Busted! (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Odd Eye: Detective Team vs Phantom Thief - full transcript

Hired by a client whose family jewels are in danger of being stolen by a nefarious thief, the detectives hurry to get to it first.

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The last case

ended really weirdly.

-I know.
-Lee Yu-jin said

he didn't kill Jung Jae-yeong.

-Then he got arrested.
-I know.

-We needed to hear more.

-He got arrested at that moment.
-For goodness' sake.

-There is another problem.
-What is it?

In order to fill Kwang-soo's position,

we published a recruitment advertisement.

Gosh, thinking about Kwang-soo
makes me angry.

Not a single person applied.


-I don't know.
-Look at this.

-We don't care about

-job experiences or sex.

-The terms are the best.
-It's very convenient.

There were zero applicants.

Usually at least a few people apply for
this job. I can't believe no one did.

-We must do the legwork.
-What should we do?

Let's hand out flyers
to find someone suitable.

-Shall we put up these flyers?
-No one is applying.

-I hope we get someone smart.
-Excuse me?

-Someone smart.
-I know.

It would be nice to get someone handsome.

-By the way...

We have a package.

Hello. Is this the detectives' office?

-Yes, it is.

Thank you.

There is no sender information.

And it just says "detective team."

What is this?

-What is that?


This is...

What is this?

"At a literature competition,

a series of tests took place

and a scholar whose last name is Lee
took the first place.

King Jungjong hung a plaque
which praised him as a man of talent."

What is this place in the picture?




-Is this the detectives' office?

Se-jeong, why do you look so happy?

He is my type.

Finally, there is someone my type.

Did you visit because of this flyer?

-How can we help you?
-I'm not anyone suspicious.

I'm Yook Sung-jae.

Did you come here to become a detective?

Don't worry about my deduction skills.

I don't pass over a single line.

It's not easy to join the team.

Great timing. We just received a package.

Why don't you figure out

-what it's about?
-Someone bring him a chair.

It's okay. I can sit here.

-My goodness.
-Jae-suk lost his seat.

-Hold on.
-Please come here.

Mr. Yook.

-Mr. Yook.

-This is my seat.
-Is that so?

It's okay to sit there,
but you should have asked me first.

Jae-suk got kicked out from the center.

I thought Sehun was going to fight him.

I thought he was going to fight Mr. Yook.
Weren't you?

We solved the puzzle already.

-That's right. It's quite easy.

This is pretty basic.

It's very easy.

-I agree.

-Yes. I must be to your liking.

Really? What are these?

These writings are pointing to one place.

-That's the place.

Changgyeonggung Palace.

Wait. Hold on.

Let me tell you something
in case you misunderstand.

-We solved the puzzle upon the first look.

We were putting it down

when you entered,
so we decided to test you.

Will this suffice as a test?

-Hold on, Mr. Yook.

Passing a simple test
won't make you a detective right away.

Any test is fine.

You need to be cultured to be a detective.

Hold on.

Please excuse me.


-Hello, Detective.

I have a case and was wondering

-if you could solve it.
-Be quiet. It's a case.

You received a package just now, right?

-Yes, we did.
-I sent it.

I see.

My family has
a precious and expensive heirloom

that has been passed down for many years.

-In the past, it was called Byeolanseok.

Now, it's called the Odd Eye.


-Odd Eye?

The treasure, the Odd Eye,
is in grave danger.

-You've heard about

the Phantom Thief on the news, right?

-The Phantom Thief announced

that he will steal the Odd Eye.

Please protect the Odd Eye
before it gets stolen.


-Did you open the package?
-Yes, we did.

You know where
the writings refer to, right?

-Changgyeonggung Palace.
-Isn't it Changgyeonggung Palace?

Yes. It's where
the floor plan of the building

that houses Odd Eye is hidden.

Before the Phantom Thief gets
hold of the floor plan,

find it and hand it over to me.

I will go to Changgyeonggung Palace
by 11:30 a.m.

Please have it by then.

Don't worry. Hold on. Don't hang up yet.

How much will you pay us for the case?

This is an important matter.
Please give me the sum.

Okay. All right.

Why did you turn off the speaker?

We have a new member with us, you know.

-I forgot.
-If we talk about the money...

Does that mean I passed?


It looks like

you have a little bit of talent.

We need to see
if we can develop that talent.

-We will test that.

Will he be an intern today?

-He is an intern.

he will join us for the case, right?

-That's right.
-I will show you what I can do.

Let's go.

Like I said earlier,
today is your first day.

-Refrain from being so flippant

-and watch what we do.
-I will do that.

Watch what the professionals do.


We should have brought some gimbap.

-We can have a picnic.
-Right. I want some gimbap.

How can I help you?


We are here because of a request.

That doesn't mean you can come in here.

-Listen to me.

The Phantom Thief
will steal a valued treasure today.


You don't need to worry.
I will protect it.

-You don't need to worry.
-My gosh.

-Are you looking down on me?

You put me in a pretty foul mood,
but I will stop

-since the weather is nice.

-Enjoy the palace.
-Thank you.

-Go on in.
-Have a good day.

It's okay. Go on in.

-Come on.

I read it, too.

This is the entrance.

Gosh, this reminds me of a school trip.

Look at how beautiful it is!


Myeong Gate.


It says Myeongjeong Gate, not Myeong Gate.

To walk around aimlessly, this place is...

-It's too big.
-It's too vast.

Let's divide the pages among ourselves.

