my cape.

I... think I'm going to like you.

Ugh! You already like me.

You should embrace rats.

- They're like family.
- No, no and no.

Does your family do that? Mm-mm.

Rat brains are closest
to humans, just sayin'.

Especially where we feel
our emotional pain,

that's inherited from rats.

But their creepy long tails
and disease-carrying bodies.

There's still that.

I got desensitized euthanizing them

to help pay for undergrad.

- Dr. Winter, you're here.
- Yes.

So, what do we know about Brad?

We're still in progress.

So far, toxicology came back clean.


He used to euthanized lab rats.

What about carbon dioxide?

It's what they use
to anesthetize lab rats.

Maybe CO2 hose was leaking?

You need a lot of CO2 even
for a normal sized room.

He might have felt woozy,
like he was high or drunk,

but that's about it...

speaking from experience.

I was just about to do
the vitreous humor analysis.



All right. Let's get this party

My mom is gonna freak
when she finds out I'm here.

In a really good way.

Is that her? You wanna
let her know I'm here?

Uh... no, it's Mal.

Hey, are you gonna make me
wax on, wax off?

No, this isn't Karate, kid.

Yeah... well, you know.

Jeez, um...

"Slow down on the beers."

"It's only 11."

Okay, 20 burpees!
Let's get the blood pumping!

- Ross?
- Yeah?

- I'll be right back, 'kay?
- Okay! Help.

Thought you could use this.

You've been looking a little...

Mm... Awesome.

Thank you for this,

it's not your job, I appreciate it.

We're also friends, too.

- And mothering suits me.
- Mm.

Oh hey, hey.

How'd your uh, how'd your date
with Sabina go?

- I fell asleep.
- Aw... I feel ya.

Thank you!

- The results in yet?
- Any minute now.



You changed the incoming email noise.

Yeah, croaking.

Get it?

Oh, this is unusual.

His potassium levels are high.

Okay, but the levels rise, post-mortem.

But this much?

This is very, very high.

KCl is used in labs
to make buffer solutions.

So he could've been poisoned.

Jenny says to look
for potassium chloride?

Yup. You know, I talked to
all the profs and students.

I mean, other than Erika,
he was well-liked.

Even his ex was a fan.

Well, there's always someone
with a motive, Mac.

Just need to find someone
to rat them out.

I uh... I see what you did there.


So what if the hose
on the rat box came loose,

Brad comes in, he takes
the rats out of their cages

and then puts them into
the killing box...

Turns on the gas,

but doesn't realize the hose
is leaking.

Yeah. He stumbles,

knocking over the box, losing the rats.

Knocks over some chemicals,

accidentally smearing
potassium chloride

in his mouth or nose.

Or, Sue found out he was
selling secrets,

loosened the rat box hose,

thinking that gas would kill him.

This tank's not too lethal-looking.

Or it didn't kill him.

But it could have incapacitated him...

long enough for Sue to inject
him with potassium chloride...

easily accessible in the lab.

- Oh no!
- Oh yes.


You're gonna have to search
for the needle

in the sharps bucket.


Open up, man, it's me!


C'mon, bro.

Don't do this to me. Come on.



Come on, come on...



Brother. Stay with me, brother.

Stay with me.

I'm here, man.

Yeah, yeah. I-I-I need,
I need an ambulance now!

Your thoughts are under your control.

My thoughts are under my control.

You are calm and relaxed.

I am calm and relaxed.

Jenny, you really need to tell me

when your family's gonna drop in.

I mean, I love them,
but I'm Pomodoro'ing my

workday so I can get home to mine.

You know, be a human cow,
instead of all this pumping.

Alison, I'm sorry,
I don't know why he's here.

You were supposed to drop
your dad off at an appointment.

Security found him in
the cafeteria freaking out.

Yeah, sorry.

- Jen?!
- Hey...

Where've you been!

At work, Dad. You forgot.

I made arrangements for
Wheel-Trans to pick you up,

after your orthopedics appointment

to take you to your neurologist.

- I don't think so.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Okay, Alison, uh,

can you reschedule my
appointments for me?

- Thank you.
- You know, we can forget ortho

because it's really
my brain needs fixing.

Look at my hand.
It's not even swollen anymore.

You know, my hand is hurting
a little bit.

Just not sure why we gotta
have a doctor

tell me that my hand is hurting
when I know my hand hurts.

- You know what I mean?
- Yeah.

I already went to see that doctor

with your live-in boyfriend there.

Where we live.

Hey, Dad, you hungry?

- You want a snack?
- What ya got?

No thanks. I just wanna go home.

I uh...

I found a study.

A study about what?

On Lewy Body Dementia.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, they're, they're seeing if...

if they can remove the gene
that causes it.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Yeah, they're gonna be testing

it on people, to see if it works.

