Botched (2014–…): Season 7, Episode 14 - Musical Nightmares - full transcript

A rock-n-roller with a droopy eye wants to get back on stage, while a 21-year-old ravaged by a predatory doctor looks for a second chance at a mommy makeover, and a transgender woman inspires a doctor dance party and sings about h...

DR. DUBROW: Tonight...

♪ I've got
the boobie-free blues ♪

...two musicians whose surgeries
hit a sour note.

♪ I need bigger boobs ♪

I don't want a boob job.
I want a boob career.


- Uh-oh. It's on, it's on.
- Oh, no. No. [Laughs]

Watch out TikTok,

because we have some dance moves
of our own.

I made it through the rock scene
of the '80s in Los Angeles

unscathed pretty much,

but somehow, a plastic surgeon
took me down.

Ow. You know,
look at that inflammation.

This is gonna lead him

to possibly losing his vision
if it's not treated.

This guy needs help.

DR. NASSIF: And a young mother
whose Mommy Makeover

massacred her body.

Whoa! How did that happen?

They told me, "You're gonna need
surgery today."

If I would've waited a day
longer, I would've been dead.

Oh, God.

To take
an impressionable 20-year-old

who comes in
for one type of procedure

and then try to add on
additional procedures

is unbelievably not cool.

In fact, the only way
to describe it is predatory.

♪ I wanna be sexy ♪

♪ Sexy, sexy ♪

♪ I wanna be hot ♪

♪ Hot ♪

♪ Fix me, make me beautiful ♪


♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


My name's Maxine, better known
as "Tittie Skiddles,"

and I am about a good 1,000 ccs
away from being

the most awesome trans woman
that I can be.

"Tittie Skiddles"
is an inside trans joke.

Estrogen sometimes comes
in pill form,

and some folks are fond of
calling them "Tittie Skiddles"

because they're like little
candies that give you titties.

I definitely turn heads,
but I love attention.

And so if people wanna
stop and stare, awesome.

I'm getting a return
on my investment.


I was assigned male at birth,

so I had this upbringing
of a more masculine persuasion.

On my 17th birthday,
my mother decided for me

that I was going to join
the Air Force,

and I did 11 years
in the Air Force,

and near the very end,
I had started to explore

my gender identity,
and I started cross dressing.

After that, I had arrived
at my decision.

I think I'm transgender.
I think I'm a woman,

and I started
my transition journey.

And so the very first thing I
thought to do and I wanted to do

is like, I'm getting boobs.

It was funny going
into the surgeon's office.

"Okay, how big
are you thinking?"

As big as possible.

I don't want a boob job.
I want a boob career.


But after
the most recent boob job,

after making it to 3,000 ccs,

I had noticed these scars
around the incision area

that are so dramatic.

My goal is to take care
of the scarring,

and while we're at it,
go that extra mile

and go that extra 1,000 ccs
if possible.

I feel like I'm so close
to my perfect goal

to where I look at myself
and I go, this is Maxine.

This is who I am. This is who
I was always meant to be.


♪ You remind me ♪

♪ Of someone
that I'd like to know ♪

♪ Better than I do ♪

My name is David, and I made it

through the rock scene
of the '80s in Los Angeles

unscathed pretty much,

but somehow a plastic surgeon
took me down.

I had surgery done on my eyes,
and this is what happened.

My right eye is disfigured.
I look like a monster.

♪ Every minute of the day ♪

But I've been playing, you know,
my whole life

in some form of another,

you know, with the band,
solo stuff.

I played the Troubadour,
the Roxy, the Whiskey,

hanging out, rubbing elbows
with everyone

from, you know,
Motley Crue to Ratt.

And as
a singer-songwriter-musician,

partying with, you know,
all the great, you know,

rock stars, actors.

You know, you look like
you didn't get enough sleep,

but you get a little older,
it becomes something.

So I had plastic surgery done
for circles I had under my eyes.

But since that day,
my life has changed forever.

I stopped going out. I certainly
wasn't playing live anymore,

doing any shows,
nothing like that.

I wanna see you be comfortable.

- Right.
- I wanna see you be able

to leave the house, wake up,
get out of bed, and go.

And not have to worry about it.

Yeah, or think about
anything else.

You and me both, man.

I've never gotten to see Pops
play live onstage,

but hopefully if he gets
this surgery,

he can revitalize
his music career.

I guess I never have to worry

about you getting
plastic surgery.

No, definitely not.


I want you to look at something.
Take a look at Dave here.

Ow! You know what?
Look at that inflammation.

Look at that scar tissue.

- That is terrible.
- Look at how effed Dave is.

I'm sure that this is
gonna lead him

to possibly losing his vision
if it's not treated.

- This guy needs help.
- Let's get him in.

- Yeah.
- Let's get Dave in.

Can you please send in David?


David, nice to meet you.
Dr. Nassif.

- Nice to meet you. Pleasure.
- Terry Dubrow.

