Cloak & Dagger (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Rabbit Hold - full transcript

Previously on
Cloak and Dagger...

You just embarrassed
the Uptown Block Kings,

which stands to make them more
paranoid, and dangerous.

But I'm not
out of trouble, am I?

With Connors MIA,
there's not enough to exonerate you.

You have any idea
where he could be?

- Someone has to be looking for them.
- Someone is.

These folks right here.

- Who are you?
- I'm the one who's gonna find those missing girls.

After I was
shot, I divided into two?

What is all this?

This is Mayhem.

The next place she'd go
is Pier 81.

Who's up for awkward
reunion pancakes?

What was that?

I don't know.

- You don't know? How could you not know?
- I don't know!

Okay, well, then...
where did she go?

- How am I supposed to know?
- Because she went inside you.

She didn't go inside me... okay?

I-I don't think so,
that's not how it felt.

What did it feel like?

It felt like she was...
being sucked through me,

and then put onto
somewhere else.

And why do you think that?

'Cause it happened
once before...

- Ty, what the hell are you talking...
- Connors.

It took Connors.

That night on the roof?

Hey, you girls wait
in this room, okay?

Ty, that was months ago!

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Look, I didn't know how to.

You've been living here.

Like this, for months.

You said without Connors,
they couldn't clear you on anything.

- You don't have to tell me...
- Kinda feels like I do, Ty.

You've been posting up this
excuse to avoid life... Evita.

Your parents, and this whole
time, you could've...

I could've what?

If I could bring him back,
I would, but I can't.

Look, I want to go home.

I want my life back,
you know that.

But... but it's not
like I can just...

just step into myself.

Maybe I could do it.

Two people enter.

- One... also enters.
- That's not how it works.

Then, how does it work?


We know you Kings
were holdin' those girls.

You wanna tell us
where they were heading?

Yo, don't I get a phone call?

- How did it go down with Connors?
- He pulled a gun on me,

and it protected me
again, but...

This time...

- whoosh.
- Yeah...


That's exactly how
it went with her, too.

She... she shot up the whole
place, and then... whoosh.

I need to go in
and get to her, Ty.

We only found them

because she knew where to find
them, and she still does.

You saw what they
were doing to those girls.

Yeah, and, I also saw what she
did to everything in her path.

I got a girl caught up in this.

And I can't unsee
what I saw, can you?

No, I can't.


maybe shit needs
to go boom again.

Shit needs to go
bigger than boom.

You need to be afraid
for your life.


Make me afraid.

Boy that blew up
our action last night?

I got a name.

"Tyrone Johnson."


I need a unit to double back
to the truck stop to check on...

Excuse me.

Take her.

- What the hell is going on?!
- We're processing her.

- Why? She's the victim.
- Prostitution is still a crime.

If she flips on these guys
we'll drop the charges.

If she flips on these guys,
they'll kill her.

They're far more scary
to her than you... no offense.

This is a hell
of a collar, Detective.

But do not confuse it
for your case.

You're a guest in
the Bywater House,

and you're wearing out
the welcome mat...

"no offense."

What if I'm not afraid of you?

You always have been
on some level.


I'm probably the only person on
Earth who knows the real you.

You know what I've been through.

What I'm capable of,
but that goes both ways.

I see your darkness, too.

Why didn't you tell me
about Connors?

We were in the middle of
saving the world at the time.

Yeah, and then,
we weren't, for a long time.

And you were hangin' on tight to
this piece of driftwood... why?

- I don't know.
- I think you do know.

What's goin' on with your

equally traumatized heart, Ty?

- I don't know.
- If it were me,

I would bring him back and I would end
him, right here on the spot.

How's that for a scary thought?

It's not that simple.

And your parents.

They're separated.

From each other. From you.

Don't you want
a whole family again?

- Of course I do.
- Then why on Earth would you not pull him...

Cause what if I
can't protect them?!

What if they die,
just like Billy?

What if I pull him out and I'm
not brave enough to stop him?

To end him. Again.

- Just the thought of that...
- Terrifies you.

- We're gonna talk about this when you get back.
- Assuming I get back.

You got this.

Go get her.

And be careful.


Hey, can you hear me?


Hello? Can you hear me?

Hey... hey, Brigid, you okay?

Did you take the girls
to the, uh...

They're with me at
the Bywater Station House.

