Bucchigire! (2022): Season 1, Episode 1 - Deceive! The Shinsengumi of Criminals - full transcript

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Insolent fool.

There's nothing wrong with killing.


Do you know a samurai who puts on this mask?

Darn you.

Where did you get that?


Who are you?

I am the samurai killer, Ichibanboshi!

That's who I am?


Offer your life...

to our land.

What are you talking about?

Everyone is confused because of you lot!

Get him...

Darn it! Let go of me!

Before I was even born,

someone has turned this world into a hellhole.

This shambles of a world

has always been sickening to the core.

The samurai and civilians
are like different species.

These sad people will only die miserably.

Is this some joke? Where am I?

My heart is still beating.

Is this the Sanzu River?

You can't just tie people up.

Well, well.


are you?

I lead the 8th Division of Shinsengumi,
an organization founded from Mibu Roshigumi.

Todo Heisuke.


You're the crappy samurai from Shinsengumi.

You're useless trash
that's made up of nothing.

You have no right to look down on samurai.

You just kicked me out of nowhere...

Maggots are coming out of your mouth.

Why did you bring us here?

Please explain this.

Are you going to execute us?

In the coup d'├ętat on August 18th,

important members of Shinsengumi
led by Kondo Isami were assassinated.


Hijikata, everyone...

All of you here have committed
a capital offense.

Die and reborn as members of Shinsengumi.

You want us to be their shadow warriors?

They are dead.

To be exact, we are the replacement.

You won't have to die if you substitute them
to keep Shinsengumi going.

If you refuse,

I'll have to kill you
now that you learnt about the secret.

You'll execute us if we refuse.

Is that why you chose criminals?

That's messed up.

And I thought I escaped from death.

Kondo Isami.

Serizawa Kamo.

Sannan Keisuke.

Saito Hajime.

Harada Sanosuke.

Okita Souji.

Nagakura Shinpachi.

Hijikata Toshizo.


To die here or become a substitute.

What does Shinsengumi do?

Ensure the safety of Kyoto
on Matsudaira Katamori's order.

You mean killing?


I accept.

Hijikata Toshizo, welcome on board.

Why do you want to join so eagerly?

Killing is the only thing I know.

If that's what it takes to be paid,

it doesn't matter if I join Shinsengumi
or be an assassin.


I used to go by the rules of an assassin.

What are the rules in Shinsengumi?

Here, you'll have to listen to my orders.

I understand.

What a suck-up.

I want to be able to eat a lot.

You won't starve again if you join us.

There will be wine and food.

I will join the Shinsengumi!

Harada Sanosuke, welcome on board.

I will make sure you never starve again.


I have no reason to refuse.

I will join the Shinsengumi as well.

Nagakura Shinpachi, welcome on board.

I don't want to die here.

I want more wine, women and gambling!


Shinsengumi is a bunch of fools!

I'll be loyal to the emperor
no matter what a terrible man I am!

I will not work for the shogunate!

The 808th person.

Did I do something wrong?

No, that's just right.

Serizawa Kamo died in an accident.

Darn the samurai.
They don't care about human lives.

Looks like this is scarier than the prison.

I have a request.

Can I have the body?

Suit yourself.

Well then, I will join the Shinsengumi.

Sannan Keisuke, welcome.

I don't have to worry about
the supply of injured people and corpses.


I will join the Shinsengumi, too.

Saito Hajime, welcome on board.

Since there will be dead bodies,

someone will need to pray
for their wandering souls.


I have a question.

Is it really okay for me to be Okita Souji?

I'm a woman after all.

You... You're a woman?

Shinsengumi is about your strength.

Your identity as a woman
is only an issue for you.

All right. I will join the Shinsengumi.

Okita Souji, welcome on board.

I put on a disguise
to put my strength to test.

My swordsmanship is the best,
including my knowledge.

I'm not any lesser than men.

I heard from the guards
that you teach swordsmanship.

That's right.

I'll count on you to keep an eye
on these substitutes.

Got it.

Very well. You're the last person.


Do you choose to die here

or change the world with us?

Who wants to be a crappy samurai?

My family was murdered

by a samurai with a weird mask.

Offer your life...

to our land.


-My dear!


Live on.

Mum, Tsukito!

Change the world?

Stop acting so high and mighty
when you lot are just murderous bastards!

I despise the samurai!

A samurai with a strange mask.

Do you mean this?

Where did you get that?

This was worn by the assassin
who killed our members.

It belongs to an organization called
the Ghost of Many Faces.

What a coincidence. We have the same enemy.

Shinsengumi is trying to track them down.

Are you looking for them, too?


Shinsengumi will exact vengeance to avenge them.

Do you wish to exact vengeance, too?

Of course.

I will avenge my family.

Very well.

Once owned by Nagasone Okisato Kotetsu,

this was Kondo Isami's beloved sword.

Will you take this sword and become Kondo Isami?

If I can avenge my family,

I'm willing to do anything.

I will be the crappy samurai as you asked.


I will...

be Kondo Isami!



How are the substitutes, Todo?

They have already joined the organization.

Crimes in Kyoto are happening more often.

To avoid the outlaws from increasing,

we cannot disband the Shinsengumi for now.

It might be hard on you.

But I'll have to leave these criminals to you.

Yes, I will guide them strictly.

Seriously? This thing just drags you down.

Stop playing with the sword, idiot.

Mind your business.

This is strange.

Where did that shorty go?

He said he's meeting Master Katamori.

Who is that?

He's the appointed military governor.

Which means he's the regional ruler.

Remember that, idiot.

You've been calling me an idiot since earlier.

Stop bickering.

Let's begin training.


We don't need substitutes.

There are patrol teams in the shogunate.


The patrol teams were made up of the outlaws.

We have no choice
but to leave it to the Shinsengumi.

I'm afraid that is the situation
of the shogunate.

Todo, I don't expect much from the criminals.

I just need them to intimidate
the shogunate for now.

Thank you for your guidance.

I will bring back the Shinsengumi

and protect the safety of Kyoto.

Anyone of you is good with the sword?


I just use this.

I am strong.

Monks do not kill.

Gunpowder is more efficient.

This is worrying.

The Shinsengumi gathered people
from different places.

They carry the flag with the word "sincere".

They follow the principles of| a samurai.

Therefore, you'll need to learn swordsmanship.

We shall have a duel now.


Commander Kondo.

You mean me?

All right. Here I come!

Give it all you good. Bring it on.

I'm not using this.

Hey, you're supposed to train with that.

I just have to win, right?

I will beat you!

I investigated the mask.

It's similar to the one used by the Nohgaku.


It's easy to find leads if it's something rare.

We will continue investigating.

Thank you.


I heard there are outlaws
wandering around Shimabara and Gion.

I will carry out my duty right away.

Pick up the wooden sword!

I want to fight in my own way!

It's amazing that
he can fight like that.

It's impressive.

Why is he Kondo Isami?


More like an idiot version...


You fool!

What was that for?

Is your brain filled with red bean paste,
you fool?

A katana is the soul of a samurai.

You can't just leave it on the ground!

I hate swords.

You're a conceited idiot.


You should have defeated him with no mercy.


Our enemies are not someone
you can defeat with mere physical strength.

Do you really want to avenge your family?

Of course.

I will master the sword
and become the strongest man here.

Get ready, all of you.

Our first job is here.

We will patrol the town
and carry out our duty.

All right. You mean to cause trouble, right?

Cause trouble?

Let's cause trouble!

That includes our target?

Of course.

Have you ever caused any trouble, Akira?

No, I have never.

Cause trouble... Is that some new word?

No, we are not causing trouble!

We will separate into three groups
based on experience.

Gyataro, Bo and I will head to Gion.


Akira, Sogen and Suzuran will head to Shimabara.


Ichibanboshi and Sakuya...

-Hey, why am I teaming up with him?
-Wait, why am I teaming up with him?

Sakuya, you are strong.

Even if you have a pup who gets in your way,

you'll be able to deal with it yourself.

What do you mean a pup?

You're the pup.

Not just Ichibanboshi,
all of you are not familiar with the sword yet.

Try to avoid conflict.

Do you understand?


You impertinent woman!

How weak...

You're weak. I'll give this sword to you.

Contribute to our nation with this sword.


You fool!

Is that what you should do as a samurai?


I'm sorry.

It's fine...

You just got scolded.


Gyataro, the shogunate pays us.

We don't need to steal.

I don't understand.

Give it back. You are no longer a criminal.

This is your purse, right?

Thank you.

Akira is so cool.

I hope it would be a beauty like you
if I were to be killed.

Aren't you a monk?

Is it appropriate for you
to flirt with a woman like that?

I saw a monk buy a hair clip.

Is that what you mean?


Over there...


It was a random pick.

The injury is shallow, but the blood...


The injury is strange indeed.

I can't hold out any longer.

I will treat your injury.

You have a high possibility to survive.

Or do you want to be a corpse
for anatomy sessions?

Don't worry. If you die,

you have a monk to pray for you.

I'll leave it to you.

We will track the outlaw down.

I will beat you and become the best
in swordsmanship.

You're the first place
when it comes to being an idiot.

You jerk.


That sword...

I'll go. I saw him first!


Offer you life to our land.

Take that, bastard!

I found you, you masked bastard.

Sakuya, don't get in my way.

Shut up.

The 809th person.

Darn it.

Nobody would attack their enemy upfront.

What can I do?

My body just does it.

Observe your enemy before you attack.

You'll get killed if you dilly-dally.

Why did you yield the sword?

It's to kill.

I'm different from you.
My purpose is to protect.

-Stop right there.
-Listen to orders. We will retreat first...



Sakuya, what's wrong?

We found an outlaw in Shimabara.

He's wearing the same mask
and using a strange sword.

Where's Ichibanboshi?

He disregard your orders
and went after him alone.

That idiot.

He knows nothing but he's eager to fight.

You won't get away with this.

Someone help!


There shouldn't be more victims

like me.



That light...

Before I was born,

someone has turned this world into a hellhole.

You are...


I am...

I am from Kyoto's military governor.

The commander of Shinsengumi, Kondo Isami.

But I'm just a new joiner.

This awful world is beginning to change.



Why is it called "Shine on! Bakumatsu Bad Boy"?

Because that's what the name is.

I'm being stupid for asking you.