It's been five years
since my original surgery,

and now I don't go anywhere
without sunglasses

at this point.
You know, they're on constantly.

And I really wanna feel
like myself again.

So you got the glasses on.

I was about to say, I know you...
I've gotta take these off.

- I just... I know, I know.
- Yeah, we gotta take

those puppies off.
What do you do?

- I play guitar.
- You're a musician.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

- Nice.
- You look like someone

who would've been friends
with my brother.

Kevin, lead singer
from Quiet Riot.

Aren't you a little shocked
how much I look like him?


My brother Kevin was
the lead singer

of the heavy metal band
Quiet Riot in the early '80s.

They had hits like
"Cum On Feel the Noize"

and "Bang Your Head."

In fact, they were
the first metal rock group

to have a number one album
on the Billboard charts.

Clearly, massive talent
runs in the family.

I actually have a... kind of
a funny story about... [laughs]

- Tell me.
- ...about your brother.

Um, okay, so this is, like,
1980-something, right?

- Right. Right.
- And, um, we end up, like,

Hancock Park, which is...
- Hancock Park.

I lived in the guest house
in the back.

You could've been there
at the time. Who knows?

[laughs] No one says a word
to me except for Kevin.

- Really?
- Who comes over and, you know,

says hi, okay,
introduces himself.

Say, "Hey, can I get you
a drink?"

And, well,
I had way too much to drink.

I throw up all over Kevin's nice
bar that we're talking about.

- You're kidding me.
- Oh, Jesus.

- No, okay.
- Jesus.

- I remember that.
- Right.

You were the guy who threw up
on my brother's bar?

- [sighs] I was the guy, yeah.
- [laughs]

So I really appreciate David
for taking me back

and reminding me of the days
when I was a med student,

living above
my brother's pool house.

I took care of his cat.
I cleaned out the cat box,

and basically...

I was my brother's little bitch,
wasn't I?

So what happened you even went
to go have eye surgery?

Even why'd I do it
in the first place? Right.

- Yeah.
- My wife at the time

was getting some work done.

You know, watching her,
I'm like,

you know, what if I was
gonna get something?

What would, you know,
and she's like,

"Well, you know, the only thing
on you that's a giveaway at all,

you know, age-wise, is your...
The eyes, like, under here.

It was like some puffiness,
like, just, you know,

that... that you get, like,
the kind of fat underneath.

So 2015-ish,
I went in for the original one,

the under-eye surgery.
Where do I go?

I went to the same person
that did hers

with good results at the time.

- So you had a blepharoplasty.
- Exactly.

I personally don't even remove
lower eyelid skin,

because I'm afraid
of the lower eyelid area.

- Wow.
- Lower blepharoplasty is

the removal of lower eyelid bags
or removal of skin.

This is an area that
you have to be very careful

because it's the thinnest skin
on the entire body.

I don't like removing
any skin from the lower eyelid

because it can result
in disfiguration,

and to fix this
is extremely difficult.

Well, the left one
came out okay,

and the right one did not.

So a couple months after that,

went in to repair,
you know, stitch it somehow

and pull the eye up,
and that didn't work.

Six to nine months after that,
did another one,

and at that point,
did a skin graft.

You know, it took,
but it just made this worse.

So same doctor. It took
three surgeries to repair this.

I didn't have any of
the scarring that's under here.

That's all from her attempting
to repair.

That's about when you got
the point where I was like,

"That's it. You know, you're not
touching me anymore."

And so you don't have
any visual problems?

- I don't. I don't.
- God, you are lucky.

- Yeah.
- Seeing your dad

have this eye thing...
- Not easy.

He's like an outgoing person.
He's funny, as you can see.

- You know?
- Totally. He's an entertainer.

Yeah, but since the surgery,
it's... he's a little less that.

Is this affecting
your whole music thing?

I haven't been onstage.
I haven't...

Since this happened, it's
affected every aspect of life.

If I could get it basically
normal, I'd be thrilled.

So you wanna go from where
you are now pretty much

to match the left eye.

As much as possible, yeah.

I mean, that's a big ask,

- No, of course.
- [sighs] Boy.


You should not have had
an incision

on the outside of your eye.
- Right.

Period. I mean, you've got
a whole centimeter

of lower eyelid retraction.

We can make things
worse with surgery.

I went to Mexico
for a simple breast lift

but got a Mommy Makeover that
almost cost me everything.

They told me they were gonna do
a debridement,

but I didn't know I was gonna be
getting cut hip to hip.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


Here, sit up for me like that.
All right. Look up for me.

Well, there's your skin graft
right there.

- Where did they take the skin?
- Behind the ear.

Do me a favor.
Turn your head that way.

So this is going in the eyeball
sticking out,

and that actually is
an incredible setup

for, you know, lower lid
ectropion just like this.

Lower eyelid ectropion is when
the lower eyelid

pulls down from the eye,

and that can be
from scar tissue,

or removal of too much skin.

In looking at David,
that's what's causing

this significant and horrible,
disfiguring deformity.

