Charlie's Angels (1976–1981): Season 5, Episode 15 - Mr. Galaxy - full transcript

When several attempts are made on body builder Ron Gates' life, the Angels are hired to investigate. Kris stays close to Ron and protects him from several more deadly traps. Kelly poses is a reporter from a bodybuilding magazine, Julie goes to work at the Mid-Valley Club, and Bosley starts working out there.

CHARLIE: Once upon a time,

there were three
beautiful girls.


Two of them graduated
from the police academy.

The other graduated from
a top school for models.

And they each reaped the rewards

of their exciting careers.

But I took them
away from all that

and now they work for me.

My name is Charlie.




ARTIE: So you're gonna
have to train this hard

if you expect to take
the Mr. Galaxy title

away from Chuck Wilde.

Oh, come on, Artie, lay off me.

I've been training
hard. Wait a minute.

I'm bigger and I'm
more cut than he is.

Let's get to it, Ron.
Wait a minute, Artie...

Hey, Chuck Wilde
is in peak condition.

You know it and I know it.

You wanna win that
title, we gotta work.

Okay, load the bar. Let's
do some bench presses.

All right.

Oh, sure, go ahead, lay there.

Let me do all the work.

All right, quit
complaining. I'll do it.

Maybe I should
enter the contest.

Don't do me any favors. Here.

Artie? Yeah?

Put a little more
weight up. Good.



A good workout,
then rest tonight.


We're ready. All right.

Okay, champ.

Look out!

And that was just
too close for comfort.

And like I said, Charlie,

this is not the first time that
Ron almost got hurt, and bad.

CHARLIE: And you don't
think they were just accidents?

Someone's trying to stop
Ron from winning Mr. Galaxy.

Bosley, why don't
you fill the Angels in,

starting with Chuck Wilde,
the current title holder.

Okay, Charlie.

This is Chuck Wilde.

He started out as a gang
member in a rough neighborhood,

took up body building
while in prison.

He was released eight years
ago and has no record since.

Mr. Wilde has held
the Mr. Galaxy title

since he won it SIX years ago.

And he'd be a
cinch to win it again

if Ron was not in
the competition.

Think he may be trying to
eliminate the competition?

Yeah, permanently.

Now, Angels, no

And what about Norman Powers,

Chuck Wilde's manager, Bosley?

I seem to recall some
adverse publicity about him.

BOSLEY: This is Mr. Powers.

He managed a small gym in
Venice where Wilde started training.

Mr. Powers is a
notorious gambler,

but always just inside the law.

Yeah, after Chuck
won his first title,

Powers smelled big
endorsement bucks,

so he latched onto
him as his manager.

Then Norman
Powers had a big stake

in Chuck keeping
the Mr. Galaxy crown.

Oh, yeah.

Is he still managing
the Venice gym?

No, now he manages
a high-class place

called the Mid-Valley Club.

The owners there would
probably throw him out,

but Chuck attracts too
many new customers.

Okay, Charlie, who's next?

I'm sure you're all familiar
with the name Danny Barr.

Owner of the Center Dome.

Controls local boxing,

and is reputed to have
heavy underworld connections.

Nothing to add, Artie, Ron?

Well, after I won the
Olympic boxing gold medal,

I signed a management
contract with Danny.

He's pretty angry
because I quit fighting.

Why would anyone be
angry that you quit fighting?

Well, Danny did invest a lot of
money in Ron's boxing career.

It must have taken a lot of guts

to walk out on a man like Barr.

And maybe now Mr. Barr
is trying to spill them.

Now, that's exactly what
we must prevent, Angels.

Kris, you stay close to
Ron, keep your eyes open.

Kelly, I've arranged for you

to be a staff reporter on the ..
Leading body building magazine.

And, Julie, you and Bosley

are expected at
the Mid-Valley Club.

You'd better bone up on ..
The use of Nautilus equipment.


I thought that was the
name of an atomic submarine.

Well, you have until
9:00 in the morning

to learn the difference.

Good luck, Angels.

Bye, Charlie. Bye.


What are you doing
here, Powers, slumming?

Or you're just checking
up on your handiwork, huh?

I heard you had
some trouble, Ron.

Artie and I can take care of it.

That's not what I hear.

You know, I've got, uh,

friends who could
protect you from accidents.

And who's gonna protect
Ron from your friends?

Cool it, Artie.

No thanks, Norman.

I'm staying with Artie.

Well, you know,
you're making a mistake

turning down a
chance for big money,

a modern place to train.

Well, it's your funeral.

speaking, of course.



What were you
doing with Ron Gates?

Chuck, what are
you so upset about?

