Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Shadow Selves - full transcript

Tandy and Tyrone try to find out what has happened to a group of young girls who have gone missing; Mina discovers a possible side effect to the big Roxon leak.

TANDY: Previously on Cloak and Dagger...

Eight years ago, on the
rig that stole our dads,

the entire crew went crazy.

- Your dad called them "Terrors."
- [Taser crackling]

- Move.
- You walk out that door

without permission,
and there's nothing that I can do...

I said move!

♪ ♪

- I like making girlfriend pancakes.
- I'm your girlfriend?


I ended up in the back

of an ambulance with this-this girl.

I think she was getting kidnapped.

- Help me!
- [gun cocks]


TYRONE: I don't know how
to take someone with me.

come together pretty regular.

To share information,
keep people looking.

TANDY: That's more than a dozen girls.

Someone has to be looking for them.

[metal scraping, clanging]

- [grunts, groans]
- The other girls, where are they?

I don't know!

TYRONE: Brigid!

We have to get out of here.
Look, we're in danger, Ty.

You, me, and Tandy.

Ty? But if you're here, then who...

♪ ♪

[pages flipping]

♪ ♪

Hey, buddy.

Ready for some exercise?

Subject 11 has been
drinking an aqueous solution

with a 6.5% Roxxon chemical agent,

recovery sample number 446,

taken from the north shore
of Lake Pontchartrain,

24 hours after the mass exposure.

Don't worry, these cosmetics
were tested on humans.

- [quietly] 'Kay...
- [Subject 11 squeaks]

The maze is similar to one
Subject 11 already knows,

and has been working on
the last three months,

but has been modified to test its
resilience in the face of adversity.

So, we are trying to
frustrate it, basically.

Very much like I am frustrated.

Because if this experiment
doesn't yield something soon,

I am gonna run out of grant money,

then we will never know
what happened that night.

- [electricity explodes]
- [rats squeaking]

MINA: And I'm gonna
have to get a day job.

Maybe in a bakery.

- Wanna come with me?
- [squeaking continues]

- [power turns back on]
- It could be like in that movie.

[dramatic music]

Well, that's certainly something.

[squeaking continues]

- No, no, no.
- [squeaking, tearing]

No, no, no, no, no, no...

[squeaking, tearing continues]

♪ ♪

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[door closes]

reports are coming in

that the unexplained acts
of violence across the city

have not yet been...
[continues, indistinct]

- [turns on sink, water running]
- [Newscaster continues]

[glass shatters]


- [turns off sink]
- [panting continues]

[music intensifies]

- [screaming]
- [punching]


- [whoosh]
- [crash]

[descending footsteps]


[panting continues]

NEWSCASTER 2: The cost of destruction
is said to be amounting to millions.

While the death toll is still uncertain,

hundreds on injuries have been reported,

including Detective Brigid O'Reilly,

who is in critical
condition in County General.

[machines, monitors beeping] _

[steady, slow breathing]

[beeping continues]

♪ ♪

SGT. PAULSON: [through door]
How can you even think

of stepping away from your post?

OFFICER WYATT: [through door]
One coffee, Sarge.

It didn't seem like that big a deal.

Yeah, well... that cop?

That O'Reilly has a
beef with? Connors...

He's in the wind.

He tried to kill her once...

Now he could come back,
and finish the job.

PAULSON: You want that on you?


Then mind your post.

- [door closes]
- [steadies breathing]


He dies first.

- We'll catch up soon.
- [beeping continues]


Well, I suppose the cat's
out of the bag.

TANDY: What?

What is this? Who are you?

I'm the one who's going to
find those missing girls.

What do you say, Tandy?
You wanna keep on?

It was you who killed all those
people in the club, wasn't it?

Well, duh.

Last chance, Tandy.

- MAYHEM: Okay...
- [sirens wailing in distance]

- [cocks gun]
- Just stay out of my way.

[sirens continue]

- [gunshot]
- [sirens approaching]

[all grunt, panting]

TANDY: Ty, how did you do that?!