But we have bigger problems.

It's the Uptown Block Kings.

- They saw your "Wanted" poster at booking.
- Okay, well,

they don't know about
the church, right?

No, but you do have
an address on record.


Don't even think about...

- Mom...
- Tyrone?!

- Ma, it's me.
- Oh, my God...

Oh, my God!


I'm sorry I scared you.

Where did you go?

Because of course you are...

What the...?

Here you are.

So, what're you here for?

- Are you all right?
- I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

- What about you?
- I don't know.

I-I walked through this
"door" that my friend made.


Your Divine Pairing.

So, you... so you
get that channel?

- We get all the channels.
- So, that means you're not...

- really fun-sized Tyrone.
- Nope.

So, what's your name?

I have too many.

I am that which stands
at the crossroads.

St. Peter... Atibon...

Papa Legba.


Well, uh, Papa... um...

I walked through this door because
someone came in before I did.

A woman, she was bleeding,
and I followed the blood here.

She's wearing a green jacket.

Have you... have you seen her?

I've seen blood...
and a green jacket.

- But it was worn by half a woman.
- Yeah.

Okay, the, uh, the scary
half, though, right?

- Do you know where she went?
- What do you want from her?

I just... need to pull her out,

so she can help me find
some bad people.

Maybe save some lives.

Is that all you want from her?

- Absolutely.
- She's not gonna be able to leave on her own.

You're gonna have to
take her out with you.

So there is a way out?

The only way out is through.

Through what?

Through the gauntlet
of transactions.

What, are you just walkin'
around with a gun now?

What are you doing here?
You shouldn't be in New Orleans.

- What the hell are you doing here?
- Mom. Mom, look.

- What happened?
- I need you to listen to me, okay?

- Are you okay?
- We got to get out of here.

- What are you talking about?
- I messed with the wrong guys, the got my name.

They might have this address,
so we got to get out of here.

- So, they might be heading over here?
- Yes.

Oh, Tyrone...

Wh... Mom!

I don't see anything.

You have to pay to play.

"Let go"?

Pay to play.

Give it up, and go on.

You'll have it
whenever you want it.

Just know,
if you take it out in there,

the journey's over.

"Give it up"?

Give this up?

- What is all this?
- Don't worry about that stuff.

- Look, Mom, we got to go now!
- I heard you.

I just need a minute.

So, head into uncertain doom without
the only thing that keeps me safe?

It's not the only thing.

Mom... Mom!

Mom, we got to go!



- What's this?
- Your receipt.

Why does it have this on it?

Every coin has two sides to it.

Come on, come on!
Look, now, hold on.

Look, I know this
is gonna seem weird,

but I promise it's safe.


Wait, so the other side means...

What are you doing?!

We got to go!

- Ty, you okay?
- Yeah.

Why isn't this working?!

Get in, get in!

How do you even know
how to do that?

Some things you never forget.



Hello, is anybody here?!

What the hell
are you doing here?

Why aren't you pulling out
one of your little...

They only come out
when I'm afraid.

Why are you here?

I need to know what you know about
what happened to those girls.

I offered you a team-up,
and you said no.

So, now, just stay out of my face
until I can find my way out of here.

That's the thing, though...

Papa Mystery over
at the gas station

said you're only a half person,

and that you can't
get out on your own.

You talked to him, too?


I talked to Ty.

But it... it wasn't Ty.

It wasn't Fuchs, either.

So, I pissed off,
and found my way here.

He said if you want
to get outta here,

you're gonna have to
do it with me.

Good luck, Princess.

I've given this place a once over
six times, and best I can tell,

there's no way out.

Mrs. Johnson?


- Detective? Alarm went off at this place.
- Yeah, I heard the same thing.

Um... this is...

- was... Tyrone Johnson's house.
- The cop killer?

I better call in a BOLO.

- All units be on the lookout for Tyrone Johnson.
- Makes sense...

We have reason to believe
he's in the area.

- Who were those men?
- They call themselves the Uptown Block Kings.

They run drugs, guns, girls

- around and about the Bywater.
- How did you get thrown in with them?

I didn't get thrown in
with them.

Was actually
throwin' down with this...

What're you even doing in the city?
The police are looking for you.

You should be literally
anywhere else.

Why would you stay here?

'Cause this is home.

It's a miracle
you're still alive.

