Call Me Bruna (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Capitulo 1 - full transcript

Raquel decides to work as a prostitute in a private club. As clients start to like her more, envy is created upon her co-workers.

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Father, mother,

teacher, boyfriends.

They all gave me orders.

Now I am Independent.

I own my legs. From my thighs.

I own the marks on my skin.

I own my abdomen.

These breasts

they are mine.

I own this shoulder.

I own this neck.

This mouth is mine.

I own my entire body.

Do you want to know me better?

Do you want to see more?

- Assis.
- Ms.

You had asked for two weeks,
three have already passed.

I have no hope that it
will end anytime soon.

Give me a specific date, Assis.

I can't open the American
Bar without getting ready.

Inform clients...

Will it take you
long to attend to me?


Come back tomorrow.

- No, I can't tomorrow.
- So...

Come, Assis.

See that stain on the ceiling?
It is getting bigger.

They are going to repair it a
thousand times and they won't fix it.

Doña Estela, didn't you say
that the problem was the shower?

My dear, if the
stain starts from

up there, just do
a little reasoning.

Are you new here?

The Red. Red suits you best.

Which one did you choose?


You need to repair it again,
and I want it ready today.

The water bill comes a fortune.

Yes ma'am.

What are you still doing here?

I want to work.

Do you know where you are, girl?

Are you sure you
are in the right place?


I saw it on internet.

I've already worked
in other places like this.

You shouldn't even
have lost your virginity.

I don't know if it was a
prostitute or one who was here.

I have experience, you know.

I've already done everything in bed.

Anal sex without problems.

I know how to deep
throat in oral sex.

I attend couples.

I attend single women.

If in doubt, try me.

Let's go.

Take a test with me.

What the fuck is going on down here?

Only I work in this cabaret?

If you need more, ask me.

Keep your clothes here,
and what you have of

value, keep very well so
as not to generate envy.

This is yours.

And if I do not want?

If you don't want what?

If I don't want to
be with a client?

If you are not sick or dying,
you should take care of him.

Where do you come from, girl?

Show me your ID.

- For what?
- If you want to stay, show it to me.

Don't tell anyone. Please.

If you do not want
to be with a client,

you will have to pay
for the house part.

It's okay.


Hello what's your name?

Yes, yes, I have experience.

This is the third
house in which I work.

I've already worked
a bit in nightclubs,

I like this more
homely atmosphere.

Do you want to go up, cute?

Can you stand it?


Hi. All good?

Did you come to relax, cute?

It is what I am looking for.
I liked the blonde.

- We climb?
- Let's go.

- Will you be back next week?
- Clear.

- Red.
- Vermelho.


That man is mine.
Is it clear to you?

Do you know what you
will spend that misery on?

In medicines.

You are going to get sick.

I'm funny.

Look how good I am.

I am beautiful.

And I am pretty. And young.

I wiggle a lot

And I do a wheelie

I fall and I get up
I fall and I get up

Excuse me.

Let's go?

What do you want me to do?

Take off your clothes
and wait for me in bed.

Come here.

Open your legs.

Do not look at me.

Look away, girl.

Over another side.

What hard breasts!
I never had a girl like that.

Move it baby Move on.
Move it baby

You're hot!

Thank you.

I love that sense of security
that I feel when I see you.

What is this?

It is less than what we agreed to.

The value is the same
as the other times, and I

think it is reasonable for
the service you provide.

Then maybe you should
accept the proposal from

the construction company
and sell your brothel.

They are not satisfied
with the service you

provide here in the
neighborhood, you know?

I can eat devil's
bread, but I won't sell it.

I will die here.

Be careful what you wish for.

How will everything turn out?

I won't expose myself for a pittance.

Misery, but you need to
make ends meet, right?

If they don't want me as a friend

We will see how far they
support me as an enemy.

Today is a beautiful
day I want to find my love

I'm going to invite her to the
beach Have a beer in the heat

When she reaches the sand
Open her sarong to lie down

He asks me to put bronzer
on him I am unable to get up

She is tanning, driving
me crazy with love...


I love the man who always
returns to the same woman.

Wait for me I'll be back.
I'm going to get the ropes.

How is that going?

What is that?

I am making a dough.