Testing? What kind of testing?

Uh, it's uh...

it's a... new technique

where they cut out the gene

and then they allow the body
to repair itself.

Oh my God, great.

I'm definitely interested,
if you could get me in there.

Uh... yeah, I mean yeah,

you could if you...

if you want to.

- I'm game.
- Okay.

I'll hold on to this card.

Safe and secure.

Hey, Wendy. I'm working a case.

Ooh. Did a tomato do it or a tomahto?

Uh, don't you have a bridge
to build or something?

I'm on lunch. And I'm not
that kind of engineer anyway,

I build tunnels. Speaking of which...

Whoa, there is no "speaking of which."

How is that a segue?

Can we talk about your plus-one
situation for my wedding?

- I can give you the hook-up.
- Oh, no, no.

I do not need you to hook me up

with any your friends, little sis.

I have good taste in women.

Yeah. Oh! Gotta go.

What you got for me?


Uh, there's no arts
and crafts in Homicide.

But there is an "I".

I leaned on forensics
and jumped the queue.

All of these had traces of saline,

except this one had potassium chloride.

We have our murder weapon.

Can I say we're partners now?

Uh, pump the brakes.

Needles go in a common bucket.
It's not that definitive.

Nope, Big D works alone.

We need motive and opportunity, Malik.

Taylor thinks you should call me M-Rex.

You're still in touch
with T after the transfer?

Man, just 'cause a relationship's over

don't mean you cut people
outta your life.

Wait is that... what you gonna
with me when you retire,

you gonna cut me out?

I'm not retiring anytime soon.

Hey! Oh! How about...

some goat roti, then?

Thanks. And uh...

you don't have to try so hard.

That's fair.

- Hey!
- Hey.

Where've you been?

You completely missed it!
I did the anaconda choke.

- I killed it.
- Oh, okay. Uh...

yeah, I'm sorry, man, I uh...

I had to call the police and
give them a report 'cause uh...

My friend had a...

he had a minor car accident.

Oh. Well, I mean he's...

- cars can be fixed, man!
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You wanna spar? I wanna show
you what I learned.

- I don't know, man.
- Ungh! Some of that.

- Little bit of that!
- You're a beginner.

- Dude, I can kick your ass.
- Oh yeah?

Come on! Get changed!

Let's go!


Mr. and Mrs. Morton, Brad's parents.

Oh yeah, thank you.

- This is Jenny Cooper.
- Hi.

Uh, please, uh, come on in.

Uh, Brad was our only son.

He's, uh, the first one
to get into university.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm gonna be ruling his death
a homicide.

- H-ho-ow?
- Who would wanna kill him?

He's just a boy.

The police are doing their best

to figure out what happened.

Good boy. Good boy.

I'm sure he was.

He got straight A's in school.

He was so excited

about becoming scientist,

rather than driving truck like me.

Hold on... Brad.

He'd say:
"Hold on, Mom.

I'm close to finding a cure."

Said the people that he was working for

were miracle workers.

I can't think of a single fight
he would have with anyone.

Can you, my love?

Mrs. Morton, you don't have
Lewy Body Dementia, do you?

No. Why?

Um, I'm sorry. Would you just
give me one moment?

Easy! Easy.



Hey, buddy, buddy, I'm sorry.

Hey, hey.

Shit, you all right?

I think you just broke my arm!

No, no, no. It's gonna be okay.


I need you to test Brad Morton
for Huntington Disease.

- Huntington Disease?
- Why?

I think this poor kid was a lab rat.

One rat wanted... dead or alive.

You know, other people
can do this for us.

It's called "pest control".

Yeah, well, for Brad's sake, it's us.

Brad had Huntington Disease,
like his mom.

It's hereditary.

So Brad wasn't just euthanizing rats,

he was a lab rat.

Is that even legal?

With medical testing
these days, who knows?

So, he was sick of being used
as a human lab rat

and threatened to blow
the whistle on Sue?

Yeah, I mean... Sue could lose
a lot of money for her grants


potentially millions in patents.

Well, people have killed for less.

You know, when I've had rodent
problems in the past,

this is where they like to be.



I think we found our smoking rat.

How much you wanna bet that
this thing was...

bred to have Huntington Disease?

I'm gonna get Dr. Winter
to necropsy it.

Here's what I'm stuck on:

Why hide the fact that Sue was studying

Huntington Disease instead of Dementia.

Follow the money?

Touché. What're you gonna do?

I'm gonna follow the rat.

You're in charge of the department.

How is Sue's research being funded?

Research grants from the Canadian
Department of Health Sciences.

The CDHS grant is about how much?

About a $100k.

That's enough to cover lab
expenses for animal testing.

Is that enough for human trials?