I have a very good friend.
His name is Guy Massry,

who's an oculoplastic surgeon.

I'm gonna have to recruit
Dr. Massry to help with us.

I mean, you got
a whole centimeter

of lower eyelid retraction.

So that means you need to do
something to fill in that gap

and help lift that up through
some type of a mid face lift.

- Right.
- In addition,

we need some type of a flap,
which means moving

some local tissue around
to give it support.

Let's say we go in there
and we get 30%, 20%,

10% direction...
- Right.

...without even a guarantee,

knowing that we can make
things worse with surgery,

what is your thoughts?

I can't leave it as it is,
so I pretty much have to...

- You have no choice.
- I have to try, yeah.

Listen, we wanna get you
back there,

get back some gig.
- Right.

- And we're gonna go.
- There you go.

And we're gonna watch you and
have fun without your glasses.

- That would be...
- That is our goal.

- That'd be awesome.
- Exactly.

You know, when this is all
said and done,

and I'm back to somewhat
kind of done with it all,

and I could play a show
somewhere in town

and have, uh, Dr. Nassif
and Dr. Dubrow come down,

I would love that. I'm gonna
hold those guys to that.

You're scared of that.

I'm more scared than you maybe.

But here we are. I have to deal
with what's in front of me,

and this what's in front
of me now.


- Hey, babe, I'm home.
- Hey, babe.

- Did you get my maxi pads?
- Sure did.

- Here you go.
- [whispers] Thank you.

My name is Tatyana.
I'm 21 years old,

and I went to Mexico
for a simple breast lift

but got a Mommy Makeover
that almost cost me everything.

Right now, my body looks like
a disaster.

I have wide areolas,
thick scars under my breasts,

and my stomach has a huge scar
from hip to hip.

I put a maxi pad there
to relieve pressure

from my scars
'cause my scar is very thick,

and it's in an awkward place,
so my clothes

tend to push onto it,
and it can be very painful.

I have to dress
a certain way now

and make sure that my shirts
are always baggy.

My insecurities are way
worse now.

[voice breaking]
It's just been a lot.

Yeah, and my kids, you know,

my son, he points it out,
and I know he doesn't mean harm,

but... I just wanna look
and feel normal again.


So check this out.

Was that really necessary?

- I got dizzy.
- From one spin, you got dizzy?

Hold on, hold on.
Let me do it real quick.

So you wanna do it again
and test your spin?

- [exhales deeply]
- Really? You know, it's funny...

I can go on roller coasters,
but I can't go in a circle.

I can't... I can't spin either.
I can go super fast.

- Yeah.
- Like, my car...

- Oh, yeah, your Tesla.
- It's so fast.

By the way, I pull up
to a Lamborghini,

and these two young guys are
there, and I go, "Like this?"

And the guy looks at me like...
And I go, "Like that?"

Put it in Ludicrous Mode,
and I go whaa!

And all of a sudden,
he's going, eee!

And I'm going eeee-ahh!

And I just look at him
and go, ahh! You know?

It was awesome!

Bring it, bitch.

Check... this out.

- Whoa!
- Is that crazy or what?

How did that happen?

This is a tummy tuck
and a breast surgery

gone very, very wrong.

Can you please send in Tatyana?

- Tatyana.
- Hello.

Nice to meet you, Tatyana.
Dr. Nassif.

Hi. Terry Dubrow, Tatyana.
Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, too.
- Alex, How are you?

- Dr. Nassif. Dr. Dubrow.
- I'm Terry Dubrow.

Please have a seat. Okay.

What's one thing you notice
about Tatyana and her husband?

- Very, very...
- Husband? Very young.

- Very young. How old are you?
- 21.

- 21.
- When did this happen?

Now how many years ago

did you have this surgery
we're talking about?

- Last year.
- Last year. Okay.

That's a lot of surgery
for a 20-year-old to have.

- Yeah.
- Tell us about that.

So when I was about 15,
I ended up having my son.

- Okay.
- So my breasts, you know,

I breastfed,
so they got bigger,

they got saggy, and then
I had my daughter at 17,

and same thing happened,
and then I realized, you know,

I just want a lift
and an areola reduction,

so I was like, well,
let me venture out to Mexico.

- What did the doctor say?
- So he was like,

"Well, you can't just get a lift
because your breasts

are gonna look ugly."
- Why?

"You need... You need an implant
for the fullness."

- Okay, what else did he say?
- "You need a tummy tuck, too."

And I was like, really?

- And also I can do lipo.
- You're kidding me.

How much was the charge
for all of those things?


- For all of it?
- Everything?

Yeah. He got me good.


Okay, this is basically a WTF
or "what the [bleep]?" moment.

And I'll tell you why. To take
an impressionable 20-year-old

who comes in
for one type of procedure,

and then try to add on
additional procedures,

is unbelievably not cool.

In fact, the only way
to describe it is predatory.

So immediately after surgery,
I kinda saw, like,

a little bubble
on my belly button.