Does each page point to a certain place?

That's right.

-Two pages each.

We will take these two pages.

Each member should do
his or her job properly.

All right. Take them.

Shall we go?

-Let's go.

Shall we meet up here later?

-Let's meet back here.
-There's no time.

Detective Ahn.

-My goodness.
-It's nice.

Here it is! Isn't that the place?

Pine trees on all sides.


There are no walls.
This must be the place.

This place has walls on all sides.

This place couldn't be further
from the answer.

Come here for a second.

I swear this is it. Look, I'm right.

-There are no walls.
-Why is there a game of go?


Detective Ahn, I think this is a hint.

Do you mean this pavilion?

Yes. It's open on all sides.

-Let me see.
-And there are pine trees.


-This is the place.

-This is our place.
-Yes, this is our place.

The pavilion is open without walls.

-That's what I've been saying.

I guess we have to solve this puzzle.

"A fire broke out during the night
and engulfed the palace in flames.

The reflection in the deumeu,
a big bronze water basin..."

I think it's here.

I think that's the bronze water basin
the writing is referring to.

That must be called deumeu.

-It's a deumeu indeed.

The test is easier than I expected.

It's because we are the intelligent ones.

What do we do with it?

I think I have one of these at home.

Since this is a deumeu,

this must be the place in this writing.

It's no fun to solve a puzzle so fast.

Hold on.

What are we supposed to do here?

Oh, we need to find the floor plan.

-The floor plan.
-Yes. We need to find the floor plan.

Yes. It's where
the floor plan of the building

that houses Odd Eye is hidden.

Is the floor plan hidden somewhere?

Let's go to the back.

The back? Shall we go?

"The reflection in the water..."

What? Did you find it?

I am not just a plain detective.

See? This is what comes from experience.

We don't know what's inside.

The floor plan must be inside.

What is this? What is this?

What is this?

Before the Phantom Thief gets
hold of the floor plan,

find it and hand it over to me.


Isn't it a face mist?

I think this is how it's used.

This is...


Hold on.

-I think it's a face mist.
-Did you find something?

Jae-suk, we found something.

-What is that?
-It's a sort of mist spray.

Where did you find it?

We found it inside a deumeu.

That was quick. Who found it?

I did, of course.
I am the brain of the team.

See? This is what we do for a living.

-Okay. I won't say much.

Is it a mist spray?

We sprayed it on the paper,
but nothing happened.

Keep it safe. We will look for a clue.

-Please hurry up.

-Excuse me?
-It's nothing.

Detective Ahn, did you find something?

We found a mist spray.

So did we.

-Shall we spray it?
-We found it inside a deumeu.

-You know,

there must be a type of ink
that reacts to it.


If you continue to spray it,
the page will only get wet.

-Is there one at each location?
-It seems like it.

We need to collect them all?

Here. Gyeongchunjeon Hall.

-"Chun" means "Spring."
-You are right.

-This is quite simple.

"It was sealed with respect."

Do we need to show our respect?

-The hall...

Please open the door.


-He is a bit...
-He isn't normal.


He isn't normal.

Would you please open the door?

What are you doing?

-Everything is going as we planned.
-Is that so?

We don't have much time left.
It's 11:17 a.m.

"The deepest point of the hall."

Did you find the places?

We found one place.

We also have one place left to find.

Can you read those Chinese letters?

-Tongmyeongjeon Hall.
-Tongmyeongjeon Hall.

Tongmyeongjeon Hall.

We got so angry.

-Tongmyeongjeon Hall.
-Tongmyeongjeon Hall.

Tongmyeongjeon Hall.

The deepest point. The best...

"The best carving."

-That's the bridge.

"The deepest point of the hall."


-"The deepest point."
-"The deepest point."

"The stone terrace."

"The spring in the yard."

"The best carving."
Was there something about the spring?

It looks like
the Chinese character for eight.

Here it is.


I become dejected whenever this happens.

We found them all.

-It's another mist spray.
-It's another mist spray.

Will something happen
if we combine all of them?

What are you doing?

At times like this,

you're quite strange as well.

You know that, right?

Hold on. Look.
I will spray it in the center.

-I can smell something.
-You can smell something, right?

I will spray it for you.

-I can smell something.
-Me, too.

-I can smell something.

It could be poison. Spray it here.

The paper changed.
This one is different from the other one.

The other one was like water.

-What is this?

-Hold on.
-"Dae." My goodness.

-My goodness.

-Hold on. Don't tell them yet.

-It's green. Here. Spray the corner.
-My goodness.

What is this? "Go to."

-"Dae" and "Go to."
-"Go to."


-Let's run.
-What is it?

Did you find something? Hurry over.

Give me the pages.

The pages.

At the corner...

My goodness.

-This is...
-What is it?





"Go to."

-"Cheon, Gwan, Go to."

Is it telling us to go somewhere?

Go where?

-"Go to Cheongwandae"!
-Where's Cheongwandae?

-Look it up.
-Does it exist?

-It doesn't exist.


-It exists! Gwancheondae exists.

-There we go. Okay.
-Good job.

-Let's go to Gwancheondae.
-Let's go.

-We did it.
-We are incredible.

Let's go to Gwancheondae.

Isn't this the place?

-It's Gwancheondae.
-It's the place.

-We are here.

It's Gwancheondae.

This is where they studied the sky.

What did they study?

Is this where the floor plan is? What?

-What is that?
-Isn't that the floor plan?