Don't give me that act. You
cooking something up with Gates?

What would I be cooking up?

Don't lie to me, I saw you.

You saw me? What
were you doing there?

Never mind.

I'll see you later, Mr. Manager.


Hello, Ronnie.

What are you doing here?

What do you mean,
what am I doing here?

I got an interest in
the Mr. Galaxy contest

that's being held in my arena.

And I got an interest in
you winning the contest...

because after you
become Mr. Galaxy,

you're gonna come back
and box for me. Right, Ronnie?

I can't fight anymore, Danny.

Look, Ronnie,

I understand you've
been having a little trouble.

Now, if you were still with me

I could protect you from
the people trying to hurt you.

Danny, please let me buy my
contract back from you, okay?

It is not the contract.

It's pride. You hurt my pride!

Besides, I let you
walk out on me,

every stumblebum in town
thinks I'm an easy pushover.

Danny, you know that's
not... Don't say anything!


I'm gonna give you a minute

to talk it over with
your advisor here.

If I don't like the answer,

then you're gonna
talk to the boys here.


Well, Ronnie?

It's no good.

No, Danny, I can't
fight anymore.


All right, show him.

Hey, wait a minute.
No, no, please, stop.


Stop it. Please. Stop.

Stop it.

Everybody, stay
right where you are.

Real still.

Move off.

What have we here? Wonder Woman?

Doesn't matter who I am, mister.

This gun's loaded. Move.

Okay, okay.

Come on, let's go.

Let's leave him with his mother.

You all right, Artie? Yeah.

Did they hurt you? No, I'm okay.

You all right? Yeah, thanks.

Artie? Yeah, thank you.

Why didn't you fight back?

Forget it, please, Kris.


Well, who were those guys?

Don't ask, Kris.

Nice place you got here, Artie.

Isn't there some place
else you could train?

Yeah, the Mid-Valley Club,
but Chuck Wilde trains there.

I'm all right here.

It's only a couple of days
till the contest anyway.

Hi, Selena.

How are you?

New girlfriend, Ron?

She's pretty.

And I sure hope that
she's luckier than I am.

That is not fair, Selena.
Now what do you want?

Hey, Artie, I just
wanted to find out

if Ron was okay, that's all.

I'm fine, Selena.

How's Tommy?

You don't have to
worry about Tommy.

I'm taking real
good care of him.

Look, I would've
been to visit him,

but I've been
training. Maybe after...

Look, it doesn't matter anymore.

You've done enough
already, okay?

I mean, you got to watch
out for yourself now.

Hey, Ron's got to work out, huh?

Now, if there's
anything we can do,

let us know, we'll do it.

Sure, Artie.

Oh, I will.

You take good care
of yourself, Ron.

Who was that?

Tommy Hansen's wife.

Who's Tommy Hansen?

Okay. I know. "Don't ask, Kris."

Ron, why don't we
go for a little ride

and get some fresh air?

Maybe clear your
head a little bit.

We can talk about
it if you want to.

If you don't want to, we
don't have to talk about it.

Yeah, I think
that's a great idea.

That way I'll get the
place cleaned up here

by the time you get back,
you can get in a good workout.

Okay: Come on.


All right, I guess you
deserve an explanation.

I had six professional fights.

I won five by knockout.

The sixth fight was tough.

No matter what
I hit this guy with,

he just kept coming
back and back.

Finally, I unloaded
my best punch

and I knocked
him out of the ring.

That's what it's all about, huh?

That's the point,
Kris. Tommy Hansen.

He didn't regain
consciousness for a week.

He's still got a
lot of problems.

He's my friend and
I almost killed him.

I'll never hit
anyone ever again.

I can't do it.

But this isn't the same
thing. Those guys are animals.

I don't care, Kris.
I can't. I can't do it.

But they were hurting Artie.

They could have killed you.

I don't understand.


What's that fool doing?


What's going on?



I wish we could've been
more help to the police.

Those dark windows, I
couldn't see the driver.

Did you get a license number?
No, it happened too fast.

But I did see a
decal in the window.

Could you make it out?

I couldn't read it, but it
was one of those birth signs.

A ram.


That would be
impossible to trace.

Listen, they want to
take an x-ray of my head,

make sure I don't
have a concussion.

You want me to go with you?

No. Why don't you stay
and wait for the tow truck?

I'll call Bos, he
can pick me up.

Okay. Okay.

Yeah, I'm ready.


No, no, mister.

The idea is for you
to work the machine,

not for it to work you.

I think you better tell
that to the machine.

How do I get out of
here? Let me help you.

You got too much weight on you.