And then my tummy tuck incision
started doing it.

It was just, like, yellow and
puffy and smelled like death.

- [groans]
- Yeah.

Well, that's what it is.
It's tissue death.

I started feeling very weak.

I was going to school
at the time.

I skipped class
to go to the hospital,

and they admitted me.

They told me,
"Your doctor didn't

clean his utensils right,
so all your body

is getting infected now.

You're gonna need
surgery today."

So you were septic.
We call that septic, where the...

Bacteria in your blood.

Bacteria in your blood,
where the infection has seeded

into your general
cardiovascular system.

- Did she seem really sick?
- Uh, yes.

- She seemed out of it.
- Totally out of it.

- Yeah.
- That's sepsis.

They told me they were gonna do
a debridement,

but I didn't know, like...
- What that meant.

Yeah, I didn't know I was gonna
be getting cut hip to hip.

So they opened you up
and discovered

it was very extensive

Yeah, very.

If I would've waited a day
longer, I would've been dead.

I basically told my family
my goodbyes,

and I thought it was gonna be
my last time seeing my husband.

All right, so you've got

an emergency situation
right there.

I had four surgeries
within two months.

I had a chunk of my stomach
cut out.

- We saw that.
- [groans] God. Darn it.

I also had the implants
I never wanted removed.

It was just so scary
at the moment.

I didn't know how to handle it.

This abdominal situation
can't be easy.

No, it's not.
It's not easy at all,

with my two little ones.

You know, they're at the stage
where they like to play horsey.

- Mm-hmm.
- And it's like I can't even

get 'em on my back because
it just hurts my scars.

- [groans] God.
- So...

what would you like to happen?

My main thing is just
fixing up the scars.

Also my areolas...
They never got reduced.

Tatyana's been through some

really tough
surgical complications,

and although she seems very calm
and cool about it,

my experience has told me
that just below the surface

is a very scared,
emotional person

who feels
very potentially insecure,

and that really
makes me wanna help her

as much as I possibly can.

Let's go to the exam room
to figure out

what the tissue's like
and what your options are.

I play over 50 instruments.

♪ I... need bigger boobs ♪

[honks loudly]

There's a lot
of scar tissue there.

We're gonna break through it.
I wanna stay deep.

And I'm releasing
the mid face deep.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

First is the breast situation.

You do have a dilated areola.

And let's look at your scars.

So you have, you know,
kind of thick vertical scars,

but you don't have
any horizontal scars.

In terms of your abdomen,
tummy tuck scar is really wide.

And then you have this little
bit of an overhang here.

That's an interesting
belly button situation.

You do seem to have a little bit
of fluid in here.

Whoa. There's something kinda
weird going on here.

What I'd like to do is punch
a little, teeny, little hole

and see if there's any fluid
beneath there.

Tatyana's belly button doesn't
look really healthy.

In fact, it looks like
just below the surface,

there may be some trapped fluid
that could indicate

there is either
an abscess cavity, foreign body,

or generalized chronic
wound healing problem.

No, there's no opening,
but it's a big crevice

that goes all the way in here.

Doesn't seem to be infected,

but it's definitely
going somewhere.

The question is,
what's inside there?

We really won't know
till we're in surgery.

Have a seat.
Let's talk about your options.

You could theoretically have
your areolas reduced

and that vertical scar removed.

That would have a lower risk
than if you did

a more formal mastopexy, which
is a breast lift operation,

where you had
the areolas removed,

you had this scar removed,

and then you had them
slightly taken apart

to give you some shaping
to move the breast tissue

that you do have,
which is substantial,

up into this area.

Which one of those
sounds better to you?

- Lifting it up.
- You wanna do that?

Now, whether or not I can
make you a belly button

really depends on what's
at the bottom of that hole.

Then you're gonna need a full
regular revisional tummy tuck,

which means remove the scar,
elevate up that loose skin,

tighten the muscle,
try to find a belly button,

pull the excess skin down
and remove it.

The problem with that
is that elevates the risk.

So tummy tucks are among
the riskiest procedures

in plastic surgery,

mainly because
so much skin is elevated,

so much blood supply
is disrupted.

Is that what you wanna do?

I'm feeling a little scared.

Sometimes it's difficult
to hide the emotions.

Most times I do well,

but sometimes
it just gets to me.

My support system is what
keeps me going.

And I'm looking forward
to being able to spend time

with my kids the way I want to.

It is scary, but, um,
I don't know.

I feel like I'm ready for it.

If I'm gonna go through
with this, I wanna go all in.

- Let's do this thing.
- Let's do it.

- Let's do it! [Laughs]
- Huh?

- Great pleasure.
- Thank you. Great to see you.

Thank you.
I'm ready to take the risk.

You're a risk taker. You got it.

[native flute playing]


I play over 50 instruments.

I say over 50
because I've lost count

'cause I keep adding them,
kinda like ccs in my boobs.




