Call Me Bruna (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Capitulo 2 - full transcript

Bruna's mother visits her in the brothel and wants to take her back home. Then, Bruna helps her coworker in an strange disease.

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I do not want to disturb.

You shouldn't have lost your virginity.

Take me a test.

This is less than agreed.

You don't want me as a friend...

We will see how far they
hold me as an enemy.

Low! Go! Low!

Business license, health
permit, tax identification...

Today I'm going with this one.

He learned fast.

Can I go with her?

What is your name?

Bruna, and I do whatever you want.

She is minor!
She's a fucking bitch, Stella!

If the police and the press come,
what will I say to my daughter?

If they find her here, it's
me they're going to arrest.

Are you the mother of Raquel Pacheco?

For those who believed that he did not have...

When I was a child, I
never wanted the day to end.

To fall asleep, my father
had to tell me a story,

otherwise I would cry
non-stop, until he came to tell me.

It was almost always the
same, almost always the same

words, the same pauses.
Sometimes a word was forgotten,

changed a part or
the order of sentences.

And there I looked at him
to see if he had realized

the error, but I don't
think he even realized it.

What I wanted most was
to have it just for myself.

The story was about a
doll with a cotton belly,

I knew it by heart.

The part I liked the most
was when she said that the

doll, when she grew up,
could be whoever she wanted.

I thought he was saying it to

me, or for me,
and I believed it.

As if modifying the story
to pass me a message.

Every night the same message,

And I grew up believing
that I could have a cotton belly

sugar wings, woolen
hair, button eyes,

and be who I want.

He could be whoever he wanted.

-Yes it's here.

Good Morning.

Good morning, I'm here to talk to Raquel.

-I don't think there is anyone with that name...
-Yes there is, there is.

I got a report that my daughter

is here, so please
open the door.

Just one minute.

Hello, can you hear me, Mrs. Nancy?

Tell me, Assis.

There is a lady here
asking for a certain Raquel,

I already told him that there is
nobody with that name but he insists...

Yes there is.
Open the door please.

Press the button while speaking, I
don't understand what you're saying.

-Please open the door.
-Just one minute.

-I know she's here.
-It's a minute.

-Mrs. Nancy, I'm squeezing it.

She insists that she wants to enter
and is looking for a certain Raquel.

-Excuse me!


Who do you think you are to enter
someone else's house like that ?!

Raquel! Call Raquel!

"If not, I'll call the police!"
-Why don't you come back...?!

-Do not touch me!
-Come back later and talk to the owner.

I won't wait for anyone, call Raquel!


You will be the first to fall
prey, for exploitation of people,

-Dirty bitch!
-Call the police, call them.

So that your spoiled girl appears
in all the newspapers of San Pablo.

If we don't clean it, it's worse.

-I'll give you back the money he took.
-Quiet, let me finish this.

-What good is a crippled security?
-Stay still.

We will change this situation,
as we already did three times.


-Chau, I loved it.

Let her come up, Nancy.

May it be the fault of whoever raised her.

No mother deserves to see that.

But as you insist... Go up.


Hey, shut up that shit!

How is it possible...

Get dressed, Rachel.

Get dressed, go.

Nobody knows you're here,
I didn't even tell your father.

We will pretend that
it is not happening.

Go away, mom.

Get dressed, Raquel, I order
you, I still have the right to do it!

-I will not go.
-Yes, you will go!

-Get out!
- You're leaving here!

I will not do it. Let go!

You are going to leave here, I order you!
Didn't you hear me?

-I will not do it.
-Then you go like this.

You hurt me, shit!

Go Go!

What's happening here? Get your
hands off her! I don't want trouble here.

-I won't go...

Let's go!

-Why are you doing this to me?
-You think it has to do with you, right?

I'm here because I want to, I like it.

Repeat it, repeat it.

I like it.

Life is a matter of luck, we
must accept what comes.

It is the worst shame
of my life, you are bad.

You're bad!

Crazy, get out of here!

If he ever comes back and gets me
in trouble, you can gather your things.

I'd rather have loss before
seeing your face again.

I'm not leaving here with one
hand in front and the other behind.

It is not fair that you change me
for that capricious that just arrived.

You went crazy? Do you think I'm
going to pay you for what you did?

Posters, motherfuckers, the police,
what else are you planning to do?

We did it to protect you, the
one who should go is Bruna.

What happen?

Go, leave me.

What's wrong?

I'll call a doctor, it's a minute.




Hold on to me

Stay here...

You ruined my work night...

Stay there, stay there.

-What is that?

Hurry up!

Stay there, my baby. Stay here.

Tell me what happens to you.

I took an abortifacient.

Help me save the baby. Forgives.

What did he take that shit for?
My mother should throw her out.


Permission, help me.

Excuse me.

Hey, I already did my part.
Now it is your responsibility.

Is there a doctor here?

Call a doctor!


Are you with Eugênia Pereira?

-Eugênia Pereira.

Yes, it's me.

She is fine, but
needs special care.

Since I was a girl I know that I
can't have children, I had a problem

They told me I could
never get pregnant.

What happened was like a miracle.

If you weren't here...

Now I'll have the baby, anyway.

I will always thank you.

Why did you tell my mother?

I need this more
than you, forgive me.

-Your assignment, boss.
-Not here...


And the money?

It's here, calm down.

Stop! If I don't shoot!

Are you fucking with me, you son of a bitch ?!

-Every month you make something up!

Calm down, calm down.

-Your time is running out, son of a bitch.
-It was in the backpack, brother.