- Are you okay?
- TYRONE: [panting] I'm fine.

But it's not easy doing it so fast.

With two people. [steadies breathing]

Ah, just-just give me a minute.

Okay, then, your turn.

How is there two of you?

And then, this other you...

[stammering] she slit this guy's
throat open with her own hands!

- She's crazy strong and crazy homicidal!
- She's not me!

TANDY: She's got your face,
and she's got your badge.

She pointed a gun at us.
S-She killed this guy in the ambulance.

- And all the people at the club...
- TYRONE: Tandy, Tandy!

Give her a minute, too, okay?

Okay, I'm-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, she just...

I mean, how did this happen?

- Was there some sort of lighting strike?
- Tandy!

Look, I don't think
she knows what happened.

Okay, then who does?

MINA: I had no idea a
human split occurred.

- This is fascinating.
- Yeah, or crazy as all get-out.

I've been trying to figure out

what happened with the Terrors,

isolate the cause.

Trying to unpack my own trauma
from that night.

Last time we spoke, you said
you hadn't gotten anywhere.

That was before lucky number 11.

What happened with number 11?

MINA: So, like all the other candidates,

it was exposed to the chemical
agent from my Roxxon valve,

but the protocols of
the experiment changed

when we had a power surge.

A moment of trauma stimulated

a fear agent and
produced full-on division.

BRIGID: So, when I went into
the water after I was shot,

I divided into two?

Yup, so you and your
twin have the same DNA,

the same fingerprints,

even the same memories, up
until the point of the split.

But very distinct personalities.

Yeah, you said it.

So I conducted brain scans on the pairs.

[keyboard key clacks]

In the dociles,
there's almost no activity

in the anger and rage center
of the cerebral cortex.

But in the aggressives, there's
only activity in the rage center.

It's as if inside their
head, there's nothing but

chaos and anger, and...


Okay, so, that was number 11.

What happened to all the others?

So, we're on pair 22 now.

I was finally able to get some funding

and we've been able to replicate
the results several times over.

TANDY: How come there's no 17A, 22A,

- and no 13B?
- MINA: Um..., the aggressive mouse...

It killed the docile one.

That happen a lot?

It's almost like they decided
that it was wrong

for there to be more than one.

DALE: Two weeks in advance.

Rent's due at the crack
of Monday... cash only.

Although, you could

build up a little credit with me...

if you like.


What's your name?



you hitting on me... Dale?

- No.
- [slams book shut] Good call.

[keys jingle]

[keys jingle]

BRIGID: I haven't felt whole
since the night I was shot, but...

I thought it was in my head, PTSD.

But shit, she really wants to kill me.

TYRONE: Don't worry.

I'll take you somewhere safe,

and Tandy and I will go after her.

TANDY: [stammering] No, no.

No, Brigid's the only
one that can help us.

I can't even shoot straight
anymore. I'm useless.

TANDY: You heard Mina...

you're the same person.

Same memories.

If anybody knows where the
other Brigid is going, it's you.

So, if you were her...

where would you go?

What kind of place is this?


Sort of a hotel for
the broke, or forgotten.

TANDY: Why here?

No windows on front.

Rear access is shoddy.

From the fourth and
fifth floors, you can

access another rooftop, if necessary.

I used to walk past here all the
time from Fuchs's place and think,

"If I ever got in trouble,
this is where I'd hide."

TANDY: Well, let's find out if you did.

- [knocking]
- [gasps]

No one went in your room.

I didn't mean to make
eye contact, I'm sorry.

Just give me my key, please.

[keys jingle]

[keys slide, jingle]

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

What is all this?

This is Mayhem.

- [church bell ringing]
- [choir singing, indistinct]

[choir continues]

MAYHEM: Excuse me.

Are you Father Francis Delgado?

That's a timely question right there.

I'm looking for a student
of yours, Tyrone Johnson.

I was told you were a friend of his?

I was his advisor.

Any idea where he might be?