♪ I need... bigger boobs ♪

♪ Yes, I do ♪

[honks loudly]

♪ The boobie greed is real,
the boobie greed is real ♪

♪ The boobie greed,
the boobie greed ♪

- ♪ The boobie greed is real ♪
- [honks loudly]


I play guitar, violin,
flutes galore.

Anything that has strings,
I probably own it

and know how to play it.

Choose your poison.

- The rabab?
- Yes.

I was about 16 years old
when I met Melissa.

Melissa has
a congenital muscular dystrophy.

She was born with weak muscles,

and around roughly
30 years of age,

I moved in with her,

and we started our beautiful
domestic relationship.

During this time, I would be
encouraged to be myself.

Melissa is just, like,
"Just be you,

and you wanna be feminine.
This is fine.

You wanna try wearing dresses
and skirts, you know?"

Then I was like, yes.
Yes, yes, yes. All of this yes.


How would you feel if I went
for the full Monty

and went for all 4,000 ccs?

And not just that, I'm sure
you noticed, too, the scarring.


I love you.

[laughs] We definitely break
the mold, I guess.

[laughs] But would we have it
any other way?

[laughs] You know?


Mr. David, how you doing?

A little nervous, you know,
mixed with excitement,

but... but some nerves, but, um,
I'm ready.

D. Massry and I have worked
hand-in-hand together

with these complex orbital cases
for over 20 years.

And he is absolutely fantastic
when it comes to fixing

lower eyelid retraction
and entropion.

So this is something
I need to explain to you.

No matter how great
of a job we do...

- Mm-hmm.
- could fail.

- We're gonna do our best.
- Okay.

- All right, David.
- All right.

- Okay.
- See you later on.


DR. NASSIF: For David's surgery,
we will make an incision

below the lower eyelid
and through the canthus

to release all the scar tissue,
then we will recruit

deep tissue from
David's lower cheek area

and perform a mid face lift to
fill in a portion of the defect.

Next we will reposition
the angle of the eyelid

and recreate the corner
of the eye.

Then we will determine whether
we need an upper eyelid flap

and/or a skin graft to fill in
the remaining deficit.

Okay, so we're making
the incision now.

So now this is access
to the cheek.

- Yeah.
- So as I go down here,

we're gonna break through it.
I wanna stay deep.

And we're releasing
the mid face deep.

He's so short on skin that we
have to recruit skin from below

and then find out how much
of a deficit he has left.

And hopefully I can just
swing some skin

from the upper/lower lid.
That's called a flap.

We don't, the we have to graft,
and a chance of excess is less.

So we'll take a look at the size
of the defect

to make a decision.

So this is what you'd call
a mid face lift?

Yes. And if you look
at the middle face,

it comes up, and if you look
at the two sides,

look at the cheek on this side
and the cheek on the other side.

So we've recruited skin
to his lower lid.

We got the mid face set.

Now all we have to do

is recreate the angle
of the eyelid,

also put back the canthus

and then see how much
of the defect is left.

I actually like
the mid position.

- Don't you guys?
- Yeah.

Yeah, looks good.

Now what's left is you actually

fill the deficit of skin
that is lost

by taking a piece of skin
from the upper eyelid,

called the flap, and moving it
into the lower eyelid deficit.

This will match up beautifully.

Well, the good news is

he will not need a skin graft
from his neck.

This flag flap of tissue
from the upper eyelid,

moving it down to lower eyelid,

seems like the best way to go
to fill in that void.

I just hope it survives.

Looks absolutely fantastic.

I mean, that eyelid,
if it heals even close to that,

this will be a great result.

Boy, it'd be nice to find
some memory

of the belly button in here,
something I can use.

There's just like a-a mass.
Damn it.

Hello, hello, hello.

My name's Maxine.

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow...

Their expressions
are just priceless.

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


- You ready for this?
- Yes.

All right, let's fix you up,
'cause you, uh,

you know, you were a little
bit... almost victimized.

Tatyana's case is
really high risk,

really challenging,

mainly because she had so much
tissue injury and tissue loss

and infection that there isn't
very good blood supply.

There's a ton of scar.
But Tatyana... she's a young girl.

So let's see whether
we can fix all that.


For Tatyana's surgery,

I'll start by downsizing
her areolas

and perform a scar revision
by cutting out

the previous scar
on her breast.

Then I will manipulate
her breast issue

and perform a breast lift.

Next I'll move on to her stomach

by making an incision
across her lower abdomen,

elevating up the abdominal wall

to see if I can find
her belly button.

Next, I'll tighten
her abdominal muscles,

remove her scar
and excess skin

and hopefully pull
her belly button through

before closing her up.

So obviously,
there are two goals here.

One is to remove the scar
and the dilated areola

and two...
Give her a breast shave.

I think we're gonna have
enough loose skin

to be able to remove
all her scar

and downsize her areola.

Okay. So this is the areola
and all of the scar.

Now we have to get a shape.

This is the origami part.

Tatyana needs what I call
an origami of her breast

to try to create a shape
that gives me a good projection

to width proportion.