-Did you understand?
-It was in the backpack, brother.

-In the backpack?
-I do not know what happened.

So, go find it.

Luke! Down the volume!

Hello... What did they do to you?

I don't know, I just brought her.

But what are you going to do here?
It has to work.

I'll talk to Stella.

It is only for a few days,
somewhere I am going

to find, it is not the
only whore of San Pablo.

"What have you done now, girl?"
-I've taken a vacation.

The remedy for pressure, I can't

stop taking it, the
heart is treacherous.

And there's Lucas's
prep course fee...

Can't your father afford it?

Did yours pay for it? You
cannot count on men in this life.

So are families, mother and
children helping each other.

Claudionor! Claudionor!

I'm here with the
construction company people!

-Good Morning.
-Good Morning.

Isn't it too early to
come knock on the door?

Is that what they want,
right? Tear down the

rubber shop, and by the
way my house, by force.

This is the technician who
comes to see the beam.

You already know Everaldo.

Have you decided to invest?

I thought I had changed my mind.

I still have no reason for that.

Is the money offered by the construction
company not enough reason to leave?

There is not only one
way to earn money.

Already opened?

I'll find a good reason
to convince you to go.

-Hi, Mo.
-Hi, Gê.

-All good?
-All good.

-Give me one?
-Sure, grab.

I brought him in to pick out
the candy for Ketlyn's party.

I love "beijinho".
I like it more than a real kiss.

I love it too, but I
prefer a real kiss.

-My favorite sweet is "bug do pé".
-Which? The pink?

Give me a piece.

Tell me, isn't it like an orgasm?

Are you sure you've already
had an orgasm, Mônica?

Are you going to let
me go to Ketlyn's party?

I don't know, Monica. It's a
long way off, I haven't decided yet

I would love to meet Ketlyn.

You tell me if you already
had an orgasm, I let you go.

-It's all run.
-I'll fix it.

I told you not to stay away from
me, where did you spend the night?

You can't lock me up.

If you want to stay, you
will have to do what I want.

Is that what you wanted?

Gê, it's with you.


It really is Georgette,
but I call it Gê.

I love you.

Take it off.

Take this off.


Moan, bitch.

How much money did you get
to pay the people for the play?

Two hundred, isn't
that what we agreed to?

I counted 50 times and the account does not close.

There is someone in this
house taking money from me.

I liked the service, I will be your client.

For God's sake, don't destroy my life.

It depends on you.

Delivery for you.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Do you already receive
gifts from a fan, Bruna?

Do I help you.

How cute, is it you?

What a nice picture.

Wow, how many photos.

Let me see it.

Let me see this one.

Wow, Bruna. Did you go to Disney?

My dream is to meet someone
who has been to Disney.

-Leave it alone.

What's wrong?

-Do you want coffee?

Would you cheer up?

No way.

That girl's mother
keeps causing trouble.

I mean the roller coaster.

-What are you talking about? From the roller coaster?

Worse, I can't get on that
kind of thing, I throw up.

Was it your mother who brought the things?

No, it was the transporter.

I grabbed that one.

What are you going to do with it?

When I have children I will tell
them that I have been to Disney.

Do you have children?


But when I get married, I
want to have three daughters.

I already thought of the
names: Vânia, Sânia and Tânia.

And when are you going to get married?

-I still have to find the woman.
-I also.

-A woman?
-No, a man.

Are you this little princess?

And this little kiss...
Don't you want to give me one?

Where is my money?

Where is my money?

Get out of here, otherwise
I'll call your mother.

-Who are you going to call?
-To your mother.

-Who are you going to call?
-Go away.

-Who are you going to call?
-Go away.

Who are you going to call?
Tell me who you gonna call

I'm not kidding, Bruna.

You are going to deliver
by hook or by crook.

Here, get ready with your mother.

You think I'm stupid?
There was a lot more money here.

Did you think you would do it for free with me?

Your hour is up.

Go away.

That's about interest.
There is your money, you can check it.

Hey, I'll pay my debt to
you, it's safe, I'm trying

to sell a property, there
will be money, all safe.


Sleep here.

You are in no condition
to go home now.

Shitty life.

What will you do, Gê?
Where are you going to work?

Stay here, you can sleep
in my bed if you want.

It's only going to be a few days,
until everything calms down.

What's the use of working elsewhere,
if the guy already knows you?

-He realized you're a whore.
-They are not understanding anything,

when they have a daughter,
they will understand my situation.

It is late, the best thing
is that you assume it.

I'm not like you, girl.
Do you think I'm a daddy's baby?

Do you know what it's like
to feed a daughter every day?

Do you think I chose this
life for pleasure, like you?

There are people who
have no choice in life.

Don't be a hypocrite
... You say you're here

because you need it,
but everyone has a choice.

Are you going to tell me that
you don't like what you do?

-Tell everyone!
-Putita without shame.

You are a whore.

You are not understanding
anything, when you are my age, scar

from cesarean section and
sagging breasts from breastfeeding,

You will tell me who the hypocrite is.

For you who thought
I was missing,

I wanted to tell
you that I'm fine,

I live in São Paulo, I am working and
I finally achieved my independence.

There is no day, and there
will be no day, that I don't

think about my family, and
all that they taught me...

If I have offended someone,
I hope they forgive me.

It is time to look forward and have
the courage to fulfill my dreams.

Now my name is Bruna,
and I do what you want,

oral, vaginal and anal.

I'm waiting.

Enough, Benito.

How many times are you going to see it?