I think it is.

What? Gosh...

-That must be it.
-My goodness.

We should run.

-What do you think you're doing?
-You're mistaken.

This is government property.

-We know that.
-It flew over there.

Don't lie. I saw you pull it.

-You used force.
-You are mistaken.

I've never seen visitors like you.

You are mistaken.

We will put it back.

-No. Give it to me.
-Listen to us.

-You are mistaken.

Whatever it is, it's government property.

Since you were caught stealing,
you ought to go to prison.

-You know that, right?

I am very angry right now.

Write down your names
and contact information.

Why did you try to steal this?

Black glasses.


What are you doing? You punk!

You punk! For goodness' sake!

Stop right there!

-Let's take a look.
-Shall we check?

Does it open?

-What's inside?

Let's take a look.

-The floor plan.
-It's blank.

What? It's blank.

Has it been switched?

-With the floor plan?

It's that man!

He must be the Phantom Thief!

Did he give us this

-That must be it.
-as a bait?

You've heard about

the Phantom Thief on the news, right?

Before the Phantom Thief gets
hold of the floor plan,

find it and hand it over to me.

Why did you try to steal this?

Black glasses.


I see that...

-Is he the Phantom Thief?
-When did he swap it?

He is a bit suspicious.

Let's go back and meet the client.

-Let's go.
-We need to catch him on our way back.

There's someone over there.

-Are you the client?
-The client?

-Yes, I am the client who called earlier.
-Oh, right.

I am sorry. We found this, but...

The Phantom Thief was in disguise.


We had no idea.

The Phantom Thief is quite elusive.

The Phantom Thief took
the floor plan we were looking for.

That's right.

I will give you further explanation
about the Odd Eye.

Please do that. What exactly is it?

The Odd Eye is a treasure
that was once called Byeolanseok.

It's a precious heirloom of my family
that has been passed down for generations.

We've had it for hundreds of years
since the time of King Seonjo.

-Really? It's a family heirloom?

That's right.

Currently, a greedy man

-who is the chairman of SG Group
-SG Group?

seized the Odd Eye
as well as the family fortune.

Is it stored
inside SG Group's building, then?

-The Pavilion in Sangam-dong.
-The Pavilion in Sangam-dong.

An old mansion in Buam-dong.

-An old mansion.
-He hides the Odd Eye

alternately between these two places.

Recently, the Phantom Thief sent

a letter of warning
about his plan to steal the Odd Eye.

-A letter of warning?
-Yes, this is the letter.

"I will take the Odd Eye
so that the shadow of lies

will no longer torment it."

-"The shadow of lies."
-"The shadow of lies."

Why did you spray that?

You're unbelievable!

Why did you spray it on the letter?

You never know.

It was a nice try.

Both buildings have
a two-stage security system.

-I see.
-Had you gotten the floor plan,

you would have learned more
about the security system.

But since we don't have it,

-I will share what I know.
-Please do.

At the old mansion, I took measures

so that the security system
will be deactivated for an hour.

The Pavilion in Sangam-dong has

-the same two-stage security system.

In stage one, if you're caught
by the surveillance camera or laser,

it'll emit a special light source.

If you fail to cover the light,
the security guards will come.

Then someone who is agile and flexible
should go to the Pavilion.

-That's right.

It should be someone who can do this.

-You get the job.
-You're perfect for it.

-Min-young, you're so cool.
-You should go.

There are items that will come in handy.

Don't worry.

Gosh, what is this place?

It looks impressive.

I didn't expect to see a house
at a place like this.

Like I said earlier,
refrain from being so flippant.

-Watch the professionals.

-It's so pretty.
-Hold on.

Once we go in,
we need to come out in an hour.

That's right.

I am working undercover
as a secretary there.

At the old mansion, I took measures

so that the security system
will be deactivated for an hour.

That's right. She said that.

The door is open.

What is this place?

I feel frustrated already.

What are these?

What is that? "Exit"?

The letters spell out "exit."

For goodness' sake.

-I am an educated man.
-Why are there so many buttons?

Do we need to press all of them?

-Try pressing one.
-Should I?

My goodness.

-What was that?
-All right.

-I am scared.
-What is this?

It's written here.

-We should read it first.
-For goodness' sake.

-What does it say?
-I will read it out loud.

"Security Stage One.

Enhance security in the mansion
to create chaos to the intruders.

Install only one button
that opens the door

to prevent intrusion."

There is only one button
that opens the door.

It seems that way.

Does that mean we need to press
every single button?


Is this the place?


This place... VR...

Is there a sensor in here?


The Pavilion in Sangam-dong has

-the same two-stage security system.

In stage one,

if you're caught
by the surveillance camera or laser,

it'll emit a special light source.

"If the light reaches the sensor
on the other side,

the security guards will come."

We need to go that way and find it.

Find what?

The key for that lock.

The key.

There are keys scattered
around this place,

so let's collect them

-and check them all at once.
-That's right.

Sehun and I will go.

We just need to get the keys, right?

I will stay here and cover the light.
Good luck.

Okay. We will get going.

My goodness.

I can see you as clear as day.

Where do we need to go?

-What is going on?
-My goodness.

There are so many things.

I can see you next to the tent.

Min-young, what are you doing?

Don't be afraid. Don't you want to leave?

-We can do this.
-We only have an hour.

We need to press the buttons.

-I pressed it.
-Did you press it?

Nothing happened.

That startled me.