- I know.
- I thought I raised you smarter.

Get ready to go.

But, go where?

Right there. See?

- Seems simple enough.
- Right?

Except there is no there, there.

I've been here for hours,

and the mall ends
at those mirrors.

Curiouser and curiouser.

there's nothing in these mirrors,

which is weird
for mirrors, right?

Or not...

What's wrong with your side?

- Why can't we see you?
- Maybe Papa Mystery was right.

I do need you to get through.

Only question is...

which you?

- What?
- You look exactly like her.

Why not "she looks
exactly like you"?

Because she's Brigid.

And what does that make me?

You're the toxic side.

The pain, the anger, the...

The what?


Nothing wrong
with a little mayhem.

It's one way to shake up
the status quo.

the status quo is okay.

And sometimes,
girls are stolen and sold into slavery.

Oh, wait... that's all the time.

This way. Come on.

You don't need to pull
me, Mom, I'm not a child.

Then stop acting like a child.
Keep your voice down.

Hey! You two, there!

Come on, this way.

What were those papers?

The ones on the dining
room table you were hiding?


I'm not a kid anymore, Mom.

In your absence, I've been doin'
what I can to get you home.


- And cleared.
- It's not possible.

Not without Detective Connors.

He's my only way back
into any kind of a life again.

How do you know that?

I'm not a kid anymore, Mom.

And what do you mean
"doin' what I can"?

You can't get in trouble, too.

I haven't been a kid
in a long time.

Mom... Mom, we can't stay here.

Come on.

Follow me...


Go to the mall a lot
when you were a kid?

Stopped being a kid early.

I used to go every other day.

- Obligatory movie, occasional manicure...
- Seems like fun.

Why are we stopping?

'Cause this is different.

Someone's been living here.

For months,
from the looks of it.

- You know who this reminds me of?
- I do.

Whoever did this
was scared of your boy.

I knew someone who was scared.

And scarred.

Went missing months ago.

Who's that?

You know who.

And the fact that you
pretend you don't know,

suggests that you do
know "you know who".

Do you wanna get out
of here, or not?

- I don't even know where we are.
- I do.

Here, we can go in here.

- Nobody's gonna come in here.
- How do you know?

Um, because it's haunted by
300-year old vampire nuns.

- Is this where he's been this whole time?
- How should I know?

You know what he did,
right? To Fuchs?

I do, but I also know
that Ty needs Connors alive

if he's ever gonna
get his life back.

Here I was, thinking
that you were a warrior...

I am, but when it comes to Ty...

When it comes to men,
they've have their own power structure,

and they do not need
your help propping it up.

What's wrong?

This is different, too.

What the hell?!

Look at the pictures
on these records.

And the names on the dividers.

I know a lot of these names.
A lot of these faces.

These are our missing girls.

What is this place?

It's the Clemence Convent.

Tell me about
these vampires nuns.

When New Orleans was still an
up and coming trading port,

France sent women to, uh,
help populate the city.

These girls would travel
across the Atlantic,

unknowingly being sent
into the arms of...

vagrants... and thieves.

Usually never to be heard from
by their families again.

Louisiana is no
stranger to sex trafficking.

All the major highways
nearby keep the blood pumping.

Lots of migrants
taken advantage of.

But this recent rash of
disappearances was different.

I noticed that more and more girls
were missing from the city proper.

Legend has it
that the King of France

hand-picked these group of girls
known as the "Casquette Women".

Each one traveled with
their casket-shaped box.

Many of the girls in here
were lost to begin with,

for one reason or another.

Selected, I'd wager, because...

they would not be missed.

Like Mikayla.

The transatlantic
voyage was rough.

It chapped their skin,

ruined their hair,

makin' 'em grotesque to the men
tasked with selling 'em.

However these girls
were selected,

they were lifted
without a trace.

Put in those ambulances
and moved

without anyone
ever seeing them go.

Their appearance
was so unsightly

that they were sneaked into the
city under the cover of night.

And, uh, hidden in the attic

of the convent here.

But I still don't know who's
paying for the ambulances.

Or what the rhyme or reason
of their routes are.

The next day,
a horse drawn carriage

slowly pulled two dozen caskets

from the dock...

into the convent here with no
explanation as to what was in them.


the legend of the Clemence
vampires was born.