Yes I know. I mean this here.

That is a burn.

I've had it since I was little.
From the feast of San Juan.

Because of the fireworks.

- San Juan?
- Yes.


No. Jorge!

Let's go?

Forgive me, but today I'm
leaving with this girl here.

Let's go.

The girl learns fast, right?

You can't even
say the guy's name.

You won the play.



George. Red.


- Yes, Claudionor.
- Listens. The informant called.

Did you discover something?

The police will be here any minute.

How to any time?

Stella, get the girls out.
The situation is ugly.

- Luis Mário...
- Son of a bitch. Scoundrel.

Did you enjoy any of them, linda?


Enjoyment is not everything in life, is it?

What do you say, Monica?
You are crazy?

Every sacrifice has its positive side.

I'm eating, girl.
Can't you see it?

Go to hell.

- Whose is this?
- It's mine!

Disappear with this from here.

Claudionor gave the green signal.

It can be at any time.

They should get out of here.

Get down, guys! Let's go!
Get down! Let's go!

Come on, get down! Quick!

Get down! Quick! Get down!

All staring at the wall.
Looking at the wall!

Spread your legs. The legs!

Go Go!

Let's check everything!

Get everything out! Everything!

Let nothing remain.
That not about anything.

Permit, health registration,
tax identification.

I want to see everything.

I will turn this house around.
You will see what will happen to you.

- Silva!
- Yes sir.

There. Check the corners.
Look closely.

You, go over there.
Pay attention at work.

Where are the
papers that I asked for?


You seems to be exhausted!

There, Arnaldo. There.
Pass the fine comb.

What the fuck is going on

Wait. I can not.

I can't like that. I can not.

Are you crazy, Jessica?
He didn't even enjoy it yet.

Learn to work, girl.

This is no place for caresses.

It's sex period.

You are daring, right?

Where are you going?

- I will not pay.
- How are you not going to pay?

You took too long to enjoy.

I did not enjoy. I will not pay.

See what you did, Jessica?

You are going to give me that money.

Unhappy little girl.

And so?


Just a box of condoms
and some marijuana.

Shit! With that we do nothing.

They have an informant.

They warned them.

You like the movie?

Who's next?


Who do you want to be with?

With her.

She can't now.

You just attended one!

Yes, but the last one didn't
pay me because of her.


Guys, whoever doesn't
want to go with her,

can come with me because
the room is mine now.

- I'm in a hurry.
- Then come.

I'm also in a hurry and it was my turn.

Then come.

- Do you like it in the bathroom?
- I like it.

No, but it was Georgette's turn.

You must wait for the
room to be released.

But the line is for the
room, not for the bathroom.

How? I still didn't work today.
That is not right.

I don't understand anything else.

This is a mess.

Did you see the validity
of the fire extinguishers?

I changed them myself last week.

Did I fucking ask you something?

Shut your mouth, stupid! Shit!

Did you find something upstairs?


One day is for hunting, but
the other is for the hunter.

Let's go!

Let's go! Let's go!

Get out of here, get out.

Do you think you're at your mother's?
Let's go! Enters!

What do they do?

Girls, what is all this mess?

What is this?

Vacuuming with the door open.
You are crazy?

What are you thinking?

- Killjoy!
- This is not a club!

I don't want clutter in my house.

Would you like them
to snort cocaine in your

sty, with your little
daughter and your husband?

Would you like it?

So here is no place for that.
It is understood?

Really? Well, Nanci.
We were relaxing.

You don't come to
relax, you come to work.

Yes, but the day was very stressful.
Only for that.

We were here quiet,
and that creature

opened the door
to smoke. Not us.

That girl just does stupid things.

Ever since I met her, I
knew she had bad energy.

Bad energy...

Para Monica. I really can't
take that home with me.

You promised you would
take care of it for me!

Leave it there so
Nanci can relax.

If you want, wait for
Stella to reopen the brothel.

I'm going to the street.

- On the street?
- Let's go.

I can go?
I never worked on the street.

So, let's go.

Is this okay?

- You look great.
- Come on, Ge?

I'm not a street whore, dear.

I'm a family woman, and I have
to take Ketlyn to school tomorrow.

Come on, Monica.

It's $ 100, $ 280.