Yeah, well, I want
to build up quickly.

I just may want to enter
that Mr. Galaxy contest.

You think you got a chance?

Sure, sure.

A little training,
I think I could

probably take that
Chuck Wilde character.

You look like a fellow who
knows his way around a gym,

you wanna help me train?

Sure, pal, but first,

let's get you back
in the machine.

Oh, yeah.



Hi, I'm Julie. Good.

You must be my lunch relief.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I am.

Great, because I'm late.

I gotta go meet my boyfriend.

Sally, will you get Chuck
Wilde in here, please?

Yes, Mr. Powers.

Hi, I'm Julie Rogers.

Uh, Sally's lunch relief.

Oh, okay. Okay, fine.


Hello, Mr. Powers' office.

Just a minute, please.

Mr. Powers, there's a
Mr. Mason on line two.

Thank you, Julie, and
please close my door.

am I paying you for?

MAN: It's tougher
than I thought, Powers.

POWERS: It can't be that
tough, he's done it before.

MAN: There've been
complications. Just have patience.

I don't need patience. I
need results, and now.

Oh, Mr. Wilde...

You can go right in.

Oh, Chuck, good. I've got
some papers here for you to sign.

Releasing me from your
management, I hope.

Releasing you? Chuck,
baby, why would I release you?

We've been a good team.

Maybe so you can
manage the new Mr. Galaxy.

Isn't that what you were
talking about with Ron Gates?

What are you saying, Chuck?

You'll win the title
again, I'm sure of it.

You better be sure of it

because I'm not signing any
more papers until I'm sure.

Listen, you're just upset.

I'm buying lunch. Come on.

It'll take more than that
to solve our problem.

Don't worry about
it. We'll find a way.


Hi, Charlie, it's Julie.

Come in.

Mr. Barr, I called
earlier for an interview.

I'm Kelly Garrett.

Oh, yeah.

You're that reporter
from Healthfare Magazine.

Look, forgive my curiosity,

but why would Healthfare
be interested in me?

And more important,
Miss Garrett,

why would one of Charles
Townsend's operatives

be interested in me?

It couldn't have
escaped your notice

that Ron Gates has been involved

in some very mysterious
accidents recently?

And you're gonna try to
pin them on me. Is that right?

I'm trying to discover
the truth, Mr. Barr.

The truth, Miss Garrett,

the truth is if I wanted that
bum dead, he'd be dead.

You get that?

End of interview.

You can call off your
brave bulls, Mr. Barr.

I'm leaving.

We didn't even get
a license number.

I mean, we were absolutely
of no help to the police.

Ron went back to the gym.

I'm gonna go back
there now and get my car.

Okay, I'll drive you.


Good, I'll head
back to the office

and see what Charlie Horse...

I mean... Oh, you
know what I mean.

Charlie Horse?

Oh, Bos.






ARTIE: Yeah, is that you, Kris?

Where's Ron? Is he okay?

Yeah, yeah, everything's fine.
We just had a great workout.

He's upstairs taking
a Jacuzzi now. Why?

Something is wrong.

Somebody was just walking
out of here with a tool kit...

Where's the Jacuzzi?
Upstairs to the right.

What's the matter?

No, questions now. Come on.


Hey, what an honor.

A visit from the
number one contender.

Come on, Chuck. We didn't
come here to start trouble.

We just need a place to train.

The rats scare you
out of your own place?

Yeah, the two-legged rats,
but you know all about that.

What do you mean by
that crack, little man?

He didn't mean anything,
Chuck. Come on.

Look, Chuck, what is it?

Are you worried that Ron is
gonna show you up or something?

I can outlift him the
best day he ever had.

Talk is cheap.

Come on, Artie,
we don't need this.

Maybe your boy is
scared to lift a little.

Hey, take your best shot.
Let's see what you got.

Let's see.

Okay, how much is on there?

Two hundred.

Let's put some real
weight on there and see.

Go ahead.


Wait a minute, Ron.
Couple more dimes?

RON: Yeah, why not?

Guys, another ten each.

What do you two
think you're doing?

I don't care what you
do to yourself, Ron,

but Chuck's gotta be in
top shape for the contest.

Come on, let's break this up.

Hey, some guy left this
for you at the front desk.

Come on, come on,
let's get out of here.

"Must have the
rest of the money.

I'll be waiting for
you at the studio."

When Mr. Wilde
gets to the studio,

we'll be there waiting for him.

Come on.

Hi, Chuck.

I'll bring you the money
after I win the contest.

They want it now.

It's the best I can do.

You gotta help me,
Wheeler. It's important.