That startled me.

You were hit pretty hard. Are you okay?

How can you laugh right now?

Aren't you going to solve the case?

Does this happen every time?

For goodness' sake.


-Press one.
-You told me to just watch.

No, press a button.
Press the button on the top.

-My goodness.
-My goodness.

That's not too scary.

That's nothing.

It's cute.

He is ridiculous.

-My goodness.
-My goodness.

-Press it.

Detective Ahn, press that button.

I think the box will explode.

Press it.

-Is this not a button?
-What is this?

This is a fake button.

Lift it up.


There must be a clue inside.

-It seems that way.

-My goodness.

-Is this a joke?
-For goodness' sake.

Why are you laughing?

-Let's play rock-paper-scissors.

Let's do that.



Come on. Let's play rock-paper-scissors.




-There are so many bowls.

-What should we do?

I get nervous when I win.
It would be better to go first.

-My goodness.
-I can't believe it.

-It's the last one.
-I think so.


-I won all the rounds.


Why did I lose at such a crucial moment?

That has to be the last one.

-For goodness' sake.

I knew this would happen.

-It has to be the last one.
-What should I do?

How much further will it go?

Come on.

Detective Ahn, you are so fussy.

-We will use up an hour this way.
-We don't have time.



I think this one...

That was a waste of time.

We need to hurry up and leave.

-There are more buttons.
-What is this?

What is it?

-Did I press it earlier?
-Oh, gosh.

-It fell on your cap.
-What was that?

This is annoying.

-Winter has come.
-I'm so pissed.

-What's left?

My goodness.

You're all wet.

You aren't wearing an undershirt.

-It's see-through right now.
-This is...

Hey, did you just do a performance?

You look sexy.

Go and look at the wall for a second.

What are you going to do?

Use these.

Why did you bring these?

Wear them inside the shirt.

-Attach them to your chest.
-Wear them inside the shirt.

Why would you attach them to your chest?

Maybe we should press everything red.

-But pressing this
-That would cause trouble.

-might really ring the fire alarm.
-This is a real fire alarm.

-What should we do?
-What is this?

What is this?

There is no way out.

The sensor began to move.

Stick to the wall.

Stick to the column. That's it.

Hey, I can't see you.

Min-young, you are too visible.

Behind you!

-Sehun, the light came on!

The light came on! It's hot here!

Min-young, what are you doing?

Min-young, that's a good spot.
I can't see you.

Hey, don't do that. Did you find the keys?

-Did you?
-I am exhausted.

Min-young, did you find the keys?

-It will be one of them.
-There's so much light now.

Shall we try the keys?

-It's really hot.
-It's not the right key.

It should be this one.

No, it can't be the right key.

We need to make another trip.

-Another trip?

There aren't many buttons left.

-Press that button.
-This one?

It looks like the right door.


For goodness' sake.


For goodness' sake.

It's not that one.

It's not that one.

How will we get out of here?

-Thirty minutes passed.
-Let's find more buttons.

There are no buttons.

-The trash can.
-Did it explode because I pressed it?

There are no buttons here.

-None here.

-There's one here.
-Sung-jae, there is another one.

Is there another one?

Ouch! That hurts!

Ouch! Don't do this.

-What was that?
-This is...

What is this?

-We pressed everything.
-What's going on?

We need to look at the big picture.

We don't have much time. This is bad.

Is this a button?

-It's not working.
-Is it not a button?

-It looks real.
-Isn't it a real fire alarm?

Don't press it.

Maybe we need to press all red buttons.

Will you take responsibility
if firefighters come?

-You're a former agent.
-That's right.

Right, you're a former agent.

-Press it.


-Did the door open?

This one was the right button.

All the other buttons were fake, right?

That's right.
All the other buttons were fake.

I wanted to press that one from the start.

-For goodness' sake.
-Shall we go up?

I should carry it like this.

-There are wine bottles.

This wine is the same age as me.


-These wines are for them.
-It seems that way.



We could play rock-paper-scissors again.

Didn't we see this painting before?

"In his first year,
King Jungjong bestowed a treasure."

-The sun and the moon.
-It's the Odd Eye.

Press it.

For goodness' sake.

There are clues throughout the mansion.

-We need to find the treasure.
-What is this?

It's here.

-It's the Odd Eye.
-Is this the Odd Eye?

No way.

We need to solve this puzzle to see
if the Odd Eye is here.

I'm too scared to touch anything.

A wrong move could bring
a disastrous result.

-Does this move? Gosh, it moves.

-This is...
-What is this?

This one moves as well.

I get it.
This gold knob needs to be there.

-This one needs to be here.
-The silver knob needs to be here.

We need to move these knobs.

You must have played a lot of games.

-This one is in its place.
-Then we move these.

-It doesn't work.

We can totally see you.

-It might be better to run.

I already went there.

I got trapped.


-I found it.
-Did you find it?

-I found two keys.
-Let's see them.

-Sehun found the right key.
-I think it's the right key.

It's the right key!

-We need to hurry up and enter.
-What is this?

I think it's a hint.

This cat is odd-eyed.

Its eyes are different colors.

"Kkodoo... Kkodoorami."

-What is it?

Did you find something?


This is so annoying!

We need to go back to the beginning.

Who made this security system?

Aren't security systems all digital
these days?

Why is this one a manual system?

Hold on.

All right.

Are you moving them around
without thinking?


-I got it, right?

-My goodness.

What is going on?