There's no...

she's at animal testing stage.

Testing on humans would be
a serious ethical violation.

Did you know she was studying
Huntington Disease

instead of Lewy Body Dementia?

What? No!

We have evidence that suggests

Dr. Pham abused her position
as head of the department

to coerce Brad into being
the subject of human trials.

Sue wouldn't.

It... it would be a huge scandal.

I'll need to take a look
at that grant proposal.

I'll go get it.

Meet me at Agamede.

I'm heading back to my office.

I have a hunch Ambrosia might
have been siphoning money

to fund Sue's research.

They seem like rivals.

Yeah, which one of
the sisters is the good twin,

and which one's the evil one?

- What're you doing here?
- Hi, Sue,

I'm Jenny Cooper, the coroner.

I don't believe we've met before.

How did you know...

that I was pretending to be
my sister this whole time?

I didn't. Until I saw Sue for real.

Involuntary jerking,
loss of motor function.

You have Huntington Disease.

We both do.

Were you even studying
Lewy Body Dementia?

I am.


Why are your symptoms so advanced?

You're identical twins.

Is it an environmental factor?

Huntington Disease is in the striatum.

Yeah, the middle of the brain.

We inject the treatment
through the brain stem.

It's risky.

We should've run more animal trials.

At first, it seemed fine. And then...

It's not your fault.

This isn't normal.

An off-target effect of the treatment.

We were experimenting.

Taking a leap of faith.

Was killing Bard a part of
that leap of faith?

- It w-was me.
- She didn't!

- They fought!
- Brosia...

She... Sue hit him,

gave him CO2. I...

I'm living a death sentence.

I'll take the blame.


I killed Brad.

I injected him with potassium
chloride in his eye,

under his tongue.

Check, you'll see.

I did it...

to save her.

He threatened to expose us.

You're still injecting each other.

You aren't helping one another,
you are killing each other.

I don't care. There's still a chance.

I don't wanna live...

without my sister.

So what're you gonna do now?

Arrest them both.

They both have the same DNA
and both have motives.

One, out of self-preservation.

The other, out of love.

Financial Crimes Unit's shutting down

both labs for fraud.

Both labs.


They were so close to a breakthrough.

I'm sorry, about your dad.

That study must've given you hope.

It's okay. I uh...
I don't know if I could've...

put my dad through it anyways,
you know?

CRISPR technology isn't guaranteed,

and I'd rather have him flawed
and intact.


All right, I'll see you.

Hey, Dad.

I'm-I'm just checking in.

Noor, don't hang up.

Who is this?

It's Detective Donovan McAvoy.

And I'm not trying to track this call.

- Really, detective?
- Truth.

First you whisk me off to your house,

then you plant a batphone in my bag.

What are you doing?

I'm not sure.

I mean...

I just wanted you to know...

if you need me,

use the phone.

I'm here.


You still there?

- I'm here.
- You safe?

Yes, Detective.

Did I ever tell you about Oumuamua?

That space rock people are
saying is a UFO?


You're one of those, eh?

You don't think we're alone.


- Hey!
- Hey!

Looks... What happened?

- I'm fine!
- Ross, you broke your arm!

Why didn't you... wha?

- Why didn't you call me?
- Because it doesn't hurt.

Seriously. I was doing MMA with Liam!

Speaking of which, you should try that.

You'd be really good at it.
You got a lot of rage.

Where's Liam?

I think he's outside.

- Hey...
- Hey!

- I just saw Ross.
- Yeah.

- What happened?
- I uh...

- You...
- You know,

I-I broke your son's arm.

I'm sorry, uh...

He didn't say that it was... you.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Listen, I, I usually have total
control, all right?

- It's just, it's...
- Oh God...

It's been a... a hard day.

- You know, Mal, right?
- Mhmm.

He tried to kill himself
today and um...

I found him.

I never thought he would be the one.

Oh, shit. Um...

- I'm sorry, um...
- It's all right.

Is he okay? Are you okay?

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Yeah, doctor said there's
nothing to do but...

go home and wait, so...

Listen, I am...

I'm sorry about Ross, okay?

If you want me to leave,
I will. It's just...


- Hey! - Hey.
- Hey...

I'm... I'm like 100 percent fine.

We were doing MMA.

- Yeah.
- Boundaries, Mom.


- Ma'am?
- Hi.

- Your father lives here?
- No, he lives in Toronto.


This is the address he gave as his.

He was wandering... by this address.

Thank you.

Yeah. Thanks very much.

She was very nice.

Dad, what were you doing here?

Well, I wasn't, I wasn't wandering.

This is the address of the person

who's doing that study
you told me about,

that might potentially save me.

- I just wanted to make contact.
- Yeah.

Oh Dad...

That's all.

Yeah, that's all.