Okay, this is not horrible.
Let's go after the abdomen.

This is going to be tough
because I've got

no belly button,
very contracted scar,

and a very reduced
overall blood supply.

It would be nice to find
some memory

of the belly button in here,
something I can use.

So far just scar.
There's nothing good.

It's just like a mass. Damn it.

And so, yeah, there's nothin'.
So I'm kinda screwed.

Okay, well, then I'm gonna make
her a belly button, damn it.

Nature gave you one,
a surgeon took it away,

and this surgeon's gonna
make you a new one.

Looking belly button-ish.

That's me fishing for you
to say, "Ooh, looks good."

- [laughs]
- It looks good.

- Oh.
- Oh. Oh.

That was... yeah. Uh...
Okay, I'm happy with that.

That's a real belly button.

All right, now let's cut off
the excess skin.

All right, so that's
the last bit of all that scar.

Got the abdomen.

I think this is awesome.
Let's close it up.

Let's go home.
Closing music, please.


What have you got going on?

We have a patient named Maxine.

Maxine is here for her breasts.


She obviously has
very large breast implants

and visible scars that she
doesn't like under her areolas.

So why don't we bring in Maxine

and see if we can give her
some good advice?

Can you please send in Maxine?

Hello, hello, hello.

My name is Maxine.

What a lovely place
you have here.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.
I love everything.

- [laughing] Hi.
- Hello.

How are you?

Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow...

Their expressions
are just priceless.

Brought my ukulele
and this oud that I picked up...

- Oud?
- ...from one of my deployments.

You know, I'm Lebanese,

and so the Lebanese, uh,
musicians play the oud.

- Love it.
- Oud.

- Oud!
- Do you play it?

- I do, a little bit, yeah.
- Oh, I must hear it.

Well, then after you sit down,
you got to, please.

All right, let's have a seat.


[snickers] Uh-oh,
it's on, it's on. Oh, no.


♪ Ah ♪

Watch out, TikTok,

because we have
some dance moves of our own.

- Beautiful.
- Thank you.

You're very welcome.

Wait a minute.
Let me clarify that.

I have some dance moves
of my own, not him.

So anyway, as you decided
to transition,

what was sort of the first step
in the process?

It's funny, 'cause I was like,

I'm going to schedule
a boob job.

First thing.

That was the first thing
I decided to do.

And what did they put in first?

- 1,050 ccs.
- First time?

- Yes.
- An 800-cc saline filled

to 1,050 ccs.
- That's correct.

But you already were
on hormones.

Nope. 1,050 ccs in 2016.
I started hormones in 2017.

By then I had gotten

all of my name
and gender changes squared away.

- Okay.
- Everything concerning that.

I love being asked,
"Well, what's your goal?

What's your ideal size?"
And I'm like,

ah, in the neighborhood
of 4,000 ccs.

In 2018, I got an upgrade
to 2,200 ccs.

From there,
this last January of 2021,

I managed to get bumped up
to 3,000.


This last surgery left me
with some really nasty scarring,

and scars that feel like
it's kinda taking away

from the whole experience.

One thing that's always
very important to us

is to hear someone's goals.

You know, I would love to
tell you those,

and I would love to do it
in song if you don't mind.

- Please. Please do.
- Please.

- [laughs]
- In song.


♪ These scars don't lie ♪

♪ They're what keep me up
at night ♪

♪ That combined
with my very greed ♪

♪ Should tell you everything
that I need ♪

♪ You have what it takes
to make it so ♪

♪ I ask of you ♪

♪ Can you help me
reach my goal? ♪

♪ These boobs are
still too damn small ♪

♪ I've got
the boobie-free blues ♪

- [laughs]
- I-I think with that,

that it's time to examine her.

They're already way up here.

At some point, they're gonna be

your peripheral vision. [Laughs]

Question is,
is the belly button there?

Will it create a little skin
over it,

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪


- Hello.
- Hello, hello.

So let's see.
So right now... Okay.

- You have good symmetry.
- Mm-hmm.

And the scars that you do have

are right along
the lower areolar border.

Yeah, what is that right there?

Yeah, I mean,
you're getting a lot of...

- What's that red area?
- Yeah, I mean...

That's from my necklace.
That was the ocarina.

I just have instruments on me
all the time.

I mean, come on.



So here's the thing.

Already, when you look at 'em
on the side...


I mean, they're already
sort of way up here.

At some point,
they're gonna be...

your peripheral vision. [Laughs]

You could actually rest
your chin and take a nap.

- Yeah.
- Wonderful.

Doo you lay on your stomach?
Are you able to do that?

- No problem?
- Yeah, yeah.

Okay, and you can swim
in the ocean?

I guess these are kind of
like, uh...

- Buoys.
- ...buoys, aren't they?

But oh, darn,
if they go up more...

- That'd be okay?
- I would be elated. [Laughs]

Going from 3,000 to 4,000 ccs
the way Maxine is considering

is basically adding
an entire liter bottle of soda

to each of your breasts.