Gosh, that startled me.

For goodness' sake.

Look at that. It's the Odd Eye.

-That was so easy.

What is this?

We only have 15 minutes left.

It's inside the glass box.

-If we handle it wrong,
-The clear box.

-it'll explode.
-Yes, she said that.

The Odd Eye will be inside a clear box.

If you try to force it open,
it will explode.

So don't open it,
and just bring it to me as it is.

-Let's press enter first.
-One, one, zero.


"Which precious stone was cut
to make the Odd Eye?"

I don't know the answer.

Is there a hint in here?

In stage two,

the door will be opened
in virtual reality.

Gosh. Come on.


I got it.


Spin it.

It's opening.

-It's really opening.
-That came out of nowhere.

I know.

This door opened.

-This door opened.

Sehun, stop. Let's go.

You can stop. This door opened.

Gosh, those zombies...

-Is there anything?

-Hurry over.
-What is that?

Oh, it's the clear box.

"In which year was the Odd Eye bestowed?"

-How would we know that?
-The paper...

"In which year was the Odd Eye bestowed?"

Which year was it?

"Which precious stone was cut
to make Odd Eye?"

"Which precious stone was cut
to make Odd Eye?"

How would we know?

He hides the Odd Eye
alternately between these two places.


-It's not in here.
-It's not in there.

Call the other team.

-The other team? Okay.

Hello. Did you complete the task?

Jae-suk, by any chance,

-did you come across

some kind of a year?

-Yes, we did.
-Really? What's the year?

-The first year...

The answers must be different.

-King Jungjong's first year.
-King Jungjong's first year?

The year of King Jungjong's coronation.

That's right.

-What was the year?

-It's 1506.
-Okay, 1506.

Here is what we found.

The Odd Eye is made of sapphire.


-Gosh, you startled me.

"What is the name of King Jungjong's cat?"

"What year was
the 39th descendant of KD Group born?"

The 39th descendant?

-The 39th descendant?
-The year of his or her birth.

-It's 1958.
-It's 1958.

Do you happen to know
the name of King Jungjong's cat?



Why is your pronunciation so bad?

-What did you say?
-Say it again.

It's Kko, doo...

-What was it?


Did he name his cat Kkodoorami?

We need each other's information.


It's right. Let's go.

-My goodness.
-My goodness.

-We did it.
-We did it.

We solved everything.


-We did it.
-It's right.

-No way.
-Here you go.

-What's inside?
-Here you go.

What's inside?


-Ours is empty.
-It's not here.

Does it mean
the treasure's in the other building?

-It's a treasure.

-It looks really expensive.
-It's a treasure.

This is...

We've had it for hundreds of years

-since the time of King Seonjo.

-It's a family heirloom?

-Let's go. There's no time.
-Let's hurry.

-Gosh, we don't have much time.
-Let's go.

Let's go.

We need to go to the L7 Hotel.

-L7 Hotel.

Who knew the information would be
at the other building?

Now that I've spent some time
with you today,

I can see that you're pretty good.

At first, I thought you were
cocky and childish.

I came to my senses
after that splash of water.

-You have a good vibe.

That's right. I am lucky.

-There they are.
-We brought it.

-Did you find it?
-How will we split 20 million won?

We should split it evenly.



-There you are.

I am sorry that you had to wait.
We are a bit late.

How did it go?

-We found it.
-We found it, of course.

-We did our absolute best.

-It's here.
-Please show me the Odd Eye.

-Would you like to see it?

-Is it the heirloom?
-Yes, it is!

-It's the heirloom.
-We were suspicious of her.

-She could be the Phantom Thief.
-For goodness' sake.

How could the client be the Phantom Thief?

-We will trust you with the treasure.

Thank you so much.

My father will be very happy.


-As for the fee...
-Oh, the fee.

If you transfer the money to me...


-My goodness.

What is going on?

Freeze. Everybody, freeze.

Hands up! Do you think I am joking?

-Hold on.
-Do you?

Thank you for finding the Odd Eye
in my stead.

You should come with me.

-Hold on.

The Phantom Thief...

Did you just call me the Phantom Thief?

I am grateful, but...

Mr. Phantom Thief, come here.



Is this the detectives' office?


My name means
"material that shines like a star."

I'm Yook Sung-jae.


-Aren't you going to come with me?
-I got goosebumps.

I am so pissed off.


I'm not anyone suspicious.
I will show you what I can do.

You've heard about
the Phantom Thief, right?

-You play really dirty.
-But it worked, right?

If you move,
I will put a hole in your head.

Once I get the Odd Eye out of this box,

I will return the hostages safely.

Also, I had a lot of fun
albeit for a short time.

-This is...
-No way.

Would you make way?

-Se-yeon, hang in there.

If you follow us, we can't guarantee
the lives of the hostages.

-That's right.
-Se-yeon, hang in there.

That's right.

Why are you taking me?

-Give me the key.

-I don't have a key.
-The car key.

Are we going to let Jae-suk go like this?

Where are we going?

-There is someplace to go.
-Just follow us quietly.

-We should go.

Gosh, why didn't he defend himself?

All right. Let's move quickly.

-We don't have much time.
-Let's go.

Why is it taking so long?

-Get in the car.
-All right!

-Get in.
-My goodness.

-The staircase.
-It's to the left.

Gosh, we got played again.

We need to hurry up.

We're so high up.

-My goodness.
-We don't have much time.

Where are you taking us?