Police aren't supposed
to be on school grounds.

And I already gave a statement, Officer.


[school bell rings]

And I really need you
to help me find him.

Listen, I'm all out of cheeks to turn.

I won't be party to any more
harm coming down on that boy.

No, I'm not looking to hurt Ty.

I need his help.

I'm looking for someone...
someone dangerous named Connors,

and Ty might be able to help me.

And in another lifetime...

Ty was a friend.

At least, he was to me.

I don't know if he'd say the same.

You're a cop. Can't you find
this Connors on your own?

I'm not really with
the police right now.

Ah, and why is that?

I don't fit the whole "protect
and serve" racket anymore.

Looks like I'm not the only
one making career changes.

So, what?

You were fired?

I should've been.

So, I'm walking away.

I didn't think you could ever
really stop being a priest.

I don't think you'll ever
really stop being a detective.

[school bell rings]

He didn't do it...

the cop.

Tyrone, he didn't kill him.

Does it matter?

[choir continues, indistinct]


[Tandy chuckles] Hey, Ty, look.

You've got a deranged map twin.

Credit card. With your name on it.

BRIGID: That explains
the calls from the bank.

Check these out...

I walked all up and down the 9th
ward, and these are everywhere.

At least somebody's
looking for these girls.

Brigid, if you were
starting with these flyers,

what would you do next?

BRIGID: I'd find out
who these girls were.

How they were vulnerable.

And who would be dangerous
enough to take them.

And that's what this room is all about.

She was tracking the girls.

Figuring out how they were being moved.

Bet that's how she found
the ambulance company.

The driver, he said...

- he said something before she...
- TYRONE: What'd he say?

That there was gonna
be another job tonight.

But, he didn't know where.

TANDY: So, where do
you think she'd go next?

I don't know.

Yes, you do. That's why we're here.

So, come on, tell us where you
think that she went, because...

Okay. If I'm gonna do this, you
need to give me a minute, okay?

- TANDY: Okay.
- Yeah, we'll wait in the hall.

- Come on, Tandy.
- [door opens]

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter in distance]

Do you think I'm like her?

- Map on the wall, stolen weapons...
- No.

[scoffs] No, that's ridiculous.

I mean, those people in the
club, they were all there

- because of me.
- They're dead because of her.

She's a force of destruction.

And you're a protector.

How do you know?

Because you protect me.

- You really think Brigid is up to this?
- I do.

Brigid's tough.

Yeah, I don't think that's
the tough part of her in there.

Yeah, well, she can
have her breakdown later.

♪ ♪


When I was undercover,

I kept case notes on playing cards.

I learned it from this
reporter in New York.

So, she must've learned the same thing.

But the order didn't make sense,

until I remembered this old
card trick my dad taught me:

the Four Kingdoms.

To find the girls, she
started with the drugs.

When you're dealing
with any volume of girls,

drugs are the way to ensure
all of them are pliant.

That's what led her to
the gangland meeting.

TANDY: And here's where
we found the ambulances.

BRIGID: The next place
she'd go is Pier 81.

Vice knows that's a...

hot spot for drug traffic.

You mean this Pier 81?

♪ ♪

TANDY: Okay, you're
certainly in her head.

So where does the next card take us?

BRIGID: This deck here is all about

the more acceptable
New Orleans sex trade.

Who's up for a trip to Bourbon Street?

We exist in our own personal hell.

[indistinct chatter]

All knowing, on some level...
as we play the victim...

that we do it to ourselves!

We inflict the cuts that...

burn when exposed to air.


We ignore sickness,
pretending everything is fine!

And the momentary relief
of sin will not deliver us.

Despair comes... for all...

[indistinct chatter]

♪ ♪

- [groans]
- MAYHEM: Bless me, Father,

for I am about to sin.

♪ ♪


[phone camera snaps]

heard you were back.

What are you doin' in my patrol car?

- [indistinct police radio]
- Uh, you mean the car

you left unlocked,
ignoring proper procedure?