I'll do my best,
but no promises.

Thanks, Wheeler.
I'm counting on you.

Shh. Here they come.

Wait a sec till they get clear.

Okay, you go check inside.
See what you can find.

I'll follow Wheeler. Okay.

What do you think
you're doing there?

I'm with the Board of Estimates.

I'm checking out this property.

You're not with any
Board. What do you want?

What is this?

You don't look like one of the
street toughs from around here.

You're not a cop, are you?

Right, I'm a police officer.

So you better return my gun.

No, lady. You're no
cop. You broke in here.

That isn't legal. Drop it.

Hey, what's going
on? Who are you two?

What are we gonna do with him?

There's a bathroom back
there. Let's put him in there.

You can't do this.

I'm gonna borrow these
for a little while, okay?

You won't get away with this.

Come on, get in.

Come on, let's go. Okay.


Excuse me. Can you tell
me where Mr. Barr's office is?

I have an appointment
with him. Sure, miss.

Right over there,
but he isn't in.


Wait a minute. Hold it.

Well, if it isn't the
pistol-packing momma.

I'm sure you're looking for
something? Maybe we can help.

You're too kind.

What do you think we
should do with her, Carl?

Maybe we should just
shoot her for trespassing.

I can't stand nosy broads.

I think maybe the boss
would like to see her.

Yeah, let's lock her
up in the storeroom

till we pick up Danny.

Come on, now, don't
make it rough on yourself.

Maybe the boss will be
kind to you, but we won't.

I'm getting a lot of attention

from Charles Townsend
and Associates.

You wanna tell me why?

I think you already know
what our interest is in you.

Look, maybe you
don't understand.

I'm a businessman.

As far as I'm concerned,
Ron Gates is a bad investment.

I already wrote him off.

Well, there's a law against
writing people off your way.

Look, lady, there's also a law
against breaking and entering.

My people found you
going through papers

in a private locked office.

So call the police.

Or do you have
something to hide?

Oh, dames!

You give me a swift pain.

Keep her locked up here.

We'll figure out
what to do with her

after the contest.

You two stay here with her.

Don't let her do anything smart.


What's that you're reading, Bos?

Oh, uh, this?

I just thought I should
bone up on how it's done.

Oh, you're planning to
become an iron pumper, Bosley?

You never can tell.

I just might
challenge Mr. Galaxy.


Hello, Charlie, is that you?

Yes, Bosley. Are
we all together?

All except Kris.

We're to meet her later
at the Center Dome.

All right, then. I've got
some information for you.

First Mr. Wheeler,

the man Chuck Wilde
was meeting with.

He's a real estate agent

with whom Chuck's
been negotiating

to build a facility ...for
underprivileged youngsters.

Mr. Wheeler was very
understanding, Angels,

considering you'd put
him in the washroom.

Well, it was only
a small washroom.

As for Norman Powers,

I checked that ledger
page you found, Julie.

He's been borrowing
from Chuck's account

to pay his gambling debts.

Now he's trying to get
a loan from Mr. Mason

to pay Chuck back.

So he's immoral,
but he's not a killer.

Well, that leaves
only Danny Barr.

But we still don't
have any proof.

Well, the answers could
be at the Center Dome,

and Kris is alone there.

Right, Charlie.
We're on our way.

I'd better stay
here. Kris might call.



Kelly, wait.

What is it?

Remember the description
of the car Kris gave us?

The one that tried to run
her and Ron off the road?

Right, a dark sedan
with smoked windows.

She couldn't see
the person inside.

And it had an Aries
decal on the window.

It's right next to Kris' car.
She must have seen it.

We better get her. Wait,

get the license number.
I'll give it to Charlie

and have him call
it in to the DMV.

619 UPL.

619 UPL. Okay. All right.

There he is. Okay.

Artie, have you seen Kris?

No. No, Kelly. What's up?

We were supposed to meet
her here a half an hour ago.

No, we ain't seen her.

contestants, take your positions

on the stage for the
heavyweight event.

All contestants, places, please.

That's us. That's our cue.

Good luck. Thanks.

We better get out
there and look for her.

She may have run into trouble.

I'll check the audience.

Keep an eye open for
Barr too. I'll try his office.

Okay, meet you
back here. All right.


Here they are,
ladies and gentlemen,

the heavyweights for the judging

of this year's Mr. Galaxy.

Chuck Wilde, here to try

for his seventh
consecutive title.

This year, Chuck has
some very stiff competition.



You are now seeing Ron Gates

going through his
preliminary posing routine.

Ron has won several
international competitions

and is very popular
here tonight.

