Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 11 - Rush! To the Kyoto Showdown - full transcript

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Our parents died because they were too weak.

They didn't have to die if they were strong.

I wouldn't have to kill her!

You are lying.


Since you were a kid,

you do this when you lie.

I know.

You didn't kill our mother.

It's more powerful than I thought.

As long as we have the spirit weapon,

Azuma and Tokugawa
won't stand a chance against us.

No, we can even fight the westerners.

I get it now.

Their true motive

is to let the people witness
the weapon that can destroy the black ship.

Not only that,

they made it seems like they were defending
the shore from the attack of the black ship

to stir up hostility among the people.

There's no better way
for the people who wants a war.



Don't miss out on the latest news!

Choshu Domain has sunken
the black ship at Osaka Port.

Buy this tabloid if you want to know more.

Choshu seems to have
sunken the ship with cannons.

We stand a chance
against the westerners now.

You're right.

Did you all forget about
what happened in Ikedaya?

Choshu has given all of us a hard time...

Satsuma and Tosa were there as well
during the Ikedaya incident.

Everyone is feeling dissatisfied
with the cowardly shogunate.

There will be more orphans
if we start a war now.

There will also be more widows.

Stop making it more difficult for the weak!

Let go of me!

Let go, Bo!

You can't move around yet.

I understand how you feel now.

Stop pushing yourself.
You will tear your wound.

As your physician, I can't let you out.

With your condition,
there's nothing you can do for now.

Leave the Shinsengumi to Idiot-boshi.

That's right.

I understand that it can be worrying.
But please bear with it.

What did you say, you jerk?

Choshu is marching towards Kyoto.

I can't just sit back and do nothing!

Rather than that, let's talk about
our previous discovery, Lord Todo.

Yes, let's do that.

Previous discovery?

This is the drawing hidden by
the Demon of Zomen.

I was investigating with Suzuran.

The one that Sakuya found
in Shimamuraya

matched with the map of Seimei Shrine.

Looks like we'll have to look further into this.

Where should we look at?


Here, of course.

Where exactly is that?

I knew you would say that.

That's why I investigated in secret.

Choshu and the Demon of Zomen
might be plotting something with these drawings.

I am sure of that.

But we still need the key evidence.

It won't lead us anywhere
if all we do is talk.

We just have to find more of these drawings
if we can't figure it out.

Let's do it.

We can move forward if we unite.

It will definitely bring us somewhere.

As expected of a commander.


Give me three days,
I'll be able to find us some clues.

By the way, you also found
information on Masuya, didn't you?

Who is your informant?

That's not important.

I see. So it's a man.


It... It's not!

You're bad at lying.

I won't probe further.

And you were always talking about
being fair and stuff.

That's right.


Rashomaru is dead when he fell into the sea.

Why won't you leave me alone?

Tsukihito, no matter what happened,

you are the one I care about the most.

Your tears...

What and who is it for?

I know things have gone too far.

I wield this sword
with these blood-covered hands.

I only wanted to become stronger.


it was so that I could break free.

You realize the path is different
from what you first believed it to be.

Even if I have to spend the rest of my life
atone for my sins,

I just want to spend my life with that person.

Rashomaru, you know very well

that I don't force my men to stay.

You raised me.

I won't ever forget my debt to you.

I won't go after you.

The stars have decided

the path ahead of you.

We live under the lights of the stars,

we cannot escape its bind.

Rashomaru, your destiny
is to achieve our noble cause.

No! Why are you doing this?

Katsura, your information
was quick and accurate.

You helped me a lot. I thank you.


People are suspecting
that we are meeting each other in secret.

Yes, I can't keep it a secret
from my comrades anymore.

Just be honest with them
and tell them you're meeting a man.

A... A man?

Forget about that for now.

Choshu Domain has been acting strange

since the black ship has been sunken.

A few days ago...

Our enemies are Aizu and Satsuma!

As well as Shinsengumi!

Now is our best chance!


Move. Get out of my way!

Kusaka and Maki,
what do you think you're doing?

We are using the spirit weapon
to chase out the foreigners.

We are doing this for the emperor
who despises the West!

We are heading to the imperial palace.

If you start a war at the imperial palace,
that's like shooting arrows at the emperor.

Choshu will be the imperial palace's enemy.

Shut it! All you know is run!

You might not know.

But one of the officials in the palace
supplied us with weapons and ammunition.

The emperor understands our determination.

That best proves it!


Supplied by the palace?

That's impossible.

There's no way the imperial palace
could have provided the weapons.

Looks like they are trying to
control Kyoto internally.

Choshu, Demon of Zomen
and the mysterious traitor.

I don't want to fight a war for Choshu.

Let me be your man instead.

My... My man?

There's a traitor in the imperial palace?

Todo, watch your words!

If it turns out to be a false accusation,

it's not something you can simply apologize for!