And you know what?
Soda's not very good for you.

Let's talk practical terms.

Let's say you put 16
60-cc syringes,

and it starts expanding it 33%.

It not only expands
the entire circumference

and dimensions of your breast,

but it also expands the opening
of the incision 33%.

So it makes it 33% harder
to get it closed.

You'd have to put
full-thickness stitches in

outside of the skin, inside,
and outside the other side,

and tie big knots
to try to get this to close.

What kind of scar do you think
that would make?

- Uh, pretty significant.
- Very significant.


I don't think it's worth it.

I, uh, appreciate
all the caution.

But there's also the little
voice in my mind that says

if I had just let myself
be discouraged,

I wouldn't even be Maxine.
I wouldn't be Tittie Skiddles.

I wouldn't be here today.

This is not my first rodeo.

This is not the first time
I have been given the risks

of what I am potentially doing
to my body,

and sometimes the results
are worth the risks.

It was a great pleasure
meeting you.

- Good luck.
- Likewise.

And I hope you don't have
any problems.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.


- Hello, gentlemen.
- Hey.

How does your eye feel
right now?

It feels fine.
I mean, obviously,

I have a little, you know,
I can tell that, you know,

it was stitched and all that,
but nothing, like,

as far as the vision itself,
the eye or anything.

- It feels fine.
- Okay.

- Sit up a little bit for me.
- Yeah.

I just wanna feel...

When checking David's eye today,
it's really important for me

to check to see if he has any
irritation or change in vision,

because it's too early right now
to check on his flap,

so I wanna keep that bandage on
for a few more days,

then we'll look at it

and see how the flap is doing
and check the color.

So let's talk about the surgery.
So we did a flap...

- Mm-hmm.
- ...from the upper eyelid skin.

- Okay.
- Okay? Lifted off that flap,

upper eyelid, still attached
to your blood supply.

- Right.
- And then go... wheep!

- No way.
- And put it right in there.

- Really?
- Get out of here. Wow.

- A lid shearing procedure.
- Amazing.

And by the time
we were finished,

the lower eyelid
looked beautiful.

- Wow.
- Okay?

So happy.

So now the next few weeks
is gonna be critical

to make sure no problem
with infection, bleeding...

- Of course.
- ...things like that,

make sure there's no breakdown.
- Okay.

And I hope to God you can get
back to that playing...

- Absolutely.
- again.

And of course,
you gotta let us know,

especially, you know...
- No, are you kidding?

- I'd love you guys... you guys...
- Especially since...

You guys have to.

I'm going to do everything
in my power to make sure

I heal well, everything,
medications taking, icing it.

I'll do everything I can
to get back onstage again

after all this time.

We often tell patients don't
work out for six weeks at all.

- Right.
- Don't put your head down.

In your case, I'd say,
don't throw up on any bars...

- Yeah.
- ...for at least three months.

- Oh, Dr. Dubrow...
- [laughter]

- [imitates retching]
- Why did I share that story?

- Why did I share?
- [laughs]

- Whaa!
- Thank you so much.

So I'm never gonna live down
this, like, throw-up thing.

- Oh. [Laughs]
- I feel like, I feel like,

from, like, you know,
30-plus, you know,

years ago, you know what I mean?
- [laughs]


Hello, folks. How are you doing?

- I'm doing okay.
- Better now.

So my job was to remove
the scar,

take everything apart
in what I call origami,

fold it in to try to give you
some projection that at least

is in proportion to the width
and in good shape.

I did that, and see, on the
table, it looked pretty good.

Then the really hard part

was the belly button
and the tummy tuck.

So let's look at how things
are healing,

and hopefully there's
a belly button situation,

something left from what I made.


What I'm looking for today
with Tatyana is

generally how she's doing,
how her wounds are healing,

and what's going on
with that belly button?

And so whether it's alive
or not will determine

whether she's gonna end up
with a viable belly button

and determine whether or not

I have to do
any revisional surgery on her.

I think you've got
good upper fullness.

Your scars are all gone.

I think this is gonna be
pretty good. Don't you?

Yeah. It looks great.

I thought they were implants
at first. [Laughing]

You thought they were implants.

By the way, that's the best
compliment you can give me.

Thought they were implants.

[clenches teeth]
I freaking love that.

I think my breasts look amazing.

I'm very happy
that they're my natural tissue

and not implants.

I'm just amazed that he was able
to make 'em look this good.

Okay, so when you first
look at this,

it sort of looks like kind of
a successful tummy tuck,

doesn't it?
- Yep.

It actually looks like
a perfect incision, too.

- Yeah. So...
- Yeah.

That looks damn good, brother.

Okay, so, so far so good
on the incision.

We know the overall contour
is good.

The question is,
is the belly button there?


It's a little soupy.


Here's the question.

Will it do what nature does...
Create a little skin over it,

or will it just scar down
and go away?

We'll have to wait
and see what happens.

Everything else, over the fence.
Grand slam.