- It's okay?
- Yes.

Can I leave my suitcase here?

- Where are you going to sleep?
- I do not know yet. I will do something.

If you want, get down there.


Thanks, Nanci.

Born evil!

It's not what you think!
Take it easy!


Let me!

Get out of this house!
Female dog!

Go away!

Get out of here. Go away!

- I was sleeping.
- You were what?

I was sleeping.

Get out of here now!
Get out of here!

- Calm down, Nanci.
- Get out of here now!

Get out of here now, bitch!
And don't show up anymore!

Stop, Nanci. Listen to me!

Nanci, I need my things.

Nanci! My backpack, my suitcase.
I need my things. Shit!

Do you want your things?
Do you want your things, bitch?

Open the door, come on.

It disappears!


Where is my money,
you old whore?

Nanci! Damn bastard!

After the signal, say your name

and the city you
are calling from.

Hello Rachel?

- Daughter, is it you?
- Hello Dad.

It's her, Wanda.

Daughter, where are you?

Dad, can you come get me?

I am leaving now.
Where are you?

Tell me where you are?

Speak up, Raquel!

For the love of God!
Hello Rachel?

Can you hear me?
Come on answer.

Answer please.


Georgette, you got me
tired about your husband.

You can't let me know now that he
was late and your daughter got sick.

Either you are a whore
or you are a family woman.

We have no one here.

It still hasn't appeared.
Neither does Monica.

If you talk to them, let me
know why I need to check in.

Aren't you ashamed to come back here?

Let me stay Stella because
I have nowhere to go.

- For the love of God.
- Can I go with her?

She doesn't do it for free.

Let me go with him.
I need to work.

What is your name?


And I do what you want.

I can't believe it, Stella!

Do you want me to kick the client out?

What closes the doors?

She is a minor!
That damn son of a bitch!

She's a bitch, Stella!


Your horns hurt a
lot, don't they, Nanci?

That girl is worth nothing, Stella.

Open your eyes.

Then don't tell me
your ass is burning.

I want my whole body to burn.

Let's go?


Count it.

Twenty five hundred.

Take that to Zé Ricardo
today without fail.

It's less than what you asked
for, but it's what I can give you.

Stella, excuse me, but the way

you spoil that boy
is not right for me.

The fact that you have
seen my son grow does not

give you the right to get
involved in his upbringing.

Tomorrow, stop by
the bank before coming.

At least they won't cut off
the electricity or the water.

- And Luis Mario?
- What about him?

Stella, we are the
hands of that bastard.

I will not continue wasting time

with my contacts
in the police in vain.

You must solve it with him.

If I agree to give him more
money, I will start working for him.

I am fused.
I have nothing else.

And this money?

Either you throw that cow out or I go.

How do you wake me up like
this with that arrogant attitude?

Get out. Go. Let's go.

Shit! I was working, Stella.

I come to rest and that

girl is sleeping in my bed.

You were working, weren't you?
But not here.

The one who worked
hard here today was her.

Yeah, but whoever
keeps this shit is me.

Shit is what's coming
out of your mouth now.

You make a living here to

provide a mediocre family.

If you don't even take
care of what you say, it

won't just be the bed
that you're going to lose.

Try kicking me out.

This brothel won't last a week.

Whores are like cupcakes:

one leaves and 18 comes.

Don't knock on the door.


What's up dude?

What's going on?

Who is your informant?

Who reported the break-in?
Who is your informant?

Did you get the salary today?

Not bad for a brothel thug.

I pay you the bills.

Let's go, Arnaldo.


What the hell of a joke is this?

Is it necessary to tell
you that I told you?

They are all over the block.

Are you a donkey or just crazy?

I knew they would target me!

Call those whores here now!

If they find her here, the
prosecuted and imprisoned will be me.

If the police or the press come, how
am I going to look at my daughter?

Call that girl's
mother urgently.

Tell him the truth.
Tell him he came here and volunteered.

My family is my problem.

I will solve it.

You motherfucker.

Your mother must be desperate.


Do you want me to go

I'm going to find out who it was.

And it won't cost you cheap.

It doesn't matter who it was.

You stay, but do
not leave my side.

Shit Good reward.

Are you the mother
of Raquel Pacheco?