You could get written up for that.

- I, um...
- I'll tell you what, uh...


you get me coffee,

four creams, five sugars, and
we'll forget this ever happened.

[relieved sigh] Okay.

BRIGID: Excuse me, Chief?

O'Reilly. Good first day back?

- How's your shoulder?
- Fully articulate.

I was just wondering
if there'd been any more

information on Detective Connors.

No new leads.

And if I were you,
I would leave it at that.

Uh, why?

You're the last one to see him alive.

He shot you.


someone is going to wonder if
you are what happened to him.

We all know you have that
dark streak in you, O'Reilly.

[out of breath] Coffee... Detective.

[dance music]

TANDY: Okay, we go in,

we find the owner,
and we find out what he knows.

BRIGID: What if she's
here? How do we stop her?

Have you guys ever faced
anyone as strong as her before?

TANDY: Listen, we can handle it.

Ty's gonna find a way around the front.

- What, just walk into a strip joint?
- Yeah.

That's generally how you enter places.

- By walking in.
- BRIGID: I think this is the door.

TANDY: Brigid?

Listen, if we don't come back
in 10 minutes, then you...

I know. Come in blasting.

- We got this.
- Yeah, you do.


[electronic music playing]

[gun cocks]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

[music continues]

[distant commotion]

[Carl grunting]

[Brigid and Carl grunting]


Will everyone give it up for Tandy!

Just stepping up to center stage.

You can't just keep tearing
up the city and hurting people.

MAYHEM: Hurting people
works sometimes, Tandy.

Those girls we're looking for

are at the Bayou Brothers
Truck Stop in Slidell.

- Isn't that right, Carl?
- [Carl groans]

We can get to them
if we leave right now.

Are you with me? Or are
you gonna slow me down?

TYRONE: Brigid, look!

Don't do this.

[Carl grunts, groans]

♪ ♪

You're gonna have to
do better than that.

[both grunt]


♪ ♪

[music continues, muffled]

Hold it right there!

- Seriously?
- You have the right to remain silent.

Or what... you're gonna shoot me?


Now you're making both of us look bad.

If you're gonna shoot me, shoot me,

That's what I thought.


BOARD MEMBER: A vote has been
called regarding excessive force

against a young woman in the
9th ward. As you all know,

for an official parish
investigation to continue,

approval must be unanimous.

[crowd murmuring]

[gavel pounding]


How say you?







- [crowd erupts]
- [gavel pounding]

[gavel pounding continues]

BOARD MEMBER: Everybody,
please... everybody, please!

Please. That was a "nay" from Johnson.

There will be no further investigation.

[car struggling to start]

- [mutters]
- [car struggling to start]



[car door closes]

Car trouble?

It's probably the carburetor.

That's not the carburetor.

So, what was that
meeting about in there?

The usual.

The "community" trying to pin
all their woes on the cops.

Are you a police officer?

Used to be.

PBA now.

I used to know a cop, um...

James Connors, you ever hear of him?

Back in the day.

"Back in the day" you rolled together.

It's not your carburetor.

- Someone stole your spark plug.
- What?

- [thud]
- [Bradford grunts, groans]

- Connors, where is he?
- [choking] I don't know anything.

Oh, you most certainly
do know something.

You were his partner the night
Billy Johnson was murdered.

Covering for him is kind of your thing.

No... I mean, about the Johnson kid.

He didn't mean to hurt him.

[groans, choking]

Connors convinced me to back his story.

He said his uncle...
would take care of me.

Said I could bank a favor.

[choking] But a year later...

when I'm gettin' kicked off the
force on a trumped-up drug charge,

he's nowhere to be found!

Aw, bestie break up with you?

Look, I tried to find Connors, I did.

I-I got nothin'.

- [thud, grunts]
- Damn it.

I believe you.

I hope you find the asshole.

I never should have vouched for him.


- But you did, didn't you?
- I told you...

You watched an innocent kid get shot,

and then you banked a favor.