-Stay still.
-Just follow us quietly.

-Let's go.
-All right.

This is driving me crazy. I am so dizzy.

-I am dizzy.
-Jong-min isn't coming.


I feel so dizzy. The stairs...

It's like seeing a magic eye picture.

Mr. Phantom Thief,
do you know how to turn on the GPS?

I can't believe you.

-I mean...
-You can't drive.

We need to leave.

Hold on. Why is the gear stick...

My goodness.

Let the detective drive.

-Don't speak nonsense.
-Can you even drive well?

Of course.

-I made a living by driving.

-What are you doing?
-Here we go.

You talk too much.

Why did you drive onto the sidewalk?

I did it to go fast.

It's the first floor.

Hold on. Wait.

Are you the ones who stole the Odd Eye?

There is information I need to relay
to the Phantom Thief. Be quiet.

You need to retrieve the money

for the broker.

Go to platform three
at Digital Media City Station

and wait for the Gajwa-bound train.
The cabin number is 5-2.

You will see the money when you go in.
You must seize it then.

There won't be another chance.


They are way ahead of us.

-We are behind by five blocks.

-It's because of the elevator.
-They're still moving.

They went further.

Is there a GPS tracker on it?

-Follow it.
-You'll see that the Odd Eye is moving.

It's not here right now.

-The Odd Eye...
-It's moving, right?

Give us the GPS tracker.

Okay. This shows the location of
the Odd Eye every five minutes.

Will you sell the treasure?

Knowing that will hurt you.

-They went further.
-They're still moving.


They are going down Moraenae-ro.


It's rush hour right now.
I hope they stop, too.

Jae-suk is unbelievable.

Mr. Phantom Thief, we are finally here.

-Should I get off?

-I will move on to the final location.

For goodness' sake.
During my life as a detective,

this must be the worst day.

I think they are on the subway.

-Where is this place?

Where are they?

I think they are on the subway.

-The subway?
-Yes. Look at this.

-You are right.
-They're riding the subway on line six.

Platform three.

Platform three.

-We have 200m to go.

The Gajwa-bound train, cabin number 5-2.

Okay. Cabin number 5-2.

We are almost there.

-Another 90 meters.

What a strange place to hide a briefcase!

Thirty meters.

This is it.

This is it. Digital Media City Station.

-Shall we get off?

Where are we going now?

Go to the place on the GPS.

It's either the parking lot or further in.

-Isn't that our car?
-I think it is.

Where is it?

-The brown car.

-We don't have much time.
-You said you will let us go.

Hurry up and go.

-That's our car.
-For goodness' sake.

They are here.

Are they here?

-No one is here.
-Where are they?

For goodness' sake.

He's coming.

Are you done?

-Get out. We don't have much time.
-You said you will let us go.

-Get out.
-You said you will let us go.

No. There's somewhere else we need to go.

-Get in this car.

-Where are we going?
-Get in the car.

Check the GPS tracker.

It seems like they're moving again.

-Sangam Park.
-They are in the park.

-Let's hurry.
-Jae-suk left this.

-Let's go to the park.
-Let's hurry.

-My gosh.
-Hurry up.

-What is it?
-Mr. Phantom Thief.

-We have a situation.
-What is it?

I did a background check on the broker

and found that
he was wronged by you in the past.

I don't think you should
show yourself to him.

You are right. I still need to go
to the general store in Hapjeong.

Complications might arise.

Yes. Mr. Phantom Thief, please be careful.

They switched to another car.

I know. Did they do that to lure us?

They are smart.

I will smack him on the head
when I see him.

Seriously. He won't get away with this.

-Should I pull up here?
-Yes, pull up here.

Detective, there is something
you should help me with.

That's him.

-That's him.
-Gosh, this is...

Follow me.

From here on, you must go alone.

-There are reasons.

You want me to go alone?

Go to the broker, hand this over,

and bring back what he gives you.

If you try anything funny,
I can't guarantee

the safety of you or the woman in the car.

-Sir, I brought him.

It's nice to meet you.

I think we've met before.

-Haven't we?
-Where have we met?

-No, I am not.
-For goodness' sake.

I am a good fighter.

He behaved foolishly and got killed.

He was Ahn Il-gwon.

-That's right.
-I am his brother, Ahn I-gwon.

I-gwon? Hold on.

Is there just Gwon as well?

How many of you are there?

I am the youngest.

Where are they going?

They are in a park.

I think they arrived at Sangam Park.


Did you bring it?

Okay. You didn't fiddle with it, did you?

Why would I do that?

Hey, bring it.

I am sorry, but what is this?

Since it came from an expert,

I didn't check it myself.

-Don't worry.

I know what is going on, but what is this?

If you know what is going on,
you shouldn't ask that question.


You got your thing. I got my money.

Detective, it seems like
you have talent in this field.

Don't be ridiculous.

This is something you could have done.

-Why did you...
-Thank you.

-This is the place.

-They are across the street.

-Let's go.
-Be careful. Cross the street.

We don't have time.

Min-young, be careful. There was a gun.

If you are done, let me go.

Go and catch the five of them.


What is going on?



-Would you hold this?
-Hold on.

Hey, let go of me.

-Hold on.
-Who are you?

-Who are you?

They could come after us. Hurry.

-Where are we going?
-I'm scared!

What is going on?

Who is that? What?

-Who is that?

-My goodness.


What is going on?

Isn't he that man?

Who do you mean?

I am hearing that many times today.