I know.

But if there's really a mole among us,

we need to take the necessary action.

My lord, what should we do about this?

No one else can know about this.



You have not fully recovered yet.

You will not join Shinsengumi
who is heading to the frontline.

You will protect the imperial palace.

Yes, My lord.

This war determines the future of Japan.

We must not lose.

Oh, yes!

We found...

the new...


We found so many of them.

Excluding the similar ones,
there are five in total.

They are like the map found in Seimei Shrine?

The rest are also maps of other shrines?

How many shrines
do you think there are in Kyoto?

It's impossible to single out one target.

Everyone, I have something to tell.

Choshu is currently staying in Mount Tennozan.

That was supposed
to be confidential information.

Choshu army plans to head to
Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine.

Who are you?


I get it now.

Wait. He is one of us.

I am her lover.

That's right.

You're not! Stop joking around!

I'm sorry. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Katsura Kogoro.

Katsura... The Choshu samurai...


Isn't he our enemy?

How could you bring him here?

You have heard our conversation.
I can't let you step out of here alive.

Wait. Let's hear him out first.

He is Akira's lover.

That's a misunderstanding!

As expected of the commander of Shinsengumi.

You have an open mind.

Lord Katsura, what brings you here?

I want to stop my people.

I don't want people to die
for a stupid war.

I need Shinsengumi's assistance.

If that's so, you are my friend.

I'll be counting on you.

Very well.

Hey, who permitted you...

All right!


Could you connect the drawings?

All right!

Here I go!




A pentagram.

It's the pentagram ritual of Onmyodo.

They tried to set fire
in the shape of the pentagram.


What's wrong?

It's nothing.

Lord Katsura, thank you so much!

We managed to connect the clues
thanks to you.

It's my pleasure.

"It will definitely bring us somewhere
if we unite."


You said that before.

Did I?

I can now count on you with my back.

I'll take that as a compliment.

We must capture them all at once!

Yes, commander!

Very well. The pentagram has been completed.


Let's begin the feast.

Lord Kondo, Lord Hijikata and everyone.

Shinsengumi is ready to
put their lives at stake and fight.

Please watch over them.

Choshu army has a total of 2,000 soldiers.

Aizu is ready to fight as well.

Can we really trust Shinsengumi?

They were convicts indeed.

But their concern for this town

and the determination
to protect Kyoto

is stronger than anyone else.

Everyone should know
what their role is.

Sakuya and I...

Where are we going?

Anywhere is fine,

we just have to be the first ones to arrive!

Shut up and follow me, Idiot-boshi.

He's all worked up.

Don't get speechless later.

Ichibanboshi is the same as usual.

I'm used to it already.

I'm still worried.

Bring it on.
This is an important mission for Shinsengumi.

Let's go.

Are you okay?

Are you able to get up?

Thank you for your help.

It's nothing.
It's expected of me.

This is wrong.

They are doing the wrong thing.

Shinsengumi is trying
to protect everyone in this town.

We have to do what we can, too.

We will reach Ohorano Shrine soon.




It's the spirit weapon.

The souls are crying.


That weapon is tainting the human souls.

I can see it.

I suppose you don't believe in

unscientific things like souls.

What we cannot see
are just things that yet to be studied.


it's more illogical

to not believe in what's in front of you.

We won't let you make the children cry again!


This is for the people who are relying on us!

Spirit cannon. Bring forward!

Hey, is that for real?

That's the cannon that sank the black ship.


Kusaka's men should be at Iwaya Shrine.




Is this the path that you want?

We sacrifice ourselves
to become the ammunition for the spirit weapon.

Join us.

Watch out!

Darn it. They were ahead of us.



Wait. He is acting strange.


Lord Tsuchimikado, you should leave now.

The officials have already evacuated.

Lord Tsuchimikado.

I'm sorry to intrude.

What are you doing, Lord Tsuchimikado?

The onmyoji is only in charge of
astronomy and manages the calendar now.

But it has always been a position

that manages the stars
and destiny that no one can defy.

It's you.

You are the masked man
who killed Shinsengumi!

Todo Heisuke, you are also brought here

under the guidance of the stars.

I will get revenge for my comrades!

Watch closely.

Don't worry.

You will join your comrades
on the other side soon.

Humans can't defy their fates

except for Abe Seimei.

What can that onmyoji from so many years ago do?

Didn't you already meet Abe Seimei?

At that place.

Are you saying...

You revived that monster for Choshu Domain.

This is outrageous.

This proves that Onmyodo has been corrupted.

Lord Seimei did not just do this
for the sake of Japan,

but it is also to fight other countries.

Other countries?

What exactly are you trying to do?

I will revive Lord Seimei
to transform Japan.

Which one of you woke me up from my slumber?


3, 2, 1.

Thank you for the food!

How dare they use my hourglass?

I see. It's good.