You don't get to play the victim.

- [Mayhem grunts]
- [bone cracks, chokes]

[Bradford grunts, thuds]

♪ ♪

Well... now, I suppose you can.

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter] _

They're running a deal inside.

Two for one on Redcoat English Gin.

As Paul Revere said, buy in bulk.

You're not an easy man to find.

Leave it to the good detective.


good detectives don't
go around killing people.

If you want to confess,
I'm not your man.

God lost my number.

I'm not asking God to hear me.

I found a person that I thought
would lead me to my bad guy,

Connors, but...

turns out, he was just another dead end.

- You killed him for that?
- No.

I killed him because
I felt he deserved it.

Are you worried about your soul?

- God's reckoning?
- Here's the thing...

sins have weight,
guilt attached to them.

I don't feel any of that.

If I have a soul, it's not in this body.

The man I killed, he was
my last link to the bad guy.

I'm never gonna find him.
He gets away with it.

So what?

So your personal
vendetta goes unresolved?

Who cares?

The whole world is in pain.

You wanna use your freedom?

Look beyond your own bullshit.

What if I just want to hurt people?


S-start with the ones
who deserve it, I guess.

Hey, Father!

The Redcoats are coming.

[paper crunches]



We're too late.

[female voices, indistinct]

[girls whimpering]

TYRONE: Hey, Brigid, you wanna
go check on that driver?

- BRIGID: Yeah.
- TANDY: Hey, you guys are okay.

Okay? You're safe now,
we're gonna take care of you.

Did you guys happen to see a
woman that looks just like her?


[stammering] She saved us.

♪ ♪

[ambulance engine running]

♪ ♪

He has a pulse, I'm calling it in.

BRIGID: Do you have any idea
where you were headed next?

- GIRLS: No...
- BRIGID: Okay, that's okay, uh...

come with me, let's get you warm. Okay?

TYRONE: Tandy, what's the matter?

"What's the matter?"

Everything! This is so messed up!

- We're getting to the bottom of it.
- It's not gonna help, Ty.

It's not.

We stop one gang, one
operation, it doesn't matter,

there's hundreds more.

This world, being-being a
woman, it-it doesn't matter!

Tandy, of course it does.

You know what it took to find these girls?

We didn't do it.

Brigid certainly can't. I mean, maybe...

- Look what she did to this guy!
- I see.

And maybe he deserved it.

- Tandy...
- You know what? No, he did.

Because he was in the act of doing it,

and the only thing that stopped
him was the act of Mayhem.

By tearing the place
apart and hurting people.

- She saved them.
- Do they look safe to you?

They're petrified.

Look, she didn't even call the police.

- All right? She's not right about this.
- And what if she is?

♪ ♪

♪ Crash the system Hack the planet ♪

♪ Death to the frauds and the fakes ♪

♪ Set fire to the stakes... ♪ _

[chains rattling] _

Who the hell are you?

- [men yelling]
- [grunting]

[man grunts]

[both grunt]

- [blade slices]
- [man grunting]

♪ ♪

[man grunts]

- [glass cracks]
- [man grunts]

♪ ♪


They're pretty shaken, I'm not getting

anything out of them.

Not that way.

[crying, sniffling]

TANDY: May I hold your hand?

[popping static]

♪ Don't leave me here ♪

♪ All wrapped in fear ♪

♪ The darkness... ♪

It was nothing.

Ty, I...

I touched her, but there's nothing.

♪ I can't wake up... ♪

She has no hope.

Can you try?

♪ This nightmare won't let me ♪

♪ Let go... ♪

[crying out] No! No, please! No!

Let me help you!

[crying, screams]

[girl screaming]

[continues screaming]

♪ And I, I can't escape it ♪

♪ I can't escape it ♪

♪ I can't escape, no... ♪

I know where they were goin'.

[girls whimpering]

DELGADO: There's no point, no purpose!

There's no plan, brothers and sisters.

No playbook...

King James or otherwise.