Why did you bring us here?

-Do you want me to drive again?
-Of course.

-Are you okay?
-Yes, I am okay.

Just now, there was a man

-who looked like a grasshopper.
-A grasshopper.

-That's right.

You are the ones he told me about.

There's something
he asked me to relay to you.



If there are people
who are looking for me,

just tell them that

I am going to a general store in Hapjeong.

It's just a small favor.

Since I don't take requests for free,

-he wrote a promissory note.
-A promissory note?

In exchange for delivering the message,

I will receive 10 million won.

-I was promised 10 million won.

From us?

I will deliver the message.

However, I am a businessman.

How much will you give me?
How much do you have?

The members will pay.

We don't have money.

We aren't that close to him.

Do you have money or not?
What are you going to do?

He is the oldest member.

He wrote a promissory note
to receive money from you.

-Detective Ahn.

You get the most amount of work.

You could save a man's life.

Hurry up.

Once we find him,
we will get 20 million won.

Why don't we split the money then?

If we join forces,
we can earn 20 million won.

There is no way I can trust you.

Then how did you trust Yoo Jae-suk

when he wrote the promissory note?

I don't have to deliver the message
if you don't have the money.

-I don't have money.

Then you should pay up with your body.
Isn't that right?

-Pay up with my body?

All right. You can pay up with your body.

-What does that involve?
-What does that involve?

Who can take punches the best?

-Jong-min can take punches the best.

-He is the strongest.
-Among us,

-he's the youngest.
-Your neck is the thickest.

-He is the youngest.
-He can take punches the best.

It won't be that bad.

-There must be another way.

Another way.

-Are you brainy?
-Yes, I am.

In that case, there is a problem
that has tormented me for a long time.

There is a suitcase I have.

I haven't been able to open it in years.

Inside it

is something
I need to hide from people's eyes.

If you open it, I will let you walk away
with this information.

-We will open it.

-Detective Yoo.

You did a good job so far.

After we visit one last place,
I will give you your freedom.

Keep your promise this time.

I will.

Can you open it?

Three digits.

If you open it,
I will give you this information.

-Is it the lock in the middle?
-Please open it.

That's right. We need to get
the one in the middle.

-How many digits?
-Four digits.

Four digits. Two digits each.

Gosh, Jong-min.

-I got better, right?

-We combine the numbers.
-He is smart. He will succeed.

Two two-digit numbers.

We combine the two two-digit numbers.

How do we get these numbers?

I haven't been able to solve it.

What kind of pattern is this?

Is this arithmetic?

If you stall, I will decide that
you can't open it.

No. We will open it in no time.


Taking punches will be faster.

Jong-min, just take the punches.

Warm up, boys.

My body is itching, Boss.

Make your choice.
Either pay up with your body...

Please wait. We're making progress.

One, one, one, five.


Three plus four is seven.


-If we add the two digits...
-Do we add the two digits?

-Seven, seven, two,
-Seven, seven, two,

-ten, four, four.

If we add these two, it's 11.
And it's the same for each pair.

-You are right.

This is it.

For this one, the number is 15.

Thus, the password is one, one, one, five.

-Try it.
-She is incredible.

All right. Seven, seven...

-It makes sense.
-It's the right password.

-It's open!

-I knew you'd do it.
-Good job.

You really have to be smart.

Thank you so much.
I will kneel in front of you.

-My goodness.
-Good job.

-You didn't do anything.
-Give us the information.

-Tell us.

You don't have to pay 10 million won.

What was it? A general store?

-A general store in Hapjeong-dong.

-A general store.
-A general store in Hapjeong-dong.

Pay 10,000 dollars.

-He didn't say more.
-Tae Hang-ho.

I wish I could tell you more,
but he didn't say more.

-Did he go there?
-That's what I heard.

What's inside the suitcase?

You don't need to know. This is mine.

This is mine. Get going.

Don't take an interest in it.

Boys, make way for them.

-Get going.

-See you around.
-Thank you.

What does Tae Hang-ho have to do
with this?

The general store acts

as a kind of intersection for all crimes.

-That's right.

Tae Hang-ho told us

to call him if we have any questions
or need anything.

That's right.

-That treasure.
-The Odd Eye.

Did they call him
to get it out of the clear box?

So, the owner of the general store
they are looking for is Tae Hang-ho.

This is getting interesting.


This is nice.

Gosh, this mist.

The secret behind my good skin
is this mist.

You must have been lonely
since you are far from the others.

I will give you a lot of water.

Welcome. Gosh, you startled me.

Did you prepare the things I asked?

-Take a seat.
-Hold on.

You are...

Hey. It has been a while.

-Hurry up and take a seat.
-My goodness.

-Who is he?
-He is threatening me with a gun.

-Why are you holding a gun?
-They are my hostages.

Both of them?

Why are you tying them here?

You said you will let us go.

Aren't you letting us go?

Now, get started.

Give me 10,000 dollars first.

Hold on.

You know how this works.

Here, your 10,000 dollars.

Yes, 10,000 dollars.

Gosh, the thickness and weight tell me

it's 10,000 dollars.

Here you go.

-All right. Let's see.
-That's the Odd Eye!

I will open it in no time.


That belongs to this woman.


This is driving me crazy.

Do something.



Hey, Yoon Jong-hoon.
Did you do what I asked you to do?

Hey, we don't have time.

Yoon Jong-hoon, you punk!

-Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

Hey, do you know what happened
to my clients?