It's the belly button, okay?

So come on, belly button,


It feels good to finally
feel normal again.

I love my body now,

and I can finally say goodbye
to the maxi pads.


It's been at least five years

since I've even thought about
being onstage because my eye,

and now to be able to get back
onstage after that time,

♪ I wanna be perfect ♪

♪ Right now
we're young and free-ee-ee-ee ♪

♪ And it's the only way
to be-ee-ee-ee ♪

These past seven years
have been life-changing.

Becoming a mom
at such a young age

was the best decision
I've ever made.

But going to Mexico
for a simple breast lift

and getting talked into getting
a Mommy Makeover

was devastating.

I just wanted the body
that reflected my age

and something
that I could be proud of.


Now I love my body.

I can just focus on my family
and be the wife and mother

that I was always meant to be.


♪ Forever young and free ♪

I can now run around
with my kids

and not have pain in my stomach
or my back.

My belly button now is healed,

and although it doesn't look
like the average belly button,

it's my belly button,
and I love it.

- You look beautiful.
- Thank you. [Laughs]

You're welcome.

Before my surgery,

my Mommy Makeover
was more of a Mommy Massacre.

My breasts were left saggy
with wide areolas

and thick scars, and I was
missing my belly button.

I was so insecure about my body,
and I had to use a maxi pad

so I could relieve pressure
off of my stomach.

But now thanks to Dr. Dubrow,
my breasts are perky.

My scars are minimized,
and I have a smooth tummy

with an actual belly button.

I love my body now,

and I can finally say goodbye
to the maxi pads.

Bye, Felicia. [Laughs]

I'm just happy I don't have to
walk in the store no more

and go to the aisle for my wife.

No more. At least not till
I'm, like, 80. [Chuckles]

It'll make my day

if I don't ever have to see
a maxi pads ever again.

- I love you.
- I love you more.

[rock instruments warming up]


After everything
I've been through...

The... the original surgery,

the three failed attempts
to fix that surgery,

I have been on like a limbo,
like, just hold in my life.

It's been at least five years
since I've even thought

about being onstage
because of my eye,

and now to be able to get back
onstage after that time,

feeling good like this,
like, I see myself again.

♪ 'Cause we were meant
to come together ♪

♪ Every time ♪


We're here to support David.

It's his first time onstage
since he had his eye surgery,

and we're excited to see him.


♪ All night long, yeah ♪

♪ We need to start
by coming together ♪

Yeah! Whoo!

[drum beating]

[song ends]


No [bleep] way.
I can't believe it.

We wanna show our support
for David in any way we can,

and this was the least
we thought we could do.

- Take a look at it.
- Let me see. Let's see.

Let's take a look
at his eye line.

Oh, my God. That's awesome.

- How does it feel?
- I love the color, too.

It's great.

Dr. Nassif arranged for me
to get my under eye tattooed

to get that discoloration fixed.

Amazing procedure
so any actual scars are gone.

- Right.
- Yeah.

I can definitely see
a difference

since it's been done.

It looked great beforehand,
without a doubt,

it was amazing
and a huge difference,

but I think the tattoo fixed
the color underneath it

which was like the last piece
that it needed.

I have to tell you,
no matter how...

Whether you're close or far,
it looks fantastic.

I mean, it's incredible.

Like, being able
to watch him here,

being able to, like, see him
onstage again, he's back.

So what's weirder, being up
there for the first time

in a long time?
- Yeah.

Or seeing grandpa in the club?

Grandpa in the club.
Are you kidding me?

Before my surgery, my right eye
was disfigured and droopy,

and I felt like
I looked like a monster.

I hid from the world
behind sunglasses,

and it affected my music career.
But now thanks to Dr. Nassif,

my right eye is lifted
and finally looks normal.

It feels so good to finally
throw the sunglasses out.

Here it is. Here I am.
It just feels great.

Why don't you guys come up
and, uh, sing?

- Huh?
- You guys, just come on.

- I'm not...
- Let's do it. Come on.

Yeah? Okay, cool. Come on.

We may be
internationally renowned

plastic and reconstructive
revisional surgery specialists,

but the end of the day,
plain and simple... rock stars!

- Yeah, baby!
- Ohh!

♪ Spend some time together ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ We need to spend ♪

♪ Some time together ♪


BOTH: Ahh!


♪ We need to spend
some time together ♪

♪ Oh, yes, we are ♪

♪ We need to spend some time
together ♪

- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah!


- Yeah!
- [song ends]


- No way.
- Hey!

- The man, the myth.
- No way.

How you doing, boys?

I'm back to show off
to the doctors

my 8-piece leg implant surgery.

- Is that full of silicone?
- My...

- What?
- No, no, your penis.


I wanted to be famous
and be a telenovela star.

But I didn't have a nose
that was perfect.

If we kill your skin, there's
really no way going back.

I have what I like to call
triple T's...

Terrible Tijuana titties.

I've had these where I had
to operate on people 12 times.

Oh, my God.