Whatever we're looking for,
whatever monster this is...

it must have something
to do with this place.

This city is full of monsters.

Hell, some have even
set up camp here.

But this is a different breed.

I mean, what kind of monster needs to keep
all this pain catalogued in one place?

It's a pretty good question.

But I've got a better one.

- What?
- Where'd you learn that story, anyway?

About... about the girls?

A friend.

She told me about it.

Does your friend have a name?


It wasn't that blonde girl who
showed up at the door last year?

- No, no, no. That's... that's Tandy.
- Yeah, okay.

Yeah, I don't like that one.

Do you know my ID badge went
missing after her little visit?

- Maybe you just lost your badge.
- Mm-mm.

No, somethin' wrong
with that girl.

Tandy's just...

Tandy's just complicated.

What the hell
do you think this is?

It's my life.

The crappy parts anyway.

I can see people's hopes.

These seem like they're
parts of, um...

when hope was...


What's the word
for "lack of hope"?

Why are those
still shrink wrapped?

I don't know...

Let's find out.

So, this Evita...
how does she know so much about vampires?

Yeah, her family owns...

one of those Voodoo shops
in the quarter.

She does those tours. You know?

Yeah, I know...
I've never been on one.

How many have you been on?

Eh, don't worry about that.

A mother needs to
worry about that.

Yo, I got 'em.

There's a pumped
bottle in the crisper drawer.

And there's some formula behind
it, in case she's still hungry.

Sweetheart, I have a half
a day of work to catch up on.

You had that last night.

And I gave you a break...
Another break.

I have, God, a year
of sleep to catch up on.

This is not a competition.

Well, it certainly doesn't
feel like a team sport, either.

Watch how you talk to me.

Do you understand the pressure
that Roxxon has me under? Do you?

Listen to me,
I-I have deadlines.

No, look at me!

Enough of that noise.

You really gonna do this to me?

- I got a code.
- I saved your life.

Where in that code does it
say hold a gun to my mother?

You don't understand.
I hear the way you guys talk.

- You from uptown.
- That don't matter.

It shouldn't matter,
but it does.

No, you don't worry about her.

You look at me, I know you.

I see you... I saved...

your life.


- I'm not your son.
- You're somebody's son.

What's your mama's name?

I grew up just the other side of
Frenchman Street, maybe I knew her.

Even if I didn't, I don't think
she'd be real proud

of what you're doin' right now.

You want to be a big man,
you come at me.

My son hasn't had
a chance to live.

Not for a long while.

Now, maybe not like you, but...

He's trying to make his way,

and I want to see him grow up.

Go to prom.

Get a job.

Get married.

You want that stuff, too, right?

Look, I ain't tryna to...

Don't shoot.

I won't.

You can trust me.

You don't need
to listen to that.

They ain't gonna let this go.

I'll go out and distract them.

- Mom.
- They are gonna find us.

And they're gonna kill us both... at
least this way, you can run away.

Look, there's another
way out of this.

I can make this right.

Look, it's just one more,

and then we'll be
out of here, okay?


I can make time if you can.

What did he tell them?

That the 5-0 is on the way.

So, that's the plan,
to lie about the police coming?

No. Not lie.


Hey, it's Tyrone.

I need your help.

Ugh, one minute honey,
Mommy seems to have lost her keys, again!


- Look, I'm not gonna argue about this one.
- You can't do this.

- They could kill you.
- I'm gonna shoot for capture best as I can.

"Pull your pants up," right?

know very well that's not enough.


- They gave me 60 seconds. I'm on about 40-something...
- Then get her out of here.

Tell them I held her hostage,

and she had nothing
to do with anything.

Tell them I'm unarmed.

- And, uh, I'm surrendering.
- Tyrone...

Look, Brigid's one of
the good guys. Stick close.

- I am not leaving you here.
- Ma...

He'll be okay.

He can take care of himself.

I know that.

Okay, let's get the hell...

outta here.

Male, 18-years old...

two teams, Alpha team
enters through the front,

Delta team enters
through the back.

Hey, I told you, he's unarmed.


So was Fuchs.

Hey! Let go of me!


Tyrone, they're coming for you!




Ma'am, calm down.

I'm sorry.

What was that?

I said... I'm sorry.

Yeah. I don't care.


What is happening?

I broke the rules.

Ty? Ty!


Tandy, what happened?