He's one of those body builders

who advocates the
natural method of training.

No steroids or
chemicals of any kind.

Just lots of hard workouts

with heavy weights
and many reps.

MAN: Bravo!


Thomas Muhammad, looks
very good again this year.

Thomas has been our
runner-up several times.

MAN: Bravo!

That's Goldy Carne

who recently won
the Mr. Midwest title.

Goldy looks very
good tonight, folks.

And he's always
been a favorite here.

Mr. Barr.

Mr. Barr.

What can I do for
you, young lady?

I was supposed to meet
a friend of mine here,

but I can't find her. Well,
it's a pretty big place.

Maybe you better look
in the lost and found.

No, really. She said she
was coming to see you.

She's about 5-foot-3,
blonde hair, real pretty.

Her name is Kris.

I haven't seen anything
looking that good in a long time.

Honey, I'm late,
I'm sorry. But...

And look at Chuck Wilde.

/It's no surprise that he's
held the title of Mr. Galaxy

for six consecutive years.

This contest isn't
over yet, folks.

Chuck has his work
cut out for him tonight.

Here's Big Phil Fine.

Just look at that definition.

Phil's a top contender
again this year.

Watch as he flexes those
back and neck muscles.

Phil is in top form.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

there'll be a
brief intermission.

After that, the final judging
for the title Mr. Galaxy.


Isn't that Kris' bag?

Yeah, I found it in
Danny Barr's office,

but no Kris.

What? That creep.

I just met him in the hall.
He said he hadn't seen Kris.

Is there anything missing?

Her gun and ID.

Let's tell Ron.

Ron, we can't find Kris.
We've looked everywhere.

Do you have any idea
where she could be?

Kelly, Julie, listen.

The car that ran Kris
and Ron off the road

was rented to a Selena Hansen.

To Selena?

Oh, no.

Where can we find her?

She works in the box office.

Hey, where are you
going? Never mind.

Next event? If I'm not back,

start without me. I'm
not winning by default.

I'm going with you to make
sure. All right, come on.

Selena, wait up.

What's going on?

Some questions we
need answers to quick.

You rented a car from
Ace Car Rental Company?

Yeah, last week for Mr. Barr.

Where's Barr now?

Gee, I don't know. He
was here a few minutes ago.

Selena, is there a
place in this building

that Danny keeps locked?

A place no one
else has a key to?

That could be Storeroom C.

He won't let anyone in
there except Frank and Carl.

Where is it?

Down the stairs, second
corridor on the right.

Okay. Thank you.

You might as well sit
down and relax, gorgeous.

You aren't going anywhere until
the boss figures out what to do.

Then you might not
be going anywhere.

So Mr. Barr is the
one responsible

for the attempts
on Ron Gates' life?

The big jerk never should
have double-crossed Danny.

Shut up, Carl. You
too, lady. Sit down.

I said sit down.

Or what?

Don't make it tough on...

Hold it.


All right.

Thanks for that.

No, thank you.

All right. Let's go.



It looks like the judges
are having a tough time

deciding on this event.

Chuck Wilde is in his best form.

And the newcomer
Ron Gates posing now

is right up there with him.

The judges have
looked at Ron twice.

Now they want
Chuck to pose again.

This is the closest race ever

for the Mr. Galaxy title, folks.


And the judges have
given their decision.

After six years,
lady and gentlemen,

a new Mr. Galaxy:

Mr. Ron Gates.

Yeah, yeah!


Well, I guess that does it.

Yeah, I guess we better
escort the champ to his car

turn Carl and Frank
over to the police,

and let them find
Danny Barr. Okay.

We'd better wait outside
while these monsters change.

Yeah, right.

KRIS: Yeah!

Ron! Ron, look out!



Mm, Bosley, where'd you
learn to make this fruit punch?

Chuck Wilde gave me the recipe.

Another bad boy gone good.

We certainly had
him figured wrong.

Yes, we did, Angels.

Chuck has teamed
up with Ron and Artie.

And together, ...they're
going to build that gym

for the underprivileged

And Danny Barr
will have to conduct

his sports empire
from a jail cell.

Well, I hope he'll be
a good sport about it.

Well, Charlie, all's
well that ends well.

No truer words were ever spoken.


I'll get it.

MAN: I have a
delivery for Mr. Bosley.

Uh, yeah, right this way.

You're kidding. Oh, my.

What is this? Christmas?

JULIE: Wait a
minute, wait a minute.

Let's see.

"To the next Mr. Galaxy.

Your managers, Chuck and Ron."

That's great.

Get on, try it.

Try it out.

Chuck and Ron, they
think of everything.



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