[somber music]

[crowd, indistinct]

[bottle smashes]

DELGADO: Preying on fears.

Since He won't do a damn thing.

'Cause the good Lord only helps
those who help themselves.

So, save your prayers, your candles.

Save your pleas in the dark of night.

They make no difference to Him.

TYRONE: That's what I saw.

Then this is where we're going.

DELGADO: 'Cause the only
thing that matters...

is what you do in this moment.


[indistinct police radio chatter]


WOMAN: What, did
O'Reilly get lost again?


MAN: Making attempt to contact
at 501 Franklin Avenue.


MAYHEM: I always knew you were weak.

Just a scared girl,
pretending to be brave.

Pretending to be police.

Well, you've had your chance.

It's my turn now.

[water sloshes]

Come on, where are you?

Oh, finally, what'd you see?

Two guys in the back, same as the front.

[panting]: I'll, uh...

- I'll go in and look around.
- Do you know where you're going?

Nah, I'll figure it out
when I get in there.

- Not alone.
- We have to get the girls out.

All right? We-we can't just go in
there fighting, people'll get hurt.

I know, just... be careful, okay?

[men chatter, shout, indistinct]

♪ ♪

[indistinct chatter continues]

In the back.

They're locked in...

- Locked in?
- Yeah.

Look like cells.

Ty, you don't look so good.

Look, I'll manage. We do this now.

What if we wait?

You-know-who is on her way.

She can take care of the gang members.

We get the girls and
bring 'em to Brigid.

- We are not waiting for her.
- Why not?

Because her style of "shoot
first, ask questions later"

is what got my brother killed.


Then we'll find a distraction.

- How many guys were in there?
- At least five.


I have an idea.

You're gonna need to move back a little.

- What are you gonna do?
- You have new tricks...

so do I.

[The Revivalists, "Oh No"]

♪ That wide-eyed wonder
can't help herself ♪

- [crashing]
- [gang members groaning]

- Go!
- [music continues]

♪ That wide-eyed wonder
can't help herself ♪

♪ If I wasn't a dead man
walking the streets ♪

♪ You know I'd be happy... ♪

[girls whimpering, panting]

Look, you have to be quiet.

♪ When you left me with debt ♪

♪ And all that you can say is ♪

Take care of them.

♪ "Baby, I'm sorry" ♪

- I'm bringing more back.
- Okay.

Come with me.

Yo, what the hell was that shit?!

♪ That ain't how I need to know ♪

♪ That ain't how it's going down ♪

[gang members yelling, indistinct]

♪ That ain't how it's supposed to go ♪

♪ That ain't how I need to know ♪

♪ That ain't how it's going down ♪

♪ And you can hitch
your wagon to a star ♪

♪ And let the wheels
spin 'round and 'round ♪

Hey, brah, they're gone.

♪ And you can put them
bullets in that gun ♪

♪ Let the shots ring out downtown ♪

♪ And you can beg your
sister for a dime ♪

♪ But that money won't
keep you clean... ♪

- [gun cocks]
- GANG MEMBER 2: Hold up there, Blondie.

♪ With liquor shots and Maybelline ♪

♪ Oh no, that ain't how
it's supposed to go... ♪

How the hell you did that?!

♪ That ain't how it's going down ♪

♪ Oh no, that ain't how
it's supposed to go... ♪

- [horn honking]
- [man gasps, yells]

- [gunfire]
- [thuds]

GANG MEMBER 3: Solomon! Get in here!

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Stop! We already got all the girls out!

Great, that makes my thing easier.

♪ ♪

Where the girls at, man?

- Tell me what happened to 'em.
- [Solomon pleading, yells]

[rapid gunfire]

♪ ♪

[gunfire continues]

♪ ♪

[gunfire continues]

♪ That wide-eyed wonder
can't help herself ♪

♪ ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ That wide-eyed wonder
can't help herself ♪

MAYHEM: Hello?


[motor running]

♪ ♪

Who's up for awkward reunion pancakes?

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx