Botched (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - Naked and Afraid of Surgery - full transcript

A nudist who swings on and off the golf course seeks the doctors' advice for her overly lipo-suctioned stomach, while a mother left with janky boobs faces her fears of anesthesia, and an African woman hopes to achieve her American Dream after a flesh-eating bacteria ate her nose.

a swinger is baring it all.

I swing on and off the
golf course. That's my tag line.

There's nothing stopping you
from achieving a lot more

when you're literally there

I had three lipos.

He did really well down here,
but there was still, like,

all those rolls
and really bad scarring, too.

A woman who came to America

with a dream of getting
her nose fixed.

When I was 1 years old,

a flesh-eating bacteria
destroyed my nose.

They always laugh.

I still don't have friends.
I still don't have much.

Obviously, we wanna do

everything in the world
to help you.

And a patient
terrified of anesthesia.

I've always called them
just the janky boobs.

I had this fear something would
happen to me under anesthesia,

and my kids would have
to have lost their mom

in a tragic breast accident.

All right, so let's take
this implant out.

- Look at the crease.
- That's her double bubble.

How many times
have you seen this?

- Never.
- Isn't that crazy?

♪ I wanna be sexy, sexy ♪

♪ I wanna be hot ♪

♪ Fix me, make me beautiful ♪

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

I'm Patrycia K.,
spelled with a "Y."

I'm from Miami, Florida,
and I'm usually baring it all.

I just love being naked.
I wake up in the morning.

I'm naked. I don't put on
any clothes,

and I get on with my life.

There's less laundry to do.

I just love being free.

You live life
in a completely different light

when you're comfortable
with yourself.

There's nothing stopping you
from achieving a lot more

when you're literally there

So I think that everyone
should embrace themselves

in the nude.

I would have say that most
of my plastic surgery

has to do with my image
on social media.

What sets me aside from other
social media influencers

is that I have an athletic side
to me

and a very, very naughty side
to me.

So when you put that together,
it's like a crazy combination.

I had one labiaplasty.

My kiddie pictures
turn out cute now.

One rhinoplasty.

Three lipos,
one breast augmentation,

and I've had Botox filler
in my face

and filler in my butt.

But after three failed

I have loose skin,
nasty-ass scars,

and I still have rolls
in the backside.

With how it is right now,

it takes forever
editing my photos

to make sure
it's all smooth and even.

Literally, if you look at me
from the side,

you just see
a wave on my stomach,

and I want it be flat like this.

Okay, let's cut this up.

We're gonna make the empanadas.

My name is Edna.
When I was 1 years old,

a flesh-eating bacteria
destroyed my nose.

I have to live my entire life
with the people staring at me,

and it tears me apart.

I was born in Cape Verde,
west coast Africa.

When I was baby, I was sick.

They take me to the hospital,

and later find out I have
this flesh-eating bacteria

destroy my nose.

My dad told the doctor
just to not let me die.

These look good, right?

You're doing a good job.

Man, I'm doing all
the work here.


Right now I have
four surgery on my nose.

My last surgery was
six years ago,

and the condition of my nose now
is not what I was expecting.

I wish this never happened,

because it change your life

And it's very uncomfortable.

Like when you see somebody's
looking at you

different than other people

- Aw.
- Yeah.

People look,
and they turn around.

They look again.

That bring me down.
I wanna get outta there.

Because I don't wanna be judged
what I look like.

I always go to church. I always
help the person in need.

And I don't want people
to look at me as this,

because I'm not this.

I'm not this.

What happened to you,
by the way? You out in the sun?

You're peeling, and you're red.

I know.
I fell asleep in the sun,

uh, for like 20 minutes.

I can see you laying in the pool

with, um, on one of these
beautiful rafts...

- Mm-hmm.
- ...with a cocktail

floating next to you.

We have a swan,
and we have a duck.

We just got a unicorn
in the pool.

A unicorn. Ah. Ah.

That's right, a unicorn.

Who the hell wants a duck
when you can have a unicorn?

All right. What do you got?

So let me talk to you
about a patient.

Some type
of flesh-eating bacteria

ate her nose completely apart.
- Ate her nose.

- So here's Edna.
- Looks like a forehead.

- Looks like a forehead flap.
- Wow.

- But look at that.
- Wow.

She's got hair
from her forehead...

- Yeah.
- ...coming out

the bottom of her nose.

Let's meet her
and let's get her story.

Can you please send in Edna?

- How are you, Edna?
- I'm good. How are you?

- Nice to meet you. Dr. Nassif.
- Okay.

- Dr. Terry Dubrow.
- Dr. Dubrow.

- Pleasure to meet to you.
- Terry, how are you?

- What's your name?
- Yani.

- Nice to meet you.
- Pretty name. Pretty girl.

- Pretty name. Nice to meet you.
- Have a seat, please.

Well, first of all,
thank you for coming to see us.

How many years have you been
here in the United States?


It was always my father plan.

"We gonna find the doctor
that can make your face better."

Is that why he moved here,
for you and your nose?


When I was 27, I got to America.

This isn't only my dream
but my father's dream.

And if I got this fixed,

my father would be
really, really happy.

We heard you had some type
of flesh-eating maybe bacteria

that completely destroyed
your nose?

Yeah, I was at age 1.

They said I have an infection.

- My nose was open.
- Mm.

That's why they... they got
the skin from here.

They put it here.

- Okay, so you had a skin graft.
- Yeah, to my nose.

- As a baby?
- As a baby.

And then the nose get smaller,
then smaller.

Your airway was completely
closed down

'cause the skin grafted
in the stretch with the nose

as you grew.
- Yeah.

When Edna was a baby,
she had a skin graft

taken from her forearm
and placed on her nose.

Now it probably should
have grown

with the rest of her tissue
when she got older,

but somehow it didn't,
and I don't know why.

So you lived
with a non functioning nose

for how many years?

Till I get to America,
I finally find a surgeon

that operate on my nose
in 2013.

First thing they do...
Open up the nostril

with the cartilage here.

How much better did they improve
your breathing?

They did improve for one side,
for this side,

but not for this side.

The second surgery to make
my nose look more pointy

make it better shape
than it was before.

So they took the skin graft off,

- Yeah.
- And replaced it

with the forehead skin?
- Forehead flap.

Yes. The third surgery,
the flap, they cut off.

Let me give you a few things,

and maybe you can put 'em
in priority for me.

One is breathing.
Two is the shape.

- Three is the color.
- Yes.

Out of those, which one
would be, you know,

from the most important
to the least important for you.

First is breathing,
two is color,

and third is shape.

So your first priority
is the breathing.

- Yeah.
- Before you came here,

what was it like to grow up
at home with that?

They always laugh.

I still don't have friends.
I still don't have much...

outside life still.

- Now?
- Yeah.

Yeah well, I have my kids.

So... obviously, this has been
hard for you and your sister.

Yes, especially my sister.

She used to come home
crying a lot.

They used to, like, call
my mother names to her face.

They always laugh.
I just don't go into the school.

I just drop her
on the sidewalk.

Just like to not have them
have a bad day.

First of all,
when we hear your story,

I mean, it's tragic, and we
thank God you have your kids.


But if you don't have your kids,
I mean...

I don't know.
I cannot even imagine.

Edna moved to this country
wanting that feeling of freedom.

But instead,
her nose has held her back.

She doesn't feel comfortable
letting people see her.

Hopefully, there's something
we can do to help

so she will finally be able
to live the American dream.

Obviously, we wanna do

everything in the world
to help you.

The possibility there
would be to open up

the lower half of this,
kinda lift it,

but the skin could die,
and if it did,

we'd have to go
to the right forehead

and do a graft.
- No pressure.

He had a bird in his office
talking while I had my surgery.

Like a parrot?

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

All right, let's take a peek
at your nose.

Here it's limited,
and the airway's closed here.

Put this away.

Obviously, you have
a challenging problem.

So one of the things
that may be a possibility

is to try to add rib

to try to reconstruct
your airway

to get more air in your nose.

- Okay.
- Okay?

In regards to the shape
and the form,

the possibility there would be

to open up the lower half
of this,

kinda lift it,
make it less bulky,

try to remove some of that skin
that has hair on it even.

- Okay.
- This comes with risks.

By me playing with this,
this could actually die.

If it did, we'd have to go
to the right forehead

and do a graft.

I wish I can guarantee Edna
a surgery with no risk,

but her columella
is hanging on by a thread

and could die during surgery.

And the last thing
any of us want

is for the whole thing
to necrose and die.

What everyone's still
gonna look at

is the color of your nose.
- I know.

But we do have
one secret weapon.

It's a permanent makeup.

The goal would be to try to
match this color up here

and to paint this so that all
looks like one color.

I never heard it before.

Why nobody, not even the doctor
that do my surgery prior,

tell me, like, tattoo? Yes.
I am doing it.

Finally, they're gonna change
the color.

That's what you really wanted.

Do you wanna take this chance?

I do. Without think twice, I do.

Then we get to look
at your face again.

- Yeah.
- So it's time to start living

the American dream,
and I'm hoping... no pressure...

...that he will
give you the American dream.

I hope with everything.

This is gonna change
a lot of things.

- Look at this cute smile.
- I know.

This is gonna change
a lot of my life.

Brace yourself.

Um... so first off, well,
there's this beautiful little...

So you can see
all underneath here.

This is just breast tissue
that I don't really know.

I guess this is my fold.
I'm not really sure.

This side is the same.

So it's not comfortable
for sure. Not comfortable.

My name is Piper.
I'm 37 years old.

And, girl, let me tell you.
I've got a janky set.

I've always called 'em
just the janky boobs.

The breast tissue
is completely separate

from what I think is the muscle
and the implant.

It's hanging over the top,
and they're just growing

a baby boob underneath.

I was under the impression
that I had nice-sized boobs,

but after I had
my daughter and my son,

I lost about 50 pounds,
and my boobs...

They were just saggy skin.

So I decided to have surgery.

We were in, like,
a surgery suite in his office.

He had a bird in his office
talking while I had my surgery.

- He did.
- Like a parrot?

It would say,
"Hello. Hello. Hello."

And I asked one of
the surgery techs about it.

I'm like, "What is going on?"
And she was like,

"Oh, yeah, the doctor
has a pet bird

that he keeps in his office,
and it talks."

Okay, well, here we are.

I made a great choice.

I've had two surgeries,
and it's been eight years

since my last surgery,

and my breasts look janky
as ever.

My GYN sees them progress
each year,

and this year, he was like,

"Okay, it's time
to address this."

This last time, he was like,
"I'm almost worried

it's a medical issue
at this point."

And he was like,
"Have you ever heard

"of Dr. Dubrow
and Dr. Nassif?

I know that they fixed some
really messed-up situations,"

and I was like,
"Mine aren't that bad."

And he was like...
"Well, they are."

So I was like,
this man sees boobs

all day every day,
so they must be bad.

They just continue to impress me

with how janky they get
year by year.

- Piper.
- Hello!

So where do you guys
come in from?


- We've been friends for...
- 21 years.

- 21 years.
- We met in high school.

- Yeah.
- Wow.

So you were around
during this whole...

- Yes, all of it. Yes.
- ...extravaganza situation.

You originally got a breast
augmentation how long ago?

It was 2012.

I had a friend
that was like,

"Why would you even
consider this?"

And the look on her face
when she saw my breasts...

She said,
"I would cut them off."

- Oh, really?
- "Those look like beef jerky."

- Aw.
- Okay.

- And I was like, no.
- It wasn't me.

No, it wasn't her.
She would not have said that.

You wouldn't?
Okay. So you thought

about doing something about it.

I did. So I consulted
with a few plastic surgeons

in our area.
- Yeah.

The one I chose
did conscious sedation.

Because I had this fear

something would happen to me
under anesthesia,

and my kids would have to have
lost their mom

in a tragic breast accident.

I actually understand that
because most people

are not so much afraid
of the surgery necessarily.

They're afraid
of the anesthesia, right?

Apparently, they use Ketamine.

I remember knowing
I was in my body but not,

and not being able to move.

Nobody could hear me.
It was horrific.

Ketamine is a sometimes-used
anesthetic agent

that allows a dissociation

between your awareness
of your body

and the surgical procedure.

A few weeks later, I noticed
a start of a double bubble

under the right breast.
- Yeah.

The breast tissue
was completely separate

from what I think is the muscle
in the implant.

A double bubble means
you've lifted up too far

below the muscle,
below the chest wall

where the breast ends
and the abdomen starts,

because you're trying
to fill out

as much of the breast envelope
as possible.

And to fix a double bubble,
you have to stitch it back down.

He also went
into the left side again

'cause he said he could tell

where that was starting
to do it also.

Under conscious sedation again?

Well, I said, "I put that as
an allergy on my chart.

I do not ever want that again."
- Right.

And he said,
"Then I'll just numb you up

with some Lidocaine and..."
- Fix a double bubble?

- With Lidocaine.
- Oh, okay.

I remember smelling
my flesh burning.

- Mm-hmm.
- I could see smoke.

- So what happened after that?
- They looked worse.

The double bubble was still
there on both sides.

- Correct.
- Okay.

Yeah. And I was not gonna go
back there.

About a year later,

I did consult with one
other surgeon in our area.

He was supposed to be the best
of the best in the state.

- Okay.
- So I was still hopeful

going into the office,
and I take off my top.

He said, "Sorry, there's really
not much we can do with that."

There might be some truth
to that.

Oh, no. Don't say that.

This is not that common
a thing,

so it's not really exactly
taught in your training,

how to deal
with this complex problem.

- Gotcha.
- Unfortunately.

When I go out
on the golf course,

people don't take me seriously.

I drive for show
and putt for dough.

- New graft.
- Oh, that looks pretty.

We just dropped
the diced cartilage glue graft

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

So... Piper, now let me
see what's going on here.

This is
a very big double bubble,

and... relax for a second.

When you look at the distance

between the bottom
of your areola and your crease,

even in someone
who has had kids, lost weight,

it's still only
3 1/2 centimeters.

The normal crease on most girls
is, like, 9.


That in and of itself
is a setup for a double bubble.

The shorter the distance
between the bottom of the areola

and the breast crease,

the less you can actually
lower the crease,

and the greater the chance
you will get a double bubble.

You're gonna need
the nipple lifted up

and the dimensions
of the breast envelope change

so that everything
is married together.

- Okay.
- And so we have to cut away

some of the blood supply
to get it lifted up,

which means the greater
the chance

that you'll have blood supply
problems in the nipple,

and you could lose a nipple.

- Mm.
- Hard.

- Yeah.
- Risky.

How do you feel about this?

I came into this believing
and having faith

that you were the best
and trusting that I would go

with your suggestion.

Um, if the nipple dies,
I feel like we can make

a good situation
out of whatever happens,

'cause right now it's not good.

It's a medical issue
at this point.

So that's why
I'm putting my faith in them,

putting my fear aside,
and going with it.

- Okay, so you're in.
- I'm in.

All right.

When I play golf,
people don't take me seriously.

♪ Walk by
just to get a reaction ♪

♪ I'm a "A" list queen,
I'm a high-end dreamer ♪

♪ You ain't ready for me ♪

I have a nice body.
I can swing a golf club.

And it just amazes people.
It's an eye catcher.

- Hey, Patty!
- Hey, girl!

Hey, girl! How are you?

- Good. How are you?
- Good. Oh, wow.

I did not know you were
going to be naked.

I thought we were
just playing golf.

Being naked is now
a big part of me.

I had the opportunity
to play around naked

the last time I was
in Las Vegas.

And you just see the guys
parked their cars

and, like, stare.

- You lookin'.
- I'm lookin'. I'm lookin'.

Oh, jeez, girl.
You're gonna knock a bird out.

All right, all right.

- I'll try.
- I love it, I love it.

Let's just say that I drive
for show and putt for dough.

- Can I start swinging now?
- Yeah.

Hell, yeah.
What kind of swinging?

You let me know.

I definitely love
swinging on the golf course,

but I'm also a swinger
off the golf course.

It's just such a great feeling
being open, being naked. Like...

You're crazy, girl.
I don't know.

I couldn't do it.

The only thing is, is that
I have this loose skin,

as you can see.
- Yeah.

The creasing,
the ugly-ass scars.

I even have some in the back.
You see?


So now you're going to see
Dr. Dubrow and Nassif, right?

- Yes!
- All right. Here we go.

- Whoo!
- Bam!

Way to go!

Yes, yes!

- Hi.
- Edna.

- Hello.
- What do you think?

I think okay.
I am in good hands,

and God is with us.

Well, we'll take great care
of you.

Two areas
we have to be careful about

is the possible loss
of Edna's columella,

or while we defat the flap
that she has

on the tip of her nose...
That can kill it.

For Edna's surgery today,

I will elevate the skin flap
while Dr. Peng harvests rib.

Next, we will perform
the septoplasty,

which will improve her breathing
and then defat the flap

and remove skin
with hair growing out of it

to give her a better shape
and overall appearance.

Finally, we will add a rim graft
to pop out her right nostril

so it matches the left
and a diced cartilage glue graft

to smooth out
her dorsum and tip.

All right,
so what I need to do is elevate

the flap from the nose
at this point.

- The rib is gonna come out.
- Excellent.

Decently nice.
It's not as thick.

- It's not that thick.
- Yeah.

So we got the skin
and the flaps opened up.


Uh-oh. My goodness.
That was one big piece of rib.

We just took out a chunk of rib

and just laid it
on the tip of her nose.

And we'll quickly just put
the whole thing there, yeah.

Usually when you use rib,
you cut in your pieces

to create grafts to stretch
through the nose.

You don't stick a whole piece
of rib in there.

So that most likely
is what's causing

most of this bulkiness
in her nose.

Now removing some of the fat
in the flap.

Now with the defatting
the actual flap,

I would hope that her nose
is gonna look

a lot better and smaller.

Okay. That's all hair.

Hair's being removed.
Okay, that looks good.

The next part of this is gonna
be the key, key, key graft.

- I made a cute, little...
- Watch out. Watch out.

...diced cartilage glue graft.
- Oh, that looks pretty.

We just dropped
the diced cartilage glue graft

on the floor, which was
supposed to help smooth out

Edna's dorsum and tip.

Unfortunately, there's no
5-second rule on this one.

Luckily, we have
a lot of cartilage left

so all I can say is,
another one bites the dust,

and let's make sure
we drop no more.

I gotta make sure
I grab it over here,

because it's...
Here, let me grab.

Right there on the flap.

That's beautiful. Love that.

This is gonna be tricky
right over here

because now that's gonna sort of
come over the columella.

- Is it gonna close the skin?
- Yep, so far it looks like it.

- Okay, great job.
- It looks great.

Yeah, she's gonna be so happy.
Edna, you got a new nose.

Everything went pretty well.

Now the question's gonna be
how does the skin heal?

We were able to get that skin

just to close
over the columella.

There's always that fear
that it's gonna die,

but right now at least
on the table,

it looks pretty good.

All right,
so let's take this implant out.

- Look at the crease.
- That's her double bubble.

How many times
have you seen this?

- Never.
- Isn't that crazy?

Maybe after our consultation,

I could teach you how to swing
on or off the golf course?

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

- Piper.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- I'm all right. How are you?

I wanna introduce you
to our anesthesiologist,

Dr. Mest, okay?
- Hello.

Going under anesthesia,
I'm wary of it. I'm nervous.

Um, but I'm here,
so I'm trying to be positive,

think positively,
but I want to puke.

That's how I feel about
the risks of my surgery.

I wanna make sure
that he's gonna do

exactly what he always does,
which is give you

the proper levels
of anesthesia.

Yeah, don't wanna tell my kids
that they lost me

in a tragic boob accident.

That's my biggest fear, so...

- We're here now.
- So... yeah.

He's not bad, too.

Yeah. Oh! He made a joke!

He got you.

For Piper's surgery today,

I'll begin by making an incision
below the areolas

and release
the pectoralis major muscle.

Next, I will remove
her old implants

and then stitch down the muscle

to recreate
the old breast pocket

and restore
the inframammary crease.

I will then insert new implants
before performing a lift,

and then finally cut around
and release her areolas,

so I can move them up to
the center of her breast mounds.

Okay, so the first thing you do
is to release the muscle

that attaches
to the overlying breast tissue

so that when she flexes,
it doesn't distort her breasts

the way it did before.

All right, so let's take
this implant out.

See what the story is.

This is intact silicone implant,
which is good.

Look at the crease.

Yeah. You know what's that from?

That's her double bubble.

How many times
have you seen this?

- Never.
- Isn't that crazy?

Breast implants are amazing.

You can throw 'em
down on the ground.

You can roll on them.
You can run 'em over with a car.

I've never seen one with
a permanent crease put into it.

That tells you it was
under great tension

and great pressure
for a number of years,

and that crease is permanent.

So we've gotta basically take
this muscle and the capsule

that formed around the implant
and sew it down

so that hopefully
it will restore

the old breast pocket
the way it should have been.

This is one of
the trickier things to do

in breast revision surgery.

Restoring the old breast pocket
to its original dimensions

is called a capsulorrhaphy.

Basically, you take
the surrounding tissue.

You stitch it down
to the back wall of the breast

to try to get it to be
this perfectly round

360-dimensioned pocket.

Doesn't that look like
the original crease?


Perfect. So here's the question.

Can we move this tight, short,
creased areola up here?

I don't know.
That's a long way to go.

A lot of people think
when you do a breast lift

and you wanna move
the nipples up,

you just take 'em off and put
'em up in a higher position.

You can't do that
'cause it'll just die

'cause it has no blood supply.

So to move the nipple up,
you remove the skin above it

and move the nipple
and the tissue with it

into that area
and close the skin around it,

leaving the underlying nipple
blood supply intact.

Can I get it up there,
move it higher?

Let me see something.

Hoping it won't be
a post-operative nightmare.

Stay alive, nipple.
All right, let's sit this up.


Unbelievable, a week ago
from that to that.

I think Piper should be
really happy with this. No?

- Yeah, looks really good.
- Let's close.

Okay, so our next patient today
is Patrycia.

She's had some liposuction
that has gone wrong.

Very big scars, some loose skin,
some irregularities,

and this woman was
on a golfing scholarship.

- No!
- She's like a super good golfer.

- Now you're interesting.
- So now I'm like...

Now you're interested.

But can I talk
a little golf with her?

You can definitely talk golf
with her.

Please, as soon as possible,
send Patrycia in here.

- There she is.
- Hi.

- Patrycia.
- Miss Patrycia.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you. Dr. Nassif.

Terry Dubrow.
Pleasure to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- Sami.

- Sami, how are you?
- Hi, Sami. Terry Dubrow.

- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.

- You, too.
- Have a seat.

I gotta tell you something.

He's very excited
that you're here.

- I'm very excited.
- That's what I like to hear.

Yeah. Obviously,
you have an expertise

and interest in golf, right?

- Yes.
- You're a big-time golfer.

Forget about
the plastic surgery.

I wanna talk about golf.

So what is your swing? Just,
will you stand up, Patrycia?

- Yeah.
- Come over here, okay?

Even though you don't have
a club, show us your swing.

Got a do a little shimmy.

Gotta do a shimmy.

I'm bringing it back
all the way,

dropping the club,
and releasing the hips.

- Boo-yah.
- So you bumped.

Mm-hmm. The majority of my speed
comes from my hips,

the twerk in the hips.
- So... So you twerking?

Okay, so you see you twerk
in the hips.

- Yeah.
- Let's see that.

- Go side to side here.
- Well, hold on.

- We'll do it together. Ready?
- Yeah, let's do it.

Let's back swing together.

- And back and... uhh!
- Whoo!

That looks great,
but it works so much better

when you don't have a club
and a ball on the ground.

I know.

Paul is really good
at pretend golf.

At least he's good at something.

Maybe after our consultation,
I could teach you how to swing

on or off the golf course.

Oh, ba... Ooh, baby.

Are you a swinger?
Is that what we're hearing?

Yes, I am.

What does that mean, to be
a swinger in this day and age?

Me and my husband have
an open sexual relationship.


That's the whole swinger thing.

Yeah, I swing on and off
the golf course.

- That's my tag line.
- Really?

Ahh. You go
to the swinger parties?

Yes, I throw our own, too,
do like a hot wife orgy

or just a bunch of couples

What is a hot wife orgy?

What is it, hot wives?

Yeah, what is that?

Yeah, so it's pretty much
a bunch of wives that come in.

Their husbands come to watch.

And we invite a bunch
of single dudes to participate.

You're kidding me.

So what if the husband doesn't
like what the dude is doing

to the hot wife?

Does your husband say, "Eee-ee,"
like the dolphin thing?


I would invoke the dolphin.
I would go right...

Now every time
I'm gonna swing now,

I'll think of dolphins.

You're gonna, "Eee-ee."

Eee-ee. Eee-ee. Eee-ee.


So, Patrycia, interesting,

because you went from a person
very serious about golf

to someone who is very serious
about plastic surgery, right?

- Yeah.
- How did that happen?

And so... yeah, how did that work?

I mean, just being
in the social media world.

I started off with my nose,

so I didn't like that I had
the little bump in my nose,

so I would always
edit it out.

- Yeah, you have a cute nose.
- Yeah.

Um, then I fixed my nose,
and then the next thing

I had a problem with
was my stomach

and my fat rolls, so...
- Okay.

That's why I kinda started
with the lipo.


And I was not happy
with the results.

- Why?
- He did really well down here.

But there was still, like,
a lot of fat here,

so all those rolls were
still there.

My back was, like,
still had rolls.


So I did the first one
in February,

beginning of February,

and then I had the second lipo
in June.

Four months later,
you had a revisional lipo?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

And then finally,
I went back in October.

- Another lipo?
- Yeah.

Three lipos in the same area
in eight months?


In general,
you should probably wait

at least a year before having
revisional liposuction

because if you don't wait
long enough

for all of the inflammation
to subside,

you're risking severe scarring
and contraction that can

give you very significant
contour irregularities.

- Now I have all this extra skin.
- Yeah.

It's folding still.
He also left me

with really bad scarring, too.
- We saw that.

- I need to fix it.
- All right, and so...

You guys need to tell me
what to do.

All right.

so the big concern today is

are the nipples
and areolas alive?

So we're looking for pink
in the areolas and the nipples.

Final answer is?

Take a look at her columella.

Right here.
It looks a little bit grayish.

Oh, sh... This is exactly what
I was worried about.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

All right, so do me a favor.
Stand up for a sec.

These are the two scars
that they did as access ports

for the liposuction, right?
- Yes.

So this looks like it's fat,
but this is loose skin.

You've basically had every
fat cell suctioned out of you

that you possible can.
- But I still feel like

there's something there,
and I guess it is the skin.

It's the skin folding
on itself.

So here's the thing.

Let's talk about the possible
options to correct this, okay?

Because if someone like you
had more liposuction,

that's this. Imagine that you
had this level of scarring.


This is a patient
that I fixed before.

- You do not want that.
- Whoa.

It's like someone
pinched and twists.

- Yeah.
- You know what it is?

It's because the blood supply
to the skin

underneath the tissue
has been depleted so much,

that when it's healing,
it's basically dying slightly.

I think we can agree, right,
no more liposuction.

That's a... That's a "Eee-ee."

That's an absolute "Eee-ee."

Oh, my.
It's stuck in my head now.

I cannot, like, undo that...

So obviously,
when you have loose skin,

it's like having sheets
in your bed that are loose.

How do you get rid
of loose sheets in the bed?

You make the bed.

The surgical equivalent of that
is make a big incision

all the way across the abdomen,

lift up the covers,
pull it down,

and cut off the excess.

That's acceptable
if you've had kids

and you have very loose skin.
- Right.

But young, perfect body
like yours, unacceptable.

The other way is something
that Dr. Nassif is very into.

So there's more
of a minimally invasive way...

- Mm-hmm.
- ...called Renuvion,

which is a combination
of radio frequency

and some helium gas.
- Mm-hmm.

So you're getting kind of
a combo of both.

I would actually go through
those incisions,

use those incisions,
tie up whatever you have to.

- And then fix these scars.
- And then cut up those scars.

- Oh.
- You can get a nice result.

- Yeah.
- Good enough to make you happy,

I think, and wait probably about
a good six months from now.

That's a very good point.

You need to let the body
chill out.

- You get it, right?
- I get it.

What do you think about this?
You good with this?

I think that she needs
to lay low.

- You're gonna lay low, right?
- Lay low. Go...

- Lay low.
- Go play some golf, huh?


I'm the type of person that when
I want something,

I want it right now.

But I'm so, so thankful
for Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

for giving me that information
and that advice.

I'm definitely gonna take it.

I do not want any more
problems moving forward.

Okay, let me ask you a question.
Let's say if Brittany came home,

and she wanted to bring
some hot girl home.

- Ooh.
- Oh!

- Suddenly we're a swinger.
- That's swinging.

- That is swinging.
- I gotta think about it.

You're gonna think about it.

- Hi.
- Hello, Miss Edna.

All right, put your head back
for us. Okay.


Can I have a Q-tip?
Would you mind?

I wanna look at something

in the back of her graft.

Oh, sh... This is exactly
what I was worried about.

Take a look at her columella.

Right here,
it looks a little bit grayish.

We don't have a small needle,

So I have to make sure
that lives.

if that kind of doesn't,

then we have to do
some more work.

I just wanna do
one little thing.

I just wanna poke it.

The reason why I'm poking
Edna's columella...

To see if it bleeds.

Bleeding is a good thing.
If it doesn't bleed,

that means we have a lack
of blood supply,

and if that continues,
Edna's columella could die.

- There she goes.
- Oh, yeah. There you go.

- You're good. You're good.
- All right.

- You're good.
- Ah.

Well, it's bleeding, all right.
That's good. That's good news.

I'm gonna fight this to recover
every step of the way.

I'm gonna be healed 100%.

I'm gonna do everything I can,

a little hyperbaric oxygen just
to make sure that blood flow

is going perfect.
- Okay.

The color, like,
the tattoo situation...

Yeah, that's later on.
No, but you gotta heal first.

It's gonna be good, really good.

- Take great care of you.
- Like beyond expectations.

- You're gonna be happy.
- It's good to see you.

- All right, see you guys later.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Thank you.

- Hello, young lady.
- How do you feel?

Kinda like somebody beat me
across the chest,

but other than that...
- Kinda what happened, yeah.

Okay, so you had had
that crease and that pull

for so long,

cranking on the... on your
implants, that it left...

- Oh, my goodness.
- ...a permanent crease in here.

- Oh, my God.
- Isn't that crazy?

- I've never seen that.
- Is that right?

From constant
muscle contraction?

Yeah, etched in the silicone.

You really
had never seen that before?

- No.
- Nobody knows how strong I am.

See? That's my superhuman power.

My muscles... they just creased
'em right into... in half.

so the big concern today is

once now that I've lifted
everything up,

are the nipples and areolas

So why don't we get a look?

- You wanna take that off there?
- Yeah.

There you go.

All right. So...
So we're looking for pink

in the areolas and the nipples,

Very pink.
And the final answer is...

very pink.

Look at that. Isn't that great?

- Look at this crease.
- You see this?

- Yeah.
- Excelente, señor.

Wow. That's the first time
I've seen my nipples

whenever I look down, 'cause
they've always been, like...

- Right?
- ...Snoopy-nosed off, so it's...

- Yeah.
- It's new.

It's a crazy thought that
I don't have to worry

about it ever again.

Dr. Dubrow's been so kind
and empathetic and reassuring,

that I feel so good
being in his hands,

and now the outcome of it,
I just...

I couldn't ask
for anything more.

Okay. So all you have to do
is heal...

- Okay.
- ...and relax

and take it easy,
take your pain pills

and your antibiotics, okay?
- All right. Sounds good.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I'm excited. I really did forget
what normal boobs looked like.

- Yeah.
- So weird to think, like,

to look down and see...
I'm just gonna get emotional

because, you know,
whatever, but...

They look great.

I haven't cried this whole time.
It's not gonna happen now.

I wanna cry 'cause it looks
so good.

Yeah, you've been through a lot.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Good job.

Since I was a baby,
I go through hell with this.

It feels incredible to have
my dream

and my father's dream come true.

Looking back after everything
I've been through

with my first two surgeries,
for the first time,

I have the confidence to say
I feel pretty.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

♪ I can feel my heart beat
like a burning flame ♪

Ooh, this is cute
if it were shorter.

- Oh, yeah.
- 'Cause I'm really short, so...

That is cute, though.

Looking back after everything
I've been through

with my first two surgeries,
from a wild Ketamine trip

to a talking bird being around
for my second surgery,

for the first time in my life,

I have the confidence to say
I feel pretty.

Mom, you would totally
wear this.

Oh, my God. It's a blazer!

You know that's right up
my alley.

If I were describing
my new breasts,

it really feels like
somebody just plucked them

off of a mannequin
and put them on my chest.

They're beautiful.

I'm like, these are mine?
Are these... These are mine?

Is this real?

And it is. They're mine.

♪ Let's have fun,
let's have fun ♪

♪ Never gonna look back ♪

I am super jealous that you
don't have to wear a bra.

- I know!
- So that looks fantastic.

I've never been able to do this
in my life.


I legitimately
just put the dress on.

It was so nice not to have
to worry about, um,

how I was gonna, like,
tape myself in there...

- Uh-huh.
- ...or hide the lumps.

Before my surgery,
I had some janky boobs.

I had a double bubble
on both sides,

and my skin was
just hanging over the top

of my implants.

It almost felt like there was
something pulling

or kind of ripping inside,
but now thanks to Dr. Dubrow,

my double bubble is gone
along with all that excess skin.

And I no longer feel pain,

so hopefully
any future medical problems

are a thing of the past.

Bye-bye, janky boobs.
Hello, model boobs.

I'm really happy that
you didn't lose your mom

in a boob accident.

It'd be really embarrassing
to say.

Not that I would be dead?

I mean, yeah, of course
I'd care that you were dead,

but imagine having to tell
people that your mom died

in a boob surgery.

I'm so proud of my mom
for facing her fear

of going under during surgery.

She finally did it, and then
she changed so much

in such a short amount of time.

My mom is always wearing
a smile now,

and it looks really good on her.

You guys, these are legit,
just here on their own.

They live here now.

and they're mine.

- That's amazing.
- I know.

Sorry that you guys are having
to hear this talk.

But you wanted to come shopping,
so here we are.

Where's the exit?

You happy with your nose
so far?

Yeah, and I'm breathing
a lot better now.

- You're breathing?
- Oh, yeah.

Edna's columella survived.

It's alive and looks great.

Now we can move on to the next
phase of her transformation,

which is to actually change
the color of her nasal tip skin.

So now we have Ruth, who is
our medical tattoo specialist,

who's gonna perform
some magic on Edna's nose.

All right.

- All yours.
- Thank you.

I've done my job.

Okay. Good luck for us.

All right.

This has been
a lifelong journey.

Since I was a baby,
I go through hell with this.

But I always believed
that one day I'm gonna

put this past behind me.

It feels incredible to have
my dream

and my father's dream come true.

You're good.

♪ Feeling just fine ♪

♪ Loving my life ♪

I've been waiting
my whole life for this nose.

My new nose make me
feel beautiful,

make me feel the woman
I've been looking for

for a long time.

I really like how
your nose looks.

Like, they did
a really good job.

It matches your skin tone now.

It's perfect, the way it was
before, this one is 100%.

- It's good.
- It fits your face.

Before my surgery,

a flesh-eating bacteria
destroyed my nose.

The shape was not normal,

and the color of the tip
was very dark.

I also had hair
growing out of it.

I felt cut off
from outside world,

but now thanks to Dr. Nassif,

the shape of my nose
has been restored.

The color now match the rest
of my face,

and most of the hair
has been removed.

I feel like I can finally leave
out of my house

without people judging me.

Now I can live free
for the first time in my life.

Now we can do a lot of stuff.

I personally wanna go
on vacations.

- Vacations?
- Like go to new places

that we, like,
haven't visited at all.

Yeah, but we can go
to Portugal.

We can go to Cape Verde.

Florida, Miami.
I always wanted to go to Italy.

I personally wanna give
a big thanks

to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow

he literally made my mom
and my grandpa's,

like, dream come true
of fixing my mom's nose.

He really gave her, like,
a second chance at life.


American dream...
We accomplished it. We did.


♪ I've got
the boobie-free blues ♪

- What did they put in first?
- 1050 ccs.

- First time?
- I don't want a boob job.

I want a boob career.

I made it through
the Hollywood rock scene

in the '80s unscathed,

and somehow a plastic surgeon
took me down.

This is gonna lead him
to possibly losing his vision.

Whoa! How did that happen?

That's an interesting
belly button situation.

Whoa. There's something kinda
weird going on here.