Do it by the end of next week.

If you don't, I will pay you a visit.

-Hurry up!

For goodness' sake.

-What is that?
-What is this?

Hey, didn't anyone follow you?

This is a GPS tracker.


The signal disappeared.

-Did it disappear?

Does that mean they found the GPS tracker?

You brought something dangerous.

I just turned it off.

-Why did you bring it here?
-Gosh, there was a GPS tracker.

The GPS tracker has been turned off.


the last signal was in Hapjeong-dong.

We know

they went to a general store
in Hapjeong-dong.

-Let's go to Hapjeong-dong.

Let's go to the last place
we received the signal.

I opened it as you asked.

Here you go. I opened it.

It's beautiful.

-It's not far from here, right?

-Drive faster.
-My goodness.

Now that the GPS tracker is useless,
things are worse.

If we lose them here,
we won't be able to find them.

I will let you go as I promised.

I am not a bad man.

We are here.


This is the store.

Thank you for that, but...

What are you doing?
Gosh, I can't believe you.


-Let's go.
-Hurry up.

No one carries around
10,000 dollars in cash!

You just saw a man who does.

This is driving me crazy.

-Your team is here.

Welcome. It has been a while.


-Hello. It has been a while, Se-Se Duo.

Detective Ahn, I seriously can't...

-Don't touch him.
-Why not?

-Don't touch him.
-Why not?

We can talk after you untie him.

Give me 10,000 dollars first.

Why would you ask for 10,000 dollars?

He is going on about it again. Sehun.

I can find anyone, anything,

and any information.
I can even hack stuff.

I can even hack surveillance cameras.

I can do anything for 10,000 dollars.

I feel so dumbfounded

and betrayed.

I am so embarrassed of myself.

-Where is the woman?
-Where is she?

Jin Se-yeon?

You said you'd untie me!

She is on his side.

The Odd Eye has finally
gone back to its rightful owner.

What are you doing?

I am thankful that you guys are
more lacking than I expected.

You were working together?

I am sorry. We found this, but...

The Phantom Thief is quite elusive.

-Mr. Phantom Thief, come here.

Detective Yoo,
thank you for being so stupid.

-Thank you.
-I got played!

Hey, they are criminals.

-We need to catch them!
-Be quiet!

Have fun playing detective.

-"Playing detective"?

We are real detectives!

-Bye, Sung-jae.

Gosh, I'm so pissed.

I knew something wasn't right.

-She was too pretty.

She was tied next to me.

The two of them planned thoroughly

and used us to steal the Odd Eye
from SG Group.

I see why I didn't feel like
giving it to her.

-I know.
-I told you,

but you told us to give it to her.

-For goodness' sake.
-We voiced our suspicions.


In any case, the Odd Eye
is back in Yook Sung-jae's hands.

-Don't feel so bad about it.

It went back to its rightful owner.


-What do you mean?

I guess you didn't know.

-He stole it.
-It belongs to SG Group.

How would anyone else know
such valuable information?

Gosh, detectives should have
better deduction skills.


The Odd Eye is

a treasure that has been passed down
in Yook Sung-jae's family.

Jin Se-yeon's family
took over Yook Sung-jae's family.

Amidst all that, the son and the daughter
of the two families fell in love.

It's Romeo and Juliet.

-No, that's different.
-Is it different?

Of course. We live in Korea.

Don't be ridiculous,
you stupid-looking man.

-My goodness.

Jin Se-yeon simply gave back the treasure

to Yook Sung-jae, its original owner.

Don't feel so bad about it.

Among the wine bottles we saw earlier,

one wine was dedicated to a man
who was born in 1993.

The last one was dedicated to a man
who was born in 1995.

He must be Yook Sung-jae.

That's cool.

-It's cool, right?
-It's cool.

They are romantic.

Unlike you, they are beautiful.

We struggled so much
because of Tae Hang-ho.

He is a ridiculous man.

He does anything for 10 million won.

-He made us do so many things.
-For goodness' sake.

-Why does he like bets so much?

I know. We struggled so much yesterday.

Jae-suk, we shouldn't trust
new members too much from now on.

You are right.
That's exactly what I think.

Why do clients keep giving us addresses

without revealing their identities?

We shouldn't trust them.

Where is the client?
Why isn't he or she coming?

-My goodness.

-She must be the client.
-The client.

-Are you the client?
-She is holding the flyer.

-She is holding the flyer.

Why are clients so pretty these days?

-I am not a client.
-A detective.

I saw the recruitment ad
for a new detective.

Thank goodness.

Why do you look so happy?

They're unbelievable.

-May I sit here?

-It's nice to meet you.
-Did you come

because you really want to be a detective?

Of course. I am a competent woman.

How much are you looking to be paid?

-We will give you as much as you want.
-What are you saying?

-For goodness' sake.
-We need her on the team.

What would you say
your unique forte or talent is?

-When it comes to murder...
-That's our specialty.

Who are they?

-It's the Fibonacci sequence.
-We thought band would work.

It was used during World War 2.

That's our specialty.

-Who are they?

Did you escape
from the psychiatric hospital?

Those lazybones!

I'm surprised you're still in business.

What do you mean by that?

-You can talk now.
-He was discharged.

-He is okay now.

Last year,

we competed against them to solve a case.
We won.

I did my research.

They are the famous Genius Detective Team.

-That's right.
-Are they famous?

Subtitle translation by Dong-joo Park